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Anatomy of
A Hospital

Sl How You'll Benefit


5 BIG SCAMS love or
k TO AVOID obsession?
Aspirin Calcium Lutein and Omega-3 i

can save your heart. can save your bones. can save your vision, i

Shouldn't you be doing all you can to help preserve your sight?

Recent studies show proper nutrition is vital for eye health and that Lutein is

important to help prevent age-related eye diseases — the leading cause of blindness*

Lutein is found in dark green leafy vegetables but most Americans don't get nearly

the amount recommended for long-term eye health. Even the number one

multivitamin contains neither the Lutein you need nor the Omega-3 that

optimizes the body's absorption of Lutein.

That's why Bausch & Lomb developed Ocuvite® Adult and Ocuvite® Adult 50+

vitamin and mineral supplements. They contain Lutein, Omega-3 and other powerful
antioxidants eye doctors believe are essential to eye health. So if you want to be sure

your eyes are getting the nutrition they need, start taking Ocuvite today.

Look for Ocuvite® in the vitamin aisle.

Take it every day. And start today.

Bausch &Lomb

Perfecting Vision. Enhancing Life .

*Seddon, J.M.; Ajani, U.A.; Sperduto, R.D.; et al. "Dietary Carotenoids, Vitamins A, C, and E, and Advanced Age-Related
Macular Degeneration." JAMA and
(1994): 272:1413-1420. Delcourt, Carriere, Delage, Barberger-Gateau, Schalch, the POLA
Study Group. "Plasma Lutein and Zeaxanthin and Other Carotenoids as Modifiable Risk Factors for Age-Related
Maculopathy and Cataract: The POLA Study." Investigative Ophthalmology 8 Visual Science, June 2006, Vol. 47, No. 6.
© 2007 Bausch & Lomb Incorporated.
®/TM denote trademarks of Bausch & Lomb Incorporated.

Look Forward
to Healthy Eyes
You rely on your sight to enjoy life’s activities-from reading a book
to playing cards with friends. As you age, however, be aware of
changes your eyesight and know that the nutritional demands

of your eyes increase. That’s why Bausch & Lomb

created Ocuvite
Adult, and Ocuvite Adult 50+, an eye vitamin and mineral
that provides the nutrients that help maintain healthy

Focus on Eye Health

Ocuvite Adult and Ocuvite Adult 50+ provide you Key Features & Benefits
with the antioxidant lutein as well as Omega-3s, • Advanced eye nutrition
both of which are important to the health of the
• Contains antioxidant lutein
macula and, in turn, important to vision. Studies
suggest that including lutein and Omega-3s in and Omega-3s
your diet can help maintain eye health and may • Helps protect and preserve
help prevent the onset or progression of age- eye health
related eye conditions.* Plus, the body cannot
produce Omega-3s and the leading
lutein or
multi-vitamins contain only a fraction of these
important nutrients.

Don’t lose sight of life’s pleasures-go play a

round of golf, visit museums and travel the world!

To review these studies and learn

more about nutrition and eye health,

Bausch & Lomb

Perfecting Vision. Enhancing Lifer

These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose,
cure or prevent any disease, tm/® denote trademarks of
& Lomb incorporated. ©2007 Bausch & Lomb incorporated.

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144 Laughter, the Best Medicine

233 Life in These United States

The see-more way to sightsee, affordable
organics, a super-easy test for heart disease,
a comforting St. Patrick’s Day dish, pet med
and “why didn’t they think of that
sooner” beauty remedies.

216 You 220 Food 228 Earth

218 Health 226 Travel 230 Pets
Promise Buttery Spread is rich in Heart
Health Essentials like Omega 3 and 6,
vitamins B6 and B1 2, is non-hydrogenated
and has no trans fats. It helps you give

your heart a little of the love it needs.
Cholesterol comes
Food and

You probably know that cholesterol comes from food. But what you might not know is that
cholesterol has a lot to do with family history. VYTORIN treats both sources of cholesterol.

Only VYTORIN helps block the absorption of cholesterol that comes from food and reduces
the cholesterol that your body makes naturally. A healthy diet is important, but when it's not
enough, adding VYTORIN can help.

In clinical trials, VYTORIN lowered bad cholesterol more than Lipitor alone. VYTORIN
contains two cholesterol medicines: Zetia (ezetimibe) and Zocor (simvastatin) in a single tablet.

Continue to follow a healthy diet, and ask your doctor about adding VYTORIN.


Merck/Schering-Plough MERCK / Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals

To find out if you qualify, call 1 -800-347-7503.

Copyright ©Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, 2007. All rights reserved. 20653062(2)(004)-VYT

VYTORIN and ZETIA are registered trademarks of MSP Singapore Company, LLC.
Other brands listed are the trademarks of their respective owners and are not trademarks of MSP Singapore Company, LLC.
from 2 sources:

Important information: VYTORIN is a prescription tablet and isn't right for everyone,
including women who are nursing or pregnant or who may become pregnant, and anyone with
liver problems.

Unexplained muscle pain or weakness could be a sign of a rare but serious side effect and
should be reported to your doctor right away. VYTORIN may interact with other medicines or
certain foods, increasing your risk of getting this serious side effect. So, tell your doctor about
any other medications you are taking.

Please read the Patient Product Information on the adjacent page.

To learn more, simply call 1-877-VYTORIN

or visit

Treat the 2 sources of cholesterol.
VYTORIN® (ezetimibe/simvastatin)Tablets
Patient Information about VYTORIN (Vl-tor-in)
Generic name: ezetimibe/simvastatin tablets

Read this information carefully before you weakness.This is because on rare occasions,
start taking VYTORIN. Review this information muscle problems can be serious, including
each time you refill your prescription for muscle breakdown resulting in kidney damage.
VYTORIN as there may be new information.
This information does not take the place of The risk of muscle breakdown is greater at
talking with your doctor about your medical higher doses of VYTORIN.
condition or your treatment. If you have any
questions about VYTORIN, ask your doctor. The risk of muscle breakdown is greater in
Only your doctor can determine if VYTORIN patients with kidney problems.
is right for you.

Taking VYTORIN with certain substances can

What is VYTORIN? increase the risk of muscle problems. It is
particularly important to tell your doctor if
VYTORIN is a medicine used to lower levels you are taking any of the following:
of total cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol,
and fatty substances called triglycerides in • cyclosporine
the blood. In addition, VYTORIN raises levels • danazol
of HDL (good) cholesterol. It is used for • antifungal agents (such as itraconazole or
patients who cannot control their cholesterol ketoconazole)
levels by diet alone. You should stay on a • fibric acid derivatives (such as
cholesterol-lowering diet while taking this gemfibrozil, bezafibrate, or fenofibrate)
medicine. • the antibiotics erythromycin,
clarithromycin, and telithromycin
VYTORIN works to reduce your cholesterol • HIV protease inhibitors (such as indinavir,
in two ways. It reduces the cholesterol nelfinavir, ritonavir, and saquinavir)
absorbed in your digestive tract, as well as • the antidepressant nefazodone
the cholesterol your body makes by itself. • amiodarone (a drug used to treat an
VYTORIN does not help you lose weight. irregular heartbeat)
• verapamil (a drug used to treat high blood
Who should not take VYTORIN? pressure, chest pain associated with heart
disease, or other heart conditions)
Do not take VYTORIN: • large doses (>1 g/day) of niacin or nicotinic
• If you are allergic to ezetimibe or simvastatin, • large quantities of grapefruit juice
the active ingredients in VYTORIN, or to the (>1 quart daily)
inactive ingredients. For a list of inactive
ingredients, see the "Inactive ingredients" It is also important to tell your doctor if you

section at the end of this information sheet. are taking coumarin anticoagulants (drugs
that prevent blood clots, such as warfarin).
• Ifyou have active liver disease or
repeated blood tests indicating possible Tellyour doctor about any prescription and
liver problems. nonprescription medicines you are taking
or plan to take, including natural or herbal
• If you are pregnant, or think you may remedies.
be pregnant, or planning to become
pregnant or breast-feeding. Tellyour doctor about all your medical
conditions including allergies.
VYTORIN is not recommended for use in
children under 10 years of age. Tell your doctor if you:

What should tell my doctor before and

I • drink substantial quantities of alcohol or
while taking VYTORIN? ever had liver problems. VYTORIN may
not be right for you.
your doctor right away if you experience
unexplained muscle pain, tenderness, or • are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.
Do not use VYTORIN '
(ezetimibe/simvastatin) face, lips, tongue, and/orthroat that may
you are pregnant,
if trying to become cause difficulty in breathing or swallowing
pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant. (which may require treatment right
If you become pregnant while taking away), rash, hives; joint pain; muscle
VYTORIN, stop taking it and contact your pain; alterations in some laboratory
doctor immediately. blood tests; liver problems; inflammation
of the pancreas; nausea; gallstones;
• are breast-feeding. Do not use VYTORIN if inflammation of the gallbladder.
you are breast-feeding.
Tellyour doctor if you are having these or
other doctors prescribing a new
Tell any other medical problems while on
medication that you are taking VYTORIN. VYTORIN" (ezetimibe/simvastatin). This is ngt
a complete list of side effects. For a complete
How should I take VYTORIN? list, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

• Take VYTORIN once a day, in the evening, General Information about VYTORIN
with or without food.
Medicines are sometimes prescribed for
• Try to take VYTORIN as prescribed. If you conditions that are not mentioned in patient
miss a dose, do not take an extra dose. information leaflets. Do not use VYTORIN for
Just resume your usual schedule. a condition for which it was not prescribed.
Do not give VYTORIN to other people, even if
• Continue to follow a cholesterol- they have the same condition you have. It
lowering diet while taking VYTORIN. Ask may harm them.
your doctor if you need diet information.

This summarizes the most important

• Keep taking VYTORIN unless your doctor information about VYTORIN. If you would
tells you to stop. If you stop taking like more information, talk with your doctor.
VYTORIN, your cholesterol may rise again. You can ask your pharmacist or doctor for
information about VYTORIN that is written
What should do I in case of an overdose? for health professionals. For additional
information, visit the following web site:
Contact your doctor immediately.

What are the possible side effects of Inactive ingredients:

VYTORIN? Butylated hydroxyanisole NF, citric acid
monohydrate USR croscarmellose sodium
See your doctor regularly to check your NF, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose USR
cholesterol level and to check for side effects. lactose monohydrate NF, magnesium
Your doctor may do blood tests to check stearate NF, microcrystalline cellulose NF,
your liver before you start taking VYTORIN and propyl gallate NF.
and during treatment.

In clinical studies patients reported the Issued November 2006

following common side effects while taking
VYTORIN: headache and muscle pain (see
What should I tell my doctor before and MERCK / Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals
while taking VYTORIN?).
Manufactured for:
The following side effects have been Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals
reported in general use with either ezetimibe North Wales, PA 19454, USA
or simvastatin tablets (tablets that contain
the active ingredients ofVYTORIN):

• allergic reactions including swelling of the 20653062(2)(004)-VYT Presents



vaccines. A pill
^ g



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U ' •"
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year's top medical breakthroughs. •
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lending products and services are offered by E*TRADE Bank, a Federal savings bank, Member FDIC, or its subsidiaries. Bank deposits are
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Does travel seem to magnify your pain?

When you're traveling with back pain, even the smallest bag
can feel colossal. But with ThermaCare HeatWraps, you can
wear soothing heat for 8 hours and feel the relief for a full 16.
In fact, you can use it anytime, anywhere* So from now on,
traveling shouldn't be such a huge pain.

’Use as Erected. Have heat. Will travel.
People with COPD breathe better with SPIRIVA.

If you have a history of smoking and breathing problems, could be COPD


(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). COPD includes chronic bronchitis

and emphysema.

Ask your doctor about SPIRIVA, because it:

Is the only once-daily, inhaled maintenance prescription treatment for COPD

Helps you breathe better for a full 2+ hours by keeping airways open
Is not a steroid

SPIRIVA does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. Do not
swallow the SPIRIVA capsule. The most common side effect of SPIRIVA is dry
mouth. Others include constipation and problems passing urine. Tell your doctor
about your medicines, including eye drops, and illnesses like glaucoma and urinary

or prostate problems. These may worsen with SPIRIVA. If you have vision
changes, eye pain, your breathing suddenly worsens, you get hives, or your throat

or tongue swells, stop taking SPIRIVA and contact your doctor.

SPIRIVA is one of many treatment options to consider with your doctor.

For more information, call 1 .877. SPIRIVA or visit

Please see brief summary of full Prescribing Information on the following pages.

Make a habit of breathing better

A SPIRIVA HandiHaler
(tiotroDium bromide inhalation powder)
«, SPIRIVA HandiHaler
(tiotropium bromide inhalation powder)
Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility
SPIRIVA® HandiHaler® No evidence of tumorigenicity was observed in a 1 04-week inhalation study in rats
(tiotropium bromide inhalation powder)
at tiotropium doses up to 0.059 mg/kg/day, in an 83-week inhalation study in
For Oral Inhalation Only
female mice at doses up to 0.145 mg/kg/day, and in a 101 -week inhalation study
Brief Summary of Prescribing Information in male mice at doses up to 0.002 mg/kg/day. These doses correspond to 25, 35.

INDICATIONS AND USAGE and 0.5 times the Recommended Human Daily Dose (RHDD) on a mg/nr basis,
SPIRIVA HandiHaler (tiotropium bromide inhalation powder) is indicated for the respectively. These dose multiples may be over-estimated due to difficulties in

long-term, once-daily. maintenance treatment of bronchospasm associated with measuring deposited doses in animal inhalation studies
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including chronic bronchitis and Tiotropium bromide demonstrated no evidence of mutagenicity or clastogenicity in

emphysema. gene mutation assay, the V79 Chinese hamster

the following assays: the bacterial

CONTRAINDICATIONS cell mutagenesis assay, the chromosomal aberration assays in human

lymphocytes in vitro and mouse micronucleus formation in vivo, and the
SPIRIVA HandiHaler (tiotropium bromide inhalation powder) is contraindicated in

patients with a history of hypersensitivity to atropine or

unscheduled DNA synthesis in primary rat hepatocytes in vitro assay.
its derivatives, including
ipratropium, or to any component of this product. In rats, decreases in the number of corpora lutea and the percentage of implants

WARNINGS were noted at inhalation tiotropium doses of 0.078 mg/kg/day or greater

(approximately 35 times the RHDD on a mg/m' basis). No such effects were
SPIRIVA HandiHaler (tiotropium bromide inhalation powder) is intended as a once-
observed at 0.009 mg/kg/day (approximately 4 times than the RHDD on a mg/m-
daily maintenance treatment for COPD and is not indicated for the initial treatment
basis). The fertility index, however, was not affected at inhalation doses up to
of acute episodes of bronchospasm. i.e., rescue therapy.
1 .689 mg/kg/day (approximately 760 times the RHDD on a mg/m :
basis). These
Immediate hypersensitivity reactions, including angioedema, may xcur after
dose multiples may be over-estimated due measuring deposited
to difficulties in
administration of SPIRIVA. If such a reaction occurs, therapy with SPIRIVA should doses in animal inhalation studies.
be stopped at once and alternative treatments should be considered.
Inhaled medicines, including SPIRIVA, may cause paradoxical bronchospasm. If
Pregnancy Category C
this occurs, treatment with SPIRIVA should be stopped and other treatments
No evidence of structural alterations was observed in rats and rabbits at inhalation
tiotropium doses of up to 1 .471 and 0.007 mg/kg/day, respectively. These doses
correspond to approximately 660 and 6 times the recommended human daily dose
(RHDD) on a mg/m basis However, in rats, fetal resorption, litter loss, decreases

As an anticholinergic drug, SPIRIVA (tiotropium bromide inhalation powder) may in the number of live pups at birth and the mean pup weights, and a delay in pup
potentially worsen symptoms and signs associated with narrow-angle glaucoma, sexual maturation were observed at inhalation tiotropium doses of >0.078 mg/kg
prostatic hyperplasia or bladder-neck obstruction and should be used with caution (approximately 35 times the RHDD on a mg/m' basis). In rabbits, an increase in
in patients with any of these conditions. post-implantation loss was observed at an inhalation dose of 0.4 mg/kg/day
As a predominantly renally excreted drug, patients with moderate to severe renal (approximately 360 times the RHDD on a mg/m basis). Such effects were not
impairment (creatinine clearance of <50 mL/min) treated with SPIRIVA should be observed at inhalation doses of 0.009 and up to 0.088 mg/kg/day in rats and
monitored closely (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, Pharmacokinetics, Special rabbits, respectively. These doses correspond to approximately 4 and 80 times the
Populations, Renally-impaired PatientSj. RHDD on a mg/m basis, respectively. These dose multiples may be over-estimated
Information for Patients due to difficulties in measuring deposited doses in animal inhalation studies

It is important for patients to understand how to correctly administer SPIRIVA There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. SPIRIVA

capsules using the HandiHaler inhalation device (see Patient’s Instructions for should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential

Use). SPIRIVA capsules should only be administered via the HandiHaler device and risk to the fetus.

the HandiHaler device should not be used for administering other medications. Use in Labor and Delivery
Capsules should always be stored in sealed blisters and only removed immediately The safety and effectiveness of SPIRIVA has not been studied during labor and
before use. The blister strip should be carefully opened to expose only one capsule delivery.

at a time. Open the blister foil as far as the STOP line to remove only one capsule Nursing Mothers
at a time. The drug should be used immediately after the packaging over an data from nursing women exposed
Clinical to tiotropium are not available Based
individual capsule is opened, or else its effectiveness may be reduced. Capsules
on lactating rodent studies, tiotropium is excreted into breast milk. It is not known
that are inadvertently exposed to air (i.e., not intended for immediate use) should whether tiotropium is excreted in human milk, but because many drugs are
be discarded. excreted in human milk and given these findings in rats, caution should be
Eye pain or discomfort, blurred vision, visual halos or colored images in association exercised if SPIRIVA is administered to a nursing woman.
with red eyes from conjunctival congestion and corneal edema may be signs of Pediatric Use
acute narrow-angle glaucoma. Should any of these signs and symptoms develop,
SPIRIVA HandiHaler is approved for use in the maintenance treatment of
consult a physician immediately. Miotic eye drops alone are not considered to be
bronchospasm associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, including
effective treatment.
chronic bronchitis and emphysema. This disease does not normally occur in
Care must be taken not to allow the powder to enter into the eyes as this may children The safety and effectiveness of SPIRIVA in pediatric patients have not
cause blurring of vision and pupil dilation.
been established
SPIRIVA HandiHaler is a once-daily maintenance bronchodilator and should not be Geriatric Use
used for immediate relief of breathing problems, i.e., as a rescue medication.
Of the total number of patients who received SPIRIVA in the 1 -year clinical trials.
Drug Interactions 426 were <65 years, 375 were 65-74 years and 105 were >75 years of age
SPIRIVA has been used concomitantly with other drugs commonly used in COPD Within each age subgroup, there were no differences between the proportion of
without increases in adverse drug reactions. These include sympathomimetic patients with adverse events in the SPIRIVA and the comparator groups for most
bronchodilators, methylxanthines, and oral and inhaled steroids. However, the co- events. Dry mouth increased with age in the SPIRIVA group (differences from
administration of SPIRIVA with other anticholinergic-containing drugs (eg., placebo were 9.0%, 17.1%, and 16.2% in the aforementioned age subgroups) A
ipratropium) has not been studied and is therefore not recommended. higher frequency of constipation and urinary tract infections with increasing age
Orug/Laboratory Test Interactions was observed in the SPIRIVA group The
in the placebo-controlled studies

None known. were 0%. 1.8%, and 7.8% for each of

differences from placebo for constipation
theage groups. The differences from placebo for urinary tract infections were
-0.6%, 4.6% and 4.5%. No overall differences in effectiveness were observed
among these groups. Based on available data, no adjustment of SPIRIVA dosage in

geriatric patients is warranted

Of the 2.663 patients in the four 1-year and two 6-month controlled clinical trials, 1,308 were treated with SPIRIVA (tiotropium bromide inhalation powder) at the
recommended dose of 18 meg once a day. Patients with narrow angle glaucoma, or symptomatic prostatic hypertrophy or bladder outlet obstruction were excluded from
these trials.

The most commonly reported adverse drug reaction was dry mouth. Dry mouth was usually mild and often resolved during continued treatment. Other reactions reported
in individual patients and consistent with possible anticholinergic effects included constipation, increased heart rate, blurred vision, glaucoma, urinary difficulty, and
urinary retention

Four multicenter, 1-year, controlled studies evaluated SPIRIVA in patients with COPD. Table 1 shows all adverse events that occurred with a frequency of >3% in the
SPIRIVA group in the 1-year placebo-controlled trials where the rates in the SPIRIVA group exceeded placebo by £1%. The frequency of corresponding events in the
ipratropium-controlled trials is included for comparison.
Table 1: Adverse Experience Incidence (% Patients) in One-Year-COPD Clinical Trials

Bony System (Event) Placebo-Controlled Trials Ipratropium-Controlled Trials

SPIRIVA Placebo SPIRIVA Ipratropium
[n=550] [n=371] [n=3561 [n=1791
Body as a Whole
Accidents 13 11 5 8
Chest Pain (non-specific) 7 5 5 2
Edema, Dependent 5 4 3 5
Gastrointestinal System Disorders
Abdominal Pain 5 3 6 6
Constipation 4 2 1 1

Dry Mouth 16 3 12 6
Dyspepsia 6 5 1 1

Vomiting 4 2 1 2
Musculoskeletal System
Myalgia 4 3 4 3
Resistance Mechanism Disorders
Infection 4 3 1 3
Moniliasis 4 2 3 2
Respiratory System (upper)
Epistaxis 4 2 1 1

Pharyngitis 9 7 7 3
Rhinitis 6 5 3 2
Sinusitis 11 9 3 2
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection 41 37 43 35
Skin and Appendage Disorders
Rash 4 2 2 2
Urinary System
Unnary Tract Infection 7 5 4 2
I Arthritis, coughing, and influenza-like symptoms occurred at a rate of >3% in the SPIRIVA treatment group, but were <1% in excess of the placebo group.
Other events that occurred in the SPIRIVA group at a frequency of -3%
trials where the rates exceeded that in the placebo group include: Body
1 in the placebo-controlled
as a Whole: allergic reaction, leg pain: Central and Peripheral Nervous System: dysphonia, paresthesia: Gastrointestinal System Disorders: gastrointestinal disorder not
otherwise specified (NOS), gastroesophageal reflux, stomatitis (including ulcerative stomatitis); Metabolic and Nutribonal Disorders: hypercholesterolemia,
I Musculoskeletal System Disorders: skeletal pain: Cardiac Events: angina pectoris (including aggravated angina pectoris); Psychiatric Disorder: depression;
herpes zoster: Respiratory System Disorder (Upper): laryngitis; Vision Disorder: cataract. In addition, among the adverse events observed the clinical
in trials with an
incidence of <1 % were atrial fibrillation, supraventricular tachycardia, angioedema, and urinary retention.
In the 1 -year trials, the incidence of dry mouth, constipation, and urinary tract infection increased with age (see PRECAUTIONS, Geriatric Use)
Two multicenter, 6-month, controlled studies evaluated SPIRIVA in patients with COPD. The adverse events and the incidence rates were similar to those seen in the
1 -year controlled trials.

The following adverse reactions have been identified during worldwide post-approval use of SPIRIVA: dizziness, epistaxis, hoarseness, palpitations, pruritus, tachycardia,
throat irritation, and urticaria.


The recommended dosage of SPIRIVA HandiHaler (tiotropium bromide inhalation powder) is the inhalation of the contents of one SPIRIVA capsule, once-daily, with the
HandiHaler inhalation device (see Patient's Instructions for Use):
No dosage adjustment is required for geriatric, hepatically-impaired, or renally-impaired patients. However, patients with moderate to severe renal impairment given
SPIRIVA should be monitored closely (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, Pharmacokinetics, Special Populations and PRECAUTIONS)
SPIRIVA capsules are for inhalation only and must not be swallowed.
The following packages are available:

carton containing 6 SPIRIVA capsules (1 blister card) and 1 HandiHaler inhalation device (NDC 0597-0075-06)
carton containing 30 SPIRIVA capsules (5 blister cards) and 1 HandiHaler inhalation device (NDC 0597-0075-37)

SV-BS (10/05)

59873/US/3 October 2005

SP277540A Copyright ©2006, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. All rights reserved. (12/06)
® Boehringer

A Case of Abuse
was appalled by the mili-
tary doctors who didn’t
I correctly diagnose osteo-
genesis imperfecta, also
known as brittle bone dis-
ease, in Liliana Velasquez
(“A Parent’s Worst Night-
mare”). In 1956, long before
tests were available, my oldest
child fractured his leg when he
was six months old. Fortunately, Services workers were to appear on
the doctor immediately recognized my doorstep, I would immediately
signs of OI. order them from the property and
I was never accused of child refuse to participate or allow my
abuse, like Liliana’s father, even children to participate in any
though my son fractured his legs interview or examination in the
nine more times before he turned absence of a direct court order.
five. HELEN MEULINK, Grand Rapids. Michigan And I would immediately hire the
best attorneys I could find to go on

How could it be that a child who the attack.

is taken away from her loving par- LARRY W. JOHNSON, Hickory, North Carolina

ents for alleged abuse is then

abused by the very system that took

her away? May the Velasquez family Pint-Size Therapy
realize the American Dream and for-
get the nightmare that is commonly
called “innocent until proven
guilty.” TANIA HAMMER. Far Rockaway, New York
M y cousin and
in equine therapy

the mid-1990s (“A

I participated

Gallop, a riding program, in

I had

and a sports-related neck



As an attorney with over 20 years injury.My cousin was rehabilitating

of experience representing parents from a rare type of bone cancer
in actions brought against them by that had claimed her lower left leg.
the Department of Social Services, Cofounders Sue Miller and Kim
I couldn’t agree more with the Gustely took me in when I needed
points raised in this article. If Social it the most.



I’m a college student now, and I

will deploy to Iraq shortly. I owe my

personal success to these amazing
women. They are inspiring and
truly good-hearted human beings.
MARK MCGANN. via Internet

daughter was very sick with
asthma and unable to run and play
with the neighborhood kids. One
day, her school took a field trip to
Victory Gallop. That evening, she
couldn’t wait to tell me about riding
a horsenamed Jay-Ray. My daughter
has been taking lessons there for
over a year. She was once very shy
and afraid she’d fall off the horse.
Now she’s a confident little girl who
can ride without a lead, l. h., via Internet

Keep More Cash

n the section on thinking long-
term in “Slash Your Bills,” you
I advised readers to save money
by asking their cable company to
Planters NUT-rition South Beach Diet recommended bundle their cable TV, high-speed
mix offers a blend of lightly salted cashews, Internet and digital phone into one
almonds, and macadamias. It's recommended
bill. I work for a phone company.
for all three phases of the South Beach Diet
We can do the same thing (and in-
clude your cell phone), and you may
save even more than with your cable
company. It pays to shop around.
JEREMY SEDRICK. St. Anthony. Idaho

Signs of Trouble
our article on male depres-

Y sion described my husband

to a T, except he didn’t turn to
drugs and alcohol (“The Secret Men
0 2007 Kraft Foods. 20

Won’t Admit"). He found a female

“friend” and had an “emotional” af-
fair. It was devastating, but he ended

it and is on his way to recovery.

Women need to know that this

type of behavior is a possibility so
they can be on the lookout for any
signs. They were there. I just
wanted to believe it really was only
a friendship. m. j., via internet

Failed the Test


S “pass the trash,” that

sexual predators to
from one school another
district to


rather than press charges, should

be fired. And if an assault has oc-

curred, they should be charged as

an accomplice (That’s Outrageous!
“Protect Our Kids!”).
Perhaps educators could try the
technique our company used when
we wanted to warn potential
employers about the poor perfor-
Grab a handful of the natural energy found in

mance of a terminated employee. Planters NUT-ritlon Energy Mix. The sweet and savory
We said we would be happy to combination of almonds, honey roasted sesame sticks,

peanuts, dark chocolate covered soynuts, walnuts, and

speak frankly if they would sign a pecans will satisfy your hunger and power you up naturally.

nondisclosure and hold-harmless

agreement. None ever signed the
forms, but they all got the message.
MARK D. RANDALL. Sandy, Utah

am a retired police detective


who worked in the child abuse

and sex crimes division. Sexual
predators are among the sneakiest
and sleaziest humans in our society.
Every school district in America
should do a background check
21 ©2007 Kraft Foods.

and how to respond effectively.

We need to empower them to
make choices that will protect
them. DANA GAITAN, Superior. Colorado

The Preacher
simple yet profoundly
appropriate for
all people

(“Lessons From Billy Graham”).

If only we could all live by those
Old MacDonald had a camera phone. principles, how much better our
lives and our society would be.
on all their employees, including E. MEEHAN. Hillsborough, New Jersey

administrators, teachers, coaches,

janitorsand volunteers.
I once prosecuted a school em-
ployee who had molested young
Letters to the Editor
girls for years. The teachers ignored
the students’ complaints. It took a You Said It, Reader’s Digest, Box 200,
courageous girl and her family to Pleasantville, New York 10572-0200
bring this creep to justice. Include your full name, address, e-mail
School systems that pass off and daytime phone number. We may
edit letters, and use them in all print and
employees who molest children
electronic media.
should be charged with criminal
neglect, and heavy fines should be For short humor items, please see page
levied against the school district. 146.We regret that we cannot accept or
acknowledge unsolicited artwork, pho-
ALICE BRANDOM. Parkville. Missouri
tographs or article-length manuscripts.
Save Time Go Online
Michael Crowley rightly points Subscriptions, payments, changes of
out that the vast majority of teach- address, account information, inquiries
at 877-732-4438 or
ers are “honest, hardworking, and
truly care for their students,” but it’s

the tiny percent who are sexual RD, Box 7823,

Red Oak, Iowa 51591-0823
predators that puts cold fear into
the heart of any parent.
RD, Dept. CHADD,
We need to teach our children, Box 7809, Red Oak, Iowa 51591-0809
without frightening them, to pay at-
tention to the behaviors that signal (min. 500 copies)
someone’s intent to do them harm
New Caltrate has more vitamin D to
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Advanced science has shown that

vitamin D is more important than
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has been reformulated with more
vitamin D body absorb
to help your
the calcium in Caltrate. The result: a
new Caltrate that works to keep your
Calcium Supplement
bones and your body strong*

New Caltrate.
The key to strong bones:

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The lyrica Relief Guide could help.

Stabbing pain in your feet. Uncomfortable tingling, numbness, burning or
shooting sensations. These are often signs of painful neuropathy, also known
as nerve pain. Only LYRICA is FDA approved to treat two of the most
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LYRICA is specially designed to provide the relief you need. It works on the

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Prescription LYRICA is not for everyone. Some of the most common side
LYRICA are dizziness and sleepiness. Others are dry mouth, swelling
effects of
ofhands and feet, blurry vision, weight gain, and trouble concentrating. You
may have a higher chance of swelling or gaining weight if you are also taking
certain diabetes medicines. And, if you drink alcohol or take medicines that
make you sleepy, you may feel more sleepy when you start LYRICA. You
should not drive a car or work with machines until you know how LYIUCA
affects you. Tell your doctor about any changes in your eyesight, muscle pain
along with a fever or tired feeling, or skin sores due to diabetes. Also tell your
doctor if you are planning to father a child. If you have had a drug or alcohol
problem, you may be more likely to misuse LYRICA. You should talk with your
doctor before you stop taking LYRICA or any other prescription medication.

j®. , .
Uninsured? Need help paying for medicine? Pfizer has programs that can
^lp, no matter Your a 8 e or income. You may even qualify for free Pfizer
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Ple&se see important product infomneition on sdjecent pege. © 2007 razerinc-MiighE reserved. PB280598F


LYRICA may make you feel dizzy or sleepy.
• Do not drive a car, work with machines, or do other dangerous things until you are sure
you will be alert. Ask your doctor when it is okay to do these things.

LYRICA may cause problems with your eyesight, including blurry vision. Call your doctor
if you have any changes in your eyesight.

LYRICA is a prescription medicine used to treat:
• Nerve pain from diabetes
• Nerve pain that continues after the rash from shingles heals
This pain can be sharp or burning. It can feel like tingling, shooting, or numbness. Some
people taking LYRICA had less pain by the end of the first week. LYRICA may not work
for everyone.


Who can take LYRICA:
• Adults 18 years or older with nerve pain from diabetes or after shingles

Who should NOT take LYRICA:

• Anyone who is allergic to anything in LYRICA
LYRICA has not been studied for nerve pain in children under 18 years of age.


Tell your doctor about all your medical conditions.
Tell your doctor if you:
• Have or had kidney problems or dialysis
• Have heart problems, including heart failure
• Have a bleeding problem or a low blood platelet count

• Have abused drugs or alcohol. LYRICA may cause some people to feel “high.”

• Are either a man or woman planning to have children or a woman who is breast-feeding,

pregnant, or may become pregnant. It is not known if LYRICA may decrease male fertility,
cause birth defects, or pass into breast milk.

Tell your doctor about all your medicines. Include over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and
herbal products. Tell your doctor if you take:
• Rosiglitazone (Avandia®)* or pioglitazone (Actos®)** for diabetes
• Narcotic pain medicines such as oxycodone, tranquilizers, or medicines for anxiety such
as lorazepam
• Any medicines that make you sleepy
New York, NY
Division of Pfizer Inc.
10017 Rx only
© 2007 Pfizer Inc.
All rights reserved. Printed in USA.
PBIF Rev. 1 ,
May 2006
* Avandia is a registered trademark of GlaxoSmithKline.

**Actos is a registered trademark ofTakeda Chemicals Industries, Ltd., and is used under license
by Takeda Pharmaceuticals of America, Inc., and Eli Lilly and Co.
02007 CSC Brands IP


n! Good! /7> 0
LiOhbeAyole/ POSSiBiLiTieS
W ithin the past year, several
have raised speed lim-
along some stretches of
highway. In Texas, those
can legally drive 80
who want to
mph on parts of SPEED
two Now, other states
including Louisiana and Kentucky
are considering similar moves.
What’s the rush? Yes, there is evi-
dence that adjusting speed limits to
reflect the true rate at which mo-
torists travel actually boosts safety.
But conflicting data in Iowa and Indi-
ana shows an uptick in interstate fa-
since those states increased
At the very
legislators across the
country may

want to tap the brakes on this trend.

(or so)
Another reason to slow the shift to
faster traffic flow: Once you top 55 to
60 mph, fuel efficiency dips sharply.
And if you have to keep stopping to

fill up, you won’t get where you’re

going quicker anyway.

MARCH 2007

Falling Hook,
Online and Sinker
ro fishing is a big-time sport: Total

P cash prizes on this year’s Wal-Mart

FLW Tour could
Now you can reel
hit $9.5 million.

in a prize catch
without baiting a hook. Thanks to the
growing popularity of fantasy fishing,
thousands flock to the FLW Outdoors
and ESPN websites during tournament season
and, like those who play fantasy baseball and
football, pick top performers by analyzing key
statistical data. An angler’s “catch average” on
a certain lake, for instance, can be a telling stat
Prizes for picking a winner — $5,000 per tour-
ney (FLW); gadgets and fancy fishing gear
(ESPN)— make the number-crunching
worthwhile. Better still, there’s nothing to clean.

Getting Dressed
For the Night Shift
So what if we’re not getting enough shut-
eye these days? At least we’re dressing
like we’ll be ready if the opportunity to

snooze arises. When it comes to apparel,

so-called loungewear (modified pj's, mod-

and sweats) is hot.
est lingerie, track suits
Retail research firm NPD Group reports
that the sleepwear sector grew 16 percent
in the 12 months that ended last Septem-

ber. American Eagle has its “dormwear"

collection. Victoria's Secret has scored
big with the two-piece pajama sets in its

PINK line. Another company, Thread

Count, has gone to the extreme, offering
Body Linens made from the same fabric

as your sheets. Hmmm— that's one con-

cept we'll have to sleep on.
At last.
I've created
a healthier egg,



MARCH 2007

Four Score and 120 Years Ago ...



the 200th anniversary

I of Abraham Lincoln’s

birth (Feb. 12, 2009) is al- OF

ready getting a big build-

up. The official Abraham ASSOCIATION

Lincoln Bicentennial
Commission has begun
approving some events, COURTESY

the U.S. Mint is ready-

ing a commemorative
one-dollar coin, Indi-
ana plans a “Lincoln’s
Boyhood Home” license
plate, and Honest Abe’s
birthplace of Hodgenville,
Kentucky, is eyeing a life-

size sculpture of the 16th Pres-

ident for the town square. What’s
next — a spike in stovepipe-hat sales?
A quick review of some of the good, bad and ugly to cross our radar recently.

Starbucks and KFC For joining the Fairfax County, Virginia, library officials
ranks of chain eateries shedding trans For using computer software to aggres-
k. fats from the menu. Even sively weed out books not checked out
/ if we're in a rush, our for two years or more. Budget cuts may
SHf arteries shouldn’t have make shelf space precious, but this
to pay the price. move speaks volumes. .
, ,

James Chupaila For helping to Boston’s WRKO-AM

ban the hypersexual dance style called For making ex-Massa-
freaking from upstate New York's chusetts House Speaker
Fayetteville-Manlius High School, Thomas Finneran its morning talk jock

where he’s the principal. Call us after he pleaded guilty to obstructing

prudes, but it’s a good step. A school justice in a federal voting-rights suit.

dance isn't the place for this stuff. We hope the station gets lots of static.

lifixi xi r- i j/\ ^x t a & -*- p%-iA mi > VHI
i i

There's strong. And then there's Army Strong. You taught them right from wrong.
You told them they could do anything. Now they want the discipline, leadership
training and college benefits that come from being In the U.S. Army.
If your son or daughter wants to talk about joining, listen. You just might be proud
of what they have to say. Find out more at

Private Matthew Bryan

€>2007. Paid for by the United States Army. Ail rights reserved. ARMY|STR° NG i
MARCH 2007

We Don't Want You to Miss
Bridge to

Watch conserva-
tive kid

Fox baffle his
adaptation of Kath- liberal parents on
erine Paterson’s the first season of
RD's picks for great
1978 Newbery ’80s fave Family
ways to spend your Medal-winning On 2/20

Ties. sale

free time this month novel about friend-

ship, loss and the power
of imagination. The story Think you're the next
follows the intense rela- American Idol? Before

tionship between Jess going out for a real

and Leslie, who start out audition, try Karaoke

as schoolyard rivals but Revolution: American
build a powerful bond Idol on PlayStation 2.

while creating a fantasy- It comes with lifelike in-

land in the woods. sults hurled by a virtual

Opens 2/16 Simon Cowell.


The hit biopic

TOO FAR FROM Walk the Line

HOME touched only

Johnny Cash's


Too Far From Home is

career as a

Chris Jones’s riveting ac- gospel singer.

count of how three astro- Cash: Ultimate
nauts (two American, one Gospel gathers 24
Russian) aboard the In-
of his best spiritual
ternational Space Station tracks, including
coped when the shuttle duets with wife June
Columbia exploded and Carter Cash and the
left them Rev. Billy Graham.
stranded Call it testifying
high above with a twang.
Earth. On sale 3/6

On sale 3/6
Qoiffi• n
Jve teeo
9 Poking?
® of ever, w
fh ;

1 always HentbJck.

So here I am...
Worrying about
iYiy h&Q \th

VC281 769E © 2007 Pfizer Inc. All rights reserved.

reo '*
Let's get
Smoking is more than a habit;
a nicotine

That'f Why it's So hard for me to quit

You can’t seem to stop smoking. We understand.
For most people, smoking is a nicotine addiction.
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home computer,
Shannen Rossmiller
helps take down


tember 11,
as it coincidence?
Fate? Shannen Ross-
miller isn’t sure. But
on the evening of Sep-
2001, after a wrenching
day absorbing horrific images of
death and destruction from the East
Pennsylvania. But before long, her
tears turned to anger.
these terrorists?
Who were
And why
our government protect us? Ross-
miller was

sick of feeling helpless.

Her rage made her want
more. “I
to learn
got radicalized,” she would
Coast, Rossmiller stepped out of the
And that was the begin-
later recall.
tub in her Montana home, slipped ning of her new career: tracking
and broke her pelvis. down terrorists.
For the next six weeks, Ross- The small ranching and farming
miller, 31, a mother of three, was
community where Rossmiller lives
under doctor’s orders to remain in is located in north-central Montana,
bed. All day long, for stretches as
where the Great Plains roll up
long as 12 hours, she watched— and against the Rocky Mountains.
wept— as TV cameras showed the Though the town has a library and
crumbling Twin Towers, the crum- bookstore, the selection on Arab
pled Pentagon, a blackened field in studies was slim. So while Ross-

miller remained in bed, her husband about serial killers. With a degree
drove to Great Falls, 45 miles away. in criminal justice and paralegal
He brought his wife books on A1 studies, she speaks French, Spanish
Qaeda, Islam and jihad, as well as and German, and had signed up for
a biography of the Prophet Muham- an online course in Arabic.
mad. When she was able to sit up, One night, she dared herself to
Rossmiller logged on to, post a message on a Saudi Arabian
then one of A1 Qaeda’s main Inter- Internet forum known for its violent
anti-American content.
An idea took form: Why Within a few months, Ross-
miller had begun to establish
couldn't she infiltrate contacts among the muja-

Al Qaeda by posing hedin, the brotherhood fight-

ing for jihad. She could entice

online as a member? would-be terrorists into

e-mail “conversations,” she
net communication vehicles. The realized, by promising money and
textwas in Arabic, so she bought weapons to support jihad. Maybe
some translation software. her efforts could even foil their

By early 2002, Rossmiller was plans and lead to their capture.

back at her $27,000-a-year job as In August 2002, she convinced
a municipal court judge. But at a Pakistani arms dealer that she was
three o’clock most mornings, while interested in buying weapons. When
her family slept, she crept out of bed he offered to sell her U.S. Stinger
and sat at the computer. She scrolled missiles, she turned the information
through the words of hatred, the over to the FBI.
calls for violence, the sickening im- The following year, posing as an
ages of blood and gore. And gradu- Algerian member of A1 Qaeda, she
ally,an idea took form. Why couldn’t spotted a man writing in English in
she infiltrate A1 Qaeda’s network by another Arab forum. “Just curious,”
posing as a member? That way, she he wrote, replying to Rossmiller’s
could learn more about the jihadists e-mail, “would there be any chance a
and their schemes for vengeance. brother who might be on the wrong
A slim, blond ex-cheerleader who side at the present could defect?”
was once named Miss Congeniality In a series of 30 e-mail exchanges,
in a local scholarship pageant, Ross- Rossmiller established that the man
miller was not an obvious choice for was Spec. Ryan G. Anderson, a
a cybersleuth. But criminal behavior National Guardsman stationed at
had always fascinated her — as a girl, Fort Lewis, Washington. A Muslim
while others read teen romances, convert, Anderson was on his way
young Shannen devoured articles to Iraq and wanted to sell secrets of

Act fast.

