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The Infernal

Authors: Erik Dahl, Timothy Ferguson, Mark Shirley Ulrich Willmünder; MaPhi
Development, Editing, & Project Management: David Chart Werner, Alexander Bader,
Cover Illustration: Grey Thornberry Fr. Thomas Dowd
Interior Art: Jason Cole, Kelley Hensing, Brad McDevitt, D. Second Round Playtesters:
Malachi Penney, Grey Thornberry Rick Barton, Wendell Joyner,
Ars Magica Fifth Edition Trade Dress: J. Scott Reeves Angus MacDonald, Sarah
Layout, Art Direction, & Proofreading: Jeff Tidball MacDonald, Brian Watson,
Additional Proofreading: John Nephew Quetta Watson; Matt Ryan,
First Round Playtesters: Donna Giltrap, Malcolm Mario Cerame, Daniel Ilut, Tobias
Harbrow, Aaron Hicks, Richard Love; Kate Brown, Angus Wheeler; Sheila Thomas; Jason
MacDonald, Sarah MacDonald, Brian Watson, Quetta Fryer, Emily Dyson, Matt Dyson,
Watson; Matt Ryan, Mario Cerame, Daniel Ilut, Jevon Michael Johnson
Garrett, Tobias Wheeler; Matthew L. Seidl; Volker Bürkel, Special Thanks: Jerry
Christoph Safferling, Andrew Smith; Neil Taylor, Sheila Corrick and the
Thomas; Andrea C. Cofalik, Olaf Mahl, Ute Uhlemann, gang at the Source

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The Infernal

Table of Contents
Introduction 4 True Names............................................. 34 Mythic Companion: Devil Child......... 100
The Infernal Hierarchy. ............... 36
Mythic Evil..................................... 4 False Gods............................................... 37
What is this Book?.......................... 4 Spirits of Deceit...................................... 38
10. The Maleficia 102
Using this Book.............................. 4 Vessels of Iniquity................................... 39 Unholy Methods........................ 102
Subtle Corruptions.................................... 5 Avengers of Evil...................................... 39 Debauchery........................................... 103
In the Dark................................................ 5 Deluders.................................................. 41 Incantation............................................ 104
A Final Note.............................................. 6 Aerial Powers.......................................... 42 Unholy Powers........................... 105
Furies....................................................... 42 Consumption........................................ 105
Accusers.................................................. 43 Diablerie............................................... 106
1. The Infernal Realm 7 Tempters & Evil Spirits............................ 43 Effusion................................................. 107
The Origin of Evil.......................... 7 Using Demons in Your Saga......... 44 Malediction........................................... 109
The Source of All Evil.............................. 8 A Life Lacking in Virtue......................... 44 Phantasm............................................... 110
The Place of Punishment.......................... 8 Human Assistance................................... 47 Psychomachia....................................... 111
The Infernal Realm and Hell.................... 9 The Role of Demons............................... 47 Mythic Companion: The Diabolist...... 112
Infernal Auras. ............................. 10 A Directory of Demons................ 49
Infernal Auras in Play.............................. 10
Tarnished Auras....................................... 13
11. Ars Goetia 114
Corrupted Auras..................................... 14
5. Demons as Corrupters 50 The Goetic Arts. ........................ 114
Infernal Regiones.......................... 16 Summoning........................................... 114
Infernal Warping.......................... 17 6. Demons as Deceivers 58 Ablating................................................ 115
Causes of Infernal Warping.................... 18 Binding.................................................. 117
Infernal Vis................................... 18 7. Demons as Destroyers 66 Commanding........................................ 117
Mythic Companion: The Summoner... 118
2. Sin and Temptation 20 8. Corrupted Beasts 77
What is Sin?................................... 20
12. Black Magic 120
Types of Sin............................................ 20 9. Infernal Characters 80 Demon-Hunters.......................... 120
Sinful Traits................................. 21 The Venatores....................................... 120
Redemption............................................. 22 False Powers................................. 81 Apotropaic Spells.................................. 121
Infernal Influence. ....................... 22 Mythic Companions...................... 81 Infernal Magic............................ 123
Tarnish.................................................... 24 Tainted Virtues and Flaws........... 82 Chthonic Magic.................................... 123
Gaining Confidence through Sin........... 24 New Virtues............................................ 82 Goetic Magic........................................ 124
New Flaws............................................... 87 False Magic........................................... 124
New Abilities. ................................ 91
3. The Devil and the Realm Affiliations......................... 93
13. Infernal Traditions 126
Origin of Demons 25 Infernalists. .................................. 94
Hierarchy................................................ 94 Misguided Traditions. ................ 127
The Jewish Devil. .......................... 25 Vituperation............................................ 95 The Luciferans...................................... 127
The Christian Devil...................... 25 Sacrifice................................................... 95 Strigae................................................... 129
The Islamic Devil.......................... 26 Profaning the Holy................................. 96 The Witch-Hammers............................ 131
The Fall of the Angels. ............... 26 Tainted Characters...................... 96 Corrupt Traditions.................... 133
Sources of Tainted Children................... 97 Dark Gnostics....................................... 133
Demonic Uses for Tainted Characters... 97 The Dread Host.................................... 134
4. The Infernal Legions 28 Inevitably Flawed.................................... 97 The Mulhidun....................................... 136
What are Demons?........................ 28 Pawns and Puppets................................. 99 Hermetic Traditions................... 137
The Spiritual Form of a Demon.............. 28 Example Tainted Characters. ....... 98 The Damhadh-Duidsan........................ 137
The Physical Form of a Demon.............. 29 The Children of Demons.............. 99 The Ordo Vagorum.............................. 139
Demonic Traits....................................... 29 Characters with Demonic Blood............ 99 The Witches of Thessaly...................... 140

The Infernal

Mythic Evil and updates the sections The Infernal
Realm (ArM5, page 186) and Infernal
the game suggestions presented here,
with only a few generally mechanical
Creatures (ArM5, pages 196–198) in the modifications.
Welcome to Realms of Power: The main rulebook. While the material is
Infernal, the second in the series of Ars based on real-world beliefs and practices,
Magica Fifth Edition supplements dealing it is not intended to be an occult primer or
with the supernatural realms of Mythic
Europe. In The Infernal, you will explore
the insidious evil that lurks outside the
historical reference. The stories this book
encourages are works of fiction, involving
imaginary characters engaging in what
Using this
boundaries of every covenant’s Aegis of the
Hearth, that plots the downfall of every
may be frightening or immoral activities,
shared among players with enough matu-
person’s immortal soul, and that craves rity to decide for themselves what is right
and encourages every sort of vile and and wrong. Ars Magica focuses on myth and
immoral activity imaginable. From the It is organized to read best from front magic, in a setting where the Infernal
demons born in the bottommost pits of to back, starting with this introduction, realm is typically less immediate and
Hell to the mighty angels fallen from and it breaks up the material by applica- players are more concerned with study,
Heaven, this book explores the armies of tion, so that players can flip to different adventure, enchantment, and discovery.
the Infernal realm, who seek to bring low sections during play depending upon their The Infernal realm’s role is usually that of
the mighty and cover the land in shadow. needs. The first part, The Nature of Evil, an antagonist, a threat to be avoided or
From the poor souls misled by their wiles includes general rules for dealing with dealt with quickly and decisively. How
to the depraved folk who serve the Devil the Infernal realm, including information can this book be used to improve that
in exchange for temporal power, this book about sin and redemption, infernal influ- setting? Here are some suggestions for
explores the followers of the Infernal ence, auras, and infernal vis. The legions incorporating the Infernal realm into that
realm, who seek to spread its corruption of Hell and their capabilities are found in sort of game.
like a pestilence. And from the magic of part two, That Which Is Evil, with sample
the tall and mighty towers of magi to the demons and ideas for bringing them into
miracles of the humble parish church, this a saga. Part three, Those Who Do Evil, Tempt the Characters
book explores the enemies of the Infernal includes rules for characters associated
realm, whom the Infernal will stop at with the Infernal realm, infernal Virtues Magi are often the driving force
nothing to defeat. and Flaws, and ways to combine infernal behind a saga, and their quest for greater
power with Hermetic magic. power and more magic can lead them into
For the most part, this book consists corruption, for no supernatural powers are
of entirely new material for Ars Magica, as easy to gain as infernal ones. Many may

What is this with setting information and many new

rules specific to the Fifth Edition. Those
elements of it that were inspired by ideas
seem like they would be relatively little
trouble — distasteful, yes, but distaste
is easily overcome. Magi may stumble
Book? found in supplements for previous edi-
tions of the game have been substantially
upon the Infernal while searching for
vis, or even studying their magical Arts.
revised and rewritten for use with this Other characters, too, even grogs, may
Realms of Power: The Infernal is a resource incarnation. Nevertheless, the stories and see the Infernal realm as an easy way to
designed to help Ars Magica storyguides settings incorporating the Infernal realm improve their abilities and perhaps give
and players incorporate the Infernal realm into Mythic Europe that have been pub- them an even footing with their Hermetic
into their sagas. It supplements, expands, lished before are still compatible with masters.

The Infernal
Challenge the Characters Corrupt the Story into a saga. This sort of theme creates
an exciting mood that is different from
As a source of antagonists, the Storyguides looking for an Infernally the standard feel of Ars Magica, one that
Infernal realm is unmatched. It is fairly themed adventure will find many sug- highlights the rough, medieval qualities
easy to build an adventure simply on the gestions throughout this book, including of history in the world before the modern
strength of a demon that takes an interest story hooks and antagonists that can age. The more that the Infernal realm
in something near and dear to the char- make for interesting conflict with nothing is involved in your version of Mythic
acters. Demons can play politics, meddle more than a simple set of character traits Europe, the more the quality of life for the
with people’s heads, and cause characters becomes nasty, brut-
an incredible amount of dam- ish, and short, even desperate.
age when they put their minds
to it. If the characters do not
have a means for “dealing” with Corrupt the
demons, they will quickly real- Characters
ize how badly they need one.
It might be that the best
way to incorporate the Infernal
Frighten the into your game is through the
Characters use of characters who have
somehow become aligned
Simply put, the Infernal with the Infernal realm. These
is terrifying. Horrors gather could be story characters only
beyond the boundaries of the peripherally involved with the
covenant, and in the world saga, or even player charac-
outside, demons can be any- ters who have a penchant for
where and everywhere. They evil. Perhaps they have Infernal
can even seep past defenses Virtues and Flaws that cause
through insidious means such them to seem unholy to oth-
as Personality Traits, curses, ers, or that indicate an Infernal
and, of course, the stain of interest in their fate, or that
sin itself. Dread and fear can give them greater influence
dramatically improve a story over demons and demonic
when appropriate, and the Infernal realm and Powers. Many demons are active and Powers. They may bear a grudge against
certainly makes for a good scare. aggressive, and not inclined to co-exist the Infernal, and seek to thwart it or
peacefully with magi or other charac- destroy its servants at every opportunity.
ters. They also have a way of worming Or perhaps they have an evil secret, and
Subtle Corruptions themselves into places where they are
not wanted. Their agents are similarly
are actually infernalists themselves. There
are many ideas in this book for ways in
meddlesome, and do their bidding in which players can incorporate the Infernal
Another way to use the Infernal places where they cannot go. If the play- realm into their characters, and these
realm in Ars Magica is to subtly change ers don’t deal with these things quickly, an choices often suggest good directions for
the focus of an existing saga, making the incidental problem may become a terrible the saga all by themselves.
Infernal a more prominent part of the threat. Thus, a single demon or character
setting. Since you will be playing this aligned with the Infernal realm can create
out with a group of players, you should
make sure they are willing to accept this
an interesting story event that may be
addressed in a single game session.
In the Dark
new direction, as it may not be what
they want to do with their characters. An interesting storytelling device in
Or, if you play in a troupe with multiple Corrupt the Saga a saga with this sort of direction is to
storyguides, you might have one story- incorporate the Infernal into the setting
guide adopt the Infernal realm as a focus, The Infernal realm can become the in such a way that the players are left in
and this player can oversee evil as one focus of a long series of stories, incor- the dark as to the specifics of its involve-
aspect of the shared setting. Here are porating all sorts of plots, secrets, and ment. A great evil lurking in the shadows
some methods you might use to “corrupt” murky politics of the underworld. The inspires paranoia and social politics that
the game and make the Infernal a more denizens of the Infernal realm are ideal can develop into powerful character inter-
prominent theme. for introducing a pervasive sense of dread action and new goals for players to pursue.

Realms of Power

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However, it is a good idea to discuss this Games, St. Paul, Minnesota of Witchcraft: Sorcerers, Heretics, and
sort of focus with the troupe before begin- Davidson, G. (1967) A Dictionary Pagans. Thames and Hudson Inc, New
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defined to integrate the Infernal from the The Maleficium. White Wolf, Stone Roseville, Minnesota
very start, it is much easier for players to Mountain, Georgia Tweet, Jonathan and Nephew,
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to allow for exciting surprises later. of Demons: A Guide to Demons and Anniversary Edition. Atlas Games,
Demonologists in Occult Lore. Guild Roseville, Minnesota
Publishing, London

A Final Note
cumstances that require a “fade to black,” player might make it clear that he is very
As The Infernal is about mythic evil, where the scene ends without describ- uncomfortable with the idea of human
often you will be focusing on ideas and ing certain events in detail. This serves sacrifice. Thus, the storyguide knows not
imagery that many players may find dis- two purposes: it helps make sure that no to dwell too closely on that idea in the
turbing. This can heighten the tension player will be made personally uncomfort- game, but also knows that the concept of
by increasing your emotional investment able with playing out a particular scene, human sacrifice will negatively affect that
in the game, but it can also offend play- and it also gives the storyguide a better player. Antagonists who commit sacrifices
ers, making the experience unpleasant or idea of what sort of story elements might will seem much more evil to that player,
even painful for them. You might want have a powerful emotional effect on the and it will be that much more satisfying
to establish some ground rules for cir- other players in the game. For example, a for him to help defeat them.

Chapter One

The Infernal Realm

This chapter delves into the origin moral evil is the act of free will against
and nature of evil. Discussed here are the Magic and the moral order prescribed by God, and
ponderings of theologians of all faiths on the action that results from this devia-
the types of evil, and how evil came to Metaphysical Evil tion from good. Sins of omission — the
exist in a universe created by a supremely deliberate failure to act when one can and
good God. This chapter also explores the Magic is often used to acquire ought to — are a variety of moral evil.
nature of the Infernal realm itself, and capabilities that are not otherwise nat- Moral evil is an objective evil, prevent-
the manifestations of its corruption on ural human capacities, such as spells ing a being from realizing the potential
earth in the form of auras, regiones, and that allow one to breathe water, to fly, of its nature. That is, moral evil is not
Infernally tainted vis. to turn into an animal, and so forth. evil because God forbids it; rather, God
The goal of the magus is therefore forbids it because it is evil.
to exceed the limitations of his own Physical evil deprives the subject
nature, that is, to overcome metaphysi- affected by it of some natural good, and

The Origin cal evil. In Mythic Europe — where

magic is known to exist — this appar-
ently noble goal may help explain why
includes all that causes harm to man,
whether through direct injury to the
body, through thwarting his desires, or
of Evil the Church is so wary of magic. Only
God is entirely free of metaphysical
by preventing his spiritual development
due to social conditions. Thus sickness,
evil, so the use of magic in this man- accident, and death are physical evils, but
But the Shaitan made an evil suggestion to him; ner is seen by some as an attempt to so are poverty and oppression, which arise
he said: O Adam! Shall I guide you to the tree of become like God, but without God’s from an imperfect society (and thus often
immortality and a kingdom which decays not? assistance — a tragic mistake of hubris. depend on moral evil). Mental suffer-
— Qu’ran 20:120 Some Christian magi argue that priva- ing, such as anxiety, disappointment, and
tion of The Gift in mundanes consti- depression are also part of the physical
Evil and the Infernal realm are syn- tutes metaphysical evil in its own right, evil arising from natural disposition and
onymous terms; while the first may be but this too seems dangerously close to social circumstances.
considered a quality and the second a excessive self-importance. Limitations or privations imposed by
location, in reality they refer to exactly one’s own nature constitute metaphysical
the same thing — the sum total of all the evil. Many would not consider metaphysi-
opposition to the desires and needs of Evil and Sin cal evil to be true evil, for it is the nega-
individuals, and thus the source of all the tion of a greater good, or the limitation
sufferings of the world. All evil is negative Evil and sin are not the same of finite beings by other finite beings.
rather than positive; it results not from the thing. Only moral evil constitutes sin- Thus, the need for predatory animals to
acquisition of something but rather the ful behavior, acting in a manner that kill and the suffering caused by a des-
loss or privation of something. Evil implies is not in accord with reason informed ert climate both constitute metaphysical
a deficiency in perfection, hence it cannot by the Divine law. Thus, experiencing evil. The difference from physical evil
exist in God who is by nature infinitely suffering is not sinful, but it is physical is that this deprivation or limitation of a
good; it is found only in finite beings, evil. Causing suffering is a moral evil, being is due to the being’s own nature.
which, because of their origin from noth- and thus a sin. For more information, Drowning is not a physical evil, because
ing, are subject to privation, and, through see Chapter 2: Sin and Redemption. humans (unlike fish) do not have a nature
the opposition they encounter, are liable that allows them to breathe water, even
to an increase or decrease of whatever Theologians divide evil into three kinds: though it would be useful. However, lack-
perfection they possess in the first place. moral, physical, and metaphysical. Firstly, ing the ability to breathe water causes

Realms of Power
of its own and is parasitic on the divine
The Other Side light for its activity. The Infernal realm
would be harmless were it not for man-
In the writings of the Jewish Creation is, and where Creation is not kind, whose sins provide it with sufficient
Kabbalists it is said that when God cre- — the other side (in Hebrew, sitra achra), power to bring catastrophe to the world.
ated (or rather, emanated) the world, it or the Infernal realm. The Kabbalists Although the Infernal realm is not an enti-
was necessary for him to limit his power. claim that the Infernal realm lies on ty that is independent of God, it frustrates
Had God not done this, there would the left-hand side of God, in the hole the spiritual development of God’s world.
have been no world in which finite, mor- of the great abyss, and is ruled over As the evil inclination, it leads man into
tal entities could exist, no differentiation by the Princes of Evil. It is composed sin and conceals holiness like a shell.
between the infinite Godhead and his of ten unholy spheres (called qlippot, or
creation. However, by constraining his “shells”), which are perversions of the
boundless mercy with divine justice in
this way, God defined a point where
ten holy spheres (the sefirot) that govern
God’s creation.
The Place of
privation to a drowning man, and is thus real existence — it is not a thing, but
a metaphysical evil. This is an evil for rather a philosophical construct. Those of Begone from Me, accursed ones, to the eternal fire
which none but the Creator can be held a religious rather than a rational inclina- which has been prepared for the Devil and his
accountable. tion posit instead two mutually opposed angels.
principles, one the force of good and — Gospel of Matthew 25:41
the other the force of evil. The rela-
The Source of All Evil tionship between these two forces (and
their relationship to man) varies accord-
The Infernal realm is not only the
origin of mortal temptation and physi-
ing to religion; the oldest Divine religion, cal evil, it is also the place where those
God judged it better to bring good out of evil than Zoroastrianism, contends that good and who have turned their backs on God are
to suffer no evil to exist. evil are equal in power, although good is imprisoned and tormented for their sins.
— St. Augustine, Enchiridion, XXVII fated to win against evil and drive it from This is the aspect of the Infernal realm
the world. A development of this position which is commonly known as Hell. It is
If the world can be considered a work is that the material world is an instrument populated by the souls of damned humans
of an all-benevolent, all-knowing and all- of evil, which is why physical evil persists, and by demons, who are as much inmates
powerful God, why does He cause or per- and moral evil pervades, and that there is of the prisons of Hell as they are agents of
mit suffering? What is the cause of moral, an equal universe of good, which we may punishment. Some disagree that demons
physical, and metaphysical evil? If evil is enter upon death. Variations on this theme can fulfill the roles of both tormentors
that which ought not exist, some scholars lead to the Gnostics, the early Gnostic and tormented, which is why they posit
posit that the Infernal realm could be Christians, and the Manichees (and their the Divine status of certain types of
considered an abortion, a failed attempt successors, such as the Bogomils and the demons, such as the Avengers of Evil and
at creation. However, this hypothesis Cathars). the Accusers (see Chapter 4: The Infernal
denies the omnipotence and omniscience However, the three major Divine Legions). However, many theologians
of God, and is considered blasphemous by religions uniformly attribute moral evil to allow that demons may be in both roles,
most mainstream Divine religions. God the action of free will, and physical evil and that demons are permitted to walk the
certainly could not have been compelled to the action of demons. (Metaphysical earth by God to test mankind, but even
to create evil, for he is omnipotent. Nor evil, where recognized, is a limit imposed when they do, they do not escape the
could he have created evil in ignorance, by the Creator.) The moral evil of sin, torment of their sins, but instead feel the
for he is omniscient. All Divine religions though permitted by God, is in no sense burning of hell-fire in their souls wherever
have had to tackle the thorny issue of how due to him; its cause is the abuse of free they are.
evil came to exist, and its relation to the will by angels and men. Man has himself Holy Scripture uses two quite differ-
Creator. brought about the evil from which he ent terms for Hell. Gehenna (translated as
The notion that evil is inherent suffers by transgressing the law of God. Tartarus in Latin) is a place of hell-fire and
in matter, independent of God, and in Evil is the defect of goodness, and God brimstone, where weeping tears, creaking
some sense opposed to him can be found permits it to exist not because of what of teeth, and torment are eternal for those
in many of the purely rational concep- it is, but because of what it does — the souls condemned to live there. This is the
tions of Greek philosophy, such as in the punishment of the wicked and the trial of place most often described by Jesus and
teachings of Pythagoras, Empedocles, and the good. the Apostles when describing the damna-
Heraclitus. Aristotle accepts that evil is a The Infernal realm, then, as the tion awaiting those who sin. However,
necessary aspect of the constant changes embodiment of evil, is a distorted reflec- Scripture also speaks of Sheol (translated
of matter, and therefore does not have tion of God’s Creation. It has no energy as either Hades and Infernus in Latin); this

