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Beyond the Known III

January 17, 2018

Each of you comes with a recognition of what you have known. “I have known myself as

poor, as aware, as troubled, as angry, as frightened. I have chosen these things, perhaps, to learn

through, but I still know myself through what I have been, and, as I wish to move forward, I wish

to realize myself beyond the known, beyond what I have thought I was, have adhered to, or

agreed to be.”

In this class, we intend to take you there—beyond the known, yes, but to a new chord, a

vibratory chord where you can sing in co-resonance with the True Self while bypassing the

programming or data that you have utilized based on history. If you can imagine that every time

you saw the color yellow you were frightened, you would have an illustration of a reaction to

something born in history. Because you have always been frightened or anxious around the color

yellow, you anticipate the color’s arrival and predicate your response based on what has been. As

we move beyond the known, we must move to a new interpretation of the environment that you

exist in. We must re-associate the landscape you embark in with the Divine that is in fact

inherent in all manifestation, and not the history or what you have thought things were that bring

to bear the reactions that you expect.

If you realize yourself on a high floor with a new vista before you and you see something

from your history that reminds you of who you were, many of you would like to run downstairs,

grab it, and hold it. “You see what I have been. I cannot not be this thing. This is who I have

been. And, while I can’t take it upstairs to the high vista, I can remain here in the solace of the

known at the cost of what I might see well beyond it.” What we hope for you, and in fact intend
for each of you—that the arrival to the high floor has actually accomplished what you have

sought, which is a reintegration with the True Self that does not key into the history, the fear of

yellow, perhaps, that the small self has known herself through, and the process of embodiment

that we are in fact taking you through is not only a release of the known, but the prescriptions

that the known has claimed for your identity and emotional reactions.

Now, to bypass something in some ways is to ignore it. But not all things are terrible to

bypass. If you see a dead cow lying in the middle of the road, you would be best to ride around

it—not on top of it and not through it. The cow may be so large that you may only interpret it or

understand it by stopping the car, saying, “There’s the dead cow,” moving the dead cow, if you

can, or then going around it, or in attending to it in some other way. What you have been through

that you know yourself through in fact must be seen, must be comprehended. You don’t pretend

something isn’t there. “That is a cow in the road. I cannot drive through it.” But you can decide,

if you wish, to stop the car, contemplate the dead cow for the remaining years of your life, or get

on with the act of living, which means to say, “This is what I have known, this is what I have

created, this is what I have agreed to, and, because I see it, I can realize myself through it or

beyond it.”

To move beyond something doesn’t mean you’re ignoring it, it means you are lifting

above it, that you are surmounting it. To surmount a difficulty does not mean you are ignoring

the difficulty. It means you rise to the level of agreement that the problem is not creating, and, in

this new way, you can claim a life that does not predicate itself on your attachment to everything

you’ve been through, every incident or slight, every dramatic moment that imprinted itself in

your energetic field. You are here to live your lives, not pray for safety from what you have

created. You are here to sing, to sing the song of your being, not to mumble in apology for what
you haven’t figured out yet, what you have been so traumatized by, or what you believe could be

there to harm you so badly that you refuse to live your life in fullness.

As the Divine as you reclaims the being that you are, you begin to shift your focus from

what you think you are to what you can only be, and that is the passage we have been taking you

through in this class and others to this date. Recognition is the key. “This is what I have been,

who I have known myself as, but as the True Self I may be re-known, I may be reclaimed, and,

in that reclamation and the energetic coherence that is the result of this, I move beyond the fear

and also the temptation to return to the fear that has, once familiar, been who I thought I was.”

Now, because we know who you are, we know who you are not, and we say this

intentionally to Paul and to all of you. You are never what you think you are. You are always far

more than the obsolete ways of self-identification that the small self has utilized to comprehend

herself in a shared construct of reality. Until you can understand that you are vastly greater than

that, greater than anything you may think, in comprehension, in agreement to be as what you are,

the Divine as you, you will have a limited experience of claiming the old at the great cost of what

we are presenting to you.

The Infinite Self, the Christed Self, the Infinite Self who knows who he is, does not

abandon the small self and her ideas as much as realize herself through them. And, if you can

imagine the bud breaking through the soil and singing its song as it opens and envelops itself in

glory, you can begin to understand the passage that you are undertaking here, one step at a time,

perhaps, but each of you can only hold the level of agreement that you can be in coherence to,

which simply means vibratory accord to.