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HAPPY Look for H on DVD! Pharmaceuticals

HAPPY FEET™ &© 2007 Warner Bros. Copyright ©2007 Roche Laboratories Inc.
Ent. Inc. All Rights Reserved. VUAflB BOUMHCWf PICTUKS All rights reserved.
MARCH 2007

weapons vulnerabilities and infor- comment publicly on Rossmiller’s

mation about troops to A1 Qaeda. efforts, national intelligence sources
Rossmiller turned over her infor- have consistently verified the use-
mation to the U.S. Department of fulness of her information in inter-
Homeland Security. She was a cen- views with reporters in recent years.
tral witness at Anderson’s court- But success for Rossmiller has
martial. He was convicted of treason come at a price. After her identity
and is serving a life sentence. was disclosed in the Ryan Anderson
By now, she had created a handful court-martial in 2004, anonymous
of radical Muslim identities with callers phoned her courthouse office
names like Mohammed, Ahmed with death threats. The FBI directed
and Khalid. Rossmiller did her that she be put under police protec-
homework carefully. She gave each tion. These days, local police make
persona an actual street address in a point of routinely patrolling her
Pakistan or elsewhere, and learned house. “We always keep watch on
the names of local spiritual leaders her; everybody does,” says Deputy
and the location of their mosques. Carl Suta of the Pondera County
She set the date and time on her Sheriff’s Department. As for Ross-
e-mails to coordinate with “home” miller, she doesn’tgo anywhere
for each identity. A pop-up screen without a .38-caliber pistol tucked
cued her not to send messages dur- into her handbag.
ing the time set aside for prayer. The threats make her nervous,
As a result, she has supplied gov- but not enough to stop what she’s
ernment agents with hundreds of doing. “With anything that’s impor-
e-mails and backgrounds on dozens you have to take risks,” she

of foreign terrorist suspects. In one With worrisome stories on the

case, she believes her information news every night, Rossmiller is sick
led to the capture of an A1 Qaeda of the everyday threat of terrorism.
cell planning to attack U.S. troops But she feels better for knowing that
in Iraq with chemical weapons. her efforts might make the world
And although the FBI refuses to a little safer.


A good newspaper headline summarizes the article. But with great
headlines, there’s no need to read any further.

“Homeless Face Housing Shortage” Waterville, Maine, Morning Sentinel,

submitted by SHERRY GRUNDER

“Fatal Tour Boat Unsafe” Albany, New York, Times Union

“Slain Pastor’s Wife Says Little in Court” ap, submitted by karen robbins


springtime allergies IN THE BUD
pring is about to, well, spnng, and
S with those beautiful blooming trees

and flowers come blowing noses, itchy

eyes and sneezing — seasonal allergies.

It's not just pollen that can create an irrita-

tion — dust, animal dander and chemicals

such as perfumes and dyes are culprits

as well. Seasonal allergies can also

heighten your sensitivity to these irritants,

making for one miserable rite of spring.

Not surprisingly, cats can be sensitive,

too — about 15 percent are intolerant to

substances such as chemicals and dyes.

A few simple strategies can help minimize

exposure and help you and your kitty.


* Consider purchasing products that are * Make sure you brush your cat and other
free of fragrances, dyes or irritants. They pets regularly to keep fur and dander
can be a wise choice for your health and from flying.
the environment. • Choose a cat litter, such
• Use a HEPA (high-efficiency particle air) as new Flesh Step 1
purifier in your home to remove airborne scoopable litter with
particles invisible to the naked eye. odor-eliminating carbon,
• Keep your doors and windows closed that is free of perfumes
during high-pollen-count season. and dyes.



Flesh Step* scoopable cat litter with odor-eliminating carbon is a winner of the
2007 Good Housekeeping Good Buy Awards, which salute the most innova-
tive, problem-solving products of the year.


You Sow, They Reap

Why are your tax dollars lining the pockets
of wealthy farm owners?


Turner, Sam Donaldson
and David Rockefeller
all have in common?

Years of pocketing lots of money—

your money. Amazing as it sounds,
your tax dollars have been going
for farms in Nebraska,
Montana and

South Dakota,
his earnings as a
broadcast journalist with $88,308
for a livestock ranch in New Mex-
and Rockefeller, a financier and
philanthropist, got $553,782 for two
to rich guys like these in the form farms in New York.
of farm subsidies. That’s right, our Appalled that your tax money is
government is paying big bucks to going to people who hardly need a
wealthy individuals who happen handout? Well, it’s worse than you

to own rural land somewhere, as think. According to a study by The

long as they agree to federal rules Washington Post, since 2000 the

about how and even whether government has paid people around
[RATION they cultivate their spread. the country $1.3 billion a year not to
From 1995 to 2005, Lay, the now- farm. That equates to 40 million
deceased Enron CEO, got $23,326 for acres annually— “the equivalent of
I conservation land in Missouri; busi-
ness mogul Turner raked in $590,823

making every farm in Wisconsin, paying farmers to leave some of

Michigan, Indiana and Ohio idle,” their land fallow. Today the power-
says Brian Riedl, a senior budget ful farm lobby does all it can to hang
analyst at the Heritage Foundation. on to these subsidies, even though
And it’s only a small part of the most of that assistance goes to large
subsidy picture: In 2005 alone, and profitable farm businesses.
75 percent of the $20 billion in farm To be sure, federal money is help-
subsidies was paid to farmers for ing keep the owners of small family
farms afloat. But when over
Your taxes subsidize 70 percent of the subsidies

136 "farmers" who live

go to the top 10 percent of
producers, you know poli-
in Beverly Hills.
tics is at play.
to Riedl, farm subsidies
cultivating select crops like corn are “economically incoherent. It’s

and soybeans. Among those soaking just another way to let Congress
up the subsidies are well-to-do bring home the bacon.” Among
operators of large industrial farms. those legislators whose districts are
Meanwhile, the small, struggling living high off the hog are Rep. Jerry
farmer who may actually need Moran of Kansas, Rep. Earl Pomeroy
assistance is getting squeezed out of North Dakota and Rep. Tom
of business by the big boys lined Osborne of Nebraska.
up at the public trough. Those locales are no big surprise,
Talk about an abuse of tax money. since they’re home to many agri-
The good news is that this year, businesses. But take a look at the
Congress is scheduled to craft a farm subsidy website of the Envi-
new farm bill— a fresh chance to fix ronmental Working Group, and
the mess. The bad news is that farm you’ll see some baffling zip codes,
subsidies have a long history and a like 90210. That’s Beverly Hills,
lot of political muscle behind them. which has 136 subsidized farmers
It all began during the Great listed! For my own urban neighbor-
Depression, when FDR got Congress hood in Washington, D.C., the site
to pass laws designed to help cash- identifies 62 farmers getting federal
strapped farmers. The government money. And 80 on the Lower East
introduced price supports for vari- Side of Manhattan.
ous crops, and in periods when the Let’s be generous and assume
crop yield outpaced market demand, these folks are genuinely operating
the feds agreed to buy the excess farms somewhere. Do they really
supply. These and other subsidies need to be on the dole?
continued to grow until, in the With pork being served so freely,

1970s, the government also started plenty of people wind up with


money they never even expected. He carved up the acreage and

When Debra Hamman and her hus- resold it for housing. One man who
band, Rene, bought property outside bought 17 acres has received $13,174
ElCampo, Texas, to build their in the past decade, according to
dream home, they soon discovered U.S. Department of Agriculture
an annual check of about $1,000 records, just for keeping his back-
came with it. All they had to do was yard free of crops.
not develop their 20-acre spread. All this misuse of tax money is
Debra, a 55-year-old retired especially obscene at a time when
schoolteacher, grew up in El Campo, we’re straining to pay for Iraq and
where her grandfather was a rice a slew of domestic needs. If we’re
farmer. She remembers the area going to rein in this spending, we
being all farmland when she was might follow the lead of two U.S.
a child, and that the government Senators, Charles Grassley of Iowa
“paid people not to farm because and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota.
there was such an overflow of rice.” In the last session of Congress, they
Decades later, the money keeps proposed capping annual subsidies
coming in, and at least in her fam- at $250,000 per farmer and closing
ily’s case, Debra feels “it’s not right.” loopholes that allow individuals to
You see, the Hammans aren’t farm- get multiple payments.
ers of any sort; in fact, Rene runs his Whatever else, Congress needs to
own oil business. “If they’re gonna make sure subsidies are means-
give it, there’s no way not to take it,” based, going only to those truly in
Debra says. “I guess it paid for my need of financial help. As for all
Louisiana trip to the casino.” those wealthy farm operators who
Others go into deals precisely are lining their pockets, it’s time
because of the free cash. According they reaped what they sowed. And
to theWashington Post investiga- not a penny more.
broker bought a
tion, a real estate
swath of farmland in rural Texas Outraged? Write to Michael Crowley
that was eligible for subsidies as at He will resume his
long as it remained undeveloped. column next month.


For his speech class in college, my son’s
homework assignment was titled, “How
to Make Your Speech Better.” Underneath
was the following suggestion: “Avoid
cliches — think outside the box.”


Rheumatoid arthritis In a clinical study, almost

may cause joint pain 2 out of 3 people taking

and damage that make HUMIRA and methotrexate

even simple tasks had no further joint damage.

seem impossible. Even after 1 2 months*

Does a morning walk ever feel like too much?

The fact is, HUMIRA may be able to help.
So talk to your rheumatologist.

The clinical study involved patients with early"' rheumatoid arthritis who had

not previously taken methotrexate. Almost 2 out of 3 people taking HUMIRA and
methotrexate had no further joint damage after one year (compared to 37% taking
HUMIRA can reduce the pain, inflammation and fatigue of moderate
methotrexate alone.)
to severeRA that make simple tasks impossible. HUMIRA is usually injected in the
convenience of your own home. So don’t wait to talk to your rheumatologist.

Visit or call 1.800.205.7029.

Individual results may vary. “Diagnosed with moderate to severe RA for less than 3 years.
Important Safety Information About HUMIRA* (adalimumab). HUMIRA is

approved for reducing the signs and symptoms, inducing major clinical
slowing the progression of joint damage, and improving physical function in
patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. HUMIRA is approved
reducing the signs and symptoms of active arthritis in patients with psoriatic arthritis.
HUMIRA can be used alone or with methotrexate or other DMARDs (disease modifying
anti-rheumatic drugs). HUMIRA is also approved for reducing signs and symptoms in
patients with active ankylosing spondylitis.

Serious infections, including tuberculosis (TB), have occurred in patients receiving

HUMIRA. In some cases, these infections have been fatal. Before starting HUMIRA
your doctor should test you for TB. Any medication prescribed for the treatment of TB
should start before beginning HUMIRA and should be continued until completion.
your doctor or seek medical treatment if you experience any signs or symptoms that
may indicate you have developed an infection (a cough that doesn’t go away, weight
loss, fever, chills, congestion, or flu-like symptoms). If these or any other signs of
infection appear after you take HUMIRA, tell your doctor right away. Tell
your doctor
about any kind of infection including an infection that is in only one place in your body
(such as an open cut or sore), or an infection that is in your whole body (such as the
fiu). Having an infection could put you at risk for serious side effects from HUMIRA.
Also tell your doctor if you have been infected and are a carrier of, or suspect that you
may be infected with the hepatitis B virus. TNF-blocking agents, including HUMIRA,
have been associated with reactivation of hepatitis B. Some cases have been fatal!
Tell your doctor if you feel any numbness or tingling or if you've ever had a disease
that affects your nervous system such as multiple sclerosis. Also tell your doctor if

you have ever been treated for heart failure. Do not start taking HUMIRA if you are
allergic to the drug or anything in it. Once you start taking HUMIRA, tell your doctor
right away or seek emergency care immediately if you have an allergic reaction (a
bad rash, swollen face or trouble breathing). Tell your doctor right away if you have
signs of a blood disorder (persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness). There have
been rare cases of severe allergic reactions after taking HUMIRA. Lymphoma, rare
cases of nervous system disorders, and blood disorders have occurred in patients
taking TNF blockers, including HUMIRA. Tell your doctor about all medicines you
are taking or considering. The combination of
HUMIRA and Kineret (anakinra) is not
recommended. Check with your doctor before you receive any vaccines or before you
have major surgery. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, become pregnant or plan
to become pregnant. The most common side effects of HUMIRA are injection site
reactions (redness, rash, swelling, itching or bruising), upper respiratory and sinus
infections, headache, and nausea.

Please see adjacent page for product brief summary.

©2006 Abbott Laboratories Abbott Park, IL 60064 06H-64R-Q493-1 August 2006 Printed in U.S.A.
CONSUMER BRIEF SUMMARY prefilled syringe contains dry natural rubber. Tell your doctor if you


What information should share with my I doctor before I start taking


your doctor
if you have or have had any of the following:
kind of infection including an infection that is in only one
place in your body (such as an open cut or sore), or an infection
Patient Information that is in your whole body (such as the flu). Having an infection
Read this leaflet carefully before you start taking HUMIRA could put you at risk for serious side effects from HUMIRA.
(hu-mare-ah). You should also read this leaflet each time you get If you are unsure, please ask your doctor.
your prescription refilled, in case something has changed. The • If you are a carrier of or suspect that you may be infected with
information in this leaflet does not take the place of talking with your the hepatitis B virus.
doctor before you start taking this medicine and at check ups. Talk to • A history of infections that keep coming back or other
your doctor if you have any questions about your treatment with conditions that might increase your risk of infections.
HUMIRA. • Ifyou have ever had tuberculosis (TB), or if you have been in

should know about close contact with someone who has had tuberculosis. If you
What is the most important information I

develop any of the symptoms of tuberculosis (a dry cough that

doesn't go away, weight loss, fever, night sweats) call your
Serious infections, including tuberculosis, have occurred in patients
doctor right away. Your doctor will need to examine you for
receiving HUMIRA. Some patients have died as a result of these

infections. Before starting HUMIRA your doctor should test you for TB and perform a skin test.

• If you experience any numbness or tingling or have ever had a

tuberculosis. If your doctor prescribes any medicine for the treatment
disease that affects your nervous system like multiple sclerosis.
of confirmed or suspected tuberculosis infection, you should start
• If you are scheduled to have major surgery.
taking it before beginning HUMIRA treatment and you need to take
• If you are scheduled to be vaccinated for anything.
the full course prescribed.

you experience any If you are not sure or have any questions about any of this
Tell your doctor or seek medical treatment if
information, ask your doctor.
signs or symptoms that may indicate you have developed an infection
such as persistent cough, weight loss, fever, chills, congestion or Need Know About Side Effects
What Important Information Do I to
flu-like symptoms. with HUMIRA?
Also see “What important information do I need to know about Any medicine can have side effects. Like all medicines that affect

side effects with HUMIRA?” for information regarding other your immune system, HUMIRA can cause serious side effects. The
serious side effects. possible serious side effects include:

Serious Infections
HUMIRA is a medicine that is used in people with moderate to There have been rare cases where patients taking HUMIRA or other
(RA), with psoriatic (PsA), or TNF-blocking agents have developed serious infections, including
severe rheumatoid arthritis arthritis
tuberculosis (TB) and infections caused by bacteria or fungi. Some
with a type of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis (ank-e-low-sing
patients have died when the bacteria that cause infections have
spond-e-lie-tis) (AS). RA is an inflammatory disease of the joints.

AS an spread throughout their body (sepsis). See "What is the most

PsA is an inflammatory disease of the joints and skin. is

may be given other important information I should know about HUMIRA?” for
inflammatory disease of the spine. People
HUMIRA. additional information regarding infections.
medicines for their disease before they are given
Hepatitis B
How Does HUMIRA Work? HUMIRA may result in
Treatment with TNF-blocking agents such as
HUMIRA is a medicine called a TNF blocker, that is a type of protein a reactivation of the hepatitis B virus in people who carry this virus
that blocks the action of a substance your body makes called
in a dormant state. In some cases patients have died as a result of
TNF-alpha. TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor alpha) is made by your
hepatitis B virus being reactivated. If you know or suspect you may
body’s immune system. People with RA, PsA, or AS have too much
be a carrier of hepatitis B virus, be sure to tell your doctor about this
of it in their bodies. The extra TNF-alpha in your body can attack
as this may impact the decision to start treatment with HUMIRA.
normal healthy body tissues and cause inflammation especially in the
tissues in your bones, cartilage, and joints. HUMIRA helps reduce
Nervous System Diseases
There have been rare cases of disorders that affect the nervous system
the signs and symptoms of RA (such as pain and swollen joints), may
help prevent further damage to your bones and joints, and may help of people taking HUMIRA or other TNF blockers. Signs that you

perform daily addition, could be experiencing a problem affecting your nervous system
improve your ability to activities. In
include: numbness or tingling, problems with your vision, weakness
HUMIRA helps reduce the signs and symptoms of PsA (such as pain
and swollen joints). HUMIRA helps reduce the signs and symptoms in your legs and dizziness.

of AS (back pain and morning stiffness). Malignancies

There have been very rare cases of certain kinds of cancer in patients
HUMIRA can block the damage that too much TNF-alpha can cause,
and it can also lower your body's ability to fight infections. Taking takingHUMIRA or other TNF blockers. People with more serious

HUMIRA can make you more prone to getting infections or make RA that have had the disease for a long time may have a higher than
average risk of getting a kind of cancer that affects the lymph system,
any infection you have worse.
called lymphoma. If you take HUMIRA or other TNF blockers, your
Who Should Not Take HUMIRA? risk may increase.
You should not take HUMIRA if you have an allergy to HUMIRA or
Lupus-like Symptoms
to any of its ingredients (including sodium phosphate, sodium citrate,
Some patients have developed lupus-like symptoms that got better
citric acid, mannitol, and polysorbate 80). The needle cover on the
after their treatment was stopped. If you have chest pains that do not been shown how to inject HUMIRA before you do yourself. You it

go away, shortness of breath, joint pain or a rash on your cheeks or can call your doctor or the HUMIRA Patient Resource Center at
arms that is sensitive to the sun, call your doctor right away. Your 1-800-4HUMIRA (448-6472) if you have any questions about giving
doctor may decide to stop your treatment. Someone you know can also help you with
yourself an injection.
your injection. Remember to take this medicine just as your doctor
Blood Problems
has told you and do not miss any doses.
In some patients the body may fail to produce enough of the blood
cells that help your body fight infections or help you to stop bleeding. What Should I Do If I Miss a Dose of HUMIRA?
If you develop a fever that doesn't go away, bruise or bleed very If you forget to take HUMIRA when you are supposed to, inject the
easily or look very pale, call your doctor right away. Your doctor may next dose right away. Then, take your next dose when your next
decide to stop treatment. scheduled dose is due. This will put you back on schedule.

Heart Problems
Is One Time Better Than Another for Taking HUMIRA?
You should tell your doctor if you have ever been treated for heart
Always follow your doctor's instructions about when and how often
failure. If you have, your doctor may choose not to start you on
to take HUMIRA. To help you remember when to take HUMIRA,
HUMIRA, or may want to monitor you more closely. If you develop
you can mark your calendar ahead of time with the stickers provided
new or worsening problems like shortness of breath or swelling of
in the back of the patient information booklet. For other information
your ankles or feet, you should call your doctor right away.
and ideas you can enroll in a patient support program by calling the
Allergic Reactions HUMIRA Patient Resource Center at -800-4HUMIRA (448-6472). 1

In rare cases, patients taking HUMIRA have had severe allergic reactions
leading to difficulty breathing and low blood pressure, or shock. Allergic
How Do I Dispose of Syringes and Needles?

reactions can happen after your first dose or may not happen until after
You should always check with your healthcare provider for
instructions on how to properly dispose of used needles and syringes.
you have taken HUMIRA many times. If you develop a severe rash,

swollen face or difficulty breathing while taking HUMIRA, call your

You should follow any special state or local laws regarding the

doctor right away or seek emergency care immediately.

proper disposal of needles and syringes. DO NOT throw the needle
or syringe in the household trash or recycle.
What Are the Other More Common Side Effects with HUMIRA? • Place the used needles and syringes in a container made
Many patients experience a reaction where the injection was given. specially for disposing of used syringes and needles (called a
These reactions are usually mild and include redness, rash, swelling, “Sharps” container), or a hard plastic container with a screw-on
itching or bruising. Usually, the rash will go away within a few days. cap or metal container with a plastic lid labeled “ Used
If the skin around the area where you injected HUMIRA still hurts or Syringes". Do not use glass or clear plastic containers.
is swollen, try using a towel soaked with cold water on the injection • Always keep the container out of the reach of children.
site. If you have pain, redness or swelling around the injection site • When the container is about two-thirds full, tape the cap or lid
that doesn't go away within a few days or gets worse, call your doctor down so it does not come off and dispose of it as instructed by
right away. Other side effects are upper respiratory infections (sinus your doctor, nurse or pharmacist. Do not throw the container
infections), headache and nausea. in the household trash or recycle.
• Used preps may be placed in the trash, unless otherwise
Can I Take HUMIRA If I Am Pregnant or Breast-feeding?
instructed by your doctor, nurse or pharmacist. The dose tray
HUMIRA has not been studied in pregnant women or nursing
we know what on pregnant women and cover may be recycled.
mothers, so don't the effects are
or nursing babies. You should tell your healthcare provider if you are How Do I Store HUMIRA?
pregnant, become pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant. 0
Store at 2°C-8°C/36-46 F (in a refrigerator) in the original container
If you take this medication while you are pregnant, or if you become until it is used. Protect from light. Do not freeze HUMIRA.
pregnant while taking HUMIRA you are encouraged to participate in Refrigerated HUMIRA remains stable until the expiration date
a pregnancy registry to gather additional information about the use of printed on the prefilled syringe or Pen. If you need to take it with you,
HUMIRA during pregnancy by calling 1-877-31 1-8972. such as when traveling, store it in a cool carrier with an ice pack and
protect it from light.
Can I Take HUMIRA If I Am Taking Other Medicines for My RA, PsA,
AS, or Other Conditions? Care should be taken to avoid dropping or crushing the product as it

Yes, you can take other medicines provided your doctor has contains a glass syringe.

prescribed them, or has told you it is ok to take them while you are Keep HUMIRA, injection supplies, and all other medicines out of the
taking HUMIRA. It is important that you tell your doctor about any reach of children.
other medicines you are taking for other conditions (for example,
Ref: 03-55 16-R9
high blood pressure medicine) before you start taking HUMIRA.
Revised: July, 2006
You should also tell your doctor about any over-the-counter drugs,
herbal medicines and vitamin and mineral supplements you are

You should not take HUMIRA with other TNF blockers. If you have
questions, ask your doctor.

How Do I Take HUMIRA?

You take HUMIRA by giving yourself an injection under the skin
once every other week, or more frequently (every week) if your 06H-64R-Q493-2
Abbott Laboratories
doctor tells you to. If you accidentally take more HUMIRA than you North Chicago, IL 60064, U.S.A.
were told to take, you should call your doctor. Make sure you have

If you want to quit smoking,
today’s your day.

New Commit Cherry.

The tasty new stop smoking lozenge that tackles cravings fast and keeps working after it’s gone.
Quitting smoking just got a little tastier.
Hit the Road This year marks the 50th anniver- 11. fraught adj— A: rude.
sary of Jack Kerouac’s Beat Generation classic B: brotherly in nature.
On the Road. Our quiz features a selection of C: damaged. D: filled
words he used in that love song to America with a specific element.
see how well you can follow along. Answers on
12. dichotomy n —
the next page. A: division. B: dupli-
1. inhibition n — cate. C: odd speaking
A: placeholder.
7. grimace n. style. D: total power.
B: inspiration. A: personal 13.firmament n —
C: something that
demon. B: old A: expanse of sky.
restrains. B: solidground.
D: introduction. female cat. C: combustible gas.
2. forlorn adj — C : filthy surface. D: great strength.
A: worn-out. 14. taciturn adj.—
D: facial
B: miserable. A: tasteful. B: offensive.
C: absent-minded. k contortion. C: always changing.
D: extremely D: not talkative.

3. endeavor n
A: earnest attempt.
5 * 15. verdant adj.—
A: truthful. B: lush with
vegetation. C: inac-
B: heavy burden. tive. D: easily angered.
C: affection.
16. sardonic adj.—
D: approval.
A: optimistic. B: restful.
4. amenable adj.— C: scornfully mocking.
A: withdrawn. B: agree- 8. eminent adj.— D: stylish.
able. C: exceptional. A: recently retired.
D: hopeless. B: greatest. C: deeply Birthday Boy
5.perplex v.— A: to emotional. D: likely.
March 12 marks 85 years
suspend. B: change 9. innumerable adj.— since Kerouac's birth. Fill
without permission. A: essentially harmless. in these blanks for the titles
C: confuse. D: speak B: untimely. C: count- of some of his other books.
out forcefully. less. D: unusually Answers on the next page.
6. recrimination n.— curious.
T— D-a— B-s
A: advice. B: legal 10. cajole v — A: to D-t-r -ax
protection. C: collec- confront. B: persuade. B-- S-r
tion of money or goods. C: deflect blame. Lo-s-e T-a-ler
D: countercharge. * D: calculate. Ma-i- C-ssi-
MARCH 2007
1.inhibition— [C]
Something that re- 7.grimace — [D] 12. dichotomy— [A] Divi-
sion into two parts. The
strains or suppresses. pollster was amazed by
Luckily, her inhibitions
Contorted facial the clear dichotomy be-
prevented her from expression. Her tween men and women
doing anything too voters in the small town.
foolish. father’sgrimace 13. firmament— [A] The
vault or expanse of the sky
2. forlorn— [B] Miser- told her she
able, as in condition or heavens.Even after
or appearance. The was in these years, he was
all still

nasty weather left her overwhelmed by the

trouble. beauty of the stars
forlorn companions
wishing they’d picked twinkling in the vast
a different weekend firmament of the
to make their trip. Montana sky.

3.endeavor— [A] 14. taciturn— [D]

Earnest attempt or Habitually untalka-
effort. He soon realized tive. She counted
that helping his friend herself lucky
move was a bigger not to be seated near the
endeavor than he’d 8. eminent— [B] Greatest, taciturn accountant at
originally imagined. utmost. Dehydration and the dinner party.
starvation were the emi- verdant— [B] Lush,
4. amenable— [B] Agree- 15.
nent risks facing the lost green with vegetation.
able, willing to act. The
hiking party. Gazing at his verdant fields
assistant quickly let his
new co-workers know he 9. innumerable— [C] thatsummer day, the

was amenable to perform- Countless, numerous. He farmer knew a good har-

ing any task they assigned had innumerable reasons vest lay ahead.
to him. for not going to his high 16. sardonic— [C] Scorn-
school reunion. fully or cynically mocking.
5. perplex— [C] To con-
fuse or make complicated. 10. cajole— [B] To per- The sardonic tone of his
It was almost as if the suade by flattery or responses to even inno-
latest changes were made promise. He could cajole cent questions did not win
simply to perplex anyone even his worst enemies him many new friends.

who took the time to read into doing his bidding.

11. fraught— [D] At-
8-10 Good 11-13 Excellent
6. recrimination— [D] tended or filled with a
14-16 Exceptional
A countercharge. What specified element. Deep
was once a solid friend- down, he knew his ambi-
Apjsseo ejSSeiAl UapAejj.
ship built on shared trust tious plan to hitchhike
ouiosauoq uns §ia :xE S
and interests had turned across the country and
jopoo Iswng eiujeua sm
into a series of mutual stop in every state was
:s^3msuv Aog Aepqpug
recriminations. fraught with danger.

For more vocabulary-building fun and games online, go to

Lunesta Lu llab y.

. ta

Peaceful, gentle sleep. Isn’t that what you long for? That's what uwoawTwns
Lunesta® is all about: helping most people fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep all

through the night. It’s not only non-narcotic, it’s approved for long-term use. So you can
feel comfortable taking it night after night. Talk to your doctor first before using

sleep aids for extended periods. Ready for sweet slumber? Just leave the rest to Lunesta.

Find out how to improve your sleep habits at Or call 1-800-Lunesta.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Lunesta works quickly, and should be taken right before bed.
Be sure you have at least eight hours to devote to sleep before becoming active. Until you know how you’ll
react to prescription Lunesta, you should not drive or operate machinery. Do not use alcohol while taking
Lunesta. Most sleep medicines carry some risk of dependency. Side effects may include unpleasant taste,
headache, drowsiness and dizziness. See important patient information on the next page. ©2006 Sepracor inc.
without a prescription. Some medicines can cause
drowsiness and are best avoided while taking LUNESTA.
• Always take the exact dose of LUNESTA prescribed by
your doctor. Never change your dose without talking to
your doctor first.
1,2 AND 3 MG TABLETS Special Concerns

There are some special problems that may occur while taking
Please read this summary of information about LUNESTA sleep medicines.
before you talk to your doctor or start using LUNESTA. It is

not meant to take the place of your doctor's instructions. If

Memory Problems
you have any questions about LUNESTA tablets, be sure to Sleep medicines may cause a special type of memory loss or
ask your doctor or pharmacist. “amnesia.’’ When this occurs, a person may not remember
what has happened for several hours after taking the medicine.
LUNESTA is used to treat different types of sleep problems,
This is usually not a problem since most people fall asleep
such as difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty in maintaining
the morning.
after taking the medicine. Memory loss can be a problem,
sleep during the night, and waking up too early in
however, when sleep medicines are taken while traveling, such
Most people with insomnia have more than one of these
as during an airplane flight and the person wakes up before
problems. You should take LUNESTA immediately before
the effect of the medicine is gone. This has been called
going to bed because of the risk of falling.
“traveler’s amnesia.” Memory problems have been reported
LUNESTA belongs to a group of medicines known as “hypnotics” LUNESTA in clinical studies. In most
rarely by patients taking
or, simply, sleep medicines. There are many different sleep
cases, memory problems can be avoided you take LUNESTA if

medicines available to help people sleep better. Insomnia is

only when you are able to get a full night of sleep before you
often transient and intermittent. It usually requires treatment your doctor you
need to be active again. Be sure to talk to if

for only a short time, usually 7 to 10 days up to 2 weeks. If your

think you are having memory problems.
insomnia does not improve after 7 to 10 days of treatment,
see your doctor, because it may be a sign of an underlying
condition. Some people have chronic sleep problems that When sleep medicines are used every night for more than a
may require more prolonged use of sleep medicine. However, few weeks, they may lose their effectiveness in helping you
you should not use these medicines for long periods without sleep. This is known as “tolerance." Development of tolerance
talking with your doctor about the risks and benefits of to LUNESTA was not observed in a clinical study of 6 months’
prolonged use. duration. Insomnia is often transient and intermittent, and
prolonged use of sleep medicines is generally not necessary.
Side Effects
Some people, though, have chronic sleep problems that may
All medicines have side effects. The most common side require more prolonged use of sleep medicine. If your sleep
effects of sleep medicines are: problems continue, consult your doctor, who will determine

• Drowsiness whether other measures are needed to overcome your sleep

• Dizziness problems.

• Lightheadedness Dependence
• Difficulty with coordination
Sleep medicines can cause dependence in some people,
Sleep medicines can make you sleepy during the day. How especially when these medicines are used regularly for longer
drowsy you feel depends upon how your body reacts to the than a few weeks or at high doses. Dependence is the need to
medicine, which sleep medicine you are taking, and how large continue taking a medicine because stopping it is unpleasant.
a dose your doctor has prescribed. Daytime drowsiness is
When people develop dependence, stopping the medicine
best avoided by taking the lowest dose possible that will still
suddenly may cause unpleasant symptoms (see Withdrawal
help you sleep at night. Your doctor will work with you to find
below). They may find they have to keep taking the medicine
the dose of LUNESTA that is best for you. Some people taking
either at the prescribed dose or at increasing doses just to
LUNESTA have reported next-day sleepiness.
avoid withdrawal symptoms.
To manage these side effects while you are taking this medicine:
All people taking sleep medicines have some risk of becoming
• When you first start taking LUNESTA or any other dependent on the medicine. However, people who have been
sleep medicine, until you know whether the medicine dependent on alcohol or other drugs in the past may have a
will still have some effect on you the next day, use higher chance of becoming addicted to sleep medicines. This
extreme care while doing anything that requires possibility must be considered before using these medicines
complete alertness, such as driving a car, operating for more than a few weeks. If you have been addicted to
machinery, or piloting an aircraft. alcohol or drugs in the past, it is important to tell your doctor
• Do not drink alcohol when you are taking LUNESTA or before starting LUNESTA or any sleep medicine.
any sleep medicine. Alcohol can increase the side
effects of LUNESTA or any other sleep medicine.
• Do not take any other medicines without asking your Withdrawal symptoms may occur when sleep medicines are
doctor first. This includes medicines you can buy stopped suddenly after being used daily for a long time. In
some cases, these symptoms can occur even if the medicine has Safe Use Of Sleep Medicines
been used for only a week or two. In mild cases, withdrawal
To ensure the safe and effective use of LUNESTA or any other
symptoms may include unpleasant feelings. In more severe sleep medicine, you should observe the following cautions:
cases, abdominal and muscle cramps, vomiting, sweating,
shakiness, and, seizures may occur. These more
rarely, 1. LUNESTA is a prescription medicine and should be

symptoms are very uncommon. Although

severe withdrawal used ONLY as directed by your doctor. Follow your

withdrawal symptoms have not been observed in the doctor's instructions about how to take, when to take,

relatively limited controlled trials experience with LUNESTA, and how long to take LUNESTA.
there is, nevertheless, the risk of such events in association
2. Never use LUNESTA or any other sleep medicine for

with the use of any sleep medicine. longer than directed by your doctor.
3. If you notice any unusual and/or disturbing thoughts
Another problem that may occur when sleep medicines are
or behavior during treatment with LUNESTA or any
stopped is known as “rebound insomnia." This means that a
other sleep medicine, contact your doctor.
person may have more trouble sleeping the first few nights
4. Tell your doctor about any medicines you may be
after the medicine is stopped than before starting the medicine.
taking, including medicines you may buy without a
If you should experience rebound insomnia, do not get
prescription and herbal preparations. You should also
discouraged. This problem usually goes away on its own after
tell your doctor if you drink alcohol. DO NOT use alcohol
1 or 2 nights.
while takingLUNESTA or any other sleep medicine.
If you have been taking LUNESTA or any other sleep medicine 5. Do not take LUNESTA unless you are able to get 8 or
for more than 1 or 2 weeks, do not stop taking it on your own. more hours of sleep before you must be active again.
Always follow your doctor’s directions. 6. Do not increase the prescribed dose of LUNESTA or
Changes In Behavior And Thinking any other sleep medicine unless instructed by your
Some people using sleep medicines have experienced
7. When you first start taking LUNESTA or any other
unusual changes in their thinking and/or behavior. These
sleep medicine, until you know whether the medicine
effects are not common. However, they have included:
will still have some effect on you the next day, use
• More outgoing or aggressive behavior than normal extreme care while doing anything that requires

complete alertness, such as driving a car, operating
machinery, or piloting an aircraft.
• Strange behavior
8. Be aware that you may have more sleeping problems
• Agitation the first night or two after stopping any sleep medicine.

9. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant, if
you are planning to become pregnant, if you become
• Worsening of depression pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding a baby while
• Suicidal thoughts taking LUNESTA.
10. As with all prescription medicines, never share
How often these effects occur depends on several factors,
LUNESTA or any other sleep medicine with anyone
such as a person's general health, the use of other medicines,
else. Always store LUNESTA or any other sleep medicine
and which sleep medicine is being used. Clinical experience
in the original container and out of reach of children.
with LUNESTA suggests that it is rarely associated with these
11. Be sure to tell your doctor if you suffer from depression.
behavior changes.
12. LUNESTA works very quickly. You should only take
It is also important to realize it is rarely clear whether these LUNESTA immediately before going to bed.
behavior changes are caused by the medicine, are caused by 13. For LUNESTA to work best, you should not take it with
an illness, or have occurred on their own. In fact, sleep problems or immediately after a high-fat, heavy meal.
that do not improve may be due to illnesses that were present 14. Some people, such as older adults (i.e., ages 65 and
before the medicine was used. If you or your family notice over) and people with liver disease, should start with
any changes in your behavior, or if you have any unusual or the lower dose (1 mg) of LUNESTA. Your doctor may
disturbing thoughts, call your doctor immediately. choose to start therapy at 2 mg. In general, adults

Pregnancy And Breastfeeding under age 65 should be treated with 2 or 3 mg.

15. Each tablet is a single dose; do not crush or break
Sleep medicines may cause sedation or other potential
the tablet.
effects in the unborn baby when used during the last weeks
of pregnancy. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant, Note: This summary provides important information about
if you are planning to become pregnant, or if you become LUNESTA. If you would like more information, ask your
pregnant while taking LUNESTA. doctor or pharmacist to let you read the Prescribing
Information and then discuss it with him or her.
In addition, a very small amount of LUNESTA may be present
in breast milk after use of the medication. The effects of very Rx only
small amounts of
therefore, as with

feeding a baby.

other prescription sleep medicines,
you not take LUNESTA
infant are

not known;

you are breast-

it is
All Rights Reserved.
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Sieepiess in Suburbia
hough have always been
i asleep and talking to me about it

T a sound sleeper,
quently up 4 a.m. This
around the time that my
husband, Ed, having woken up
at 3, will generally crawl back into
I am fre-
when I’m awake. Eyelid position,
basically, is the difference.
going: “He was the voice of the
was partly awake
Ed kept

I at this point,
bed. Ed goes downstairs to watch and for some reason, the sentence
TV so that his tossing and turning struck me as the funniest thing I’d
doesn’t wake me up. This is very heard in a very long time. Different
considerate, except that when he rules apply between the hours of
returns, he likes to chat about what 2 and 4 a.m., I find. Things that
he’s been watching. The other would ordinarily not even qualify as
night, Ed had been watching an mildly amusing will often, at 3 a.m.,
infomercial for something called strike the ear as high comedy.
the Steam Shark. I have a distinct Worries are similarly warped.
memory of surfacing from the I recently spent the hour from

depths of sleep directly into the

sentence “You can steam-clean
around the base of the toilet.”
Last night it was “Honey, Bo
Schembechler died.”
Schembechler, Ed explained
to my inert self, was a beloved
University of Michigan
football coach. There is
little difference between
talking to me about col-
BY lege football when I’m

Mary Roach has been


writing since 1985. She

doesn’t know what
else to do.



4 to 5 a.m. worrying about the “Warthog, wildebeest, springbok.”

placement of two shrubs we had A long time went by. The shrub-
planted in our yard that day. Ed bery roots were closing in upon
came in from downstairs, and I each other. Finally, and with great
unloaded my fears about the hesitancy, Ed said, “Giraffe?”

overly close positioning of the “Eland, gnu, ostrich.”

shrubbery. I made him promise “You can’t do birds.”
that first thing the next day, we “Birds are animals.”
“Okay, ant,” said Ed,
The noises I make and then he rolled over.
He took his bottom pil-
in my sleep include low and put it on top of

Click, the Tommy gun,

his head. This is known
as the Ed sandwich:
the Darth Vader. pillow, Ed’s head, pillow.
He does this because he
would dig one up and move it, can’t sleep if there’s noise in the
lest they crowd each other’s roots. room. There now, but there will

In the morning, we went out to be. I make noises while I sleep, and
look at the plants. If anything, they Ed has had many hours to devote to
looked a little lonesome there at 17 cataloging them. Common varietals
inches apart, just as the label had include the Click, the Tommy gun
recommended. I am now known far and the Darth Vader.
and wide as the Nervous Gardener. Light is also a problem for my
Anyway, once the laughter sets in, husband. There can be no light in
we’re both up. The topic of wolver- the bedroom, not even the light
ines led to savage animals in gen- from the digital clock, which is
eral, and from there to a game called hidden away on the bottom shelf
African Veldt. We frequently make of Ed’s nightstand, broadcasting
up mindless games to wile away the the time to toddlers and gnomes.
time until the sandman agrees to The room across the hall must also
take over the proceedings again. be dark. We can’t just close our bed-
“First person to run out of ani- room door to block the light from
mals is the loser,” I said. Ed pointed that room, because this will make
out that since I had been to Africa, the bedroom too stuffy for Ed to
thegame was rigged in my favor. He sleep. That room must also have its
made me name three animals for curtains drawn. If he could, Ed
every one of his. would draw the curtains on the
“Fine. Leopard, zebra, elephant.” windows of our neighbors across
“Lion,” said Ed with great the driveway, and on down the
confidence. street, all the way to the horizon.

Get up to 6 months of
osteoarthritis (OA)

IF HAVE YOU knee pain relief with


Don't let OA of the knee control your life. SYNVISC is

KNEE PAIN, HERE'S an OA treatment that's really different. SYNVISC:

* Is FDA-approved.

Does not require knee replacement surgery.

Is not a pill that you need to take every day.*

• Replaces diseased knee fluid.

« Has been proven safe and effective to use.

* Has been used in more than 2.2 million knees.

• Is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

Best of all, SYNVISC delivers great pain relief— which

may lead to improved mobility. So why wait? Take

control and call us or mail back the attached card today.

Important Patient Information

SYNVISC is used to relieve knee pain due to

osteoarthritis (OA). It is for patients who do not get

enough relief from simple pain killers such as aceta-

minophen, or from exercise and physical therapy.

SYNVISC is generally well tolerated. However, it

may not work for everyone. The side effects most

commonly seen when SYNVISC is injected into the

knee were pain, swelling and/or fluid build-up

around the knee. Cases where the swelling is extensive

or painful should be discussed with your doctor.

Other side effects such as rash have been reported

rarely. Before trying SYNVISC, tell your doctor if you

are allergic to products from birds — such as feathers,

eggs, or poultry — or if your leg is swollen or infected.

Talk to your doctor before resuming strenuous

weight-bearing activities after treatment. SYNVISC has

not been tested in children, pregnant women or women

FREE Knee Pain Relief Packet who are nursing. You should tell your doctor if you
To learn more call toll-free 1-800-490-1149 for your think you are pregnant or if you are nursing a child.

FREE "In Step With SYNVISC" Knee Pain Relief Packet. 'Treatment with SYNVISC may not eliminate the
Or visit for more information need for other OA medications.

plus a list of providers near you.

Please see additional important Patient Information on the next page.

©2006 Genzyme Corporation. All rights reserved. "Z*s If u Y2
SYNVISC and GENZYME are registered trademarks of Genzyme Corporation. S-00087.A 05/2006 HYLAN G-F 2 O
sleepiness; rash; itching; hives; flushing; and/or fever. You should call your

doctor immediately
• You should not be given Synvisc
if you develop any of these signs of an

diseases or infections around the area where the injection

you have a knee
allergic reaction.

joint infection or skin

will be given. Talk to

your doctor if you have any questions about this information.

Be sure to read the following important information carefully. This information does THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SYNVISC:
you do not understand this information
• Synvisc is only for injection into the knee, performed by a doctor or other
not take the place of your doctor's advice. If

qualified health care professional.

or want to know more, ask your doctor.
• Tell your doctor if you are allergic to products from birds such as feathers,

WHAT IS SYNVISC? eggs, and poultry.

Synvisc is is made up of hylan A fluid, hylan B gel, and salt

a gel-like mixture that
• After you receive the injection, you may need to avoid activities such as
water. Hylan A andmade from a substance called hyaluronan
hylan B are jogging, tennis, heavy lifting, or standing for a long time.

