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Every ascendant sign has an obstruction (Badhaka) sign called

Badhaka Rasi and its Lord is called Badhakesa. For all Chara Rasis
the eleventh house is Badhakasthana and its ruler is Badhakesa. For
all Sthira Rasis the ninth house is the Badhakasthana and its ruler is
Badhakesa. For all Upaya Rasis the seventhhouse is the
Badhakasthana and its ruler is Badhakesa.

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are considered to be movable

signs. In other words, they are always moving. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio
and Aquarius are considered to be fixed signs. As you must have
understood, they are not moving. On the other hand, Gemini, Virgo,
Sagittarius and Pisces are dual-natured signs. At times they are
moving. While they are stationary during other times.
Since Badhaka refers to obstruction, the best remedy to pray Lord
Ganesha who is the removar of obstacles. The twelve names of
Ganesa as given by Naradha Muni can be chanted before start of any
When Sun or Moon is the Badhakesh, the person will loose his
position of power or Job. He will be punished in the office.
When Mars or Saturn act as Badhakesh, there is danger to life due to
accidents or atleast damage to parts of the body.
When Venus is acting as Badhakesh, the trouble comes from opposite
sex, molestation, affliction or pain.
When Mercury plays the role of a Badhakesh, a contradiction or
objection which is caused by a reasoning exercise.
When it comes to Jupiter the suffering will be on the happiness or
When it comes to nodes Rahu and Ketu it is very serious. Exclusion
from society, severe pain etc.
Badhakam or obstruction is caused due to the wrath of the deity also.
The wrath of the deity is to be judged based on various factors. The
12thhouse from Atmakaraka is the place of Ishta devatha. The
12th house from the Badhakesa indicates the past history of
maintenance of the deity. If the Badhakesa is in an adverse place and
afflicted, if a malefic planet is placed in the 12th house from
Badhakesa, then the indications are that the worshipped image has
been mutilated. This brings the wrath of the Deity signified by the
Badhakesa. Depending on the malefic planet or Upagriha involved,
we can infer the following.
1. If Gulika or Rahu is there it is the curse of a serpant deity.
2. If Saturn is there then it indicates impurity.
3. If Mars is there then it indicates bad management and the curse of
Karthikeya and Badrakali.
4. If Sun is there it indicates Lord Shiva.
5. If Moon is there it indicates the curse of Durga.
6. If Mercury is there it is the curse of Krishna or Vishnu.
7. If Jupiter is there it is the curse of Samba Shiva.

In this second part on Badhaka we are going to see the effects of

Badhakathipathi positing himself in various Bavas and what is the
remedial measures that can be applied to reduce the ill effects of the
same. Also we will see the remedies that can be applied for various all
the nine planets who don the role of Badhakathipathi.

If badhakathipathi is in Lagna, one has to accept the expenses of

making a Deity and give the same to a temple or someone who
performs regular pooja. If the person cannot afford it, he should
atleast buy a portrait of a Deity and give it to someone who deserve it.

Well, a question will always crop up in the mind. WHICH DEITY? If

the Planet is Sun then its Devatha Shiva. If the planet is Moon then its
Devatha Gowri. If the planet is Mars then its Devatha Karthikeya or
Narasimha. If the planet is Mercury then its Devatha Vishnu. If the
planet is Jupiter then its Devatha Samba Shiva or Dakshinamurthy. If
the planet is Venus then its Devatha Mahalakshmi. If the planet is
Saturn then its Devatha Anjaneya or Ayyappa. If the planet is Rahu
then its Devatha Kali or Durga. If the planet is Ketu then its Devatha
 One may think that both Rahu and Ketu do not own houses.
Ketu owns Vrichika and Rahu owns Kumba. One has to find out who
is stronger among Mars and Ketu. He only owns Vrichika. Similarly
one has to look for the strength of Rahu and Saturn. He only rules
Kumba. There is a set of principles to be applied to find out the real
strength of the planets and the same is to be applied.

If badhakathipathi is in second house to Lagna, then one has to chant

the Gayathri Mantra or Moola Mantra of the Deity. If it is Sun 6,000
times. If it is Moon 10,000 times. If it is Mars 7,000 times. If it is
Mercury 17,000 times. If it is Jupiter 16,000 times. If it is Venus
20,000 times. If it is Saturn 19,000 times. If it is Rahu 18,000 times. If
it is Ketu 7,000 times.

If badhakathipathi is in 3rd house one has to worship the Deity daily.

This is must during the Dasa and Antar Dasa of the Badhakathipathi.

If the badhakathipathi is in 4th house one has to support renovation of

a temple.

If the badhakathipathi is in 5th house, one has to give oil, clothes,

flower etc to the temple. He also should support for Neivedhanam at
the temple.

If the badhagathipathi is in 6th house, one has to support someone who

is sick and need help for medication. Also one has to donate or
support a service organisation.

If the badhakathipathi is in 7th house, one has to perform Kalyana

Uthsavam at the temple and also arrange dance programmes to the
Deity during some Uthsavam at the temple.

If the badhakathipathi is in 8th house, one has to worship the Deity of

the Tatwa of the planet. Sun and Mars are of Agni Tatwa. Venus and
Moon are of Jala tatwa. Mercury is of Prithvi Tatwa. Jupiter is of
Akash Tatwa. Saturn is of Vayu Tatwa. For Rahu consider that of
Saturn and for Ketu consider that of Mars.

If the badhakathipathi is in 9th house, one has to worship the Dharma

Devatha of the native. This can be found from the horoscope.

If the badhakathipathi is in 10th house, one has to perform a Bali

Karma. Also one has to worship Ganesa and Subramanya.

If badhakathipathi is in 11th house, one has to perform snanam in

Punya theerthas like Ganges, Kavery etc. Offer Arthy at those places.

If the badhakathipathi is in 12th house, one has to arrange chanting of

Bagavatham in the temples by vedic scholars.

If Badhakathipathi is Sun, remedial worship can be in the form of

For Moon it can be Abishekam with Conch and Milk and also Anna
If it is Mars: Laksha deepam.
If it is Mercury: Arranging Festivels and Dances.
If it is Mercury: Feeding Brahmins (Vedic Scholars) and priests and
offering of ornaments.
If it is Venus, performing Vilakku Pooja, Feeding of Ladies
If it is Saturn, feeding the poor and oppressed persons.
For Rahu walking on Fire, Bali, Kavadi etc., Perfoming Archana with
flowers in such a way that the Deity is submerged in flowers.
For Ketu, helping mentally challenged people and old persons staying
in orphanage.