To embellish this passage, to call it noble, to call it divine, to call it sanctified, in some

ways is actually to diminish it. The passage that you are undergoing is the passage of creation,
and, as all things outgrow their form, they realize themselves beyond the known. And the cost of

the old, the release or the passage to the light that dispels the darkness, that releases you from the

requirements of history, is what you undergo as you realize who and what you have always been.

When we teach, we are actually doing invocation work with each of you. We are

invoking, not who you think you are or who we think you are. We are invoking what has always

been true. And the claims we make for you—“I know who you are in truth, I know what you are

in truth, I know how you serve in truth”—can only be true at the level of the Divine Self. The

invocation of this, in its imprinting in your field, claims the being that you are in progressive

realization. There are stages of realization that you all must undergo. And the acquiescence to

each of them—“Here I am in this new place that I am undergoing this or that, releasing this or

that, knowing this or that”—is the claim the one makes who is in faith that the passage is actually

the direct way to her own knowing of what has always been true.

Now, the directives that we give you, which are actually rather small, are ways to steer

the self through the passage to call to herself the requirements that she needs in order to know

realization embodied as her. Now, here is the teaching you must understand. There is no

conjecture at the level of agreement we are teaching you to. We are not telling you what you

have to do or might experience. In fact, what we are doing is giving you the key to a level of

realization that you may commit to, or agree to, at the cost of the known. But there is nothing

theoretical about this. There is actually very little to interpret, to decide about. Once you

comprehend—and understand that comprehend means in resonance in your knowing and in your

field—that the Divine is who and what you are, there is no more argument about the nature of

your identity. And your purpose, we have to say, which is the broadcast of your energetic field,

may be known and realized at a level of occurrence that will actually transmit a vibratory chord
in agreement to the True Self of all she meets and those she may never meet as well. The True

Self, you see, in her absolute state of being, is a chord of music that produces tone and calls the

energetic field that she encounters to a level of co-resonance.

So, Paul is interrupting now. “While I understand this in theory, I don’t understand it as

an absolute. What does it feel like? How does it happen? How do we know that this is so? If you

say it is not theoretical or experiential, what is it?” It is experiential. Don’t misunderstand this,

please. This is completely experiential, but not at the level of the personality structure who wants

to know where the ticket leads her, and decide which seats she will ride in, and if she will like

the view where she may go if she decides to say she may understand the truth of the teaching.

What we are telling you is very simple. If you get in the elevator and you push the button

of the top floor, that is where you go. In order to arrive there, there are stations or other floors

that, in fact, you will encounter. And the purpose of each of these things is so that the realization

can claim you and not respond to the mandate of the historical self that would seek to have even

her comprehension of this passage as something that she would approve of.

If you can understand this, friends, the small self will hardly comprehend this. Perhaps

she knows that she is undergoing change, but don’t think for a moment that the caterpillar in

personality comprehends the butterfly that it becomes. When the butterfly is released from the

cocoon, the essence of who she has truly been is present at the cost of the form and the function

that the old had held. This is much like that. And the stages of transmission towards embodiment

are what we have been teaching you in sequence since we first spoke the words, “I am the


Now, where we are now is in fact at a precipice, a great jumping-off point where you

have to say to the self, “I am committed to the journey before me, not in the ways I thought, but
in the claim of freedom that I have announced myself in. I know who I am in truth. I know what

I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free. I am free.” And, in that claim of

freedom, you lift and begin to fly. And by fly we mean lift the vibratory field to the expression of

service. And the claim that we make with you—“I know how I serve”—will be met by each of

you as a vibratory chord that will transform your field and the agreements you may make to be

expressed, not only in a body, but as the True Self embodied as the perfect you.

“The perfect you.” He doesn’t like that phrase. “I have never heard a thing like that.”

Well, then we will use a different word then—the true you, or the absolute you, the you that is

not tainted by the prescriptions of fear that you have inherited, the you that doesn’t doubt her

worth, doesn’t disguise himself to keep himself safe from the world, the you who believes

himself to be in truth as the Divine Self that he has in fact always been. What you are doing is

reclaiming your essence and its broadcast and assuming form, or being assumed by the Divine in

form in agreement to be heard.