(pronounced hye-a-loo-ROE-nan), also known as sodium hyaluronate that comes

• Synvisc has not been tested in pregnant women, or women who are nursing.

from chicken combs. This is and is present

a natural substance found in the body You should tell your doctor if you think you are pregnant, or if you are nursing

in very high amounts in joints. The body’s own hyaluronan acts like a lubricant a child.
• The safety and effectiveness of Synvisc have not been tested in children.
and a shock absorber in the joint and is needed for the joint to work properly.
Osteoarthritis (pronounced os-TE-o-ar-THRI-tis) (OA) is a type of arthritis that
involves the wearing down of cartilage (the protective covering on the ends of
• The side effects (also called reactions) sometimes seen when Synvisc is injected
your bones). In OA, there may not be enough hyaluronan, and there may be a
comes syringes into the knee as a first or repeat set of injections were pain, swelling, heat,
decrease in the quality of the hyaluronan in the joint. Synvisc in
redness, and/or fluid build-up around the knee. These reactions were generally
containing 2 mL (half a teaspoon) of product. Synvisc is injected directly into
mild and did not last long, but sometimes fluid accumulation was considerable
your knee.
and painful; cases where the swelling is extensive and painful should be

WHAT IS SYNVISC USED FOR? discussed with your doctor. The reactions seemed to occur more often when

Synvisc is used to relieve knee pain due to OA. It is used for patients who do Synvisc was injected into the knee as a repeat set
not get enough relief from simple painkillers, such as acetaminophen, or from of injections than when Synvisc was injected as a first set of injections.

exercise and physical therapy. • These reactions were generally treated by giving pain relievers by mouth such
as acetaminophen or by giving NSAIDs by mouth or injections of steroids, or
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SYNVISC? by removing fluid from the knee joint. Patients have rarely undergone
Two medical studies involving a total of 132 patients were done in Germany. The
arthroscopy (a surgical inspection of the knee joint) and other medical
patients in these studies were at least 40 years old and had knee pain due to OA. procedures.
The were placed in one of two groups. One group was given an injection
• Rare cases of knee joint infection have been reported after Synvisc injections.
of Synvisc into one or both knees once a week for three weeks. The second group
was given an injection of salt water once a week for three weeks. As part of the • Rashes, hives and itching have been seen in patients after Synvisc treatment
study, knee joint pain was measured for 26 weeks. Also, patients and doctors Before you are given Synvisc, tell your doctor if something like this has ever
were asked to judge the success of the treatment for 26 weeks. Patients with OA happened to you after receiving an injection of Synvisc or other hyaluronan
knee pain, who did not get pain relief with other medicines, got pain relief with products.
Synvisc. The patients given Synvisc had more pain relief than the patients given
• Other less common side effects have been: muscle pain/cramps, flushing
salt water. Some patients started to feel pain relief after the first of Synvisc
and/or swelling of your face, fast heartbeat, nausea (or feeling sick to your
treatment. The most pain relief and the greatest amount of treatment success
stomach), dizziness, fever, chills, headache, difficulty breathing, swelling in your
was seen 8 to 12 weeks after Synvisc treatment started.
arms and/or legs, prickly feeling of your skin, and in rare cases a low number of
A medical study done in the United States involved 90 patients. The patients were platelets in the blood (platelets are a type of blood cell that are needed to help
at least 40 years old and had knee pain due to OA. Patients were placed into one clot your blood when you are cut or injured).
of two groups. One group was given Synvisc once a week for three weeks. The
• Ifany of the above symptoms or signs appear after you are given Synvisc, or if
second group had a needle inserted into the knee to have any fluid removed (this
you have any other problems, you should call your doctor.
procedure is called arthrocentesis [pronounced AR-thro-sen-TE-sis]) once a week
for three weeks. Patients improved after Synvisc treatment, but not more than
patients who had arthrocentesis. This study was different from the German
Your doctor will give you your injection of Synvisc (2mL) into your knee once a
studies because the last time the two groups were compared was only two weeks
week, for a total of three injections.
after the last Synvisc injection. The study was also different inother ways,
including length of time that patients had to stop taking medicines before they
could start treatment. The length of time patients had to stop taking medicines
Genzyme Biosurgery a division of
was two weeks in the German studies and four weeks in the U.S. study.
Genzyme Corporation
1 1 25 Pleasant View Terrace
If you have OA, there are other things you can do besides getting Synvisc.
These include:
Non-drug treatments If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Synvisc, you may
• avoiding activities that cause knee pain call Genzyme Biosurgery at 1-888-3-SYNVISC (1-888-379-6847).
• exercise
SYNVISC and GENZYME are registered trademarks of
• physical therapy
• removal of excess fluid from your knee
Genzyme Corporation.
Synvisc* is covered by U.S. patents.
Drug therapy
• pain relievers such as acetaminophen and narcotics 70230602 Revised November 15, 2004
• drugs that reduce inflammation (signs of inflammation are swelling,

pain or redness), such as aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory

drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen
• steroids that are injected directly into your knee


• You should not get this product if you have had any allergic reaction before to
Synvisc or hyaluronan products. Signs of an allergic reaction may include
swelling of your face, tongue, or throat; difficulty breathing or swallowing; genzyme
shortness of breath; wheezing; chest pain; a tightness in your throat; Blosurgery

SYNVISC and GENZYME are registered trademarks of Genzyme Corporation.

Important information about insurance coverage for SYNVISC treatments

SYNVISC is eligible for reimbursement by most insurance plans. Many require that your physician provide
SYNVISC. If your physician does not provideSYNVISC and he or she writes a prescription for SYNVISC, some
insurance plans, including Medicare, may not cover the cost. Therefore, it is recommended that you ask your
physician if his or her office provides SYNVISC. Procedures vary from policy to policy, so please check with your
physician and/or your insurer. If you have additional questions about insurance coverage, please contact the
SYNVISC Reimbursement Hotline at 1-800-982-8292. This toll-free number can be accessed between
8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

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MARCH 2007

breakfast of whole- Plain and Pasta's not evil

grain pancakes or waf- simple Many Like many kids, STOCKFOOD/PHOTOSTOCK

fles with a little maple people don’t Lucas loves

syrup. And every day, realize how pasta but
we each take a multi- delicious foods isn’t crazy
vitamin and fish oil can taste about (PASTA)

supplements. without the tex-

Steam it We often adding a ture of ESTATE;

put a few vegetables lot of fat, salt the healthier,


such as corn, broccoli and sugar, which whole-wheat version. 1

and cauliflower in the often mask the intrinsic However, what matters FOLIO/

steamer, which is quick flavors. is the amount of fiber in


and preserves most If you want a little the overall meal, not in
of the flavor zing or zip to pump up specific items, so even

and nutri- the flavor, try a squeeze white-flour pasta is okay,

ents. You of lemon or a delicate if it’s eaten with high-
can add a pinch of cumin and fiber whole grains such
few prawns other favorite spices. as a whole-wheat pita
or a small Speedy suppers or barley and
piece of fish as well. When we’re crunched vegetables.
Add a salad, and you for time, or when our Fast-food
have a complete meal. favorite produce is choices If we
Steaming one or out of season, we use go out to eat, we
more vegetables, such canned and frozen look for the healthier
as butternut squash or fruits and vegetables items on the menu. At
carrots, and liquefying in soups, salads, sauces McDonald’s, for exam-
them in the blender and casseroles. They’re ple, we select the Fruit
with a little bit of water convenient and have & Walnut Salad or the
makes a soup bursting just as much nutritional Asian Salad (which I

with flavor. value as fresh. helped develop).


I’m 53 years old, and I’ve been eating eating and living this way is that I feel
this way since I was 19. I’m six feet so much better when I eat healthy.
tall, and my weight stays around My adolescent allergiesand childhood
175 pounds. I’m on no medications, asthma disappeared, and fortunately.
and my total cholesterol level has I’m rarely ill.

remained below 140 to 150 mg/dl Diet is important, but so is being

since then. My LDL ranges from 70 happy. When I wake up each day with
to 80 mg/dl, and my blood pressure Anne and Lucas, I feel like the luckiest
is 110/70. But the main reason for guy in the world.




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He Had a Hunch...
that ordinary people would want their
own computer one day. Revolutionary!

cost as
hen Steve Wozniak was
in high school in the
mid-1960s, he dreamed
of owning a computer.
His father told him that computers
as the down payment
“Then I’ll live in an
a house.
grade, encouraged by his father,
an aerospace engineer.
when NASA and the race to the
moon regularly made front-page

news, glamorizing the slide-rule set.

By the mid-1970s, the shy young
man in his mid-20s and a crowd
was a time

apartment,” Wozniak said. of like-minded nerds founded the

Today, Wozniak is widely Homebrew Computer Club, an asso-
acknowledged as the engineering ciation that nurtured some of Silicon
genius who made comput-
ers affordable and user-
friendly. “The other
Steve,” as Wozniak is
known, is the reclusive
cofounder — along with
the more flamboyant
Steve Jobs— of Apple Inc.
Growing up in Sunny-
vale, California, the heart
of what would become
Silicon Valley, Wozniak
started tinkering in fourth

Maria Bartiromo is host and


managing editor of the syndi-

cated program The Wall Street
Journal Report, as well as host

of CNBC’s Closing Bell.


MARCH 2007

Valley’s smartest brains. “People

were talking about how we were
going to revolutionize the world,”
Wozniak recalls. “We used the word
revolution at every meeting. We
knew it was going to happen.”
Until that point, electronic
parts had been too expensive for
Wozniak’s budget, so he’d been
designing his computers mainly
on paper. But then the prices came
down enough so that Wozniak could
move his designs from the drawing
board to reality. “I built a very tiny
computer. I couldn’t afford a device

for display, but I had a TV at home

and purchased a keyboard. I could
type to my computer, and it would Steve Jobs, John Sculley (Apple’s
type back to my TV set.” president at the time) and Steve
Members were fascinated by the Wozniak unveil the Apple lie in 1984.
idea of a device small enough to fit

on a desk. Wozniak happily shared Iwent to my boss and my boss’s

his design and encouraged them to boss and his boss and said, ‘Here is a
build their own, but few had the machine you could build for $800. It

skill or time to solder together all works with your home TV.’
the wires to connect the parts. When Hewlett-Packard rejected
One of the members was Steve the device, Jobs and Wozniak
Jobs, a close friend of Wozniak’s, decided to sell on their own. Jobs

who said, “Let’s build a PC board sold his van, and Wozniak sold his
that makes the assembly easy. We’ll prized HP calculator. Together, they
build it$20 and sell it for $40.”
for managed to scrounge up a few hun-
(This solution enabled members to dred dollars. They named the com-
save time by soldering the elec- pany Apple Computer and called
tronic parts directly onto the PC Wozniak’s creation the Apple I.

board, a kind of motherboard, and Jobs went out looking for cus-
avoid handling the wires.) tomers and located a computer
It was the start of an extraordin- store in the area that wanted 100
arily productive partnership. At the completely built computers. It

time, Wozniak was working as an offered to pay $500 each. “We had a
engineer at Hewlett-Packard. “I $50,000 order,” Wozniak marvels.
wanted HP to build the computer, so “That was twice my annual salary.”

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MARCH 2007

With their bank account scraping he and Jobs decided to look

bottom, Jobs and Wozniak negoti- foran investor with business experi-
ated 30 days’ credit on the parts ence to guide their young company.
and went into warp speed. They When Mike Markkula came on
subcontracted the basic manufactur- board, he told Wozniak he could
ing,but did all the quality testing work at HP or Apple, but he had
themselves in Jobs’s parents’ garage, to choose.
then boxed up the goods and deliv- “I went deep inside myself and
ered them to the store. The owner decided, No, I am not starting
paid cash in ten days. Apple,” Wozniak recalls. “I had
Meanwhile, Wozniak was working designed a bunch of great comput-
on a $1 part that would add color to ers and written more software than
the Apple I. “I decided instead to de- anyone could believe in one year
sign a completely different computer while moonlighting. But I wanted to
(software, hardware, color, graphics, work for HP for life. I loved how HP
everything) from the ground up. supported their engineers.”
That was the Apple II, the computer Luckily, a high school friend
that really did start the personal (and fellow computer aficionado)
computer revolution.” convinced him that he could start
Knowing Apple II’s winning po- a company and still remain an


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MARCH 2007

engineer, but at Apple. The rest, of that other people could not design.
course, is history. The large com- Also the social ramifications of
puter companies that were manufac- doing good. We were talking about
turing mainframes scoffed at the taking thelittle guy to a new place

idea of personal computers for ordi- where the individual would be as

nary people. But Wozniak and Jobs important as the big company. I got
made it happen. And by then a young to be a creator.”
fellow named Bill Gates was design- What’s more, he says, “I would
ing software for small computers. have done the things I did without
Wozniak was just 26 years old Apple’s success. I went back to
when he cofounded Apple. The college and got my degree. I always
company went public in 1980, and he wanted to be a teacher, so I taught
had the opportunity to attain wealth elementary school for eight years. I
to a degree few 30-year-olds could pretty much stayed the same person.”
even imagine. But money had never
been a motivating force for Wozniak. Got a money question? Write to Maria
Bartiromo at
He began sharing his wealth from
the start. When Apple was on the
verge of going public, he found out AND FYI
key employees in engineering and
Do you have an invention kicking
marketing had not been given the
around in your brain? Steve Wozniak
chance to buy stock at the insider offers this advice in his book iWoz
price. “I felt it was wrong, so I • Believe in yourself and never waver.
allowed them to buy my stock at Follow your hunch, not the crowd.
a price that would make them very • Work alone. You’ll turn a clever idea
wealthy. It put the lawyers in a tizzy, into a revolutionary new product if it

but eventually they let me do it. doesn't have to go to committee.

I had more than I needed.”
far • Moonlight. Work on your projects on

Now 56, Wozniak looks back on your own time. It’s worth the sacrifice.

his life and says, “The themes that

Learn about camps, contests and
drove me were the love of engineer- how to patent an idea at
ing, enabling me to design things

“Are Men Smarter? Researcher Says Yes,”
declared a headline on the CNN website.
Splashing water on that theory was a link just
beneath it to another health article
— “Study:
Men delay medical care when the game’s on.”

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your dreams miss you


when yon can’t sleep , you can’t dream. But now there’s Rozerem, a sleep aid like no
other. Rozerem is approved For adults having trouble falling asleep. In fact, it’s the first and only
prescription sleep aid that in clinical studies shows no potential for abuse or dependence. Take it when
you need it, stop when you don’t. Your doctor can explain why Rozerem is so different. Important

safety information: Don’t take Rozerem if you’re taking Luvox® (fluvoxamine) or have severe liver

problems. Avoid taking it with alcohol. Don’t drive or operate machinery until you know how you'll
react to Rozerem. Rozerem may affect some hormones. Consult your doctor about how this may affect
you, or if your insomnia doesn’t improve. Take Rozerem right before bed. Side ef fects may include

drowsiness, fatigue and dizziness. Ask your doctor if Rozerem is right for you. Visit or
call 877-413-6091 for more information. Your dreams miss you.

Please see reverse side for Brief Summaiy of Prescribing Information.

0 Rozerem. rainelteon
Brief Summary of Prescribing Information Ketoconazole (strong CYP3A4 inhibitor): The AUCp-mi and Cma, of ramelteon
increased by approximately 84% and 36%, respectively, when a single 16 mg dose
(ramelteon) Tablets
of ROZEREM was administered on the fourth day of ketoconazole 200 mg twice daily
administration, compared to administration of ROZEREM alone. Similar increases
INDICATIONS AND USAGE were seen in M-ll pharmacokinetic variables. ROZEREM should be administered with
ROZEREM is indicated for the treatment of insomnia characterized by difficulty caution in subjects taking strong CYP3A4 inhibitors such as ketoconazole.
with sleep onset.
Fluconazole (strong CYP2C9 inhibitor): The total and peak systemic exposure
CONTRAINDICATIONS (AUCo-mt and C max ) of ramelteon after a single 16 mg dose of ROZEREM was
ROZEREM is contraindicated in patients with a hypersensitivity to ramelteon or increased by approximately 150% when administered with fluconazole. Similar
any components of the ROZEREM formulation. increases were also seen in M-ll exposure. ROZEREM should be administered with
WARNINGS caution in subjects taking strong CYP2C9 inhibitors such as fluconazole.
Since sleep disturbances may be the presenting manifestation of a physical and/or
Interaction studies of concomitant administration of ROZEREM with fluoxetine
psychiatric disorder, symptomatic treatment of insomnia should be initiated only
(CYP2D6 inhibitor), omeprazole (CYP1A2 inducer/CYP2C19 inhibitor), theo-
after a careful evaluation of the patient. The failure of insomnia to remit after a rea-
phylline (CYP1A2 substrate), and dextromethorphan (CYP2D6 substrate) did not
sonable period of treatment may indicate the presence of a primary psychiatric
produce clinically meaningful changes in either peak or total exposures to
and/or medical illness that should be evaluated. Worsening of insomnia, or the
ramelteon or the M-ll metabolite.
emergence of new cognitive or behavioral abnormalities, may be the result of an
unrecognized underlying psychiatric or physical disorder and requires further eval- Effects of ROZEREM on Metabolism of Other Drugs
uation of the patient. As with other hypnotics, exacerbation of insomnia and Concomitant administration of ROZEREM with omeprazole (CYP2C19 substrate),
emergence of cognitive and behavioral abnormalities were seen with ROZEREM dextromethorphan (CYP2D6 substrate), midazolam (CYP3A4 substrate), theo-
during the clinical development program. phylline (CYP1A2 substrate), digoxin (p-glycoprotein substrate), and warfarin
(CYP2C9 [Sj/CYPI A2 [R] substrate) did not produce clinically meaningful
ROZEREM should not be used by patients with severe hepatic impairment.
changes in peak and total exposures to these drugs.
ROZEREM should not be used in combination with fluvoxamine (see PRECAU-
Effect of Alcohol on Rozerem
TIONS: Drug Interactions)
Alcohol: With single-dose, daytime co-administration of ROZEREM 32 mg and
A variety of cognitive and behavior changes have been reported to occur in association alcohol (0.6 g/kg), there were no clinically meaningful or statistically significant
with the use of hypnotics. In primarily depressed patients, worsening of depression, effectson peak or total exposure to ROZEREM. However, an additive effect was
including suicidal ideation, has been reported in association with the use of hypnotics. seen on some measures of psychomotor performance (i.e., the Digit Symbol
Patients should avoid engaging in hazardous activities that require concentration Substitution Test, thePsychomotor Vigilance Task Test, and a Visual Analog Scale
(such as operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery) after taking ROZEREM. of sedation) at some post-dose time points. No additive effect was seen on the
Delayed Word Recognition Test. Because alcohol by itself impairs performance,
After taking ROZEREM, patients should confine their activities to those necessary
and the intended effect of ROZEREM is to promote sleep, patients should be cau-
to prepare for bed.
tioned not to consume alcohol when using ROZEREM.
Drug/Laboratory Test Interactions
ROZEREM has not been studied in subjects with severe sleep apnea or severe
ROZEREM is not known to interfere with commonly used clinical laboratoiy tests.
In addition, in vitro data indicate that ramelteon does not cause false-positive results
COPD and is not recommended for use in those populations.
for benzodiazepines, opiates, barbiturates, cocaine, cannabinoids, or amphetamines
Patients should be advised to exercise caution if they consume alcohol in in two standard urine drug screening methods in vitro.
combination with ROZEREM.
Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, and Impairment of Fertility
Use Adolescents and Children
ROZEREM has been associated with an effect on reproductive hormones in adults, In a two-year carcinogenicity study, B6C3F, mice were administered ramelteon
e.g. decreased testosterone levels and increased prolactin levels. It is not known
at doses of 0, 30, 100, 300, or 1000 mg/kg/day by oral gavage. Male mice exhib-
what effect chronic or even chronic intermittent use of ROZEREM may have on the ited a dose-related increase in the incidence of hepatic tumors at dose levels
reproductive axis in developing humans (see Pediatric Use).
>100 mg/kg/day including hepatic adenoma, hepatic carcinoma, and hepatoblas-
Information for Patients toma. Female mice developed a dose-related increase in the incidence of hepatic
Patients should be advised to take ROZEREM within 30 minutes prior to going to adenomas at dose levels > 300 mg/kg/day and hepatic carcinoma at the
bed and should confine their activities to those necessary to prepare for bed. 1000 mg/kg/day dose level. The no-effect level for hepatic tumors in male mice was
30 mg/kg/day (103-times and 3-times the therapeutic exposure to ramelteon and

Patients should be advised to avoid engaging in hazardous activities (such as
the active metabolite M-ll, respectively, at the maximum recommended human dose
operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery) after taking ROZEREM.
based on an area-under-the-curve [AUC] comparison). The no-effect level
Patients should be advised that they should not take ROZEREM with or immedi- tic tumors in female mice was 1 00 mg/kg/day (827-times and 1 2-times the
ately after a high fat meal. therapeutic exposure to ramelteon and M-ll, respectively, at the MRHD based on AUC).
Patients should be advised to consult their health care provider if they experience In a two-year carcinogenicity study conducted in the Sprague-Dawley rat, male and
worsening of insomnia or any new behavioral signs or symptoms of concern. female rats were administered ramelteon at doses of 0, 15, 60, 250 or 1000 mg/kg/day
Patients should consult their health care provider if they experience one of the fol- by oral gavage. Male rats exhibited a dose-related increase in the incidence of hepatic
lowing: cessation of menses or galactorrhea in females, decreased libido, or adenoma and benign Leydig cell tumors of the testis at dose levels > 250 mg/kg/day
problems with fertility. and hepatic carcinoma at the 1000 mg/kg/day dose level. Female rats exhibited a dose-
related increase in the incidence of hepatic adenoma at dose levels > 60 mg/kg/day
Laboratory Tests
and hepatic carcinoma at the 1000 mg/kg/day dose level. The no-effect level
No standard monitoring is required.
for hepatic tumors and benign Leydig cell tumors in male rats was 60 mg/kg/day
For patients presenting with unexplained amenorrhea, galactorrhea, decreased (1,429-times and 12-times the therapeutic exposure to ramelteon and M-ll,
libido, or problems with fertility, assessment of prolactin levels and testosterone respectively, at the MRHD based on AUC). The no-effect level for hepatic tumors in
levels should be considered as appropriate. female rats was 15 mg/kg/day (472-times and 16-times the therapeutic exposure to
Drug Interactions ramelteon and M-ll, respectively, at the MRHD based on AUC).
ROZEREM has a highly variable inter-subject pharmacokinetic profile (approxi- The development of hepatic tumors in rodents following chronic treatment with
mately 100% coefficient of variation in Cmax and AUC). As noted above, CYP1A2 non-genotoxic compounds may be secondary to microsomal enzyme induction,
is the major isozyme involved in the metabolism of ROZEREM; the CYP2C sub- a mechanism for tumor generation not thought to occur in humans. Leydig cell
family and CYP3A4 isozymes are also involved to a minor degree. tumor development following treatment with non-genotoxic compounds in
Effects of Other Drugs on ROZEREM Metabolism rodents has been linked to reductions in circulating testosterone levels with com-
Fluvoxamine (strong CYP1A2 fluvoxamine 100 mg twice daily
inhibitor): When pensatory increases in luteinizing release, which is a known proliferative
was administered for 3 days prior to single-dose co-administration of ROZEREM stimulus to Leydig cells in the rat testis. Rat Leydig cells are more sensitive to the
16 mg and fluvoxamine, the AUCo-.nt for ramelteon increased approximately stimulatory effects of luteinizing hormone than human Leydig cells. In mechanis-
190-fold, and the C max increased approximately 70-fold, compared to ROZEREM tic studies conducted in the rat, daily ramelteon administration at 250 and

administered alone. ROZEREM should not be used in combination with fluvox- 1000 mg/kg/day for 4 weeks was associated with a reduction in plasma testos-
amine (see WARNINGS). Other less potent CYP1A2 inhibitors have not been terone levels. In the same study, luteinizing hormone levels were elevated over a
adequately studied. ROZEREM should be administered with caution to patients 24 hour period after the last ramelteon treatment; however, the durability of this
taking less strong CYP1A2 inhibitors. luteinizing hormone finding and its support for the proposed mechanistic expla-
nation was not clearly established.
Rifampin (strong CYP enzyme inducer): Administration of rifampin 600 mg once
daily for 1 1 days resulted in a mean decrease of approximately 80% (40% to Although the rodent tumors observed following ramelteon treatment occurred at
90%) in total exposure to ramelteon and metabolite M-ll, (both AUC and Cmax) plasma levels of ramelteon and M-ll in excess of mean clinical plasma concentra-
after a single 32 mg dose of ROZEREM. Efficacy may be reduced when ROZEREM tions at the MRHD, the relevance of both rodent hepatic tumors and benign rat
is used in combination with strong CYP enzyme inducers such as rifampin. Leydig cell tumors to humans is not known.
Mutagenesis Pediatric Use
Ramelteon was not genotoxic in the following: in vitro bacterial reverse mutation Safety and effectiveness of ROZEREM in pediatric patients have not been estab-
(Ames) assay; in vitro mammalian cell gene mutation assay using the mouse lished. Further study is needed prior to determining that this product may be used
lymphoma TK +/‘ cell line; in vivo/in vitro unscheduled DNA synthesis assay in rat safely in pre-pubescent and pubescent patients.
hepatocytes; and in in vivo micronucleus assays conducted in mouse and rat.
Geriatric Use
Ramelteon was positive in the chromosomal aberration assay in Chinese hamster
lung cells in the presence of S9 metabolic activation.
A 654 subjects in double-blind, placebo-controlled, efficacy trials who
total of
received ROZEREM were at least 65 years of age; of these, 199 were 75 years of
Separate studies indicated that the concentration of the M-ll metabolite formed by age or older. No overall differences in safety or efficacy were observed between
the rat liverS9 fraction used in the in vitro genetic toxicology studies described elderly and younger adult subjects.
above, exceeded the concentration of ramelteon; therefore, the genotoxic poten-
tialof the M-ll metabolite was also assessed in these studies.
Impairment of Fertility The data described in this section reflect exposure to ROZEREM in 4251 subjects,
Ramelteon was administered to male and female Sprague-Dawley rats in an initial fertil- including 346 exposed for 6 months or longer, and 473 subjects for one year.
and early embryonic development study at dose levels of 6, 60, or 600 mg/kg/day.

No effects on male or female mating or fertility were observed with a ramelteon Adverse Reactions Resulting in Discontinuation of Treatment
Five percent of the 3594 individual subjects exposed to ROZEREM in clinical
dose up to 600 mg/kg/day (786-times higher than the MRHD on a mg/m 2 basis).
studies discontinued treatment owing to an adverse event, compared with 2% of
Irregular estrus cycles, reduction in the number of implants, and reduction in the
number of live embryos were noted with dosing females at > 60 mg/kg/day (79- the 1370 subjects receiving placebo. The most frequent adverse events leading to
discontinuation in subjects receiving ROZEREM were somnolence (0.8%), dizziness
times higher than the MRHD on a mg/m 2 basis). A reduction in the number of
corpora lutea occurred at the 600 mg/kg/day dose level. Administration of (0.5%), nausea (0.3%), fatigue (0.3%), headache (0.3%), and insomnia (0.3%).
ramelteon up to 600 mg/kg/day to male rats for 7 weeks had no effect on sperm ROZEREM Most Commonly Observed Adverse Events in Phase 1-3 trials
qualityand when the treated male rats were mated with untreated female rats there The incidence of adverse events during the Phase 1 through 3 trials (% placebo,
was no effect on implants or embryos. In a repeat of this study using oral adminis- n=1370; % ramelteon [8 mg], n=1 250) were; headache NOS (7%, 7%), somno-
tration of ramelteon at 20,60 or 200 mg/kg/day for the same study duration, lence (3%, 5%), fatigue (2%, 4%), dizziness (3%, 5%), nausea (2%, 3%),
females demonstrated irregular estrus cycles with doses > 60 mg/kg/day, but insomnia exacerbated (2%, 3%), upper respiratory tract infection NOS (2%, 3%),
no effects were seen on implantation or embryo viability. The no-effect dose for diarrhea NOS (2%, 2%), myalgia (1%, 2%), depression (1%, 2%), dysgeusia (1%,
fertility endpoints was 20 mg/kg/day in females (26-times the MRHD on a mg/m 2 2%), arthralgia (1%, 2%), influenza (0, 1%), blood cortisol decreased (0, 1%).
basis) and 600 mg/kg/day in males (786-times higher than the MRHD on a mg/m 2
Because clinical trials are conducted under widely varying conditions, adverse
basis) when considering all studies.
reaction rates observed in the clinical trials of a drug cannot be directly com-
Pregnancy: Pregnancy Category C pared to rates in clinical trials of other drugs, and may not reflect the rates
Ramelteon has been shown to be a developmental teratogen in the rat when observed in practice. The adverse reaction information from clinical trials does,
given in doses 197 times higher than the maximum recommended human dose however, provide a basis for identifying the adverse events that appear to be
[MRHD] on a mg/m 2 basis. There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in related to drug use and for approximating rates.
pregnant women. Ramelteon should be used during pregnancy only if the poten-
tial benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.
ROZEREM is not a controlled substance.
The effects of ramelteon on embryo-fetal development were assessed in both the
rat and rabbit. Pregnant rats were administered ramelteon by oral gavage at doses
Human Data: See the CLINICAL TRIALS section, Studies Pertinent to Safety
of 0,10, 40, 150, or 600 mg/kg/day during gestation days 6-17, which is the period
Concerns for Sleep-Promoting Agents, in the Complete Prescribing Information.
of organogenesis in this species. Evidence of maternal toxicity and fetal terato- Animal Data Ramelteon did not produce any signals from animal behavioral studies

genicity was observed at doses greater than or equal to 150 mg/kg/day. indicating that the drug produces rewarding effects. Monkeys did not self-administer
Maternal toxicity was chiefly characterized by decreased body weight and, at ramelteon and the drug did not induce a conditioned place preference in rats. There
600 mg/kg/day, ataxia and decreased spontaneous movement. At maternally toxic was no generalization between ramelteon and midazolam. Ramelteon did not affect
doses (150 mg/kg/day or greater), the fetuses demonstrated visceral malforma- rotorod performance, an indicator of disruption of motor function, and it did not
tions consisting of diaphragmatic hernia and minor anatomical variations of the potentiate the ability of diazepam to interfere with rotorod performance.
skeleton (irregularly shaped scapula). At 600 mg/kg/day, reductions in fetal body
Discontinuation of ramelteonin animals or in humans after chronic adminis-
weights and malformations including cysts on the external genitalia were addition-
produce withdrawal signs. Ramelteon does not appear to
tration did not
ally observed. The no-effect level for teratogenicity in this study was 40 mg/kg/day
produce physical dependence.
(1,892-times and 45-times higher than the therapeutic exposure to ramelteon and
the active metabolite M-ll, respectively, at the MRHD based on an area-under-the- OVERDOSAGE
curve [AUC] comparison). Pregnant rabbits were administered ramelteon by oral Signs and Symptoms
gavage at doses of 0,12, 60, or 300 mg/kg/day during gestation days 6-18, which is No cases of ROZEREM overdose have been reported during clinical development.
the period of organogenesis in this species. Although maternal toxicity was appar- ROZEREM was administered in single doses up to 160 mg in an abuse liability
ent with a ramelteon dose of 300 mg/kg/day, no evidence of fetal effects or trial. No safety or tolerability concerns were seen.
teratogenicity was associated with any dose level. The no-effect level for terato-
genicity was, therefore, 300 mg/kg/day (11 ,862-times and 99-times higher than the Recommended Treatment
therapeutic exposure to ramelteon and M-ll, respectively, at the MRHD based on AUC). General symptomatic and supportive measures should be used, along with immediate
gastric lavage where appropriate. Intravenous fluids should be administered as needed.
The effects of ramelteon on pre- and post-natal development were in the rat
As in all cases of drug overdose, respiration, pulse, blood pressure, and other appropriate
studied by administration of ramelteon to the pregnant rat by oral gavage at
vital signs should be monitored, and general supportive measures employed.
doses of 0, 30, 100, or 300 mg/kg/day from day 6 of gestation through parturi-
tion to postnatal (lactation) day 21, at which time offspring were weaned. Hemodialysis does not effectively reduce exposure to ROZEREM. Therefore, the
Maternal toxicity was noted at doses of 100 mg/kg/day or greater and consisted use of dialysis in the treatment of overdosage is not appropriate.
of reduced body weight gain and increased adrenal gland weight. Reduced body Poison Control Center
weight during the post-weaning period was also noticed in the offspring of the As with the management of all overdosage, the possibility of multiple drug inges-
groups given 100 mg/kg/day and higher. Offspring in the 300 mg/kg/day group tion should be considered. The physician may contact a poison control center for
demonstrated physical and developmental delays including delayed eruption of the current information on the management of overdosage.
lower incisors, a delayed acquisition of the righting reflex, and an alteration of
emotional response. These delays are often observed in the presence of reduced Rx only
offspring body weight but may still developmental delay. An appar-
be indicative of Manufactured by:
ent decrease in the viability of offspring in the 300 mg/kg/day group was likely due Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, 540-8645 Osaka, JAPAN
to altered maternal behavior and function observed at this dose level. Offspring of
Manufactured in:
the 300 mg/kg/day group also showed evidence of diaphragmatic hernia, a finding
Takeda Ireland Ltd.
observed in the embryo-fetal development study previously described. There were
Kilruddery, County Wicklow,
no effects on the reproductive capacity of offspring and the resulting progeny
Republic of Ireland
were not different from those of vehicle-treated offspring. The no-effect level for
pre- and postnatal development in this study was 30 mg/kg/day (39-times higher Marketed by:
than the MRHD on a mg/m 2 basis). Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.,
475 Half Day Road,
Labor and Delivery
The potential effects of ROZEREM on the duration of labor and/or delivery, for Lincolnshire, IL 60069
either the mother or the fetus, have not been studied. ROZEREM has no estab- ROZEREM™ is a trademark of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and used
lished use in labor and delivery. under license by Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.

Nursing Mothers ©2005, Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.

Ramelteon is secreted into the milk of lactating rats. It is not known whether this 05-1118 Revised: Nov., 2005
drug is excreted in human milk. No clinical studies in nursing mothers have been
performed. The use of ROZEREM in nursing mothers is not recommended.

L-RAM-00008 Printed in U.S.A.


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Clots are the number one cause ol heart attack and stroke, but you can help reduce your risk.

This is important information it you’ve been hospitalized with PLAVIX, in combination with aspirin, helps provide greater
heart-related chest pain or a certain type of heart attack. protection against a future heart attack or stroke than aspirin alone.

That’s because these conditions, known as Acute Coronary PLAVIX, taken with aspirin, plays its own role in helping reduce
I Syndrome-or ACS -are usually caused your risk of heart attack and stroke.
when blood platelets stick together and That’s because, unlike your cholesterol HRORl
form clots that block blood flow to your and pressure medications.
blood "-A'fX

1 heart. And if you’ve already had a clot, prescription PLAVIX works to help keep

you're at an increased risk for a future
heart attack or stroke.
blood platelets from sticking together
and forming clots. HK9H
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you have a stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding, you shouldn’t use PLAVIX.

When taking PLAVIX alone or with some medicines including aspirin, the risk of bleeding may increase. To minimize this risk,
talk to your doctor before taking aspirin or other medicines with PLAVIX. Additional rare but serious side effects could occur.

Talk to your doctor today to learn more about PLAVIX.

Or visit or call 1 .800.300.3501

(clopidogrel bisulfate) 75 m g tablets

See important product information on the following pages. BECAUSE YOU'RE NO MATCH FOR A DANGEROUS CLOT.

If you need help paying for prescription medicines,

sanof aventis
« Bristol-Myers Squibb
you may be eligible for assistance. Call 1 -888-4PPA-N0W .
'mnmtop m
US.CLOmi 2.003/December 2006 B1 -K0270FFF-1 2-06 (1-888-477-26691. or go to www.ooani.orq Prestriptloo Assist ant*

sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC

Aspirin: Aspirin did not modify the dopidogrel-mediated inhibition of ADP-
PLAVIX® Rx only
induced platelet aggregation. Concomitant administration of 500 mg of
clopidogrel bisulfate tablets aspirin twice a day for 1 day did not significantly increase the prolongation of

INDICATIONS AND USAGE bleeding time induced by PLAVIX. PLAVIX potentiated the effect of aspirin on
PLAVIX (clopidogrel bisulfate) is indicated for the reduction of atherothrom- collagen-induced platelet aggregation. PLAVIX and aspirin have been admin-
botic events as follows: istered together for up to one year.

• Recent Ml, Recent Stroke or Established Peripheral Arterial Disease Heparin: In a study in healthy volunteers, PLAVIX did not necessitate modifi-

For patients with a history of recent myocardial infarction (Ml), recent stroke, cation of the heparin dose or alter the effect of heparin on coagulation.
or established peripheral arterial disease, PLAVIX has been shown to reduce Coadministration of heparin had no effect on inhibition of platelet aggrega-

the rate of a combined endpoint of new ischemic stroke (fatal or not), new tion induced by PLAVIX.

Ml (fatal or not), and other vascular death. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs): In healthy volunteers receiving
• Acute Coronary Syndrome naproxen, concomitant administration of PLAVIX was associated with
-For patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome increased occult gastrointestinal blood loss. NSAIDs and PLAVIX should be
(unstable angina/ non-Q-wave Ml) including patients who are to be managed coadministered with caution.
medically and those who are to be managed with percutaneous coronary Warfarin: Because of the increased risk of bleeding, the concomitant admin-

intervention (with or without stent) or CABG, PLAVIX has been shown to istration of warfarin with PLAVIX should be undertaken with caution. (See

decrease the rate of a combined endpoint of cardiovascular death, Ml, or PRECAUTIONS- General.)

stroke as well as the rate of a combined endpoint of cardiovascular death, Other Concomitant Therapy: No clinically significant pharmacodynamic
Ml, stroke, or refractory ischemia interactions were observed when PLAVIX was coadministered with atenolol,
-For patients with ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction, PLAVIX nifedipine, or both atenolol and nifedipine. The pharmacodynamic activity

has been shown to reduce the rate of death from any cause and the rate of of PLAVIX was also not significantly influenced by the coadministration of
a combined endpoint of death, re-infarction or stroke. This benefit is not phenobarbital, cimetidine or estrogen.
known to pertain to patients who receive primary angioplasty. The pharmacokinetics of digoxin or theophylline were not modified by the
coadministration of PLAVIX (clopidogrel bisulfate).
At high concentrations in vitro, clopidogrel inhibits P450 (2C9). Accordingly,
The use of PLAVIX is contraindicated in the following conditions:
• Hypersensitivity to the drug substance or any component of the product.
PLAVIX may interfere with the metabolism of phenytoin, tamoxifen, tolbu-
tamide, warfarin, torsemide, fluvastatin, and many non-steroidal anti-
• Active pathological bleeding such as peptic ulcer or intracranial hemorrhage.
inflammatory agents, but there are no data with which to predict the
magnitude of these interactions. Caution should be used when any of these
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP):
drugs is coadministered with PLAVIX.
TTP has been reported rarely following use of PLAVIX, sometimes after a
In addition to the above specific interaction studies, patients entered
short exposure (<2 weeks). TTP is a serious condition that can be fatal and
into clinical trials with PLAVIX received a variety of concomitant medications
requires urgent treatment including plasmapheresis (plasma exchange). It is
including diuretics, beta-blocking agents, angiotensin converting enzyme
characterized by thrombocytopenia, microangiopathic hemolytic anemia
inhibitors, calcium antagonists, cholesterol lowering agents, coronary
(schistocytes [fragmented RBCs] seen on peripheral smear), neurological
vasodilators, antidiabetic agents (including insulin), thrombolytics,
findings, renal dysfunction, and fever. (See ADVERSE REACTIONS.)
heparins (unfractionated and LMWH) GPIIb/llla antagonists, antiepileptic
PRECAUTIONS agents and hormone replacement therapy without evidence of clinically
General significant adverse interactions.
PLAVIX prolongs the bleeding time and therefore should be used with caution There are no data on the concomitant use of oral anticoagulants, non-study
in patients who may be at risk of increased bleeding from trauma, surgery, or oral anti-platelet drugs and chronic NSAIDs with clopidogrel.
other pathological conditions (particularly gastrointestinal and intraocular). If a
Drug/Laboratory Test Interactions
patient is to undergo elective surgery and an antiplatelet effect is not desired,
None known.
PLAVIX should be discontinued 5 days prior to surgery.
Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility
Due to the risk of bleeding and undesirable hematological effects, blood cell
There was no evidence of tumorigenicity when clopidogrel was administered
count determination and/or other appropriate testing should be promptly
for 78 weeks to mice and 104 weeks to rats at dosages up to 77 mg/kg per day.
considered, whenever such suspected clinical symptoms arise during the
which afforded plasma exposures >25 times that in humans at the recom-
course of treatment (see ADVERSE REACTIONS)
mended daily dose of 75 mg.
In patients with recent TIA or stroke who are at high risk for recurrent
Clopidogrel was not genotoxic in four in vitro tests (Ames test, DNA-repair test
ischemic events, the combination of aspirin and PLAVIX has not been shown
in rat hepatocytes, gene mutation assay in Chinese hamster fibroblasts, and
to be more effective than PLAVIX alone, but the combination has been shown
metaphase chromosome analysis of human lymphocytes) and in one in vivo
to increase major bleeding.
test (micronucleus test by oral route in mice).
Gl Bleeding: In CAPRIE, PLAVIX was associated with a rate of gastrointestinal
Clopidogrel was found to have no effect on fertility of male and female rats
bleeding of 2.0%, vs. 2.7% on aspirin. In CURE, the incidence of major gastro-
at oral doses up to 400 mg/kg per day (52 times the recommended human
intestinal bleeding was 1.3% vs 0.7% (PLAVIX + aspirin vs. placebo + aspirin,
dose on a mg/m 2 basis).
respectively). PLAVIX should be used with caution in patients who have lesions

with a propensity to bleed (such as ulcers). Drugs that might induce such lesions

should be used with caution in patients taking PLAVIX.

Pregnancy Category B. Reproduction studies performed in rats and rabbits at

Impaired Patients: Experience limited in patients with

doses up to 500 and 300 mg/kg/day (respectively, 65 and 78 times the recom-
Use in Hepatically is

severe hepatic disease, who may have bleeding diatheses. PLAVIX should be mended daily human dose on a mg/m? basis), revealed no evidence of
impaired fertility or fetotoxicity due to clopidogrel. There are, however, no
used with caution in this population.
Use in Renally-impaired Patients: Experience is limited in patients with severe
adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Because animal
renal impairment. PLAVIX should be used with caution in this population.
reproduction studies are not always predictive of a human response, PLAVIX
should be used during pregnancy only if clearly needed.
Information for Patients
Patients should be told it may take them longer than usual to stop bleeding, Nursing Mothers
Studies in rats have shown that clopidogrel and/or its metabolites are excreted
that they may bruise and/or bleed more easily when they take PLAVIX or
PLAVIX combined with aspirin, and that they should report any unusual
in the milk. It is not known whether this drug is excreted in human milk.

bleeding to their physician. Patients should inform physicians and dentists

Because many drugs are excreted in human milk and because of the potential

that they are taking PLAVIX and/or any other product known to affect bleed- for serious adverse reactions in nursing infants, a decision should be made
scheduled and before any new drug is taken. whether to discontinue nursing or to discontinue the drug, taking into
ing before any surgery is

account the importance of the drug to the nursing woman.

