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Lokroi Epizephyrioi Carthaginians in 282–205 BCE. Lokroi eventu-

ally became a municipium (89 BCE), survived
into Late Antiquity, and was abandoned in
the early Middle Ages.
Lokroi is a Greek polis in Calabria, southern Archaeological finds at Lokroi include
Italy, near Cape Zephyrion. Its foundation is skillfully sculpted bronze mirrors of the
attributed to colonists from LOKRIS on mainland mid-sixth to mid-fourth centuries BCE and fine
Greece and is dated to the early seventh century Ionian-style terracotta plaques of the early
BCE (Strabo Geography 6.1.7; Polyb. Histories fifth century BCE, perhaps from a sanctuary of
12.5.4-11; Pseudo-Scymnus Periodos to Nico- Persephone. The marble Ludovisi throne may
medes 312–17). Lokroi flourished in the come from the Ionian temple of Aphrodite(?)
Archaic period but steadily declined afterwards in Contrada Marasà. Small cult oikoi of the
due to internal strife and wars with neighboring seventh century BCE might also have been
poleis. dedicated to Aphrodite. A Doric temple at Casa
Excavations confirmed the existence of Marafioti, perhaps the sanctuary of Zeus
indigenous settlement in the vicinity, but the Olympios, produced an administrative archive
relation of the natives with incoming Greeks of thirty-nine bronze tablets of the early
remains unclear. Lokroi was urbanized in the Hellenistic period.
seventh to sixth centuries BCE, as evidenced
SEE ALSO: Colonization, Greek; Zaleukos of
by a substantial defense wall, an orthogonal
urban plan, and various urban and suburban Lokroi.
temples and cult sites.
The lawgiver Zaleukos gave written laws REFERENCES AND SUGGESTED READINGS
to Lokroi in the late seventh century BCE.
Territorial expansion made Lokroi collide Costamagna, L. and Sabbione, C. (1990) Una
città in Magna Grecia: Locri Epizefiri. Reggio
various times with neighboring poleis. The city
founded Medma and Hipponion and possibly
Fisher-Hansen, T., Nielsen, T. and Ampolo, C.
Metauros in the Tyrrhenian part of Calabria. (2004) “Italia and Kampania.” In M. H. Hansen
Lokroi had an alliance with Syracuse in the fifth and T. H. Nielsen, eds., An inventory of Archaic
and fourth centuries BCE. DIONYSIOS II of and Classical poleis: 249–320. Oxford.
Syracuse was exiled in Lokroi and established Locri (1977) Locri Epizefirii: atti del sedicesimo
a tyranny in 356 BCE. Control over Lokroi convegno di studi sulla Magna Grecia, 3–8 ottobre
alternated between Pyrrhus, Rome, and the 1976. Naples.

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