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Family reunion

Processing time: several months

Required documents: Additional instructions:

please submit 3 sets of
copies and note that
all copies of your
documents have to be
- In DIN A4 size
- Complete and readable
- Not stapled

application form - long- - Completely and truly filled out by typewriter

or computer
term visas [pdf,
- Of each person applying
621.91k] - Signed by the applicant (for minors under
For applications at 18 years, signed by the parent or guardian)
the Embassy please - Minimum age for applications as a
spouse is 18 years
provide threeapplication
For applications at
the Consulate please
submit twoapplication

Three passport photos - Per applicant and

- Of your spouse/family member in Germany
- Not older than 3 months with white
- No computer print-outs accepted

information on photos [pdf, 550.79k]

Valid Pakistani passport - Copies of pages 0-3

- Copies of all pages with stamps and
Copies of former - Copies of pages 0-3
passports (if any) - Copies of all pages with stamps and

Passport copies of your - Copies of pages 0-3

- Copies of all pages with stamps and
spouse / family member
- All residence permits/visa

Applicant's declaration declaration (English/Urdu) for family

reunion/study visa [pdf, 111.36k]

Security questionnaire Declaration § 54 II AufenthG

Copy of spouse's /
family member's - E.g. "Aufenthaltserlaubnis" or
residence permit, if "Niederlassungserlaubnis"

Original NADRA - of all applicants and spouse/family member

computerized birth in Germany (if applicable)
- in Urdu with English or German translation

Original Nikah Nama - in Urdu with English or German translation

Original NADRA
computerized marriage - in English

Family Registration - highlighting the family tree structure of the

Certifcate (FRC) applicant
- with an English or German translation
- with parents and


& if applicable:

- with spouse and

Proof of previous - Original NADRA divorce certificate
- Original NADRA death certificate
marriage - if any (for
- Originals in Urdu with English or German
both spouses) translations

Certificate of residency - Issued not longer than 6 months back

in Germany ("Melde-
bescheinigung") of your
spouse/family mem-ber

- positive notice regarding award of refugee

status issued by the Federal Office for
BAMF deed, if applicable
Migration and Refugees (Bundesamt für
Migration und Flüchtlinge, BAMF).

Proof of sufficient basic - proof (in original and three copies) of your
knowledge of the language abilities according to the standards
German language of the Association of Language Testers in
Europe (ALTE).
proof not required by:
- applicants whose In Pakistan, such exams can only be taken at
spouse is an the Goethe-Institut (GI). However, you are free
acknowledged asylum to decide how and where to prepare for these
seeker or refugees exams.
according to the Geneva
Where to learn German in Pakistan ?
Convention for Refugees
The A1 language certificate by the Goethe-
if the marriage already
Institut is sufficient.
existed at the time when
he or she established
their main ordinary
residence outside

- applicants whose
spouse is a Blue Card

- applicants who apply

for family reunion with
their spouse who is a
citizen of a EU member
state other than

- applicants who apply

for family reunion with
their German child

For applicants at the

Embassy only: Please - including the provided booking code (e.g.
provide a copy of the "isla_588207")
confirmation e-mail
Travel health insurance - the insurance will be requested upon visa
for 90 days issuance

Visa fees (to pay in - Adults: 75 Euro

Rupees) - Children between 0 and 17 years: 30 Euro
If you intend to join a German or EU national,
no visa fee will be charged.