Drug Interactions
Pediatric Use
Study of specific drug interactions yielded the following results:
Safety and effectiveness in the pediatric population have not been established.
Geriatric Use
Of the total number of subjects in CAPRIE, CURE and CLARITY controlled clopidogrel bisulfate tablets
clinical studies, approximately 50% of patients treated with PLAVIX were 65
years of age and older and 15% were 75 years and older. In COMMIT, approx- In CLARITY, the incidence of major bleeding (defined as intracranial bleeding
imately 58% of the patients treated with PLAVIX were 60 years and older, 26% or bleeding associated with a fall in hemoglobin > 5 g/dL) was similar
of whom were 70 years and older. between groups (1.3% versus 1.1% in the PLAVIX + aspirin and in the placebo
The observed risk of thrombotic events with clopidogrel plus aspirin versus + aspirin groups, respectively). This was consistent across subgroups of
placebo plus aspirin by age category is provided in Figures 3 and 6 for the CURE patients defined by baseline characteristics, and type of fibrinolytic or
and COMMIT trials, respectively (see CLINICAL STUDIES). The observed risk of heparin therapy. The incidence of fatal bleeding (0.8% versus 0.6% in the
bleeding events with clopidogrel plus aspirin versus placebo plus aspirin by PLAVIX + aspirin and in the placebo + aspirin groups, respectively) and
age category is provided in Tables 5 and 6 for the CURE and COMMIT trials, intracranial hemorrhage (0.5% versus 0.7%, respectively) was low and similar
respectively (see ADVERSE REACTIONS) in both groups.
ADVERSE REACTIONS The overall rate of noncerebral major bleeding or cerebral bleeding in COMMIT
PLAVIX has been evaluated for safety in more than 42,000 patients, including was low and similar in both groups as shown in Table 6 below.
over 9,000 patients treated for 1 year or more. The clinically important Table 6: Number (%) of Patients with Bleeding Events in COMMIT
adverse events observed in CAPRIE, CURE, CLARITY and COMMIT are discussed Type of bleeding PLAVIX Placebo P-value
below. (+ aspirin) (+ aspirin)
The overall tolerability of PLAVIX in CAPRIE was similar to that of aspirin (N = 22961) (N = 22891)
regardless of age, gender and race, with an approximately equal incidence
Major* noncerebral or
(13%) of patients withdrawing from treatment because of adverse reactions.
cerebral bleeding** 134(0.6%) 125 (0.5%) 0.59
Hemorrhagic: In CAPRIE patients receiving PLAVIX, gastrointestinal hemor-
Major noncerebral 82 (0.4%) 73 (0.3%) 0.48
rhage occurred at a rate of 2.0%, and required hospitalization in 0.7%. In
Fatal 36(0.2%) 37 (0.2%) 0.90
patients receiving aspirin, the corresponding rates were 2.7% and 1.1%, Hemorrhagic stroke 55 (0.2%) 56 (0.2%) 0.91
respectively. The incidence of intracranial hemorrhage was 0.4% for PLAVIX
Fatal 39 (0.2%) 41 (0.2%) 0.81
compared to 0.5% for aspirin.
Other noncerebral
In CURE, PLAVIX use with aspirin was associated with an increase in bleeding
bleeding (non-major) 831 (3.6%) 721 (3.1%) 0.005
compared to placebo with aspirin (see Table 5). There was an excess in major
Any noncerebral bleeding 896 (3.9%) 777(3.4%) 0.004
bleeding in patients receiving PLAVIX plus aspirin compared with placebo plus
* Major bleeds are cerebral bleeds or non-cerebral bleeds thought to have
aspirin, primarily gastrointestinal and at puncture sites. The incidence of
intracranial hemorrhage (0.1%), and fatal bleeding (0.2%), were the same in caused death or that required transfusion.
3.7* ** The relative rate of major noncerebral or cerebral bleeding was independent
both groups.
The overall incidence of bleeding is described in Table 5 for patients receiv- of age. Event rates for PLAVIX + aspirin by age were: <60 years = 0.3%, £60
ing both PLAVIX and aspirin in CURE to <70 years = 0.7%, £70 years 0.8%. Event rates for placebo + aspirin by
Table 5: CURE Incidence of bleeding complications (% patients) age were: <60 years =0.4%, £60 to <70 years = 0.6%, £70 years 0.7%.

Adverse events occurring in £2.5% of patients on PLAVIX in the CAPRIE

Event PLAVIX Placebo P-value
controlled clinical trial are shown below regardless of relationship to PLAVIX.
(+ aspirin)* (+ aspirin)*
The median duration of therapy was 20 months, with a maximum of 3 years.
(n=6259) (n=6303)
Table 7: Adverse Events Occurring in £2.5%
Major bleeding f 2.7 § 0.001
of PLAVIX Patients in CAPRIE
Life-threatening bleeding 2.2 1.8 0.13
Fatal 0.2 0.2
% Incidence (% Discontinuation)

5 g/dL hemoglobin drop 0.9 0.9

Body System PLAVIX Aspirin

Requiring surgical intervention 0.7 0.7

Event [n=9599] [n=9586]
Hemorrhagic strokes 0.1 0.1 Body as a Whole - general disorders
Requiring inotropes 0.5 0.5 Chest Pain 8.3 (0.2) 8.3 (0.3)
Requiring transfusion (a4 units) 1.2 1.0 Accidental/Inflicted Injury 7.9 (0.1) 73(0.1)
Other major bleeding 1.6 1.0 0.005 Influenza-like symptoms 7.5 (<0.1) 7.0 (<0.1)
Significantly disabling 0.4 0.3
Pain 6.4 (0.1) 6.3 (0.1)
Intraocular bleeding with
Fatigue 3-3 (0.1) 3.4 (0.1)
significant loss of vision 0.05 0.03
Cardiovascular disorders, general
Requiring 2-3 units of blood 1.3 0.9
Minor bleeding ]j 5.1 <0.001
Edema 4.1 (<0.1) 4.5 (<0.1)
Hypertension 4.3 (<0.1) 5.1 (<0.1)
* Other standard therapies were used as appropriate,
t Life threatening and other major bleeding.
Central & peripheral nervous system disorders
+ Headache 7.6 (0.3) 7-2(0 2)
t Major bleeding event rate for PLAVIX aspirin was dose-dependent on
aspirin: <100 mg=2.6%; 100-200 mg= 3.5%; >200 mg=4.9% Dizziness 6.2 (0.2) 6.7 (0.3)

Major bleeding event rates for PLAVIX + aspirin by age were: <65 years Gastrointestinal system disorders
= 2.5%, £65 to <75 years = 4.1%, £75 years 5.9% Any event 27.1(3.2) 29.8 (4.0)

§ Major bleeding event rate for placebo + aspirin was dose-dependent on Abdominal pain 5.6 (0.7) 7.1 (1.0)
aspirin: <100 mg=2.0%; 100-200 mg= 2.3%; >200 mg=4.0% Dyspepsia 5.2 (0.6) 6.1 (0.7)
Major bleeding event rates for placebo + aspirin by age were: <65 years
Diarrhea 4.5 (0.4) 3.4 (0.3)
= 2.1%, £65 to <75 years = 3.1%, £75 years 3.6%
Nausea 3.4 (0.5) 3.8 (0.4)
K Led to interruption of study medication.
Metabolic & nutritional disorders
Ninety-two percent (92%) of the patients in the CURE study received
Hypercholesterolemia 4.0 (0) 4.4 (<0.1)
heparin/LMWH, and the rate of bleeding in these patients was similar to the
Musculoskeletal system disorders
overall results.
Arthralgia 6.3 (0.1) 6.2 (0.1)
There was no excess in major bleeds within seven days after coronary bypass

graft surgery in patients who stopped therapy more than five days prior to Back Pain 5.8 (0.1) 5.3 (<0.1)

surgery (event rate 4.4% PLAVIX + aspirin; 5.3% placebo + aspirin). In patients Platelet, bleeding, & clotting disorders
who remained on therapy within five days of bypass graft surgery, the event rate Purpura/Bruise 5.3(0.3) 37(0.1)
was 9.6% for PLAVIX + aspirin, and 6.3% for placebo + aspirin. Epistaxis 2.9 (0.2) 2.5(0.1)
Table 7: Adverse Events Occurring in £2.5% PLAVIX*
of PLAVIX Patients in CAPRIE (continued) clopidogrel bisulfate tablets

% Incidence (% Discontinuation)
-cases of bleeding with fatal outcome (especially intracranial, gastrointestinal
Body System PLAVIX Aspirin and retroperitoneal hemorrhage)
Event [n=9599] [n=9586] -thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) - some cases with fatal
Psychiatric disorders outcome- (see WARNINGS).
Depression 3.6 (0.1) 3.9 (0.2) -agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia/pancytopenia

Respiratory system disorders -conjunctival, ocular and retinal bleeding

Upper resp tract infection 8.7 (<0.1) 8.3 (<0.1)

• Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders:

Dyspnea -bronchospasm, interstitial pneumonitis

4.5 (0.1) 4.7 (0.1)
• Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders:
Rhinitis 4.2 (0.1) 4.2 (<0.1)
-angioedema, erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic
Bronchitis 37(0.1) 3.7(0)
epidermal necrolysis, lichen planus
Coughing 3.1 (<0.1) 2.7(<0.1) • Renal and urinary disorders:
Skin & appendage disorders - glomerulopathy, increased creatinine levels
Any event 15.8 (1.5) 13.1 (0.8) • Vascular disorders:
Rash 4.2 (0.5) 3.5(02) - vasculitis, hypotension
• Gastrointestinal disorders:
Pruritus 3.3 (0.3) 1.6 (0.1)

Urinary system disorders

- colitis (including ulcerative or lymphocytic colitis), pancreatitis, stomatitis

Urinary tract infection 3.1 (0) 3.5(0.1)

• Musculoskeletal, connective tissue and bone disorders:
- myalgia
No additional clinically relevant events to those observed in CAPRIE with a
frequency £2.5%, have been reported during the CURE and CLARITY controlled
studies. COMMIT collected only limited safety data.
Overdose following clopidogrel administration may lead to prolonged
bleeding time and subsequent bleeding complications. A single oral dose of
Other adverse experiences of potential importance occurring in 1% to 2.5%
clopidogrel at 1500 or 2000 mg/kg was lethal to mice and to rats and at
of patients receiving PLAVIX (clopidogrel bisulfate) in the controlled clinical
3000 mg/kg to baboons. Symptoms of acute toxicity were vomiting (in
trials are listed below regardless of relationship to PLAVIX. In general, the inci-
baboons), prostration, difficult breathing, and gastrointestinal hemorrhage in
dence of these events was similar to that in patients receiving aspirin (in
all species.
CAPRIE) or placebo + aspirin (in the other clinical trials).
Recommendations About Specific Treatment:
Autonomic Nervous System Disorders: Syncope, Palpitation. Body as a Whole-
Based on biological plausibility, platelet transfusion may be appropriate to
general disorders: Asthenia, Fever, Hernia. Cardiovascular disorders: Cardiac
reverse the pharmacological effects of PLAVIX if quick reversal is required.
failure. Central and peripheral nervous system disorders: Cramps legs,

Hypoaesthesia, Neuralgia, Paraesthesia, Vertigo. Gastrointestinal system

disorders: Constipation, Vomiting. Heart rate and rhythm disorders: Recent Ml, Recent Stroke, or Established Peripheral Arterial Disease
Fibrillation atrial. Liver and biliary system disorders: Hepatic enzymes The recommended daily dose of PLAVIX is 75 mg once daily.

increased. Metabolic and nutritional disorders: Gout, hyperuricemia, non- Acute Coronary Syndrome
protein nitrogen (NPN) increased. Musculoskeletal system d/sorders: Arthritis, For patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome
Arthrosis. Platelet, bleeding & clotting disorders: Gl hemorrhage, hematoma, (unstable angina/non-Q-wave Ml), PLAVIX should be initiated with a single
platelets decreased. Psychiatric disorders: Anxiety, Insomnia. Red blood cell 300 mg loading dose and then continued at 75 mg once daily. Aspirin (75 mg-
disorders: Anemia. Respiratory system disorders: Pneumonia, Sinusitis. Skin 325 mg once daily) should be initiated and continued in combination with
and appendage disorders: Eczema, Skin ulceration. Urinary system disorders: PLAVIX. In CURE, most patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome also received
Cystitis. Vision disorders: Cataract, Conjunctivitis. heparin acutely (see CLINICAL STUDIES).
Other potentially serious adverse events which may be of clinical interest but For patients with ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction, the rec-
were rarely reported (<1%) in patients who received PLAVIX in the controlled ommended dose of PLAVIX is 75 mg once daily, administered in combination
clinical trials are listed below regardless of relationship to PLAVIX. In general, with aspirin, with or without thrombolytics. PLAVIX may be initiated with or

the incidence of these events was similar to that in patients receiving aspirin without a loading dose (300 mg was used in CLARITY; see CLINICAL STUDIES)
(in the other clinical trials) PLAVIX can be administered with or without food.
Body as a whole: Allergic reaction, necrosis ischemic. Cardiovascular disorders: No dosage adjustment is necessary for elderly patients or patients with renal
Edema generalized. Gastrointestinal system disorders: Peptic, gastric or disease. (See Clinical Pharmacology: Special Populations.)
duodenal ulcer, gastritis, gastric ulcer perforated, gastritis hemorrhagic, Distributed by:
upper Gl ulcer hemorrhagic. Liver and Biliary system disorders: Bilirubinemia, Bristol-Myers Squibb/Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Partnership
hepatitis infectious, liver fatty. Platelet, bleeding and clotting disorders: New York, NY 10016
hemarthrosis, hematuria, hemoptysis, hemorrhage intracranial, hemorrhage
retroperitoneal, hemorrhage of operative wound, ocular hemorrhage,
pulmonary hemorrhage, purpura allergic, thrombocytopenia. Red blood cell
sanofi-synthelabo f§§* Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

disorders: Anemia aplastic, anemia hypochromic. Reproductive disorders,

female: Menorrhagia. Respiratory system disorders: Hemothorax. Skin and PLAVIX® is a registered trademark of Sanofi-Synthelabo.
appendage disorders: Bullous eruption, rash erythematous, rash maculo-
Brief Summary of Prescribing Information Revised August 2006
papular, urticaria. Urinary system disorders: Abnormal renal function, acute
renal failure. White cell and reticuloendothelial system disorders:
Agranulocytosis, granulocytopenia, leukemia, leukopenia, neutropenia.

Postmarketing Experience
The following events have been reported spontaneously from worldwide
postmarketing experience:
• Body as a whole:
-hypersensitivity reactions, anaphylactoid reactions, serum sickness
• Central and Peripheral Nervous System disorders:
-confusion, hallucinations, taste disorders
• Hepato-biliary disorders:
-abnormal liver function test, hepatitis (non-infectious), acute liver failure

• Platelet, Bleeding and Clotting disorders:


My One Big Shot

How a couple of bullies at school led me to the court

originated with

was seven years
knew one
for certain:
baseball and stunk at
My passion for baseball

who was

my baby-sitter, Mary
a rabid fan and
Little League. The Inwood section
of Manhattan, where
was few miles north of
just a

Harlem, and it was there that I


played both first base and outfield.

starting to
I also pitched. I was

grow so tall, however,


lived near both Yankee Stadium and that basketball was a choice I could
the Polo Grounds. My mom also no longer completely ignore.
liked baseball and often listened Eventually, I ventured onto the
to the play-by-play Brooklyn court and tried a few shots.
Dodger broadcasts by Red I failed miserably. My
Barber. As a little kid in father then took me
1951, watched Joe
1 to the public park.
DiMaggio play his last “This is how you
season and Willie Mays protect the
play his first. I quickly ball,” he said.
learned to appreciate He proceeded
the hysteria that was to elbow me
New York baseball then. in the face.

My love of the game After that
grew at the same rate as
my body, and when I was
finally old enough, I joined

"I was driven to become

a team player, not a
star,” says the
basketball legend.
MARCH 2007

one lesson, I abandoned basketball. parents came to pick me up, they

But two things brought me back noticed a distinct change in me.
to it: getting the snot beat out of me They said I didn’t smile anymore.
and seeing an amazing movie. It was true. 1 had changed. I’d

The physical beating took place learned not to joke around with the
in 1956, when I was nine. My parents other students and not to volunteer
had sent me to an all-black boarding answers in class. A happy face
school, Holy Providence in Corn- seemed to antagonize the bullies,
so, yeah, I had stopped
A happy face seemed to smiling. I’d had to find
refuge on my own.
antagonize these kids, I found it on the court.
Despite my lack of ability
so I stopped smiling or interest, being on the
team kept me away from
I had to find refuge.
the knuckle-dragging crew.
wells Heights, near Philadelphia. As a nine-year-old kid imprisoned
The school had about 30 boys and in a grown man’s body, I was all
100 girls, but the benefits of such wobbly legs and gangly arms. I must
a lopsided gender ratio were com- have looked like a puppet being
pletely lost on a shy nine-year-old. controlled by a drunk puppeteer.
Besides, my problem was with If my teammates passed the ball to
the boys. Though I was already a me, I soon made them regret it.
towering five feet eight inches, I But no matter how badly I played
was mild mannered and cheerful. the game, at least while I was on
I also excelled in my classes. With the court, no one was punching
my parents’ encouragement, I was me in the face.
reading several grade levels above In one game, I was trapped by the
the other fourth-graders and earning other team and, having lost the drib-
straight A’s. Naturally, I was hated. ble, was desperate to get rid of the
This hatred was expressed by the ball. Unable to find an open team-

school bullies, a couple of pugna- mate to rescue me, I glanced over

cious seventh-graders who were my shoulder at the basket. Then I

constantly on my case. The nuns pivoted and tossed up a hook shot.

were powerless to protect me. Then, It was an in-and-out miss. But that
two weeks before school let out in feeling — that sense of power and
the spring, I was jumped in a narrow control as I was being swarmed
hallway. The bullies pummeled me yet still able to rise above them
relentlessly until they finally got to take the shot — completely ener-
tired and ran away. When my gized me.


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vered a basketball in a narrow hall-
way past another guy with such
agility and flair that I knew I had to
possess that skill.

Haynes was and

just six feet tall
160 pounds; he made the bigger guys
look foolish, like woolly mammoths.
I started practicing my dribbling im-
mediately. Over time, I focused on
being the kind of big man who could
move like Marques Haynes. Okay, I
could never move like Haynes — but
that was my goal. Better to be the

quick hummingbird than the extinct

mammoth, I figured.
As a nine-year-old kid at boarding
school swarmed daily by bullies, DEFRISCO/ALLSPORT/GETTY

and with no option but to become

invisible, I found something on the
basketball court. My skills gave me
back a little of what I had lost: pride,

Abdul-Jabbar’s skyhook led him to self-respect and visibility. My

38,387 points, the most in NBA history. parents took me out of that school
after a year, but I kept practicing
By now I’d also seen the film Go, my hook shot.
Man, Go! It told how Abe Saper- For the next 33 years, I was always
stein, founder of the Harlem Globe- on a basketball team. And not just
trotters, saw a group of talented because of the height I

black kids playing basketball one ultimately grew to

day in 1926. He became obsessed seven-foot-two. The
with making them the greatest team skyhook became my
ever. In the film, the Globetrotters signature shot. I was
played themselves. After watching never invisible again.
them, I walked out of the darkened
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a legendary
theater a changed boy.
player with the Milwaukee Bucks and the
I had seen what basketball, when Los Angeles Lakers, was elected to the
played by the greats at the highest Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of
level, could be like. One scene really Fame in 1995.

stood out. Marques Haynes, consid- ii'M'inP To buy a copy of On the Shoulders
ered by many to be the best dribbler of Giants, and to see our exclusive video of
in the world in those days, maneu- Abdul-Jabbar, visit

treats osteoporosis
with just one
pill a month.

"I can do that!"

you have postmenopausal osteoporosis,

If BONIVA might
be as right for you as it is for Sally Field.
Because only BONIVA is clinically proven to help build strong,
healthy bones to prevent fractures with just one pill a month.
Would one pill a month fit into
Unlike other treatments you have to take every week, Sally your calendar? Ask your doctor
takes BONIVA once a month. BONIVA fits nicely into her routine. if BONIVA is right for you.
And she’s not alone. Research showed that 2 out of 3 women
preferred the once-monthly dosing of BONIVA over a weekly treatment*
Important Safety Information: You should not take prescription BONIVA you have low blood calcium, if

cannot sit or stand for at least 60 minutes, have severe kidney disease, or are allergic to BONIVA.
Stop taking BONIVA and tell your healthcare provider if you experience difficult or painful swallowing,
chest pain, or severe or continuing heartburn, as these may be signs of serious upper digestive problems.
Follow the once-monthly BONIVA 150 mg dosing instructions carefully to lower the chance of these
events occurring. Side effects are generally mild or moderate and may include diarrhea, pain in the
arms or legs, or upset stomach. If you develop severe bone, joint, and/or muscle pain, contact your
healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider may also recommend a calcium and vitamin D supplement.

Here’s an easy way to get started on BONIVA: Ask your doctor

for your first month free trial or call 1 -888-362-2544.

For more information about BONIVA, please visit

Please read the Patient Information on the next page.

*ln clinical studies versus Fosamax (alendronate sodium), a registered

trademark of Merck & Co., Inc,, efficacy was not assessed.

BONIVA is a registered trademark of Roche Therapeutics Inc.

Pharmaceuticals ^^GlaxoSmithKline There’s Only One

Patient Information • Take BONIVA first thing in the morning at least 1 hour

(60 minutes) before you eat, drink anything other than

BONIVA® [bon-EE-va] (ibandronate sodium)
plain water, or take any other oral medicine.
TABLETS • Take BONIVA with 6 to 8 ounces (about 1 full cup) of
Rx only plain water. Do not take it with any other drink besides
Read this patient information carefully before you start plain water. Do not take it with other drinks, such as
taking BONIVA. Read this patient information each time mineral water, sparkling water, coffee, tea, dairy drinks
you get a refill for BONIVA. There may be new informa- (such as milk), or juice.
tion.This information is not everything you need to know • Swallow BONIVA whole. Do not chew or suck the
about BONIVA. It does not take the place of talking with tablet orkeep it in your mouth to melt or dissolve.
your health care provider about your condition or your • After taking BONIVA you must wait at least 1 hour
treatment. Talk about BONIVA with your health care (60 minutes) before:
provider before you start taking it, and at your - Lying down. You may sit, stand, or do normal

regular check-ups. read the newspaper or take a walk.

activities like

What is the most important information should I

- Eating or drinking anything except for plain water.
know about BONIVA? - Taking other oral medicines including vitamins,
BONIVA may cause serious problems in the stomach calcium, or antacids. Take your vitamins, calcium,
and the esophagus (the tube that connects your mouth and antacids at a different time of the day from the
and stomach) such as trouble swallowing, heartburn, time when you take BONIVA.
and ulcers (see “What are the possible side effects • If you take too much BONIVA, drink a full glass of milk

of BONIVA?”). and call your local poison control center or emergency

room right away. Do not make yourself vomit. Do not
You must take BONIVA exactly as prescribed for
lie down.
BONIVA to work for you and to lower the chance
• Keep taking BONIVA for as long as your health care
of serious side effects (see “How should I take
provider tells you. BONIVA will not work if you stop
taking it.
What is BONIVA? • Your health care provider may tell you to exercise and
BONIVA is a prescription medicine used to treat or take calcium and vitamin supplements to help your
prevent osteoporosis in women after menopause (see osteoporosis.
“What is osteoporosis?”). • Your health care provider may do a test to measure
BONIVA may reverse bone loss by stopping more loss the thickness (density) of your bones or do other tests
of bone and increasing bone mass in most women who to check your progress.
take even though they won’t be able to see or
it, feel a What is my BONIVA schedule?
difference. BONIVA may help lower the chances of
Schedule for taking BONIVA 150 mg once monthly:
breaking bones (fractures). • Take one BONIVA 150-mg tablet once a month.
For BONIVA to treat or prevent osteoporosis, you have • Choose one date of the month (your BONIVA day) that
to takeit as prescribed. BONIVA will not work if you stop
you will remember and that best fits your schedule to
taking it.
take your BONIVA 1 50-mg tablet.
Who should not take BONIVA? • Take one BONIVA 150-mg tablet in the morning of your

Do not take BONIVA if you: chosen day (see “How should take BONIVA?”).

• have low blood calcium (hypocalcemia) What to do if miss a monthly dose:


• cannot sit or stand up for at least 1 hour (60 minutes) • If your next scheduled BONIVA day is more than
• have kidneys that work very poorly 7 days away, take one BONIVA 150-mg tablet in the
• are allergic to ibandronate sodium or any of the other morning following the day that you remember (see
ingredients of BONIVA (see the end of this Patient
“How should take BONIVA?”). Then return to

Information for a list of all the ingredients in BONIVA) taking one BONIVA 150-mg tablet every month in
Tell your health care provider before using BONIVA: the morning of your chosen day, according to your
• if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. It original schedule.
is not known if BONIVA can harm your unborn baby. • Do not take two 1 50-mg tablets within the same week.
• if you are breast-feeding. is not known BONIVA
It if
If your next scheduled BONIVA day is only 1 to 7 days
passes into your milk and can harm your baby.
if it
away, wait until your next scheduled BONIVA day to
• have swallowing problems or other problems with your take your tablet. Then return to taking one BONIVA
esophagus (the tube that connects your mouth and 1 50-mg tablet every month in the morning of your
stomach) chosen day, according to your original schedule.
• if you have kidney problems

• if you are planning a dental procedure such as a tooth

• If you are not sure what to do if you miss a dose,
contact your health care provider, who will be
Tell your health care provider (including your den- able to advise you.
tist) about all the medicines you take including Schedule for taking BONIVA 2.5 mg once daily:
prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins •Take one BONIVA 2.5-mg tablet once a day first thing in

and supplements. Some medicines, especially certain the morning at least 1 hour (60 minutes) before you eat,
vitamins, supplements, and antacids can stop BONIVA drink anything other than plain water, or take any other
from getting to your bones. This can happen if you take oral medicine (see “How should I take BONIVA?”).
other medicines too close to the time that you take What to do if miss a daily dose:

BONIVA (see “How should take BONIVA?”). I

• If you forget to take your BONIVA 2.5-mg tablet in the

How should take BONIVA?

I morning, do not take it later in the day. Just return to
• Take BONIVA exactly as instructed by your health your normal schedule and take 1 tablet the next
care provider. morning. Do not take two tablets on the same day.
• If you are not sure what to do if you miss a dose, Women who:
contact your health care provider, who will be • are going through or who are past menopause
able to advise you. (“the change”)
• are white (Caucasian) or Asian
What should avoid while taking BONIVA?

• Do not take other medicines, or eat or drink anything

People who:
but plain water before you take BONIVA and for at • are thin
least 1 hour (60 minutes) after you take it. • have a family member with osteoporosis
• Do not lie down for at least 1 hour (60 minutes) after D
• do not get enough calcium or vitamin
you take BONIVA. • do not exercise
What are the possible side effects of BONIVA? • smoke
Stop taking BONIVA and call your health care • drink alcohol often
provider right away if you have: • take bone thinning medicines (like prednisone)
• pain or trouble with swallowing for a long time
• chest pain General information about BONIVA
• very bad heartburn or heartburn that does not Medicines are sometimes prescribed for conditions that
get better are not mentioned in patient information. Do not use
BONIVA for a condition for which was not prescribed. it
• pain or trouble swallowing (dysphagia)
Do not give BONIVA to other people, even they have if

the same symptoms you have. It may harm them.

• heartburn (esophagitis)
• ulcers in your stomach or esophagus (the tube that Store BONIVA room temperature
at 77° F (25°C) or at
connects your mouth and stomach) between 59°F and 86°F (15°C and 30°C).
Common side effects with BONIVA are: Keep BONIVA and all medicines out of the reach
• diarrhea of children.
• pain in extremities (arms or legs)
• dyspepsia (upset stomach) This summarizes the most important information about
BONIVA. If you would like more information, talk with
Less common side effects with BONIVA are short- your health care provider. You can ask your health care
lasting, mild flu-like symptoms (usually improve after the provider or pharmacist for information about BONIVA
firstdose). These are not all the possible side effects of that is written for health professionals.
BONIVA. For more information ask your health care
provider or pharmacist.
For more information about BONIVA, call
1-888-MY-BONIVA or visit
Rarely, patients have reported severe bone, joint, and/or
What are the ingredients of BONIVA?
muscle pain starting within one day to several months
BONIVA (active ingredient): ibandronate sodium
after beginning to take, by mouth, bisphosphonate drugs
BONIVA (inactive ingredients): lactose monohydrate,
to treat osteoporosis (thin bones). This group of drugs
povidone, microcrystalline cellulose, crospovidone,
includes BONIVA. Most patients experienced relief after
purified stearic acid, colloidal silicon dioxide, and
stopping the drug. Contact your health care provider if
purified water. The tablet film coating contains
you develop these symptoms after starting BONIVA.
hypromellose, titanium dioxide, talc, polyethylene
What is osteoporosis? glycol 6000 and purified water.
Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become
thinner. Thin bones can break easily. Most people think BONIVA is a registered trademark of Roche
of their bones as being solid like a rock. Actually, bone
Therapeutics Inc.

is living tissue, just like other parts of the body, such as

Distributed by:
your heart, brain, or skin. Bone just happens to be a
harder type of tissue. Bone is always changing. Your <( Roche ) Pharmaceuticals
body keeps your bones strong and healthy by replacing
old bone with new bone. Roche Laboratories Inc.
Osteoporosis causes the body to remove more bone 340 Kingsland Street
than replaces. This means that bones get weaker.
it Nutley, New Jersey 07110-1199
Weak bones are more likely to break. Osteoporosis is
Co-promoted by
a bone disease that is quite common in women after
menopause. At first, osteoporosis has no symptoms, but
Roche Laboratories Inc. and
people with osteoporosis may develop loss of height
and are more likely to break (fracture) their bones,
especially the back (spine), wrist, and hip bones.
Osteoporosis can be prevented, and with proper Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
therapy it can be treated.
Who is at risk for osteoporosis? 27899161
Talk to your health care provider about your chances 27899246
for getting osteoporosis.
Revised: August 2006
Many things put people at risk for osteoporosis.
Copyright ©2006 by Roche Laboratories Inc.
The following people have a higher chance of
All rights reserved.
getting osteoporosis:
All food wishes it were...
“M’m! M’m! Goodr
It has it all, and it’s all delicious,
Tender pieces of beef, vegetables so nutritious
And with broth that’s rich, it’s our belief,

you’ll love Campbell's


1m! I'm! Good!


I trained a new hire, and at first he was

very appreciative. He’s hard-working
and finishes assignments
become very secretive and protective.
on time, but

We’re at the same level and share some tasks,

but when I ask him questions, he stalls. And
if I send e-mails, he never answers them.
I don’t want to bitch to the boss, so how can
I get this guy to open up? office pal

Dear quiet her down. Remind Big Bro

This guy is not your friend;
your rival. Talk, don’t gripe,
landlord there are laws governing
tenants’ rights. Otherwise, tell him,
to your mutual boss about smooth- “Thank your sister — I’m outta here.”
ing the workflow. But remember:
Some people are more interested l’m dating a woman with two
in getting ahead than getting along.
You can’t change this guy. Do unto
sons in their 20s who live with
They’re good guys but neither
him as you would have him do unto helps around the house or con-
you, but watch your back and go — tributes financially. She’s a school-
out for a beer with your real friends. teacher and does the shopping,
cleaning and her class prep until
I live in a duplex. The lady 10 p.m. She’s working herself to
upstairs isband direc-
a school death. I’ve told her it’s them or me.
tor, and bangs the piano and blows How can I get her to act? fair share
a horn until midnight. Complain
to the landlord? Tried that. He’s her Dear Share,
brother. What can I do
voice heard through the din? earache
to make my A The last thing this
needs is another male making

demands. If you really care about

Dear Earache, her and want to have a future with
I can’t imagine an apartment her, get in there and lend a hand
so magnificent, convenient and make dinner, vacuum the rug, wash
inexpensive to justify such a noisy Jeanne Marie Laskas is the author of
neighbor. A call to the cops might Growing Girls (Bantam).



the windows. Show her and her Dear Trophy,

boys what a realman can do and be. A If your parents are competitive,
challenge them to a debate. Set up
Like many working couples, a stage in your home, and lay down
Q my husband and I rarely go
on vacation. When we do, he likes
some ground rules. Everybody gets
three minutes of uninterrupted talk-
to visit family or old buddies so he ing to make his or her case. Each
can kick back and watch bowl person is allowed two minutes for
games. But what kind of break is it The topic: Are Mom and
for me if I have to play the perfect Dad pushing us too hard, or are we
houseguest and be tied to someone a couple of slackers? In the debate,
else’s lifestyle and schedule? What’s score the point that it’s not the
your opinion? gimme a break undergraduate school that counts—
it’s a degree from the best graduate

Dear Break, school that does. (Not a bad goal to

First, I’m prescribing an im- keep in mind.) Mom and Dad will
mediate girls’ night out. You need see you in a new light.
to remember what fun feels like,
sister. Breaks are not given so much
as gotten. Go Have some
get one.
Question of the Month
innocent fun, and when you get a My kids and have had a hard

big enough dose, bring your rejuve- two years. My wife left and
nated self to your hubby. Tell him my father died. Now I’m about to

how you define fun. Sit down with marry a wonderful woman, but I’ve
him and prepare your next vacation, begun to notice changes in my 15-
year-old daughter. First, she began
making a “have fun” to-do list that
to have panic attacks. And lately,
is equal parts his and hers.
itseems she eats barely anything.
Her hands and feet are as cold as
My parents are competitive
Q and put pressure on me and my
brother. All their friends have kids
ice. And she’s started to wear her
13-year-old sister's clothes. What’s
going to elite colleges, so they’re
pushing us to achieve the same. I Dear Worried,
love my parents, but sometimes they Good for you for so astutely
expect too much. I’ve tried talking noticing the warning signs of an
to them, but they say I’m goofing off. eating disorder. You need to get
Any advice? trophy daughter your daughter to her pediatrician
Questions about parents, partners or atonce for a full physical. Tell the
office politics?E-mail Jeanne Marie Laskas doc of your suspicions. You could
at Sending gives us be saving your daughter’s life.
permission to edit and publish.

ball doesn't
know how
old I am. It’s only when the tide
in Shape Your
Self goes out that you learn who’s
been swimming naked.
WARREN BUFFETT on Charlie Rose (PBS)

Life asks us to make measurable

progress in reasonable time. That’s
why they make those fourth-grade
The beaten path
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b) Ben Cohen BOB WELLS

c) Jay-Z FOR ANSWER, SEE BELOW We pay $100 for the wit and wisdom of
$ famous contemporary people. See page 146.
Z-Aef (o
/V JL MERCK / Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals

Merck/Schering-Plough To find out if you qualify, Copyright © MercK/Schering- Plough Pharmaceuticals. 2006
call 1-800-347-7503. All rights reserved. 20652648(2)(800)-ZET

Program ZETIA is a registered trademark of MSP Singapore Company, LLC.

A different way to help
lower cholesterol.
The most common cholesterol-lowering
medicines, statins, are a good option. My
doctor says ZETIA is different. Statins

work mainly with the liver. ZETIA works

in the digestive tract, as do some other

medicines. But ZETIA is unique in the way

it helps block the absorption of cholesterol

that comes from food.

A healthy diet and exercise are important,

but sometimes they’re not enough to get

your cholesterol where it needs to be.

Ask your doctor if ZETIA is right for you.

ZETIA has not been shown to prevent heart disease or heart attacks.

Important information: ZETIA is a prescription medicine and should not be taken by

people who are allergic to any of its ingredients. If you have ever had liver problems, are

nursing or pregnant or may become pregnant, a doctor will decide if ZETIA alone is right

for you.

Unexplained muscle pain or weakness could be a sign of a rare but serious side effect

and should be reported to your doctor right away. Common side effects included stomach
pain and feeling tired.

For more information, call 1-800-98-ZETIA or visit

Please read the Patient Product Information on the adjacent pages.

A different way to help fight cholesterol

(ezetimibe) Tablets
ZETIA' (ezetimibe)Tablets
Patient Information about ZETIA (zet-e-a)
Generic name: ezetimibe (e-zet-e-mlb)
Read this information carefully before you start taking ZETIA and each time you get more ZETIA.
There may be new information. This information does not take the place of talking with your doctor
about your medical condition or your treatment. If you have any questions about ZETIA, ask your
doctor. Only your doctor can determine if ZETIA is right for you.

What is ZETIA?
ZETIA is a medicine used to lower levels of total cholesterol and LDL(bad) cholesterol in the blood.

It is used for patients who cannot control their cholesterol levels by diet alone. It can be used by
itself or with other medicines to treat high cholesterol. You should stay on a cholesterol-lowering
diet while taking this medicine.

ZETIA works to reduce the amount of cholesterol your body absorbs. ZETIA does not help you lose weight.
For more information about cholesterol, see the "What should I know about high cholesterol?"
section that follows.

Who should not take ZETIA?

• Do not take ZETIA if you are allergic to ezetimibe, the active ingredient in ZETIA, or to the inactive
ingredients. For a list of inactive ingredients, see the "Inactive ingredients" section that follows.
• If you have active liver disease, do not take ZETIA while taking cholesterol-lowering medicines
called statins.
• If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, do not take ZETIA while taking a statin.

What should I tell my doctor before and while taking ZETIA?

Tell your doctor about any prescription and non-prescription medicines you are taking or plan to
take, including natural or herbal remedies.

Tell your doctor about all your medical conditions including allergies.
Tell your doctor if you:
• ever had liver may not be right for you.
problems. ZETIA
• are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Your doctor will decide if ZETIA is right for you.
• are breast-feeding. We do not know if ZETIA can pass to your baby through your milk. Your doctor
willdecide if ZETIA is right foryou.
• experience unexplained muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness.

How should I take ZETIA?

• Take ZETIA once a day, with or without food. It may be easierto rememberto take your dose if
you do it at the same time every day, such as with breakfast, dinner, or at bedtime. If you also take
another medicine to reduce your cholesterol, ask your doctor if you can take them at the same
• If you forget to take ZETIA, take it as soon as you remember. However, do not take more than one
dose of ZETIA a day.
• Continue to follow a cholesterol-lowering diet while taking ZETIA. Ask your doctor if you need diet
• Keep taking ZETIA unless your doctor tells you to stop. It is important that you keep taking ZETIA
even if you do not feel sick.

See your doctor regularly to check your cholesterol level and to check for side effects. Your doctor
may do blood tests to check your liver before you start taking ZETIA with a statin and during treatment.

What are the possible side effects of ZETIA?

In clinical studies patients reported few side effects while taking ZETIA. These included stomach
pain and feeling tired.
Very rarely, patients have experienced severe muscle problems while taking ZETIA® (ezetimibe),
usually when ZETIA was added to a statin drug. If you experience unexplained muscle pain,
tenderness, or weakness while taking ZETIA, contact your doctor immediately. You need to do
this promptly, because on rare occasions, these muscle problems can be serious, with muscle
breakdown resulting in kidney damage.
Additionally, the following side effects have been reported in general use: allergic reactions (which
may require treatment right away) including swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat that may

cause difficulty inbreathing or swallowing, rash, and hives; joint pain; muscle aches; alterations
in some laboratory blood tests; liver problems; inflammation of the pancreas; nausea; gallstones;
inflammation of the gallbladder.

your doctor if you are having these or any other medical problems while on ZETIA. For a
complete list of side effects, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

What should know about

I high cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat found in your blood. Yourtotal cholesterol is made up of LDL and HDL

LDL cholesterol is called "bad" cholesterol because it can build up in the wall of your arteries and
form plaque. Overtime, plaque build-up can cause a narrowing of the arteries. This narrowing can
slow or block blood flow to your heart, brain, and other organs. High LDL cholesterol is a major
cause of heart disease and stroke.
HDL cholesterol is called "good" cholesterol because it keeps the bad cholesterol from building up
in the arteries.

Triglycerides also are fats found in your blood.

General Information about ZETIA

Medicines are sometimes prescribed for conditions that are not mentioned in patient information
leaflets. Do not use ZETIA for a condition for which it was not prescribed. Do not give ZETIA to other
people, even if they have the same condition you have. It may harm them.

This summarizes the most important information about ZETIA. If you would like more information,
talk withyour doctor. You can ask your pharmacist or doctor for information about ZETIA that is
written for health professionals.

Inactive ingredients:

Croscarmellose sodium, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose,

povidone, and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Issued July 2005

MERCK / Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals

Manufactured for:
Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals
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Schering Corporation
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All rights reserved.
Printed in USA. 20652648(2)(800)-ZET
discoveries, devices,
tests and cures

oon there may be blood cleaner comes

S a way to fight a
pandemic before
has time to spread. The
in two sizes and is used
with portable pumps
or dialysis machines.
Hemopurifier, designed The smaller version is
by Aethlon Medical, a the size of a large pen. James A. Joyce, points
small biotech company Itcan be attached to out that it took about
in California, is a blood- an artery in the arm by 90 days before the
filtering device that emergency medical SARS virus was identi-
removes viruses and personnel, using only fied. With the Hemo- DESIGN

toxins before infection needles, tubing and purifier, you won’t lose
attacks organs, using tape. After filtering of valuable time — and
a method similar to the blood is complete lives —while scientists HEADCASE

dialysis. (within a few hours), in the laboratory try

The cool part: Treat- researchers can begin to figure out what

ment can begin without to identify the germ they’re dealing with.
first identifying the or toxin from blood M 1-2 YEARS ILLUSTRATED

infectious culprit. The samples. Aethlon’s CEO, SUSAN DOREMUS

early 100,000 people undergo chest-cracking

N open-heart surgery to replace heart valves

each year. But a less invasive technique may
become the new standard. As with angioplasty, doc-
tors enter the body through a groin vessel, thread
tools and devices into the heart (the valve itself
compresses to the diameter of a pencil), and operate
while watching live images from an echocardiogram
If Spider-Man had gone and x-ray machine. The procedure will make valve
to medical school, he repair or replacement feasible for sick patients
could have made a who can’t handle the stress of open-heart surgery
fortune in orthopedics. (as well as those reluctant to undergo it the old-
That’s because new fashioned way), possibly doubling the number who
research by Tufts Univer- can be helped. It will be less
sity bioengineers shows painful, and recovery
that spider combined
silk, time will be quicker.
with tiny glass beads Investigational trials
called silica, creates a are under way.

new material that could » 4-5 YEARS
one day be used in LISA FIELDS
growing and repairing
human bones.


Spiders usually use

their silk to make webs
and catch prey, and scien- BREAST
tists have long studied CANCER
the benefits of the
ble, strong fibers. The
new "fusion" material new ultrasound U.S. annually, and early

promises to improve
the quality of bone im-
plants in surgery. Earlier
A technique lets ra-

diologists distin-
guish between malignant
detection is their best
hope. “If our results can
be reproduced in a large
research on spider silk and benign breast le- multicenter trial,” says

suggests it can be used sions. By using elasticity Richard G. Barr, MD,

in many products, in- imaging, researchers of Northeastern Ohio
cluding surgical sutures, accurately identified Universities College
body armor and even harmless and cancerous of Medicine, “this tech-

artificial ligaments lesions in almost all of nique could significantly


for people with knee the 80 cases studied. reduce the number
(TOP) injuries. M 5* YEARS An estimated 213,000 of breast biopsies
NEENA SAMUEL women are diagnosed required.” M l YEAR
with breast cancer in the FRAN LOSTYS


cientists seeking new treatments for dis- But wasn't that disease

S eases can access an online tool developed

by researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT
and Harvard. The Connectivity Map matches
killed off a long

While the smallpox virus

time ago?

stamped out

diseases with compatible drugs, based on the in 1980, unknown sam-

genetic profiles of both. The creators relied on ples of the virus may still

Human Genome Project data, and the results should be out there. And if they
help researchers discover new applications for ended up in terrorists'

existing medications. So far, about 160 drugs and hands, the results could
compounds are cataloged, and a few new uses for be devastating, infecting
existing drugs have been suggested. Eventually, all thousands, possibly mil-
FDA-approved drugs should be included. I) NOW lions. of people. Up to

LISA FIELDS a third would die.

