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Text 1: This text is for questions no. 1 to 6.

Tornado Wreaks Havoc in Semarang

Residents assess the damage after a tornado damages 150 houses in the district of Tembalag
in Semarang, Central Java late on Saturday afternoon.
Three people were injured and at least five of the houses in the Sendangguwo and Tandang
neighborhoods were destroyed, while many others were seriously damaged as the tornado ripped off their
roofs. Tohirin Jayeng, 40, a resident whose house was leveled at the Sendang Asri housing complex, said the
winds hit about 4 p.m.
“I saw this black wind coming and becoming pointed into a funnel. It suddenly approached and hit my
house,” he said.
Tohirin’s wife, two children and mother-in law were in the kitchen at the time when the tornado known
locally as “Ulur-ulur” passed over their home, destroying the guest and bedrooms.
“It was as if the wind had lifted my home up,” Thoirin said.
The disaster also destroyed the walls of four neighboring houses.
Many other homes in the area lost their roofs and residents and neighbors had started rebuilding on
Tembalang district head Dayat said the tornado also damaged a small mosque and felled power lines
and about 50 trees. His office was still collecting data on the damage, he said.
Villagers said the tornado was the worst to hit the district in living memory.
Semarang Mayor Sukawi Sutarip and his wife, Sinto Sukawi, visited the scene on Sunday, accompanied
by senior officials.
“We will provide the victims with assistance immediately,” the mayoral spokesman Achyani said.
Taken from The Jakarta Post, December 20, 2004

1. How many houses were destroyed by the tornado in the Sendangguwo and Tandang neighborhoods?

A. less than five houses C. five houses or more E. three houses

B. more than ten houses D. exactly five houses

2. The tornado hit the district ______.

A. at dawn C. in the evening E. at midnight
B. in the morning D. in the afternoon

3. Which parts of Tohirin’s house were destroyed?

A. the kitchen and guestroom D. the bedrooms and the kitchen
B. the guest and bedrooms E. the living room and the bedrooms
C. the guest rooms and the bathroom

4. Who rebuilt the damaged homes?

A. the residents D. the mayoral spokesman
B. the Tembalang District head E. the residents and neighbors
C. the mayor of Semarang

5. Who is Sukawi Sutarip?

A. A resident of the District of Tembalang D. The mayor of Semarang
B. Tohirin’s neighbor E. a villager of Sendangguwo
C. A victim of the disaster

6. Who went to see the scene of disaster on Sunday?

A. Sukawi Sutarip, his wife and senior officials D. Dayat, his wife and senior officials
B. Sukawi Sutarip, his parents and junior staff E. Achyani, his family and official
C. Sukawi Sutarip and his wife
Text 2: This text is for questions no. 7 to 11.

A dog once stood on a bridge. He had a piece of meat in his mouth. When he looked down, he saw
himself in the water. He thought that was another dog, and that dog had a piece of meat for myself,” he said
to himself. Then he opened his mouth and tried to get the meat from that dog. Of course when he did so, his
own meat fell into the water.
Now the greedy dog had not a piece of meat at all.

7. What did he see in the water indeed?

A. He saw a piece of meat D. He saw the cat
B. He saw a bridge E. He saw the water
C. He saw himself

8. What did he try to do?

A. To open his mouth D. To stand a bridge
B. To see himself E. To get the meat
C. To drink the water

9. What is the type of the text?

A. report C. descriptive E. procedure
B. narrative D. news item

10. What did he get at last?

A. He got the meat D. He didn’t get anything
B. He got the water E. He got himself
C. He didn’t get another dog

11. Why did the dog want to get the other meat? Because….
A. He was a great dog C. He was a honest dog E. He was a happy dog
B. He was a kind dog D. He was a greedy dog

Text 3: This text is for questions no. 12 to 13.