The Infernal

The Geography of Hell

In the 13th century, a tract called • Sinners hung on chains of fiery iron
Espurgatoire seint Patritz (The Purgatory by hooks pierced through those
of St. Patrick) was widely circulated in members with which they had
Europe. It was translated into the ver- sinned — their eyes, throats, arms,
nacular sometime in the late 12th cen- or more tender body parts
tury by Marie de France, and described • Sinners impaled in great numbers
a mystical vision of the torments of on hooks attached to immense
Hell. In the poem, a knight is dragged wheels, turned by demons through
by demons through Hell, where he wit- a lake of fire
nesses the suffering of sinners as a series • Sinners immersed as far as the eyes,
of different torments. He only escapes mouth or navel in cauldrons of boil-
joining each torment by remaining true ing lead
to his faith. The punishments he sees are • Sinners seated in a deep pool of
as follows: icy water whilst a foul smell assails
their nostrils
• Sinners fixed to the earth by nails • Sinners flying up and down in a pit
of fire through each hand and foot, of burning foul smoke
trodden on by demons
• Sinners bound by fiery serpents The knight eventually escapes by
while foul toads sting them through crossing a narrow bridge over a deep
the heart lake, and receives a brief glimpse of
• Sinners pierced with so many nee- paradise before returning to Earth to
dles that it would be hard to find an complete his penance.
empty piece of skin

term refers to a place of eternal darkness,

where the dead are not punished physi-
cally but rather are deprived of Heaven, a
One Way Trip?
torment of the soul rather than the body. A common motif in legends is the agency of the Infernal might unjustly
This is equivalent to the limbo of Christian possibility of escape from the torments trap a soul in Hell. A demon might be
belief, which is the destination of the just of Hell. Stories involving a Hell-rescue able to drag a soul with it to the Pit,
who die in original sin but not mortal sin. are not suitable for all styles of saga, or the character may get caught in a
Sheol is also used as a hypostasis for “the although some troupes may derive much devouring regio (see Infernal Regiones,
grave,” referring to death in general. enjoyment from planning and executing below). In these cases, a rescue might be
the release of a favored character. Stories possible, although exceedingly difficult.
such as these are really suitable for more First there is the matter of reaching the
The Infernal high fantasy sagas, and should be the
subject of a number of sessions of play.
Gates of Hell, getting past any guardians
set there by either God or the Devil, and
Realm and Hell The first thing to consider is whether then locating the specific soul amongst
a soul can be saved. The disposition of the millions of damned. The return trip
Christian cosmology places Hell as souls after death is by Divine fiat, and is just as hard, with the rescuers likely
remote as possible from God’s abode, for is thus infallible. There is no possibility as not pursued by the demons charged
the damned are utterly estranged from that a soul might be mistakenly sent to with the punishment and captivity of
God’s love. Although God is omnipres- Hell, due to the omniscience of God. sinners.
ent, he is said to dwell in Heaven, so However, it may be possible that the
Hell, which is a state of separation from
God, is hidden in the dark abysses of the • Hell in the strict sense (Infernus), the • The limbo of the Fathers (limbus
earth, divorced from the Divine light. For place of punishment for both demons patrum), in which the souls of the just
Christians, Hell is the place of punish- and the souls of damned men. who died before Christ awaited their
ment after death, and thus combines both • The limbo of infants (limbus parvolo- admission into Heaven, and while
Gehenna and Sheol. When theologians rum), holding those who die in origi- abiding there suffered for the original
use the term Hell they may be referring nal sin alone, without personal mortal sin. The Harrowing of Hell is a com-
to one of four different places: sin, and suffer for the sin of Adam. mon belief in Mythic Europe, saying

Realms of Power
that Jesus, during the three days prior
to his resurrection, descended into
Hell and liberated the inhabitants of
Infernal Auras Infernal Auras in Play
the limbo of the Fathers, so that it Infernal auras are regions of distilled An Infernal aura usually has a focus, a
now lies empty. evil that emanate from the Infernal realm center from which the evil radiates. This
• Purgatory (purgatoria), where the like the tendrils of a tumor. They are may be as simple as the physical loca-
souls of the just who died in venial places where the powers of Hell have tion where an act of evil occurred, or as
sin are cleansed by suffering before managed to achieve a foothold, either complex as an altar to false gods set up
their admission into Heaven. It also through the actions of sin or the direct by a cult of demon-worshipers. The aura
contains those souls who have been intervention of Infernal powers. In most emanates from this focus in all directions,
forgiven their sins but died before places in the world, evil is forced to be but tends to follow the rules of mundane
completing their penance. insidious and subtle in its activities; in geography. Thus, an Infernal aura may
Infernal auras, however, those restraints be stopped by a wall or a door close to
The Eastern Church holds that this are removed, and evil reigns unbridled. the focus, even if it extends further from
is all true, but also that Hell is the same At low aura strengths (1–2), Infernal the focus when not impeded by a wall.
place as Heaven, dwelling in the presence auras may be difficult to recognize. Likewise, an Infernal aura in a house may
of God for eternity and directly experi- Tempers may become short, and old extend down a corridor or up some stairs,
encing His love. Whether this is expe- arguments may resurface. Those who although it may not affect neighboring
rienced as pleasure or torment depends are more introverted in their behavior rooms which are closer to the focus. Some
upon one’s disposition towards God. tend to become paranoid or acutely Infernal auras may increase in strength
Both Rabbinical Judaism and Islam depressed. Storyguides should ask for closer to the focus, whereas others may
place Hell in a corner of the Divine realm, Personality rolls more frequently, to rein be of equal strength wherever the aura
or in the second of the seven heavens, in these unusual impulses. These effects extends. The former tend to have formed
although the popular opinion is that this are enhanced in moderately powerful more recently, while those of the lat-
is the imprisoning place of demons only; Infernal auras (3–5), but such auras also ter type have had longer to saturate the
human souls go elsewhere. have a physical effect on the environ- locality with corruption. The strength of
In Islam, Hell has seven gates and ment. Natural plant growth is stunted, an Infernal aura is irrelevant when deter-
seven houses, and the tormented souls and poisonous vegetation and toadstools mining the area over which it is spread; a
are segregated by their beliefs. Gehennom, abound. Ill humors waft on the air, and powerful aura may occupy a tiny cellar,
the first degree of torment, is reserved objects are covered in a greasy coating. whereas a low aura might extend across
for Muslims; Ladha, for Christians; In auras that are more powerful still (6–8), an entire forest.
Hothama, for Jews; Saïr, for Sabians; Sacar, the landscape might be twisted beyond All Infernal auras increase by one at
for Zoroastrians; Gehin, for idolaters and all recognition, and hazardous to health. night. They also wax in strength on unho-
pagans; and Haoviath, the seventh and In wilderness regions, the sickly fruit of ly nights, gaining additional points of
deepest part of the abyss, for hypocrites twisted trees may be poisonous to touch, strength. What constitutes an unholy day
who pretend to a religion different to the and predatory animals are common, with varies from region to region. For example,
one they hold in their hearts. no fear of mankind and filled with blood- German-speaking countries hold April
Judaism also holds that Hell has lust. If the aura is underground, it is prob- 30th as Walpurgisnacht, the night where
seven degrees of torment by cold, fire, ably stiflingly hot, and the ground may witches gather to worship their master. In
and despair, and that a soul sentenced spout flames. Demons abound in such other lands, Allhallow’s Eve is a time that
there passes through a diversity of punish- auras (although they are rarely perceived) all manner of demons, witches, and ghosts
ments in each realm. Sheol is the depths and they use their Envisioning Power roam the earth.
of the earth where man is separated from (see Chapter 4: The Infernal Legions, Infernal auras in Jewish communi-
God’s love, Abaddon is Perdition, Titahion Common Powers) to create delusions ties decline by one point on the Shabbat
is the Filthy Mire, Bar Shasketh is the Pit to haunt the visitor. The most powerful (sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday),
of Destruction, Tzelmoth is the Shadow Infernal auras (9–10) are quite literally so long as the whole community observes
of Death, Shaari Moth are the Gates of Hell on earth. Every moment that humans the rules of the Shabbat. If a single Jew
Death, and Gehinnom is Hell itself. No one linger they are bombarded with hellish breaks the Shabbat, then no Infernal aura
is to remain in Hell forever; after twelve hallucinations and powerful Obsessions contained by their community is affected.
months they are rescued by an angel and (see Chapter 4: The Infernal Legions, Jewish holy days do not affect Infernal
taken to Paradise. Only three sins damn Common Powers). The risk of serious auras unless they fall on a Shabbat.
one to Hell until its torments consume the harm is ever-present, not just from the All Infernal auras in Christian lands
sinner forever: denying the existence of treacherous terrain, but also from the gain a point of strength on the Wednesday
God, denying the authority of the Divine demonic inhabitants, usually dwelling in before Easter, when Judas formally con-
over mankind, and rejecting the resurrec- their grosser physical forms and indulging spired with the authorities against Christ.
tion of the dead. in all kinds of horrific activity. This enhancement persists throughout

The Infernal
the Thursday and the day of Good Friday. the Infernal aura for it to lose one point of
At dusk on Good Friday, all Infernal auras strength due to the effect of the stronger
are temporarily reduced to a strength of aura within which it resides. Thus, in a
zero, and the Dominion often flows to Dominion aura of 4 or above, an Infernal
fill the spiritual void. This situation lasts aura of 3 is eroded to an aura of strength 2
until Easter Monday, at which point, in three years. Two years later it will be an
over the course of the following week, aura of strength 1, and a further year will
Infernal auras gradually regain strength at see it gone entirely.
a constant rate, until they are back to their This diminishing of an Infernal aura
resting values. only occurs if the aura remains dormant
In Islamic lands, on the Night of and neglected. Infernal auras within stron-
Destiny (Laylat al-Qadr, 27th day of ger auras do not fade if actively main-
Ramadan) the angels and the Spirit of tained by the presence of manifested evil,
Allah descend to earth in commemoration for example, the presence of a demon
of the communication of the Qur’an to or a powerful Infernal enchantment. A
Mohammad. In consequence, all Infernal successful corruption roll (see below)
auras temporarily drop to zero until dawn, also prevents the degradation of a weak
at which point they return to two points Infernal aura.
lower than their previous level until the
end of Ramadan, when the month-long
fast is broken by the celebration of ‘Id al- The Formation of
Fitr. Once Ramadan is over, Infernal auras an Infernal Aura
return to their previous levels.
Infernal auras in regions affected Infernal auras most commonly result
by an Interdict (see Realms of Power: The from the unconscious efforts of mankind.
Divine, Chapter 4: Mythic Christianity) It is rare that someone deliberately sets
are increased by 1. forth to create an unhallowed aura, but
Whatever the source of an increase in instead they tend to arise spontaneously
an Infernal aura, it can never increase to a from the sinful actions of evil people.
value greater than 10. Nevertheless, those learned in the ways
Infernal auras can co-exist with stron- of the Infernal know that evil acts attract Infernal Aura
ger auras deriving from other realms. evil, and can contribute to the formation Examples
While the Infernal aura strength is equal or strengthening of an Infernal aura.
or lower than the other aura it has no When a major sin is committed, one
Example Rating
effect or influence, as if it does not exist. which imperils the soul of the sinner (see
These pockets of evil reside within more Chapter 2: Sin and Redemption), there A den of iniquity 1
powerful auras like rotten patches on is a chance that an Infernal aura will The site of a grisly murder 2
otherwise wholesome fruit. The only rolls result, or that a current Infernal aura will
A crossroads where sui- 3
that these auras affect are those rolls that increase. The storyguide should make a
cides are buried
could result in an increase of the Infernal corruption roll, which is harder if the area
aura (see below). has a pre-existing aura. The strength of A plague pit 4
When an Infernal aura resides within the current strongest aura is added to the An underground temple 5
a stronger aura, it is usually temporary in Ease Factor of the corruption roll, even if established by a diabolic
nature. The dominant supernatural aura the strongest aura is of Infernal origin. cult
exerts its influence over the area and
The sanctum of a powerful 6
erodes the weaker Infernal aura unless it Corruption Roll: stress die + temporary
is maintained by an active presence of Infernal aura strength
evil. An Infernal aura does not erode if A site where 1,000 inno- 7
it is equal in strength to the dominant Ease Factor (to maintain Infernal aura): cents were murdered
aura, and at night, when all Infernal auras 3 + dominant aura strength Aceldama, where Judas 8
increase by one point in strength, the committed suicide
Infernal aura becomes the dominant aura, Ease Factor (to increase Infernal aura):
The Gates of Hell 9
and assumes all the usual effects of an 6 + dominant aura strength
Infernal aura. For Infernal auras that are
weaker than the dominant aura, it takes a If the corruption roll exceeds the
number of years equal to the strength of Ease Factor to maintain an Infernal aura,

Realms of Power
tion rite cannot be successfully performed
Example of Creating an Infernal Aura more than once a season.

In a town house, a man in a fit of aura, or 9 (6 + Dominion 3) to increase

rage kills his entire family. Each of the the current aura strength. After several Effects of an Infernal Aura
six murders occasions a corruption roll, attempts that fail to reach the higher
unmodified stress dice (because there is Ease Factor, he sacrifices a black goat, Infernal auras are a blight to those
no temporary Infernal aura) that come giving him a +6 to the roll, causing the who stray within their bounds. They are
up as 12, 4, 6, 9, 4 and 3. The Ease total to exceed 9; the aura therefore often the abode of demons, but even
Factor to create a new Infernal aura in a rises to 2. The next rite also succeeds without such perils, the unwary can fall
Dominion aura of strength 3 is 9, which without a sacrifice (made on a stress prey to their own dark passions. Only
means that the scene of the bloody mur- die + 2), and the aura rises again to 3. Infernal auras that have become the domi-
ders immediately acquires an Infernal The Infernal aura is still not dominant nant auras in their locality have any
aura of 2 (one for each of the successful during the day (and thus does not add supernatural effects on their residents.
corruption rolls). The house is shunned to any uses of the Infernalist’s Powers); Furthermore, a temporary Infernal aura
and left abandoned. however, it exceeds the Dominion at cannot be tarnished with sin or bear a
A little over two years later, a night, and so it will no longer be eroded corruption (see below).
diabolist discovers the aura, which after by the Dominion. Once the next cor- All permanent Infernal auras have the
two years of neglect has decayed to ruption rite succeeds, the Infernal aura following effects:
strength 1. He decides to make the will be the strongest one in the local-
forsaken house into his new lair. He ity. After that, attempts to increase the • All uses of Supernatural Powers are
performs a corruption rite in it, commit- Infernal aura are made on an unmodified affected by the modifiers described
ting a heinous sin, and must roll a stress stress die, because there is no longer a in ArM5, page 183.
die +1 (temporary Infernal aura) versus temporary Infernal aura present, and • Open wounds tend to become infect-
an Ease Factor of 6 (3 + Dominion 3) this roll must exceed an Ease Factor of ed and begin to suppurate in areas
to prevent further decay of the Infernal (6 + Infernal aura). of concentrated evil. Anyone enter-
ing an Infernal aura with unhealed
then any Infernal aura that resides within a existing auras, or waiting for them to form wounds and remaining for at least
stronger supernatural aura has its clock reset unassisted. Diabolists with an Infernal a day, or anyone suffering a wound
with regards to erosion of aura strength. If Lore of 2 or more are aware that Infernal while within the aura, suffers a pen-
there is no Infernal aura currently present auras may be generated by attracting the alty to the recovery roll for those
in this locality, or if the Infernal aura is the attention of Hell, and may learn corrup- wounds equal to the aura strength.
strongest aura present, then a corruption tion rites. These rites vary from practi- Similarly, diseases and injuries due to
roll which achieves only the maintenance tioner to practitioner, but invariably they deprivation suffer the same penalty to
Ease Factor has no effect. involve candles, the chanting of profane recovery rolls; furthermore, diseases
Example: Following a corruption roll that names, the performance of obscene acts, never improve if tended in an Infernal
achieves only the maintenance Ease Factor, a tem- and perhaps a sacrifice. Details of corrup- aura — treat all Improvement results
porary Infernal aura of 4 that reached that level tion rites may be learned from demons, on the Recovery Table as Stable
three years ago will take another four years to erode discovered in foul books, or taught by results. Normal healing resumes upon
to an aura of 3. other Infernalists. While discovering the departing the aura, but at least one
If the corruption roll exceeds the existence and composition of corruption Recovery roll is penalized by the
Ease Factor to increase the aura, then rites requires Infernal Lore, the actual Infernal aura.
the area gains an Infernal aura of 1; or, if performance of one does not. Success or
there already is an Infernal aura present, it failure in these rites has nothing to do Note that all humans — even those
increases by 1. If this makes the Infernal with the trappings of the ritual — in fact, affiliated to the Infernal realm — suffer
aura the highest aura in the locality, it these are wholly unnecessary. Corruption these effects.
becomes the dominant aura and replaces rites do not make any difference to the
whatever aura was present previously. If success or failure of a corruption roll,
there is still a stronger supernatural aura they merely formalize the performance Magical Reactions
present, then the Infernal aura is subject of a mortal sin, making a corruption roll to the Infernal
to erosion, as detailed above. Once the possible. However, an Infernalist perform-
Infernal aura has overcome whatever aura ing a corruption rite may add Confidence Creatures who belong to the Magic
pre-existed in the area, it no longer acts as Points to influence the outcome, and a realm (that is, have a Magic Might) usu-
a bonus to corruption checks. corruption rite that includes a sacrifice ally recognize Infernal auras for what they
Infernalists do not always find it receives the bonus given in Chapter 9: are — the illusion of false promises — and
convenient to rely on discovering pre- Infernal Characters, Sacrifice. A corrup- tend to avoid these places. However,

The Infernal
those affiliated to the Magic realm are that the power of God far surpasses the
perhaps most at risk from Infernal auras. power about them. While still affected Example Tarnished
Whereas Magical Powers are actually
inhibited by an Infernal aura, the nature
by the general effects of an Infernal aura
listed above, characters with a Faith Score
Aura: Das
of Hell is to deceive, and a practitioner of at least 1 are immune to the additional Goldene Kalb
of magic within such an aura may well effects imposed by different varieties of
feel a false surge in power, and believe Infernal aura (see below). In the town of Lübeck in northern
that her magic was more powerful than it Germany there is an upmarket tav-
actually was. A magus successfully casting ern called Das Goldene Kalb. Somewhat
a formulaic spell but incurring fatigue loss Faerie Reactions to less well-known is its secondary busi-
due to the aura penalty does not notice the Infernal ness — upstairs are a number of dis-
this loss immediately unless he makes a creet and opulent chambers, where
Perception + Magic Theory roll against Of all the supernatural powers, the lusts and perversions of certain
an Ease Factor of (9 + aura strength). Infernal auras are most harsh to those select and wealthy clients are catered
Instead, the fatigue becomes apparent belonging or affiliated to the Faerie realm. for by a number of courtesans. The
at a later time when a physical action is The Infernal realm is perplexing to faeries. tavern is owned by a member of House
attempted. Some demons who inhabit The fae are naturally amoral; they obey Jerbiton. Subtle magics greatly assist
Infernal auras use their control over delu- no moral code, so deviance from proper this enterprise and make it into a very
sion to provide the appearance of addi- behavior is meaningless to them. When profitable endeavor. For example, rich
tional power (see Chapter 6: Demons as they act in a morally ambiguous manner, visitors who sample the wine often
Deceivers, Enervators). The overt expres- faeries do so out of malice and spite, not find their desires strangely heightened.
sion of a strong Infernal aura can have to serve some greater agenda. Demons, on The owner’s third and most delicate
a seductive effect on magi who do not the other hand, embody the very concept business is crime and extortion — he
recognize it for what it is, and resident of immorality, that is, they deliberately has gathered blackmail information
demons may whisper to them the promise pervert good and correct behavior in an on numerous well-respected citizens
of greater power. effort to drive beings away from salvation. (and magi, for that matter). Naturally,
Since faeries derive their behavior from local churchmen are well-bribed and
human imaginations, hopes, and fears, Quaesitors kept away from this estab-
Divine Reactions they are usually terrified by the unadulter- lishment. The upstairs rooms of Das
to the Infernal ated, inhuman evil that radiates from the Goldene Kalb have an Infernal aura of
Infernal realm; it is quite beyond their strength 3, tarnished with Lust.
Beings who belong or are affiliated understanding.
to the Divine realm most commonly feel Faeries are exceptionally unlikely to Tarnishes are represented by assign-
disgust if they draw upon the source of linger in Infernal auras; even the cruel- ing a sinful Personality Trait to the aura,
their power while within an Infernal aura. est of the dark fae cannot match the and everyone within the aura suffers a
Their senses are more attuned to the signs malevolence of demons. The expression modifier to Personality Traits equal to the
of corruption, and they may see objects of Faerie-derived Supernatural Powers is strength of the aura. Thus, in an Infernal
spotted with blood, suffer a foul taste in often weak and ineffectual in Infernal aura of 3 tarnished with Gluttony, a char-
their mouths, or hear the faint cries of tor- auras. acter with Greedy +1 acts as if she had a
tured souls that indicate the filthy nature trait of Greedy +4, and a character with
of the place into which they have strayed. Temperate +2 effectively has Temperate
Any character whose faith is strong and is
affiliated to the Divine realm receives a +3
Tarnished Auras –1. These unnatural emotions and feel-
ings are subtle, and there is no reason for
bonus to all Perception rolls that would the character to suspect the influence of
reveal the corrupt nature of the aura. A tarnished aura has a resonance the supernatural. However, the player
However, this insight may not always be for a particular sinful behavior. Not all should be informed of the changes to
a positive matter, as such characters are Infernal auras are tarnished, but many are; his character’s Personality Traits, so that
more likely to be affected by the horror of Infernal auras tend to come about through he can adopt appropriate behavior for
the sin about them. the practice of a specific heinous crime, his character. Specifically, characters feel
While the unveiling of manifest evil and the tarnish is related to that specific inclined to commit sins that they had
may be a harrowing experience, those misdeed. Furthermore, those who exert previously not considered. Indulging in
whose faith is firm can feel it forming a Infernal influence (see Chapter 2: Sin and a sin that matches the tarnish of an aura
shield against the corruption of an Infernal Redemption) can tarnish an aura to suit is automatically a ritualized act of that
aura. Those with True Faith are able to see their own proclivities. An Infernal aura sin, and thus inflicts a Warping Point and
through the falsehood around them and can only have a single tarnish at a given provides a Confidence Point (see Chapter
transcend such petty concerns, knowing time. 2: Sin and Redemption).