Now scientists may

have found a cure for
lungs. Radiofrequency
energy is sent through
smallpox. The new drug,
SIGA-246, currently in the
a catheter and heats
final stages of develop-
the airway to about
ment and testing, not only
150 degrees. That re-
safely protects against the
duces the amount of
disease but also can treat
muscle in the air pas-
it and stop an outbreak
sage without causing
in its tracks. The drug
long-term damage or
» NEW WAY scarring. And with less
would also work
tives of the virus, like
for rela-

TO FIGHT muscle, there’s less

monkeypox and cowpox,
chance of airway
ASTHMA constriction or spasm.
which could someday
mutate and become just DR.

ome 20 million Thus: relief!

S Americans (about
a third of them
kids) suffer from
In studies, most
patients who
the therapy breathed
as dangerous as small-
pox. » 1-3 YEARS


asthma, but a new 30- more easily, needed

minute outpatient pro- fewer meds and had ASTHMATX,

cedure called bronchial more symptom-free

thermoplasty may help. days, says British re-
A bronchoscope, a flexi- searcher Gerard Cox, COURTESY

ble tube,
the mouth
is inserted into
or nose and
larger trial
under way. »» 3-5

V'. (LEFT)

then guided into the FRAN LOSTYS

A smallpox virus
M ore cardiac arrest patients are walking out
of the hospital thanks to a “cool” procedure
(three-quarters of them used to die). Med-
ically induced hypothermia means cooling the blood
and body five to eight degrees when oxygen flow to
Do you sometimes
forget to take your pills?
MicroCHIPS, Inc., of Bed-
ford, Massachusetts, has
the brain and body has stopped or slowed. Com- developed a device that
bined with better CPR and more aggressive hospital can be preloaded with up
care, it substantially improves the odds of survival to100 doses of medicine,
and prevents brain damage, accord- implanted in the body
ing to new research. Today, half and programmed to
to two-thirds of those people administer the drug via
are alive and well. wireless signals. The new
“For years we didn’t see system has been designed
much improvement in pa- primarily to help deliver
tients who suffered cardiac medicines that are less
arrest out of the hospital,” effective when taken
Mary Fran Hazinski, RN,
says orally. It has been suc-
spokeswoman for the American cessful in preliminary
Heart Association. “Now we’ve seen tests with dogs. »» 5 years
a dramatic shift, and hypothermia is one of the rea- LINDSAY MILLER
sons.”More than a quarter of U.S. doctors use the
procedure, and more are expected to as further data
Medicine delivery chip
becomes available. » NOW cynthia dermody

II BLOOD blood, they have a

long shelf life, can be

BACKUP stored at various tem-

W HEN IT comes peratures and may be


to emergency given to anyone, regard-


transfusions, less of blood type. Made

blood may someday get from chemically modi-

the boot. Scientists are fied hemoglobin, the Hemopure, a blood

developing substitutes fluids are also nontoxic substitute made with
that could be used and disease free. bovine hemoglobin.
everywhere from ambu- PolyHeme, a substi- Some blood substitutes
BY lances to battlefields. tute derived from have been linked to
The oxygen-carrying human red blood cells, increased risk of heart
ILLUSTRATED resuscitative fluids are is being submitted for attack and stroke,
ideal for emergency, war FDA approval. Mean- so more research is

and disaster scenarios while, the Navy is urg- needed. > 1-3 YEARS
because unlike real ing more studies of LAURA MCCLURE
Little Kate's twisted spine
was squeezing herjunes,
threatening to kill her.
Now, with a new expindab|e
titanium rib, she hak
w '


fter being in labor all night, Lynn Rueckert was

exhausted when her baby finally arrived, at 6:45 a.m. on
July 18, 2003. As her husband. Jack, cut the umbilical
cord, the new parents realized something was wrong.
There were a lot of doctors and nurses in the delivery
room, whispering to one another as they examined the
six-pound nine-ounce girl. "They let me hold her briefly,
and I saw that she didn’t look quite right,” says Lynn, 33.
“When they took her away for tests. I was terrified and
couldn’t stop crying.”
Several hours later, the Rueekerts learned that their
daughter, named Rate, had significant scoliosis: Her
spine twisted 30 degrees to the right, causing her back
to hunch. What’s more, her thumbs were tucked into
her palms, the middle finger on her left hand was bent
toward her wrist and she had a clubfoot. At first,
doctors thought Kate might have Down syndrome, but
she was later diagnosed with arthrogryposis, a rare birth


Kate Rueckert’s
high-tech device
gives new hope
for her rare
birth defect.

defect that affects muscles and joints. on the TV with her toes, rolled
to turn
Over the next few months, Kate’s from room to room, then zipped
fingers loosened up, thanks to physi- around on her bottom with such en-
cal therapy. But the scoliosis made it thusiasm that her parents nicknamed
hard for her to eat, since her contorted her Scooter. When she finally learned
bones squeezed her stomach. “We had to crawl, at 18 months, she looked like

to fight for every calorie because she a tiny bulldozer because her forehead
vomited very easily,” says Lynn, a glided on the floor.
Kewaunee, Wisconsin, stay-at-home
mom who also has a six-year-old n 2005, dr. noonan suggested a
daughter, Alexandra. “Every day was surgical treatment that had been
horribly stressful. We fed Kate eight approved by the FDA the year be-
times a day through a tube, and most fore: implanting an artificial rib

of it came back up. She’d gag if we called a Vertical Expandable Pros-

gave her anything thicker than yo- I thetic Titanium Rib (VEPTR). The

gurt.” The little girl grew painfully nine-inch-long device has hooks on ei-
thin and gasped at the slightest exer- ther end, the doctor explained: “It’s at-

tion, such as reaching for a toy. tached to a rib at the top of the curve
Kate’s situation was dire. The and the spine at the bottom, then acts
Rueckerts searched for a specialist like a jack to stretch the bones to the
who could help and found Kenneth correct position.” There were several
Noonan, MD, a pediatric orthopedic risks, including bone fractures, infec-
surgeon at University of Wisconsin tions and the possibility of spinal cord

Children’s Hospital. When he exam- or nerve damage. And Dr. Noonan had
ined Kate in 2004, her spine curved never done the operation before.
90 degrees. “Such extreme scoliosis “We were scared and nervous, but
in an infant is potentially fatal, be- we trusted Dr. Noonan,” says Lynn.
cause there was very little room in her She and Jack, a nuclear plant opera-
chest for her lungs to develop. As she tor, researched the rib, which has been
got older, they’d stay very small, which used more than 300 cases nation-

could cause restrictive lung disease. wide. They learned that in cases like
Without effective treatment, she was Kate’s, the VEPTR is a huge advance
likely to die by age 15 to 20.” over previous scoliosis surgeries,
For a few months, Dr. Noonan tried which can cause spinal fusion. That’s
body casts, a spine-straightening treat- okay for a teenager who has finished
ment that’s been used for over 40 growing but not for a toddler like Kate.
years. But Kate didn’t improve, Lynn To prepare for the procedure, the
says. “Her head leaned on her shoul- doctor flew to Texas to train with the
der, and she couldn’t look up.” Kate device’s inventor, Robert Campbell,
found ways to compensate for her dis- MD, and also asked another surgeon
ability, however. She figured out how who was highly experienced in the


technique to assist with Kate’s August the rib expanded by making a small
2005 operation. incision, loosening a screw and rotat-
Lynn and Jack braced themselves ing the VEPTR like a car jack. It will
for a five- to six-hour wait as Dr. Noo- be adjusted every four to six months as
nan worried whether Kate’s bones she grows and, most likely, will be re-
were tough enough to accept the de- moved when she’s older.
vice easily. “We were almost scared to A friendly girl who loves to play
hope too much,” says Lynn. So when with My Little Ponies, make up songs
the doctor came back sooner than ex- with her sister and scribble in color-
pected, they panicked, thinking some- ing books, Kate recently took her first
thing was wrong. But the procedure steps. Lynn cheered the accomplish-
had gone smoothly. The Rueckerts vis- ment and rejoices to hear her daugh-
ited Kate in the ICU. “We were amazed. ter, whose appetite is much better, say,

She’d straightened so much that she “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

looked two inches taller. And her But Kate has loftier ambitions. She
cheeks weren’t bright red anymore be- imitates everything in her sister’s
cause she could breathe normally.” She though she can’t make
ballet class,
spent a night in the ICU, as a precau- leaps and pirouettes —
yet. “I want to
tion, and four days in a regular room. jump moon,” she boasts. “Then
to the
Since then, Kate, now three, has re- people would clap and say, ‘Hooray
turned to Dr. Noonan twice to have for Kate!”’


NEW DRUGS (Merck), a new medi- CREATURE
cine for cutaneous T-cell
lymphoma, is also being
A scorpion's sting can be
CERVICAL CANCER deadly, but scientists are
studied for other types
The vaccine Gardasil now discovering that the
of cancer, including
(Merck), for girls and poison may also be life-
women 11 to 26, prevents saving. Researchers
infection from four DIABETES Januvia are using a man-made
strains of human papil-
(Merck), a once-daily version of the venom of
lomavirus (HPV), the pill for type 2 diabetes, Israeli yellow scorpions
main cause of cervical is the first of a new class to treat gliomas, aggres-
cancer. of medicines that en- sive brain tumors that

hance the body’s ability are hard to fully remove

to control blood sugar. by surgery alone. Of
With Exubera (Pfizer), the 17,000 Americans BOAZ/ISRAELI

a fast-acting needle-free diagnosed annually, only

insulin, diabetics simply 8% survive for two years.
puff on the asthma-type A protein in the venom BOUKY

inhaler before eating to selectively binds itself

deliver insulin quickly, to cancerous cells while (BELOW)

regulating blood sugar. bypassing the surround-

ing healthy ones. Com-

bined with radioactive
SHINGLES Anyone three impressive jobs: iodine and injected into
who’s had chickenpox The beta blocker Coreg the body, the venom HEADCASE

is susceptible to the CR (GlaxoSmithKline) targets and destroys

painful disease shingles. reduces blood pressure the offending cells. Early
The Zostavax vaccine and treats heart failure results show that the
(Merck) recom-
is as well as post-heart- treatment is safe and

mended for people attack problems. extends life in some

over 60 at greatest risk. patients, so a larger study
SMOKING In trials,

who with 54 people nation-

WHOOPING COUGH 44% of smokers
wide is now under way.
The vaccine we get as took prescription
babies wears off after Chantix (Pfizer) for
» 5+ YEARS
about seven years, so three months
we now have Sanofi Pas- kicked the habit,
teur’s Adacel (for people versus 30% who
ages 11 to 64) and Glaxo- used other drugs
SmithKline’s Boostrix and 18% on a placebo.
(for those ages 10 to 18). > NOW PATRICIA CURTIS

esearchers at assemble

R a
MIT have found
way to restore
vision in brain-damaged
into a
like struc-
rodents. The innovative ture that’s
procedure uses nano- similar to
technology to spur the body’s
growth in damaged connective
nerve cells. Scientists tissue. This Nanoscaffolding allows damaged
say the technique could “scaffolding” allows nerve cells to regrow.
someday be used to nerve cells to grow and
restore speech, hearing, reconnect, restoring lost
vision and movement communication between both young and adult ro-

in people affected by the brain and the body. dents. “The brain started

stroke, brain trauma MIT neuroscientist to heal,” Ellis-Behnke

and spinal cord injuries. Rutledge Ellis-Behnke says. “We have never
How does it work? tested the solution in seen that before.” Six
A clear liquid of amino hamsters with severed months later, 75% of the
acids is injected into optic tracts. Within 24 animals had regained
the injured part of the hours, the injured nerve functional vision.
brain. The amino acids cells began to regrow in 1*5+ YEARS LAURA MCCLURE


hat if there were a
off the diseases that
at the
may have found
pill you could take
come with
to ward
aging? Researchers
National Institute on Aging and Harvard
the answer: resveratrol, a
substance found naturally in red wine. Even though scien-
tists fed mice a high-fat diet, a daily dose of resveratrol pro
tected them from diabetes, and they lived longer than mice
who didn’t get any. It’s still unclear exactly how resveratrol
works, but it seems to mimic the life-lengthening benefits
of calorie restriction. No matter how much red wine you
drink, it would be tough to get enough resveratrol (not

to mention the side effects of alcohol), so pharmaceutical

companies are looking to develop a specially formulated
pill form. More research is needed to determine if the

effects would be the same in humans, but if they are, we’ll

drink to that! M 5 YEARS Patricia curtis


A wave of new advances shows

how the mind affects
health in ways we never imagined


pound wrinkled lump of gray matter that directs our
movements, thoughts and memories, our loves, hopes
and dreams. It’s the organ that makes us who we are. It
can also make us lose who we are, through degenerative
diseases like Alzheimer’s, which affects almost half of
those who live past 85. And now we know it has far more
to do with our overall health than we ever imagined.
A recent wave of breakthrough technologies has yielded
unprecedented insight into how our brains work, and a
better grasp of how they go wrong. That, in turn, has led
to new targeted treatments designed to fix malfunctions.
Science is also revealing the surprising power of the mind,
when used correctly, to heal the body. Here are some of
the mind-boggling findings.



The result is a 3-D virtual mouse

II MAPPING THE BRAIN brain atlas ( that does
September 2006 marked major
a for neuroscientists what a survey map
milestone for our noggins, with com- pinpointing gold deposits does for
pletion of the Allen Brain Atlas, the miners: It lets them hightail it to where
first gene map of the brain. It all the action is and start digging, says
started in 2002, when billionaire phi- David Anderson, PhD, a professor of
lanthropist Paul Allen, cofounder of biology at California Institute of Tech-
Microsoft, gathered some of the nology and a project advisor.
world’s top scientists and charged
them with finding an innovative new II MEMORY GENES
way to accelerate our understanding Scientists are already striking gold
of the brain. From that he committed thanks to the Allen Brain Atlas.
$100 million and established the Allen Dietrich Stephan, PhD, who directs
Institute for Brain Science in Seattle. neurogenomics research at the Trans-
Using custom-built robotics and lational Genomics Research Institute
software, 60 full-time researchers (TGen) in Phoenix, has used it to learn
tested 250,000 preserved slices of more about a gene called Kibra, which
mouse brain, which resembles the affects our short-term memory. The
human one enough that most discov- Atlas revealed that the gene was ac-
erieswould also hold true for us. They tivated in the hippocampus, a small
generated a volume of raw data that sea-horse-shaped brain structure that
revealed where in the brain each of helps store memories. TGen plans to
the mouse’s 21,000 genes was acti- market drugs to reduce age-related
vated. (Different types of brain cells memory loss, including the common
activate different sets of genes, pro- short-term sort that causes senior
ducing a unique roster of proteins moments and lost car keys.
that enableseach cell to do its job-
storing memory, directing movement II PROGRESS ON
or some other task.) ALZHEIMER'S
The map revealed that about 80 per- Today’s Alzheimer’s drugs improve
cent of the body’s genes are turned on memory, buying many patients several
in the brain —more than anyone had years of mental clarity, but brain cells
expected. That means if pharma com- still die and patients decline. New
panies are not careful, drugs targeted experimental drugs, in contrast, are
to other organs could have unwanted designed to get to the root of the prob-
side effects in the brain. The map also lem, blocking the suspected bad actor,
uncovered evidence that could help a molecule called beta amyloid, from
reveal what goes wrong in compli- forming clumps and killing brain cells.
cated brain disorders such as schizo- Anna Hickerson, 71, of rural India-
phrenia and autism. homa, Oklahoma, already considers
one of those drugs a success. Three a nearby town, and rarely gets lost.

years ago, she’d lose track of orders “I’m more clear and I feel better about
in the flower shop she ran with her myself,” Anna says. “It’s been a real
husband, James Hickerson, 75. She’d blessing,” says her husband.

forget the day of the week and got lost Researchers reported encouraging
so often, she quit driving. Ralph Phase II trial results on Alzhemed in

Richter, MD, a clinical professor of a neurological journal last year. Pa-

neurology and psychiatry at the Uni- tients, on average, maintained their

versity of Oklahoma College of Med- score on a 30-point standard test of

icine in Tulsa, diagnosed her with mental function. (Patients on today’s
early-stage Alzheimer’s. medications typically lose three points
November 2004, Anna

In enrolled a year.) Alzhemed also reduced the

in a Phase III clinical trial for Alz- level of beta amyloid (the bad stuff
hemed, an experimental drug made that kills brain cells) in the cere-
by Neurochem, a small drug company brospinal fluid, suggesting that there’s
in Montreal. The drug seems to have less of the bad stuff inside the brain
stopped her decline. Today, after more as well. The North
results of the
than two years on the medication, she American Phase III trial are expected
arranges flowers for church services, this spring and may provide solid ev-
drives 23 miles on her own to shop in idence that the drug works. Similar
safe in early human trials.
One AAV therapy may
ease advanced Parkinson’s
disease by repairing an
overactive brain circuit that
causes typical symptoms of
slowness and rigidity. That
circuit acts like a brick on a
car brake, interfering with
the patient’s ability to
move. Brain surgeons cur-
rently remove that brick by
implanting a pacemaker-
like device that overrides
But the treat-
this circuit.
ment, called deep brain
stimulation, requires three
months of weekly visits to
a specialized neurosurgery
facility, which tough

when you live hundreds of

miles away, says neurosurgeon Michael
trialsof no less than eight different Kaplitt, MD, of Weill Cornell Medical
drugs from other companies will fin- College.
ish within two to five years and also Dr. Kaplitt’s AAV therapy removes
look promising. the brick from the brake by delivering
a neurochemical called GABA into
II GENE DELIVERIES brain cells. In a safety trial that ended

Targeted gene therapies could help gene therapy proved safe.

in 2006, the
patients with brain diseases that drugs At the highest levels, it helped pa-
alone cannot heal. Such therapies de- tients as much as deep brain stimu-
liver healthy genes to parts of the body lation. If this proves effective in a
where ones are wreaking havoc.
faulty larger trial, someday an advanced
In the past, gene therapies turned out Parkinson’s patient could have brain
to be more dangerous than scientists surgery, get a gene implanted in pre-
had expected, and the death of an Ari- cisely the right spot and go home a
zona teenager in a 1999 clinical trial couple of days later. “Our hope is to
set the fieldback years. But a new bring this type of therapy to a much
method of gene delivery to the brain, larger audience of patients in need,”
via a harmless virus called adeno- Dr. Kaplitt says.
associated virus (AAV), has proved Since his trial, other AAV gene

therapies have been used in six early brain damage. Such brain-cell-saving
three for Parkinson’s, two for
trials: drugs are desperately needed to pro-
lethal pediatric brain disorders and tect stroke patients from brain dam-
one for Alzheimer’s. If they continue age, but over the past decade, none have
to prove safe and show positive re- passed muster in clinical trials. Arma-
sults, we’ll be able to treat some of the Gen Technologies, which Dr. Pard-
most devastating brain disorders. ridge founded to commercialize the
technology, plans a human safety trial
» BRIDGINGTHE on the new stroke drug in late 2007.
BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER The smuggling strategy could work
Scientists have begun to overcome with any brain drug, Dr. Pardridge
one of the biggest obstacles to treat- says, and ArmaGen is developing
ing brain disease: getting drugs into drugs for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and
the brain. Ninety-eight percent of can- a class of hereditary brain diseases
didate drug compounds do not pass that cause birth defects, mental retar-
from the bloodstream into the brain, dation and other severe problems.
even though they move easily into
other organs, says William Pardridge, W HOW YOUR
MD, a professor of medicine at Uni- MIND HEALS YOU
versity of California, Los Angeles. In one of brain biology’s most amaz-
a result,good drugs for brain disor- ing advances, scientists have found
ders are few and far between. that our brain may actually help our
Would-be drugs fail because the immune system fight disease. It took
walls of the brain’s blood vessels act 20 years of careful experiments for
likeborder-crossing guards after a Kevin Tracey, MD, to see it that way.
code-red terror alert: They allow only It also took a very special patient

molecules that have essential business an 11-month-old girl named Janice.

in the brain to cross. To get his drugs “She changed my life,” says Dr. Tracey,
past the hypervigilant guards, Dr. a neurosurgeon, immunologist and
Pardridge turned to smuggling. He director of the Feinstein Institute
uses genetic engineering to link po- of Medical Research in Manhasset,
tentially helpful brain drugs to a New York.
specific kind of antibody that is wel- In the spring of 1985, Dr. Tracey was
comed and escorted into the brain. a surgeon in training at New York
In a 2006 study, one such hybrid Hospital, treating patients for such
drug reduced brain damage by two- things as gunshot wounds, head
thirds in rats when given two hours injuries and infection, when Janice
after a simulated stroke. The drug con- was admitted. She had been crawling
tains anormal brain protein that stim- on the kitchen floor of her grand-
ulates cells to thrive but is normally mother’s Brooklyn apartment when
too scarce to prevent stroke-induced her grandmother, who was cooking

pasta, tripped over her and spilled a testines — stops severe sepsis. It does
ten-quart pot of boiling water onto so by using neurochemicals to signal
the baby Tracey cared for the
girl. Dr. immune cells, which prevents them
girl, who had suffered second- and from releasing alarm molecules that
third-degree burns over 75 percent of spur inflammation and cause damage.
her body. A week after she was admit- In a 2006 study, he discovered a brain
ted, Janice developed severe sepsis, a circuit that could stimulate the
condition in which the immune sys- nerve to switch off inflammation.
tem massively overreacts to a bacter- Taken together, the studies demon-
ial infection, indiscriminately training strated a hard-wired connection be-
its cannons on the body’s own tissues. tween the brain and immune system
For the next two and half weeks, Jan- that Dr. Tracey calls the “inflamma-
ice lay clinging to life in her hospital tory reflex.” Normally, when inflam-



bed, as Dr. Tracey and his colleagues mation spreads, the brain tells the
triedone heroic measure after another immune system to turn it down. In
to revive her. She recovered enough patients like Janice with severe sepsis,
to celebrate her first birthday in the that reflex fails.

burn unit with her parents, her grand- Drugs that activate the reflex could
mother and the medical staff, and was one day reduce chronic low-grade
expected to be discharged soon. Then, inflammation— the kind that causes
the next day, her heart stopped sud- Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid
denly and she died. “She’s the only pa- arthritis, and contributes to heart dis-
tient I ever had nightmares about,” Dr. ease. Meditation might help, too, says
Tracey says. “She shouldn’t have died.” Dr. Tracey. People can learn to slow
No one knew then what caused se- their heartbeat by modifying vagus
vere sepsis, so, inspired by Janice, Dr. nerve activity, which suggests they
Tracey set out to learn. Two decades might be able to control their own
later, his work is paying off. In a se- brains to calm inflammation and fight
ries of studies since 2000, he’s shown disease.“It’s the most exciting thing

that stimulation of the vagus nerve I’veever worked on,” he says.

a major nerve that runs from our Calming the mind and body might
brainstem to our belly and regulates even slow the spread of some cancers.
our heartbeat, breathing and in- The stress hormone norepinephrine

can spur lab-grown cancer cells to re- the human brain to help people heal
lease two compounds that help them themselves.
move through the body and then For example, using special fMRI
metastasize, according to a study in scanners and software that allowed
the November issue of Cancer Re- patients to see their own brain activ-
search by virologist Ronald Glaser, ity, scientists at Stanford University
PhD, of Ohio State University Medical and Omneuron, a biotech company,
Center. A third compound that’s re- trained participants to reduce chronic
leased helps supply growing tumors it and learning
pain by just visualizing
with nutrients. So reducing stress may to control it. Some were able to de-

prove a cancer fighter. crease by more than 40 percent, says


pain expert Sean Mackey, MD, one of

II BUFF UP YOUR BRAIN the study leaders.
Studies like Glaser’s and Dr. Trac- Dr. Mackey foresees a day when
ey’s have “given credibility to mind- doctors might use such imaging to
body approaches, which had been train us to ease depression, battle ad-
rejected and ignored by the scientific diction or overcome phobias. And
and medical communities,” says Es- years from now, he says, we may head
ther Sternberg, MD, director of the to a real-time brain-imaging center
Integrative Neural Immune Program the way we go to the fitness center
at the National Institute of Mental today, and buff up parts of our brain
Health. Now scientists and doctors that improve performance, memory
have begun taking the next step, and even intelligence. Now, that would
harnessing the immense powers of be a real no-brainer.

At a family reunion, my cousin recalled the day his wife gave birth.
As he excitedly described the trip to the hospital, someone asked,
“What would you have done if the expectant mother had developed
complications during the car ride?”
“What do you think?” replied my cousin. “I would’ve slid over and
taken the wheel.”

Many morning commuters can share

frustration I felt when I got behind a
driver going the minimum 45 mph on
the interstate. But one look at her
license plate made me realize she,
too,was a victim of her driving. It
read “ALRDYL8.” tammi marking


BREAK ing the brain’s normal
THROUGH! temperature down four
degrees slows the
II NEW HOPE buildup and prevents
FOR SICK damage.
In the study of 208
8,000 babies, only 44% who
ACH YEAR, about received cooling died

764,000 more babies may significantly reduce or developed a disabil-

are added to the their chances of disabil- ity, compared with 62%
children and ity or death. of those who received
adults in the United Cerebral palsy can be normal care. “This is
States who suffer from caused when the brain the most promising
cerebral palsy. Until is starved of oxygen at treatment we have
now, there was no treat- birth. It often takes today,” says study author
ment. But a new study hours or days for dan- Seetha Shankaran, MD,
has found that cooling gerous chemicals to of Wayne State Univer-
the bodies and blood of build up and kill the sity, Children’s Hospital
high-risk full-term ba- brain cells that control of Michigan. M NOW
bies shortly after birth motor function. Bring- CYNTHIA DERMODY


ere’s a possible treatment for prostate cancer Potent pain medications

H that’s a pleasure to take: a glass of

ate juice. Researchers at
patients’ prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood
UCLA measured
often cause side effects

nausea and constipa-
so some patients get
levels, which help indicate the presence of cancer. grief along with relief. But
They found that drinking eight ounces of the tangy scientists have changed IMAGES

juice daily significantly slowed rising PSA levels in the way narcotic drugs
patients previously treated for the disease. Addi- behave by activating only
tional clinical trials are planned to confirm the the receptors that relieve

results, but the preliminary research pain and bypassing those

looks promising that cause gastrointestinal
for the roughly trouble. New, specially
men designed medications are LTD,

who are diag- being tested in clinical


nosed with trials for end-stage cancer

prostate can- patients. The hope is

cer each year. that anyone needing a

M J-5 YEARS painkiller could benefit.


^ erm-phobes, re- visible light. “We can

Using medical robots for

G joice: Hospital
waiting rooms
could soon be killing
put the coating on
hospital furniture,
drapes — the potential

fields, not breeding vast,” says Tom Roberg,

minimally invasive proce-
dures from heart to
grounds, for viruses and CEO of LaamScience,
bacteria. Researchers the company developing
prostate surgery has im-
atNorth Carolina State the technology. If all
proved patients' recovery
and Emory University goes as planned, nano-
times as well as surgeons'
have developed a coating could be in
precision. However, a
thinner-than-microscopic hospitals as early as this
common complaint of
protective layer, called fall. Ml YEAR USA FIELDS
docs learning the tech-
nano-coating, that can
niques is the lack of sen-
be applied to almost any

sitivity, or "feel,” in the

surface. It kills 99.9% of
BY fingers that they had
most microbes through
when wielding a scalpel.
a chemical reaction
A new solution called
caused by exposure to

electronic skin (on glass,

below) is being developed
(RIGHT) at the University of

Nebraska. When the thin-

film sensor touches a sur- SURVIVOR
face, such as tissue inside
homas may should be dead. After seven
the body, "reads” the


years with melanoma, just about everyone is.
texture and activates
But May, and it is his cancer
41, is quite alive,
transducers on the sur-
that has died, thanks to an experimental gene ther-
geon’s glove to give the
apy. Steven A. Rosenberg, MD, chief of surgery at
sensation of touch. This
the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland,

may improve the outcome

took some of May’s own white blood cells and gave
of minimally invasive sur-
them a new gene that improves their ability to spot
gery by detecting cancer-
and kill cancer. He then injected the souped-up white
ous tissue in the Gl tract
cells back into May. The altered cells became
and calcification in the
melanoma’s worst nightmare, and May was soon
arteries early on.
declared disease free. Since the therapy is targeted
M 3-5 YEARS specifically to melanoma cells, May had none of the
usual side effects, such as nausea and hair loss. “It’s

the gene manipulation that can successfully


treat a cancer,” says Dr. Rosenberg. Most people in

the study weren’t so lucky, but Dr. Rosenberg is im-
proving the technique and broadening its applica-
tion to other cancers. M 3-5 YEARS william speed weed

Remarkable innovations in treating
injured soldiers will ultimately
benefit us all BY MICHAEL J. WEISS
Staff Sgt. Jacque
Keeslar stretches
after physical
therapy at Walter
Reed. His left leg
is the C-Leg.

ot dust choked the air over the desert

outside Rawah, Iraq. It wasn’t even noon %
last June 27, but already the temperature
had climbed to 100 degrees. Perched in the
gun turret of his Stryker light-armored vehicle,
U.S.Army Staff Sgt. Jacque Keeslar surveyed the dirt
road ahead while on a mission to raid a safe house for
suspected insurgents. As his patrol sped through the
dusty landscape, 36-year-old Keeslar never saw the im-
provised bomb buried beneath the road. Suddenly an
explosion ripped through the vehicle with a roar. “Oh, my
God!” cried Keeslar as he frantically tried to pull himself
out of the turret. “I’m hit!”


Three out of five soldiers in the With a C-Leg on his left side and a
Stryker sustained serious injuries, but mechanical prosthetic on his right,
his were the worst: The blast had Keeslar soon began to walk naturally,
shredded both his legs. Within 48 climb stairs and return to a normal
hours, surgeons in Germany ampu- life with his wife, Vanessa. Last No-

tated his right leg below the knee and vember, he competed in the New York
his left one at the kneecap. “I don’t re- City Marathon, riding a hand-cranked
member when I realized my legs were recumbent bicycle to reach the finish
gone,” says Keeslar today. “All I could line of the 26-mile course in a little
think about was starting the recovery over three hours. This year, he hopes
process so could walk again.”
I to return to active duty as an instruc-
A mere four months after the at- Knox, Kentucky, and looks
tor at Fort
tack, Keeslar is getting his wish. At forward to spending weekends riding
Walter Reed Army Medical Center in his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. “As
Washington, D.C., he strides around soon as I put on the C-Leg, I was walk-
the physical therapy center with barely ing again,” Keeslar says. “It’s an awe-
Beneath baggy
a hitch in his gait. some piece of equipment.”
sweatpants and jogging shoes, he Though Keeslar’s recovery seems

vehicle. “OH, MY GOD, I'M HIT!" the

wears a revolutionary prosthetic de- miraculous, military medical marvels

vice known as a C-Leg, so named be- like hisC-Leg are becoming increas-
cause of a computer microprocessor ingly common. Since the war in Iraq
in the knee that makes 50 calculations began in 2003, Americans have suf-
per second to adapt to a user’s gait. fered more than 3,000 deaths and about
While in previous wars the loss of a 23,000 casualties. But the conflict has
leg meant a lifetime of restriction, produced an unexpected payoff: re-
service members like Keeslar can re- markable advances in treating trauma
claim their independence thanks to and injuries. Military doctors and re-
the $50,000 C-Leg, a wonder of tita- searchers are making impressive gains
nium, graphite and technology made in healing injured soldiers and reha-
by Germany’s Otto Bock Healthcare. bilitating them to active lives. And
At Walter Reed, technicians pro- many of these innovations are finding
grammed his C-Leg’s circuitry to keep their way to general medical use, aid-
him stable and upright— no matter the ing civilians as well as troops. Against
surface or angle of terrain. the backdrop of a divisive war in the


tion to unclog any narrowing blood

vessels — treatment similar to what
stroke victims receive. After several
months, once the brain swelling re-
cedes, doctors use a computer-gener-
ated model of the patient’s head to
create a hard acrylic implant that they
insert when closing up the skull.
For this bit of medical wizardry, the
doctors were nicknamed the Skull
Crackers. “Our breakthrough was in

L treating a traumatic brain injury like

Rocco Armonda, MD,
a stroke,” says
Middle East, here are several heart- one of the Skull Cracker neurosur-
ening advances in military medicine geons now serving at National Naval
that have the power to help us all: Medical Center in Bethesda, Mary-
land. “If you can open the skull early

II NEURO RESCUE enough to prevent secondary injuries

Most military doctors once consid- like low blood flow, the chances of re-
ered traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) covery are better than ever.” Indeed,

received in combat to be fatal. Less Dr. Armonda estimates that the sur-
than ten percent of soldiers survived vival rate of neuro-rescued brain-
severe head injuries, and fewer than trauma victims has risen to more than
five percent went on to lead inde- 50 percent and more than a third
pendent, functioning lives. But when have returned to independent living
coalition forces landed in Iraq in working, driving a car and even at-
2003, a group of eight U.S. neurosur- tending college.
geons and neurologists decided to try Meanwhile, neuro-rescue tech-
a new front-line approach to TBIs niques are slowly being adopted in
called damage control neurosurgery, hospitals in the States, where 1.4 mil-
or neuro rescue. lion Americans suffer TBIs every year.
Stationed at the 28th Combat Sup- After ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff
port Hospital near Fallujah, they de- sustained a brain injury in Iraq, he re-
veloped a technique that involved ceived the pioneering treatment under
delicately removing part of a patient’s Dr. Armonda’s care last winter.
skull to allow the brain to swell instead
of put pressure on the brainstem, II ULTIMATE BANDAGE
which could cause irreversible coma. Since the dawn of warfare, a major
After closing the scalp, doctors en- on the battlefield has
killer of soldiers
sure the brain receives plenty of blood been severe bleeding. Even today in
by using micro-balloons and medica- Iraq and Afghanistan, many of those

Made of
an organic
from shrimp
shells called
chitosan, the
sticky when in

contact with
blood, and
seals bleeding
wounds. The
charged chi-
tosan bonds
with the nega-
tively charged
red blood cells
to form a clot.

who die in combat bleed to death in blood. Then it adheres to the sur-
the minutes before they can be evac- rounding tissue and seals off the blood
uated to an aid station. But that tragic like no other conventional bandage.”
may soon decline with the devel-
toll Created by scientists at the Oregon
opment of an innovative dressing Medical Laser Center under a grant
called the HemCon Bandage. Made from the U.S. Army Medical Research
with chitosan (pronounced KY-tuh- and Materiel Command, the HemCon
san), it uses an organic substance from (for “hemorrhage control”) Bandage
shrimp shells to help blood cells form works because the positively charged
clots. A four-inch-square dressing can chitosan material bonds with nega-
staunch a heavily gushing wound in tively charged blood cells to form an
30 seconds and has been shown to stop artificial clot. When researchers first

or reduce bleeding in more than 90 demonstrated the bandage’s effective-

percent of combat cases. ness in 2002, the Food and Drug Ad-
“It acts like a tire patch,” says Col. ministration gave it fast-track approval
Robert Vandre, the U.S. Army’s direc- in a matter of days. Since then, the
tor of Combat Casualty Care Research Army has made the $85 bandage stand-
at Fort Detrick, Maryland. “It’s not ard issue for all American soldiers
sticky until it gets in the presence of serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. And

military reports credit the bandage ments and civilian hospitals in the
with already saving more than 100 United Kingdom. Pilot programs are
lives. In mid-2006, the manufacturer, being set up in France and Canada.
Portland-based HemCon Medical First responders in the United States
Technologies Inc., began marketing are also using it to record medical in-

the bandage to civilian medical per- formation on victims of disasters like

sonnel, including ambulance drivers Hurricane Katrina.

and emergency room doctors. But BMIST is only one of several ad-
vances revolutionizing the manage-
II FUTURE DOG TAGS ment of patient information. Since
Tommy Morris knows the chal- 2005, the U.S. Army Medical Research
lenges of battlefield medicine. As a and Materiel Command has experi-
front-line medic with the Army’s mented with the Electronic Informa-
Third Infantry Division in 1993, he tion Carrier. The EIC is a dog-tag-size
struggled to treat the soldiers under wireless data device worn by soldiers
his care in war-torn Macedonia. Frus- that can store up to two gigabytes of
trated by rainstorms soaking through data— literally thousands of pages of
paper medical reports, he vowed to records. Rather than having to search
bring medical recordkeeping into the through a soldier’s uniform for infor-
digital age. “I kept thinking, There’s mation on blood type or allergies,
got to be a better way,” recalls Mor- medical personnel can easily access
ris, now
38 and chief information that information up to 30 feet away
technology officer at the Army’s with the electronic dog tag.
Telemedicine and Advanced Technol- At the same time, all the military
ogy Research Center in Fort Detrick. branches are adopting an all-digital
In 2001, Morris created that better medical information system through
way by designing a new software an initiative called Armed Forces
product called BMIST, which allows Health Longitudinal Technology Ap-
medics to enter casualty information plication (AHLTA). Its goal is to elec-
into a handheld device. Short for Bat- tronically track the illnesses, allergies
tlefield Medical Information System- and prescribed medicines of all 9.2 mil-

Tactical (and pronounced “bee mist”), lion service members and veterans.
the software allows medics to gener- When these advances are combined,
ate an electronic health record about medical workers will have access to
a soldier for later retrieval by front- the complete health records of even
line doctors or a stateside hospital. In unconscious soldiers. This will allow
addition, it acts like a medical text- them to determine whether a person
book, so medics can look up diagnos- has been exposed to a chemical agent,
tic and treatment information in a and it will also prevent deadly drug
combat zone. Already, BMIST software interactions. Over the past five years,
has been licensed to military depart- AHLTA has identified and resolved
Medics input symptoms, and BMIST
comes up with a treatment plan.

more than 200,000 potentially life- Advanced Research Projects Agency

threatening drug conflicts. (DARPA) reported a remarkable alter- READINESS

But Morris believes these benefits native: a nonaddictive pain-blocker.

are only the beginning. He foresees While investigating the biochemical AND

integrating BMIST with a sensor that origins of pain, they developed an ex-
will automatically alert a doctor when — actually, a synthetic
perimental drug PROTECTION

a veteran’s pacemaker is malfunction- antibody known as RN624 — that in-

— “like in Star Trek," he says. And hibits a molecular pain messenger

medics in the near future will be able called nerve growth factor. The pow-
to wave a handheld BMIST device over erful antibody keeps the brain from FOR

a wounded soldier, save the patient’s receiving pain messages sent by nerve

vital signs on an EIC, and take com- endings surrounding an injury. And
fort in knowing that the medical chart the drug is long-lasting; a single dose

will follow the patient for the rest can block pain for several weeks. Best
of his life. of all, it has no addictive side effects.

“A wounded soldier may get one

» SMART dose on the battlefield that can take OF

PAIN-BLOCKERS care of any pain until he’s evacuated DEPT,

For over a century, doctors have to a hospital days later,” says Brett
treated seriously wounded soldiers Giroir, MD, deputy director of DARPA ’s COURTESY

with morphine, all the while knowing Defense Sciences Office in Arlington,
the narcotic’s downsides. It impairs Virginia. RN624 was developed at Palo
breathing, reduces decision-making Alto-based Rinat Neuroscience Cor-
abilities and, if taken over time, can poration, which was bought by Pfizer
be addictive. But three years ago, last year. Pfizer is conducting clinical

researchers funded by the Defense trials on the drug and hopes to market


it. According to Dr. Giroir, “This could nology to people, says Dr. Ling, and
revolutionize the way we treat pain.” scientists are conducting the first
human trials with paraplegics and pa-
» PROSTHETICS WITH tients who have Parkinson’s disease.
THOUGHT CONTROL DARPA’s timetable calls for complet-
While some of the military’s medi- ing a working prosthetic arm and hand
cal initiatives are years away from by the end of the year that will look,
fruition, they have astonishing promise. feel and perform like natural limbs.
At DARPA, it’s hoped that an ambitious Two years later, it hopes to apply for
four-year, $48 million Revolutionizing FDA approval for a working, neurally
Prosthetics Program will result in the controlled model.
human arms and
creation of artificial Having served as a military physi-
hands controlled by brain waves. Al- cian in Afghanistan and Iraq, Dr. Ling
ready, researchers have found success knows the urgency in bringing these
with primates. At the University of —
advances to life “for the good of the
Pittsburgh, scientists taught a monkey troops,” he says. But he also knows
to feed itself using thought-generated that medical breakthroughs born of
impulses picked up by the electrodes war aid all humanity: Blood banks,
of a prosthetic arm. “The monkey was penicillin and reconstructive surgery
able to move the robot arm out, grab all emerged from past conflicts. “Per-

a zucchini chip and bring it back to its haps thought-controlled prosthetics

mouth just by thinking these motions,” will be one of the miracles that comes
says Col. Geoffrey Ling, MD, program out of the war in Iraq,” says Dr. Ling.
manager of DARPA’s Defense Sciences “In adversity, there’s opportunity.”
Office. “It was phenomenal.”
ti'lfina To view a photo slide show of Staff Sgt.
The next goal is to adapt the tech- Jacque Keeslar's recovery, visit

These newspaper editors stand corrected.

