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Lesson plan

Subject : English

Year/ Form : Year 1

Duration : 60 minutes

Theme : World of Self, Family and Friends

Topic : Friend

Focus skills : Listening

Content standard : 1.2 Understand meaning in a variety of familiar context

4.1 Form letters and words in neat legible print using cursive writing

Learning Standard : 1.2.4,

Understand short basic supported classroom instructions.


Form upper anmd lower case letters of regular size and shape

Learning Objectives : Success Criteria

I will successful if I can

Main learning objectives: (1) Circle name of super friends

By the end of the lesson, pupils will
understand short basic supported
classroom instruction by listening
and writting 3 out of 4 name of the
super friends.

Complementary learning objectives: I will successful if I can

By the end of the lesson, pupils will (1) write my name and my friend’s name
form upper and lower case letters of with upper and lower case correctly.
regular size and shape by writing
proper name correctly

Cross Curricular Element : Language


Pre lesson ; Teacher plays audio 1 and pupils point to the numbers.

Lesson development ; 1. Teacher distributes worksheet (1) and give instruction.

2. Teacher plays audio twice.

3. Teacher plays the audio again and pause while pupils look up for the answer.

4. Teacher checks the answer with the pupils

Post Lesson ; 1.Teacher distributes worksheet (2)

2.Teacher explains how to write their name and their friend’s name
correctly(proper nouns)

3. Pupils complete the worksheet. (SC2)

4.Teacher checks the answer.

Teacher’s Reflection :

Worksheet 1

Listen and circle the name of super friends

Superfriend Name
1 (one) Mary Whisper

2( two) Thunder Sony

3(three) Flash Rani

4 (four) Sofia Misty

Worksheet 2 Complete the dialogue.

I’m Thunder
What’s your

I’m six.
How old are you?

I’m _____________
your name?

How old
are you? I’m ____________

What’s your

How old are you?