Realms of Power
Example: A character enters Das Goldene encourage sins of self-indulgence and ish or indulgent sins. Dockside taverns,
Kalb (see insert), which is tarnished with Lust. He indolence, Malevolent auras encour- brothels, the trysting place of adulterous
had not formerly been prone to this sin, but now age sins of perversion and excess, and lovers, and gambling dens are all exam-
feels the rise of passion within him. If he commits Perfidious auras promote sins of mali- ples of places prone to the formation of
a sin of Lust that is commensurate with his new cious deception. Each corrupted aura Debauched auras.
Lustful +3 trait (such as adultery) while influenced should have one or more special features Example features of Debauched
by this trait, he gains a Confidence Point at the that encourage sin. Some examples of auras:
cost of a Warping Point. these features are given in the sections
below, but storyguides are encouraged to • Confidence Points cannot be spent
develop their own. in this aura.
Corrupted Auras • If a character wishes to leave the
seductive influence of the aura he
Debauched Auras must succeed in a Personality roll
Some auras are so steeped in evil which opposes the aura’s tarnish,
that they become places that embody the A Debauched aura comes about with an Ease Factor equal to (3 + aura
practice of certain sins. In encouraging through the exercise of extreme self- strength).
those sins within their bounds, the cor- indulgence. These auras are perhaps the • A character who has indulged in sin
ruption of the aura is reinforced further, most dangerous to mundanes, for they in the aura desires to return, and if
continuing its own existence. Corrupted are seductive. Instead of encouraging evil given the opportunity, must make a
auras are permanently tarnished auras; directly, they promote weakness of will, Personality roll with an Ease Factor
their tarnish cannot be removed or altered yielding to appetites, and failing to act. equal to (6 + aura strength) to over-
by an Infernalist. These auras always have Debauched auras are tarnished with self- come the desire.
a strength of at least 3, and they have a ish Personality Traits such as Sloth, Lust, • A character who has indulged in sin
corrupting effect beyond that supplied by and Gluttony. in the aura takes a permanent shift of
their tarnish. Debauched auras most commonly 1 point to the Personality Trait that
Broadly speaking, corrupted auras arise from repeated minor sins occur- relates to the aura’s tarnish.
fall into three groups: Debauched auras ring in the same place, particularly self-

The Infernal

Example Corrupted Auras

Liddesdale named after the monks whose bones lie priest took over, most of the bones have
within its foundations. It is the home been moved from the crypt and used to
Liddesdale is a valley in the Scottish of Lord David de Soulis, the hereditary decorate the church, with herringbone
Borders that is destined to be the bloodi- seneschal of Scotland, who is rumored patterns made of leg bones clothing the
est place in Britain. With steep hills to to ride forth on nights of the dark of walls, columns made of skulls, and arches
the east and west, the flat floor of the the moon, accompanied by his familiar made of ribs. Father Theophagus says that
valley is shrouded in shadow for much Robyn Redcap and a host of demon it reminds his parishioners of their own
of the day. When within the valley, the dogs, seeking innocent souls to sacrifice mortality. Meanwhile, the erstwhile priest
sky always seems to be the iron gray to his demonic master. Liddesdale is in has turned the crypt into his workroom,
of an impending storm. Liddeswater, a Malevolent Infernal aura of strength where he summons demons in the service
the valley’s small river, runs sluggishly 3, tarnished with Fear. Even the slight- of his true master. The former Divine
and sinuously through the center, and est unexpected event can force Brave aura has been corrupted into a Perfidious
is lined with stunted alders, willows, rolls from all involved (the Ease Factor Infernal aura of 4 (tarnished with hypocri-
and birches which never seem to have depends upon on the situation), and a sy), and at night this aura creeps from the
leaves. Locals fear to enter Liddesdale, failure results in the character fleeing the crypt and covers the bounds of the church
but have little need to — their livestock valley until he drops from exhaustion. as well (which, during the day, retains a
refuse to stray into the valley — and Dominion aura of 3). While he remains in
while Liddesdale is a pass through the the aura, Father Theophagus always has
hills, there are others to the east and The Ossuary of St Helix at least one Confidence Point, until he
west, which are preferred by all. Part of fails a roll modified with Confidence. He
the valley’s reputation comes from its This crypt beneath the church of St then temporarily acquires the Low Self-
sole inhabitant. Hermitage Castle squats Helix was an ossuary, filled with the bones Esteem Flaw until he makes a sacrifice to
menacingly in the middle of the valley, of long-dead churchmen. Since the new the Infernal.

• Every Personality roll to resist the slaughter of innocents; the battlefield of Perfidious Auras
effects of the aura costs a Fatigue a war fought over profit — all of these
level, whether the roll succeeds or things can give rise to a Malevolent aura. Perfidious auras embody the sins that
fails. (This effect is suitable for stron- Example effects of a Malevolent aura: betray trust. They are formed in places
ger auras.) where deceit has triumphed over truth,
• The aura strength is added to any places where betrayal or evil counsel has
Damage total. lead to great evil. Insolence and pride
Malevolent Auras • All physical activities within the are the keywords of these auras; they are
aura suffer a number of additional formed in places where evil has triumphed
Malevolent auras are places of almost botch dice equal to the aura strength. over good, primarily through the direct
sentient cruelty, being twisted mocker- Any botch that results from physical intervention of Infernal powers. These
ies of the mundane world. Everything activities is likely to cause a painful auras are most commonly found inside the
within these auras is jagged to touch, or injury, with a single botch resulting Dominion, having conquered territory
poisonous, or both. They may be spook- in a Light Wound, a double botch in from God. Perfidious auras are tarnished
ily silent, devoid of birds and insect life, a Medium Wound, and so forth. with sins such as larceny, treachery, blas-
with the only sound being the low moan • Creatures who can stand living in the phemy, deceit, or hypocrisy.
of a cold wind. Alternatively, they may aura become corrupted by its very Perfidious auras can also be cre-
be places of eerie noises: howls, random nature (see Infernal Legions: Corrupt ated when Infernal power is manifested
screams, or groans of pain. It is common Beasts). In strong auras, this may hap- directly on earth. The desecration of
to find deformed animals in these auras, pen overnight. an altar, or the appearance of a major
twisted creatures whose warped minds are • Old wounds caused by Infernal enti- demon, results in a weak Infernal aura,
filled with hatred and a desire to inflict ties reopen. A character who has suf- which can then be increased by addi-
pain. Malevolent auras are tarnished with fered an Incapacitating Wound from tional evil acts.
sins of violence and perverted appetite, a demon, no matter how distant in Example effects of a Perfidious aura:
encouraging wrath, destruction, cruelty, the past, has it reoccur as a Medium
malice, heresy, and so forth. Wound, and Heavy Wounds manifest • Lies become more believable in this
Malevolent auras tend to be caused as Light Wounds. Wounds that were aura; all attempts to spot a lie have
by particularly heinous sins or horrific less severe than a Heavy Wound re- the aura strength added to the Ease
events. A cruel, premeditated murder; the appear as scratches and cuts. Factor.

Realms of Power

The Devouring Regio Infernal represent privation from God. It is said

that some Infernal regiones actually lead

to Hell; if this is true, then the location
There are rumors that some of such regiones has never been recorded.
Infernal regiones are not fixed in Should Hell ever be reached though an
location, but instead roam randomly Infernal regio, then the effects of both
through the world. These regiones Infernal regiones are those places Tartaran and Abyssal regiones come into
seem to be attracted to evil souls, and that have been consigned to the supervi- full force. There may be other varieties
they are said to open up around a sion of the Infernal by God. Whereas of Infernal regiones representing a dif-
person, swallow him along with those Infernal auras are places of concentrated ferent withdrawing of God’s power from
in close proximity, and then vanish. evil, Infernal regiones are the antecham- the earth.
Of all the stories of regiones reaching bers of Hell itself, and they serve a wholly
directly to the Gates of Hell, it seems different purpose of Hell’s rulers. Infernal
most likely that these regiones are regiones form when the Divine presence Tartaran Regiones
of that type, delivering their victims is withdrawn, and the Authorities — that
straight to their eternal punishment. angelic choir charged with regulating Tartaran regiones are places of hell-
Nevertheless, they need not all lead Creation (see Realms of Power: The Divine, fire. This fire requires no source of fuel,
straight to Hell, but instead some Chapter 2: Heaven and Earth) — no and in fact burns rocks, water, and other
might keep their victims for weeks longer visit the locality. Infernal regiones substances that are not normally combus-
or months and then disgorge them are places where hope and happiness are tible. This hell-fire forms into lakes of fire,
back to earth. It has been suggested abandoned. It is impossible to maintain a and may coat any surface no matter what
that these Devouring regiones might cheerful demeanor in an Infernal regio, its orientation. The heat is insufferable,
be a manifestation of Vituperation and it is impossible to receive any form and all Fatigue levels suffered while within
(see Chapter 9: Infernal Characters), of pleasure. the regio are treated as long-term Fatigue,
giving the Infernal wizard a foretaste Due to the separation from God’s will, which cannot be regained until the regio
of the torments which await him. those characters who derive supernatural is left. Metal items heat to such an extent
Alternatively, these regiones may be power from the Divine have those pow- that they burn unprotected skin, and the
a method of the Devil to ensure that ers suspended. While the passive effects effects of the Creo Ignem spell Heat of
a particularly evil soul comes to him, of such powers still remain (such as the the Searing Forge should be applied to any
or they may instead be directed by Magic Resistance granted by True Faith), character carrying substantial amounts
God to rid the world of the corruption characters may not invoke God for aid, of metal. The flames, if touched directly,
before it is spread even further. More ask saints for Intercession, or exert Holy do anywhere from +5 to +35 fire dam-
terrifying still, these regiones may be Influence (see Realms of Power: The Divine, age, depending upon how much of the
truly random. Chapter 3: Blessed by God for details of body is covered by the flames. Any fire
these Divine capabilities). Holy Powers or or heat damage suffered in a Tartaran
• Beings belonging to or affiliated with Holy magic suffer a penalty to their rolls regio is increased by an amount equal to
the Infernal realm receive a tempo- equal to the aura strength of the Infernal the sum of the sinful Personality Traits of
rary Confidence Point upon entering regio, despite the usual realm interaction the victim, counting negative scores in
the aura, even if they are not nor- (ArM5, page 183). It is not that God can- sinless traits as sinful. Thus, a character
mally able to have Confidence. This not respond to the calls of his faithful, it with Generous –3 and Wrathful +1 takes
point vanishes should the being leave is just that for whatever reason, characters an extra 4 points of damage from the hell-
the aura without spending it. within Infernal regiones are denied such fire, whereas a character with Generous
• Any character who fails a roll modi- gifts. The only exceptions are miracles, +3 and Wrathful –1 takes no extra damage
fied by Confidence within the aura which are a testament to God’s mercy and as she has no sinful Personality Traits.
is struck by the mind-numbing con- extend even into the Pit of Hell itself.
tempt of Hell, immediately losing all If a regio has as its lowest level an
remaining Confidence Points, and is Infernal aura that is not the dominant aura Abyssal Regiones
stunned for one round per 2 points of the locality, that Infernal aura is not be
lost. While stunned, the character subject to the normal effects of erosion Abyssal regiones are places in which
cannot take any action other than to by the stronger aura (see Infernal Auras in the very gifts of God to mankind are
use a Dodge defense against physical Play, above). withdrawn. The breath of life, the spark
attacks. As Confidence Points are As discussed in the section on the of inspiration, the gifts of reason — all
spent after the roll but before the Origin of Evil, Hell has two aspects that these things are diminished. Such God-
final result of the roll is learned, this are reflected in two types of Infernal regio. forsaken places are bleak and uninter-
effect is rare but savage. Tartaran regiones are those that reflect the esting, bringing about a mind-numbing
torment of Hell, whereas Abyssal regiones dulling of the senses that can drive a

The Infernal
man mad. The mundane features of the
landscape seem to fade into insignifi- Example Infernal Regio: The Vale of Hinnom
cance; those who stray into such dreadful
regions stumble around in the shock of The Vale of Hinnom is located On both of the higher levels of
the withdrawal of their human facul- immediately to the south and west of the regio, the fires of the valley burn
ties. There is a chill in the air, but not a Jerusalem. The valley in pagan times was still. On the middle level of strength 5,
physical chill (because the sensation of a place in which Molech (see Chapter 5: the floor of the valley is thick with the
touch, like all senses, has been reduced), Demons as Corrupters, Adramelech) was fat that has dripped from the burning
but instead the chill of the grave which worshiped with the sacrifice of children. corpses, and it has collected amongst
saps the will and the strength. Every one The prophet Josiah rendered the valley the city’s effluent, the piles of ash, and
of the eight Characteristics is reduced by ceremonially unclean by spreading over charred bones. Piles of refuse reach
a number of points equal to the strength it human bones and other corruptions, several stories high, and many of these
of the aura in an Abyssal regio, and putting an end to these dreadful reli- have fires burning within them, which
this effect lasts as long as the character gions. Hinnom became the site where may erupt from within at unpredict-
remains within its boundaries. For every the bodies of criminals and evildoers able moments. On the uppermost level
day spent in an Abyssal regio, a character were burnt along with other rubbish in the fires are all around, and the fat and
must make an Intelligence roll against an perpetual pyres. Due to the ritual defile- sewage has been burnt off the bones to
Ease Factor equal to the aura strength. ment and the eternally-burning piles of form a thick poisonous smoke that fills
Failure indicates that madness sets in, rubbish, the name of the valley — in the regio layer, and which has effects
and the character acquires one of the Hebrew, ge-hinnom — became used to identical to the Creo Auram spell
following Flaws: Compulsion, Delusion, describe the place of eternal fiery tor- Wreaths of Foul Smoke. The top layer of
Depressed, Fear, Obsessed, Prohibition, ment — Gehenna. the regio contains temples to the Devil
Simple-Minded, and Weak-Willed. The In 13th century Jerusalem, the pyres and to the most powerful demons, and
effects of these Flaws are not permanent have gone, but Hinnom has become the Infernalists may make unholy pilgrim-
unless the Intelligence roll was a botch; common cesspool of Jerusalem, into ages to this place to proclaim their
otherwise, they fade in a number of which its sewage enters to be carried off allegiances to Hell and learn from the
weeks equal to the aura strength. by the waters of the river Kidron, as well many demons who make the Vale of
as a trap where all its solid filth is col- Hinnom their home.
lected. In the heat of the sun, one might Situated in the valley of Hinnom
be forgiven for mistaking this place for is Aceldama (“the field of blood”), the

Infernal Hell itself based on the smell alone. The

whole valley has an Infernal aura of 3,
which is corrupted with Malevolence.
point where Judas Iscariot hanged him-
self. The field was later bought by the
chief priests of Jerusalem with Judas’s
Warping However, this is just the lowest level
of one of the most powerful Tartaran
discarded 30 pieces of silver. Aceldama
is a portal directly to the highest level
regiones in Mythic Europe. There are of the regio, for those willing to re-enact
Warping is the response of any being two higher levels, with aura strengths Judas’s suicide in a mock hanging.
to interaction with a supernatural realm. of 5 and 8.
Infernal Powers and auras can cause
Warping just as contact with powerful Warping Score of 1: The character or traffic with Infernal powers, then he
mystical effects from the Magic, Faerie, acquires a Minor Personality Flaw that acquires Tainted with Evil.
or Divine realm can. However, Warping reflects his obsession with sinful behavior. Warping Score of 5: At this level of
is also a result of sin, as sin puts a charac- Particularly suitable are the Major Flaws Warping, the character acquires a Minor
ter under the sway of the Infernal realm. Avaricious, Envious, Greedy, Hatred, Supernatural Virtue granted by the Infernal
Warping Points from Infernal sources Lecherous, Proud, and Wrathful taken powers to their most devoted servants. This
do not need to be tracked separately as Minor Flaws. Also appropriate are is typically one from the following list:
from points acquired from other realms. the Minor Personality Flaws Delusion, Enticer of Multitudes, Infernal Protection,
However, if a character’s Warping Points Obsessed, and Compulsion. A character Gender Shift, Paragon Through Sin, and
come primarily from Infernal sources (such prone to many minor venial sins might Infernal Blessings (Minor).
as the practice of sinful behavior), then well acquire Weak Willed. Warping Score of 6+: At this level
the character tends to acquire effects of Warping Score of 3: If the character’s of sin, Hell is keen on acquiring this evil
Warping associated with their connection source of Warping is primarily through soul for itself. Age Quickly is a common
to the Infernal realm. Infernal Warping sin, particularly if those sins are venial, penalty, as is Enfeebled. Occasionally, a
tends to result in Flaws that encourage then he acquires Offensive to Animals demon is sent to the character to ensure
sinful behavior and make it more difficult at this level of Warping. If the Warping that he does not repent, resulting in
to resist immoral urges. Points derive primarily from mortal sins Plagued by a Demon.

Realms of Power

Causes of Infernal
Infernal Vis vided by the gain in Confidence), the
magus is more likely to indulge again.

Vis can be tainted by the power of

Infernal warping may result from Hell due to close proximity to areas of Vis Infesta
the practice of sin or from exposure to concentrated evil, or because it derives
powerful Infernal forces such as strong from the bodies of slain demons. Only The least dangerous of the varieties
auras or Infernal sorcery. Of course, wizards who are affiliated with the Infernal of Infernal vis encountered by magi is of
Warping Points can also result from mag- realm may use this vis with impunity; all the sort called vis infesta (“unsafe vis”),
ical, Faerie, and even Divine sources, but others must beware of Hell’s corruption. and is a result of the tainting of vis by the
a character suffers the effects of Infernal Infernally tainted vis, examined using power of the Infernal. If vis originating
Warping if the majority of Warping Hermetic magic, appears to be regular from outside an Infernal aura is brought
Points that contribute to this level of vis, and the taint cannot be detected. Like into one and resides there for at least a
Warping have been through Infernal regular vis, it appears in multiple “flavors,” year, it picks up the taint of the aura and
influence. which correspond to the Hermetic Arts. become permanently transformed into vis
However, when used to enhance non- infesta. Furthermore, vis originating from
Infernal magic, it incurs an added risk. the corpses of minor demons (less than
Sinning Infernal vis has three types recog- 10 Might) and Corrupted Beasts is most
nized by students of the Infernal within commonly vis infesta.
As described elsewhere (Chapter 2: the Order; each type offers successively A Hermetic magus who uses vis
Sin and Redemption), every time a char- greater risk in use. However, only cau- infesta does not incur any additional peril
acter ritualizes a sin to acquire Confidence tious magi who have a score in Infernal above and beyond that of using raw vis;
Points, she gains a Warping Point. Lore will be aware of these divisions, and that is, one extra botch die per pawn of
most magi do not realize that vis can even vis. However, should a magical operation
be corrupted by the Infernal in this man- botch while using vis infesta, the botch
Infernal Auras ner — at least not until they suffer the is more severe than one would otherwise
effects of its use. expect. These botches often cause dam-
Powerful Infernal auras and regiones All types of infernal vis may have age to the caster, or otherwise place him
grant Warping Points (ArM5, page 167), an effect on a magus, should he be in in peril. Studying from vis infesta incurs
unless the character possesses Infernal too close a proximity to it for more no additional peril other than the altered
Powers or Supernatural Abilities deriving than a season. Spending a season or Personality Traits and the increased con-
from an Infernal source, in which case he more working with Infernal vis, or car- sequences of a botch.
is immune to Warping from Infernal auras, rying it about in close personal con- When using vis infesta in an enchant-
but not from other sources. tact, imposes a temporary Personality ment, this additional peril only mani-
Trait on the magus. The specific trait fests if the magus experiments with the
depends on the source of the vis. If it was enchantment (ArM5, p107). Roll for the
Infernal Powers derived from the corpse of a demon it result of experimentation as usual, but
relates to the demon’s Obsession Power instead of rolling again for Disasters, Side
The Powers of Infernal beings may (see Chapter 4: The Infernal Legions, Effects, and Modified Effects, the story-
cause Warping; if the level of the Power Common Powers). If instead the vis was guide should choose the most dangerous
is 30 or more, or if a demon spends sourced from within an Infernal aura, or unpleasant result. The Power instilled
6 or more points of Might activating it bears a trait appropriate to that aura, is corrupted by the Infernal realm, and
the power, then the target(s) acquire a if any. If neither of these apply, the operates in an unpleasantly unexpected
Warping Point for the Powerful Mystical storyguide should assign an appropri- manner. A Discovery result applies experi-
Effect (ArM5, page 168). ate Personality Trait. The imposed trait ence points to Infernal Lore.
either starts at a score of +1, or increases Infernally aligned spellcasters may
the trait by 1 if the magus already pos- use vis infesta without incurring any of
Botches sesses it. Should the magus act upon this these ill effects.
Personality Trait by indulging in the sin
One Warping Point is gained for (and gaining Confidence, see Chapter
each zero on a botch dice when using an 2: Sin and Redemption), the change Vis Sordida
unholy Power or Infernal Supernatural to the Personality Trait is permanent.
Ability. Magical botches that occur in an Otherwise, the Personality Trait disap- Vis sordida (“filthy vis”) is a weak dis-
Infernal aura can also be considered to pears once contact with the Infernal vis tillation of evil itself, and is the most com-
induce Warping Points from an Infernal has ceased. Knowing that indulging that mon Infernal vis encountered by Hermetic
source. passion made the magus feel good (pro- magi, for it spontaneously manifests in

The Infernal
an Infernal aura, much like vis found in
Magic or Faerie auras. Vis sordida can also Example: Enchanting Story Seeds
be obtained from the corpses of moder-
ately powerful demons (Might 10–25).
with Vis Sordida • Infernally tainted vis is not common-
Due to the fact that it is more potent ly known in the Order of Hermes,
than regular vis, it is perhaps the most Carolus of Tytalus unwittingly for its most common source is the
dangerous. Each pawn of vis sordida used uses three pawns of Vim vis sordida corpses of demons, and those slain
to enhance a casting total adds five to and five pawns of regular Vim vis with Demon’s Eternal Oblivion do not
the roll, rather than the +2 of stan- opening an item for enchantment. His leave behind a corpse. This gives
dard vis. However, it is perilous stuff first invested effect is 20th level, and the storyguide plenty of oppor-
for those magicians not aligned to the thus uses up 20 of the tainted lev- tunity to pass Infernal vis off as
Infernal realm, as botches are both more els, forcing an experimentation roll. regular vis.
likely and more severe. Using vis sordida Should his player roll a zero on the • The characters receive a payment
always incurs three extra botch dice per Experimentation table, he must roll of vis from another magus, which
pawn used, and should the magus have a six extra botch dice (three for each of turns out to be tainted vis. This
method for reducing the number of botch the two pawns). The second effect he would naturally lead to suspicion
dice rolled — from a Virtue or spell mas- invests is also 20th level, but as this regarding the character of the sup-
tery, for example — the player still rolls uses up the last ten tainted levels in plier, but he can no longer be
a minimum number of botch dice equal the item, another experimentation roll found. Alternatively, perhaps the
to the number of pawns used. When a is made. A botch on this roll requires characters themselves unknowingly
botch occurs, it is always more serious, as only three extra botch dice. Further hand over the vis to other magi,
described under vis infesta. A magus may enchantments do not use tainted slots, incurring an investigation of them-
study Hermetic Arts from vis sordida, and so enchantment proceeds as normal. selves instead.
gain a +1 bonus to the Source Quality • A magus has studied an Art exten-
(ArM5, page 165) per pawn of vis sordida “wicked vis.” This type of vis can be found sively from Infernal vis, unaware of
used. However, studying from vis sordida in strong Infernal auras (strength 5 and its nature. Can he truly trust the
carries the same increased chance of a above). Vim vis may be extracted from knowledge he has gained?
dangerous botch, and the same effect on an Infernal aura (of any strength) by a
Personality Traits, as vis infesta. Hermetic magus as if it were a Magical If used to prepare an item for enchant-
When using vis sordida to prepare an aura (ArM5, page 94); however, such vis ment, even a single pawn of vis prava
item for enchantment, the activity appears is automatically vis prava. Furthermore, taints the whole item, causing any effect
to go as planned, but ten levels of effects in vis derived from the corpse of a powerful instilled into it to be treated as if a botch
the item are corrupted for every pawn of vis demon (with a Might greater than 25) had been rolled on the Experimentation
sordida used. Effects invested into the pre- is also vis of this type. It is exceedingly table. The same is true for effects instilled
pared item must use the Experimentation dangerous to use for anyone not aligned using vis prava. Thus, the only result
rules when enchanted, until the tainted to the Infernal realm; any roll using vis from using vis prava in the laboratory is
levels of effects are used up. Tainted levels prava is automatically a zero, forcing an Experimental Disaster.
are always used first, and the results of immediate check for a botch, rolling two Vis prava vaporizes in a Divine aura
the experimentation are adjudicated as extra botch dice for every pawn of vis of strength 5 or more, or when blessed
described under vis infesta, above. prava used; there is a minimum number by a person endowed with the authority
Vis sordida inflicts none of these ill of botch dice equal to the number of of God (a ordained priest, for example).
effects on Supernatural Powers derived pawns used, regardless of Virtues, spell In the hands of a wizard aligned to the
from the Infernal realm, but neither do mastery, and the like. Botches using vis Infernal realm, vis prava offers a +5 bonus
they receive the benefits to Casting Totals prava are therefore more than ten times to Casting Totals per pawn employed,
and Source Quality; to Infernalists, vis sor- more likely than when using regular vis. and does not incur any added chance
dida has the same effects as regular vis. As before, botches using infernally tainted of a botch, other than the standard risk
vis are always both unpleasant and peril- of one extra botch die per pawn used.
ous to the caster. In addition to this effect, Furthermore, the Source Quality of Vis
Vis Prava attempting to study from vis prava inflicts Study receives a +1 bonus for every pawn
a Warping Point per pawn employed as of vis prava used.
The most vile and concentrated form well as influencing Personality Traits, as
of Infernal vis is called vis prava, or described above.