From The Silver City (New Mexico) Daily Press:

“Due to technical difficulties, Tuesday’s page 7 was
inadvertently left out and replaced with Monday’s
page 7. Today, page 5 will feature Tuesday’s front
page, while page 6 will be the correct page 7 for
Tuesday.” submitted by robin shetler

From The Dallas Morning News: “Norma Adams-

Wade’s June 15 column incorrectly called Mary Ann
Thompson-Frenk a socialist. She is a socialite.”

universal vaccine could protect you from

all major strains of flu, even the dreaded avian

variety. Scientists are targeting a flu protein

M2 that appears in all influenza A strains.
Current shots protect against only certain strains.
While an M2 vaccine may not keep people from
getting sick, they might
get a milder version of the
flu. The good news: Fewer
patients would die. Today, up
to 35,000 people, mostly the
elderly, succumb to the flu As if we needed another
each year. M2 clinical trials excuse: New evidence
could begin this year. suggests that eating a
M 5* YEARS LISA FIELDS little chocolate might help
ward off artery-blocking,
retina specialist at the
blood clots. During a re-
»» SIGHT New York Eye and Ear
cent study, Johns Hopkins
SAVER Infirmary.
Avastin is already ap-
University researchers
discovered that clots
wo new drugs (one proved for cancer treat-
formed more slowly

proven cancer
a ment and is being used
the blood of chocolate
fighter) have given to treat macular degen-
lovers than in those
millions of macular de- eration, and Lucentis
who passed on the
generation patients hope was approved as a treat- sweets. Cocoa beans
of improving their vi- ment for the disease
contain chemicals called DESIGN

sion. “With these new last year. Both are anti-

flavonoids, which seem
treatments, we’re able angiogenesis drugs,
to have blood-thinning
to keep people function- which stop the growth HEADCASE

effects similar to those

ing and help them live of blood vessels that
of aspirin, known to re- BY
productive lives,” says feed tumors. When in-
duce platelet clumping.
Richard Rosen, MD, a jected directly into the
Dark chocolate, which is
eye to treat the “wet” ILLUSTRATED

lower in sugar and fat

form of macular degen-
than milk chocolate, is
eration, the drugs stop
the healthier way to TOP)

the growth of vessels

reap the newfound (LEFT

in the retina that ob-

rewards. »> NOW
struct vision. II NOW LINDSAY MILLER
Scientists are using modi-
fied viruses to fight tu-

mors. The viruses bind

only to cancer cells,
reproduce and spread,
ues over the use of
embryonic stem
to use adult
have figured out a way
Adult bone marrow

cells to treat heart attacks.

stem cells

killing the cancer while Doctors often place a balloon in the blocked artery,
sparing healthy tissue. opening it up to restore blood flow and limit the
Researchers at UCLA damage. Adding stem cells taken from your own
used HIV to attack bone marrow may be even more effective, say re-
melanoma in mice. Al- searchers in London. When injected into the artery,
though humans won’t be the cells go directly to the spot where the heart was
tested with this protocol damaged. In mice studies, the cells turn into heart
for years, at the Mayo muscle and restore much of the heart function.
Clinic, trials are under One day we might be able to completely restore
way using the measles the heart after an attack, says researcher Anthony
virus to fight ovarian and Mathur, PhD. “This is the first time we’ve used our

Zu brain cancers. II 5* YEARS own cells to repair damaged organs.” II 3-5 YEARS


ntil now, the only Gender Solutions High- implants. “Now we’re

U artificial
the market
designed for everybody.
knee on
Flex Knee, from Zim-
mer, Inc. “Women are
not just little men. They
going to be customizing
parts to patients rather
than saying everybody
But women’s knees are are different, and they drives a Ford.” Next up:
narrower and more walk differently,” says artificial hips for
delicate than men’s, and Robert Booth, MD, chief women. II NOW
the implant commonly of orthopedic surgery at CYNTHIA DERMODY
caused parts to over- Pennsylvania Hospital,
hang, causing rubbing who has installed about
and pain and mak-
ing it difficult for
patients to get
out of chairs or
climb stairs.
Last year, the
FDA approved
the first implant
for women, the
Z Z S '

When the young mother of b

passed out, a revolution
surgery was her best
hope. But the clock was ticki
scampering toward her room. It was shortly before dawn
on a rainy Saturday in April 2006, but her three-year-old
daughter, Alexis, was up unusually early. Traci tucked the
toddler back in bed, then checked on one-year-old Rylee,
who was sound asleep in her crib. It would be nice to
slideunder the covers for a few more minutes. But the red-
headed mom from Hackettstown, New Jersey, had a busy
day planned. She and her husband, Michael, had an ap-
pointment with a real estate agent to look at larger houses



for their growing family, and her par- open. She was raced to a local hospi-
ents would be visiting later in the day. tal, then airlifted to a trauma center in

“I’m going to take a shower,” she told Morristown, New Jersey. “I knew they
Michael, who was still dozing. “I’ve wouldn’t do that unless her condition
do before Mom and Dad get
stuff to was very serious,” says Michael, who

here and we need groceries too.” followed in his car. “I was crying as I

Seconds later, Michael heard a thud. drove. How could she have hurt herself
He didn’t know it, but a desperate race so badly slipping in the bathroom? I

against time had just begun. He leapt panicked to the point that I thought
out of bed to see what was wrong. In about losing my wife, and our girls
the bathroom, he found his wife of five growing up without their mother.”
years slumped against the tub. “I was

screaming her name and asking if she

was okay, but she just stared straight
ahead and didn’t answer,” says the
36-year-old civil engineer. “She was
moaning, kind of crying. I was terri-

He carried her to their bed,
911. During the
that Traci couldn’t
“That scared

move her right

me even more.”
he noticed
W hen michael reached
Morristown Memorial
Hospital at 7:40 a.m.,
he tried to get his emo-
tions under control.
During a brief visit with Traci, who
was paralyzed on the right side of her
body, he discovered that she could
communicate with head motions. “Did
Within minutes, police rushed in you fall?” he asked. She nodded yes.
with their radios blaring. Since Traci “Do you remember how you fell?” She
couldn’t talk, they asked Michael what shook her head no. Then she was
had happened. “Maybe she hit her wheeled off for tests, including a CAT
head and got a concussion,” he replied. scan, while Michael prayed in the
Before long, the bedroom was full of waiting room and called home to
paramedics, who examined Traci, check on the kids.
slipped a brace around her neck, and Nearly an hour later, ER doctors re-
loaded her onto a stretcher. During turned with shocking news: Traci had
the wait for the ambulance, which was suffered a stroke— loss of blood flow
delayed on another call, Michael asked to part of the brain, usually caused
a neighbor to come over and watch when a vessel is blocked by a clot.
the kids until he could reach relatives. Michael couldn’t believe it. How could
Amazingly, baby Rylee slept through this have happened? His wife, a slim,
the commotion, and Alexis played qui- fit nonsmoker, was only 35.
etly in bed, unaware of the emergency. His mind raced from one terrifying
By the time the ambulance finally scenario to another. One of his rela-
arrived, Michael was frantic. The right had a stroke and was never the
side of Traci’s face had developed an same afterward. Would that happen
alarming droop, and her mouth hung to Traci? Would she ever walk or talk
Doctors used this minimally invasive surgery to undo some of the damage from Traci
Miller's stroke. Using x-ray guidance, they threaded the instruments from an artery in
her leg all the way up to the clogged vessel in her brain.

The Merci Microcatheter

is guided through the
blood vessel until it goes
beyond the clot.

Blood clot
The Merci Retriever is then
deployed through the
Microcatheter until it comes
out the other end and curls
into a “corkscrew."

Merci Retriever
The Merci Retriever is

pulled back through the

clot, snaring it: the
Microcatheter, the Retriever
and the clot are all pulled
out together.

again? Was she going to die? Strokes clock, but his best guess was that she
kill more than 157,000 Americans was stricken at around 6 a.m., or pos-
a year, about 60 percent of them sibly a little later.
women. Survivors can be left with The specialist checked his watch. It
paralysis, impaired vision, chronic was 8:45 a.m. There were just minutes
pain, difficulty speaking, or cognitive left to administer tPA (tissue plasmino-
or emotional problems. gen activator), a clot-busting drug
The neurologist explained that it that’s only approved for use within
might be possible to reverse the three hours of a stroke. But the doc-
stroke. But it all depended on whether tor worried that the clot in Traci’s
Traci could be treated in time. The brain was too big to dissolve with tPA.
longer her brain went without blood If it didn’t work, she’d be left pro-
flow, the greater the damage. Before foundly disabled, if she survived at all.

the doctors could do anything, they Up to 50 percent of people with a

needed to pinpoint when the symp- blockage where Traci’s was die.
toms started. There are only two FDA- Traci also qualified for a newer pro-
approved therapies for stroke, and cedure, then offered at only one facil-
both had to be given within strict time ity in her state: Overlook Hospital, in
limits. Michael hadn’t looked at a Summit, New Jersey. A corkscrew-like

device called the Merci Retriever (FDA right decision,” he says. “I would have
approved August 2004) is designed
in agreed to anything if it gave Traci a
to pluck clots out of blocked vessels better chance at getting back to nor-
like corks from wine bottles. It’s more mal. She didn’t seem to be suffering,
beneficial than tPA for large blockages but when the doctor asked her to stick
and works for up to eight hours after out her tongue, she couldn’t even do
a stroke, says Ronald Benitez, MD, that.” Michael sped to Overlook Hos-
Overlook’s director of endovascular pital so fast thathe actually beat the
neurosurgery. “Expanding the treat- ambulance there. When Traci arrived,
ment window means many more pa- about 10 a.m., he kissed her and
tients will be spared death or disability, promised that the surgeons would help
sincemost people don’t get to the hos- her. “I must have said ‘I love you’ a
time for tPA.” (See “Stroke
pital in hundred times before they pulled me
Warning Signs,” page 142.) away. I was bawling my head off.”
The Merci treatment has serious Four and a half hours after the stroke
risks, including punctured blood ves- began, Traci was put under general


WAITING FOR? lets get her moved!'
sels (brain hemorrhaging), which could anesthesia. Dr. Benitez threaded a tiny
worsen the stroke or even be fatal. tube into an artery in her leg. Using
And since the hospital had recently x-ray images as a digital road map, he
acquired the device, Traci would be navigated through a maze of blood ves-
only the second patient in New Jer- sels to her brain. When he reached the
sey to undergo the procedure, which blocked vessel, he squirted tPA directly
is 54 to 69 percent effective at restor- into the clot, a still experimental use
ing blood flow, according to a 2006 of the drug. “That loosens the clot up
study at University of California, San so it’s easier to extract,” the surgeon
Francisco. Faced with a life-or-death explains. The next step was inserting
decision, and a ticking clock, Michael the Merci Retriever into the tube. The
didn’t hesitate. Scrawling his signa- Retriever is a flexible wire made of
ture on a consent form, he shouted, metals that have “memory.” When the
“What are you waiting for? Let’s get nickel and titanium tip comes out the
hermoved to the other hospital!” other end of the tube, it “remembers”
While doctors scrambled to make to curl into a corkscrew. If all goes
the arrangements, Michael called well, it snares the blockage when
Traci’s parents. “I hoped I’d made the pulled back through it.

But Dr. Benitez’s first

attempt only captured

a few fragments just —
enough to start a trickle
of blood through the
obstructed vessel, like
water spilling from a
leaky dam. Not good
enough. The process
was carefully repeated.
“Traci’s being so
and having two kids
added to the urgency,”
The de-
Dr. Benitez says.
vice was slowly ex-
tracted. To the doctor’s
relief, a huge clot was

tangled in its coils. X-

rays showed blood surg-
ing through the vessel at
the normal rate. Two
much smaller vessels,
though, were still clogged.
Dr. Benitez squirted in more tPA and
they slowly regained flow, except in abilities, even with extensive rehabil-
one tiny area. He’d done all he could to itation. Michael sat at his wife’s bed-
bring her back. side, holding her hand. “You’re going to
Soon after the 90-minute procedure, be just fine,” he promised. “You’re a
Traci could wiggle her right leg. When fighter and can overcome this.” Traci
she saw Michael in the recovery room, nodded slowly, then drifted off to sleep.
around 1 p.m., her first words were, “I Over the next 24 hours, he rejoiced
love you.” He was amazed and ecstatic. at each new milestone. Although her
It seemed like a miracle that she could speech was soft and slurred, she whis-
speak so soon after the procedure. She pered simple words, such as “yes,”
was moved to the neurology ICU, “no” and “hi.” She also recognized
where several anxious relatives were friends and relatives who dropped by,
waiting to see her. A nurse explained and even greeted her brother-in-law
after such a severe stroke, they’d have by his nickname, “Dupe.” On Sunday
to monitor Traci’s progress one day at afternoon, a day and a half after the
a time. It was too soon to predict stroke, she took her first steps, with
whether she’d regain all of her former the aid of a walker. “I was very ex-



cited, relieved and hopeful,” says a flashlight into her left eye. “I was dev-
Michael. Even though Traci seemed astated that I couldn’t see on that side,”
dazed, and had limited use of her right says Traci, who was struggling to un-
arm, he was convinced that over time, derstand what had happened to her. “I

she’d recover 100 percent. didn’t get the whole stroke thing, or
The next day, however, there was a why something was wrong with my left
setback. When a doctor checked her eye, when the other problems were on
vision, she didn’t react when he shone the right side of my body.” The doctor
thought that a fragment of the
clot might have blocked flow
» STROKE to a vessel in that eye during

WARNING SIGNS the stroke, but he held out hope

that her vision might eventu-
Often, stroke isn’t treated as an emergency.
The problem? One in three Americans can't
ally return.By the end of the
identify any symptoms. That can lead
of the week, she could see shadows.
to dangerous delays in getting care. Use this She graduated from a walker
F.A.S.T. action plan to tell if someone may be to a cane, and began to speak
having a stroke. You could save a life. in complete sentences. “I’m
going to be okay,” she told her
Ask the person to smile. A stroke
parents. They were helping
can cause one side of the face to droop.
Michael care for the kids.
Abrupt dimming of vision or a sudden,
severe headache with no known cause are Rylee was too young to talk,
also warning signs. but Alexis kept asking to see
Arms. Ask the person to raise both arms. her mom. She had to wait until
Ifone arm drifts downward, that could signal a Traci was moved from the
stroke, which can trigger weakness, numbness ICU to a regular hospital room.
or paralysis of an arm or leg, particularly on Before the visit, Michael ex-
one side of the body. Sufferers may also have plained that Traci used Play-
unexplained loss of balance, or a sudden fall. Doh to exercise her hand.
Speech. Ask the person to repeat a simple Alexis rifled through her toy
sentence. Stroke victims may slur their words,
box until she found a container
have trouble speaking or understanding
of pink Play-Doh, the little
speech, or not be able to talk at all.
girl’s favorite color. “This will
Time. If the person has any of these symp-
Stroke a life-or-death emer-
help Mommy get better,” she
toms, call 911. is
proclaimed. Traci was so
gency in which every minute counts. To have
happy to see the children that
any hope of reversing the effects, a patient

must get tPA within three hours, or the Merci she burst into tears, then put
Retriever procedure within eight hours. For Alexis in her lap while they
more information, visit the manufacturer’s squeezed and molded the Play-
website, or the Doh together.
National Stroke Association at After a week, Traci was

transferred to a rehabilitation center, a small hole in her heart that made

where she received physical, occupa- her more prone to stroke. However,
tional and speech therapies. Two doctors decided to postpone repair
weeks after the stroke, she was well until she was further along with her
enough to go home and begin out- recovery. Meanwhile, sight gradually
patient treatment. Before long, she was returned to her left eye, though her
walking without a cane, though her vision is blurry on that side. She fum-
right foot dragged, causing her to bles for a word occasionally but has
stumble frequently. She gradually no other speech problems.
learned to walk normally, and her right In early July, she returned to her job
arm gained greater strength and flex- at a pharmaceutical company. “I’m
ibility, though it remains weaker than amazed that I had a 50-50 chance of
the left. Learning to write again was a dying, but I’m still here,” says Traci,
struggle. At first, she could barely who had a cardiac repair operation in
print her name, but eventually, her September. She’s also had an emo-
penmanship was nearly perfect. tional change of heart. “I’ve cut back
As her physical skills returned, her on my hours at work, and I take more
thinking also got sharper. “About four vacations. My life is here at home with
weeks after the stroke, it finally hit my girls and my husband, and want I

me how serious this was. I wanted to to enjoy it to the fullest.”

know. Why me?” Tests revealed a ti' Take a tour of the body and see some
previously undiagnosed birth defect: top medical breakthroughs at


Does a dumb name doom a person to a life of idiocy? Washington Post
Magazine columnist Gene Weingarten thinks so. And he cites the follow-
ing examples to prove his case:

In Fort Lauderdale, a jail escapee shed his orange jumpsuit because he

thought it was too suspicious-looking. He was caught because he tried
to escape wearing only purple underpants. Name: D. Chester Gumps.

In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, an inmate at the city jail threatened

one of the guards by saying, “I know where you work.” Inmate’s
name: Frank Dorko.

Please note that this rule of thumb does not apply in the other direc-
tion. A guy in Illinois was picked up on charges of attempting to mug
a Chicago police officer. Mugger’s gun was phony; cop’s wasn’t. Name
of perp: Eugene Smart, Jr.

easy to buy clothes for
they’re all mediums.
Submitted by FRED MECKLEY

Li'l Green Men

How can you
tell a leprechaun
is having a good
He’s Dublin over
with laughter.

Did you hear
about the little
green man who
went to

woman rubbed thousands of years. I'm
a lamp and out not that good,” he said. Yeah, he was
popped “Do I
a genie. “What do you have?”
else a lepre-con.
get three wishes?” she “Well, I’d love a good
asked. man. One who’s consid-
“Nope, I’m a one-wish erate, loves kids, likes to Funniest
genie. What will it be?” cook and doesn’t watch Why can’t
“See this map? want sports day.”
I all
you borrow
these countries to stop “Okay,” the genie said
fighting so we can have with a sigh. “Let me see
money from
world peace.” that map again.” a leprechaun?
“They’ve been at war Submitted by D. RICHARDS
Because they’re
always a little

When do cows go to sleep? When it’s pasture short.

bedtime. Submitted by HOSS ALLRED


A man walks into a bar and orders six A recent survey
whiskeys. Putting them in a row, he downs the first
reported that 27% of
glass, then the third and finally the fifth. Americans take their
“Excuse me,” the bartender says as the cell phones to the bath-

man turns to leave. “But you left three glasses room, an indication that
untouched.” reading is definitely
“I know," the man says. “My doctor says okay
it’s becoming a lost art.
to have the odd drink.” submitted by jee wan yau Submitted by GARTH GAMBLIN

How does
Snoop Dogg MaIy mother could make anybody feel guilty. She
used to get letters of apology from people she didn’t
cook his eggs? even know. joan rivers
Ta sizzle.
Submitted by YANG XI


w hat starting
salary are
you looking for?” the
head of human resources
vnce upon a time, a
beautifulyoung antelope
was going to the party of
the year. Excited, she
put on a new outfit,
the whole nine yards.
Suddenly, she was
stampeded by a herd
of buffalo, making her
the first self-dressed
asks the newly gradu- makeup, great shoes, stamped antelope.
ated engineer at the
end of a job interview.
Going for it, the guy
says, “Well, sir, I was
thinking about $125,000,
depending on the bene-
fits package.”
“Okay," the HR direc-
tor says. “How about five
weeks’ vacation, 14 paid
holidays, full medical
and dental, 100% com-
pany match for your
401(k) and a Porsche for
your company car?”
The engineer gasps
and says, “Wow! Are you
“Yeah,” he replies.
“But you started it.”



A man walks into a Can You Top This?

psychiatrist’s office.
Q: Why did the new race-car driver make ten pit
“Doc, every time I
stops during the race?
see nickels, dimes and A: To ask for directions.
quarters, I have a panic
attack! What can my Why did the driver really stop so often? We know
problem be?” you can do better on this one. E-mail your funniest
“Oh, that’s easy,” the original punch line to us at,
subject: March, and if it's the best (and the first
doctor answers. “You’re
of its kind), you'll win fame and riches. Well, not
just afraid of change.”
really, but you'll get a cool $100. Check out
Submitted by WAYNE BENNETT for a list of past winners.

Q: How many suburban- What did our farmer say about roasting a pig to cel-

ites does it take to screw ebrate his anniversary? January's winning punch line

in a light bulb? came from Gretchen Sue Strausbaugh of Defiance,

A: One, but it has to be Ohio: "Maybe, but cows are better at taking a joke."

the same shape and

wattage as
other light Did you hear about the man who looked up
synonyms for death in a thesaurus?
bulb on the
He found himself at words for a loss.

for the funny true stories we print in Life in These

United States, All in a Day’s Work and Humor in
Uniform. We pay $100 for jokes, quotes and other
material used in Laughter, the Best Medicine,
Quotable Quotes or elsewhere in the magazine.
Go to to submit original material.
To enclose funny items clipped from other sources, mail to:
Humor, Reader’s Digest, Box 100, Pleasantville, New York 10572-0100.
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Confessions of
a (way too)
protective parent



Just two days before my

son’s 18th birthday, I did
what most parents never
do. I actually looked at the
8-millimeter videotapes
all 73 of them — that I’d

dutifully created with my

Sony camcorder at every
single birthday and
school recital of my son’s
life. I looked at summer vacations and Did we go overboard in the protec-
at the occasional dog washing. tion department? It was one of those
Three observations: things you don’t realize you’re doing
I should have turned on the anti- when you’re doing it, but when you
jiggle feature. have the benefit of time and distance,
My wife and I spent a fortune on it’s easy to see some things.
birthday ponies. Kathy and I took our jobs seriously
Perhaps we had raised the “boy in and had insulated our son from all
the bubble” without an actual plastic dangers, real and imagined. Now that
bubble. he was on the verge of manhood, we

wondered which things he would knuckles and some napalm, but my

mention to the shrink that he’ll start black-market sources had dried up by
seeing when he’s 30 to figure out “why then. He had to settle for luggage.
my parents messed me up.”
Let’s examine the evidence. Water Hazards
Like the Beverly Hillbillies, we had
Taboo Toys a “cement pond” in our backyard. At
As watched 18 Christmas morn-
I first we thought it was so handy hav-
ings back to back, I realized that ing a 52,000-gallon swimming pool
despite the fact that we wanted our just ten feet from the house. But
son to grow up to be a normal boy, we shortly after ourboy started walking,
never gave him what he really wanted: we stopped sleeping because we were
a gun. Not a real gun, but a toy Uzi or positive that in the night, he would
an automatic pistol or something that slip out the back door and go swim-
he could aim at squirrels and neighbor —
ming straight to the bottom.
kids and squeeze off a round from To make sure he didn’t, we locked
when he felt the urge. every door. We had a pool cover and
He didn’t get one, because we’d read a state-of-the-art floating alarm that
a few of those “how to be a perfect would, in theory, shriek when some-
parent” articles that made it clear guns thing fell into the water. In reality, if
glorified warfare and violence. If kids the wind blew more than five miles
played with toy guns, the research in- an hour, it would make a wave in the
dicated, they’d wind up oblivious to pool and the alarm would wake up the
the difference between good and evil, neighbors.
and one day we’d get a call from a col- When we did use the pool, our son
lege dean to inform us our son was in always wore something inflatable.
the bell tower blasting away at coeds. And I’m not talking about those little
So he never got a gun. Later we dis- blow-up things that go on the arms.
covered that the urge to shoot things We outfitted him in a Coast Guard-
is programmed into boys at the fac- approved full-body flotation device.
tory, and by the time our son was There he was on the videotape from
three, he was shooting at squirrels in his third birthday, encased in this or-
the trees and rabbits in the yard with ange inner tube that stretched from
his fingers locked in a pistol-like pose. his shoulders down to his crotch. It
Later he improvised a weapon from had taken two people 15 minutes to
a bent stick and shot at the Good install him in it, so when it was time
Humor truck. to ride the pony, we decided it wasn’t
On his 18th birthday, to make up for worth the trouble of taking it off. He
his ammo-free childhood, I toyed with rode the horse while inside the flota-
the idea of giving him a set of brass tion device.


He looked like a bloated cowboy. If had grapes or an unknown-meat-

Leonardo DiCaprio had had one of filled-frank, we’d always cut them into
these, his character would have been molecule-size bites.
available for Titanic II. On my son’s first day of preschool,
my vigilant wife asked the teacher
Scary Foods what the morning snack would be.
You’ve heard that trans fats in Grapes, my wife was told.
French fries can kill you, but did you “Will they be cut in half?” she asked.
know that something even more dia- When the principal paused and then
bolical is probably lurking in your said no, my wife promptly volunteered
kitchen right now? to work in the kitchen and personally
We’d taken a child CPR class shortly halve 15 pounds of green grapes.
before our son was born. The instruc- That was the last time she ever
tors made it clear that the most dan- asked what was on the menu.
gerous thing in your house is not a Looking over all our videotape
loaded gun, it’s a grape. evidence, my wife and I realized that
Grapes are just the size of a kid’s we probably did overdo it on our
windpipe, and if a child eats a bunch firstborn. Now we watch new par-
of them quickly, one might get stuck ents and we admire >

and cut off the air supply. They said how they are over-
hot dogs were also exactly the diam-
eter of a kid’s throat and great caution “The Kryptonite 51

must be used when consuming them. Stroller, that’s a nice CHOICE
Both these foods were fine to eat, we touch,” says my wife.
were told, as long as they were cut up.
From that day forward, whenever we
CEP To buy a copy of The Mr. & Mrs.
Happy Handbook, go to


Following a terrible fall, my cousin Peter was
in a coma. Weeks later, he came out
of it. “Peter,” said his wife, “how do you
feel?” Slowly looking around at the hoses, tubes,
wires and monitors attached to his body, he responded
weakly, “Overaccessorized.” jim bethke

In the hospital following a heart attack, my sister Elsie,

a rabid baseball fan, was asked simple questions to test her
lucidity. She knew it was Thursday, but when asked what

the next day was, she answered, “The first day of spring training.”

Can the

John mccain leaned forward, his voice low and firm. “In 1994, we
became the majority in both houses of Congress in order to change
government. Instead, government changed us. We began to value
power over principle.”
It’s a theme Senator McCain pressed strongly in a recent interview

with Reader’s Digest and will no doubt sound often in the months
ahead: The Republicans were hammered in the 2006 midterm elections
because “we lost our way,” corrupted by special-interest money.
His voice rose as he warmed to a prime target of his wrath
pork barrel spending. “We had begun to believe that it’s our
money!” he said. “Honest to God, we believe it’s our money,
not theirs [taxpayers’].”
This is the John McCain etched deeply in our minds,
the principled straight shooter with the courage to take on
anyone, even a fellow Republican, if he or she somehow
betrayed the public trust. It’s a reputation that has made
him a front-runner for the GOP nomination for President in
2008. But being a maverick is also his biggest hurdle. Conser-
vative activists are not at all sure that McCain is one of them, and in

John McCain

trying to woo these kingmakers, the Yet less than a decade later, there
Senator could alienate moderates who he was campaigning in Phoenix and
are drawn to his aura of independence winning over voters with his upbeat
and integrity. manner and infectious humor. A nag-
Whatever else, there is nothing ging issue dogged his campaign,
predictable about his coming candi- though: Why was McCain running
dacy. But then, his rise in national pol- in this district at all? He’d lived in
itics was never predictable— much Phoenix less than a year and had
less inevitable. almost no connection with Arizona.
He put the matter to rest during a can-
wenty-five years ago, John didates’ debate when a rival leveled
McCain was a retired U.S. the carpetbagger charge yet again.

T Navy captain living in

zona and running
seat in
an open
the U.S. House of Rep-
resentatives. He had a consultant’s
dream resume: Not only was he the
“Listen, pal,” McCain
years in the Navy.
the Navy.
said, “I
My father was in
spent 22

My grandfather was in the

We in the military service tend
move a lot. I wish I could have had
scion of well-known admirals, he was the luxury, like you, of spending my
a war hero himself. entire life in a nice place like the First
A fighter pilot in the Vietnam War, District of Arizona, but I was doing
McCain was shot down by a North other things. As a matter of fact, when
Vietnamese missile in 1967 and locked I think about it now, the place I lived

away in the grim prison that POWs the longest in my life was Hanoi.”
dubbed the Hanoi Hilton. For five and The audience sat for a few seconds
a half years, he was tortured and in stunned silence, then erupted in
starved. Several times, the North Viet- deafening applause. McCain won the
namese attempted to use him for election, served two terms in the
propaganda purposes by offering House, and then ran for the Senate
to release the admiral’s son ahead from Arizona in 1986, winning by
of other Americans who’d been increasingly absurd margins every six
imprisoned longer. McCain kept re- years.
fusing to accept his own freedom, This ability to make the best of a
which engendered more beatings and bad situation is John MfcCain’s hall-
more torture. mark as a public figure. From the mo-
By the time he returnedto America ment he set foot again on American
man, his hair had turned white
a free soil in 1973, he made it a point not to
and he was suffering from severe quarrel with the antiwar protesters
wounds that persist to this day. An- of the Vietnam era, even the draft
other casualty of war was the collapse dodgers. In 1994, McCain and future
of his marriage to Carol Shepp, mother Democratic Presidential nominee John
of McCain’s first daughter, Sydney. Kerry were invited to the Oval Office

by President Clinton to discuss the laws but had shown “poor judgment.”
political fallout of normalizing rela- Then there’s the matter of McCain’s
tions with Vietnam. “McCain spoke famous temper. Many is the time he
for less than a minute,” recalled Mc- has sent notes to staffers, and even
Cain’s chief of staff, Mark Salter. “He fellow Senators, apologizing for one
basically said, ‘It doesn’t matter who outburst or another. During the 2000
was for the war, who was against the some Repub-
Presidential primaries,
war. Let’s move on.’ Clinton just licansworking for Bush tried to
looked at McCain and said, ‘You’re an undermine McCain’s candidacy by

amazing man.’ disseminating talking points about his
To be sure, he has not led a pristine short fuse. The Bush people were im-
public life. Three months after Mc- plying that McCain lacked a proper

"I'm older than dirt and have more

scars than Frankenstein. But I've
learned a few things along the way."
Cain joined the Senate, a flamboyant Presidential disposition. “The issue
Arizona businessman named Charles became, Is this guy disqualified from
H. Keating, Jr., asked him and four being President because his [time as
other Senators (later dubbed the Keat- a POW] had unhinged him?” McCain
ing Five) for help with federal regu- biographer Robert Timberg said in an
lators investigating his failing thrift, interview with Insight magazine. “I
Lincoln Savings & Loan. McCain— don’t know who raised that, but who-
along with Senator John Glenn— was ever did so spat in the face of every
less involved with Keating than the Vietnam veteran.”
others. But he wasn’t blameless: His The response from the McCain staff
wife and her father had invested has been to try to turn a perceived
$359,000 in a Keating shopping cen- flaw into an asset. One former Mc-
ter, and McCain had accepted, on Cain press secretary, Torie Clarke, ex-
Keating’s expense, trips to the Ba- plained it this way: “It’s amazing the
hamas, which he had kept quiet. number of people who say, ‘He’s just
Still, he later refused to intercede in so straightforward, he’s so refreshing.’
Keating’s behalf (Keating called him And, you know, his temper is a part
a wimp and left McCain’s office in of that.”
a huff) and told federal regulators McCain has his own way of spin-
he “wouldn’t want any special favors” ning the temper issue: “I’m sure there
for Lincoln Savings & Loan. In the end, have been times in the past when I
McCain earned only rebuke
a mild have made remarks that are intemper-
from the Senate Ethics Committee, ate. But I hope I will never lose my
which found that he’d violated no U.S. capacity to become outraged by

abuses of power and REPORT CARD melanoma (which has
misuse of the trust of been treated success-
the American people. fully, according to his
When I see $233 million TEMPERAMENT 2.2 doctors). Even without
an island
for a bridge to COURAGE 3.9 that grave health threat,
in Alaska with 50 peo- political observers note,
ple on it. I’m angry. by 2008 he will be 72
When I see Vladimir
years old — too old, in
Putin consolidating the CHARISMA 3.3 the view of some, to
old Russian Empire, I INTEGRITY 2.9 seek the Presidency.
get angry. When I see EXPERIENCE 3.3
Asked how he’d an-
Hugo Chavez call the swer voters who ques-
President of the United
tion whether he has the
States all kinds of GPA 2.9 stamina to handle the
names, I get angry. So White House job, Mc-
ti'X-l'ViW Grade Senator
the question is, Do you McCain at
Cain replies, “I think I
act just out of control, would say that I’m older
or do you maintain your capacity for than dirt. That I have more scars than
anger, which makes you even more Frankenstein. That I’ve learned a few
motivated to carry out the responsibil- things along the way. Anyone who ac-
ities of your oath of office?” companied me in the two months be-
Oh yes, there’s that other potential fore the last election, or while I was

impediment — concerns about his hiking in the Grand Canyon, can at-

health and age. During thesummer of test to the fact that I’m capable of keep-
2000, McCain was diagnosed with ing a very rigorous schedule.”


For this and future candidate profiles, a panel of experts rates the contender on traits associated with
successful Presidencies. Each report card grade is an average of their scores. 4.0 = possesses very
strongly, 3.0 = possesses largely, 2.0 = average amount, 1.0 = lacks largely, 0.0 = lacks very strongly.

BRAINPOWER Knowledgeable, incisive and adept at problem solving

TEMPERAMENT Calm and rational in tense situations, showing grace under pressure
COURAGE Willing to take a stand and accept risks, regardless of political and personal fallout

VISION Promotes large goals for America and policies to fulfill them
COMMUNICATION Can articulate and ''sell" a vision for the country to everyday people
CHARISMA Has a dynamism and charm that encourages others to follow
INTEGRITY Honest and trustworthy, engendering respect even among political foes
EXPERIENCE Savvy about the workings of government so goals can become accomplishments
JUDGMENT Has a track record of sound decisions based on facts, not hopes or emotions

RD PANEL OF EXPERTS Richard Brookhiser, biographer and historian; Mickey Edwards, former
Republican Congressman, Oklahoma; Les Francis, deputy chief of staff. Carter White House; Thomas
Mann, senior fellow, Brookings Institution; Norman Ornstein, resident scholar, American Enterprise
Institute; John J. Pitney, political scientist, Claremont College; Shirley Anne Warshaw, political

scientist, Gettysburg College; Michael Cromartie, vice president, Ethics and Public Policy Center.

ltimately, his candidacy will Cain has come out in favor of making
likely rise or fall on his pol- the Bush tax cuts permanent, even

icy stands.
sure to
he's almost

constituency he desperately
Enamored independents and
moderate Democrats will discover that
though in his previous incarnation
as a deficit hawk, McCain didn’t sup-
port them. “A profile in courage can
become a profile in unrestrained am-
Kenneth Duberstein, Rea-
bition,” said
McCain is fully honest when he says, gan’sWhite House chief of staff, in an
“My 24-year voting record is a consis- interview with Time magazine. “He
tent, conservative voting record. So- has to remember who his friends are
cially, fiscally and militarily, I am a and not spend his integrity on one-
conservative.” He is certainly pro mil- night stands with those who will never
itary and antiabortion, and a foe of ex- fully trust him.”
cessive federal spending. On one issue, and it’s a big one, Mc-
But these stands won’t necessarily Cain has remained constant: Iraq. And
win over the party’s base. They aren’t that may prove the greatest barrier
forgetting that McCain went against between McCain and the Presidency.
President Bush on his tax cuts, and The Senator believes the invasion was
that he championed campaign
federal the right thing to do, has consistently
finance reform alongside liberal Wis- called for more — not fewer — troops
consin Senator Russ Feingold. And and thinks victory is still possible.
evangelicals will be reminded that in Former Senator John Edwards, who is
2000, McCain characterized Jerry Fal- pursuing the 2008 Democratic nomi-
well and Pat Robertson as “agents of nation, has taken to calling the policy
intolerance” and “corrupting influ- of sending more American soldiers to
ences” in American politics. It’s true Iraq the McCain Doctrine.
that last year, Falwell reached out to This is intended to stigmatize Mc-
McCain, who responded by giving the Cain with voters, which it may do. If
2006 commencement address at the that happens, McCain says simply, it’s

Falwell-founded Liberty University in the price of patriotism. “I harbor am-

Lynchburg, Virginia. That led to bitions to be President of the United
charges that McCain was pandering States,” he says. “Those ambitions
to the evangelicals, even though he pale in comparison to my view that
delivered the same speech in Lynch- America’s national security is para-
burg that he gave at the ultraliberal mount, and I have to do what’s right,
New School in New York all about — even if it costs me my entire political
the need for greater tolerance of oth- career.”
ers in this country. Call this brave or call it bullheaded.
There has been another shift, Either way, it’s vintage McCain.
though, that’s harder to justify. Clearly ii'ROinP Read our full interview with
hoping to mollify conservatives, Mc- Senator McCain at

Take a peek inside TV's top
medical dramas and see how
real those cases are

ust outside the high-pressure ER

of fictional Seattle Grace Hospital,

J home of hit ABC show

Anatomy, Dr. George O’Malley is
about to make a stupid but believ-

able mistake. As the doctor played by T. R.

Knight sticks a needle in his patient’s arm to

draw blood, a drop falls unnoticed onto a piece

of gauze. Instead of containing the waste, the
doctor hands it, along with the blood sample,


Ellen Pompeo
confers with fellow
small-screen docs
in the ER of the
award-winning show
Grey's Anatomy.

to a nurse, who passes it along to a the popular FX series about two racy
lab tech. Suddenly, chaos erupts as Miami cosmetic surgeons.
everyone exposed becomes woozy To show the actors how to realisti-
and collapses. cally perform their doctorly duties, to
The episode being filmed comes make sure the props — from blood
from a real-life case in Southern syringes to suture-removal kits— are COLLECTION;


California: A woman undergoing authentic, and to keep scriptwriters’

chemotherapy ingests some kind of scenarios from veering into fantasy,

herbal remedy, and the combination Klein puts in long hours on Anatomy’s EVERETT

emits toxic fumes from her body, caus- set whenever medical procedures are
ing her attending doctors to pass out. being filmed. COURTESY

But it wasn’t enough for the produc- “Linda takes the time to show us TV/COURTESY

ers of Grey’s Anatomy to have their exactly how something should be

latest story line based on reality; they done,” says Ellen Pompeo, who plays ELSEWHERE)

wanted to make sure all the medical Anatomy’s title character, Dr. Mere- UNIVERSAL

details on the set added up. To do that, dith Grey (and, as fans will know, the ST.

they called in Linda Klein, who, after love interest of Dr. Derek “McDreamy”

working for more than ten years as a Shepherd). “She makes sure every-

surgical tech and nurse, recently be- thing is done perfectly.” WELBY,

came a producer and medical consult- As medical dramas have evolved KILDARE.

ant for Grey’s Anatomy and Nip/Tuck, from fiction to near fact, professionals (MARCUS


MDs on the Small Screen: A History

St. Elsewhere,
Robert Young, which ran for six
of Father Knows seasons, was set
Best, played a in a poor Boston
paternal family teaching hospital
practitioner on the and dealt with
ABC hit Marcus serious life-and-
Welby, M.D. death issues.

Dr. Kildare (portrayed The ER moved

by hunky Richard to the battlefield
Chamberlain) had on CBS’s M*A*S*H,
a romantic way set in Korea and
with patients. starring Alan Alda.


like Klein have become the backbone got blood on their hands and never

of such hit shows as House and ER. made mistakes. The sanitized image

They teach actors how to hold a of medicine and its practitioners was
St scalpel, insert (fake) intubation tubes, a reflection of the script-approval
52 perform CPR, choreograph operations, process: Until the mid-1970s, produc-
make incisions into lifelike (pros- ers routinely submitted scripts to the
Ss thetic) chests and brains, and speak American Medical Association for
“i and think like doctors — all with the review.
jj goal of giving TV viewers the pre- By the early ’70s, Marcus Welby,
jg scription they’ve come to crave: a M.D. and Medical Center began deal-
heavy dose of realism. ing with controversial social issues—
O £:
iz rape, homosexuality, sexually trans-

g| ^^BBor decades, Americans have mitted diseases— yet still clung to an

had a love affair with medical idealized view of doctors and hospi-
I dramas, popularized in the tals. In response to the profound so-
early 1960s with the hit TV cial and political changes sparked by
^B shows Dr. Kildare and Ben the Vietnam era came M*A*S*H, about
Casey. Back then, the parameters of an Army corps of wisecracking doc-
medical depiction were limited. The tors during the Korean War. Against a
central characters were handsome, backdrop of dramatic emergency sur-
> flawless, godlike figures who rarely geries performed in wartime, the

Long-running On House, the

ER was created curmudgeonly
by novelist star illustrates
Michael Crichton. that docs can
He based the — have problems
script on his real- too. In his case
life experiences it's a painkiller
working in an ER. addiction.

Cable s Nip/Tuck
features glam
Miami plastic —
surgeons and gritty
OR scenes.

medics were portrayed as heroes with cation, University of Pennsylvania.

flaws: libidinous, nurse-chasing booz- Ironically, it was a show written
ers with hearts of gold. by a novelist that ultimately broke
“The only way the show could through in terms of medical reality.
get away with those characters is Created in 1994 by Michael Crichton,
that as surgeons, they had to be tech- ER launched the career of George
nically beyond reproach and behave Clooney, who played the charming,
correctly as doctors,” says Joseph flirtatious Dr. Doug Ross. “We wanted

Turow, professor of communication to show what it was really like to be a

at the Annenberg School of Communi- doctor in an emergency setting: their

A Checkup With Ellen Pompeo

ot since TV’s Ally McBeal RD: Which was the bigger surprise

has there been such a your engagement or your Golden
quirky, angst-ridden but lov- Globe nomination?
able prime-time character Pompeo: They were both very, very
as Meredith Grey. In por- surprising, and I wasn’t expecting
traying the female lead of Grey’s either, honestly.
Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo has gener-
ated a lion’s share of the show’s water- RD: How does your fiance react to
cooler and online chatter, and she your romantic scenes with Patrick
nominated Golden Globe. The
for a Dempsey?
actress has come a long way since an Pompeo: Chris is the most secure man
agent approached her in the mid-
first I know, which is why I’m going to

1990s in a New York restaurant, where marry him. But I don’t like to throw
she was working as a bartender. A na- these scenes in his face. I certainly
tive of Boston, she made her film debut wouldn’t like to see him kissing an-
in Moonlight Mile opposite Jake other woman on-screen. He’s not an
Gyllenhaal, but found her true calling actor, so he doesn’t understand just
playing a surgical intern on the small how unsexy it really is with 40 crew

screen. members standing around and doing

Now 37, Pompeo recently sat down multiple takes.
with Reader’s Digest to talk about her
engagement to longtime boyfriend, RD: I hear you try to distract him from
record producer Chris Ivery, her views watching the romantic scenes.
on doctors, and her steamy scenes Pompeo: Well, yes, baking chocolate
with costar Patrick “Dr. McDreamy” chip cookies is a good way. He loves
Dempsey. my chocolate chip cookies, so I put

flaws and exhaustion, the crowded Los Angeles. “In the beginning,” he
waiting room, the explicit surgeries, recalls, “we said ‘That’s too bloody to
successful and botched,” says Dr. Fred show,’ or ‘We can’t use technical medi-
Einesman, ER’s medical advisor. “The cal jargon.’ But now, viewers expect it
show became a phenomenon in the to be real.”
medical community at the time be- “In Hollywood, what sells is sex
cause it was so accurate.” and violence,” says Professor Turow.
Einesman would know. He worked So when ER has to get people’s atten-
for more than 15 years as an ER doc- tion in sweeps week, they have an in-
tor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in credible helicopter crash or a bus

them in the oven and make him check means to be a doctor and what they
on them all the time. have to deal with. With all the pressure
they’re under, and the many other
RD: What do you like most about the things they have going on at any one
character of Meredith Grey? moment, Iunderstand now why they
Pompeo: The fact that she’s flawed can’t be as compassionate as I might
but is determined to become a sur- like them to be.
geon even though she doubts
herself sometimes. There’s a re- RD: Tell us what you have
markable amount of sexism on learned about the medical
TV. When male characters are profession.
flawed, they’re interesting, deep Pompeo: I certainly have
and complex. But when female more respect for doctors
characters are flawed, they’re just than before. I didn’t realize
a mess. It’s good to put the fatigue and pressure
flawed but interesting female that most of them are
characters out there because working under all
it promotes equality. the time. It’s one
of the few profes-
RD: Has playing the role sions where if you
of Meredith Grey given make a mistake, it
you certain expectations can mean some-
about doctors and hospi- body’s life.
tals that you didn’t have tiiiwuiiB Listen
before? to more of the
Pompeo: No. I have Ellen Pompeo
interview— and
fewer expectations now
view a slide show of
because I understand
d on-the-set photos— at
more about what it

accident with lots of blood. Or Grey’s When saw

go. I it on ER, I became
Anatomy has two people impaled on emotional for the first time; in the hos-
a pole. pital had to remain objective and

Today, there are few taboo subjects. didn’t have the luxury of reacting
AIDS, abortion, even the death penalty emotionally.”
have been addressed on recent Einesman has shared that lesson in
episodes of House. When a death row reality when advising actors about
inmate becomes seriously ill, Dr. how to make their interactions with
Gregory House, the chronically cranky, patients look real. “I tell them, ‘You
pain-pill-addicted medical genius don’t have time to emote here; you
played by Golden Globe winner Hugh have to get the job done. There are 35
Laurie, rises to the diagnostic chal- people in the waiting room, and you
lenge. Is it a tumor, a blood disease? have to see one patient every 15
No, turns out the inmate ingested toxic minutes.’

copy machine fluid, wanting to have On House, consultant David Foster,

control over his own death. formerly an instructor at Harvard
Medical School, makes sure the title
nfusing medical authentic- character sounds authentic while talk-
ity starts with finding real ing about medical jargon. “When

I cases. Stories come from

everywhere. Magazines, news-
papers, medical journals— in-
cluding JAMA, Annals of Emergency
Medicine— and nurses and residents
House and his team argue about a
particular diagnosis,” says Foster,
has to be a condition that


Character is one thing, but the

around the country. “I’m always ask- props and special effects are equally
ing people I meet at parties if they important. Chest cavities, ribs, layers
know of interesting cases, and they of intestines, hearts and brains
usually do,” says Tony Phelan, an ex- usually prosthetics made of latex and
ecutive producer on Grey’s Anatomy. rubber — have to be anatomically
ER’s medical advisor Einesman has correct. Medical consultant Linda
seen several of his real-life cases end Klein sometimes relies on her local
up as episodes, and he recalls one that butcher shop to supply cows’ brains
still haunts him to this day. and intestines.
In the mid-1980s, a 45-year-old man Scrupulous attention is also paid
was rushed to the hospital after hav- to getting the various consistencies
ing a massive heart attack. “When we of blood right. According to ER’s
did CPR, he would open his eyes,” Einesman, there are 17 different types,
Einesman recalls, “but every time we including circulating, congealed and
stopped, his eyes would close and he’d mouth blood— appropriate for spe-
fade away. This went on for 40 min- cific procedures or injuries. Karo syrup
utes, until finally we had to let him mixed with blue and red dye, for ex-

ample, gives the thick, drying blood gone to an HMO knows differently.”
you’d see congealed on an old knife A persistent criticism of these
wound or a battered corpse. series from the medical community
Actual cervical-spine x-rays and is the survival rate of both CPR
MRIs from anonymous patients’ files and coma patients, which medical
are used on ER, and the medical equip- research says is much less success-
ment on these shows heart moni- — ful in real life. Another criticism:
tors, respirators, EKGs is also — Nobody ever talks about money or
authentic, as are the machines’ nu- insurance.
merical readings to reflect the cases “Now and then on ER, you’ll get the
being portrayed. sense of a beleaguered hospital with
Still, for all their realism, these dra- people waiting for care,” Turow says.
mas remain, at heart, fiction. “They “But you don't see anyone at the recep-
setup unrealistic expectations about tion booth being asked for their in-
doctors and hospitals,” points out And there’s no real social
surance card.
Professor Turow. “Who wouldn’t want context —
American society owning
a Dr. McDreamy listening intently to up what it means to have the baby-
their problems? But when you go to boom generation marching toward its
a hospital, it can be a scary place. final years.”
Doctors and nurses are overloaded, Still, there’s no arguing with one
and in these days of managed care, aspect of medical dramas. The suc-
you’re lucky if you see the same cessful formula of presenting doctors
doctor twice.” who care but have flaws and make
“The idea that there’s one brilliant mistakes leads to a scary truth. Says
doctor, like Gregory House, who Turow, “It’s a crapshoot on these
would become that invested in a real- shows as to whether a patient will
life patient’s case is very appealing,” come out okay — which is just like in
says David Foster. “Anyone who’s the real world.”


