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Kieran gore

Professor Williams

QEN 102

16th January 2018

Rhetorical analysis essay

“Protest movements help us articulate formless institutions of which we are barely,

aware, bringing them into the light of day so that we can consider them and act on them”.

In the essay, “The art of moral protest” by James jasper, the author discusses how protest helps

us become more aware of issues that might impact us and need to be addressed. Protest is a

tool people can use to bring about change. Protest allows people to express themselves in

different ways. In this essay, Jasper relays that protest can be positive but that they also need

to be limited.

After this we can also see from the article that Jasper wrote that it talks about the

reason behind protest and the purpose for example if they are positive, negative or if they are

pointless or have a beneficial impact. When looking at the amount of protest we now have in

the modern era, if we look at how beneficial they are then we can only see a certain amount

that will have a beneficial effect due to the huge amounts that take place. There is a variety of

protests for example Racial, women’s rights, Anti-abortionist, Homophobic etc which is why

there is a widespread of protests. During the article, it mentions the benefits from early

protests such as the civil rights movements. These types of protest lead to inspiring future

protests and are the reason protests are positive in the modern era because of the way that
they were carried out and the fact that they were very successful. The second movement that

also inspired future generations from the article was the French revolution because this caused

huge commotion throughout many countries. The impact it had on the people was positive and

lead to the variety of movements that now happen and people use this as a tactic to try and get

what they want. All of these things help give people a new perspective on different movements

and type of protests along with developing society.

The second claim that is made throughout the Jasper reading is that protest should be

limited because if they are not limited it could lead to things such as riots which cause problems

environmentally and publicly. When protests are limited this can help the fact that protest will

also be beneficial due to not hurting others and not going over the top in the process. Riots will

occur if the process is being carried out the wrong way, therefore they should always be

respectful and peaceful, which we believe would lead to that positive outcome that people

want. When looking at the movements that prove that protest should be limited, we see the

likes of the Nazi movement, Taliban and other movements such as peace mobilization. After

reading about these movements we can see the long-term effects that they had on society for

example the Nazi movements which was huge for society because of Hitler and what he done

to Germany and to the Jews. Another group that had a huge effect on this was the Taliban who

were a group of extremists who killed innocent people. The way they done this was through

terrorist acts that have caused commotion around the world. They hold power over three

quarters of Afghanistan. These types of movements were not done to cause peace they were

done to make a statement for example Hitler wanted to eliminate all enemies of the Christian

faith and this meant killing Jews and other innocent people.
Protests are a way of communicating the problems within society while in a large

setting. There are many ways people protest. The two I looked at dealt with the way protests

are handled. The effectiveness of protests depends on how limited or violent they are. Within

the article we looked at why protests should be limited and how different forms of protests are

beneficial to different groups. I strongly believe that protests should be limited. Allowing

protests to be non-violent leads to better long-lasting solutions. Communication is a huge part

of the world we live in today. If we aren’t able to communicate then we will never be able to

achieve anything productive. Protests being a form of communication, allows political,

environmental and social changes in the world we live in today.