Chapter Two

Sin and Temptation

In a world where demons might The second form of sin is not as easy a similar fashion, honoring her deities
be hiding under any stone, and the to interpret, for that which is appropriate and heroes without actually worshiping
Dominion protects the homes of God’s service to God is often a matter of faith. them as the One True God, it is prob-
people against their infernal designs, sin is The specifics of what a character believes ably all right. This behavior would never
a recognizable phenomenon that actually affect whether or not his motives are pure, be considered pious by those characters
stains the transgressor’s soul. In order to and so determine whether or not a given dedicated to the worship of the Divine,
play characters who sin, and describe the action is a sin. In general, sinful acts are but at least it isn’t sinful.
plots of tempters who entice people to do furtive and selfish. From this, it stands to
evil, players must first understand exactly reason that if an act must be performed
what sin means in Mythic Europe. in secret, or brings the character pleasure
(unless this is an abstract pleasure derived
Types of Sin
from doing good and acting properly), it
is probably sinful. People also sin to avoid There are two grades of sin: mortal

What is Sin? necessary pain or sacrifice, often covering

up for their other sins, and in fact these
sins of aversion tend to be the sins that
or major sins, and venial or minor sins.
Venial sins are light in their matter, things
like impure thoughts or hasty actions
He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil weigh most heavily on their consciences. that do no harm to anyone but the sin-
sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Acts not committed in service to ner, and these sins rarely have long-term
Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the Divine are only free of sin if they consequences. Examples might include
the works of the devil. are truly selfless. That is, a person who angry thoughts, proud speech, or carnal
— 1 John 3:8 gives everything he owns to charity still desires. Of greater interest to the Infernal
sins if he does it for selfish reasons. It is realm are mortal sins, which are evil acts
What causes the stain of sin to form? also possible for a character with good that leave a black mark upon the soul. It
Basically, a person sins in one of two ways: intentions to commit an evil act, such as is mortal sins that demons seek to inspire,
when he assists the Infernal realm in its hanging an innocent man in the sincere for it is from the effects of these sins
opposition to the Divine, or when he acts belief that the accused committed a crime, that creatures associated with the Infernal
in ways that do not serve God. but this is not sinful. It is always up to the realm draw their power. The “seven dead-
The first form of sin is straightfor- player to decide how his character acts, ly sins” are good examples of behavior
ward enough: think of God as a medieval and if the question of sin is important to that leads to mortal sin, as are acts such as
king, with the entire earth as his kingdom the story, the storyguide should judge killing, lying, stealing, and blaspheming.
and all the people as his subjects. The whether the action seems selfish based on Note that since sin requires a con-
Infernal realm constantly seeks to depose the circumstances. scious act, or at least an acceptance of
and discredit the king, and so assisting This interpretation of right and the act as the character’s own, a character
its agents in any way is treason against wrong suggests that selflessly worshiping compelled to behave in a sinful way by
the holy sovereign. Sin is the evidence a god other than the focus of the Divine supernatural powers does not commit
that this betrayal leaves behind. Thus, realm is not sinful, so long as the god sin. Theologically speaking, it is not pos-
making a deal with a demon, serving or or gods so worshiped are not Infernal. sible for a character to sin inadvertently,
worshiping a demon, or knowingly using This is broadly true, depending upon the though he does have a moral responsibil-
Infernal Powers or infernally-tainted abili- methods of worship. What the Church ity for his actions and should ensure that
ties — even for good purposes — is an calls “veneration” is essentially profound his convictions do not lead him to commit
evil thing. The Infernal is God’s enemy, respect for the being, such as the way acts of sin in ignorance. However, it is
and those who aid or receive succor from devout Christians can revere saints and always wrong for a character to support or
his enemy also become his enemies. angels. If a pagan character behaves in receive aid from the Infernal realm, and a

Sinful Traits
The desire to sin is one of the most when faced with temptation or a choice To indicate which type of virtue
important qualities of an infernal charac- essentially driven by desire. This latter use or vice a Personality Trait is associated
ter, because besides describing the sorts might require a roll on a simple die, modi- with, you can simply note it afterward,
of things the character is likely to do, it fied by all applicable traits, against an Ease e.g., “Dedicated +3 (Loyal)” or “Cruel +3
also addresses the likely reasons the char- Factor based on the difficulty of resisting (Envious).” When dealing with opposing
acter became evil in the first place. These temptation; or perhaps a set of contested traits, treat the trait’s value as negative.
tendencies are probably best described simple die rolls, each modified by an For example, Dedicated +3 (Loyal) also
with the character’s Personality Traits. appropriate trait, to determine which of means a character is Proud –3, and Cruel
Personality Traits are not sinful in and of the character’s desires is the strongest in a +3 (Envious) is the same as Kind –3.
themselves, however. They indicate habits particular situation. The character may have some
and inclinations, tendencies toward selfish To this end, you might associate Personality Traits along the lines of “Tells
(and selfless) behavior, and general desires each of your character’s Personality Traits silly stories” and “Likes figs” that do not fit
upon which the character typically wishes with a particular virtue or vice, to make it perfectly into this model, and those traits
to act. An Infernal Power that gives a per- easier to use Personality Traits in a saga. can simply be left alone, as they do not
son a Personality Trait makes that person In this way, the storyguide can ask for a have to have any mechanical effect on the
more tempted to indulge in that sort of roll for a particular category of trait, and game. Those traits that do seem suited to
activity, but the character still makes the it becomes easier to associate different the question of the character’s morality,
choice of whether or not to do it. tendencies with very similar behavior. however, can be applied to greater effect
Characters have Personality Traits The seven deadly sins are a good model when combined with Infernal influence
for two reasons: to make it easier for the for this, and corresponding traits are and other aspects of the rules that deal
player to roleplay the character’s quirks listed below, beside what might be seen with human behavior.
and personal habits, and to help the sto- as opposing virtues, each with several
ryguide decide what the character will do related Personality Traits.

Trait Negative Traits Opposes Positive Traits

Proud Arrogant, Haughty, Rebellious, Loyal Dedicated, Faithful, Humble,
Suspicious, Vain Reliable, Trusting
Wrathful Angry, Desperate, Spiteful, Calm Cheerful, Hopeful, Optimistic,
Vengeful, Violent Patient, Peaceful
Envious Cruel, Gossipy, Gruff, Jealous, Kind Charitable, Compassionate,
Meddlesome Forgiving, Generous, Merciful
Slothful Cowardly, Cynical, Indecisive, Brave Bold, Courageous, Determined,
Lazy, Shy Ready, Zealous
Lustful Fanatical, Lecherous, Naïve, Wise Careful, Cautious, Chaste,
Overconfident, Reckless Practical, Prudent
Greedy Gluttonous, Needy, Self- Strong Healthy, Pious, Steady,
Indulgent, Sickly, Weak Temperate, Vigilant
Avaricious Ambitious, Corrupt, Cunning, Just Even-handed, Fair, Honest,
Devious, Manipulative Honorable, Straightforward

Realms of Power
the Christian Church, though of course
Deals with the Devil characters of different faiths have other
options. If the character seeks out for-
The Infernal realm goes to great this repentance has no moral value — is giveness from one of these holy places,
lengths to mask the essential weak- the sinner sorry that he sinned, or only usually by demonstrating his repentance
ness in its strategy, that people may sorry that he didn’t get his powers? The and promising to do better, God removes
renege on agreements concerning their demon hopes to use this to shame the the mark of sin. There may still be conse-
immortal soul and repent at any time, sinner into silence, to cause him to come quences in the hereafter, of course; most
and has come up with several methods back to the demon on his knees, beg- religions teach that part of the journey of
to convince them not to do so. When ging for its favors. A favorite trick is for the spirit includes a period immediately
a person makes a pact with a demon, the demon to seek out a penitent sinner following death when, through pain and
the bargain is often sealed with an oath, only after he has received absolution, suffering for all of the character’s sins,
perhaps in the form of a written contract and then to fulfill its part of the bargain, the soul is made pure enough to enter
or ceremonial promise, and the bargain once again tempting the target away Heaven. However, this act of contrition
is sometimes backed up with a curse from God and undoing his hasty repen- still removes the character from Hell’s
that states what bad things will happen tance by giving him the thing for which reach, and many believe it is effective
if it is broken. This cannot prevent the he was willing to endanger his soul. even at the very last moment before
character’s redemption, but it can make Demons and their agents might expiring.
reneging seem less desirable, especially also try to corrupt the devout, to cause This, then, would seem to be the
if the consequence of seeking forgive- them to teach lies and falsehoods to bane of the Devil’s work, for there is
ness is immediate death or suffering the multitudes, and a common ploy nothing that binds a character to him in
caused to others. Demons also hope that among Christian communities is to quite the same way. Always, no matter
a sinner’s sense of honor will make him spread doubt about the efficacy of the how corrupt the person, no matter how
reluctant to break his word. sacraments. If a person confesses his sins many times he has renounced God, and
Particularly clever demons might and takes Communion, but does not no matter how passionately he swears to
make expansive promises to those who believe this has any effect upon his soul, serve the Infernal realm until his death,
seem willing to make deals with them, it doesn’t. This is one of the reasons why he may always escape Hell’s clutches if he
exact a price from these subjects, and the Church persecuted the Waldensians truly repents.
then maliciously refuse to deliver the as heretics, for example, for they taught The specific means by which char-
goods. Demons are masters of deceit that sacraments administered by wicked acters can be absolved of their sins vary
and lies after all, and there are few priests were void, and thus those follow- depending on their faiths and culture.
powers that can force them to keep ing this heresy lost their own faith in the Christians confess their sins and accept
their word; even diabolists should know sacraments. This belief that evil priests appropriate penance, while Muslims and
better than to trust them. The diaboli- corrupt the faith is still widespread, Jews perform ritual fasts of atonement.
cal brilliance in this practice is that the encouraged by demons and infernal For more details, see Beliefs and Practices
cheated supplicant almost always seeks characters who seek to take advantage in Chapters 4, 5, and 6 of Realms of Power:
forgiveness, but the demon knows that of this theological misconception. The Divine.

character who deals with demons or who inspire intense soul-searching on the part
uses Powers that he does not realize are of an intelligent and philosophical char-
evil still receives a stain on his soul each
time he does so.
Whether or not a particular evil
acter, lest he begin to perceive his every
act as selfish and so come to accept that
his constant sin is inevitable. This line of
is deliberate is often a matter of some
doubt, even for expert theologians, for
thinking is a sure route to Hell.
even when clearly forced to act against
their will, people often fear that they
secretly desired the sin. Is it really selfless
Redemption Harden not your heart, as in the provocation, [and]
as [in] the day of temptation in the wilderness:
for the craftsman to work diligently at his When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and
trade, when doing so brings him wealth? If God is easily offended, at least saw my work.
How pious is the scholar who desires God’s pardon is easily gained. He has, after Forty years long was I grieved with [this] gen-
knowledge and joins a monastery to be all, established several holy organizations eration, and said It [is] a people that do err in their
surrounded by books? Does the noble with chapter houses spread all throughout heart, and they have not known my ways:
crusader fight for God’s glory, or for his Mythic Europe that help sinners cleanse Unto whom I sware in my wrath that they
own? These seeds of doubt are what their souls of wrong and return to the should not enter into my rest.
tempters seek out and nurture, and may path of righteousness — most notably — Psalms 95:8–11

The Infernal
The Infernal realm is bent upon cor-
ruption and destruction, and so infer-
nalists (characters associated with the
Infernal) often pursue similar goals among
the people of their acquaintance. The
Devil’s influence is insidious, and evil can
be found everywhere, and thus one of the
capabilities characters gain in his service
is the ability to inspire wicked Personality
Traits in those who follow them. By set-
ting a bad example and encouraging their
associates to follow them, they lead oth-
ers into temptation, tainting their souls
with a little bit of sin.
There are two ways a character can
use infernal influence. One is to spend a
season with a character or characters, per-
haps indulging in similar vices or studying
together, or even simply visiting briefly
each day. Through exposure to the infer-
nalist’s behavior, the follower picks up
similar bad habits. This is called personal
influence. A character can also perform
a short ceremony, involving a passionate
invocation and charge to his audience,
and spending a Confidence point. This
is called ceremonial influence, and all
characters who have at least Infernal Lore
1 know how to perform such a ceremony.
Both methods require that the affect-
ed characters are willing to follow the
influencing character’s lead. They may
not know exactly what he is doing, but
if they listen to what he says and think
about what he tells them, they are very
likely to accept the consequences. This
implies a degree of trust that usually
comes from close association, though, and
so only characters with the Inspirational
Virtue can ceremonially influence strang- Brave, for example). The score is given as This new trait represents a new passion
ers, although a character with Temporal an absolute value; traits gained through awakened within the character. It may be
Influence is usually trusted by all those influence can be virtuous traits with nega- very similar to a trait the character already
within his authority. However, it is impor- tive scores, like Brave –2 or Loyal –3. possesses, the opposite of an existing trait,
tant to note that player characters who do or completely unrelated to the character’s
not want to be influenced cannot be; if Infernal Influence: simple die + old personality. Personality Traits gained
a character actively resists infernal influ- Presence + Leadership through influence are inherently tempo-
ence, it has no effect. rary, as they are somewhat impulsive, and
The formula for determining the Ease Factor Trait Value they usually fade over time unless they are
results of infernal influence is a simple reinforced by the character’s actions. As a
9 +1
die + Presence + Leadership, and the rough guide, traits gained from personal
results of this roll determine the value of 12 +2 influence can linger as long as a year, while
the new Personality Trait gained by the 15 +3 those from ceremonial influence usually
target, according to the following chart. fade within about a week.
This trait can correspond to any sinful 18 +4 Note that characters under infernal
trait, and may even approximate virtuous 21 +5 influence can easily possess more than
qualities (a Violent character might seem 24 +6 (maximum) three Personality Traits at any given time,

Realms of Power
A tarnished aura has a pervasive trait, study or laboratory work. The second
Personality Flaws called its tarnish, which affects everyone method requires a short ceremony involv-
within the aura. This is described like a ing a ritualized act of the sin, in which the
For the purposes of rules involv- Personality Trait; a Tarnish Trait might be character gains an infernal Warping Point.
ing Personality Traits, treat a Minor Lustful +3, for example, or Pious –2. The Either activity yields a Confidence Point
Personality Flaw as a +3 trait, and tarnish is added to similar Personality Traits, upon completion.
a Major Personality Flaw as a +6 making them stronger, and subtracted from Characters who do not have a
trait. Characters under infernal influ- traits that oppose the tarnish, discouraging Confidence Score, like grogs or charac-
ence may thus occasionally overcome them. Any character that does not have ters with the Low Self-Esteem Flaw, can
these Personality Flaws with opposing similar or opposing Personality Traits sim- still gain these Confidence Points, though
Personality Traits, though they need ply gains the Tarnish Trait as a Personality they cannot do much with them. Their
constant encouragement and rein- Trait for as long as he remains in the aura. players may spend Confidence Points to
forcement to avoid returning to their This represents how the tempting nature of perform ceremonial influence or tarnish
old ways — these traits never become the Infernal continually acts on characters an Infernal aura. With the storyguide’s
permanent as long as the character still who fall under its influence. approval, they may also spend them to
has an opposing Flaw. Infernal auras can only have one give a +1 bonus to certain types of rolls,
tarnish at a time, and only the strongest such as those associated with a strong
as most of them are temporary. If these tarnish in an aura remains active. A tarnish Personality Trait. For example, if a grog
traits become permanent, the character also fades over time; its value decreases by has earned 3 Confidence Points for sever-
might wind up with a long list of them. one each morning (for tarnishes created al seasons of Cruel behavior, he might be
This can be difficult to roleplay, as so with ceremonial influence) or at the end allowed to spend those Confidence Points
many powerful traits can pull the charac- of each season (for tarnishes created with towards an exceptionally cruel act, giving
ter in different directions, but it is certain- personal influence). him a +3 bonus to his roll. The number of
ly possible, and makes for a more complex Some special Infernal auras have a Confidence Points he may spend toward
character. It is still a good idea for players permanent tarnish, brought about when any one roll should not exceed his score
to go over their characters’ traits periodi- they are created, and these never fade (see in the associated trait, though.
cally, and reduce or remove any traits that Chapter 1: The Infernal Realm, Corrupted The sins necessary to activate this
are no longer appropriate. Auras). form of infernal influence vary depend-
ing upon the character’s score in the
Personality Trait associated with the sin.
Tarnish Gaining Confidence The greater the value of the trait, the
more depraved the act necessary to gain
through Sin Confidence. Generally speaking, venial
Infernal auras are often places of pow- sins are sufficient for traits of +3 or
erful emotions, charged with human desire For the vast majority of people in less, but scores greater than that usu-
and passion. Infernalists can draw these Mythic Europe, sin feels pleasant. It may ally require a mortal sin, especially if the
emotions out of an Infernal aura, so that be impious and self-indulgent, and can character has a Major Personality Flaw.
everyone who visits the site is infected cause them to feel guilty afterwards, but it Over time, sinful Personality Traits should
with this feeling. This is called tarnishing, is also something that many people seek increase if they are often indulged, but
and the result is a tarnished aura. out and enjoy. For this reason, characters the specifics of how and when these traits
Tarnishing an Infernal aura essentially who commit sins often gain a boost of change are left for the storyguide and the
gives it a sinful Personality Trait, and thus it self-worth and resolve that in Ars Magica players to settle.
is a form of infernal influence. The charac- is represented with Confidence Points. Note that tarnished auras create an
ter either spends a season within the aura, There are two ways for a character to easy way for characters to gain Confidence,
during which time he indulges in sinful acts gain Confidence through sin, which are since they encourage a particular sin and
(this is a form of personal influence), or very similar to the methods for influencing automatically give characters that trait.
performs a brief ceremony within the aura others, as they are essentially reinforcing Simply spending a season in a tarnished
to invoke his will and bring about the trait sin through the power of the will. Both aura is usually sufficient for a character
directly (ceremonial influence). Unlike methods require that the character have a without an appropriate Personality Flaw
influencing a person, tarnishing an aura Personality Trait that indicates a penchant to earn a Confidence Point, as the charac-
requires a stress die, and botching a roll to for a specific sin. The first requires that ter feels compelled to indulge himself in
tarnish an aura usually gives the infernalist the character regularly indulges in the appropriately sinful acts while he is there.
Warping points or fatigue. sin at every opportunity over the course He can even claim that “the Devil made
of a season, much like a character exert- him do it” after he repents his actions; the
Tarnishing an aura: stress die + ing personal influence. This can be done Infernal allows this as it encourages char-
Presence + Leadership while engaging in other activities, like acters to return and sin again.

Chapter Three

The Devil Origin and the

And when We said to the angels: Make obeisance to create man when he consulted with earth. Sammael is the true Devil as he is
to Adam; they made obeisance, but Iblis refused. He them, knowing that people would cause understood by the Christians, and the fact
said: Why should I make obeisance to him whom war, tell lies, and commit evil, and Satan that they have adopted the name of Satan
You have created of dust? was the chief of those who protested. He for their archfiend has contributed to the
— Qur’an 17:61 was therefore given the responsibility to confusion of the two.
accuse man, to doubt his piety, and to put When Adam and Eve were cast out
The figure of the Devil — the per- obstacles in his way so that he may fall from the Garden of Eden, they wandered
sonification of evil — is different accord- and sin. He was permitted to act this way in the wilderness. During this exile (which
ing to which teachings are followed. To by God; Satan is a necessary part of the lasted 130 years), Lilith came to Adam
the Jews, he is a servant of God; to the heavenly hierarchy, and is but a tool of and lived as his concubine. According to
Christians, he rebelled against God before God. He has no private reasons for tempt- Jewish lore, Lilith had been created by
the creation of Adam; whereas Islam ing man, nor special joy in causing his fall. God as Adam’s first wife, formed of clay
teaches that the Devil rebelled because God desires man to be perfect, and Satan in the same way as Adam himself. Lilith
of the creation of Man. The discussion accuses and tests man in order that his quarreled with Adam, refusing to be sub-
that follows considers the place of the sincerity may be proved or his fickleness missive to his will, for she was created as
Devil in all three of these Divine religions, punished. Satan (more properly ha-Satan) his equal. She fled from Eden and became
although the concepts are presented as means “The Adversary,” for it is his duty to one of the wives of Sammael. When Eden
they are commonly understood by the oppose man, and he rules a group of angels was lost to Adam, Lilith returned to him
followers of these religions, not necessar- called the satanim to assist him in this. It and she bore him every day one hundred
ily the strict theological viewpoint. was Satan who tried to kill Moses (Exodus children, all demons born of their adul-
4:24) and who hardened Pharaoh’s heart tery. According to the Jews, this is the
against him. He also helped the Egyptian origin of demons, born of the sitra achra
sorcerers in their magical contest against when man sins. They are not fallen angels,

The Jewish Moses and Aaron. Similar incidents litter

the Old Testament. For more information
on the possibility of Satan and the satanim
for angels cannot rebel against God.