From the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette police blot-
ter: “A man on South Walton Boulevard reported
a man with a small white dog yelling obscenities.”

A British newspaper, The

Independent on Sunday, ran the
following news flash: “Welsh
tortoise recaptured 1.8 miles
from home after eight
months on the run.”


The pig who

saved a boy’s
and other


The Bodyguard
She’s 150 pounds of pork and
attitude, and good thing too. When
seven-year-old Jordan Jones was playing
outside his Las Vegas homeOctober

2004, a escaped from a neigh-

pit bull

bor’s yard and charged him. Jordan’s pot-

bellied pig, Dasiey, rushed to his defense.
She intercepted the aggressive dog, only
to find her own head inside its mouth. As
the pit bull held on, Kim Jones, Jordan's
mom, grabbed her son and called to her
husband, “Help Dasiey! The dog's got
her!” Ron Jones ran for his pistol and
asked permission from the pit bull’s

owner— now also at the scene— to

fire. The pit bull died instantly.
Dasiey's heroic actions left her
with a badly severed ear and
and scratches.
several bites
“But she made a good recov-
ery," says Kim Jones. “She's
just as smart and sweet
as ever."

m llldLb MU Diruurdlll Sunshine’s radiant colors
are a good match for this six-year-old macaw's bold personality.
When a burglar broke into J. W. Erb’s apartment in Williamsport,
Pennsylvania, one January day in 2006, the bird was sitting on top
of his cage— "a favorite perch,” Erb says— awaiting his owner's return
from work as a hairdresser. Spotting the stranger, who began ran-
sacking the place, Sunshine flew at him, pecking madly. An awful
scuffle ensued. "And my bird won," says Erb. The burglar fled, $100
richer— but beaten up. When Erb got home, he found his beloved
pet curled up in a corner, traumatized, with blood and feathers every-
where. Erb called police, who nabbed their suspect shortly after; he'd
been brought in on another charge. Beak bite-marks gave him away.
Pet Pals When
an electrical fire roared
through the Gardner fam-
ily home in Palo Cedro,
California, in December
2006, firefighters rushed
in but fortunately found
no one two-

inside. Still,

year-old Casey, the Gard-

ners' black Lab who had
followed rescuers into

the house, wouldn't give

up, ''He’s very attached to
us,” says Robert Gardner,
33, who was in town with
his family watching the
Christmas-tree lighting.
“Firefighters told me that
even though the house
was filling with smoke,

Casey kept running from
room to room, searching.”
When the dog found

Cindy, the family’s plump
and elderly cat, he used
his nose to nudge the

scared-to-death feline out of the house. Gardner, with wife Chyla celebrated the

birth of their fourth child this past Christmas, feels blessed. "It was heart-wrenching
to lose our home. But Casey's a hero. Thanks to him, we still have Cindy."

Dig This In October 2006, Norman and

Eve Fertig were outside feeding the wildlife at their
animal sanctuary in Alden, New York, when a snow-
storm suddenly blew in, felling trees and cutting
power. Unable to get back to their home, the couple
were stranded in the forest, “We’re gonna die out
here," Eve recalls saying. Shana, their timber wolf-
German shepherd mix, began digging a path to the
house under the fallen branches. She returned for
the couple, carrying Eve on her back as Norman
trudged behind. “Shana saved our lives,” says Eve.

iuthcMP To view a photo slide show of these heroic pets,

and to send us your stories, go to




As the caseworker from Child Protective Services approached

Sue Howard’s home last year, she knew something was wrong.
Outside the one-story brick house on a quiet, leafy street in
Nacogdoches, Texas, a blue dresser stood against one wall. The
front porchwas crowded with papers, books, an open bag of cat
bunch of shoes and several pairs of roller skates. The
food, toys, a
white steel front door, which had fallen off its hinges, was
propped up in the door frame.
Inside the house it was much worse. The entry hall was
crammed with a love seat, boxes and so much clothing, the case-
worker had to step on it to get to the dark, wood-paneled living

room and then the dining area, where they always did. But the visit in May
piles of papers, books and other ob- 2006 was different. By then, Howard
jects (including boxes and boxes of had separated from her husband and
past-their-prime Girl Scout Cookies) was raising Kelsie, 16, Zachary, 15, Clay,
were stacked on nearly every surface. 10, and Ben, 8, on her own for almost
This was not the life Sue Howard a year and a half. The clutter was get-
had imagined in 1988, when she mar- ting worse —
and potentially danger-
ried and joined her husband in satisfy- ous. The caseworker told Howard to
ing but low-paying church work. Her move the children to their father’s
family had grown at a much faster rate
than their modest income. The finan-
cial strugglebecame overwhelming.
About nine years ago, Howard, now
42, began to feel trapped by poverty. Saving stuff, in moderation, is usu-
“I thought, What can I do? I’ll do what ally considered normal. But this oth-
my grandma did.” From that moment, erwise healthy impulse can go too
Howard refused to discard anything far and develop into what some ex-
she considered potentially useful. perts consider a clinical obsessive-
In 2001, when her husband went to compulsive disorder. Compulsive
graduate school,Howard began selling hoarding can’t be chalked up to ec-
books online. She took pride in snap- centricity or a character flaw. It’s more
ping up bargains for her four children serious and harder to control than that.
and her business at thrift stores, “This not laziness, criminal negli-
garage sales and Wal-Mart. But those gence or failure to attend to the re-
bargains gradually took over the sponsibilities of life,” explains Sanjaya
household, adding to the tension of Saxena, MD, director of the Obsessive-
an already troubled marriage. The Compulsive Disorders Program at the
scuffed kitchen floor was sometimes University of California, San Diego.
and appliances, including the
sticky, “It is, in fact,
a neuropsychiatric dis-
dishwasher and refrigerator, were order that will not get better unless
often on the fritz. Howard was too em- the person is treated.”
barrassed to allow a stranger in to do And can lead to tragic conse-
repairs and too overwhelmed to clean quences. One
of the most famous cases
up a home filled with clutter. Every involved the wealthy and reclusive Col-
time the doorbell rang, her stomach lyer brothers. In 1947, their bodies were
knotted in fear. discovered in a crumbling New York
Between 2002 and 2005, casework- City mansion packed with more than
ers visited Howard’s home at least five 100 tons of junk. Last year, a resident
times in response to anonymous calls. of Shelton, Washington, was smoth-
They gave Howard and her husband ered when a massive pile of clothes
time to clean up the property, which toppled on her. And a few fatal fires

have even made headlines. Hoarders old newspapers may see an archive of
tend to fill their homes with flamma- valuable, potentially life-changing
ble materialand often block hallways information. From that perspective,
and exits in the process, which can discarding a newspaper is wasteful,
make escaping a fire impossible. foolish,perhaps even a personal fail-
Hoarding can affect people of all ure. And so this clinical disorder
ages and backgrounds. As many as transforms the everyday act of throw-
three million to six million Americans ing away an object into a deeply
may be afflicted at some level, and wrenching, personal violation.
Saxena warns that hoarding often re- Organization is also a nightmare.
quires extensive treatment. But many Steketee and Frost say that compul-
deny that they have too much stuff or sive hoarders usually have trouble


that the clutter is categorizing items,
a problem. And find it difficult to make
even those who decisions, and worry that
seek treatment objects not in sight
can’t always find or
afford the currently
They might
be forgotten.
recommended ap- PICTURES clothes on top of a bu-
proach: cognitive- reau, for example, in-
behavioral therapy stead of putting them
(sometimes paired with in drawers. Over time,
medication) from a specialist. a few items piled here
And it’s a myth that hoarders keep and there grow into mountains of
only junk. Like the rest of us, they may dangerous clutter.
save things that are beautiful, useful or How dangerous? The dust, mildew,
have sentimental value, say national mold and rodent droppings commonly
experts Gail Steketee, PhD, professor found in extreme clutter can irritate
and acting dean at the School of Social allergies or lead to headaches or res-
Work at Boston University, and Randy piratory problems like asthma for
O. Frost, PhD, a psychologist at Smith hoarders and their families. In some
College. The difference is that hoard- cases, home maintenance suffers,
ers often find beauty, utility and mean- so individuals may endure freezing
ing where others don’t. winters without heat and sweltering
Most people, for example, can re- summers with no air conditioning.
cycle an old newspaper without a sec- Clutter also places hoarders and their
ond thought. But a hoarder who saves families, especially the elderly, at high


risk of injuring themselves in a fall. say they don’t always have a choice.
Extreme hoarding endangers not “The constant refrain we hear from
only the residents but also neighbors professionals is ‘If they aren’t a dan-
and firefighters, who face greater risk ger to others, then they have a right
of injury and death when battling to live how they want,’ ” says Donna
clutter-fed flames. It can become a Austin,who founded the Children
financial threat to communities as of Hoarders online support group
well. Making a hoarder’s home safe ( “When
and habitable can be staggeringly an aging parent runs the daily risk of
expensive, and hoarders can’t always slipping on glossy magazines on the
pick up that tab. One year, the health floor and breaking a hip, or lives in an
department of town spent
a small extreme fire hazard, it’s not so easy to
approximately 75 percent of the com- stand by and do nothing.”
munity’s entire budget on cleaning It’s not so easy to help either. By
out a hoarder’s home, according to the time Eugenia Lester’s children
Frost. A mere 18 months later, “the stepped in, the 60-year-old former
home was back the way it was before." businesswoman was sleeping in the
yard of her Southern California home.
Piles of stuff blocked every door of
SUFFERS the pale stucco residence, which could
Family members often feel angry be entered only through a window.
and resentful about a hoarder’s seem- Unhappy neighbors had circulated a
ingly inexplicable behavior. They also petition to force Lester out of the area,
feel trapped. Forcible cleanups are and she was in and out of court for
risky, but so is honoring a hoarder’s failing to clean up the property, ac-
wishes to be left alone. Relatives often cording to her daughter Cynthia, a 28-
try to sortthrough a hoard secretly or year-old filmmaker in New York. Even
without permission. That’s “a very bad as rats rooted through refuse in the
idea,” according to Fugen Neziroglu, uninhabitable home, Lester was un-
PhD, co-author of Overcoming Com- able or unwilling to acknowledge the
pulsive Hoarding and clinical director physical and legal dangers she faced.
of the Bio-Behavioral Institute of Son Brian, 25, says cleaning out his
Great Neck, New York. mother’s home was like working at a
Neziroglu encourages family mem- landfill. “Everything inside was rotted
bers to take a different approach and mildewed,” he says. “It looked like
and confront hoarders about the the city dump. There was stuff piled
problem with the help of an experi- up about four feet high— trash, pic-
enced therapist. Experts like her tures, clothes, newspapers.” House-
caution that disposing of a person’s hold leaks meant the bottom layer was
belongings without permission can wet; the entire house stank.
lead to trauma or worse. But relatives Cynthia’s upcoming documentary,
While Sue Howard’s hoarding is more much better in a board-and-care fa-
under control in her house, her garage think our family and my
cility. “I

(above) still harbors some clutter. mother are in a much better space,”
Cynthia says. “We are closer and
My Mother’s Garden, records the long, happier.” But Cynthia is still trying to
painful process of separating Lester arrange appropriate treatment for her
from most of her possessions during mother’s disorder.
the summer and fall of 2005. It took Steketee says hoarders and their
Lester’s children about eight weeks families pay a toll for interventions.
and some $20,000 simply to empty the “Whichever family members carry the
place. Lester’s disorder made her any- stick are going to pay for that in terms
thing but grateful when she returned of the relationship,” she says. The
home after the cleanup. “I hate you Lester family was no exception.
people; you robbed me,” she shouted, Cynthia says her mother may never
then started weeping. A few weeks forgive her for the forced cleanup.
later, Lester was so depressed and sui- Clearing a clutter-ridden home is

cidal that she needed emergency care. so stressful that family members are
More than a year after the painful often tempted to simply trash every-
intervention, Lester seems to be doing thing, which adds to the hoarder’s dis-



tress.Experienced organizers, while Messiness-and-Hoarding online self-

they can’t treat the problem, can help help group. Despite efforts to de-
preserve family relationships and do clutter,though, her house never stayed
more than fill dumpsters. New York clean. Having her children taken away
City-based Bergfeld’s Estate Clearance from her last year forced Howard to
Service, for example, has uncovered recognize how she had sabotaged
valuable jewelry, musical instruments decluttering efforts by continuing to
and historically important documents bring new stuff home. Since
that has
for clients, who sometimes mix treas- stopped, she says, much of the house-
ures with trash. hold clutter is gone— but there’s still
more to do. “My children mean every-
thing to me, and I’ve worked very hard
UNDER CONTROL in my fight to get them back.”
During a big cleanup in 2002, Sue The newly spacious home is a pleas-
Howard worried that her husband was ure for Howard and her children, who
tossing too much, so she hid a few live there on weekends. But Howard
bags destined for the dump. As he re- understands that her fight isn’t over.
turned them to the trash pile, Howard She likely faces a lifelong battle against
begged to keep them — even though
she wasn’t sure what they held. And
the compulsion to acquire more —just
in case. “I’ll still have hoarding ten-
she wondered, Is this what drug ad- dencies, but I have to keep telling my
dicts do, begging to keep their drugs? brain the truth,” she says. “God’s going
After a counselor suggested she to provide what I need.”
might be a hoarder, Howard found in-
ti't4'':np Could you be a hoarder? Take a quiz
formation and support on the Yahoo! to find out at


Love hurts. Just ask these guys. They wore their hearts on their sleeves—
only to have them tailored.

A girl I liked said she wouldn’t date people born the same month as
she was.”— Greg, 22

“A woman told me she’d be too tired the night I asked her out, but she
told me this two days ahead of time.”— Kevin, 41
“A girl said that her car broke down and then gave me
a big, long story
about what was wrong. Only problem? I have a car and could’ve
driven her. Plus, I’m a mechanic.”— Wally, 20

She told me that she had to go buy the doughnuts for her singles
STDs group. Point taken.’’-Greg, 32


Ambien CR is the only 2-layer sleep aid with a controlled-release formula:

<,UiCl'' V *°
The firs, layer
<B«o' v * S You t0 s e ep ,

*«0lV ' S S 0W
' '
V '*"> You
The second lever s,e ¥

For a limited time only, get 7 days of
Visit or call 1-800-662-9864.
- DHtiMine

With AMBIEN CR. getting to sleep fast and staying asleep helps you wake up and get ready for the day." AMBIEN CR is a treatment option you and your healthcare provider can
consider along with lifestyle changes and can be taken for as long as your healthcare provider recommends. Ask your healthcare provider about the latest AMBIEN, AMBIEN CR —
and don't forget to mention the CR.

' Proven effective for up to 7 Hours in clinical studies '

'Individual results may vary

Important Safety Information

AMBIEN is indicated for the short-term treatment of insomnia. AMBIEN CR is indicated for treating insomnia.

When you first start taking AMBIEN, use caution in the morning when engaging in activities It is a treatment option you and your healthcare provider can consider along with lifestyle

requiring complete alertness untilyou know how you will react to this medication. Inmost changes and can be taken for as long as your healthcare provider recommends. Untilyou
instances, memory problems can be avoided you take AMBIEN only when you are able to
if know how AMBIEN CR will affect you, you shouldn't drive or operate machinery. Be sure
get a fu* night’s sleep (7 to 8 hours) before you need to be active again. As with any sleep you're able to devote 7 to 8 hours to sleep before being active again. Side effects may include

medication, do not use alcohol while you are taking AMBIEN. next-day drowsiness, dizziness and headache. It's non-narcotic; however, like most sleep

Prescription sleep aids are often taken for 7 to 1 0 days —

or longer as advised by your
medicines, it has some risk of dependency. Don't take it with alcohol.

healthcare provider. Like most sleep medicines, it has some risk of dependency.

There is a low occurrence of side effects associated with the short-term use of AMBIEN.
The most commonly observed side effects in controlled clinical trials were drowsiness (2%), C?
dizziness (1%). and diarrhea (1%).
sanofi aventls
Not actual pdl size Please see important patient information on adjoining page

02005-2006 sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC. All rights reserved. US ACR.06.12 021 December 2006 Printed in USA
Ambien CR™ @
(zolpidem tartrate extended-release) tablets
INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS TAKING happened for severalhours after taking the medi- Ifyou have been taking Ambien CR or any other
AMBIEN CR cine. This is usually not a problem since most peo- sleep medicine for more than 1 or 2 weeks, do not
Vour doctor has prescribed Ambien CR to help you ple fall asleep after taking the medicine. stop taking it on your own. Always follow your doc-
sleep. The following information is intended to Memory loss can be a problem, however, when tor's directions.

guide you in the safe use of this medicine. is not sleep medicines are taken while traveling, such as Changes
in behavior and thinking: Some people
meant to take the place of your doctor's instruc- during an airplane flight and the person wakes up using sleep medicines have experienced unusual
tions. If you have any questions about Ambien CR before the effect of the medicine is gone. This has changes in their thinking and/or behavior. These
tablets be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist. been called “traveler’s amnesia." effects are not common. However, they have
Ambien CR is used to treat different types of sleep Be sureto talk to your doctor if you think you are included.
problems, such as: having memory problems. Although memory • more outgoing or aggressive behavior than
• trouble falling asleep problems are not very common while taking normal
• waking up often during the night Ambien CR, most instances, they can be
in • confusion
Some people may have more than one of these avoided if you take Ambien CR only when you • strange behavior
problems. are able to get a full night's sleep (7 to 8 hours) • agitation
Ambien CR belongs to a group of medicines before you need to be active again. • hallucinations
known as the "sedative/hypnotics", or simply, Tolerance: When sleep medicines are used every
• worsening of depression

sleep medicines. There are many different sleep night for more than afew weeks, they may lose suicidal thoughts
medicines available to help people sleep better their effectiveness to help you sleep. This is known How often these effects occur depends on several
Sleep problems are usually temporary, requiring as "tolerance". Sleep medicines should, in most factors, such as a person's general health, the use
treatment for only a short time, usually 1 or 2 days cases, be used only for short periods of time, such of other medicines, and which sleep medicine is
up to 1 or 2 weeks. Some people have chronic as 1 or 2 days and generally no longer than 1 or 2 being used.
sleep problems that may require more prolonged weeks. If your sleep problems continue, consult
It is also important to realize that it is rarely clear
use of sleep medicine. However, you should not your doctor, who will determine whether other
whether these behavior changes are caused by the
use these medicines for long periods without talk- measures are needed to overcome your sleep
medicine, an illness, or occur on their own. In fact,
ing with your doctor about the risks and benefits problems.
sleep problems that do not improve may be due
of prolonged use.
Dependence: Sleep medicines can cause depend- to illnesses that were present before the medicine

SIDE EFFECTS ence, especially when these medicines are used was used. If you or your family notice any changes
regularly for longer than a few weeks or at high your behavior, or you have any unusual or
Most common side effects: in if

• headache
doses. Some people develop a need to continue disturbing thoughts, call your doctor immediately.
• somnolence
taking their medicines. This is known as depend-
(sleepiness) Pregnancy: Sleep medicines may cause sedation
ence or "addiction."
• dizziness of the unborn baby when used during the last
You may
When people develop dependence, they may have weeks of pregnancy.
find that these medicines make you
difficulty stopping the sleep medicine. the med-
sleepy during the day. How drowsy you feel If
Be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant, if
icine is suddenly stopped, the body is not able to
depends upon how your body reacts to the medi- you are planningto become pregnant, or if you
which sleep medicine you are taking, and
function normally and unpleasant symptoms may
cine, become pregnant while taking Ambien CR.
how large a dose your doctor has prescribed.
occur (see Withdrawal). They may find that they

Daytime drowsiness is best avoided by taking the

have to keep taking the medicines either at the SAFE USE OF SLEEPING MEDIGNES
prescribed dose or at increasing doses just to avoid To ensure the safe and effective use of Ambien CR
lowest dose possible that will still help you sleep at
withdrawal symptoms. or any other sleep medicine, you should observe
night. Your doctor will work with you to find the
dose of Ambien CR that is best for you. All people taking sleep medicines have some risk of the following cautions:
becoming dependent on the medicine. However, 1 . Ambien CR is a prescription medicine and
To manage these side effects while you are taking
people who have been dependent on alcohol or should be used ONLY as directed by your
this medicine:
other drugs in the past may have a higher chance doctor. Follow your doctor’s instructions
• When you first start taking Ambien CR or any
of becoming addicted to sleep medicines. This about how to take, when to take, and
other sleep medicine until you know whether
must be considered before using these
possibility how long to take Ambien CR. Ambien CR
the medicine will still have some carryover
medicines for more than a few weeks. tablets should not be divided, crushed, or
you the next day. use extreme care
effect in
chewed, and must be swallowed whole
while doing anything that requires complete If you have been addicted to alcohol or drugs in ,
alertness, such the past, is important to your doctor before
L Never use Ambien CR or any other sleep
as driving a car, operating it tell
medicine for longer than directed by your
machinery, or piloting an aircraft. starting Ambien or any sleep medicine.
• NEVER drink alcohol while you are being Withdrawal: Withdrawal symptoms may occur 3 If you notice any unusual and/or disturbing
treated with Ambien CR or any sleep medi- when sleep medicines are stopped suddenly after thoughts or behavior during treatment with
cine. Alcohol can increase the side effects of being used daily for a long time. In some cases, Ambien CR or any other sleep medicine,
Ambien CR or any other sleep medicine. these symptoms can occur even if the medicine contact your doctor
• Do not take any other medicines without ask- has been used for only a week or two. 4 . Tell your doctor about any medicines you
ing your doctor first. This includes medicines
In mild cases, withdrawal symptoms may include may be taking, including medicines you
you can buy without a prescription. Some
unpleasant feelings. In more severe cases, abdom- may buy without a prescription. You should
medicines can cause drowsiness and are best
inal and muscle cramps, vomiting, sweating, shak- also tell your doctor if you drink alcohol. DO
avoided while taking Ambien CR.
iness, and rarely, seizures may occur. These more NOT use alcohol while taking Ambien CR or
• Always take the exact dose of Ambien CR pre-
severe withdrawal symptoms are very uncommon. any other sleep medicine.
scribed by your doctor. Never change your
Another problem that may occur when sleep med-
5 . Do not take Ambien CR unless you are able
dose without talking to your doctor first.

icines are stopped is known as “rebound insom-

to get a full night’s sleep before you must be
SPECIAL CONCERNS nia." This means that a person may have more active again. For example, Ambien CR
There are some special problems that may occur trouble sleeping the should not be taken on an overnight air-
first few nights after the med-
while taking sleep medicines. plane flight of less than 7 to 8 hours since
icine is stopped than before starting the medicine.
you should experience rebound insomnia, do “traveler’s amnesia" may occur.
Memory problems: Sleep medicines may cause a If

special type of memory loss or "amnesia." When not get discouraged. This problem usually goes

this occurs, a person may not remember what has away on its own after 1 or 2 nights.
6. Do not increase the prescribed dose of 8. Be aware that you may have more sleeping INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS
Ambien CR or any other sleep medicine problems the first night after stopping
unless instructed by your doctor. Ambien CR or any other sleep medicine.
Ambien CR™ (jy

7. When you first start taking Ambien CR or 9. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are preg- (zolpidem tartrate extended-release) tablets
any other sleep medicine, until you know nant. if you are planning to become preg-
whether the medicine will still have some nant, or if you become pregnant while taking
Ambien CR or any other Ambien CR works very quickly. You should
carryover effect in you the next day, use sleep medicine.
prescription medicines, never
only takeAmbien CR right before going to
extreme care while doing anything that 10. As with all

requires complete alertness, such as driving share Ambien CR or any other sleep medi-
bed and are ready to go to sleep.

a car, operating machinery, or piloting an cine withanyone else. Always store Ambien
aircraft. CR or any other sleep medicine in the origi- sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC
nal container that you received it in and Bridgewater, NJ 08807
store it out of reach of children.
Country of Origin: France
Copyright, sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC 2006 Printed in USA AMBCR-FEB06-IFP-Ae Revised February 2006


Ambien® <3 y4MBl€N
(zolpidem tartrate) BOtflDEMWMI-

INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS TAKING the next day, use extreme care while doing any- used regularly for longer than a few weeks or at
AMBIEN thing that requires complete alertness, such as high doses. Some people develop a need to con-
driving a car, operating machinery, or piloting an tinue taking their medicines. This is known as
Your doctor has prescribed Ambien to help you aircraft. dependence or “addiction."
sleep. The following information is intended to • NEVER drink alcohol while you are being treat- When people develop dependence, they may
guide you in the safe use of this medicine. It is not
ed with Ambien or any sleep medicine. Alcohol have difficulty stopping the sleep medicine. If the
meant to take the place of your doctor's instruc- can increase the side effects of Ambien or any medicine is suddenly stopped, the body is not
tions. If you have any questions about Ambien other sleep medicine. able to function normally and unpleasant symp-
tablets be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist. toms may They may
• Do not take any other medicines without asking (see Withdrawal) occur. find

Ambien is used to treat different types of sleep your doctor first. This includes medicines you can they have to keep taking the medicine either at
problems, such as: buy without a prescription. Some medicines can the prescribed dose or at increasing doses just to
• trouble falling asleep cause drowsiness and are best avoided while tak- avoid withdrawal symptoms.
• waking up too early in the morning ing Ambien. All people taking sleep medicines have some risk

• waking up often during the night • Always take the exact dose of Ambien pre- of becoming dependent on the medicine.
Some people may have more than one of these scribed by your doctor. Never change your dose However, people who have been dependent on
problems. without talking to your doctor first. alcohol or other drugs in the past may have a
Ambien belongs to a group of medicines known higher chance of becoming addicted to sleep
as the “sedative/hypnotics, ' or simply, sleep med- medicines. This possibility must be considered
icines. There are many different sleep medicines There are some special problems that may occur before using these medicines for more than a few

available to help people sleep better. Sleep prob- while taking sleep medicines. weeks.
lems are usually temporary, requiring treatment If you have been addicted to alcohol or drugs in
Memory problems: Sleep medicines may cause a
for only a short time, usually 1 or 2 days up to 1 the past, it is important to tell your doctor before
special type of memory loss or 'amnesia." When
or 2 weeks. Some people have chronic sleep prob- starting Ambien or any sleep medicine.
this occurs, a person may not remember what has
lems that may require more prolonged use of happened for several hours after taking the med- Withdrawal: Withdrawal symptoms may occur
sleep medicine. However, you should not use when sleep medicines are stopped suddenly after
icine. This is usually not a problem since most
these medicines for long periods without talking being used daily for a long time. In some cases,
people fall asleep after taking the medicine.
with your doctor about the risks and benefits of these symptoms can occur even the medicine
Memory loss can be a problem, however, when if

prolonged use. has been used for only a week or two.

sleep medicines are taken while traveling, such as
during an airplane flight and the person wakes up In mild cases, withdrawal symptoms may include
before the effect of the medicine is gone. This has unpleasant feelings. In more severe cases,
Most common side effects: All medicines have been called "traveler’s amnesia." abdominal and muscle cramps, vomiting, sweat-
side effects. Most common side effects of sleep Memory problems are not common while taking ing, shakiness, and rarely, seizures may occur.
medicines include Ambien. In most instances memory problems can These more severe withdrawal symptoms are very
• drowsiness be avoided if you take Ambien only when you are uncommon.
• dizziness able to get a full night's sleep (7 to 8 hours) before Another problem that may occur when sleep
• lightheadedness you need to be active again. Be sure to talk to medicines are stopped is known as “rebound
• difficulty with coordination your doctor if you think you are having memory insomnia.’ This means that a person may have
You may find that these medicines make you problems. more trouble sleeping the first few nights after

sleepy during the day. How drowsy you feel the medicine is stopped than before starting the
Tolerance: When sleep medicines are used every
depends upon how your body reacts to the med- medicine. If you should experience rebound
night for more than a few weeks, they may lose
icine, which sleep medicine you are taking, and insomnia, do not get discouraged. This problem
their effectiveness to help you sleep. This is
how large a dose your doctor has prescribed. usually goes away on its own after 1 or 2 nights.
known as “tolerance." Sleep medicines should, in
Daytime drowsiness is best avoided by taking the If you have been taking Ambien or any other
most cases, be used only for short periods of time,
lowest dose possible that will still help you sleep sleep medicine for more than 1 or 2 weeks, do not
such as 1 or 2 days and generally no longer than
at night.Your doctor will work with you to find stop taking it on your own. Always follow your
1 or 2 weeks. If your sleep problems continue,
the dose of Ambien that is best for you. doctor’s directions.
consult your doctor, who will determine whether
To manage these side effects while you are taking Changes in behavior and thinking: Some peo-
other measures are needed to overcome your
this medicine: ple using sleep medicines have experienced
sleep problems.
• When you Ambien or any other
first start taking unusual changes in their thinking and/or behav-
sleep medicine until you know whether the med- Dependence: Sleep medicines can cause
ior. These effects are not common. However, they
icine will still have some carryover effect in you dependence, especially when these medicines are
have included:
• more outgoing or aggressive behavior than SAFE USE OF SLEEPING MEDICINES
• loss of personal identity To ensure the safe and effective use of Ambien or
Ambien® 6
• confusion any other sleep medicine, you should observe the
• strange behavior following cautions: (zolpidem tartrate)
• agitation 1 . Ambien is a prescription medicine and should

• hallucinations be used ONLY as directed by your doctor. the medicine will still have some carryover
• worsening of depression Follow your doctor's instructions about how effect inyou the next day, use extreme care
• suicidal thoughts to take, when to take, and how long to take while doing anything that requires complete
How often these effects occur depends on several Ambien. alertness, such as driving a car, operating
factors,such as a person’s general health, the use 2. Never use Ambien or any other sleep medi- machinery, or piloting an aircraft.
of other medicines, and which sleep medicine is cine for longer than directed by your doctor. 8. Be aware that you may have more sleeping
being used. Clinical experience with Ambien sug- 3. If you notice any unusual and/or disturbing
problems the first night or two after stopping
gests that it is uncommonly associated with these thoughts or behavior during treatment with Ambien or any other sleep medicine.
behavior changes Ambien or any other sleep medicine, contact 9. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant,
It is also important to realize that your doctor. you are planning
it is rarely clear if to become pregnant, or if
whether these behavior changes are caused by 4. Tellyour doctor about any medicines you may you become pregnant while taking Ambien.
the medicine, an illness, or occur on their own. In be taking, including medicines you may buy 10. As with all prescription medicines, never
fact, sleep problems that do not improve may be without a prescription. You should, also tell share Ambien or any other sleep medicine
due to illnesses that were present before the your doctor if you drink alcohol. DO NOT use with anyone else. Always store Ambien or any
medicine was used. If you or your family notice alcohol while taking Ambien or any other other sleep medicine in the original container
any changes in your behavior, or if you have any sleep medicine. out of reach of children.
unusual or disturbing thoughts, call your doctor 5. Do not take Ambien unless you are able to get 11. Ambien works very quickly. You should only
immediately. a full night's sleep before you must be active takeAmbien right before going to bed and are
Pregnancy: Sleep medicines may cause sedation again. For example, Ambien should not be ready to go to sleep.
taken on an overnight airplane flight of less
of the unborn baby when used during the last
than 7 to 8 hours since -traveler’s amnesia-
weeks of pregnancy. Ambien' 6
Be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant, if
may occur. (zolpidem tartrate)
you are planning to become pregnant, or if you
6. Do not increase the prescribed dose of
Ambien or any other sleep medicine unless Printed in USA
become pregnant while taking Ambien.
instructed by your doctor.
7. When you first start taking Ambien or any Copyright, sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC 2006
other sleep medicine until you know whether

sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC

AMB-JUN06-IFP-Aa Revised June 2006 Bridgewater. NJ 08807
BY RICK MORANIS from “the new York times"

The average American home now has more

television sets than people — according
to Nielsen Media Research. There are
2.73 TV sets in the typical home and
2.55 people, the researchers said.
The Associated Press. September 21, 2006

I have two kids. Both are

away at college.

I have five television sets.

(I like to think of them as a
set of five televisions.) I have
two DVR boxes, three DVD
players, two VHS machines
and four stereos.
I have nineteen remote con-
trols, mostly in one drawer.
I have three computers,
four printers and two
faxes. I have three phone
lines, three cell phones and
two answering machines.
I have no messages.



I have forty-six cookbooks. four regular, three foldout and two

I have sixty-eight takeout menus inflatable beds.
from four restaurants. I don’t like having houseguests.

I have one hundred and sixteen soy I have one hundred and eighty-four

sauce packets. thousand frequent-flier miles on six

I have three hundred and eighty- airlines, three of which no longer exist.
two dishes, bowls, cups, saucers, mugs I have 101 Dalmatians on tape.

and glasses. I have fourteen digital clocks flash-

I eat over the sink. ing relatively similar times.

I have five sinks, two with a view. Ihave twenty-two minutes to listen
I try to keep a positive view. to the news.
I have thirty-nine pairs of golf, ten- Ihave nine armchairs from which I
nis, squash, running, walking, hiking, can be critical.
casual and formal shoes, ice skates, I have a laundry list of things that

and Rollerblades. I’m wearing slippers. need cleaning.

I have forty-one 37-cent stamps. I have lost more than one thousand
I have no 2-cent stamps. golf balls.
Iread three dailies, four weeklies, I am missing thirty-seven umbrellas.
five monthlies and no annual reports. I have over four hundred yards of
I have fivehundred and six CD, cas- dental floss.
sette, vinyl and eight-track recordings. I have a lot of time on my hands.
I listen to one radio station all day. I have two kids coming home from
I have twenty-six sets of linen for college for spring break.

If someone misspeaks, it’s usually fixable— after all,

it’s not carved in stone. Then there are these

two epitaphs I discovered in a local cemetery:

She lived with her husband 50 years and

died in a confident hope of a better life.

Here lies Jane Smith, wife of Thomas

Smith, marble cutter. This monument was
erected by her husband as a tribute to her
memory and as a specimen of his work.
Monument of the same size: $350.
American Heritage Magazine,
May they share secrets
instead of germs.

Clorox disinfecting products

kill the germs that can make kids sick
When the man of her dreams
descended into madness, she
became his victim
Kathryn keats awoke in a panic, convinced she’d
heard the curtains in front of her bedroom’s French
doors swaying. In the dim glow from a bathroom night-
light, she made out a ghostly shadow on the wall and

froze, terrified. The suburban wife and mother had spent

much of her adult life eluding a man bent on killing her,
and now she was certain he had finally found her.
I am going to die, she thought.



The figure lunged toward her. But 32-year-old musical director, a com-
instead of the assault of a murderous pelling presence with long black hair
stalker, Keats, 43, felt her seven-year- and piercing green eyes. “I thought
old son wrapping his arms around her. he was not only beautiful,” Munger
Frightened by a bad dream, he’d come recalls, “but also the most mysterious
to his parents’ room for comfort. “All and talented person I had ever met.”
I could think was, If I’d had a gun, I That day, the two began a musical
would have shot him,” Keats says collaboration that would continue
today. “No one could understand how for years.
scared I was.” Munger joined the show’s Philadel-
No one could understand because phia company, and soon she and Ford
not even her closest friends knew that were living together. Raised in Phila-
Keats’s true name was Ellen Christ- delphia, Ford had served in Vietnam
ian Munger, and that for 21 years, and, upon his return in the early 1970s,
she’d been in hiding from a man who had immersed himself in the world of
had worked with her, loved her and musical theater, composing and writ-
ultimately become bent on destroy- ing shows that gained little notice until
ing her. a producer brought him in to direct
Let My People Come. When Ford and
Munger weren’t working on the pro-

unger grew up in Evans-
ville, Indiana, the young- duction, which played to packed
and “the
est of three houses in both New York and Phila-
star” of the family. By her delphia, they successfully teamed up
late teens, she was an ac- on other musical compositions and
complished singer and musician who performed at cabarets.
had performed at the Grand Ole Opry. But in the couple’s second year
In 1978, at age 18, she moved to New together, Munger noticed a troubling
York to pursue a career in theater and shift in Ford’s personality. He was
was soon called to audition for the distracted and moody and increas-
successful off-Broadway show Let My ingly seemed mutter to himself.
People Come. Back in their apartment one rainy
At the audition, she watched a man night after the show, Ford hurled
play the piano with impressive virtu- Munger against a wall, shouting that
osity. He was Ken Ford, the show’s he didn’t like the way other male cast

"You're the only one I love, the

only one who can help me," he said.
"This will never happen again."

members were looking

at her. He then grabbed
her by the shoulders
and repeatedly slammed
her head against the
wall. Breaking free,
Munger tried to calm
him, but he cornered
her and threw her to the
floor. She felt him rip off
her jeans, and the man
who had been her part-
ner, confidant and lover
brutally raped her.
When it was over,
Munger retreated to the
bedroom, where she
spent the night huddled
in a corner trying to
make sense of what had
* happened, while Ford
paced in the living room.
< When morning finally
» arrived. Ford went to her
I and begged forgiveness.
“You’re the only one I
love, the only one who can help me,” Keats, then Ellen Munger, and Ken
he said. “This will never happen Ford (circa 1980), before he began
again.” hearing voices.
“I was young and in love,” she says,
“and I believed him.” “I didn’t know anything about men-
The pair continued to tour with tal illness,” says Munger. “I did know
the show and enjoyed weeks of ten- that you’re supposed to take care of
derness and creativity together. But people you love, so when the voices
Ford eventually admitted to Munger came, I tried to calm Ken by taking
that he was hearing voices whisper- him on long walks and talking.
ing stories about her and other men, Sometimes it worked. We’d start
and outlining elaborate conspiracies working on a song. As long as we had
being set to trap him. When the the sanity of our work, I could stay.”
voices came, episodes of beatings and Munger covered her bruises with
sexual abuse followed. makeup and long sleeves and told no

As Munger headed out for

groceries, Ford blocked the door,
saying Zen gods inside him were
refusing to release her.
one about her plight. In 1981, Ford ened. One day as Munger headed out
finally saw a psychiatrist, who pre- for groceries, Ford blocked the door,
scribed medication for schizophrenia, saying Zen gods inside him were re-
and for a while, the pills seemed to fusing to release her. Munger realized
work. Then Ford stopped taking them. that her boyfriend had finally had a
One day that April, Munger re- totalbreak with reality.
turned to the apartment after audi- For the next 54 days. Ford held her
tioning for a New York talent agency captive in their apartment. He told
interested in signing her as a solo Munger she had the spirit of a woman
client. Oddly silent, her boyfriend from the 1800s living inside her and
grabbed her and twisted her arm; he that he needed to exorcise her. He
threatened to break it in retribution bound her hands and feet with leather
for Munger’s “sabotaging” his career. belts, and when she struggled, beat

When she tried to flee, he held up a her. Eventually Munger stopped fight-
bottle he’d broken in the sink. He used ing back. “I was numb,” she says.
the glass to cut himself, then spread Ford, who disconnected the phone
blood on Munger’s arm. “See what I lines, allowed her to eat only tomato
can do to you?” he shouted. soup, which he would crush cigarette
That night, Munger stayed with butts into. “He’d blindfold me and
friends. But she went back to Ford the throw a glass at the side of my head to
next day— as she would, again and see if I trusted him,” Munger recalls.

again. “I know how crazy it sounds,” “If I flinched, he would do it again.”

she says, “but like most victims of He repeatedly raped and beat her. “In
abuse, I thought I could be the one to my mind,” says Munger today, “I was
save him.” a dead person.”
In the spring of 1983, Munger and Finally, one afternoon in the spring

Ford left the tour and moved to Oak- of 1984, Ann Carlin, who had assumed
land, California, where Munger’s sis- that her sister was on an extended
ter, Ann Carlin, had settled with her tour out of town, drove to Munger’s
family. Munger hoped that, without apartment and rang the bell. When
the pressures of the show, Ford would Ford opened the door a crack, Carlin
stabilize. Instead, his delusions wors- caught a glimpse of her sister, covered


in blood. She ran to a nearby pay who didn’thave a career that would
phone and called the police. When the put her in the public eye. Worse than
officers arrived, it took five of them to giving up her name, Ellen Munger
haul Ford off in a straitjacket. would have to abandon her music. “It
Munger was taken to a safe house meant losing the one thing on earth I
run by the Alameda Victim/Witness had lived for,” she says today. “I was
Assistance program, and Ford was devastated.”
committed to Oakland’s Highland But she also realized there was no
Hospital for 72 hours. Afterward other way and that she didn’t have
he was flown back to Philadelphia, much time. Her father moved to Oak-
where his parents were waiting. Soon land to be nearby and hired a body-
Munger moved to her sister’s home guard for her. With the help of the
to recuperate. Victim/Witness Assistance program,
But her nightmare was not over. she legally changed her name to
One afternoon just two weeks after Kathryn Keats. She started training
Ford flew East, the phone in Carlin’s as a paralegal, and by the time Ford
kitchen rang. It was Ford, who told was released, Ellen Munger was gone.
Carlin that Zen gods had instructed All that remained was the fear. As
him to return to Oakland, dismember long as Ken Ford walked free, Keats
and kill Munger, hang her entrails believed her life was in danger.
from a tree and then kill himself.

