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Barn Owl Box Order Form in a vertical sand or dirt bank.

Egg laying
BARN OWL INFORMATION starts in late March to early May. Usually
Mail to: four to seven eggs are laid, but there may
PSWCD DESCRIPTION: be up to a dozen. Incubation is about 33
1551 Baldy Ave, Suite 2 Barn owls are anatomically quite different days. The young have voracious appetites;
Pocatello, ID 83201 from other owls, so they have been placed each will eat several mice in a night. They
in a separate taxonomic family. They are fledge at eight to nine weeks of age.
distinguished by a heart shaped face, Occasionally barn owls raise two broods of
Name:_____________________________ notched tail, and long legs. Adults have young a year. In Idaho, barn owls are
a snowy white face and underparts, and widespread across most of the southwest,
Address:____________________________ sparsely feathered legs and toes. The chest less common in the east, and rather rare in
and belly are thinly covered with black the north (although they are present in the
___________________________________ spots. Above, these birds are a light golden lower Clearwater and Snake River
brown, finely mottled with black. The eyes Canyons). In southern Idaho, barn owls are
Phone:_____________________________ are dark. Although their flitting, moth-like falling victim to motor vehicles on Interstate
flight and repertoire of shrieks, groans, and 84. It is believed that barn owls are hunting
Email:______________________________ hisses have spooked the superstitious, in for prey along the interstate at night and
reality this is a mild-mannered species. collide with vehicles. Thousands have been
Cost is $180.00 for 1 Box or $150 for 2 or killed yearly and this may impact the
more boxes. Each Box comes with a HABITAT AND FOOD: population. Barn owl numbers have
Pole & Mounting Hardware. Barn owls are found on every continent declined across the nation and many
except Antarctica. They prefer a more open biologists believe that this species should
Item Qty Price habitat than do many other owls, such as be given special protection.
meadows, fields, prairies, and marshes.
Owl Box $
They frequent granaries, barns and other CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT:
Local Pick-Up* $0.00 farm buildings, and are even found in cities. In Idaho, because vehicle collisions are a
Delivery** $ Rodents are the barn owl’s most important threat, the planting of continuous
Sub-Total $ prey. Adults capture several mice in a single hedgerows or closely spaced trees along
Tax $
night—more if they have young to feed-- roads, especially roads that are level with or
thus amply repaying farmers for use of their raised above the surrounding terrain,
Total $ barnyard and field. Insects and small birds may help reduce mortality from collisions.
are also taken. Barn owls are strictly Also, the elimination of vegetation that
* Local Pick-Up Site is: nocturnal hunters, although sometimes supports dense small mammal populations
1551 Baldy Ave Suite 2 seen abroad in daylight. near roads will also help. Barn owls nest
Pocatello, ID 83201
Please call 208-237-4628 x111 to schedule pick-up
quite successfully in nest boxes and can
REPRODUCTION AND STATUS: be used to maintain healthy populations.
**Delivery is ONLY available in Bannock County Barn owls nest in tree cavities, cliff crevices,
haystacks, artificial nest boxes, barns,
THANK YOU church steeples, or building ledges. Usually
visit us at no attempt is made at nest construction,
and the eggs are often laid precariously on
bare surfaces. Sometimes a burrow is dug