Devil as agents of Divine justice rather than

I said: You are gods; and all of you sons of the

personifications of evil, see Chapter 4: The
Infernal Legions, Avengers of Evil.
However, the Jews have a second
The Christian
Most High; Nevertheless you shall die like men,
And fall like one of the Princes.
figure in their demonological (rather than
Biblical) teachings, who is often conflated
— Psalm 82:6–7 with Satan. Sammael, the Poison Angel, is
the personification of evil, the inevitable So the huge dragon was thrown down — that old
In Rabbinical Judaism, angels have product of the sitra achra (see Chapter 1: serpent called the Devil and Satan, the seducer of
no evil inclination (yezer ra), they have The Infernal Realm, The Other Side). He the whole world — thrown down to earth, and his
only one heart (unlike man, who has a has been equated with the yezer ra itself, angels thrown down along with him.
good and an evil yezer). They have an that inclination towards wickedness which — Revelation 12:7–9
absolute incapacity for sin, and therefore resides in every human. Sammael was weak
it is impossible that the Devil could have at the beginning of Creation, so full was it To Christians, Satan, rather than being
once been an angel who rebelled against of God’s Light, but sent the serpent into the adversary of man, is the adversary of
God and became the embodiment of evil. the Garden of Eden to tempt Eve, and from God, and is the name of the chief of the
Not all the angels agreed with God’s plans this first sin, his power flourished on the demons and Prince of Hell. Satan is also

Realms of Power
Lucifer, transformed into Satan he drove them into the islands of the sea
through his rebellion, transferred his hatred and the sides of the mountains.
for God to man, who had been created in In gratitude for this deed, Iblis was
the likeness of the one he really despised. made lord of the earth, and he became
He swore to avenge himself, and did so the chief of the angels who now inhabited
by causing Eve, and thus Adam, to eat of the world. He became puffed up with
the forbidden fruit. They were thus driven pride and deceived himself about his own
from paradise and robbed of their divine achievements. However, the reign of Iblis
glory, allowing death to enter the world. over the world was to end, for God decid-
Satan was punished again for this act; God ed to create man to inhabit and people the
turned the bottomless pit into the torment earth. The angels who were its masters
of Hell, making it a prison of pain for refused to leave it, for they were very
Satan and his demons. However, Satan had content there. They tried to convince the
achieved his goal — mankind had fallen Lord to leave them there to forever praise
from God’s grace through his original sin, the name of God, rather than to populate
and thus fell under Satan’s power all his the earth with the sons of man who would
life. This miserable state of affairs is only fall into the same corruption as the jinn.
made worse by the unnatural vices of the Nevertheless, God was not swayed by
demons, which sink the human race into a their pleas, and created Adam. He com-
bottomless mire of evil. manded the angels to worship and obey
Adam, who had been made in his likeness
and filled with his power. Iblis, so full of
his pride, refused. Why should he yield

The Islamic his abode to this upstart made of clay,

when he was a mighty spirit of the smoke-
less fire? His pride and envy of Adam were
Devil the causes of his fall, and he was burned
by God, made ugly, and stripped of what
called Lucifer (“The Light-giver”), a testa- had been granted him, cursed and driven
ment to his origin as an angel of light. Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of men, from Heaven to the fire of Hell. Those
When Satan was numbered among The King of men, who followed Iblis suffered the same fate.
the angels at the beginning of time, he The God of men, Iblis, now called Shaitan, swore an oath
was both excellent in beauty and great in From the evil of the whisperings of the slinking of revenge, to punish to sons of man who
office. However, he fell in love with him- (Shaitan), had laid him so low, and he has been
self and aspired to take the place of the Who whispers into the hearts of men, doing this ever since.
Creator, committing the first sin, that of From among the jinn and the men. Iblis took four wives, the demons
pride. Lucifer succeeded in getting a third — Qur’an 114:1–6 of prostitution named Lilith, Eisheth
of the heavenly host to side with him, but Zenunim, Naameh, and Agrat bat Mahlat.
failed in his efforts to stir up the others to According to Islamic cosmology, the By these terrible she-demons he had five
take part in his attempt to dethrone the jinn were the first beings to inhabit the sons who are the scourge of mankind
Most High. God, knowing of Satan’s plan, earth. They were a race forged by God — Dasim (with dominion over discord),
hurled him and his band from their place from the smokeless fire, and they dwelt Al-Awar (debauchery), Sut (lies), Tir (fatal
in heaven into the bottomless pit. This act on earth for eons in peace and tranquility, accidents) and Zalambur (mercantile
simultaneously punished the rebel angels obedient and doing the bidding of the dishonesty).
by removing them from the presence of Lord. But a day came when wickedness and
God, and admonished the other angels. evil deeds increased amongst the jinn, and
The theologian Aelfric propounded in his they ignored the commandments of the
11th century De Initio Creaturae that Lucifer’s
rebellion left a gap in the heavenly host,
for he had taken his whole angelic choir
Creator and the earth was filled with their
iniquity. The Creator decided to put an
end to their reign, and sent down a host of
The Fall of
with him, leaving only nine choirs instead
of a perfect ten. This gap threatened the
angels who waged a terrible war against the
jinn. These angels were led by Iblis, who
the Angels
harmony of creation, so God created man had remained loyal to God although he
as a substitute, so that the saints, coming was also one of the jinn. Iblis was among Legends from all three major Divine
forth from man, might take the place of the the most devoted and knowledgeable of religions tell of the wickedness of the
apostates in Heaven. God’s servants, and he fought the jinn until humans who immediately predated the

The Infernal

The Electors of Hell

At the head of each of the nine Pytho is Prince of the Spirits of Abaddon, of the Furies, is the
orders of demons is an archdemon who Deceit, and has lied to prophets and “angel of the abyss” named in the Book
directs all who are under him; if any can oracles throughout the ages. Pytho is of Revelations (chapter 9, verse 10);
be considered kings of Hell, it is they. believed to have been the serpent in at the sounding of the fifth trump he
Known to the rabbis as the Maskim, the Garden of Eden, through whom the will emerge from Hell and destroy
these nine demons, chiefs among the Devil corrupted Eve. mankind. The Greeks knew him as
rebellion against God, are seen as the Belial, Commander of the Vessels Apollyon, which like Abaddon, means
ruling council — the Electors of Hell of Iniquity, also called Beliar, is men- “The Destroyer.”
— who advise the Devil on his works. tioned in Deuteronomy, Judges, and I Astaroth, Prince of the Accusing
No game statistics for the Maskim are Samuel as the spirit of hatred, deception, Angels, was once a seraph, and is now a
provided because they do not involve and error, and is accorded the title of mighty lord of Hell and one of the few
themselves with individual damnation of Prince of Darkness. He serves as Hell’s who has allowed himself to be invoked
souls, but instead co-ordinate the execu- prelate, and has been equated with the on Earth. He manifests as a beautiful
tion of grander schemes through the Antichrist, and linked with the horrors of angel astride a dragon, carrying a viper
actions of their subordinates. Suffice to Sodom and Gomorrah. in is right hand. He is the Prime Minister
say that each has an Infernal Might of 75. Dumah, Chief of the Avengers of of Hell, and is the co-signatory of all
These fallen angels transcend the nine Evil, is called the Angel of the Silence diabolic pacts.
orders of demons, although they share of Death, and is chief of the myriads of Ashmodai and Lilith, the King and
characteristics with the demons they demons in Hell who are charged with the Queen of Tempters, share the leader-
rule. The Maskim are: punishment of the souls of sinners. He ship of the ninth order. Lilith was the
Beelzebub is the Chief of the is reported to be a thousand-eyed angel concubine of Adam after his expulsion
False Gods. According to Psellos, as an armed with a fiery rod. from Eden, and through him she bore the
angel he was called Beelzebul (Lord of Semyaza is Chief of the Deluders, hordes of tempters and evil spirits. Lilith
Heaven), but after the fall he became and he is foremost among the unholy is depicted as a naked woman whose
Beelzebub (Lord of the Dunghill), and Grigori, corrupted by the temptations of body terminates with a serpent’s tail, and
he is often depicted as a monstrous fly. flesh. He and his cohorts were respon- is the enemy of infants. Ashmodai (also
Beelzebub is named next to the Devil in sible for teaching mankind the secrets called Asmodeus) was the eldest of the
terms of power and crime. In the Gospel of Infernal Powers, and he goes by a children of Adam and Lilith, and since
of Nicodemus, Christ gives Beelzebub number of other names, such as Azazael then has risen to be leader of the order to
dominion in the underworld, during his and Uzza. which he was born. He takes a form simi-
three days there, in gratitude for permit- Meririm, Prince of the Powers of lar to his mother-wife, although winged
ting Christ, over Satan’s objections, to the Air, the lord of thunder and lightning and terrible in aspect.
take Adam and the other imprisoned in hell, is called the meridian devil, repre-
saints to Heaven. sented by the boiling air of the equator.

Flood, and of how they transgressed the dwell amongst mankind and restore them they were refused admission by five arch-
commands of the Creator by sinning to the worship of God, and this permis- angels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel,
and worshiping idols. The Qur’an and sion was reluctantly given. and Suryal) and rebuffed by the Divine
the Book of Enoch tell similar stories, of However, God’s predictions were as light, falling down to earth to became
angels who came to the Lord and begged infallible as ever. Semyaza and Azael (or ministers and satellites of the Devil. The
the Creator for the earth to be given to Harut and Marut, in the Qur’an) descend- children who were born of mortal moth-
them to inhabit and cultivate, citing the ed upon the earth with a host called ers and angelic fathers were of neither
corruption of mankind as proof of their the Watchers (also called Grigori). They race, but had an intermediate nature, and
case. The Creator told them that if they mixed with the children of men, and soon were called the Nephilim (See Realms of
had taken man’s place in the world they sinned and transgressed through tempta- Power: The Divine, Chapter 3: Blessed by
would have been worse even than man; tion by the Devil. They taught mankind God). They were not received by man,
swayed by the passion and lure of mate- the practices of sorcery and warfare, and just as their parents had been refused
riality, the angels would have committed took mortal wives to father children who admission into Heaven, and became the
worse sins than man ever did. Despite this were giants, 300 cubits high. When the terrestrial demons upon their death (see
warning, the angels asked for sanction to sinning angels tried to return to Heaven Chapter 4: The Infernal Legions).

Chapter Four

The Infernal Legions

The whole earth has been corrupted through the confines of Hell and roam about on earth. born many terrestrial demons. Yet more
works of Azazel: to him ascribe all sin. After the Last Judgment they will be never were born to mortal women when the
— I Enoch 10:12 again permitted to leave the confines of Watchers fell from grace, and even more
Hell, but will be fully imprisoned for all demons have resulted from copulation
This chapter describes the nature of eternity. between demons, and between demons
demonic existence, the capabilities and and humans. Those damned souls who
weaknesses of such creatures, and their manage to return to Earth to torment
goals and schemes on earth. Any creature sinners are also counted among the ter-
with an Infernal Might score may be restrial demons. A further group might
properly called a demon, although a dis- be the “Infernal angels,” who claim to
tinction is usually made between “true be angels working in Hell at the com-
demons,” which have made a rational mand of God, although those who
choice for evil, and “Infernal crea- study demonic lore are divided as to
tures” such as Corrupt Beasts, who, whether these beings truly serve God
devoid of intellect, were made evil or the Devil. There are no functional
rather than choosing to be that way. differences between any of these

What are The Spiritual Form

of a Demon
Demons? When demons fell from the grace of
Demons do not have a single origin. God, they were cast into the mundane
Put on God’s armor, so as to be able to stand Some angels — the mightiest princes of world and their formerly pure angelic
against the stratagems of the devil. For we have evil — joined Lucifer in his original rebel- bodies were infused with mortality. No
to struggle not with blood and flesh, but with the lion, and fell into the bottomless pit of longer were they solely beings of spirit
angelic rulers, the angelic authorities, the potentates Hell with their suzerain. More angels (the — eternal and unchanging. Instead, they
of the darkness of this world, the spirit forces of evil Watchers) joined the ranks of the fallen became beings with a foot in both the
in the heavenly sphere. when they cohabited with mankind and spiritual and the material world, and suf-
— Ephesians 6:11–12 were corrupted by the Devil. These two fered the perils of a mortal form. It is
groups of angels are the celestial demons: thus possible for a demon to die, some-
Demons are creatures native to the those who once inhabited Heaven but thing impossible for the angelic race from
Infernal realm, although some have their chose to reject it. This is now a closed which they originated. The same rules
ultimate origins in the mundane realm group — all angels have now made their apply to all the terrestrial demons, who
(infernal ghosts) or even the Divine realm decision to remain in Heaven. In con- have the same duality of spirit and matter
(fallen angels). Demons are not only the trast, the terrestrial demons never knew as the celestial demons.
tormentors of the spirits of the damned Heaven; they are either infernal ghosts However, demons have several
in Hell, but also suffer the torments of or the progeny of demons. Legends say advantages over most of the inhabitants
hell-fire themselves, in punishment for that after Adam and Eve were cast out of the world. All demons (except infernal
their rebellion against God. This punish- from paradise, Adam took the demoness ghosts, see below) may adopt either a
ment endures even when they leave the Lilith as a consort, and to this pair were spiritual or a physical form; in the former

The Infernal
they are divorced from the effects of time, Its soul enters Hell as one of the damned,
but they require the latter to interact with never to return to earth. Updating the Bestiary
the physical world. The spiritual form
of demons is so thin and rarefied that it Due to the new rules present-
cannot normally be perceived by man-
kind. It is not just that demons cannot
The Physical Form ed here, some small changes need to
be made to the demons presented in
be seen; they are not sensible to vision, of a Demon Chapter 13 of Ars Magica Fifth Edition.
hearing, smell, touch, or taste, although Those demons do not necessarily follow
Supernatural Abilities such as Second The majority of demons (celestial the rules for Characteristics presented
Sight are able to perceive them. Some and terrestrial demons alike, but not infer- below, so you may wish to alter them
animals naturally possess this ability, and nal ghosts) can coagulate their substance to fit with these rules. Furthermore,
react strongly to the presence of demons. into a solid form through the manifesta- each needs to be assigned to one of
The spiritual form of a demon may tion of a Power common to all demons. the nine demonic orders, and given
be likened to invisible smoke, or an odor In this form they are as material and sub- the general characteristics (Personality
(though by analogy only; they are not stantial as any other object. This allows Traits, Virtues, Flaws, and Powers) of
affected by the Form of Auram). It lacks the demon to interact with other matter, those orders, as well as the Powers
strength to exert force on any physical but also makes it vulnerable to that mat- shared by all demons. Michael is a
object; thus, demons cannot manipulate ter; in this form it can hurt, but also be Tempter, whose Obsession is Sensitive
matter while in this form. Objects moving hurt. Demons assume this form to eat, to Mockery. Bartholomew is a Spirit of
into the same space that a demon occu- drink, and fornicate with mankind, all Deceit with an Obsession of Avarice.
pies push the demon aside, but physical things in which some of them take a While Polandrus has the shape of a
barriers are no hindrance to them. Being great deal of pleasure. This form is also wolf, he is not a Corrupt Beast, for
composed of spiritual substance rather often better than the spiritual form for he has true intelligence, which those
than elemental matter, spiritual demons the temptation of mankind. Only while unfortunates lack. He is instead a Fury,
are not affected by the centripetal force in this form is a demon is subject to time, and has the Obsession of Secrecy.
with keeps dense objects attached to the and so they must assume this form to heal
ground; thus their usual mode of transport wounds. While physical, demons do not physical form does not possess any special
is flight, and spiritual demons may travel suffer from natural aging, and thus do resistance to particular types of damage
ten times faster than a human. Spiritual not die of old age. However, a demon is (for example, fire or disease) unless this
demons cannot acquire wounds by any susceptible to unnatural forms of aging is specifically mentioned in the creature’s
non-supernatural means, although they such as spells or Supernatural Powers. description. However, being wholly arti-
do suffer from any wound penalties they The matter that makes up the physical ficial, the body has no nutritional needs,
have accumulated from magic, or while in body of the demon does not belong to it, and needs not eat or drink (although it
physical form (see The Physical Form of but instead is merely “borrowed” from the does need to breathe).
a Demon, below). Spiritual demons are universe; demons do not therefore gener-
restricted to interacting with the things ate Arcane Connections of any sort from
and beings around them through the use
of their Powers.
these bodies.
Demons can usually only create a
Demonic Traits
While spiritual, demons are not single physical body of fixed appear-
affected by the passage of time. They ance. Only if they have a Power that For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,
do not age, but neither do they recover enables them to manifest a different form, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
from injuries they have sustained. They or shapechange their current one, may And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed
must assume a solid form and wait out the they appear differently from the form into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing
appropriate amount of time if they wish described. if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers
to get rid of physical damage. However, Demons in physical form can be of righteousness; whose end shall be according to
demons in either form are able to regain slain. If attacked physically, with weapons their works.
Might Points. Demons in their spiritual or damage-causing spells, while in its — II Corinthians, 11:13–15
form possess all five modes of sensation physical form, then they may be killed
of other physical beings, but are also like any supernatural being, and it is the All demons share certain traits, to
able to sense spiritual beings as if they demon that dies, not just its physical do with their natures and innate corrup-
had the Second Sight Ability, using their form. The demonic soul heads straight tion. However, each order of demons also
Perception + Awareness total. A demon in for Hell like all damned souls, to be shares certain characteristics, including
spiritual form can only be slain be effects tortured there for eternity. In this situa- maximum Infernal Might levels, inher-
that deplete its Infernal Might (such as tion, a corpse is left behind, which often ent Powers, and consistent Personality
Perdo Vim spells); once its Might is contains vis (typically a pawn for every Traits. Note that the details given here
entirely dissipated it is dead, gone forever. magnitude of Infernal Might). A demon’s are intended to assist the storyguide in

Realms of Power

Demonic Might
The Infernal Mights of the nine demonic orders, and the frequency of different ranks within those orders, are as follows:

Order Might Range Masters Lords Dukes Princes

Tempters 5-20 unusual very unusual impossible impossible
Accusers 5-20 unusual unusual impossible impossible
Furies 5-20 uncommon unusual very unusual impossible
Aerial Powers 5-25 uncommon uncommon unusual very unusual
Deluders 5-25 uncommon uncommon unusual very unusual
Avengers of Evil 5-25 common uncommon unusual very unusual
Vessels of Iniquity 5-30 common uncommon unusual unusual
Spirits of Deceit 5-30 common common uncommon unusual
False Gods 5-30 common common common uncommon

The additional Might granted by the titles is given by the following table:

Rank Additional Infernal Might Equivalent Reputation Score

Master +5 3
Lord +10 5
Duke +15 7
Prince +20 9

creating demons with which to challenge the Saga, below). A demon automatically by order. (It is also theoretically pos-
their players; it is not the intent of these fails personality rolls (ArM5, page 18) if sible that a demon may be demoted, or
rules to allow players to run demonic succeeding would make it act in a virtu- even stripped of all rank, and thereby
characters. ous manner. lose Infernal Might.) These two sources
of Infernal Might are indistinguishable
in play, but the higher ranks are more
Common Demonic Traits Demonic Might common in the more powerful orders; it
is very rare to find a demon with a low
All demons possess at least 1 point of The Infernal Might of a demon Infernal Might who is also a Prince of
Infernal Might and may not be affiliated is determined by two things: its order Hell.
with or belong to any realm other than and its rank. All demons are divided
the Infernal realm. up into orders; conventionally there are
All demons possess at least one nine orders, mimicking the nine choirs Demonic Reputations
Personality Trait that defines the particu- of angels (see The Infernal Hierarchy,
lar sin that they represent. This Trait can below, for details of these orders). Orders In addition to order and rank, demons
be generic (“Pride”), or specific (“Envy group demons by function but also by may also have Infernal Reputations. These
over Hair Color”), and powerful demons Might; those demons who are charged Reputations are known amongst other
tend to have more general Traits. with the corruption of individual humans demons and amongst infernalists, and rep-
No demon is capable of displaying are weaker than those who have whole resent the perceived power that the demon
any form of virtuous Personality Trait of nations under their purview. However, has in Hell’s hierarchy. It is often the case
its own free will, but may be forced to there is also a system of rank, in that some that rank and renown go hand in hand;
simulate virtue by those that can control demons are made (in order of increasing most powerful demons are known to be
them. Specifically, demons cannot display power) masters, lords, dukes, or princes of powerful. However, sometimes a demon’s
faith, hope, charity, prudence, temper- their order. Each rank grants an increase Reputation may not match his Infernal
ance, fortitude, or justice (see Demons in in Infernal Might on top of that allocated Might. This may come about through a

The Infernal
number of routes. Demons are creatures
of deceit, and the power that they claim Example Infernal Reputations
to have might bear no resemblance to that
Reputation Example
which they actually possess. Reputations
tend to change over time at a different rate 0–1 Tempter of Virgins, Demon of Medicinal Herbs, Finder of Lost
from the demon’s actual power; a celestial Objects, Servant of Lilith
demon who was an important figure in 2–3 Herald of Prince Astaroth, Baron of the Choir of Potentates,
the rebellion against God might have a Captain of 7 Hell Legions, Knower of Things Past
great Reputation, because demons have
4–5 Lucifer’s Secretary, Marquis of the Choir of Ofanim, Count
long memories, but actually have little
of the Choir of Seraphim, Commander of 31 Legions of Hell,
rank in Hell. Alternatively, a demon might
Demon of Sciences
deliberately avoid gaining a Reputation so
that it may go about its business with the 6 –7 General of Hell’s Legions, Lucifer’s Standard Bearer, Duke of the
subtlety engendered by anonymity. Many Choir of Angels, Co-Signatory of Pacts
celestial demons claim titles related to the 8–9 Prime Minister of Hell, King of the North, Prince of the Choir
angelic choir to which they first belonged of Thrones, Demon of France
(see Realms of Power: The Divine, Chapter 2:
Heaven and Earth).
In addition to the usual rules for demon’s (Infernal Might / 5) – 10. There from the ambient, unformed matter of
Reputations (ArM5, pages 18–19), the is no maximum Characteristic score for a the universe. They may only take a single
score in an Infernal Reputation affects the demon, and no Virtue or Flaw is needed specific form with this Power (the one
summoning of a demon by an infernalist for extreme Characteristics. Use the Art described under Appearance in the demon’s
(see Chapter 11: Ars Goetia, Summoning). Advancement Table (ArM5, page 32) statistics) unless they have another Power
The Hierarchy score of a demon is the to determine the cost of Characteristics that allows them to alter it. Manifesting
highest of any Infernal Reputations it above +3. Non-physical Characteristics a physical form takes a round for every
has, including the equivalent Reputation are normally bought with up to 7 points, point of Infernal Might possessed by the
score for any rank the demon possesses. although particularly powerful demons demon; those with a high Infernal Might
Thus, a demon with the rank of Lord have more than 7 points to spend in these have more power to collect and force into
(equivalent to a Reputation of 5) and an four Characteristics. solid form. The demon can end this effect
Infernal Reputation at 3 has a Hierarchy at any time, allowing its body to become
score of 5. Demon Physical Characteristics points: finer and more rarefied, and return to
Infernal Might its natural state. Dissolution of the solid
form is almost instantaneous, taking only
Demonic Characteristics Demon Mental Characteristics points: a round of concentration from the demon,
0 – 7 (possibly more for powerful although this concentration may be dis-
Demons have lost the state of pure demons) rupted (use the rules for Concentration,
intelligence possessed by the angels, and ArM5, page 82).
instead are shackled by their intellect, Demon Minimum Physical The game statistics of a demon do
and forced to resort to reason rather Characteristic Score: (Infernal Might / not change regardless of whether it is in
than wisdom. Demons therefore tend to 5) – 10 its physical or spiritual form, although
have physical Characteristics (Strength, a demon in spiritual form may not use
Stamina, Dexterity, and Quickness) Demonic Size is determined by its physical Characteristics. This Power
which are higher than their mental ones the physical form of the demon, and is may not be a Corpus effect if the demon’s
(Intelligence, Perception, Presence, and not always associated with the power body is naturally of a different substance,
Communication). The more powerful a of the demon; it is more likely to repre- such as composed of elemental matter,
demon, the more the more dispropor- sent its role in corrupting or tormenting or in the shape of an animal. Demons
tionate its physical Characteristics are humanity. in Christian lands are forced to abandon
to its mental ones, and powerful demons their coagulated form on Holy Saturday
are not necessarily smarter than their (see Religious Limitations on Demons,
weaker cohorts. Demons have a num- Demonic Powers below).
ber of Characteristic points with which Obsession, 1–3 points, Init –5, Vim:
to buy physical Characteristics equal to All demons have the following Every demon possesses a particular sin —
their Infernal Might. Negative points may Powers: called its Obsession Trait — which it may
also be taken to gain an equal number of Coagulation, 1 point per 10 Might (or attempt to impose upon a mortal when-
positive points, but the minimum value for fraction), Init –1, Corpus: This Power ever the mortal indulges in a venial sin.
any physical Characteristic is equal to the allows demons manufacture a solid body A demon can only use this Power when