Now, we use the word heard here rather intentionally. To be heard is to be recognized in

vibration. When you hear the gong struck in some faraway room, you don’t have to see where

the gong is. You understand the tone, and its vibration has been heard in commensurate teaching.

We would have to say you are the gong that is being played, and the tone that you emit is

actually impacting the vibratory fields of what it encounters for the purpose of lifting everything

to the level of vibratory agreement that you have come to know yourself in.

Now, before we commence with what we wish to do, we have to say something to Paul.

You are not going to have to tone by yourself. If we tone with you for the purpose of lifting each

one present, we will do so in a way where you and all are supported. The claim we make that the

song will be sung can happen in vibration through sound, which is how we have taught you thus
far, or beyond tone, and, by nature of this agreement, we will have to say that the broadcast we

will use through you will be the most efficient and direct to reach our students here.

What we are telling him, and now you, is that the method that we have used to claim this

attunement in creation is done in sound and in collective tone. And, as we sing to you tonight, we

will invite you to join us in the collective field that we will be sharing here. There is no one

absent tonight who needs to hear this sound and go into agreement to it. As we make the tone,

you may join us, and, when we complete the tone, we will bring you through to the next level of

attunement, “I know how I serve,” that is imprinting itself in the causal field for its emanation

and broadcast to be known.

We would invite you all to sit back and to become receptive to the what that you are—the

body itself, the physical body that may know itself as sung by the higher octave that is present

here as and for you. You may say these words now, if you wish, with us:

“I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am

free. I am free. I am free.”

We will sing now. [The Guides chant through Paul.] You may sing, too.

“I know how I serve.” Say these words now. “I know how I serve.” And feel the energy

field around you begin to shift in this agreement to be sung. “I know how I serve.” Say the

words, please, and know that the resonance of them is what claims the Kingdom into

manifestation. “I know how I serve” is the key, you see, and always has been. The Divine as you,

the Christed Self as you, the eternal self as you, who knows how she serves, expresses herself in
field and form and is, in fact, the benediction or the blessing that is bestowed upon all she may

witness and all he may experience. “I know how I serve.”

Now, take a moment with your friends here, this collective that has gathered here tonight.

There is a ringing in the field that may be experienced, not only by you, but by all of you, and

you may announce this now to all who are present. Say these words, please, and know that they

are said by the True Self and that they are always true:

“I know who you are in truth.” Say this, yes. “I know what you are in truth. I know how

you serve in truth. I know how you serve. I know how you serve. I know how you serve.”

Feel the vibration around you, please, and express it in response:

“I know how I serve. I know how I serve. I know how I serve.”

Now, what we have just done is an attunement in the field you hold. The claims have

been made prior. “I know who I am, what I am, how I serve.” But each chord is made up of

multiple constructs, and the vibratory chord that you are now singing at through your acclimation

to each one is your true inheritance. And, in this way, you claim the present moment. In this way,

you move beyond history. In this way, you say yes, you say yes to all that may be known, and

praised, and heard, and loved that is expressed in the high octave. If you see his hands, this is the

mudra of creation. And the high claim is made, “I know how I serve,” and calls into

manifestation exactly what is required for each individual to be realized through.

We will end this lecture in a moment, but, before we do, we must tell you three things

about what you have done. You have pushed the elevator button to the top floor. The ride has

begun, beyond theory, but in experience, beyond conjecture, but in truth. And the denial of the

old—“This is what was and this is what is not”—will be the opportunity you begin to engage in

as you begin to move through this passage.

The second thing we say is you are not doing this alone. Don’t think that the small self is

the one engineering this passage. It is not possible, so don’t commandeer it. It is the Divine as

you who makes these claims and calls the manifestation of them into being.

The last thing we will say is, trust the process that you are undergoing. Like any

adventure, it may not always be smooth. You may be jolted here and there a few times, but

usually each jolt will support you in releasing what you don’t need, what cannot go up any

higher as your alignment and embodiment is made known and claimed as what and demonstrated

in form as who.

We will say these last things now. Be patient with your fellows. Be patient with the ones

you love. They are all undergoing this process in one way or another. Everything is in change

and you must understand that the betrayal of the old is what many of you are encountering, the

pain of history, the rage at what was done, the fear of what could have happened or could happen

again. This is the release. It is not a permanent structure. It’s a big jolt on the wagon of humanity

in order to release it from what it thinks it is.

