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Cloud Computing: Its Applications and Security Issues (A Major

Challenge in Cloud Computing Applications)
Prof. Mayuri B. Dandwate1, Prof. Rutuja V. Kotkar2
1, 2Assistantprofessor,PIRENS Institute of Computer Technology(PICT), LONI.
ABSTRACT: In this modern technologies world everything remarked as utility computing. Standard net hosting could
becomes terribly immense and a lot of reliable .We makes our be a straightforward example of IaaS, you pay a monthly
documentation on one computer and that we will access and subscription or a per-megabyte/gigabyte fee to possess a
obtain this on alternative system however this will be hosting company serves up files for your web site from their
happened with the assistance of net. The fast improvement of servers.
the capability of on-line property gave birth to cloud
computing. information and processes can be done on-line Software as a Service (SaaS) means that you utilize a whole
while not the necessity of any native package or consumer. As application running on somebody else's system. Web-based
long because the user is aware of the method and has the email and Google Documents maybe the known examples.
proper security credentials, he might access the system and Zoho is another well-known SaaS supplier giving a range of
create the required changes, however there are major workplace applications on-line.
challenges and security problems in cloud computing that
creates accessing somewhat tough. During this paper we tend Platform as a Service (PaaS) means that you develop
to give a introduction to cloud computing and discussing and applications victimization Web-based tools in order that
overcome this security problems that being returning in cloud they run on computer program and hardware provided by
computing applications. another company. (from and the
Google App Engine are examples of PaaS.
KEYWORDS: Cloud computing, Hybrid Cloud, Security
issues, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS. 1.3 Form of clouds:

1.INTRODUCTION: Public cloud:

1.1 Cloud Computing: A public cloud is one supported the quality cloud computing
model, within which a service supplier makes resources, like
It simply, means that "Internet Computing." the web is often applications and storage, out there to the final public over
envisioned as clouds; therefore the term “cloud computing” the web. Cloud services could also be free or offered on a
for computation done through the web. With Cloud pay-per-usage model.
Computing users will access information resources via the
web from anyplace, for as long as they have, without fear The main advantages of employing a public cloud service
regarding any maintenance or management of actual are:
resources. Besides, databases in cloud ar terribly dynamic
and scalable. Cloud computing is in contrast to grid 1) Easy and cheap set-up as a result of hardware,
computing, utility computing, or involuntary computing. In application and information measure prices and coated
fact, it's a really freelance platform in terms of computing. by the supplier.
the simplest example of cloud computing is Google Apps
wherever any application may be accessed employing a 2) Scalability to fulfill wants.
browser and it may be deployed on thousands of computer
through the web. 3) No wasted resources

1.2 Styles of cloud computing services: Private cloud:

IT individuals point out 3 totally different forms of cloud Private cloud (also known as internal cloud or company
computing, wherever totally different services are being cloud) could be a selling term for a proprietary computing
provided for you. design that has hosted services to a restricted range of
individuals behind a firewall.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) means that you are
shopping for access to raw computing hardware over
Infobahn, like servers or storage. Since you purchase what
you would like and pay-as-you-go, typically this can be often

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Volume: 04 Issue: 12 | Dec-2017 p-ISSN: 2395-0072

Hybrid cloud: 2.2 Always-on property:

When the bulk of associate organization’s important

business information is keep within the cloud, network
period will finish off business operations. Access to cloud
services should be continuously out there, even throughout
maintenance, so requiring high availableness technologies
and capabilities like active cluster, dynamic server load
leveling and ISP load leveling inside the network
infrastructure. Organizations ought to ask for technologies
that are engineered into their network solutions, instead of
purchase them as standalone merchandise to confirm
effectiveness, easy management and reduced network