Realms of Power
there is a chink in the armor of virtue; that
is, when a person is indulging in sinful Example of Obsession
thoughts or deeds. At such moments, the
demon can impose its Obsession Trait, if Bartholomew (ArM5, page 197) has to pray harder, shocked that she even
it penetrates Magic Resistance. The vic- the Obsession Trait of Avarice. He sees considered such an act.
tim is assailed with sinful thoughts, and a nun collecting alms for an orphanage The next day, Bartholomew
acquires a Personality Trait to represent and bumps into her deliberately on the observes a reeve fleecing his lord of
these thoughts, with a score equal to the street. The nun’s flash of anger over his taxes, and imposes his Avarice trait
number of Might Points spent by the apparent clumsiness gives Bartholomew on him, again spending three points.
demon (maximum of 3). When the victim the doorway he needs, and he imposes The reeve is immediately presented
is next presented with the opportunity to the trait upon her, spending three points with the opportunity to be even more
act on the Obsession Trait, the victim’s from his Might Pool. When the nun larcenous, so must make a roll. He rolls
player must make a simple roll and add is counting her pennies later that day, 3 and adds the Obsession Trait of +3
the Obsession Trait; the result must be she has an opportunity to act on the for a total of 6. The opposing die roll,
lower than a simple roll + any other suit- demonically induced greed, so is forced a 6, is penalized by the reeve’s own
able opposed Personality Trait to success- to make an Avarice personality roll. She Greedy Personality Trait of +1, and so
fully resist the impulses. (A second trait rolls a 5, +3 for the Obsession Trait, the reeve steals even more money from
which is similar to the imposed trait may for a total of 8. Her opposing die roll is his lord than he was intending. The
act as a penalty instead). If the Obsession only a 6, but she also has the Generous reeve’s Greedy trait increases to +2, and
roll fails, then the demon’s Power has Personality Trait, for a total of 9. She Bartholomew makes a note to return
failed and the Obsession Trait is lost. If resists the impulse to steal, and resolves here again soon.
the Obsession roll is higher, the victim
gives in to sin, permanently acquiring Many (but not all) demons also have Might Pool to use, but these points do not
the Obsession Trait at +1 (or increases the following Power: regenerate until the possession ends. The
it by one if he already possesses it). Any Possession, variable points, Init +2, demon may choose to extend its power
further succumbing to this trait counts as Mentem: To possess a human, the demon over its host to give it Magic Resistance
sinful, rather than as an action forced by may expend any number of points from its equal to the Possession Might; if it does
a demon. Might Pool to create a Possession Might so, then the host is excluded from wards
Each demon can inflict only certain Pool; these points actually enter the pos- against supernatural beings just as if it
traits, representing its particular role in sessed creature and are not be regener- were the demon itself. The same is true
the corruption of mankind; these are list- ated by the demon until the possession is if the host is currently under the effects
ed under the creature’s Powers. Due to its ended. The more of its Might it expends of one of the demon’s Powers. In all other
low initiative, it is unusual for demons to to use this Power, the more the demon situations, the demon can “hide” within
use this Power when in physical combat. can do with its host (also called an ener- the host, and walk through such wards
Envisioning, 1 or 5 points, Init +0, gumen), but the weaker the Penetration. with impunity.
Mentem: This Power allows a demon to If the target’s resistance is overcome by If the demon attempts to force the
appear in the dreams of a sleeping target this Power, the victim is possessed by the victim to act contrary to his nature,
(in which case it costs 1 point), or make demon, and falls under its direct control. or to use any of the energumen’s own
the target experience a waking dream or If the demon uses all of its current Might Supernatural Powers, the demon must
vision (in which case it costs 5 points). A Pool in a possession then its spiritual form spend points from its Possession Might
demon cannot instantly make substantial effectively enters the victim and resides Pool. A Supernatural Power (including
changes to a dream, but instead gradually within (forcing the loss of any physical spellcasting) requires 1 Might Point per
twists it to take on a darker and fright- form). Alternatively, a demon may divide magnitude (for a spell or similar effect);
ening tone, and can speak through any its consciousness by only placing a por- 1 Might Point per point of a Supernatural
figure from the victim’s subconscious. A tion of its Might within a victim, allowing Ability (such as Entrancement); or Might
waking dream is more obvious; the victim the possessing part of it act independently Points equal to the Might Points expend-
suffers an immediate and powerful hal- from the rest (which remains in spiritual ed by the energumen. A questionable
lucination of whatever the demon desires. or physical form). In this situation, the action which is contrary to the nature of
This may be so frightening that the victim separate parts of the demon’s conscious- the host requires the demon to exceed
is stunned for a round, and must make ness may only communicate information the possessed being’s Personality Trait
a Brave Personality roll against an Ease learned since the split when they are roll on a stress die + Might Points spent.
Factor of 9 or have an extreme reaction, within sight of each other; otherwise, The storyguide may give a modifier to the
such as retching, convulsions, or abject they should be considered independent Personality Trait roll based on the nature
terror. This is the only way in which a copies of the demon’s mind. of the command. Over time, exercise of
spiritual demon can communicate with The demon may use any of its Powers the demon’s Obsession Power on the host
mortals. that it has sufficient points in its Possession may result in a reduced resistance to such

The Infernal
Powers (particularly Divine Powers) may are mostly intelligent beings and may also
well be able to do so. A demon’s lie is not be targeted by Mentem spells.
detected with Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie, a The Infernal Might of a demon may
demonic illusion does not show up as false be manipulated with the Art of Vim.
with Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood, Demons may be attacked with Perdo Vim
and a shape-changed demon appears to be spells such as Demon’s Eternal Oblivion (or its
a mundane creature if Sight of the True Form non-Hermetic equivalents) in either form,
is used. Even if a magus casts a spell of assuming the target has been sensed. The
compulsion on a demon, he cannot force Infernal Might of the demon is reduced by
it to tell the truth. This “protection” from a successful casting of this spell, and the
truth-revealing magics need not involve demon also loses any Might Pool points
an active deception on behalf of the that exceed its reduced Infernal Might.
demon; the presence of a demon’s Infernal As the demon’s Infernal Might is reduced,
Might is invisible to Hermetic magic, subsequent Perdo Vim spells penetrate
as is the stench of Hell in their Infernal more easily, and have greater effect. The
Powers. However, only Infernal Powers demon’s body is actually eroded using
used by demons are immune to detection; these magics, and a demon that is reduced
use of Infernal Powers by humans may be to an Infernal Might of zero is destroyed,
detected with Hermetic magic. leaving behind no corpse (and thus no
The Ease Factor for the Second Sight vis). Demons in either spiritual or physi-
Ability to detect naturally invisible things cal form may be attacked with these spells
(such as spirits) is normally 9. However, and the result is the same.
the sheer deceptiveness of demons is All demons are entirely immune to
such that this Ease Factor is increased magic that would cause them to act in a
by the magnitude of their Might. If this contrary way to their Personality Traits.
Ability derives from non-Divine sources, Demons may be summoned and
then it may not pierce illusions created compelled by Hermetic magic, although
by demons at all; in the case of Second the Oath of Hermes specifically forbids it.
Sight of a Divine origin, use the normal Knowing a spell that will either summon
Ease Factor of 6 + magnitude of Might to or compel a demon is grounds for expul-
questionable actions. Note that use of a pierce these deceptions. sion from the Order and a Wizard’s March
Supernatural Power might also be con- A Hermetic magus must be able to (see Chapter 12: Black Magic).
trary to the victim’s nature, in which case sense his target to affect it (ArM5, page
both costs must be met. 80; Limit of Arcane Connections), and
Once the Possession Might Pool a demon in its spiritual form cannot be Demonic Weaknesses
placed into the victim reaches zero, the sensed through mundane means, nor may
possession ends. Note that a being can be it be sensed through Hermetic magic due All demons are vulnerable to expres-
possessed with as little as 1 Might Point, to its inherent deceptiveness. If a spiri- sions of God’s power, whether these are
as long as the demon does not wish to tual demon can be tricked into using its the sacraments of a faith, prayers from
do too much with its host. Furthermore, Supernatural Powers (and a magus is able devout followers, or the relics of saints.
a demon may possess more than one to detect the Power’s effect without the Relics, as supremely holy items, are anath-
host simultaneously, and can direct each use of Hermetic magic) then he can tar- ema to demons. They all have a Power
independently. Vim spells may be used on get the demon with his spells. Otherwise, called Scourging the Infernal, which means
the energumen to target the demon rather he must rely on other resources such that they radiate an aura over an area with
than the host; these must overcome the as Second Sight, Sense Holiness and a radius equal to their Divine Might (i.e.,
demon’s Infernal Might in the usual way, Unholiness, or Divine Powers (his own or their Faith score multiplied by ten) in feet.
but drain the Possession Might Pool, not another’s) to reveal the demon. Demons may only enter this aura if their
the Infernal Might (see Chapter 12: Black Demons can be warded off by the Infernal Might exceeds the Divine Might,
Magic, Demon Hunting). Form listed next to their Infernal Might, and even if they manage to be within
and, if in physical form, may be affected this aura, they take a number of points of
by magics corresponding to that Form. damage equal to the relic’s Divine Might
Demons and Magic Thus, in addition to the Rego Vim spell each round, burnt by the holy fire which
Ward Against Demons, which affects all emanates from the relic (this damage may
Hermetic magic cannot pierce demons, there is a Rego Animal Ward be soaked as normal). For more informa-
any deception produced by a demon, Against Animal Demons, a Rego Aquam Ward tion on relics, see Realms of Power: The Divine,
although other varieties of Supernatural Against Water Demons, and so forth. Demons page 43. A character who has a focus for

Realms of Power
same weakness. Failure indicates that the beards, or female Muslims. None of its
Religious Limitations character does not know the weakness of Supernatural Powers work on this group,
on Demons this demon, but can make another attempt
to discover it once his score in Infernal
and if they face it in combat, it can only
defend itself. A person who is not a mem-
Lore increases. ber of the protected group is safe from the
In Christian lands, all demons are Weaknesses should be chosen from demon if he remains within a defined group
forced to abandon their physical form the following list: of at least nine others who are protected
at dawn on Holy Saturday (the day Abhorrent Material/Circumstance: from the demon. Likewise, two vulnerable
between Good Friday and Easter Day); The demon cannot abide a particular type people can hide within a group with a total
furthermore, no demon may spend of object or substance, or a particular size of twenty, and so forth.
Might Points from this point until dusk circumstance. This may be a common Running Water: The demon can-
on Easter Day. This is a reminder of material such as light, salt, or garlic (for not cross running water. This must be
Christ’s victory over Satan and subse- weak demons); or a reasonably uncom- fresh water deriving directly from within
quent descent into Hell to bring the mon, such as iron horseshoes, objects that the earth — spilled water from a jar will
good news to the souls trapped there. have been given names, or charms made not hinder it.
For Jewish families, if all sins com- of rowan wood, for the more powerful Vulnerability: A certain substance
mitted in the past year by the adults demons. The material or circumstance (see Abhorrent Material for appropriate
of the household are atoned and for- inflicts no actual damage, but should examples) causes a Light Wound to the
given in the five days between the holy such a thing come into the demon’s pres- demon merely by touch. The more pow-
days of Yom Kippur and Sukkot (in ence, the demon must flee, or else spend erful the demon, the rarer this substance
September–October), then all demons a Confidence Point to remain for two should be. Any weapons made of the
who are currently affecting their family minutes. If it is unable to do either, then material to which the demon is vulnerable
must flee the household and not return a brave or foolhardy soul may be able to inflict a Light Wound to the demon on a
for a year. strike a bargain with the demon using successful attack in addition to any dam-
No demon can use any Infernal the advantage he has gained. A demon in age inflicted as a result of the attack, even
Might to directly affect a Muslim who the presence of its Abhorrent Material or if the demon’s soak absorbs all the other
has completed the hajj (pilgrimage to Circumstance cannot regain spent Might damage. Light is a common Vulnerability
Mecca) within the last year. The hajj Points. This weakness affects demons of weak demons.
must be properly and devoutly per- in both spiritual and physical form, but
formed to grant this immunity. demons possessing a human are more

her prayers (such as a rosary, a phylactery,

resistant to their weaknesses, and may
make a Stamina roll against an Ease Factor
True Names
or so forth) and who successfully invokes of 6 to remain in the presence of the
God’s aid to defeat a demon (see Realms of abhorred material. If the roll is failed, the Demons, like angels, have secret
Power: The Divine, page 41) gains twice the demon must either make its host flee, or names that act as a mystical connection
usual bonus. Any object which is an intrin- if this is not possible, end the possession to their spiritual essence. Names such as
sic part of Divine worship, but not actually and flee itself. Adramelech, Nithael, and Polandrus are
a relic in its own right (such as a church Compulsiveness: The demon is just demons’ common names; these secret
bible, the Host, the scrolls of the Torah) is compelled to enumerate randomly scat- names require a special formula of strange
a Vulnerability (see below) of all demons. tered objects; if, for example, a jar of incantations and gestures that takes only a
All demons have an additional, indi- beans is strewn in the path of this demon, few moments to recite, but is very difficult
vidual weakness. These may place limits it must count every one before it can to learn. These unusual rituals are called
on what a demon can and cannot do (in proceed. The objects must be purpose- True Names.
any form), or it might cause wounds in fully scattered in sight of the demon to Since angels and demons don’t have
some circumstances, in which case only hinder it. physical bodies, True Names are the only
the physical form is affected. A character Ordering: The demon has no power form of Arcane Connection to them that
with Infernal Lore who has had some over anything that is sealed, counted, magi, infernalists, or other characters can
prior exposure to knowledge about a measured, or tied up. It cannot open obtain. This makes True Names very valu-
given demon (for example, through study sealed vessels, steal grain from a bushel able to those who wish to summon demons,
of a catalog of demons) may make a roll (although it can falsify the weighing in the as well as those who wish to destroy
determine whether he has learned that first place), and so forth. Many demons in them, since they are of indefinite duration
demon’s weakness; this is an Intelligence + Jewish lore have this limitation. and give a character a +5 bonus to the
Infernal Lore roll against an Ease Factor of Protected Group: The demon can- Penetration Multiplier when penetrating
9 + (Might / 5). Subtract 3 from the Ease not act directly against a particular, reason- an Infernal creature’s Magic Resistance.
Factor if the demon is a member of a fam- ably common, group of people. It may not There are many grimoires found
ily, for all members of a family share the be able to affect children, or men with throughout Mythic Europe that describe

The Infernal
the True Names of demons, and char-
acters can also learn True Names from
other characters versed in the powers
of the Infernal realm. To represent this
knowledge, characters can convert expe-
rience in Infernal Lore into spell-like
abilities, each one called “True Name of
(Being).” Each True Name costs 5 experi-
ence points, and these points can come
from Practice, Exposure, or Adventure,
or from any Advancement Total entirely
dedicated to Infernal Lore. You can spend
experience towards multiple True Names
in one season, and you always receive
1 free experience point in Infernal Lore
whenever a character learns a demon’s
True Name completely.
Example: Moratamis of Guernicus has
found a book on Infernal Lore, which includes
instructions for summoning Gaap, a Demon
Prince. Suspecting that she will encounter this
demon one day, she studies the book for a season,
gaining 8 experience points in Infernal Lore, and
Erik (her player) decides that she will spend 5
of these points on learning to recite Gaap’s True
Name. The rest go into her Infernal Lore score;
Erik increases her Infernal Lore by 4 experience
points (3 remaining points, +1 for learning a
True Name), and writes “True Name of Gaap”
on her character sheet. If Moratamis encounters
Gaap, she will be prepared.
Some magi who have been initiated
into special Hermetic secrets understand
how to use formulas called synthemata
(see The Mysteries Revised Edition, Chapter
9: Theurgy), which are similar to True
Names but not exactly the same. A magus
who is seeking a synthemata for a being
whose True Name he knows may use that
True Name as an Arcane Connection when
researching the synthemata in the lab, and
may add five to his total when he attempts
to intuit or research the demon’s synthe-
mata through non-Hermetic means.

Demons and Free Will

corrupt, so the free choices they make are For more information on the person-
All demons possess free will as an also wholly corrupt. alities of demons, see Using Demons in
essential part of their nature, but they Confidence is an aspect of free will, the Saga, below.
have already made the choice for evil representing the ability of demons to
(or, as Judaism would have it, are doing put aside their base impulses and act in
God’s will by being evil). Because demons a rational manner. Not all demons have Demons, Auras, and Regiones
are dominated by their evil inclinations, Confidence, so some demons are inca-
they always act according to their selfish pable of acting against the dictates of A demon’s Might Pool usually
and wicked impulses. Demons are wholly their passions. refreshes at a constant rate such that that

Realms of Power

The Demonic Orders Infernal Ghosts

Each of the nine orders described Gibborim (singular gibboreh, Hebrew Sometimes, when a human’s soul
below has a number of different names, for “mighty ones”) joins the damned in Hell, its spirit
depending upon the language of the Furies: Furiae (singular furia, is allowed to roam the earth as an
source. The names given below are Latin); Enim (singular eneh, Hebrew for Infernal ghost. This is due to a special
translations of the Latin terms, but each “terrors”) arrangement with Hell, usually with
order also has a Hebrew name. Accusers: Criminatores (singular the agreement that the ghost gain more
False Gods: Pseudothei (sin- criminator, Latin); Mastinim (singular souls in exchange for the ghost’s own.
gular pseudotheus, Latinized Greek); mastin, Hebrew for “accusers”) However, the ghost does not escape
Teraphim (singular teraph, Hebrew for Tempters: Tentatores (singular ten- the fires of torment; its soul remains in
“Obscenities”) tator, Latin); Maligenii (singular malige- a state of perpetual punishment and the
Spirits of Deceit: Spiritus men- nius, Latin for “evil spirits”); Shedim ghost feels the pain of it even on earth.
daciorum (singular and plural, Latin); (singular shedeh, Hebrew for “demonic The distraction of earthly matters is a
Sheqerim (singular sheqer, Hebrew for spirits”); Kakodaemones (singular kako- tiny relief compared to the magnitude
“speakers of falsehoods”) daemon, Greek for “filthy spirits”) of eternal torment, but it is a relief
Vessels of Iniquity: Vasa iniqui- nevertheless.
tatis (singular vas iniquitatis, Latin); Infernal ghosts retain their mem-
Rephaim (singular rephah, Hebrew for ories of their lives as humans, and
“weakeners”) they retain their passions, although
Avengers of Evil: Ultores sce- they can only act on the sinful ones.
lorum (singular ultor scelorum, Latin); These evil spirits are members of
Malakim Habbalah (singular mal- an order just like any other demon,
akhe habbalah, Hebrew for “angels of and have Powers in common with
punishment”) those orders. The role that the ghost
Deluders: Praestigiatores (singular takes on earth determines the order to
praestigiator, Latin); Memunim (singular which it belongs: angry ghosts driven
memuneh, Hebrew for “appointed ones”); to chaos become Furies, torment-
also called the Juggling Impostors ing ghosts wanting revenge become
Aerial Powers: Potestates aeri- Accusers, and Tempters are trapped
ae (singular potestas aeriae, Latin); souls who bewail their fate. Infernal
ghosts should be designed like any

The Infernal
all Might is restored in a day; i.e., at a rate other demon, except that they have
of Infernal Might / 24 points per hour. no Power of Coagulation, and as
In an Infernal aura or regione, however, such, they do not have any physical
Infernal creatures recover spent Might
Points more quickly, at the following Hierarchy statistics.

faster rate:
Disgrace upon you, Azazel! For Abraham’s lot is Story
Number of hours to restore all Might in in heaven, but yours is upon the earth. Because you
Infernal aura: 24 – (2 x Infernal Aura) have chosen and loved this for the dwelling place A wicked enemy defeated by the
of your uncleanness, therefore the Eternal Mighty characters is returned to earth as an
Might Points restored per hour in Lord made you to be a dweller upon the earth, and Infernal ghost. He desires revenge,
Infernal aura: Infernal Might / number through you every evil spirit of lies, and through but has been charged by his demonic
of hours you wrath and trials for the generations of ungodly master with the corruption of the magi
men; for God, the Eternal Mighty One, has not who sent him to his doom. Reconciling
Thus, a demon with an Infernal permitted that the bodies of the righteous should be these two missions will be hard for
Might of 25 resting in an Infernal aura of in your hand, in order that thereby the life of the a creature that lacks self-control and
6 regains 25 points in 12 hours (approxi- righteous and the destruction of the unclean may obedience.
mately two points an hour), which is be assured.
twice as fast as usual. — Apocalypse of Abraham, chapter 13
A demon cannot regenerate any ed. Others claim that all demons origi-
Might at all in a Divine aura. In all other Some scholars divide the fallen nated from a tenth order of angels, which
auras they refresh their Might at the angels into orders that mirror the nine fell in its entirety. Sill others say there
usual rate. angelic choirs from which they originat- are more (or fewer) orders, or no orders,

The Infernal
or orders which have different names
and functions. Naturally, the only beings False Gods
who can sort out this mess of human
demonology are the demons themselves. Infernal Might: not more than 30 to use. This power lasts for as long as the
However, every demon asked tells a Ranks: Master, Lord, and Duke are Power it is masking.
different story, and no one who would commonplace; Prince is uncommon The Wealth of Nations, 3 points, Init
ask is equipped to know a truth from Personality Traits: Proud +6 0, Terram: The demon can summon
a falsehood when spoken by a demon. Powers riches; each use of this Power can cre-
The consequence is that there might be Shroud the Stench of the Pit, variable ate wealth equivalent to up to pound of
individuals or groups of demons who do points, Init +3, Vim: This Power may be gold for every point of Infernal Might
not fit into the hierarchy detailed below, used in two manners, both of which affect possessed by the demon. This wealth
and a storyguide should never feel con- the expression of other Supernatural can be of any form — gold, gems, rich
strained by it. Powers. First, the demon can conceal the tapestries, ivory, etc. — but it always has
Each of the nine orders listed below Infernal nature of any other Supernatural intrinsic value, rather than being valu-
has a name derived from Jewish lore Power, making it appear to be magical or able because of its utility (a roomful of
and from Christian teaching, and fulfills faerie instead. This Power is used on an grain, for example). This wealth is not
a specific function in the corruption of overt expression of a Power, to prevent created, it is instead summoned from
man. Each order has certain features in spells from recognizing it as Infernal in somewhere else, chosen by the demon,
common, such as Personality Traits and origin. Secondly, it may be used on more usually for the greatest corrupting effect.
Powers (which are listed below), but each subtle Powers to remove all stench of This might be a royal treasury on the
individual demon also has features that are the supernatural, making them appear other side of Europe or the purse of a
unique to it. Furthermore, some of these wholly mundane. This Power costs man standing nearby.
orders may contain “families” of demons Might Points equal to the original cost His Master’s Voice, variable points, Init
who share traits with each other and with of the Power being concealed, or Might +1, Vim: The demon can summon other
the order as a whole. Points equal to the magnitude of the demons or corrupt beasts to its current
Infernal effect if it does not cost Might location. This costs one Might Point for
every point of Infernal Might of the
False Gods being summoned, so is used sparingly.
The demon has no control over the
demon he has summoned.
Then the Devil took Jesus to a very high mountain
and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in all
their greatness, “All this I will give you,” the Devil Stories
said, “if you will kneel down and worship me.”
— Gospel of Matthew 4:8–9 • False Gods love to gather cults
about them, particularly when they
The False Gods usurp the name of consist of worshipers who are not
God by requiring worship, sacrifice, and aware of the true corrupt nature of
adoration. They encourage mankind to their religion. A False God without
break the basic and most important tenet a worshiper is like a dog with-
of the Christians, Jews, and the Muslims out a tail. So when the charac-
— Thou shalt have no other god but Me. ters discover one of these demons
It is a hotly contested point among magi haunting a deserted locality, devoid
just how many of the pagan gods were of humans, let alone cultists, they
actually demons of this order, and for that should become suspicious — and
mater, which ones. rightly so!
These demons appear in a physical • The characters come into pos-
form that is pleasing to the eye, in human session of some material wealth
shapes designed to put their viewers at created using a False God’s
ease; thus they are often handsome, beau- Wealth of Nations Power. How
tiful, or kingly. They are always accompa- can they explain this away when
nied with an animal when they manifest; the original owner of the goods
this is not a separate being, but actually recognizes his own possessions?
part of the physical form.