We will say now, questions on the teaching or, if they wish, yes, on their lives. Period.

Period. Period.
Q: My question is on the statement that moving your hands forward towards your body was the

mudra of creation?

A: Yes, and they’ve talked about this before in other lectures and I think they talk about it in The

Book of Mastery as well. [Paul explains the mudra of creation, how we’re always claiming and

the difference between high and low claims, and he suggests looking up other lectures in the


Q: I just wanted you to tune in to me and let me know from the Guides what I need to do to

awaken. I’ve been on this journey for a long time and I don’t feel what other people feel. It’s just

a challenge for me and I’m not sure if I’m even the right kind of human.

A: I don’t even know how you can not be that, but I’ll tune in to you. First of all, you’re blocking

your throat, which is interesting. It’s pretty specific. I literally feel I like have a key in the lock

that wants to come out and I want everything to start pouring out of the throat. I actually hear it’s

old fear, it’s old fear. Let me see if there’s something you need to know in order to open up.

They’re saying he needs to know he’s the one deciding he’s not allowed, and it’s a

fraudulent claim. The idea of waking up has been embellished so much and given so much

weight that the idea of waking feels impossible. How can it be so? It has become so fraught and

heavy. The young man doesn’t know that his spiritual self is quite ready for this, but he has to

allow the spiritual self to be the one who claims it. This is not done through will, as you have

been used to it, but through an alignment or agreement to what you may claim in the higher

octave. Imagine, for a moment, that who and what you are exists in a higher octave already. The
True Self that you are is already present and in operation, but operating in a higher way. Your

agreement to align to this level of manifestation is what claims you into congruence with it. The

claims we make for you—“We know who you are in truth, what you are in truth, how you serve

in truth”—are not about conjuring a mystical being that exists in some other world, but the

recognition that this is always who you have been.

I just asked if we could do this and they’re saying, yes it would help. Let’s just attune

everybody. “I am Word through my body. Word I am Word. I am Word through my vibration.

Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.”

Everybody, “I am Word through George. Word I am Word.” And the Guides are saying be

received by us, so I’m with you right now which is quite nice, you’re actually opening up and

claiming what you are. I just heard somebody say how easy is that? All you have to do is say yes,

move to a level of agreement, and stop deciding that this is so difficult. That will be your

pathway forward.

Q: I am experiencing a big jolt. I’m with my daughter and she just moved out with her three kids

and left her husband and is filing for divorce and it’s bringing up a lot of my unresolved issues, I

guess trusting, putting too much trust in other people, being conned, feeling duped, because I

really liked the guy.

A: I think I’ve tuned in to you on this before. Let me go to you first. You’re actually coming

through saying, “I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I’m fed up about it. I’m fed up.” And

some of this is, “People don’t behave the way I want them to.” Let me see if I can get your

daughter. She’s coming through shaking her head no. She’s saying, “I can’t do it anymore and I
won’t.” But I also get from her that she’s as responsible as he may be. Let me see if I can get

him. Oddly he comes through saying, “I can’t make people love me, I don’t make people love

me, that’s not what I do.” He actually comes through a little defensive and spooked right now. I

feel as if I don’t know what happened. Let me go to you and ask what you can do. The first

thing I hear is you have to forgive everybody for not knowing what they want because none of

them do right now. It’s chaos and confusion. The children, I hear, are the ones to be watched for.

They’re the ones that need the care right now. I don’t feel they’re actually being used in this

situation in a very high way. I’m going to leave it at that. Let me see what you need for yourself.

I hear from you, “I need to forgive this man for not loving my daughter the way I want him to. I

don’t like what he did.” I don’t know what he did, but I hear from you, “I can’t forgive him for

that yet, but I can forgive myself for not loving him the way I want to and I can forgive him for

not loving my daughter.” This is the first step for you. They’re going to learn in their own way

no matter what you do. Stabilize yourself if you can. Don’t carry guilt and don’t carry anger.

These are not yours right now. That’s what they’re foisting upon the other and there is no

wellbeing in the middle.

Q: I’ve got a question about just me and I’ve never really connected in relationships with an

intimate other. I’ve got a lot of male friends, but with females connecting the physical and the

emotional has always been a very big challenge for me. I feel like I’ve been growing and

growing a lot in the last couple of years, but yeah.

