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Lesson Plan 4

Title: Combatives - Games Date: Thursday, November 23, 2017

Class: Grade 6 PE (5 classes) Number of students: 28/29

Time: 47 Minutes Location: Small Gym

Objective of Lesson (in own words):

Students will continue to develop and refine combative techniques through various exercises and games.

Learner Outcomes (Program of Studies): Plan for Diversity:

A6-1: Select, perform, and refine more challenging  Teacher to demonstrate while orally explaining
locomotor sequences. the rules in Spanish.
A6-2: Consistently and confidently perform o English to be used only if students do
locomotor skills and combination of skills, by using not understand how the game works
elements of body and space awareness, effort and after a few attempts in Spanish.
relationship.  Spanglish permitted if students struggle to
A6-4: Consistently and confidently perform communicate what they want to say.
nonlocomotor skills by using elements of body and
space awareness, effort and relationships, to improve
personal performance.
C6-6: Identify and demonstrate positive behaviors
that show respect for self and others.
D6-3: Identify and follow rules, routines and
procedures for safety in a variety of activities.

Prerequisite Knowledge, Skills, Strategies and Materials:

Attitudes: Whistle
Active participation, respectful listening skills, ability Pylons
to follow directions, ability to understand and Pinnies
respond in Spanish.

Warm Up (Calentamiento):
 3 laps around the circle (forward)
 1 lap around the circle (backward)
 Army Crawl, Forward Crab Walk, and Kangaroo Hops

Main Activities:
2 Games: Capture the Flag, Snakes in the Grass.

Capture the Flag (Capturar la bandera):

 Students get into pairs and begin in their wrestling stance (square or staggered).
 One person has a pinnie (flag) attached to their back.
 The objective is for the other person to get the pinnie.
 The partners need to stay in their area.
 Switch roles and try again.
 Switch partners and play again.
Snakes in the Grass (Serpientes en el pasto):
 Start off with 3 students as snakes.
o They can only army crawl on the mat.
o Their objective is to tag as many people as possible.
o They CANNOT jump up to tag anybody.
o They can team up and strategize. They can also roll if necessary.
 The remaining students must try to escape the snakes for as long as possible. If they get tagged, they
become a snake. The game goes until one person is left standing.
 Play again, time permitting.

Time What the teacher What the Resources Assessment

does. student does.
Introduction 10 mins Warm up as noted Listening and N/A Watching for polite
(Link to previous learning,
above. For the carrying out listening skills and
introduction of new animal walks, the instructions. active participation
concepts) students will be during the warm up.
split into 5 groups
and carry out the
exercises almost
like a relay, but it is
not competitive.
More important to
get the technique
correct and go at
their own pace.

Activity 32 mins Explanation and Listening to Whistle (to get Watching for polite
Sequence demonstration of instructions and the students’ listening skills,
Capture the Flag asking for attention when followed by active
May involve Presentation,
Explanation, Guided Game as noted clarification if necessary). participation in the
Practice, Independent above. Pick a necessary. game.
student to help with Then play game  Did they
OR the demonstration. as outlined and understand
Approaching, Answer any following instructions?
Encountering, questions the expectations.  Are they
Internalizing students might following
Applying, have and play expectations?
Personalizing, game.  Use of
Transforming, Spanish/Span
Explanation and Listening to glish.
demonstration of instructions and
the Snakes in the asking for
Grass Game as clarification if
noted above. necessary.
Answer any Then play game
questions the as outlined and
students might following
have and play expectations.
Closure 5 mins Dismiss to allow Go change N/A N/A
(Summary of learning,
time for them to quickly before
link to upcoming learning) change and get to next class starts.
their next class on

I found that this lesson worked very well overall in terms of student engagement. Everyone was eager to try
out the new game “Snakes in the Grass” and by the time the class was over, I could hear some students saying
that they had a lot of fun and this made me super happy. I was given some feedback from my partner teacher
that really helped me in terms of getting the students’ attention. I am usually very concerned about the time
and making sure I get through as much of my lesson as possible and the advice I was given was to let the
students completely settle down and be silent before I go ahead and give the next set of instructions. I was also
told to delegate tasks to the students more often. Like for instance, in the warm up, I set up pylons for the
students to know where they needed to be and picked them up when the warm up was over. That is something
the students could easily do themselves if I instruct them to do so and it provides more accountability to them
as well. This is something I never really thought about until that point, but it is something I intend to try in

Even though I am still working on my teacher voice, I do find that the students usually understand the tasks
I’ve described and I find demonstrations extremely helpful in this regard too, especially since the class is
conducted in Spanish. Even if they do not understand what I am saying, the demos help to make my
instructions clear.

Adapted from Alberta Education, Canada, 2008