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Your Lead Scoring Worksheet

Lead scoring is a shared sales and marketing The first step in lead scoring is to determine
methodology for ranking leads in order to your ideal target. To create the ideal buyer
determine their sales-readiness. Leads are profile, Sales and Marketing must both agree
scored based on the interest they show in your upon the definition. Use this checklist as a
business, place in the buying cycle and their fit starting point to identify the key demographics
with regard to your business. that are relevant to your organization, as well
as the key behavior-based scores to consider
There are various ways a company can score as well as the bad behaviors that deserve
leads. Either by assigning points, implementing a negative score. We have listed dozens of
rankings like A, B, C, or D, or using terms like demographic, firmographic and behavioral
“hot,” “warm” or “cold.” The key point is that attributes to help you find the ideal scoring
by clarifying what exactly constitutes a sales- rules for your company.
ready lead, marketing and sales can increase
efficiency and productivity.

Explicit and Implicit scoring are two systems

that can help you build a true picture of value.
Explicit scoring is based on the information the
prospect tells you. Implicit scoring is based on
the information that you observe, or infer, such
as their online behaviors.

Your Lead Scoring Worksheet
How to use this checklist:
Make copies of these pages for everyone who is going to help create your lead scoring model.
Check off the boxes you think should be included in the lead scoring model. Determine the score
for each attribute. Need a place to start? Check out the ones in bold.

Demographic Attributes to Consider Firmographic (or Company-Specific)

Attributes to consider
Score Score Score
Title Number of employees Year founded
Role Company revenue Organizational structure
(proprietorship, partnership,
Purchasing authority Industry
Number of direct reports Rankings/Stock Indexes:
Geographic markets served
Fortune 500
Level of manager (to whom do
they report?) Revenue growth (growing,
declining, etc) Partners
Years of experience
Company financial viability Fiscal year end
Number of divisions
Type of email used (Gmail,
corporate, Yahoo) Number of products sold (SKUs)
Years at current position Location
Designations/Certifications City
Honors and awards received State
Social network participation Zip
Social network connections Country
Social network influence Phone area code
Public recommendations Headquarters or satellite
Affiliations - groups and Location of branches
Size of branches
Career interests
Personal interests
Degrees received

Your Lead Scoring Worksheet
Behavior-Based Attributes to Consider

Score Score Score

Web pages Blog Videocasts
Viewed landing page Subscribed Clicked
Fills out form on landing page Viewed 10% – 50%
Customer Conference
Uses instant chat functionality Viewed >50%
Uses request a call back functionality
Attended Additional Behaviors
Viewed - any
Requested Meeting
Viewed - product specific
Viewed - pricing Direct Mail
Viewed - customers or reviews Responded
Viewed - multiple web pages Requested Meeting
Viewed - multiple web pages in 1 WK
Online Advertisement
Email - opened
Email - clicked
Content Syndication
Search Activity Engaged
Searches for company name
Searches for product name Telemarketing
Searches other (scored on term) Requested Meeting

Community Roadshow/Seminar
Submitted an idea Registered

Submitted multiple ideas Attended

Read about best practices Requested Meeting

Read about ideas

Visit knowledge base Visited Booth
Read about product information Requested Meeting
Asked a question
Asked multiple questions Webinar
Answered a question Registered
Answered multiple questions Attended
Shared a best practice Requested Meeting
Shared multiple best practices

Your Lead Scoring Worksheet
Behavior-based Attributes with Negative Score
While most activities get positive scores, there are actions that do the opposite. Activities that
deserve a negative score may include:

Email unsubscribe
Non-product web visit
Career page
Press room
Investor page
Leadership page
No website activity for 30 days
Added to “Do Not Call” list
Spam complaint
Negative social media comment
Declines contract/warranty renewal

Don’t ignore negative scoring attributes

when building your model. Use them to
your advantage in conjunction with other
scoring methods.

Your Lead Scoring Worksheet
Now that you’ve selected some demographic,
firmographic and behavioral attributes and assigned
scores to them, let’s look at an example:

Examples: Score Examples: Score

Job Title Marketing Operations +3
Demand Generation Manager +3

Job Role C-Level +5

VP +2

# of Employees 10,000+ +5
5000-9999 +3

Industry Sof tware +5

Retail +3
Business Services +5

Behavior Opens email +1

Downloads PDF +5
Fills a standard form +10
Visits multiple web pages in 1 day +10
Visits multiple pages in a week
(at least 12 times) +25

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