A: Let me see if I can get you. You come through saying, “I don’t think they want me first.” So

you come through looking, you come through interested. I don’t know that this is true, but when
I go to you I kind of feel, when I was like in junior high school and they had dances and the boys

would line up on one side of the room and the girls would line up on the other and it was

completely ridiculous, and if somebody came up and asked you to dance it was a huge deal and

the ones that weren’t asked to dance usually looked kind of miserable, and you stand there a bit

like the guy in that line as if to say, “They don’t want me, they don’t want me, they don’t want

me.” I don’t know that that’s true. I actually get that it’s not. I hear it’s a happy belief system for

you because it keeps you out of trouble. You don’t want that. Why? They’re saying the young

man doesn’t know who he is when he’s with women. He thinks he’s supposed to be somebody

he’s not, and that actually gives him no opportunity to be known and loved just as you are. That

is the only man who can be loved, not your idea of who he should be. You are not decorating

yourself with war medals or a superman cape seeking to be seen as something that you are not,

but you are simply asking yourself too frequently if I am who they would want, and then

deciding that that is not enough. The gift that you give others, and we would have to say this to

all of you and Paul, as well, is the self that loves. The self that loves is the one who knows who

he is, doesn’t have to prove a damned thing, can get along, does not care if he’s decided upon in

this way or that. Begin to say yes to who you are and that he can love. Don’t seek to be loved.

Seek to love and you will be a magnet. And, much to your surprise, you will love easily.

Q: I’m almost done with The Book of Truth. I feel really good about my understanding of it. Do I

need to go back through all the other books, or can I continue forward with anything new that’s

being offered, or is it better for me to go back and go through everything?

A: Go forward, if you wish, but you will be called back because there’s much there for you. You

didn’t start in the middle. You started at a station. On a train there is a station, perhaps a

destination. To go backward is to give yourself the richness of the fullness of the journey. It is

not playing catchup at school. It’s the enjoyment of the passage and being taught at the

agreement that you come to. Wherever you are, you will be met in the text. This is a promise to

all our students.

The Guides have said a few times that they teach in a one-room schoolhouse, so wherever

you enter into the teaching you’ll be met, and that isn’t to say that there aren’t things to learn

from going back. They’re saying correct.

Q: I guess I want to understand something relating to this. I’ve kind of been waiting for a night

like this for a long time. Sensing it. Years ago maybe one of the most profound experiences I’ve

ever had involved hearing sounds well up from a deep chasm in maybe somewhat of an altered

dream state and three notes filled me so profoundly. I was in a place where I believe and I feel I

was allowing because I believed it was possible. I was in an ashram somewhere, but more

importantly my question is when we see the Divine around us and remember to do that more and

more frequently, the echo returning to us, maybe is that a high vibration that’s then allowing us

to open up to this sound?

A: I’m hearing yes, which is interesting. I hadn’t thought of that. There’s a sequence to all of

these things, and what they began teaching at the end of The Book of Freedom, which isn’t out

yet, is this thing they called the echo. The idea is that if you focus on someone else and you focus

on the form they’ve taken, the body, and you know the body is divine—“I know who you are, I
know what you are”—you’re focusing on the what and you make that claim, you’ll actually feel

the body of the one you’re claiming this in respond with waves of energy as if the Divine is

actually echoing back. The Guides call it the echo or the reverb is what they use to describe it.

What they’ve just begun doing in the last four or five weeks at the most with this claim of “I

know how I serve,” which they actually begin, each time they’ve taught it, they’ve taught it first

with tone. It’s the whole field singing, but I think that’s done by the one who’s made the prior

claim about form. It’s the embodied self that is the transmitter for this. It’s not that chasm that we


So let me just see how well I explained that. I hear only about 50 percent. It’s a much

more complex teaching. But the idea of sequence is helpful, and the claim “I know what I am,”

which has always been implicit in the claim “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I

serve,” but, as realized, claims a level of manifestation in form and field that supports the echo or

the co-resonance of the frame that you operate in here in this material realm. The claim “I know

how I serve,” which is expression, is in fact claimed by the Divine Self in recognition of the

form that is in a new alignment, and this is key to the understanding of this. Understand that

notes may be played in multiple octaves. The claim “I know how I serve” is claimed by the one

operating in the high octave, hence the tone is preparatory for this level of realization. Period.

