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Sarah DeMello

EDUCATION M.Ed. School Counseling, May 2017

University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, MA
GPA 4.0

M.S. Statistics, May 2009

University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
GPA 3.8

B.S. Mathematics, May 2006

Minor in Communication Disorders
Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA
GPA 3.6 - Magna Cum Laude

EXPERIENCE School Counselor, Maynard High School, Maynard, MA September 2017 – February 2018
Long-term Substitute Position
• Meet with students to discuss emotional and academic needs, including (but not limited to): attendance,
applying to college, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, social situations, trauma in the classroom and
at home, and teacher conflicts
• Ensure that 504 accommodations are handled appropriately for all students on my caseload on a bi-
weekly basis
• Hold meetings and have telephone calls with parents to discuss their children
• Develop new material to be used in Guidance classes
• Confer with Student Services Director and other administrative staff about a program for at-risk
students for the upcoming year
• Consult and file with DCF, when necessary
• Participate in 504 meetings with teachers and parents
• Discuss future plans and college preparation with all grades, using a strong focus on forward-thinking
and solution-focused counseling
• Organize an on-the-spot admission day for seniors
• Assist with Financial Aid night
• Use the scheduling system to make sure students are in classes that are best suited for their future goals
and include all graduation requirements

School Counseling Intern, Parker Middle School, Taunton, MA August 2016 – June 2017
Internship Experience
• Participate in IEP meetings with teachers and parents
• Observe students in classroom for use in the IEP meetings
• Coordinate and lead lunch groups for different needs in the school - new student group, girl’s
friendship group, social skills group, and study skills group
• Provide one-on-one support for students at all grade levels coping with anxiety and other mental health
• Assist with the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support program by running the school store and
working after school events
• Use data to find students at risk of failing and help them become more involved in school activities by
meeting individually, creating an afterschool program (Lego Club), and some in-school opportunities
• Aid counselors in creating schedules for 7th grade students moving on to the high school

School Counseling Intern, Taunton High School, Taunton, MA August 2016 – June 2017
Internship Experience
• Assist with College Bootcamp program run in the summer and examine data related to this program
• Participate and help run IEP meetings with teachers and parents
• Provide support and advocacy for mental health issues for individual students
• Teach classes related to Naviance registration and Guidance curriculum
• Organize on-the-spot admissions for multiple colleges
• Create an Excel spreadsheet for computing GPA at any grade level
• Coordinate the Peer Mentoring program, where ‘at-risk’ students are matched to a mentor for guidance
• Support an Algebra class for repeat Freshmen and help them gain self-esteem and succeed in math
• Help individual seniors, and many first generation college students, with determining a major,
choosing and applying to colleges
• Write recommendation letters for seniors on my caseload
• Aid counselors in making schedules for the following year for all students on my caseload

School Counseling Intern, Sharon Middle School, Sharon, MA January 2016 – June 2016
Practicum Experience
• Participate in the writing of 504 plans after meeting with teachers and parents
• Examine attendance data and develop an intervention plan
• Provided support and advocacy for mental health issues for individual students
• Run a lunch group for students that covered social and friendship lessons
• Teach a class every day, using the Connections curriculum
• Create a chart for teachers that indicated accommodations for particular students on 504 plans
• Help creating schedules for the following year

Biostatistician II, Brown University, ECOG-ACRIN, Providence, RI July 2009 – July 2015
• Perform programming tasks required to produce reports on incoming data and study progress and
report this information to the team
• Provide reliable statistical and computational expertise and advise to the study team
• Analyze data, produce reliable code and analysis reports for interim, ad hoc, primary, and secondary
aims according to analysis plans
• Responsible for creating a yearly Power Point presentation for faculty and staff describing new
statistical ideas and research

University of RI Graduate Teaching Assistant, Kingston, RI September 2007 – May 2009

• Hold recitation classes to help students better understand course material and create their final project
• Hold office hours for one-on-one and group instruction and grade all coursework and exams
• Able to assist nursing students with math anxiety issues through personal and electronic
communication and provide time management skills to students in need

HONORS AND • MASCA Graduate Student Scholarship, 2017

AWARDS • Graduate assistant at University of Rhode Island, 2007-2009
• Pi Mu Epsilon, National Mathematics Honor Society Bridgewater Chapter, 2004-2006
• Magna Cum Laude graduate with BS in Mathematics
• National Honor Society at Foxboro High School, elementary school tutor advisor 2001-2002

PUBLICATIONS • Certification: ASCA U Bullying Prevention Specialist, ASCA U School Counseling Data Specialist,
AND ASCA U College Admissions Specialist, ASCA U Legal & Ethical Specialist, April - December 2016
• Published: “Primary Care Provider-Delivered Smoking Cessation Interventions and Smoking
CERTIFICATIONS Cessation Among Participants in the National Lung Screening Trial,” JAMA Internal Medicine,
June 2015
• Published: “Association of coronary artery classification and mortality in the National Lung
Screening trial: A comparison of three screening methods,” Radiology, December 2014
• Published: “Results of the two incidence screenings in the National Lung Screening Trial,” New
England Journal of Medicine, September 2013
• Published: “Results of initial low-dose computed tomographic screening for lung cancer,” New
England Journal of Medicine, May 2013

ASSOCIATIONS Massachusetts School Counselor Association, Governing Board Affiliate Committee Chairperson
South Shore Guidance Association, Secretary
South Coast School Counselor Association, member since first meeting in 2016

SKILLS Excellent in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, statistical software SAS
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Proficient in IPass, PowerSchool, SchoolBrains, and Naviance

Proficient in American Sign Language