The Boy who cried “Wolf”

There was once a shepherd-boy who kept his flock at a little distance from the village. Once he thought
he would play a trick on the villagers and have some fun at their expense. So he ran toward the village crying
out, with all his might.
“Wolf! Wolf! Come and help! The wolves are at my lambs!”
The kind villagers left their work and ran to the field to help him. But when they got there the boy
laughed at them for their pains; there was no wolf there.
Still another day the boy tried the same trick, and the villagers came running to help and got laughed at
Then one day a wolf did break into the fold and began killing the lambs. In great fright, the boy ran for
help. “Wolf! Wolf!” he screamed. “There is a wolf in the flock! Help!”
The villagers heard him, but they thought it was another mean trick; no one paid the least attention, or
went near him. And the shepherd-boy lost all his sheep.

12. What is the moral value of the text?

A. The villagers like to leave their work to help the poor person
B. The person who lies: even when he tells the truth no one believes him.
C. The shepherd-boy always lies in every condition
D. The wolfs really like to eat the lambs
E. The villagers will come running to catch the wolf
13. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
A. To critique the shepherd boy
B. To describe the shepherd boy
C. To persuade the readers to follow the shepherd boy
D. To explain the processes of the shepherd boy lost all his sheep
E. To amuse, entertain an to deal with the story of a shepherd boy

Text 4: This text is for questions no. 15 to 16.

On the banks of the Chao Phraya, Bangkok's "River of Kings", lies a hotel that has already set new standards
of hospitality for this celebrated city.
Set in magnificently landscaped tropical gardens, the Shangri-La Bangkok provides guests with all the charm
and warmth of the Orient and, at the same time, an unsurpassed range of facilities and leisure activities.
There is a choice of 12 superb settings in which to wine and dine, a large free-form swimming pool that
overlooks the river, convention and meeting facilities for up to 2.000 people and a 24-hour business center.
And, from every single guestroom and suite, there is a breathtaking view of all the exotic hustle and
bustle of the fabled "River of Kings".
One might expect such a well-equipped and positioned hotel to be miles away from the city center but,
at the Shangri-La Bangkok, the business district and main shopping areas are mere minutes away.
For more than 200 years, Bangkok's grandeur has been reflected in the waters of the Chao Phraya.
Today, the Shangri-La Bangkok towers beside this majestic river, offers its guests the golden promise of the

14. The text mainly focuses on ….

A. Bangkok’s grandeur D. The water of the Chao Praya
B. Bangkok’s “River Kings” E. The majestic river in Bangkok
C. Shangri – La Bangkok

15. Which statement is TRUE?

A. The convention and the meeting facilities can occupy more than 2.000 people
B. Shangri – La Bangkok is set exclusively
C. Shangri – La Bangkok is far from business area
D. The large swimming pool overlooks the mountainous area
E. The tower beside the majestic river offers its guests the silver promise of the east.

16. In the second paragraph the writer describes…

A. The location of Shangri – La
B. The golden promise of the east
C. The reflection of Bangkok’s grandeur
D. The parts, the qualities and the character of Shangri – La
E. The distance of Shangri – La Bangkok’s to business district

Text 5: This text is for questions no. 7 to 19.

Snow Maiden
Once upon a time there lived a couple in a village. They had got married for a long time, but so far they
did not have a baby yet. Every single minute they prayed to God, begged for a baby, but it never came true.
One day, they went to Snow Mountain. They made a girl from snow and they dressed her beautifully.
When it got dark, they decided to go home and left the snow girl alone. The following morning, someone
knocked the door. “Any body home?” she said. The old woman inside opened the door and asked, “Who are
you?” The girl said “I’m Snow Maiden, your daughter”. The old woman was surprised and happy. “Oh really?
Thanks God! Come in, please!”Since that meeting, they lived happily.
Snow Maiden was beautiful, kind, diligent and helpful. Her parents and all of her friends loved her very
much. One day, Snow Maiden played with her friends. They played fire. At first, Snow Maiden just looked at
their play. Suddenly, her friends asked her to jump on the fire. Of course she refused it because one thing
that made her afraid was the fire. It’s because Snow Maiden was made of snow, so she should avoid the fire.
But her friends kept on forcing her to jump on. Finally, she could not do anything then she did it. She jumped
on the fire and she melted. Her friends were so sorry about this, they cried and cried hoping Snow Maiden
could live again, but it was useless. Snow Maiden would not be back anymore her mother tried to entertain
Snow Maiden’s friends and asked them to make a new Snow Maiden. They went to a snow mountain and
started making it. They expected to have the new Snow Maiden. Days passed but their dreams never came
Poor them!