Munger contacted police, who took onths turned into years,
up watch outside Carlin’s home. Two and Kathryn Keats began
weeks later, the officers apprehended to emerge from her co-
Ford as he approached the house; he coon. She spoke to no
was dressed all in white, wearing a one from her past aside
white wig. Charged with being a dan- from family members and a few
ger to himself and others, Ford was trusted childhood friends. She got a
found guilty and committed to Napa job in film financing and slowly made
State Hospital for six months. new friends, always keeping her back-
To Munger, all that meant was Ford ground vague. In 1988, she met a man
would be free in just 180 days to make who interested her— Richard Conti, a
good, once again, on his promise to printing executive.
kill her. In desperation, she met with “She was so dynamic and yet very
Alameda County Assistant District stable,” says Conti. But there was
Attorney Leo Dorado, who suggested something unsettled about her. “She’d
a plan. Ellen Munger, he told her, wake up scared to death, shaking, and
would have to disappear for her own couldn’t tell me why,” he says. “All I
safety. The singer who’d dreamed of could do was just be there for her.”
seeing her name in lights would have After a year, Keats told him the truth
to become someone else — someone about her past. She and Conti mar-
ried in 1993 and had two sons, Andrew, Keats, husband Richard Conti and sons
now 11, and Lorenzo, 9. Lorenzo (left) and Andrew enjoy an
Early in her new life, Keats con- outing with their family pooch. Scarlet.
tacted Barbara Crawford, a Philadel-
phia psychologist who had befriended thriving at work, raising her family
Ford years earlier. While she didn’t and getting involved in her commu-
provide her new name or location, nity. “But inside,” she says, “I was still
Keats learned from Crawford that a hostage.” One afternoon, she glanced
Ford was living on the streets of out her front window and saw some-
Philadelphia. Crawford told her she one sitting in a parked car with tinted
had once invited Ford into her resi- windows. Minutes turned into Flours,
dence and that he set fire to her piano. and the driver remained, waiting and
She also said Ford had told her that watching. “I broke out in a cold sweat,”
he remained obsessed with killing Keats says. “I thought, Why would
his former lover. anyone sit outside my house for so
To outsiders, Keats appeared to be long? I was sure Ken had found us.”

She frantically called police, but be- room, tears rolling down her cheeks.
door opened
fore they arrived, the car “I cried because I knew I would
and a woman emerged. It was a neigh- finally sing and write again,” Keats
bor’s baby-sitter, doing some home- says. “And I cried out of relief, be-
work before going to work. cause I was finally free. My hell was

“She always thought he could find finally over.”

her,” says Conti, “yet she remained de-
voted to me and our children as a wife Since learning of Ford’s death, Keats,
and mother. I don’t know how she did now 47, has written a host of songs
it — feeling it would never end." and performed them in cabarets in
But end it finally did. In May 2005, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New
from a shopping trip
after returning York. She has completed a CD, After
with her sons, Keats had an over- the Silence, which will also tour as a
whelming urge to reach out for news show with a nine-piece band.
of Ford. Alone at home the following But her favorite audience of all is

morning, she called one of the pro- her husband and two sons, who often
ducers of Let My People Come and join her at the piano. Though she
learned that Ford, who’d still been liv- hasn’t shared all the details with them,
ing on the streets of Philadelphia, her boys now know that their mother
had died more than a year earlier of had to change her identity for her
lung cancer. safety. And they know that, after so
She sat down at her piano, put her long, EllenMunger and Kathryn Keats
hands on the keys and, for the first have finally become one.
time in years, composed a song. She ii'IMnW To hear a clip from Kathryn's CD
sang it out loud to the empty living After the Silence, visit


To put it mildly, my five-year-old, Anmaree, wasn’t

happy when I took her to the doctor to get her
booster shots. Things did not improve when,
holding the syringe aloft, the doctor asked sympa-
thetically, “Which arm?”
With a quiver in her voice, Anmaree responded,

As she watched me struggle to pop the childproof cap

off a bottle of medicine, my eight-year-old daughter
raised an interesting point.
“Why do they even have childproof caps?” she asked.
“Kids hate medicine.” gail dennis


hen Ron Harri- Home repair rip-offs are on the rise,

son was buying up 60 percent over the past five years,
his house out- according to the Council of Better
side Atlanta, Business Bureaus. And the cons could
the professor cost you hundreds, if not thousands,
of entomology of dollars.
at Mercer University wanted to in- Here’s how today’s five biggest
spect it for termites himself. With scams work, and what you can do to
the help of two knowledgeable col- protect yourself.
leagues, he gave the home a clean bill
of health.
At the closing, though, Harrison got
a surprise. The house had recently WRANGLING
been treated for termites. But he THE RIP-OFF Water is coming through
could tell that it never had termites. your roof. Or is it? A con artist will
The seller had been ripped off for say water is seeping through the shin-
more than $1,000 — by a pest control gles and you need to tear off all the
firm that had both inspected and old layers and build a new roof, a job
treated the house. that typically costs $5,000 or more.


/ times. Usually only a portion of a deck
needs to be replaced, but only if it’s

THE RIP-OFF If your basement is
THE REALITY chronically wet, unscrupulous con-
Most of the time, tractors might tell you they need to
V roof leaks occur because dig out your entire foundation and wa-
| |

the sealing around vent terproof it, for anywhere from $5,000
pipes has failed, the metal flash- to $15,000. More often, though, the so-
ing on the chimney has deteriorated lution is simple and costs very little.
or the connections between roof sec- THE REALITY Many basement leaks
tions have eroded. Replacing the seal- are caused by overflow from clogged
ing or flashing, simply and cheaply, gutters,misrouted downspouts, un-
will often solve the problem. sloped land around the house or even
Normally, an asphalt shingle roof improperly aimed lawn sprinklers.
lasts 15 to 20 years. You need to re- “Think of your masonry foundation
place the roof if you see curling or as a rigid sponge,” explains water-
missing shingles or a large amount of proofing expert Richard Barako. If the
granular material from the shingles water volume is above normal, water
collecting in gutters. will wick through the cinder blocks.
Don’t get talked into having the bad So before calling in profes-
roof torn off, at a potential 50 per- sional help, try to reduce
cent increase in costs, unless the moisture along the
your building code demands it. foundation by cleaning
Many towns will allow a sec- gutters, rerouting down-
ond or even third asphalt roof spouts, repositioning sprin-
to be installed if the home’s packing fresh soil six
klers, or
framing can support the inches high against the founda-
extra weight. tion and sloping it back to level
And beware a roofer within about three feet.
who says you need an en- Damp walls may be caused by
tirely new deck, the wood high humidity. To test, attach a
base beneath the shingles. piece of aluminum foil to the foun-
That will cost thousands dation wall; moisture shows up
of dollars more. In fact, on the patch in a day or two,
a completely new deck is it’s just condensation. Start
needed only one in 1,000 shopping for a dehumidifier.


If water is still seeping in, repair any find woodor woodlike products,
cracks with hydraulic cement, avail- and water. To get into your house,
able at home and apply a qual-
stores, they’ll often build moist, earthen tun-
ity waterproof paint such as Latex nels across foundations to your
Base Drylok Masonry Waterproofer. home’s lower frames, a clear sign of
As a last resort, consider hiring a pro- infestation.
fessional engineer, whose impartial Wood that’s been damaged by ter-
advice would be worth the expense. mites is hollowed out along the grain,
Home inspectors are less expensive, with bits of dried mud or soil lining
but be sure they’re certified by the the feeding galleries. Be wary of ex-
American Society of Home Inspectors. terminators showing you termites on
wood piles or fences unconnected to

your house: This may be a scam. You

TERMITE TRAP have a problem only if there’s evi-
THE RIP-OFF Myths about termites dence of termites inside the house or
abound. In a recent survey by the close to the foundation.
University of Ken- Bugs flying in the

tucky,60 percent of JUST AN ANT? home during the
people thought ter- spring are another
mites could take sign of infestation.

a house down in These may be fly-

six months or less. ing ants, however.

Nothing could be Termites have a full

further from the waist, straight an-

truth, yet con artists tennae and wings of
use this fear to pres- equal length; ants
sure homeowners have elbowed an-
into quickly signing on the dotted line tennae, pinched waists and forewings
for unnecessary or shoddy work that longer than hindwings (see box).
could cost up to $3,000. There are more than 17,000 pest
THE REALITY By arming yourself control companies in the United
with a few facts, you’ll be able to ask States, but bigger doesn’t always mean
informed questions and avoid a scam. better.You want a firm with good rec-
The most common termite in the ommendations, lots of experience and
United States is the subterranean, of a fair price. Question the company
which there are two main kinds: work- carefully and ask that it send an ex-
ers and swarmers, or winged termites. perienced technician, says Michael
The workers hollow out the wood, Potter, a professor of entomology at
while swarmers mate and create new the University of Kentucky. And if an
colonies. Termites live underground exterminator claims you have termites,
and burrow through soil until they he should show you the evidence.

Some companies claim to find

charge thousands problems, saying
for a typical job you need a new
that could be liner, for instance.
done for less Suddenly that
than $1,000, so take $39.95 price tag
notes on the exact rises thousands
kind of treatment and of dollars.
compare apples and THE REALITY
apples when get- There’s no ques-
ting estimates. tion fireplace
See two or
at least chimneys can
three companies be hazardous.
before hiring one. An oily, blackish
And don’t skip the substance called cre-
guarantee. Pest control firms osote accumulates inside the chim-
offer two types: “re-treatment,” mean- ney and may catch fire if it’s more
ing the company will re-treat any area than a quarter-inch thick. Occasion-
where termites show up again, and ally, but not as often as chimney
“repair,” meaning it’ll fix any damage sweeps would have you believe, a
caused by the pests. Such agreements blocked chimney can route carbon
tend to be complex and may be lim- monoxide into your house.
ited in coverage; read carefully before Experts recommend an annual in-
you sign. In either case, buy the guar- spection to check for creosote buildup
antee that lasts at least five years. The and the structural soundness of the
relatively small annual fee (usually 10 chimney. This usually costs $100 to
percent of the original price) is well $250 (not that ridiculous $39.95), and
worth it. Even if the initial treatment if cleaning is required, an additional

was successful, termites could still be $100 to $150. Hire only certified chim-
back within a year. ney sweeps who’ve been taught and
tested by the Chimney Safety Insti-
tute of America. Also, watch the tech-
CHIMNEY SWEEP nician as he makes his inspection.
SWINDLE Lately, sweeps are using video cam-
THE RIP-OFF In a classic bait and eras fed down the flue, so ask to see
switch scam, a chimney sweep calls the video and have the technician ex-
from a “boiler room” or comes to your plain it as you watch. If he balks, he’s
door telling you he’s just fixed a neigh- scamming you.
bor’s chimney and is offering an in- Chimneys for oil and gas burners
spection for the low price of $39.95. are far less a concern. An oil-heat sys-
Once inside the chimney, he may tem that’s serviced every year before

winter hardly ever causes problems, by keeping humidity levels between

says Kevin Rooney, CEO of the Oil 40 and 60 percent. Promptly fix leaky
Heat Institute of Long Island. But roofs, windows and pipes, and venti-
before you look for a professional late shower, laundry and cooking areas.

chimney sweep, call your local fire The CDC ( and En-
department; some conduct inspec- vironmental Protection Agency (www
tions for free. have plenty of good infor-
mation on their sites for free. —
THE RIP-OFF Mold is making a
No matter what repair you need,
comeback— not in your home, neces-
getting the right contractor is key.
sarily, but with con artists, especially

since Hurricane Katrina. Playing up @=3> Talk not only to friends, neighbors

fears about disease from mold, par- and associates, but also to materials

ticularly over the Internet, they try to

suppliers, who best know how to sepa-
rate the wheat from the chaff.
convince you to run $300 to $600 tests
to identify your mold. Then they rec- @=> Check out contractors at the

ommend a remediation company for Better Business Bureau and Consumer

removing the mold — a firm they’re in Affairs Department or your state

cahoots with. attorney general's office.

THE REALITY What you need to ©> Ask for proof of liability and work-
know about mold is simple: Healthy ers' compensation insurance, and, if
people usually have nothing to worry required, a home improvement license.
about. “If you’re immunosuppressed Be sure to call references.

or have allergies or asthma, it can be

Review the contract carefully
problematic,” says David B. Callahan,
so you know how project changes
MD, medical epidemiologist at the and additional costs will be handled.
Centers for Disease Control and Pre-
@3> Visit one of the contractor's
vention (CDC). “Other than that, mold
current projects to sample the quality
isn’t dangerous.”
of his work and cleanup.
The CDC doesn’t even recommend
testing mold, because if it’s a problem ©> For a better price, hire in the off-

to the occupants, it should be removed season: deck work in January, interior

no matter what kind it is. And you remodeling in the summer.

don’t need a remediation company for <t@> Most important, pay as you go,
small areas. Just clean nonporous sur- never letting the contractor get
faces with soap and water, followed by ahead on the money.
a solution of one cup bleach mixed
with one gallon water. To control fu- Could you be a victim of home repair
ture growth, eliminate excess moisture scams? Take our quiz at

Everybody Loved

How a
bunch of



The stars of the

show, with creator
LARSEN Phil Rosenthal
mazing as it sounds, Ray Romano hadn’t ever acted be-

this being television,
wouldn’t do
fore Everybody Loves
for years,

to project his true nature

Raymond. He’d been a stand-up comic
and he’s a naturally gifted

with great humor. But because he cared so

being believable, he did not want to do anything in our
year of the show, 1996, that he did not do in real
As the creator and executive producer of the show, I suggested to him that,

could put anything he wanted in the cup. Ray

“They won’t believe

— a warm, affable, “regular” guy

with the

Like drink coffee.


much about

it. it,” he said. So it was a process of tak-

ing risks and pushing outside his comfort zone those first few months.

The real challenge came an episode called “The Ball.” The climactic
scene called for Ray to discover why his father forged Mickey Mantle’s sig-
nature on a baseball for him when he was a kid. It turned out that his father,
Frank— played by the great actor Peter Boyle— waited outside the stadium
for days, and Mantle wouldn’t see him.
Frank didn’t want to disappoint Raymond, so he practiced Mantle’s
signature and gave his son the ball. When Ray finally hears his father explain
it all these years later, he’s so touched that the script calls for him to cross
to his dad, who’s sitting at the kitchen table, and kiss him on the head.
“No way would that ever happen,” said Ray, stopping rehearsal.
I didn’t understand. But Ray insisted he would never, ever kiss his father.
“Okay, but could you see that a son could kiss his dad?” I asked.
“It would never happen.” And he started getting upset in front of every-
one at the rehearsal.
I took him aside and told him he certainly didn’t have to do the kiss.
Never mind. Forget about it. “But,” I said to Ray, “come shoot night, if you
get to that moment and you feel it ... do it.”

So it’s a few nights later, and we’re shooting the show. And here comes
that scene. It’s going well, and we get to that moment. And Ray crosses to
his father and— kisses him on the head. With feeling. What a guy.
I’m telling you, yes, it’s just a television sitcom. But there was not a dry
eye in the house. It was because it came from a guy you’d never expect
would do something like that.

Our first season of Everybody Loves Raymond had lots of wonderful

The show was the brainchild of two main players, Ray Romano and Phil
Rosenthal. “We spent a huge chunk of our lives together,” says Rosenthal.
moments — moments of discovery for all of us and the realization that maybe
we were onto something special. But first let me tell you how we got there.

I Late Night Discovery

- So my wife, monica, and I are in bed one night in May 1995, and we’re watch-

ing David Letterman. And here comes a comedian. We always root for the
J comedian, because we enjoy the comedy and know the pressure the come-
dian must be under. To even get a shot on Letterman’s show is a once-in-
a-lifetime opportunity, like Johnny Carson’s show before him.
It’s this comedian’s first time on Letterman. And he’s funny. He’s doing well.
He talks about his twin baby boys and how he hasn’t written any new
material since they were born, except ... “Well, here’s the one new joke I’ve

written,” he says. “Tell me if you like this.” He pulls out a ring of keys and
shakes it out in front of him. “Here you go. Look! Look!”
We crack up.
“I’m glad you liked that,” he says to the audience. “Otherwise I’d have to
come down and rub my nose in your bellies.”

We like the guy. We go to sleep. And naturally, we forget about him.

Three months pass. I’ve been working on the show Coach as a super-

vising producer, which means writer, which means I have an increasing say
in what we’ll order for lunch. This alone is reason to work in television
Chinese, deli, Greek, sushi, Indian, anything you want, from anyplace in
town. It’s a fantastic perk. So fantastic, I gained 30 pounds in five years.

But I was 35 by then and wondering if maybe there wasn’t something bet-
ter for me. Monica and I had a baby boy named Ben. Sweetest boy in the world.

And we played with our boy, and lived in a house in Los Feliz with a pine
tree, and I kept writing for Coach, and I was wondering, What else is there?
Then a videotape shows up at the house. And it’s this comedian’s appear-
ance on Letterman, the same guy we saw that night.
It turns out that he’d been a stand-up comic for 11 years before his shot
on Letterman, and from that one six-minute appearance, Letterman said,

“There should be a show for this guy.” So they started sending the tape

In both Ray’s family and mine,

all problems are solved with food
and the mother never leaves you alone.

around looking for writers who might want to create a show for Ray Romano.
That’s how it works sometimes. As a writer for television, you get tapes
of actors and comedians, and your writing samples are sent to actors and
comedians who are looking for writers. If you have a meeting, and it works
out, maybe you get paid to write a pilot script. So sure. I’ll take a meeting.
Ray’s act is reliable. He comes across as a down-to-earth guy, and he talks
about his kids, like Bill Cosby did. Cosby was always one of my favorites.

Ray and I meet at Art’s Deli on Ventura Boulevard, “where every sand-

wich is a work of Art.” (I didn’t write that. It’s on their calendar.) And we
hit it off. He was born in Queens, New York. I was born in Queens. He has
a crazy Italian family. I have a crazy Jewish family— not such a big differ-

ence. In both, all problems are solved with food, and the mother never
leaves you alone. For every story he had about his family, I had one too.
What I liked about Ray was that he was nervous about Hollywood and
nervous about people in general. And I was pretty much the same way. I just

couldn’t let him know that one detail yet. (I was supposed to instill trust.)

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a recognized medical condition.
One that’s shared by nearly in 10 US adults. Most people experience its symptoms
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Requip helped me make • Disturbing sensations in the legs

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I think Ray met with a dozen other guys, and I was not his first choice,
but I got lucky. The other guy was from a hot new show called Friends, but
he was busy. So I got the call. And they wanted toknow if I could go to
New York and meet with David Letterman.
So I go to New York, to the Ed Sullivan Theater, and go upstairs. Mr.
Letterman was done taping for the evening, and they sent me to his office.
At the doorway, there’s Letterman, post-show— in sweat clothes, sneakers,
baseball hat, cigar. Hello, very nice. Oh, by the way, heavy-metal music is

playing loudly on his stereo. And they don’t shut it off for the meeting.
Mr. Letterman says, “Have a seat.”
And he gestures for me to sit behind his desk.
I say, “Not behind the desk.”
He says, “Absolutely, behind the desk.” So I sit there, and he and two of
his producers sit across me in chairs. Like it’s my office and my meet-
ing. So the first thing them to get out of my office.
I do is tell

Really, what was nice was that they treated me as if I had the job already.

They were very cordial. They asked if I’d thought about what the premise
of the show would be. I really hadn’t yet, but I imagined that at the center
would be Ray’s persona. “He seems to be the show,” I said.
Pretty lame, no? But I guess that wasn’t such a terrible answer.
The one piece of advice that Letterman gave me— I’ll never forget it— was,
“Don’t embarrass us.” That was the job interview. I guess it went well
enough. I couldn’t hear half of it because of the heavy-metal music.
The show, we could sell it, would be a co-production of Letterman’s com-

pany (Worldwide Pants, Inc.) and HBO Independent Productions, two very
small production companies joining forces. The next step was for me to
pitch an idea for this thing at CBS. So now is the time when I have to really
figure out what this show with Ray Romano is going to be.

Living the Dream

I talk to ray. I’m going to make sure that he’s on board with whatever
we’re going to do. Then I’ll pitch it to CBS with him next to me. (If you can
go in with a star, you do.) And if they buy it, I’ll write the pilot script.
We my house and we were talking, just socially, as you would
met at

when you’re going to work with someone. We didn’t sing “Getting to Know
You.” We had lunch, and talked more about his life and where he’s from.


Ray said, “Well, I live in Queens and I’ve got this family — twin boys and
an older daughter, and my parents live close by. They live with my older
brother who’s a police sergeant who eats his food like this: He touches it to

his chin before he eats it. And he’s kind of jealous of me even though he’s
older and he’s a cop. One day he saw my Cable Ace award for stand-up, and

he goes, ‘It never ends for Raymond. Ehhhhhverybody loves Raymond.’
And I said, “Well it doesn’t seem like there’s anything there we can use.”

No, I knew that was the show. What else should it be?
Since Ray hadn’t acted before, I wasn’t going to make him a gay astronaut
from Cleveland. He had to be comfortable. So I’dsurround him with his
own life. Plus, if this was going to be the first show I ever created, I would
write about what I was comfortable with, the kind of show I knew best and
loved, in the style of classics like The Honeymooners, All in the Family, The

I realized what I had: my own experience.

I had my wife. I hadmy parents. had the I

Fruit of the Month Club story.

Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Odd Couple. Shows that didn’t focus on topi-
cal jokes, or the social rituals and foibles of the day. Shows where the humor
and story came from character, with a beginning, middle and end.
I wanted this show with Raymond to be about something of lasting value.
Why build something temporary? I looked at my TV and saw its content clut-
tered with the illusion of entertainment: sets and costumes, hairstyles,
actors, shoes, boobs, all flashing so fast in front of you that at the end of the
half-hour, you thought you were entertained. I thought our show would
stand out if we went the other way. And so, armed with this idea and Ray
Romano, I went to see Les Moonves, president of CBS Entertainment.
Now, CBS is in the business of doing big things to get people to watch. So
they certainly weren’t jumping up and down for our show. They were not
saying, “We have to do this. It sounds so exciting. A guy who lives across

the street from his parents.”

I couldn’t blame them. Who was I? Nobody. And the star I walked in with
was sitting there, shlumped on the couch, looking as if he’d be happier if no-


body noticed him and he could pocket some of the hard candy from Mr.
Moonves’s coffee table. But they did like Ray’s stand-up, and I told them that
his actual life was even better. And what I didn’t know about his life, or the
personalities of his family, I’d fill in with the details of my own life.
It also didn’t hurt that we came from David Letterman, whom CBS had a

development deal with and always liked to keep happy.

Still, it was a miracle that a big corporation would say yes to this idea

and would let me write the script. And that the casting worked out, and

then we got on the air. And then survived a few episodes. And then a whole
season. And another. And then to have success beyond all that— being nom-
inated for 70 Emmys and winning 15 over the course of nine years. All the
planets have to line up, and God has to say, “Okay, you people with the TV
show on Channel 2 with the arguing, you get to live your dream.”
And that December afternoon in 1995, we sold the show.
I had a wonderful moment of happiness, followed immediately by an oy.
My mind flooded with the million things that could go wrong starting —
with the script I now had to write.

“There's Still Time to Run"

I’ve learned that if good fortune smiles on you, you should take a mo-
ment to acknowledge it and recognize that you’re entitled to some happi-

ness in life. But most importantly, you shouldn’t celebrate prematurely.

When the network makes the commitment to go forward with the writ-
ing of your pilot script, you should know that the network commissions
more than 50 pilot scripts a year and shoots maybe a dozen. So be encour-
aged, but don’t throw a dinner party just yet.
The first thing the person assigned to cover our show for the network
wanted to know was what the pilot episode was going to be. So right away,
annoyingly, work is involved. I have an idea. Ray’s wife tells him that he’s
on the road too much and she’s stuck all the time, not just with the kids but
with his family across the street. Ray says that as a sportswriter he has to
travel; she knows this. And I won’t go on, because the network hated it.

So I pocketed this idea (eventually using it in season two) and came up

with another one. And, as required, I had to run it by the studio people and
then the network people. I had two studios on this show; everyone had to
agree. It’s too boring to tell you the next idea, because the studios changed
A multitude of creative ideas came from writers, producers (Phil Rosenthal's
at right) and actors in rehearsal. Ray Romano and Patty Heaton are at left.

it, and it became terrible. The network guy rejected that one too and then

another one that had been picked over by the studio people. Finally, the

network guy said to me, “I’m beginning to think that maybe you can’t do this.”

Maybe I couldn’t. Maybe this was going to be like waiting two hours on
line for Space Mountain only to have your seven-year-old son say as they’re
strapping you both in, “I’m not doing this.” And the ride is over.

No. I decided to quickly let this guy know he could trust me. I thought
of a very simple story and called him back. “It’s Debra’s birthday and she
would rather celebrate it with just Ray and the kids this year, without his
family coming over.”
“That’s it,” said the network guy. “Go write it.”

Here was my biggest worry: What did I have that other sitcom writers did
not have? I had the very funny Ray and his family, but I didn’t really know
them. And then I realized what I had: my own experience. I had my wife. I

had my parents. I had the Fruit of the Month Club story.

It was a story that I’d told at my brother Richard’s wedding when I was
making the toast as best man. And if it hadn’t gotten laughs from the guests
at the wedding, I might not have had the confidence to put it into the script.

I had suppressed this anecdote for several years. It drove me nuts then,

The much-debated “son kisses father” scene. Peter Boyle, who played his
role with great heart and feeling, passed away in December 2006 at age 71.

and thinking about it again rekindled the nuts, and that illustrated the in-
sanity in my family and would serve as a warning to Richard’s bride, Karen,
why she should perhaps reconsider marrying into this psycho ward.
as to
The fact that the toast would come at the wedding reception and that
my brother and his wife would already be married didn’t change the
urgency of my writing. “Karen,” I started. “There is still time to run.”
I When I first started to make a little money in Hollywood, I
bought my mom a gift of the Fruit of the Month Club.
And then came the phone call from Rockland County, New York: “Philip,
we got the pears,” my mother said.
“Oh, that’s good, Ma. You like them?”
“Yes, they’re very nice, but please ... it’s an entire box of pears. There
must be 12 or 14 pears here. There are so many pears. Please, Philip, don’t
ever send us any more food again, okay?”
I said, “Well, Ma, another box is coming next month.”
She said, “What, more pears?”
I said, “No, Ma, a different fruit every month.”
“Every month? My God, Max, he got us in some kind of cult! What am I

supposed to do with all this fruit?”


“You can eat it. You share it with your friends.”

“Which friends?”
“I don’t know. Lee and Stan.”

“Lee and Stan buy their own fruit. Why did you do this to me?”
“Ma, what’s happening?”
“I can’t talk anymore, there’s too much fruit in the house!”
I went on to describe my father’s misery as well as this misfortune that
had befallen them. (“You think we’re invalids? We can’t get our own fruit?”)
The wedding guests laughed, including my parents. Richard and Karen
remain married to this day and even have two children.
The key was the specificity. If I had tried a vague example, I would’ve
missed everybody. Each of our lives deals in specifics, and we relate to that

specificity in other people’s lives. To this day, people tell me that they can’t
give a gift to their parents without it blowing up in their faces. And some
say they’ve even had that exact experience with their parents and the Fruit
of the Month Club. So I’m very happy that so many people are out of their
minds and we can all laugh, or cry, together.

A Real Cast of Characters

That story served as the second act’s focus in the script, where Ray comes
over to lie to his parents about why they won’t all be celebrating Debra’s
birthday together this year. He says he’s taking Debra and the kids to Bear
Mountain, but before he can get to that lie, the fruit tragedy lets us know
that this isn’t going to be easy for Raymond. Ever.

In January 1996, when I was about to hand in the pilot script, I thought it

might be funny. But first I sent the draft to Jeremy Stevens, a pal of mine who
has a great eye and ear. He was one of the creators of The Electric Company
and worked on Saturday Night Live and other shows. He was also the sweet-
est guy I knew. Whatever he had to say, he’d at least say it nicely.

Jeremy didn’t disappoint. The first words I heard from him when I picked
up the phone were, “We’ll be on for ten years!”

Itturns out he was wrong. We were only on for nine.

The network liked the script enough to call the pilot a go. But it really was
not a go unlesswe could find a cast the network would approve. So I was as-
signed a casting director, Lisa Miller. She started bringing me people to see.
The Brother. Ray’s real brother, Richard the police sergeant, is shorter


than Ray, so naturally we started looking for a shorter fellow to play Robert,
the older brother who would literally have to look up to Raymond. And
then into the casting office came this talking tree. His name was Brad Garrett,
and I thought, Well, here’s another way to go. When he opened his mouth,
and those basso profundo notes came out with brilliant timing, matchless
facial expression and expert delivery, I fell over laughing.
This was nothing like Ray’s life or mine. It was better. That was easy. We
found the brother.
The Father. We started hearing about how we shouldn’t get too ethnic
with the cast. For this show to play in Middle America, we couldn’t have too
many overtly swarthy Italian or Jewish types populating this family. Ray
and Brad are both, and respectively, swarthy, Italian and Jewish.
I asked, “It’s an Italian family. What are we supposed to cast?”

The network guy says, “Nonethnic ethnic.”

Then Les Moonves provided the perfect example when he suggested
Peter Boyle for the role of Frank Barone. Peter Boyle says New York ethnic
without saying Italian or Jewish. Peter Boyle is decidedly Irish, which I’ve

come to understand means nonethnic ethnic. We’ve come a long way.

Peter showed up for our meeting an hour late. He’d gotten bad directions
and was sent on a wild goose chase on a very hot day trying to find us.

When he finally did, he was ticked off. Now, I only know this man from see-
ing him in Young Frankenstein and, worse, Joe, in which he played an angry,
bigoted factory worker. Joe shot punks like me for fun, and here he comes
into the room, angry at me. At that moment, he wasn’t a movie star to me,
he was a big, angry movie star. I gave him the part. I was afraid of him.

He happened to be funny, too, when he calmed down. But we also saw we

could use a little of that anger. The truth is, Peter was a sweetheart and led
one of the more interesting lives on the planet. Here are two things I was
stunned to learn: He had been a monk, and John Lennon was the best man
at his wedding. Lucky for us, he was also hilarious rifling off one-liners at

his wife, sons and anyone else in his range. We had our father.
The Mother. I saw more than 100 women for this role in New York and
Los Angeles. It was very tough for me to cast because I had someone very

specific in mind for this mother. My mother. And she was too ethnic.
Then into the room came Doris Roberts, a 45-year veteran of stage and
screen. She read the Fruit of the Month scene and was perfect. Though she

doesn’t look anything like my mother, she totally got what was in my head
and in my life. She also has perfect timing, delivery and facial expression.

It seemed as if Doris was born to do this role. I was starting to feel lucky.

The Wife. This is the hardest person to cast in a sitcom. The wife can’t

just be the straight man or the nice lady who says, “Here’s your lunch,
honey.” She has to be all things to all people: funny, tough, sexy, sweet, vul-
nerable, confident, charming. I’m lucky because I found her in real life.

I didn’t marry know where she is. Wife joke. Half the
that girl ... but I

jokes on Everybody Loves Raymond were wife jokes. The other half were
husband jokes.

It was a long and involved process trying to cast Raymond’s wife. We saw
over 200 women for the role. Finally, Patty Heaton walked in, was perfect
and was cast. When it’s right, it’s right. Now we could go on to film a show.

Most of the audience had never

seen Ray Romano before, and
they loved him immediately.
Still not time to celebrate yet. If the network shoots about 12 comedy
pilots a year, only about four make it onto television. Sometimes two.
The production week of the pilot shoot went pretty smoothly. The cast

gathered at my house the day before production started for a get-acquainted

brunch and read-through of the script. They were hilarious together. The
next day we had the official table reading. And then I went into a room to
get notes from the studio and the network.
Here’s my favorite: “I noticed that at the end of this episode, Ray tells his
parents that maybe they shouldn’t come over so much anymore.”
“Yes?” I said.

“Well, my question is, if Ray says that to his parents, what happens in

next week’s episode if he’s told them not to come over anymore?”
I paused. “Well, just off the top of my head, they don’t listen to him.”
At the end of that week, we filmed the pilot. The cast was sharp, the
scenes seemed to work, the audience laughed. Most had never seen Raymond
before that night, and they liked him, if not loved him, immediately.

A few Sundays later, I was out at a restaurant with my friends. The owner
came over and said, “There’s a call for you by the register. It’s Les Moonves.”
“Whooah,” said my friends as I got up to get the phone.
And Les said, “Order an ice cream sundae.”
What a nice way to hear good news.
I went back to my friends and said, “I guess I’m buying lunch.”

It's a Wrap
We liked the show, the critics liked the show, and the audience liked the
show. People were watching. People were talking.
We filmed 22 episodes that first season. Variety reported, “It looks like
Raymond has found a permanent spot on Monday nights.” I clipped that
little mention and kept it in my wallet. I stopped being nervous.
We had a great, festive wrap party. David Letterman filmed a special “Top
Ten” list for us, we showed our first gag reel, and really laughed together.
We were all proud of what we’d done and happy that we were some of the
lucky few who got to keep doing it.

During all the dancing and eating and drinking, Ray came
over and handed me a note. I later found a quiet corner of
theroom to read it.
The note said, “I never thought I’d thank anyone for CHOICE
making me kiss Peter Boyle.”
To buy a copy of You're Lucky You're Funny, go to

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we knew, was nigh.
quite serious. Profundity,
“Do you know what the three most discouraging
words in the English language are?” he asked.
A congregant did. He yelled out, “Some assembly
required.” william f. Christiansen

Whether it was a typo or an overt plea, no one

knows. But when my friend Jennifer received an
invitation, it clearly read “The honor of your
presents is requested.” peggy cline

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were pleasantly surprised with these


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NET WT 1.76

1. Anti-Ager You've 2. Self-Tan Saver 3. Razor Bump 4. No-Fuss Nails

never seen a skin When sunless tan- Eraser Anthony Peel-off Water-
fix like this! Super- ning leaves you Logistics for Men Colors Nail Enamel
lightweight Olay streaky, rub out Ingrown Hair from Honeybee
DefinityDeep Pen- the evidence Treatment exfoli- Gardens is every-
etratingFoaming with the ingenious ates, keeps pores thing you want in

Moisturizer comes L'Oreal Sublime open, kills bacteria a fingernail polish.

out like hair Bronze Self- and dissolves dead It’s nontoxic and
mousse. It goes on Tanning Perfector skin cells to get odor-free, plus you
smooth and works & Corrector. rid of unsightly can peel it right off
overtime to reduce Excess color bumps, irritation inone sheet— no
dullness and age disappears in and trapped remover needed
spots ($28 at minutes ($10 at hairs ($25; ($6; honeybee
drugstores). drugstores).



5. Super Soap 6. Smile Saver 7. Hair Helpers 8.The Right Razor

Freeze 24-7 Ice Crest Pro-Health Pantene Pro-V Ice The Venus Breeze
Shield is the toothpaste has Shine Hairspray, has shaving gel
world’s first facial a unique formula John Frieda built into the blade
cleanser with UVA that’s safe for Crystal Clear cartridge. The gel
and UVB protec- sensitive teeth Shape & Shimmer lasts about ten
tion. Sunscreen and protects Hairspray, and shaves. Battery-
binds to skin, while against gingivitis, Herbal Essences operated Gillette
cleansers wash plaque, cavities, Shimmery Nights Fusion Power has
away dirt. Rub it in, tartar and stains— Flyaway Smoother five blades and a
rinse off and you’re all while freshen- use polymer tech- nifty precision
protected on the ing breath. In mint nology for serious trimmer ($10 to
go all day ($48; and cinnamon ($3 shine ($4 to $6.29 $12 at drugstores). at drugstores). at drugstores). PATRICIA CURTIS


AlARCfj You know that being
chubby, especially
around the waist, is

unhealthy. Here’s a
new way measure
the danger: Check your
jeans. Men with pant
sizes 38 inches and
over and women size
16 and up are at higher
risk of heart disease
and diabetes, say
March: The British researchers.
Why? The bigger
Unhealthiest your trousers, the
more dangerous belly
shorter you are, the
taying indoors during the cold winter greater yourrisk. The

S months usually causes cabin fever. But it

can also lead to diabetes, according to a
recent six-year study by the University of Szeged
American Heart Asso-
aim for a
ciation says
waist circumference
in Hungary. The researchers looked at 26,600 less than 40 inches
people with type 2 diabetes and found that new for men
cases were almost 50% more likely to occur in and 35 for
March than in August. r women.
Lower levels of physical activity, higher W W2 kelly cook

amounts of food and possibly even a lack of

vitamin D
during the winter likely play a role
in developing the disease, says lead author
Peter Doro. An earlier U.S. study involving
diabetic veterans had similar results.
Take steps, literally, during the spring
thaw to improve your health: A daily 30-
minute walk can help lower your risk of
developing type 2 diabetes. An added ben-
efit: You’ll lose some of those extra wintertime
pounds, another risk factor. NEENA SAMUEL



Formulated for mert ‘Brilliant Affordable Pricing”
women. Features Mu.wtw Arthur Frommer, 995 Travel Editor
Vitamin, mineral and Volcanoes, Beaches, Rainforests
omega-3 sources.
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EP/i r !Hn

SIZES Made of Genuine Goatskin

Made of Genuine Goatskin
Small - 2XL Dual Entry Side Pockets
Dual Entry Front Pockets and Inside Chest Pocket,
and Inside Chest Pocket, TALLS add *10 Leather Snapdown Collar,
Pile Collar, Poly-Cotton Lining LT - 2XLT Poly-Cotton Lining,
Knit Cuffs and Waistband Knit Cuffs and Waistband
Brown Only Brown or Black

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These Jackets normally sell for $249°° at retail.
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WITH MOLLY O'NEILL 2Vz pounds potatoes,
peeled and cubed
4 slices bacon
Vz small head
cabbage, chopped
1 onion,chopped
Vz cup milk
Salt and pepper
cup butter, melted

Put potatoes in sauce-

pan with enough water
to cover. Bring to a boil.
Cook until tender,
20 minutes.
15 to
Cook bacon in skillet
High-Five for Cabbage! over medium-high
I'm trying to eat locally, but winter heat. Drain, reserve

vegetables are starting to put me to drippings, crumble

sleep. Any wake-up advice? and set aside. In drip-

pings, saute cabbage
Take heart. Take cabbage. And take a les-

A son from the Irish in this month of the

green. Many cold-weather vegetables are,
in fact, cancer-fighting cabbages (broccoli, cauli-
and onion until soft
and translucent, about
10 minutes. Drain
potatoes; mash with
flower, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and flowering milk. Add salt, pepper,
kale). But only the grande dame of the family can, bacon, cabbage and
with enough cooking, lose onions. Transfer to
its sulfurous aroma and

become sweet. Traditional heads of green or red serving bowl. Make a

cabbage are the most intensely flavored choices

well in center and pour
in butter. Serves 8.
and require the longest cooking times. The barrel-
shaped napa is the mildest variety, and the crinkly
green heads of savoy lie in between.
Any cabbage is strong enough to stand up to big
flavors. Colcannon, a classic Irish dish, uses bacon
for a taste that’s
tough to beat. Rather than boil or
steam cabbage, cook it in bacon fat or olive or nut
oil. The cabbage caramelizes, and thoughts of

summer vegetables recede. Savor the flavor with

this dish from molly o neill




When ranch
tastes the way it’s

supposed to,

taste better than they’re

supposed to.

A European TV star tells how she

accidentally discovered an amazing
new and easy way to lose up to 95
pounds without dieting...
and why she decided to share this 100% natural weight-loss secret that finally

helped her to lose 66 pounds for good. Discover now how more than 759,600' people
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vision viewers can attest that
Maggie Drozd lost 66 pounds in a

few weeks. When she appears in

the European newspapers with
the largest circulations, it isn’t
just because she’s a star of many
television series, but also because
of her extraordinary weight loss.
Certain journalists do not hes-
itate to write “Maggie Drozd
looks younger by ... 66 pounds!!”
(This is not a misprint.)
We wanted to know Maggie
Drozd’s secret, and we took advan-
tage of her tour through England to
make an appointment to interview her
in a famous London restaurant. The i

revelations below are going to sur-

prise you, but also permit you to fin- fewer interesting roles. And one day, other countries - that you lost 66
ally lose those extrapounds that you I was surprised to find myself called pounds while eating what you wanted
haven’t successfully lost to this day. “the huge one.” I was terribly upset. and as much as you were used to
That same night, I was crying so eating. I must admit that I have
Exclusive interview with
much that I decided to talk to my trouble believing this. Can you tell
Elisabeth Palmer: husband about what happened. His me if this is really what you did?
Question: My dear Maggie, when \
response helped reinforce my deci- Answer: Yes, it’s all true. I dis-
I see you looking so slim, young and sion I had to lose weight quickly, covered my secret a little over two
ravishing,I have trouble believing once and for all. years ago, when was flirting with

thatyou ever looked as you did in the Question: Had you tried to lose the 200-pound mark. I was skiing in
photos before your weight loss. Not weight before? Switzerland. With my weight, I was
only have you lost so much weight, Answer: You know, 1 didn’t wait having trouble skiing and I was ter-
but you also look 20 years younger. until I reached 192 pounds (I’m
5’6” ribly bored and frustrated.
Answer: Elisabeth, thank you for tall) before trying to lose weight. I One day when was reading on a

the compliment, but everything is tried everything. I saw doctors. I sunny terrace at the hotel, someone
true and all the world could see that followed diets. 1 tried crash treat- approached me and asked if I was
in my films and TV shows
weighed I ments. I probably tried every miracle Polish (I was reading a Polish mag-
an extra 66 pounds. I cannot tell you method that appeared since the early azine).Though a Swiss citizen, she
where and when, but you will soon 90s. I spent a lot of money for was Polish herself and she was happy
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see me today, 66 pounds lighter. Now felt like I was starving, I regained 10 tritionist in a well-known health spa.
I’m going to tell you the full story, pounds in a few days. With