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Lianna Liew

SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Blood Relatives (S6:Ep7) Guest Star Investigation Discovery
Other Halves Lead Dir. Matthew Price
Pineapple Insurance Lead Dir. Ronnie Lewis Jr.
Truth Or Dare Lead LEP Films, Dir. Chris Yates
Marks & Spencer Safety Film Lead Media Zoo, Dir. Tim Lees
Losing It – The Way It Is Lead Dir. Matthew Keen
The Sea, The God, The Man Supporting Dir. Kevin Yeh
Baptized By The Weekend Supporting Dir. Catherine Grieve
Music Video: Luara Melody “All About Me” Lead Dir. Bakhodir Yuldashev

Ash’s Homecoming Lead Snakebyte Productions
C.A.K.E. The Series Supporting Dir. Ericka Harden
Fantasy Football Stunts Hitmakers Media

Amazon Prime, National Anti-Piracy (The Last Cinema), Lumi (The Nitty Gritty), Dove Spec

THEATRE (partial list)

Five Mile Lake [scene] Peta SCR, Dir. Matthew Arkin
The Importance Of Being Earnest Cecily Cardew Dir. Ian Ogilvy
The Dragon Lords [PREMIER] Susan Atkins Writ./Dir. Ian Ogilvy
The Right Honourable Gentleman Nia Crawford Dir. Ian Ogilvy
Distracted Natalie Dir. Betty Karlen
Wait Until Dark Susy Dir. Jules Aaron
The Maiden’s Prayer Libby Dir. Diana Brown
Sabrina Fair Sabrina Fairchild Dir. Mary Bleier
The Rimers Of Eldritch Eva Jackson Dir. Joe Garcia
Lovers & Other Strangers Cathy Dir. Tim Landfield
As It Is In Heaven Fanny Dir. Mark Knowles
Oh! What A Lovely War Multiple roles The Lane End Theatre
Big Idea Sharon Prestwood Theatre

South Coast Repertory
Audition (Joanne DeNaut, CSA), Chekov Technique (Hal Landon Jr.), Acting (Karen Hensel),
Shakespeare (Hisa Takakuwa), On-Camera (Jill Newton), Improvisation (Greg Atkins)
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) – Los Angeles
Meisner Technique, Uta Hagen Technique, On-Camera, Voice & Speech, Dialects, Movement, Period Dance, Acting
Styles, Improv, Sit-com, Physical Acting, Stage Combat, Alexander Technique, Vocal Production, Musical Theatre
Sword Fights Inc. Stunt Team – Los Angeles
The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) – London
Pineapple Dance Studios – London

DIALECTS: Standard American, Estuary British (native), RP, Cockney, American Southern, Irish
STAGE COMBAT: Unarmed, Broadsword, Short Sword, Small Sword, Rapier, Dagger, Escrima, Staff
MUSIC: Mezzo-Soprano (G3-C6), Piano (intermediate), Drums (basic), Guitar (basic)
DANCE: Jazz, Hip-Hop, Period Dance
SWIMMING: Freestyle, Breast Stroke, Butterfly, Back Stroke
OTHER: Crossfit, Drive Stick-Shift