Realms of Power

Spirits of Deceit
... And the spirit said, “I will go forth, and I will
be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.”
The Lord said, “Go and deceive him. You will
— I Kings 22:22

The Spirits of Deceit are the embodi-

ment of lies. Although all demons are
liars, this order is the source of all lies.
More particularly, they propagate the sins
of the wolf, the malicious sins which all
involve the abuse of the specifically human
faculty of reason. These include the so-
called “simple frauds,” which betray the
confidence of humanity in general, and
the “complex frauds,” which betray the
confidence of those who had special rea-
son to trust. Thus, these demons promote
thievery, hypocrisy, forgery, seduction, and
evil counsel (all simple frauds) as well as
treason, oath-breaking, heresy, and willful
treachery (complex frauds). They have other demons; however, they are also the features, such as faces or arms. However,
been accused of deluding men through most gifted liars, to the eternal frustration they are also the most skilled shapeshift-
divinations and predictions, and being the of those who would compel them. ers among all the demons, and few see
voices of pagan oracles. It is certainly true The Spirits of Deceit take the forms them in their true forms.
that they are more gifted at prophecy than of serpents or dragons, often with human

Spirits of Deceit
Infernal Might: not more than 30 cal attacks from a shapechanged demon morsel of future knowledge, understand-
Ranks: Master and Lord are com- are not stopped by Magic Resistance. ing the most immediate consequences of
monplace, Duke is uncommon, Prince Trust of the Innocent, 1 point, Init –1, any one specific action.
is unusual Mentem: The target of this effect loses
Personality Traits: Trustworthy –5, all judgment and believes a specific lie (as
Deceitful +6 long as it is passable) until presented with Stories
Powers evidence to the contrary. An Intelligence
Change Form, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus roll against an Ease Factor of 6 is allowed • The youngest son of a nobleman
or Animal: These demons can change to resist the effect. begins to spout prophecies that pres-
the shape of their manifestation at will, Forked Tongue of the Serpent, 3 points, age evil things for his father’s ene-
to whatever human or animal form they Init –1, Mentem: The target believes any mies. As these prophecies come true,
desire. Weak demons (Might 1–20) are lie, no matter how preposterous, until he people begin to consider the child
limited to changing form into one type relates that lie to someone else. At this a miracle worker, and the Spirit of
of creature (any human male form, any point he realizes how ridiculous the false- Deceit that is the cause of his fore-
bird form, or any hoofed animal form, hood sounds, and the demonic Power is sight (and the success of those pre-
for example), but more powerful demons broken. An Intelligence roll against an dictions) rubs its hands in glee.
may adopt any shape. The Size of the Ease Factor of 9 also reveals the lie to be • A member of this Order has con-
altered form is limited to whatever is false, with the first roll allowed an hour vinced a faerie court that it owes a
natural for the species, so a demon taking after the effect was used, and further rolls tithe (called the teind) of one mortal
adult human form must be between Size permitted once every subsequent hour. soul to Hell every seven years. Six
–2 and +2. This transformation is not akin The Serpent’s Oracle, 2 points, Init years have passed since the teind was
to a magical spell; it is a direct manipu- –3, Vim: The demon can duplicate the last paid, and the faeries are seeking
lation of the matter that makes up the effects of any Intellego spell for the cost a victim.
demon’s body, and, consequently, physi- of 2 Might Points. It may also gain a

The Infernal

Vessels of Iniquity for one of these mighty powers, which

instead might represent the all-embrac-
Avengers of Evil
ing, obsessive lust that consumes the soul
Simeon and Levi are brethren; Vessels of iniquity and destroys lives. Similarly, anger is too No doom is ever executed on the world, whether of
are in their habitations. I will not join in their secret narrow in its scope; instead, a Vessel of annihilation or any other chastisement, without the
talks, nor will I take part in their meetings, for they Iniquity might embody the mass hys- destroying angel in the midst of the visitation.
killed men in anger and he crippled bulls for sport. teria which produces riots of destruc- — Zohar I, 63a
A curse be on their anger, because it is so fierce, and tion. Their natural forms have no true
on their fury, because it is so cruel... shape, but are inchoate matter bearing The Avengers of Evil also call them-
— Genesis 49:5–7 the substantial form of their chosen sin. selves the Angels of Punishment, and it is
The appearance of such forms has been their task (or so they say) to inflict punish-
The Vessels of Iniquity are the inven- known to drive men insane (thus they ment on sinners in both this world and the
tors of all evil things and all wicked arts; have a special variety of the Coagulate next. They claim that they work for God;
all malice and deformity proceed from Power, see insert). However, they can the rabbinical writers claim that they are
them. They have little interest in the cloak themselves in human form as they truly angels rather than demons, and serve
petty sin or the minor crime; they are the wish. the Devil in the punishment of the wicked
embodiments of the vices considered the Every Vessel has a particular emotion with the permission of God. They fulfill
most heinous by man — hatred, cruelty, or vice which is their specific province, their duties with a grim determination,
debauchery, and every negative emotion and their appearances on earth are tar- showing no pleasure in the punishment
extrapolated to its most extreme. For geted at promulgating that sin in mortal and torture of mortal souls. The danger
example, the vice of lust is too simple beings. is that those who have suffered by their

Vessels of Iniquity
Infernal Might: not more than 30 tained for only one round, after which out at her for burning his dinner; she
Ranks: Master is commonplace, time the demon must take spiritual form then inflicts her neighbors with Wrath
Lord is uncommon, Duke and Prince are or human form (using the Form of Man when they come to complain about the
unusual Power, below). noise, and so on. For every victim who
Personality Traits: Hateful +6, Form of Man, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: comes under the sway of the Obsession,
Depraved +6 After assuming physical form (see Form the demon loses a point from its Might
Powers of Wickedness, above), the demon can Pool, no matter how far away it is from
Form of Wickedness, 1 point per 10 shapeshift to the form of any human the victim. When the demon has no
Might, Init 0, Mentem: This Power is a being. If it chooses a specific human Might Pool left, the obsession ceases
special variety of the Coagulation Power, being, the demon must have seen that to be contagious, although those who
and it replaces that Power for this order person to mimic her successfully. The have suffered it remain inflicted with
of demons. The demon assumes a physi- demon can assume spiritual form directly the Personality Trait, as usual. The con-
cal form that has no shape or dimension, from human form, dissolving the matter tagion also ends if a day passes with-
or other accidents of form; even though in the same manner as described under out a new victim succumbing to the
it is composed of matter, it is pure sin Coagulation. Obsession. Powerful Obsessions can
made visible to mankind. This form is Contagious Obsession, 1 point per vic- quickly go out of control, as the rate
indescribable, and provokes an extreme tim, Init 0, Mentem: Any human who of infection of new victims exceeds the
response in viewers, who indulge in the succumbs to the Obsession Power of regeneration rate of the demon’s Might
sin until they drop from exhaustion. The a Vessel of Iniquity becomes a carrier Pool.
ten closest people to the demon when it of that Power, and can pass it on to
uses this Power, should they have insuf- anyone who becomes a victim of their
ficient Magic Resistance, succumb to the sin. Obsession is resolved in the usual Story
sin that the demon represents. A Stamina way, except that if the target fails his
stress roll against an Ease Factor of 6 is personality roll, he becomes contagious. An outbreak of apparent religious
needed every hour; a failure means the Any other person who suffers as a result hysteria is caused by a Vessel of Iniquity,
loss of a Fatigue level, while a success of his new personality trait must himself both to presage and conceal the birth
ends the Power’s hold. The Power also make a resistance roll against the initial of a child who is fated to be a powerful
ends if the victim falls unconscious. A Obsession Personality Trait, or succumb force of evil. If the characters recognize
botch indicates temporary insanity, and himself (and become a carrier himself). the outbreak of Obsession for what it
imposes a Minor Personality Flaw appro- Thus, a man inflicted with Wrath by a is, they have a chance to stop the evil
priate to the sin. This form can be main- demon infects his wife when he lashes before it is too powerful.

Realms of Power
hand before mortal death may not seek
redemption, feeling that their penance
is done — which surely damns them
to Hell to be punished for the same sin
again. The Avengers of Evil appear as
immense angels, perfectly-formed human
forms with massive outspread wings, but
their bodies are forged out of chains
of solid fire. They reinforce their self-
declared roles as agents of God by adopt-
ing names that resemble those of angels
— for example, Kushiel (Rigid One of
God), Shofiel (Judge of God), Makatiel
(Plague of God), Pusiel (Fire of God),
and Rogziel (Wrath of God). Each of the
Angels of Punishment has a particular evil
that it revenges, or a particular mode of

Avengers of Evil
Infernal Might: not more than 25 pented venial sin on his conscience, then it may be a blast of fire, a rotting disease,
Ranks: Master is commonplace, he suffers a Medium wound. A victim or a strike from a weapon.
Lord is uncommon, Duke is unusual, with no outstanding sin on his conscience
Prince is very unusual suffers a number of points of damage
Personality Traits: Merciful –3, equal to a simple die plus the sum total of Story
Relentless +5, Passionless +4 all his sinful Personality Traits, ignoring
Powers negative signs as necessary. For example, A character is singled out for the atten-
Punish the Sinner, 5 points, Init +3, a character with Lewd +2, Greedy –1, tions of an Angel of Punishment, although
Corpus: An Angel of Punishment can and Peaceful –3 suffers +5 damage, +2 he believes that he has done nothing to
inflict wounds upon a victim that are for the Lewd trait and +3 for the negative merit such attention. Even confession of
commensurate to their level of sin. If the Peaceful trait. Greedy is a sinful behavior, the minor sins he knows he has committed
target has committed a mortal sin for but this character is not greedy. The soak does not cause the demon to leave him
which he has not atoned, then he suffers total for this damage is a stress die plus alone. All authorities on these demons state
a Heavy wound if this Power penetrates Stamina. The physical manifestation of that they only punish wrongdoers — why
his Magic Resistance. If he has an unre- this Power varies from demon to demon; then is this demon pursuing an innocent?

Demons of God or Infernal Angels? The Five Angels

Two orders of demons, the Avengers Naturally, it is impossible to deter- of Punishment
of Evil and the Accusers, claim to be mine the truth of a demon’s protestations
angels rather than demons. Of these two of doing God’s work, and an angel would The Midrash Tehillin (a Jewish
orders, the claims of the former are more of course be telling the truth. Characters mystical text) tells of the five angels
believable than those of the latter, but will therefore never be able to be sure of punishment that Moses encoun-
the tasks that both perform are certainly whether an Avenger of Evil is really an tered in the Second Heaven, the loca-
in line with their stated aim to pursue the angel or a demon. From a game perspec- tion of the Jewish Hell. These angels
wicked and punish their crimes. They tive, however, both Avengers of Evil punished the sins most heinous to the
claim that they work for God, or that and Accusers are demons, because they Jewish people: Af deals with murderers,
they work for the Devil with permission have Infernal Might rather than Divine Hemah revenges idolatry, Meshabber
from God. Indeed, this latter position Might. They share all the characteristics punishes incest, Hesmed is the angel
is the “official” position of Rabbinical of demons rather than angels, and act of annihilation, and Mashith punishes
Judaism on all demons, although mysti- in a manner consistent with a demonic the wicked through the death of their
cal and popular Judaism both allow for viewpoint of the world, although this children.
the existence of evil demons. need not be obvious to the characters!

The Infernal

Michael Psellos
A Byzantine philosopher and theologian who died in 1079,
Psellos is best known for his dialogue on the nature of demons.
He described six different types of Aerial Powers. The igne-
ous demons (also called the aethnici) have their habitat in the
upper air. They appear in diverse forms and shapes, such as
flames, firebrands, and lizards. The aerial demons inhabit the
air about us, and have the power to form bodies from the air.
They are vicious beings concerned mainly with destroying the
human realm with tempests. Terrestrial demons are, according
to Psellos, the fallen angels who delight to live in secret along-
side mankind. The fourth kind are the aqueous demons who
dwell in lakes and rivers; they are racked with anger, and full of
turbulence and deceit. The subterraneans are confined within
the earth, dwelling in caverns, pits, and mines, and cause earth-
quakes. Finally, the heliophobic demons are those who hate the
sun and never appear in the daylight; thus they are also called
lucifugus (“fly-the-lights”). They have the power to kill by means
of their breath or touch, and alone among the demons have no
dealings with evil sorcerers; they may not be kept at bay with
De Operationes Daemonum Dialogus by Michael Psellos, Summa
on Infernal Lore, Level 5, Quality 12

Deluders The Deluders (unlike the Spirits testament to their ability to deceive. The
of Deceit) trick and deceive mankind natural form of a deluder is a jagged rent
This second beast performed great miracles; it made in very specific ways: by imitating the of darkness, filled with eyes, teeth, and
fire come down out of heaven to earth in the sight of miracles of God, granting false visions, pulsating organs, although they are able
everyone. And it deceived all the people living on the and serving conjurers and witches as to fashion cloaks of delusion to allow
earth by means of the miracles which it was allowed familiars. Some scholars, Rabbi Eleazor them to appear in any form. They make
to perform in the presence of the first beast. The beast for one, who lives in the city of Worms, extensive use of the Envisioning Power
told them to build an image in honor of the beast that insist that the memunim (as they are to grant false visions and dreams to their
had been wounded by the sword and yet lived. known to the Jews) are deputy angels victims.
— Revelation 13:13–14 and the dispensers of dreams. This is a

Infernal Might: not more than 25 five points. These visions always have a
Ranks: Master and Lord are uncom- flaw, however (they smell wrong, can only Story
mon, Duke is unusual, Prince is very be seen by one target, etc.).
unusual Duplicate the Magi’s Creation / Perception A Deluder is revealed as having
Virtues and Flaws: Puissant Guile / Transmutation / Destruction / Control, vari- posed as a member of the Order of
Personality Traits: Credible +3, Sly able points, Init +1, variable Form: Each Hermes for over eight years. Every
+2 Deluder has one or more of these Powers, action that magus has taken must now
Powers of which there is one for each Technique be re-examined to discover the intent of
Delusion, 1 or 5 points, Init +3, of Hermetic magic. The demon may the demon. The “magus’s” apprentice is in
Imaginem: The Deluders are the con- duplicate any Hermetic spell of the great peril of being slain by hoplites. And
summate deceivers, and they can create appropriate Technique. This costs the what of the real magus? What was his
elaborate illusions. A minor illusion which demon 1 point of Might per magnitude. fate? Does he still live, and was he really
affects an Individual amount of material It cannot create any effect with a level an unwilling participant?
(such as the demon itself) costs one point; greater than its Infernal Might, or dupli-
a larger illusion which fills a room costs cate Ritual effects.

Realms of Power

Aerial Powers blizzards and firestorms; in short, all natu-

ral disasters that can beset mankind. These
The seventh order of demons con-
sists of the disseminators of strife, discord,
demons are notoriously hard to control, war, and devastation. They represent the
And after these things I saw four angels standing and indiscriminate in their destruction. sins of the lion, that is, human reason
on the four corners of the earth, holding the four Despite their name, the Aerial Powers subdued by animal passion. These flaws
winds of the earth so that no wind should blow on are not confined to tempests, winds, and are also called sins of violence or bestial-
the earth, or on the sea, or against any tree. And I other weather phenomena. Each Aerial ity, consisting of perverted appetite. The
saw another angel ascending from the east with the Power has command over one particular Furies embody those who submit to their
seal of the living God: and he called out in a loud natural calamity; thus their ranks include impulses; not anger itself, but anger taken
voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to the demon of landslides, the demon of to an extreme, anger directed against one’s
hurt the earth and the sea. wildfire, the demon of hail, and so forth. self, one’s belongings, against nature, or
— Revelation 7:1–2 against God. The profligate who dissipate
their goods for the sheer wanton lust of
Aerial Powers take the form of huge
human figures, often composed of or sur-
Furies wreckage and disorder, the gossip who
destroys another’s reputation, the cruel
rounded by elemental matter. They cause child who tortures animals, the suicide
thunder and lightning, corrupt the air, and Frowardness is in his heart, he devises mischief who inflicts his anger on himself, the her-
cause pestilences. They are responsible for continually; he sows discord. etic who rails against God; all these are
storms at sea, earthquakes and avalanches, — Proverbs 6:14 inspired by the Furies.

Aerial Powers
Infernal Might: not more than 25 magnitude of effect. The demon cannot Stories
Ranks: Master and Lord are uncom- create any effect with a level greater than
mon, Duke is unusual, Prince is very its Infernal Might, nor duplicate Ritual • As a massive storm threatens to dev-
unusual effects. astate a coastal village, the characters
Personality Traits: Untamable +5 Recalcitrance, 0 points, Init constant, rush to banish the demon that lies at
Powers Vim: Any attempt to control (but not its heart.
Elemental Control; variable points; Init destroy) an Aerial Power with any form • A diabolist master of Aerial Powers can
+1; Aquam, Auram, Ignem, or Terram: of Supernatural Power (magical, Divine, be a mighty foe to the Order. At first,
Each Aerial Power has control over one or otherwise) treats the demon’s Might magi may be unaware of the demonic
aspect of the elemental forces of nature, as if it were one-and-a-half times its presence, for natural disasters, while
which it uses to wreak destruction on actual Might, or otherwise has its Ease unfortunate, do occur. However, when
the earth. It may create any Creo, Muto, Factor increased by 50%. For example, the third magus from the same cov-
or Rego effect appropriate to its chosen a Circular Ward Against Demons of 30th enant meets with an unfortunate acci-
elemental Form (Aquam, Auram, Ignem, level is needed to stop an Aerial Power dent while away from home, even the
or Terram), at a cost of 1 Might Point per of Might 20. most cynical become suspicious.

Infernal Might: not more than 20 in check. This Power can affect emo-
Ranks: Master is uncommon, Lord is tions such as anger, lust, wantonness, Story
unusual, Duke is very unusual maliciousness, and the like. It is often
Personality Traits: Wrathful +4, employed immediately following a suc- A child who is Gifted but severely
Self-Controlled –6 cessful use of the demon’s Obsession abused by his family and peers finds a
Virtues and Flaws: Berserk Power. way to unconsciously summon up Furies
Powers Beserker Rage, 1 point, Init 0, Mentem: that enact his deepest desires for revenge.
Waxing Tide of Humors, 3 points, The demon can grant anyone the Berserk To begin with, his victims are those who
Init +2, Mentem: The Fury causes pas- Virtue, which persists until the target have done him the most evil, but the sat-
sion to overcome sense, and the victim calms down. isfaction of revenge is too great, and he
must make a stress roll against an Ease Endurance of the Enraged, 0 points, Init soon runs out of targets who have victim-
Factor of 9, modified by appropriate 0, Corpus: The Furies do not suffer ized him. By the time that the characters
Personality Traits (such as Calm or from wound penalties, except on Defense meet him, bumping into him in the street
Level-Headed) to keep the emotion totals. may well be a death sentence.

The Infernal
Fitting their nature, the Furies take of their sins, but, unlike their more pow- They hover around sinners like flies around
the form of mixtures of brute and human. erful brethren, they seem to take delight rotting meat, but even good men can be
They delight in pushing mankind to the in tormenting sinners. They often work assailed by them. Their natural home is in
limit, driving them to the crisis point with other demons, using their unique the lower reaches of the air; ancient Greek
where passions take control and their vic- Powers to uncover the sins of mortals. sorcerers referred to them as kakodaemones,
tims lash out at those innocent of crime, The Accusers take the appearance of tra- to distinguish them from the kalodaemones,
such as those whom they love. To the rab- ditional fiends, human-shaped but naked, which was their name for the good spir-
bis, they are called the enim — the terrors with skin of an unnatural color (scarlet, its they used in their magical practices.
— for nothing is more terrible than the green, blue, and so forth), a beak-like Many superstitions among all peoples —
passion that lies beneath the surface of face, horns on the head, and a pair of bat- Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike — are
every rational person. like wings. targeted at avoiding the harm that these
myriads of demons can cause to man.
The Tempters as a whole most often
Accusers Tempters & Evil Spirits appear as twisted mockeries of human
beings, often black in color or daubed
in filth. Many have a deformity, such as
And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from being blind, having the feet of a cockerel,
God’s salvation has come! Now God has shown his evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and or having their head at the bottom of their
power as King! Now his Messiah has shown his the glory, for ever. Amen. torso rather than the top. Those involved
authority! For the accuser of our brethren has been — The Lord’s Prayer in the temptation of man usually have
thrown from heaven, he whom accused them before a deformity that can be concealed with
our God day and night.” The ninth order is the largest of all, clothing. Tempters are responsible for
— Revelation 12:10 populated as it is with the evil spirits who the propagation of sins of incontinence
are able to propagate themselves through (that is, uncontrolled appetite). These are
Like the Avengers of Evil, these crea- intercourse with mortals. Consequently, sins less of deliberate evil than of failure
tures claim that they are angels, doing they are the demons with which mankind to resolutely choose good. They are the
God’s work in Hell. The “accusing angels” is most likely to interact, and form much sins of self-indulgence, weakness of will,
confront mortals with the consequences of the “rank-and-file” of Hell’s legions. and easy yielding to appetite — the sins

Infernal Might: not more than 20 may be immune to this Power, if they have
Ranks: Master and Lord are unusual no secrets, no matter how petty. Story
Personality Traits: Cruel +6 Whispers Behind the Back, 2 points, Init 0,
Powers Mentem: Just as the spell Pains of the Perpetual The sinful acts of a magus attracts
Betrayal of the Heart, 2 points, Init 0, Worry, this Power gives the victim a nag- the attention of an Accuser that torments
Mentem: The accusing angels can see into ging, taunting, painful emotion linked to the character with misfortune and evil
the hearts of mankind and draw forth the his secret sins — a recurrent sense of anxi- until he sets right the evil he has done.
most secret thoughts — people’s fears and ety that his secret will be uncovered and a However, among so many sinful acts,
sins. Each use of this Power reveals to the suspicion that everyone already knows it how does the magus know which one he
demon one fact about the target to which and is taking about the target behind his must set right?
he would never admit. Truly holy people back. This Power lasts for a month.

