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Syllabus-Microeconomics Final

Chapter 14—Pages 483-494; 509-515.

Chapter 15—Pages 523-526; 530-536; 540-543; 547-549.

Chapter 17—Pages 602-616,628-633.

Chapter 18—Pages: 644-656; 660-661, 671-673.

Chapter 12— Pages 392-402,405-408,415-419.

Chapter 19—Pages 678-690, 714-716.

Chapter 20—Pages 726-733, 736-744, 754-757.

Chapter 21—Pages 21-1—21-14; 21-32—21-37.

For some of these chapters; there are some differences between the book and what has been covered
in class. For these chapters, students would be expected to know what have covered in class. Students
are welcome to read the material in the book in the relevant pages. But there will be no question on any
portion of that material that has not been covered in class. If there is a question of making a choice
between reading the book and reading the slides, then reading the slides will be a better strategy.