2.3 Multi-layer review:

The rise of the cloud computing surroundings and accrued

A hybrid cloud surroundings consisting of multiple internal sophistication of threats has created a desire for a correct
and/or external suppliers are going to be typical for many bedded defense comprised of perimeter protection and
enterprises. it's a cloud computing surroundings within intrusion detection and hindrance capabilities inside the
which a company provides and manages some resources in- network. instead of implementing first-generation firewalls
house and has others provided outwardly. for instance, a to shield the cloud at the perimeter, Stone soft recommends
company would possibly use a public cloud service, like the readying of virtual next generation firewall appliances–
Amazon's Elastic calculate Cloud (EC2) for general just like the Stone Gate Virtual Next info Firewall – that
computing however store client information inside its own integrate advanced firewall and IPS capabilities for deep
information center. traffic review. this may enable organizations to examine all
levels of traffic, from basic net browsing to peer-to-peer
2. RESOLUTION OF SECURITY PROBLEMS IN CLOUD applications and encrypted net traffic within the SSL tunnel.
extra IPS appliances ought to be enforced to shield networks
from internal attacks that threaten access to the cloud.
As new technologies emerge, they usually tend to create on
the success of previous developments. Cloud computing and 2.4 Centralized Management:
storage, enjoy years of development and testing of enormous
scale infrastructure. the foremost vital deduct is cloud Human error continues to be the best network security
storage is for everybody and each organization. From threat facing each physical and virtual computing
massive to tiny, teams to individual, the employment of grid environments. As firms deploy extra network devices to
infrastructure may be deployed for optimum come and secure their virtual networks, they exponentially increase
potency. In response, Stone soft has known 5 ways that IT this risk as device management, observation and
groups will shield themselves against cloud security threats configuration become a lot of tedious and fewer organized.
and attacks, whereas serving to make sure the success of For this reason, Stone soft recommends firms use one
their cloud computing methods. They include: management console to manage, monitor and piece all
devices – physical, virtual and third-party.
2.5 Virtual Desktop Protection:
Inherent in an exceedingly cloud computing surroundings is
that the want for employees to log into multiple applications More and a lot of organizations ar deploying virtual desktops
and services. This presents a formidable security pitfall, as to comprehend the price and administration advantages.
organizations could lose management over their ability to However, these desktops ar even as – if less – vulnerable
confirm sturdy authentication at the user level. To mitigate than their physical counterparts. To adequately shield
this risk, organizations want “single sign-on” capabilities – virtual desktops, organizations ought to isolate them from
like those provided by the Stone Gate SSL VPN – that change alternative network segments and implement deep review at
users to access multiple applications and services, as well as the network level to stop each internal and external threats.
those set outside of the organization within the public cloud, Those organizations ought to deploy a multi-pronged
through one login. With this ability, organizations will approach to security by implementing IPS technology that
contour security management and guarantee sturdy forestalls prohibited internal access, protects the shoppers
authentication inside the cloud. from malicious servers, moreover as providing secure
remote access capabilities through information science sec

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International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395-0056
Volume: 04 Issue: 12 | Dec-2017 p-ISSN: 2395-0072

or SSL VPN that protects against unauthorized external


2.6 Information Storage Location:

Cloud compliance is tough as a result of {you do you are

doing} not understand wherever you information are set.
Not solely will a company not understand what's being
finished its information, it should not even understand
World Health Organization the suppliers ar. Cloud
computing models ignore these issues and create compliance
and verification of compliance tough.

2.7 Security and privacy:

First among cloud computing information storage problems

is security and privacy indeed, package as a Services (SaaS) Figure-2: Uses of Cloud Computing
supplier could also be counting on alternative external
suppliers for its backbone, infrastructure, and information 3.4 Servers and digital storage devices take up area. Some
storage. Cloud merchandiser uses secret writing for securing firms rent physical area to store servers and databases as a
information at rest and in transit. The cloud service supplier result of they do not have it out there on website. Cloud
ought to encipher information on storage devices the least computing offers these firms the choice of storing
bit times so as to stop information breaches. firms ought to information on somebody else's hardware, removing the
confirm that their information is protected once transmitted necessity for physical area on the front.
over the web by continuously being encrypted and
documented by the cloud supplier. 3.5 Firms would possibly save cash thereon support. efficient
hardware would, in theory, have fewer issues than a
3.CLOUD COMPUTING APPLICATIONS: network of heterogeneous machines and operational
The applications of cloud computing are much limitless. With
the proper middleware, a cloud ADPS might execute all the 3.6 If the cloud ADPS's face could be a grid computing
programs a traditional computer might run. There are some system, then the consumer might make the most of the
advantages and applications in cloud computing that creates whole network's process power. Often, scientists and
it totally different from alternative concepts: researchers work with calculations therefore advanced that
it'd take years for individual computers to complete them.
3.1 Shoppers would be able to access their applications and On a grid ADPS, the consumer might send the calculation to
information from anyplace at any time. they might access the the cloud for process. The cloud system would faucet into the
cloud ADPS victimization any computer joined to the web. process power of all out there computers on the rear finish,
information would not be confined to a tough drive on one considerably dashing up the calculation.
user's computer or maybe a corporation's internal network.
3.2 It might bring hardware prices down. Cloud computing 4.CONCLUSION:
systems would cut back the necessity for advanced hardware
on the consumer aspect. you would not have to be compelled Cloud computing could be a higher thought as a result of we
to obtain the quickest computer with the foremost memory, are able to access our files, pictures and something through
as a result of the cloud system would beware of these wants the web, however there are some security problems in
for you. Instead, you may obtain a reasonable computer victimization these applications .We have to beat these
terminal. The terminal might include a monitor, input security problems and once this we are able to used any
devices sort of a keyboard and mouse and merely enough cloud computing applications that’s makes cloud computing
process power to run the middleware necessary to attach to higher possibility.
the cloud system.
3.3 Firms that have confidence computers ought to confirm
they need the proper package in situ to realize goals. Cloud [1]
computing systems provide these organizations company- bezos-onanimoto/
wide access to computer applications. the businesses haven't
got to shop for a group of package or package licenses for [2]
each worker. computing

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International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395-0056
Volume: 04 Issue: 12 | Dec-2017 p-ISSN: 2395-0072


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