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R14(R) - III B.Tech II Sem


Question Bank


1. Define an HTML? Explain the classification of HTML tags with examples? [10M]

2. Explain the different types of lists in HTML with an example? [10M]

3. Explain how basic and nested tables are created using HTM with examples? [10M]

4. Define frame. Create a HTML page that displays multiple frames in a window? [10M]

5. Explain different form elements available and make it dynamic with the help of HTML?

6. Define CSS? Explain inline, internal and external and embedded style sheets with
examples? [10M]

7. Explain variables, operators and control structures of objects in Java script? [10M]

8. Write about the various Objects used in Java script? [10M]

9. a. ‘JavaScript is referred to as Object based programming language’. Justify with an

example. [5M]
b. Write a script that asks the user to enter two numbers, obtains the two numbers from
the user and outputs text that displays the sum, product, difference and quotient of
the two numbers. [5M]

10. a. Describe the primitive data types that Java script uses. [5M]
b. Describe the scoping rules for java script. [5M]


1. Explain the Predefined and user defined functions in PHP with an example. [10M]
2. Define an Array? Explain about the types of Arrays in PHP with an example. [10M]

3. Explain how to work with databases using PHP and MySQL with suitable example?

4. Explain variables, operators and control structures of objects in PHP? [10M]

5. Explain about processing a web form working with forms. [10M]

6. Explain the various types of XML schema data types used and its applications? [10M]

7. Define an XML? What are the basic rules to write XML document? Explain with syntax.

8. What is DTD and its purpose? What are the basic rules to create DTD? [10M]

9. Write short notes on XSLT and SAX? [10M]

10. Explain working with Document Object Model? [10M]


1. What is a Java Bean? What are its advantages? Explain it with simple example? [10M]

2. Explain about Introspection? [10M]

3. Write short notes on Using Bound Properties and Bean Info Interfaces? [10M]

4. Explain the following terms: a) Bound and Constrained properties b) Persistence c)

Customizers? [10M]

5. Explain briefly about Java Beans API? [10M]

6. What is EJB? What are its advantages and disadvantages? [10M]

7. Explain the types of Enterprise Java Beans? [10M]

8. Define Session Beans and explain its types with suitable examples? [10M]

9. Explain about Message Driven Beans? [10M]

10. Explain about Entity Beans?

Unit IV

1. a) What are the differences between Session and Cookie? [5M]

b) Write a program to skip whitespace from the beginning and end of a string. [5M]

2. a) Explain the Life cycle of a Servlet with a neat diagram. [7M]

b) Write short notes on Security issues? [3M]

3. Explain how to handle the HTTP Requests and Responses. [10M]

4. Write steps for installing Tomcat Web Server and explain how you run the program in it.

5. Write short notes on javax.servlet HTTP package and session tracking [5 + 5 M]

6. Explain about reading servlet parameters with an example. [10M]

7. Explain briefly about Cookies with a suitable example. [1M]

8. Define a Servlet? Explain its advantages and disadvantages? [10M]

9. Discuss the differences between the following: a) ServletConfig and ServletContext b)

GenericServlet and HttpServlet [10M]

10. What are the advantages of Servlet over CGI? Why do we have sevlet listeners? [10M]

Unit V

1. Define JSP? Write the problems with Servlet and advantages of JSP? [10M]

2. Give a detailed description of JSP Debugging techniques. [10M]

3. Write a JSP program to develop Login Page? Explain how to compile and run it? [10M]

4. Explain about JSP application design with MVC? [10M]

5. Explain briefly about implicit JSP objects? [10M]

6. Explain how to display values using an Expression to set an attribute? [10M]

7. Explain the anatomy of a JSP page and write a program to create simple jsp page.[10M]

8. Explain about scripting elements? [10M]

9. Explain how to share the data between JSP pages? [10M]

10. Explain how you declare variables and methods in JSP? [10M]

Unit VI

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ajax? What are all the technologies used
by Ajax? [10M]

2. Explain the procedure for database programming using JDBC? [10M]

3. Explain about javax.sql.* package? [10M]

4. Explain how to access a database from a JSP page? [10M]

5. Explain how you deploy java beans in a JSP page? [10M]

6. Write short notes on the following terms: WSDL and UDDI [5 +5 M]

7. What is a SOAP? Explain SOAP message elements with suitable examples? [10M]

8. Define strut framework? Explain it’s advantages and disadvantages? [10M]

9. What are the protocols used by AJAX? Explain the UDDI service in AJAX? [10M]

10. Write the limitations of AJAX? Discuss the security issues of AJAX? [10M]