17. What did the couple do in Snow Mountain?

A. The melted the Snow Maiden D. They made a snow mountain
B. They begged the baby to the God E. They make a girl from snow
C. They jumped to the fire

18. What is the generic structure of the text?

A. Goal > Materials > Steps
B. Orientation > Complication > resolution > Re-orientation
C. Identification > Description
D. Orientation > Events > Re-orientation
E. Newsworthy Events > Background Events > Sources

19. The accident took place in Kemang Pratama Street Yesterday.

The right words that correspondent to the underlined words is…
A. for the time being C. look up E. doubt
B. for good D. occurred

20. I don’t want to count on you because I can do anything by myself.

The right words that correspondent to the underlined words is…
A. alternated C. depend on someone E. took out
B. for good D. take place

21. The teacher gives me time to consider his offer until tomorrow evening.
The right words that correspondent to the underlined words is…
A. in charge of C. interesting E. get along
B. think over D. took out

22. She always puts her book away after she read them.
It means….
A. She escape from home D. She waits on it
B. She burns it to the ground E. She takes after it
C. She sets it aside

23. Mrs. Eris likes to cook very much, she resembles her mother.
The right words that correspondent to the underlined words is…
A. takes after C. takes out E. takes care
B. looks after D. look out

24. When I……… the house this morning, it………… very hard.
Choose the right tense to fill in the blanks
A. was leaving – rained D. left – was raining
B. left – rained E. was left – was raining
C. rained – was leaving

25. When their son……….. married in 1998, The Smiths………….. in Bandung.

Choose the right tense to fill in the blanks
A. was living – got D. rang – was taking
B. was having – saw E. got – was living
C. was getting – lived
26. She .......... her new skirt when I ………. her at the party last night.
Choose the right tense to fill in the blanks?
A. saw – was wearing D. was talking – were seeing
B. was wearing – saw E. was having – walked
C. was writing – took

27. That tourist…………….. his wallet while he ………… around the city.
Choose the right tense to fill in the blanks?
A. lost – was walking D. was lost – walked
B. was loosing – walked E. was wearing – lost
C. lost – were walking

28. As we …….. the street, the police officer ………….. at us.

Choose the right tense to fill in the blanks?
A. were living – took D. wrote – was living
B. were crossing – shouted E. talked – was looking
C. was ringing – left

29. John was sitting in the cafeteria at five o’clock yesterday evening
The right question for the underlined words is….
A. Who was sitting in the cafeteria at five o’clock yesterday evening?
B. Where was John sitting at 5 o’clock yesterday evening?
C. What was John doing in the cafeteria at five o’clock?
D. What time was John sitting in the cafeteria yesterday evening?
E. When was John sitting in the cafeteria yesterday evening?

30. The truck was going very fast when it hit his car.
The right question for the underlined words is….
A. When was the truck going when it hit his car?
B. What did the truck hit when it was going?
C. What was the truck doing when it hit his car?
D. What was going very fast when it hit his car?
E. How was the truck going when it hit his car?

31. I saw very bad accidents yesterday morning.

The right question for the underlined words is….
A. Why did you see yesterday morning?
B. What did you saw yesterday morning?
C. Who saw very bad accident yesterday morning?
D. When did you see yesterday morning?
E. What did you see yesterday morning?

32. The bag : Rp 87.625,-

The watch : Rp 129.999,-
Choose the right sentence according to the table above…
A. The bag is as expensive as the watch
B. The watch is more expensive than the bag
C. The watch is cheaper than the bag
D. The bag is more cheap the watch
E. The bag is the most expensive than the watch

33. Cisadane river : 9.478 m

Citarum river : 6.231 m
Choose the right sentence to the table above….
A. Cisadane river is deeper than citarum river
B. Citarum river is higher than Cisadane river
C. Cisadane river is lower than Citarum river
D. Citarum river is shorter than Cisadane river
E. Cisadane river is faster than Citarum river

