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Alexandria University Heat engineering Lab.

Faculty of engineering
Mechanical Engineering dept.
A. Heat exchanger experiment.
Compare between the following types of heat exchangers
1- Radiator type water/air heat exchanger (S1)
2- Tube nest water/water exchanger (Shell and tube) (S2)
3- Concentric Tube water/water exchanger (double pipe) (S3)
4- Plate type heat exchanger (S5)
Based on thermal and hydraulic performance
For each type, show
 Flow arrangement and theory of operation
 Advantages and disadvantages of each type
 Application area of use
B. Fire tube boiler experiment.
For this experiment each student should submit the report (max. 10 pages) according to:
1- Boiler water treatment. (for section 1&2 only)
2- Boilers blow down. (for section 3&4 only)
3- Boiler water level control system. (for section 5&6 only)
4- Boiler corrosion and erosion. (for section 7&8 only)
5- Boiler starts up and shutdown. (for section 9&10 only)
6- Boiler maintenance. (for section 11&12 only)
C. Refrigeration teaching unit experiment.
Define the following with help of neat diagrams (max. 5 pages):
1- The functions of control devices typically used in a refrigeration cycle .
2- The main types of Expansion Devices and their applications.
3- Draw the P&ID diagram of the refrigeration teaching unit, showing the main
components, valves, piping, equipment of the cycle, and how the equipment is being
monitored or controlled, and print it out on an A3 paper.
A/C experiment
For this experiment each student should submit a report including the following:
1- A comparison between the different cooling systems, i.e. vapor compression cycle, the
absorption cycle, the air cooling cycle, thermoelectric cooling… etc
(The comparison should include the cycle description, advantages, disadvantages, and
D. Steam turbine
For this experiment each student should submit the report (max. 10 pages) according to:
1- Thermal Expansion, Bearings, and Lubrication of steam turbine. (for section 1&2 only)
2- Start-up and shut down of Steam-Turbine. (for section 3&4 only)
3- Steam turbine auxiliaries. (for section 5&6 only)
4- Efficiency and heat rate of Steam turbine. (for section 7&8 only)
5- Governors and control systems of steam turbine. (for section 9&10 only)
6- Steam turbine troubleshooting and maintenance. (for section 11&12 only)

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