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The rich man and the stone 11.What did the young man say to himself?

12.What kind of young man was he?

13.Did he move the stone easily or did he have to push and pull with all his
14.What did he find under the stone?
15.What message did he also find under the stone?
Give complete answres
1. Is a fool, in general, a stupid person or an intelligent person?
2. On the other hand, do only stupid people do foolish things or do intelligent
people also do foolish things occasionally?
3. Do you sometimes or never do foolish things?
4. Do you consider it foolish or intelligent to study English?
Many years ago there lived a rich man who wished to do something for 5. Was the young man in the anecdote above foolish or intelligent?
the people of his village. First, however, he wanted to find out whether they 6. Did he deserve the money which he found or did he not deserve it?
deserved his help. 7. Do people always or seldom get what they deserve in life?
In the center of the main road into the village he placed a very large 8. Do you imagine that there was much money or little money in the bag which
stone. Then he hid nearby and waited to see what would happen. Soon an old the young man found?
farmer passed with his cow. 9. Do you imagine that the boy was surprised or not when he found the bag?
"What fool put this big stone right in the center of the road?" said the 10.Was his surprise a pleasant surprise or an unpleasant surprise?
farmer, but he made no effort to remove the stone. Instead, with some 11.Was the stone which he had to move heavy or light?
difficulty he passed around the stone and continued on his way. Another man 12.Is stone heavier or lighter than wood?
came along and the same thing happened; then another came, and another, 13.What are the days of the week?
etc. All of them complained about the stone in the center of the road but not 14.What are the months of the year?
one of them took the time or the trouble to remove it. Toward evening, a 15.What is your favorite season and why is it your favorite?
young man came along. He was honest and hard-working. He saw the stone
16.In what season of the year does it rain most often?
and said to himself:
17.What is the warmest season of the year?
"The night will be dark. Some stranger or a neighbor will come along in
18.What is the coldest season of the year?
the dark, stumble on the stone, and perhaps hurt himself."
19.Is the winter colder or warmer than the autumn?
The young man then began to remove the stone. He had to push and pull
20.Are you able or unable to speak English well now?
with all his strength to move it to one side. But imagine his surprise when 21.Were you able or unable to speak English well last year?
under the stone, he found a bag full of money and this message: "This money is 22.Do you generally walk to school or do you go by bus?
for the honest man who removes this stone from the road." 23.What time do you have to be in school every day?
24.What time did you have to be in school yesterday?
1. Did this story take place recently or many years ago?
25.Do you always have to be in school at the same time every day or do you
2. Was the man who placed the stone in the road a rich man or a poor
sometimes have to arrive at different times?
26.How much time do you have to spend on your lessons each night?
3. In what part of the road did he place the stone?
27.Is New York City a large or a small city?
4. What did he do after he placed the stone in the road?
28.What is the largest city in your country?
5. Did he hide nearby or far away?
29.Are you taller or shorter than your best friend?
6. Who soon passed by?
30.Who is the tallest person that you know?
7. What did the old farmer say when he saw the stone?
31.What is the highest building in your city?
8. Did the farmer make little effort or no effort to remove the stone?
32.Is the Pacific Ocean larger or smaller than the Pacific Ocean?
9. What happened when a second man carne along?
33.What is the largest ocean in the world?
10.Who came along toward evening?
34.Which is the most interesting subject that you are taking?
35.Which is the least interesting subject that you are taking?