34. Mount Krakatau : 3.471 m

Mount Merapi : 2.834 m
Choose the right sentence according to the table above….
A. Mount Merapi is lower than mount Krakatau
B. Mount Krakatau is taller than mount Merapi
C. Mount Merapi is shorter than mount Merapi
D. Mount Krakatau is bigger than mount Merapi
E. Mount Merapi is more low than mopunt Krakatau

35. Mr. Boy : Rp. 368.743.900,-

Mr. Rudy : Rp. 134.944.650,-
Mr. Dony : Rp. 276.342.999,-
Choose the right sentence according to the table above….
A. Mr. Rudy is the richest of all
B. Mr. Dony is richer than Mr. Rudy
C. Mr. Boy is the poorest of all
D. Mr. Rudy is richer than Mr. Dony
E. Mr. Boy is poorer than Mr. Rudy

36. Jack : 11 – 04 – 1993

Hary : 26 – 07 – 1991
Rony : 08 – 12 - 1994
Choose the right sentences according to the table above…
A. Jack is the oldest of all D. Jack is the youngest of all
B. Rony is older than Hary E. Hary is the oldest of all
C. Hary is younger than Rony

39. Irvan : 176 cm.

Jack : 165 cm
Frank : 171 cm
Choose the right sentences according to the table above…
A. Irvan is the highest f all D. Jack is the shortest of all
B. Frank is the shortest of all E. Jack is taller than Irvan
C. Frank is shorter than Jack

40. Hendry : “I think you’ll like my new girl friend”

Yudi : “But I like your old girl friend she is …
Hendry : “You’re right my new girl friend is …
The right words to fill in the blank are ….
A. pretty – prettier D. long – longer
B. handsome – more handsome E. difficult – more difficult
C. cheap – cheaper

41. The weather this winter……..than the weather last winter.

The right word to fill in the blanks is….
A. bad C. worse E. gooder
B. worst D. bader

42. John’s car is …….. than my car.

The right word to fill in the blanks is….
A. most expensive C. expensiver E. the most expensive
B. more expensive D. expensivest
Breakfast is provided free of charge. We also have special discount on food and drinks at our restaurant
for all registered guests. On top of that, there’s a fifty percent discount for children below 12 at our
restaurant. We are located close to the apple garden and butterfly farm. You can also see the sunset and
sunrise from our room. Children would also be entitled to free horse riding lessons every morning.

Rp.430, 000 per night

Reservation : (0341) 7689980
Email :

43. Which is free of charge in the hotel?

A. Having food and drinks in the restaurant. D. Staying for nights.
B. Having breakfast and horse riding lesson. E. Registered guest
C. Entering the apple garden.

44. “On top of that, there’s a fifty percent discount for children below 12 at our restaurant.”
The underlined word means …
A. over C. after E. in the age of
B. under D. above


Koes Plus was well known as pop music group in the seventies until the eighties. At that time most Indonesia
people were ____(45) about their songs because they were nice and simple. Every radio station broadcasted
these songs and always put them in the top of pop music. Their music shows were always full of _______

45. A. fanatical C. crazy E. boring

B. dissatisfied D. disappointed

46. A. followers C. participants E. members

B. spectators D. speakers

A tiger once caught a fox while hunting for food. The fox was very bold. “I am the king of the forest,” he
said. But the tiger grew ____ (89) and said that he would eat the fox at once. “If you don’t believe me,
come for a walk with me, “answered the fox quite calmly. “You’ll soon see whether all the other animals
are afraid of me or not. “Tiger agreed to go with the fox. _____ (90) all the animals saw them coming
____ (91) ran away as fast as they could. The tiger never found out that animals were really frightened of
him and the fox.

47. A. righten C. very angry E. very strong

B. quite friendly D. rather sad

48. A. if C. because E. when

B. so D. before

49. A. he C. it E. their
B. she D. they

50. Desi : Ali, I’ve got good news for you. Roy, the crazy guy, has got the personal manager job.
Ali : What?
What does Ali’s expression mean?
A. An agreement
B. A surprise
C. A question
D. A refusal
E. An objection