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Quality Made CERTAIN,

Satisfaction GuaranTEED

CT-20 Nickle Gray

So Much Depends on Your Roof
Lebar 340 mm Product Test Specifications
What’s your roof protecting? Your family. Your Panjang 985 mm
possessions. The integrity of your house. All under one Isi 6,9 pc/m2 Fire Resistance:
roof. All protected by the same investment. Berat 13,4 kg/m2 • UL Class A

Kemiringan 22,5 s/d 90 • UL Certified to meet ASTM D3018 Type 1

When you choose CertainTeed, you make the desicion Wind Resistance:
that assures the beauty, durability and security of your • UL Certified to meet ASTM D3018 Type 1
home for generations. • ASTM D3161 Wind Resistance 175 km/h
Tear Resistance:
CertainTeed takes roofing in every category, keeping • UL Certified to meet ASTM D3462
you comfortable, your home protected, and your • CSA Standard A123.5
peace-of-mind intact for years to come with a Wind Driven Rain Resistance:
transferable warranty that’s leader in the industry • Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance
Quality Standards:
Moire Black Burnt Sienna Reshawn Shake Hunter Green Drift Wood • ICC - ES - ESR - 1389
Exceptional Value Lasting Beauty
CertainTeed offers three levels of high CertainTeed endures time and weather beautifully.
performance shingles in FirescreenTM, Its color stands out magnificently compared to other
CT-20TM, and LandMarkTM. The heavier the shingles competitors.
shingle, the more depth, thickness, and
dimension it offers. Peace of Mind Lebar 340 mm Product Test Specifications
CertainTeed enhanced materials makes a strong features Panjang 990 mm Fire Resistance:
All three offer the exceptional value of the and warranty you can trust so you will have a peace Isi 6,9 pc/m 2 • UL Class A
industry’s thoughest fiber glass mat, the of mind. FirescreenTM & CT-20TM comes with 20 years Berat 9 kg/m2 • UL Certified to meet ASTM D3018 Type 1
strongest materials, and the best warranty. warranty. LandMarkTM comes with 30 years warranty. Kemiringan 22,5 s/d 90 Wind Resistance:
• UL Certified to meet ASTM D3018 Type 1
• ASTM D3161 Wind Resistance 96,5 km/h
Tear Resistance:
Lapisan pelindung genteng CertainTeed: • UL Certified to meet ASTM D3462
• CSA Standard A123.5
Slake Oil (Pelindung terhadap pertumbuhan jamur/ lumut) Wind Driven Rain Resistance:
Burnt Sienna Nickle Gray • Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance
Silicone (Melindungi warna dari sinar UV) Quality Standards:
• ICC - ES - ESR - 1389
Butiran batu alam

Ceramic Coating (Melindungi warna asli batu alam)

Lebar 340 mm Product Test Specifications

Susunan lapisan genteng CertainTeed: Panjang 990 mm • Fiberglass composition: UL Class A
Isi 6,9 pc/m 2 • ASTM D3018 Type 1
Self Adhesive Strips (garis perekat yang berfungsi setelah genteng terpasang) Berat 10,35 kg/m2 • UL 790/ ASTM E108 Class A
Kemiringan 22,5 s/d 90 fire resistance rating
Granule (butiran batu alam, pewarna genteng, melindungi genteng dari UV) • ASTM D3161 Wind Resistance 96,5 km/h

Fiberglass (menambah kekuatan dan kelenturan lapisan genteng)

Asphalt shingle (lapisan water proofing)

Moire Black Oakwood Driftwood Terra Cotta Moss Green
Mineral stabilizer/ Fire Retardent (melindungi lapisan genteng dari api)
Note: Warna cetakan brosur tidak sama dengan warna asli
Gereja Immaculata Tabanan
Berdiri sejak lebih dari 10
tahun yang lalu

Firescreen Asian Red

Grand Nikko - CT-20 Nickle Gray

Hotel at Kuta
Dipasang di tempat terkenal:
Rondji Restaurant @ Antonio Blanco Museum,
Casa Bonita - Landmark Reshawn Shake
Grand Nikko Bali, St. Regis Bali
Landmark Burnt Sienna

Genteng CertainTeed Landmark Burnt Sienna

sangat fleksibel
sehingga dapat Landmark Resawn Shake

menghasilkan atap
dengan bentuk yang
beragam dan inovatif

Landmark Resawn Shake

Firescreen Autumn Brown

Hotel at Kuta

Prayer Villa - Firescreen Bark Brown Dawn Villa - Landmark Reshawn Shake
Nakula Apartment - Firescreen Moire Black
Cara Pemasangan Aksesoris Metal

Pemasangan Roof Tile (Genteng) setelah

pasang Genteng Starter.

Aksesoris Genteng

Roofer’s Select Underlayment

Shingle Vent II

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