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Kyoukai no Rinne (TV)

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Ranked #3651Popularity #1294Members 59,077

Spring 2015TVBrain's Base

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Episodes: 0 /25
English: RIN-


Japanese: 境



Information More videos

Type: TV

Episodes: 25 Synopsis

Status: Finish A very strange thing happened to Mamiya Sakura as a child: She disappeared in the woods behind her
ed Airing grandmother's house. Of course, Sakura doesn't quite recall what happened next, but she's been seeing dead

people ever since—ghosts at home, ghosts at school, and even ghosts on the street.
Aired: Apr 4,

2015 to Sep
Now that she's in high school, another strange thing has happened in her life. A desk next to her that's sat empty
19, 2015
all year is suddenly filled by an oddly-dressed boy named Rokudou Rinne. Rinne seems to be capable of seeing
Premiered: S the same things Sakura does, and sometimes, other people can't even see him. What sort of secret is Rinne-kun
pring 2015 hiding, and how is he connected to Sakura's strange power? In Kyoukai no Rinne, another world exists alongside

Broadcast: Sa the one we live in. Thanks to Rinne, Mamiya Sakura will get to know this world and the wacky characters that

turdays at inhabit it.

17:30 (JST)
Producers: Sh

Productions, No background information has been added to this title. Help improve our database by adding background
NHK, Shogak information here.

Licensors: Se

Filmworks Related Anime

Studios: Brai Adaptation: Kyoukai no Rinne

n's Base
Other: Kyoukai no Rinne
Source: Mang Sequel: Kyoukai no Rinne (TV) 2nd Season

Genres: Com

edy, Supernat More characters

ural, Romanc Characters & Voice Actors

e, School, Sho
Rokudou, Rinne Ishikawa, Kaito
Duration: 24

min. per ep.

Mamiya, Sakura Inoue, Marina

Rating: PG-13 Japanese

- Teens 13 or

older Rokumon Nabatame, Hitomi


Juumonji, Tsubasa Kimura, Ryouhei

Score: 6.971 ( Japanese


by 19,515 use Rokudou, Sabato Yamaguchi, Kappei

rs) Japanese

Ageha Murakawa, Rie

Ranked: #365
12 Supporting

Popularity: #
Tamako Yukino, Satsuki
Members: 59

,077 Masato Kakihara, Tetsuya

Favorites: 11 Supporting

Kain Saito, Soma


Mamiya, Mother Hirano, Fumi

More staff


Sugawara, Seiki


Takadera, Takeshi

Sound Director


Theme Song Performance


Theme Song Performance

EditOpening Theme

#1: "Ouka Ranman (桜花爛漫)" by KEYTALK (eps 1-13)

#2: "Ura no Ura (裏の裏)" by Passepied (eps 14-25)

EditEnding Theme

#1: "Toki no Wa (トキノワ)" by Passepied (パスピエ) (eps 1-13)

#2: "Futatsu no Sekai (ふたつの世界)" by Quruli (くるり) (eps 14-25)

More reviewsReviews

Sep 28, 2015

25 of 25 episodes seen

Overall Rating: 5

ZephSilver (All reviews)

48 people found this review helpful

When talking about any show, I try to avoid marginalizing the title by using buzzwords. This isn't to say that the

usage of certain words don't help others to understand where you're coming from but rather when a word is

overused, it begins to lose context to many that have grown accustomed to it. After awhile it's desensitized to the

point where people would write you off as just another "pseudo-critic" with nothing to say. But sometimes, I find

the usage of commonly used words to simply be unavoidable. Sometimes, no other word works better to

describe the title at hand. And when it comes read more

permalink | report

Apr 19, 2016

25 of 25 episodes seen

Overall Rating: 8

tsuguruni (All reviews)

18 people found this review helpful

The story is not really original or complex, it is another Rumiko Takahashi works, and that is the best and maybe

the worst you can say about this anime. If you enjoy Ranma, Inuyasha or Maison Ikkoku then you would probably

enjoy this new work, otherwise better try to look for something else. It has the same kind of comedy, similar

drawing style, similar kind of romance... this anime make me feel like watching a 90s anime, I mean the drawing

style is old, characters as well give me a feel of old style (that do not correspond to the typical cliches that

we read more

permalink | report

Sep 30, 2015

25 of 25 episodes seen

Overall Rating: 4

YEROCKY (All reviews)

21 people found this review helpful

Kyoukai no Rinne is a character driven adventurous comedy, that has a simplistic story with a slice of life type of

plot progression. This anime only plays with a few elements; that being comedy, slice of life, and supernatural

since this anime deals with ghosts/spirits. Kyoukai no Rinne is a show that runs on a simple set formula and

doesn't expand upon its own boundaries. It doesn't take risks, it doesn't surprise us, and it doesn't try too hard to

entertain us. It's a fairly dry watch. I wouldn't consider this anime fundamentally bad; just bland. Anyways, what's

up with this anime?

===The Setting/Story===
The setting of read more

permalink | report

Sep 24, 2015

25 of 25 episodes seen

Overall Rating: 6

Kurama4Ever (All reviews)

16 people found this review helpful

In all honesty this series is about as basic as it gets. Its an episodic comedy anime. And just from that you pretty

much know exactly what to expect.

As far as story, the series is....pretty mediocre. As I've already said, the series is very episodic. This can be fine in

shows like Mushishi or Death Parade where you have an overarching character story that shows the progression

of each character throughout the series. However, no such story is present in Rin-Ne. Or at least its not all that

prominent. Sure there is sort of a romance plot, but by the end of the first season read more

permalink | report

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Rin-Ne 1/ [Blu-ray]



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Rin-Ne 2/ [Blu-ray]



Lan Blooms in Kamogawa



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