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Tina M.

2177 Cottonwood Lane ● Culpeper, Virginia 22701
571.235.9091 ● ka


 Passionate, creative and goal-oriented professional educator with an unwavering commitment to the
social, emotional and academic growth of all students
 Adaptive and flexible educator with the superior ability to craft and implement hands on lessons that
promote creativity and academic success
 Ability to differentiate for different learning styles and abilities that ensure academic growth
 Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills that foster positive connections with students, staff
and parents

Areas of Expertise
 Guided Reading ● Writer’s Workshop
 Reading Workshop ● Classroom Management
 Parent-Teacher Communication ● Student Motivation and Engagement
 Differentiation ● Technology Integration
 Number Talks ● Building Connections


National Board Certified Teacher 2012 George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 2004
Early and Middle Childhood/Literacy: Master of Arts in New Professional Studies
Reading/ Language Arts

Nazareth College, Rochester, NY 1998 Finger Lakes Community College,

B.A. in Psychology Cum Laude Canandaigua, NY 1995
Concentration: Elementary/Special Education Associates in Arts
Certifications- Learning Disabilities, Concentration: Social Sciences
Mental Retardation, Emotional Disabilities

Prince William County Public Schools, Mullen Elementary, Manassas, Virginia
First Grade Teacher (8/17-present)
Prince William County Public Schools, Ellis Elementary, World School, Manassas, Virginia
First Grade Teacher (9/09-6/12 and 9/13-6/17)
First/Second Grade Multi-age Classroom Teacher (9/12-6/13)
Primary Years Programme Coordinator/Learning Disabilities Teacher (9/08-6/09)
Third Grade Teacher (9/04-6/08)
Prince William County Public Schools, Tyler Elementary, Gainesville, Virginia
Third Grade Teacher (9/03-6/04)
Second Grade Teacher (9/00-6/03)
Learning Disabilities Teacher (9/99-6/00)
Professional Experience Continued

 Implements and integrates balanced literacy in all content areas

 Plans instruction that is engaging and rigorous while incorporating the use of a diverse range of
manipulatives which provide a scaffolded approach to learning
 Enhances student growth through a variety of tools and strategies which include whole group, small
group, and individual conferencing
 Purposeful and captivating technology integration that allows students to take ownership of their
learning while gaining knowledge and skills which reflect their understanding
 Application of effective management practices that include building connections, setting clear
expectations, and being consistent
 Seek opportunities to close achievement gap through differentiation of instruction, tailoring classroom
environment needs, flexible grouping and ongoing assessments
 Supports the social, emotional and academic needs of all learners
 Promotes a classroom community that encourages equity, diversity and collaborative learning
 Academic decisions and reflections always focus on student achievement
 Two-way communication is encouraged and developed with all stakeholders

Battlefields of Northern Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Presenter (3/18)
Kindles in the Primary Classroom, school based training, (10/17-present)
Phonics Committee Member (2017)
Lead Mentor (9/15-6/2017)
Mentor (9/14-6/2017)
Grade Level Team Lead (9/2004-6/2017)
Understanding by Design Literacy Work First Grade (2015)
Orange Folder Committee Member (2014)
Integration of Technology with Benchmark Universe Committee Member (2013)
Grades 3-5 Writing Benchmark Committee Member (2012)
K-2 Writing Benchmark Committee Member (2011)
SPOT Instructor Grade 2 (2005)
SPOT Grades 3-5 Co-Instructor (2000-2005)

Learning and Doing Mathematics Grade K-2 (12/17-5/18)
Debbie Diller Independent Work Professional Development (2016-17)
Battlefields of Northern Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2016)
Teaching English Learners (ELs) with Sheltered Content Instruction (6/15)
Dr. Lisa Meyers - Aligning Instruction and Assessment to the 2010 English SOLs (4/15)
Literacy Lessons (8/10-5/11)
Educators and Principals in Collaboration for Literacy Learning (EPIC) (9/09-6/10)
Integrating Promethean Interactive Whiteboards into Classroom Instruction (8/09)