Period. Period.

They’re saying I can say this. I just did a workshop in Austin, Texas, and we had over a

hundred people and when the tone was filling the room, the claim “I know how I serve” which

came out of that was remarkable and experiential. I don’t know what everybody’s experience

was here in your perhaps solitary spaces where you’re watching or if you toned with me or the
Guides as this was going on. I’d be curious to know. But this seems to be the next thing they’re

working with.

Q: This is a followup to what you just said and what the Guides were just talking about. When

I’ve been making claims to people as who they are, I’ve been looking past their human body

almost. Am I understanding correctly that, no, it is their actual physical human form that is

divine as well, not just some ether beyond them?

A: You’ve got it. [Paul talks about what as manifestation and the Divine as present in all physical


Q: I’ve been following this for a while and there’s been a steady theme of raising our vibration

level to a higher frequency, both on a personal level and in the whole planet, and I also follow

other sources of information and this is all verified throughout all of it, this seems like a common

theme that we’re moving towards that. From these other channels I’m getting the information

that we are very rapidly approaching a major event within the next month or two, and tonight I

hear the word of a jolt coming, and I’m wondering is that a major bump in our frequency?

A: [Paul talks about not listening to or commenting on other channels.] There is always a jolt

coming. There is not a day without one. What you are expressing is anticipatory and many

people are actually taught to climax in an idea, “There will be a big event, we will all awaken,

there will be a big event, we will all wake up.” In fact, you may, but when one is bumped, one

may awaken, or one may scream, or one may say, “Don’t hit me again.” And how each human
being addresses a collective event is entirely predicated upon the individual’s consciousness, and

this is very important to understand. If you are operating in low vibration or you are being

instructed to fear, what you create from that may be challenging to everyone. When you are

operating in a higher octave and you are not agreeing to fear, what you claim will always be of

benefit to the whole. But we must say this. Some of you may wake up gracefully. Some of you

may be thrown from your beds. It really all depends on the level of alignment you hold. Period.

Period. Period.

[Paul refers to the lecture given three days before the last presidential election called

Great Change.] But am I getting information that there’s something terrible afoot? No, I don’t

get that. I’m just not the channel that would come through.

Q: Tonight in the teaching, where they were speaking of the cow in the road, I was wondering if

I am understanding correctly that we should, when we see the cow in the road, which could be a

fear that we have, that we don’t need to go through the fear and we don’t need to be in the fear

but that we must look at it before we pass it and go up the elevator, so to speak. And so how do

we do that?

A: I hear yes and no. We are not talking about pretending that things don’t exist. We are not

saying you weren’t harmed when you were a child. We are only saying that, if you wish to stop

and stall your journey forever until you understand the reasons for things, you may be waiting

for a very long time. One of the ways you understand what you have been through is looking at it

from a new perspective, or a higher vantage point, or in retrospect. But what most of you do in

your own fear when you run into something like this is stop and cease. We said yes you can go
around, but going around does not mean you are ignoring. You do have to see what you’ve

claimed, what you have believed, what you have participated in the creation of, but you don’t

have to relive it or spend the rest of your life trying to push it out of the road. You may not be

strong enough to move the cow, so go above, go around. You are not pretending there is no cow.

There is no self deceit here. But you are claiming virtue by nature of progress.

They’re saying to me say this if you want. I was going is this like spiritual bypassing

which is this term people are talking about. They’re saying no it’s not. Not if you recognize

what’s there. To pretend there’s no cow in the road is spiritual bypassing. To ride all the way

around something because you don’t want to look at would be called that. This is about

recognition. Something that you’ve claimed has known itself and is now serving to block you

from forward motion. You will have to attend to it in one way or another. Period.

I suspect this is rather like the teaching in I Am the Word of boulders. One of the things

the Guides have been saying a lot, and I have to say I’ve really been taking it to heart,and it’s

been helping enormously, is to really understand our lives are our teachers and, if I’m getting

triggered or my buttons are being pushed, that’s an opportunity. That’s what we’re being asked

to do now, and that’s not pretending. That’s sort of saying, okay, let’s go forward.

So, anything that they want to say, because we’re at time.

Yes, one thing. Please be in love. Each and every one of you here, focus on the

productive in this teaching. Love the ones before you. Be grateful for their presence. We will see

you next week. Thank you and goodnight.

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