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R290  Air  Cooled  Water  Chiller  With  Propane-­‐  General  Description    

Perseo   (PRMC/D),   Tecnofreddo-­‐Aerre’s   Eco3   compact   air   condensing   chillers   for  
outdoor  installations,  employs  R290  (Propane)  as  refrigerant.  
Temperatures:  +12/+7°C  (water  chiller);  -­‐4/-­‐8°C  (Brine  chiller)  
Cooling  capacity  range:  22  –  200  kW  (-­‐4/-­‐8°C)  
                                                                                       40  –  400  kW  (+12/+7°C)  
Main  features    
Housing:   The   units   are   made   by   a   self   supporting   steel   frame   realised   with   folded  
plate  metal  sheet.  All  the  components  of  the  steel  frame  are  painted  with  polyester  
powder  (RAL7035).  
Compressor:   Semi-­‐hermetic   Reciprocating   type,   mechanically   optimized   for  
Hydrocarbons   and   built   according   to   the   Directive   94/9/EC   (ATEX)   for   the   safety  
requirements  (Zone  2,  Gas  Group  IIB).  
Fan:  Axial  fan  
Electronic  regulator:  Voltage  fans  speed  regulator    
Air  heat  exchanger:  Aluminum  micro-­‐channel    
Water  heat  exchanger:  BPHE  type  
Liquid/gas   heat   exchanger:   a   BPHE   between   the   liquid   line   and   suction   line   ensures   an   adequate   superheating   of   the   suction   gas   from   the  
compressor  (necessary  in  view  of  the  high  solubility  of  the  refrigerant  in  the  oil),  as  well  guarantees  the  sub-­‐cooling  of  the  condensed  refrigerant  
meanwhile  increasing  the  efficiency  of  system    
Electrical  board:  certified  according  to  the  EN  60439-­‐1  (CEI  17-­‐13/1)  
Number  of  circuits:  Single/double  circuit    
Refrigerant  circuit:  Each  refrigerant  circuit  is  equipped  with:  filter  drier;  sight  glass;  solenoid  valve;  electronic  expansion  valve.    
Additional   safety   measures:   The   unit   is   equipped   with:   a   special   gas   detector   for   flammable   gases;   pressure   switches;   pressure   relief  
valves,  extraction  fan.