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Periods to Position Superior
Dept./Division Superior Name
Rating Factor
Nilai = Weight x Rating 1 Rating 2 Rating 3 Rating 4 Rating 5
1. Coordination and Do not have the ability Trying to create a Indicates the average level Shows leadership accepted Showed very strong
Leadership and authority in productive working of supervision. little support subordinates by leadership without the help of
15 x coordinating, directing atmosphere. Requires the Needed a little Superiors. Influential in Superiors. The duties of the
and controlling the work support of their superiors help from superior creating cooperation among department to do well on the
= of subordinates. The to solve the problem. in performing the subordinates. quality and quantity are
target is not reached. task. Being able to always above the target.
achieve the target
2. Knowledge of the Not controll the field of Less understood the task. Quite understand the tasks Understand the assignment Showed full control of on
Job work which it is Better work attitude and can overcome the its of responsibility. Shows great work and become an example
12 x responsible. Have showed passive and unable own trouble. Need effort to improve the system for fellow workers.
12 difficulty understanding to overcome the trouble. improvement in terms of right in the work.
= the task and always Needed little direction from control to work.
error in doing the task. Superiors.

The quality of work Not being able to lead Often failed to achieve the Capable of reaching Often exceeded the target. Work is always smooth
12 x subordinates to achieve target / productivity targets and completing Required very little control exceeded the target set.
= 12 the expected target, too standards. Often clogged assigned tasks. Tighter and Superiors support in Always finish early. Not
late and not complete. and interfere with other control is required of completing tasks. needed control Superiors at
tasks. Superiors. all.
3. Relation and Not able to create good Shows indifference towards Trying to create Shows an attitude of Shows understanding
Cooperation relations among internal cooperation. Is cooperation and mutual cooperation and are willing to attitude, fun and always open
11 x subordinates. Each passive and does not understanding both help if asked and easy to talk for cooperation. Cooperative
11 subordinate walk on attempt to give support to vertically and horizontally. to. and always willing to help.
= their own. There is no Superiors, peers and Not difficult superiors and
teamwork. subordinates. subordinates.

4. Initiative Very passive, shows Moves to take the initiative Trying on their own will With awareness of its own to Always start your own with
12 x indifference to the because of the take something initiative take the initiative and carry it high motivation. Making other
working environment. encouragement Superiors without prompting by through. Showed a high people motivated to follow
= 12 No effort and always and situations. Showing Superiors, but has not desire to complete the task. and imitate his attitude.
shied away from any the passive nature of the shown the speed in the
trouble. job. Necessary impetus completion.
and direction Superiors.
5. Assignments and Delegation is not Needed a lot of help from Exercise effective control Trusted in the execution of Highly trusted by Superiors in
Control running properly. Not Superiors to direct and over their subordinates tasks without direction performing tasks. Has high
11 x able to organize and control the work of with little direction from Superiors. The system of capability organize the work
11 execute control subordinates. superiors. Jobs achieve the delegation went well. Being of subordinates.
= functions. targets set. able to create embedded
control system.

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6. Compliance and As supervisor, did not Often get warning from Quite understand on its Generally obedient and does Always showed exemplary
work Diciplines show obedience and Superiors for more showed function as a supervisor. not pose a problem for obedience and discipline. Was
12 x discipline. Being a bad compliance and high work No need strict control of superiors and get respect the inspiration for the fellow
12 example to discipline in work. the Superiors. from each subordinate. level and role model for direct
= subordinates. subordinates.

Development of Be subjective in Below average in ability to Have average ability in Right in the assessment of Proficient in evaluating
subordinates and assessing and too selfish assess and develop evaluating subordinates subordinates, and show high subordinates, develop and
responsibilities to maintain its position. subordinates. Inattentive and develop skills. Shows responsibility in developing utilize their skills. Very reliable
15 x Hands off and not care. and lack of responsibility average responsibilities on subordinates. in the work.
on the task. the job.

Assessor's signature
Scoring System
Very Good (BS) 401 s/d 500
Good (B) 301 s/d 400

Fair (C) 201 s/d 300

Signature of Employee
Less (K) 151 s/d 200

Very Less (KS) 100 s/d 150

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