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Project – Optimization techniques for ocean carrying vessels (Group 3)

Project Plan
Below are the activities, the timelines and status of the respective activities as part of the project plan:

Activity Status of Activity
Industrial Visit 1– Understanding the agenda of the
project in detail 11th Oct 2017
Understanding the project problem statement and
variables involved by brainstorming within team 12th Oct 2017
Preparing a draft from the inputs obtained in the
industrial visit meeting 15th Oct – 16th Oct 2017
Analyzing the organization’s structure and functioning
- internal and external outlook 16th Oct – 31st Oct 2017
Preparing Organization Analysis 1st Nov – 4th Nov 2017 Completed
Obtaining detailed inputs such as the fuels and
quantity of fuel unloaded, unloading charges, port Completed
charges etc. at each port th th
24 Oct – 24 Nov 2017
Meeting – Team discussion with faculty guide on
different variables, constraints and outputs involved
depending on the inputs obtained from industry focal
in the formulation of solution to the project 8th Nov 2017

Working on the draft for formulation of the problem Ongoing

9th Nov – 17th Jan 2018
Meeting with the faculty guide to further discuss on
the formulation 17th Jan 2018
Making necessary amendments in the formulation of
the problem 17th Jan - 28th Jan 2018
Industrial visit 2 to get further clarifications and
24th Jan 2018
inputs, if required and discuss on the formulation

Working on the solution 24th Jan – 6th Feb 2018

Meeting with faculty guide to discuss on the solution

7th Feb 2018
worked out

Finalizing the solution 8th - 21st Feb 2018

Preparing the project summary report 21st Feb - 28th Feb 2018