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taking old and looknig at it new

eroic,a first movement: revolution ebb and flow
clashing parts, isnstruments
heiligensdadt testament
didnt follow sonata. threw out aba second movt.
new form: scherzo. italian joke.
overboard minuet: presto.
kant: man's emergence from his eslf imposed inaiblity to use ones own understanding
without ghuide. have the courage
to use your own understanding.
allegro con brio. with spirit. dissonants. horn comes two bars before rest.realm of
uncsoncsious exploration. inner side.
instead of drumbeats. bethoven used strings to beat, one instrument to convey
anothers sounds.
idea is revolutionary.
new emotions. mystery . true picture of grief. waltz like section before fugue.

the first ocrhestral scherzo.
being critical. took rubbish music and turned it upside down
beethoven masive french funerals during reign of terror

heiligenstadt testament.


one continous melody. divide it by parts. against italian operas. interldues. for
listener cant tear hismelf from influence. stretch out the melody. evolution of all
one vast and solid peice of music.
for italian opera, orchestra is huge guitar for aria.
orchestra will take intimate interest in motives of plot. artist idea is clearest.
music drama. chorus is active personage. embrace each portion of work.
dramatic action for public.
dance form in symphony. beethoven . is like a flower. expadned
matured. originla melodic form: dance.
italian opera: melody isolated. intervals between melodies. haydns interspaces are
interesting but not quite.

wagner sang beethoven eroica 1st movement. isnt single melody enough,
melodic stream in Beethoven’s
symphonies flows onward inexhaustibly and that by virtue of this melody, one can
clearly call to mind an entire symphony


golden age huanity in future

first poetrs were mythos buidling historians. vico. folk poetry is foundation.
actual event. song of solomon was collcection
of folksongs. germans could learn theri past. becuase after middle ages it was
confused with french civilizaiton. englihtment etc.
homer was proejction for greece. said vico. folk poetry reflected socio cultural
patterns. illiad is young an passionate.
odyseus is wisdom and old. history told through songs. summation of national soul:
emotion instead of reason: poets.
dont have to be annoymous only req is fl potey reflects the culture.
homer and shakespeare ideal. hature and their age shaed them.
turn to peasants because there was none folk peots.