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Fuzing & Ordnance Systems

P o i n t D e t o n a t i n g F u z e Fo r A r t i l l e r y A m m u n i t i o n
The M739A1 Point Detonating Fuze is the standard U.S. Army point detonating fuze.

M739A1 is utilized on 105mm, 155mm, 175mm, and

203mm gun and howitzer-fired projectiles, as well as
4.2” mortar rounds.

Produced over half a million fuzes with a 99.2% reliability.


Fuzing & Ordnance Systems

P o i n t D e t o n a t i n g F u z e Fo r A r t i l l e r y A m m u n i t i o n

M 7 3 9 A 1 F E A TURE S

• Arming requires setback and spin

environments. The fuze satisfies

• A turns-to-arm feature provides

for safe separation distances which
are proportional to projectile diameters

• Hand settable super quick or delay functions

• The delay function mode provides for

maximum penetration of the target prior to
detonation of the projectile

• A rain and foliage disintegrator prevents

early functions in heavy rain and during
canopy (foliage) penetration

• Graze functioning capability

• An improved S&A has been

incorporated to prevent an armed
or partially armed S&A from being
installed into the fuze

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