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Respected sir/madam,

I am a student of BBA GC University, Faisalabad. Apart of my study I am conducting a

study regarding the Effect of customer relationship management on customer's
outcomes in the context of Faisalabad, Pakistan. This study will provide an
understanding about how Customer relationship management effects the way of Word
of mouth, customer loyalty and Commitment to the Dealership in Faisalabad, Pakistan
which will make important practical and theoretical contributions in literature.
Would you please be kind enough to take few minutes from your busy schedule
and fill in the questionnaire attached? The questionnaire does not require any name so
you can be sure of complete confidentiality of your response.
Question Strongly Agree Neither Disagree Disagree
Agree Strongly
1 My organization provides
customized services and
products to our key
2 When my organization finds
that customers would like to
modify a product/service, the
departments involved make
coordinated efforts to do so.
3 My organization makes an
effort to find out what our key
customer needs are.
4 All people in my organization
treat customers with great
5 My organization has the sales
and marketing expertise and
resources to succeed in
6 My organization commits time
and resources to managing
customer relationships.
7 My organization fully
understands the needs of our
key customers.
8 My organization provides
channels to enable ongoing
two-way communication
between our key customers
and us.
9 How likely are you to spread
positive word of mouth about
your relationship manager?
10 I would recommend these
services to my friends.
11 If my friends were looking to
purchase any relationship
services, I would tell them to
purchase it.
12 Will you take some of your
business to a competitor that
offers better prices?
13 Will you continue to do
business with your
relationship company if its
prices increase somewhat'?
14 Will you pay a higher price at
this your company relative to
the competition for the same
15 Will you stop doing business
with this your company if its
competitors' prices decrease
16 I am committed to my
relationship with my
relationship manager.
17 I really care about my
relationship with sales
18 The relationship that I have
with relationship manager is
something I am very
committed to.
19 The relationship that I have
with relationship manager
deserves my maximum effort
to maintain.