Tempters & Evil Spirits

Infernal Might: not more than 20 Stories • A terrible disease affects a village, but
Ranks: Master is unusual, Lord is all physicians and herb-wives who
very unusual • A personal Tempter may feign friend- try to approach are waylaid by evil
Personality Traits: Selfish +5 ship towards her mark in order to spirits. Why should these demons
Virtues and Flaws: Weak-Willed lure her into sin. The very jealousy want to prevent the disease being
Powers engendered by the demon might be cured? How does this win more souls
None specific to the order as a its downfall when her victim sees her for Hell?
whole “best friend” talking to another.

Realms of Power

A Life Lacking
in Virtue
The Devil and the other demons were created
by God with a good nature; but they themselves
through their own agency became evil. Man, how-
ever, sinned at the suggestion of the devil.
— Fourth Lateran Council, 1215,
Canon 1
Human morality can be viewed as a
war between the inclination towards evil
that is a product of original sin, and the
inclination towards good, which is the
Divine gift of God. Jewish theologians
refer to these as the yezer ra and the yezer
tov respectively. Free will is the capacity
to choose between these two inclinations.
Like humans, angels and demons also
have free will. However, angelic thoughts
are dominated by their good inclination,
and they are never troubled by their yezer
ra, if indeed they have one. They still have
the option to act or not when prompted
by their yezer tov, but their thoughts are
uncluttered with evil. Demons, on the
other hand, are the opposite. Their yezer ra
of the leopard. The psychology of demons dominates their intelligence, and the yezer
They provoke is quite different from that of tov is entirely absent.
lust (that is, self- humans, for demons are driven by their Due to this lack of moral strength,
ish indulgence of lust passions and are utterly immoral — they demons are incapable of displaying any
— usually mutual — rather than rape, have no inclination towards good, in virtue; in fact, they are the epitome of
which is a sin of violence), gluttony, either thoughts or deeds. Furthermore, vice. This profoundly affects how they are
avarice, sloth, and wrath (both ferocious a demon’s entire being is driven towards roleplayed, and how they interact with
and sullen). the furtherance of one overarching goal, player characters. They cannot be treated
The Tempters may be broadly divid- the corruption of humanity. This sec- as if they were humans with loose morals,
ed into two groups, each fulfilling differ- tion describes the role of demons in an for even the most evil of humans com-
ent roles. Those demons known as the ten- Ars Magica saga, and provides advice to prehend morality, experience the feel-
tatores are the Tempters who try to ensnare the storyguide for including these beings ings provoked by the natural inclination
mankind in sin, whereas the maligenii are as effective and dramatic elements of a towards good, and act upon these good
evil spirits who work against mankind by story. feelings when it suits them — this is the
making life more perilous. Evil is a serious subject. It is not very nature of human existence. Demons,
recommended that demons be portrayed on the other hand, are utterly deficient
in a comical way, when the souls of in the good inclination; instead they are
human beings are at stake. While they the embodiment of their evil inclina-

Using Demons display many of the characteristics of the

stereotyped evil genius of popular cul-
ture, demons (the powerful ones at least)
tion. Specifically, they entirely lack faith,
hope, charity, prudence, justice, fortitude,
and temperance, and the consequences
in Your Saga should not become caricatures of them-
selves. Rather, demonic villains should be
of these faults are discussed in detail
below. These failings may be overcome
horrifying because of their inhumanity. by a demon with Confidence Points; the
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we They are capable of acts of evil beyond expenditure of a Confidence Point allows
are not ignorant of his devices. the imaginings of humankind because a demon to simulate a virtue in a particular
— II Corinthians 2:11 they lack all the essential qualities of instance. This simulation of virtue lasts
behavior that makes us human in the first as long as the situation that caused it,
place. so a normally cowardly demon is able

The Infernal
to remain for the duration of a combat. Without Hope by their attempts to crush any sense of joy
Similarly, a child-hating demon might be in humans they encounter.
able to resist killing the son of a human Hope is both a belief in one’s own In its more prosaic sense, charity is
servant, at least until the human is of no potential for salvation, and in one’s need that aspect of the good inclination that
further use. of that salvation. The chief vice of a lack causes man to be kind, and is the source
Note that while this section is of hope is the presumption that incapa- of the contentment felt for an act of kind-
structured around the seven main vir- bility for salvation is the same as a lack ness. Demons have no such inclination;
tues of Christian theology, these virtues of a need for it. The lack of hope is the they are utterly selfish and prone to sloth,
are of central importance to all Divine primary source of a demon’s overweening the sin of failing to act. Even when it
religions. pride, causing it to forget its weaknesses. would cause a demon no harm or cost, nor
Demons are self-confident in the extreme, require any effort, to help another being,
with an over-inflated belief in their own a demon does not display any tendency
Without Faith abilities, and an incredible self-reliance towards charity. This also limits their
that prevents them from asking for help ability to work together; demons of equal
Faith is the capacity to understand when they actually need it. If facing a rank do not combine efforts even if their
and to know God. In lacking faith, foe whom they believe to be inferior to goals are the same; only through force
demons are not denying the existence them, even if he is armed with powerful can they employ assistance from other
of God — his power is clearly evident, weapons (such as relics or objects relating demons in their plots (and even then their
and many demons were once angels in to their Weakness), demons fight to the minions are not be loyal, see Without
Heaven, with direct personal experience bitter end, convinced that they will pre- Faith, above). A more powerful demon
of the Godhead. However, they do deny vail and lacking the wisdom (see Without rarely steps in to assist a weaker demon or
the rightness of God’s rule. Demons Prudence, below) to retreat. a human dupe, even if it means the down-
espouse all sorts of heretical and blas- The absence of hope also makes fall of its schemes. Demons do not have
phemous beliefs, mostly centered on demons prone to despair. If thwarted allies, they have minions or masters.
how Satan and his followers are rightful time after time, demons are more likely
objects of worship, and God and his to abandon the effort than to persevere.
angels are either usurpers or the unjust They are all too willing to throw their Without Prudence
winners of the war in Heaven. Some of hands up in despair and retreat, forget-
these beliefs they pass on to humans, ting about their innate potential, and A lack of prudence means that
and in the process found Infernal cults. even their Powers, due to their crushing demons cannot act sensibly. They rely on
Members of the demonic order of False disappointment. their numinous intelligence, rather than
Gods (see above) are most often the intellect or reason, which can make their
objects of veneration in such cults, if plans seem erratic. Cause and effect are
not the Devil himself. A lack of faith Without Charity meaningless to spiritual entities such as
also entails a blindness of mind, making demons (and angels, for that matter); they
demons incapable of being swayed from The virtue of charity grants wis- do not require the plodding reasoning of
their beliefs, whatever they may be. In dom, joy, peace, and mercy to mankind. logic to understand a situation. Likewise,
effect, demons are lying to themselves, Demons fill the void left by charity common sense has little say in their
and as they are the consummate liars of with hatred, envy, and discord. Being thought processes. A demon acts on the
the supernatural world, these lies are the unable to feel joy themselves, Infernal knowledge that it has available to it at the
hardest to disprove. creatures strive to ensure that no one instant in which a decision is required. It
In lacking faith, demons also lack loy- experiences happiness themselves out of is as if it were constantly acting according
alty. Demons are only loyal to their mas- sheer envy. Envy can be a soul-destroy- to the dictates of intuition and inspiration,
ters for as long as their masters can exert ing passion when a human is inflicted by which in effect it is; these two qualities are
effective control over them. Demons are it — demons suffer the pain of envy all the glimpses of true intelligence to which
natural rebels at heart, and only the threat the time, a perpetual aching in the soul humans are restricted.
of violence from a more powerful demon that drives them to victimize those who Through the faculty of prudence,
keeps them in line. For this reason, pow- have achieved happiness with acts of humans gain wisdom; that is, intellect
erful demons rarely recruit other demons sheer cruelty. tempered with memory and experience.
to do minor tasks for them, for as soon Similarly, demons strive to destroy Demons rarely take past experiences into
as these lackeys are out of sight of their peace with strife, contentment with sedi- account when acting, treating every situ-
bosses, they pursue their own agendas. tion, and delight with scandal. They can- ation as a new one. They are capable of
This makes human followers and worship- not bear to see good prosper; whatever remembering the past; it is just that they
ers very important to demons; loyalty to man has made, demons have an inclina- lack the ability to connect their memory
a higher power (secular or supernatural) is tion to destroy. They often spend energy with their intelligence. Demons are there-
second nature to most humans. on small concerns, becoming distracted fore prone to repeating their mistakes,

Realms of Power
the demonic race. Justice doesn’t provide
Checklist for Roleplaying Demons truth as such, but instead allows truth to
be distinguished from lies. It is because of
No demon can do the following: • Act in a fair manner (lack of this profound lack of justice that demons
• Admit its faults (lack of faith) justice) are such consummate liars, as they do not
• Be swayed from its beliefs (lack of • Distinguish right from wrong (lack truly recognize the fundamental distinc-
faith) of justice) tion between a true statement and a false
• Remain loyal without coercion • Exhibit a conscience (lack of one. It is very hard to catch a demon
(lack of faith) justice) in a lie, because the demon is utterly
• Show love for God (lack of faith) • Act bravely in the face of a superior convinced of the rightness of its words
• Acknowledge its own weaknesses foe (lack of fortitude) at the moment of utterance. However,
(lack of hope) • Persevere with an action when it due to this inability to distinguish truth
• Persevere in the face of defeat (lack takes a turn for the worse (lack of from falsehood, they can be surprisingly
of hope) fortitude) gullible for creatures who deal in lies and
• Request assistance against an infe- • Resist impulses of their passions deception with instinctual ease.
rior foe (lack of hope) (lack of fortitude) Justice also distinguishes between
• Experience joy (lack of charity) • Act in an abstinent, sober, or celi- what is right and wrong. Without this
• Assist another to experience joy bate manner (lack of temperance) capacity, demons obey the dictates of
(lack of charity) • Display meekness or humility (lack their evil inclination with no opposing
• Act when doing so would benefit of temperance) voice telling them what is innately right.
another (lack of charity) • Control their anger (lack of Demons are therefore arbitrary, hypocriti-
• Put another’s needs before its own temperance) cal, and quarrelsome.
(lack of charity)
Some demons can simulate some of this
Most demons cannot do the following, last set of behaviors without spending Without Fortitude
except with extreme effort (and spend- Confidence. Those specializing in the
ing a Confidence Point, which not all corruption of humanity can often simu- The key gifts of the virtue of fortitude
demons have): late prudence and temperance, whereas are patience, perseverance, and courage.
• Act with forethought (lack of demons of deception do not struggle so Without fortitude, demons are cowards.
prudence) much with prudence and fortitude. The They give up easily, and are likely to flee
• Learn from past experiences (lack storyguide should determine whether a when pitted against clearly superior foes.
of prudence) given demon needs to spend Confidence This contrasts strongly with their unwill-
• Display caution (lack of prudence) to perform a particular virtuous act, but ingness to abandon a fight against an infe-
• Pretend to follow a Divine religion no demon should have carte blanche with rior foe (see Without Hope) — demons
(lack of justice) respect to a whole virtue. are the quintessential bullies. Without the
perseverance to tenaciously stick to their
and they do not learn from their errors less so for humanity), demons have the goals, they tend to abandon their plans
with any speed. Caution is also a gift miss- intelligence to realize the need for such if they become too complicated or grow
ing in demons. Caution is born of wisdom virtues (although they never admit that beyond the demon’s ability to control.
and experience, and demons are negligent they are needed because they are qualities This is useful for storyguides who want a
in the extreme. This promotes rashness that the demon itself lacks). To improve recurring villain; demons have the means
and foolhardiness, and because demons the success of their more convoluted to easily and quickly abandon a fight (by
do not acknowledge the limits of their plots, demons often encourage humans assuming spiritual form), putting them
own abilities (See Without Hope, above), to pursue their goals for them, while the safely out of harm’s way. Demons exhibit
they are prone to complex plans, which demon takes an “advisory role” to ensure no hesitation in abandoning their “allies”
they are incapable of following through. that it still has a hand on the tiller. when their cowardice overtakes them.
Even if such plans are within their power, Given the choice between hurt-
lack of fortitude (see below) means they ing someone now, or damning him in a
succumb to the quick fix too readily, and Without Justice year’s time, a demon, lacking the patience
ruin everything with the desire for instant provided by fortitude, would naturally
gratification. Justice is the virtue of religion, the choose the former. Most demons — the
The lack of prudence is a major obsta- source of piety, in that God made the insignificant ones — do just that, acting
cle for the long-term plans of demons. world for mankind, and it is just that on impulse and whim, with no long-term
Success of grand goals is often reliant on he should be praised for this. From jus- plans. The more powerful demons must
the application of common sense, wisdom, tice also comes truth, and so its lack struggle constantly to simulate patience,
and caution. Fortunately for them (and is the source of all deception within allowing them to fix their minds on future

The Infernal
goals. Unfortunately, their pride tends to
make them set up vast elaborate plans, Story Seeds: Human Assistance
unable to restrain themselves from that
extra flourish. These plans then collapse • A noble’s aged counselor, now blind, into servitude by a few simple delu-
completely when the planner seizes an lives out his life in retirement in a sions. Knowing how to manipulate
opportunity for a quick thrill. This also manor house generously provided a human’s loyalty with promises of
explains why demons include mortals in by his former employer. He receives wealth and eternal joy, it keeps the
their schemes, for mortals, no matter how regular visits from the noble’s son, worshipers utterly loyal, convinced
corrupt, are still capable of forbearance and they discuss hypothetical issues of their place in paradise even if they
and can keep a rein on the impulsiveness of morality and politics. The ‘son’ is, die in the service of their god.
of their masters. alas, a demon, taking advantage of • A demon uses two corrupted humans
the human’s innate capacity for pru- to further its plans of corrupting
dence to guide its schemes. more. Each of the lackeys operates
Without Temperance • A demon ensures the promotion of independently, in ignorance of the
his clergyman dupe to high office. It other’s existence. Inevitably, their
Due to the fact that demons lack guides his servant through dreams to plans overlap, and the demon encour-
temperance, they are always in pursuit of achieve the its goals, but the clergy- ages direct competition between the
instant gratification. They are prone to man uses his own tactics to achieve two — may the worst man win!
all the self-indulgent vices of lust, glut- those goals. • A demon employs mercenaries as
tony, and drunkenness, and practice all • A False God gathers about him a hired muscle. They are unaware of its
known forms of debauchery. However, band of devoted worshipers, tricked true nature, but are loyal to its coin.
their pursuit of pleasure is not limited
to human forms of self-gratification, and
what demons find fun is the stuff of night- strong inclination towards rebellion; even sons. Furthermore, humans are capable
mares. Without any social constraint on if sufficiently controlled, they are distract- of overcoming the inherent limitations of
their imaginations, the unnatural pleasures ed easily and tend to compromise greater demons, such as their specific weaknesses
of demons have been known to drive men schemes when presented with opportuni- or difficulties with members of the church.
mad. ties for self-indulgence or the destruction, Powerful demons have made an art
Temperance is also the virtue that gifts deceiving, or corruption of humans. form of suggesting plans to humans and
meekness and humility to humanity, and as For this reason, not all interaction letting them corrupt themselves. The
a result of its absence, demons are boast- between the Infernal and humanity is need for demonic involvement is kept to
ful, arrogant, and vain. They like nothing focused towards personal corruption of the absolute minimum, providing tweaks,
better than to inform others of how clever the human. Corruption is all the more pushes, and supernatural involvement
they are, and are likely to submit to this satisfying if the human can be convinced where necessary, but by and large demons
impulse at the moment of their apparent to tempt other humans with sin. A prom- watch rather than do.
triumph. Thus, it is not unknown for a ising candidate is approached with offers
demon to utter a crowing speech belittling of power, knowledge, or both, in return
the characters’ attempts to stop him and
revealing the full measure of his evil.
for service. The human may even be
promised exemption from Hell’s torment,
The Role of Demons
Temperance also reins in anger. The although this is not something that is
vice of wrath is never far from the surface within the power of Infernal creatures The powers of Hell have one goal
with a demon. A thwarted demon may to grant. In this, the Envisioning Power in mind — the corruption of all human-
indulge in a rampage of senseless fury of demons is of great use, allowing the ity. However, it cannot be said that all
before succumbing to despair, even to the demon to influence the human through demons have a common goal. In fact, it
extent of killing valuable henchmen or his dreams, perhaps leading to him con- can be truthfully said that every single
disrupting long-term goals. cocting and initiating the demon’s own demon on Earth has a different reason for
plots, believing them to be his own. being there. In stark contrast to the Divine
An intelligent demon places corrupted realm, which marshals God’s forces like a
Human Assistance humans at key points in their plan, making
them lynchpins that protect the demon’s
well-oiled machine towards the salvation
of mankind, the Infernal realm embod-
plans from its own failings of impatience, ies chaos, discord, strife, and schism.
As has been made clear in the previ- impulsiveness, cowardice, and lack of com- Demons are not natural team players due
ous section, demons require humans for mon sense. Human warriors are less effec- to their innate selfishness, and their main
the execution of their plans. Demonic tive, but more reliable, than demon war- strengths are the sheer number of demons
subordinates are generally more capable riors. Infernalists are superior to demons active on earth and the natural propensity
than the average human, but they have a with similar capabilities for the same rea- for man to sin.

Realms of Power
There are three major ways in which Chapter 7: Demons as Destroyers ning. This can be as subtle a task as that
demons seek to ensnare humans in the gives details of demons who are particu- of the Deceivers, for the choice to the
interests of Hell. They seek to destroy, to larly suited to roles as Destroyers. evil path must be made without super-
deceive, and to corrupt. natural coercion. The Corrupters operate
by making sin the easier, more attractive
Demons as Deceivers road; some might say that their task is
Demons as Destroyers more than half done, given the natural
The Deceivers are those demons who inclination towards evil possessed by
The simplest and least complicated aim to corrupt mankind through false- mankind.
way of winning souls for Hell is to tor- hood. Lies and trickery are effective ways The False Gods corrupt mankind
ment them during their lives. The demons to drive a human to sin. Naturally, the through wrong thought, making them
who act in the role of Destroyers have a master Deceivers are the Spirits of Deceit, abandon the roads that lead to redemp-
number of modi operandi. Some seek to sim- whose most common tactic is to warp the tion in favor of self-gratification and
ply kill humans before they have a chance worldview of a person to such an extent spiritual sloth. Those who abandon God
to repent of their sins and achieve salva- that he believes that corruption and vice have no hope of salvation, no access to
tion. However, this is an ineffective strate- are a way to salvation. This can take a the very power who could forgive them
gy, for a demon who kills indiscriminately long time. their sins.
may well dispatch souls who are in a state The order of Deluders are more The Avengers of Evil are also agents
of grace. Only an unrepented mortal sin about the simple, short-term delusion that of Corruption. While their role in Hell
damns a soul forever; venial sins entail provokes someone to sin, and then the in tormenting the sinners might be just,
only a stay in purgatory before entering maintenance of the belief that his actions those who come to earth to punish the
paradise. Such concerns are beyond the were just. By manipulating the pride of a sinners are pre-empting God’s mercy, and
weak demons who pursue these strategies, sinner, Deluders seek to ensure that he providing a false sense of moral cleanli-
drawn mainly from the orders of Furies never regrets his actions, and does not ness. Those who have suffered under the
and Tempters. seek repentance. The Watchers, who are lash of an Angel of Punishment (whether
Nevertheless, the death of a loved among the most powerful Deluders, take knowingly or not) often consider that
one can have a profound effect on those a longer view; they seek to re-educate they have suffered for their sins, and thus
left behind, and meaningless and random mankind into believing that the profane is fail to seek redemption through God.
deaths from natural disasters can go a long mundane and commonplace. They are made to feel that God owes
way toward making communities question The third order of demons acting them salvation because of the hard life
the motives of a loving God who allows as Deceivers is the Accusers. They use that has been visited upon them through
demons to cause these calamities, and their Powers to root out the innermost the agency of a demon who believes it
thereby win more souls for Hell in the guilty secrets of their chosen victim, then is doing God’s work. It is hard to know
longer term. Such is the goal of the Aerial use that knowledge to make the victim which is the most deluded — the tormen-
Powers, who inflict natural disasters in just fall even deeper into sin. They deceive tor or the tormented.
such a random fashion. their targets through misdirection, mak- The order of Tempters are clearly
An alternative tactic used by more ing them concentrate on their own selfish specialized Corrupters, in the main. From
subtle Destroyers is to destroy every- need for personal contentment, while this group come the personal corrupters,
thing that mankind values — their ignoring the true path to salvation. the personification of a person’s evil incli-
homes, their families, their self-respect. Deceivers are creatures of strategy nation, who opposes his guardian angel
This is a favored tactic of the Vessels and planning, when they can reign in and promotes a life of sin. There is no
of Iniquity, who most often ensure that their impulsiveness. They must be subtle doubt that the choice of self-indulgence
in the end, their victims have the final and slow, and tend to be effective at and selfish desires is more attractive than
choice whether to submit to sin, because simulating prudence and fortitude (nor- the austere route to personal improve-
only a willing choice for the evil action mally through Confidence expenditure), ment, but occasionally humans need a
damns a soul. although failures to be wise or patient are gentle push to show them the “right”
Destroyers are those demons who usually the downfall of their plans. path. These demons in particular stress
have the least control over their basic Chapter 6: Demons as Deceivers the sheer ease and attractiveness of a sin-
instincts and passions, and are usually of gives details of demons who are particu- ful life.
simple motive. They are occasionally used larly suited to roles as Deceivers. Corrupters are usually able to rein
by more powerful demons who employ in their impulses towards impatience, for
them for strong-arm tactics, but they need corruption is played for the long game,
to be kept on a tight rein. Destroyers are Demons as Corrupters but they suffer greatly from pride.
favored targets for infernalists to summon Chapter 5: Demons as Corruptors
and control, and they use them for terror The Corrupters are those demons gives details of demons who are particu-
and violent revenge. who directly tempt mankind into sin- larly suited to roles as Corrupters.

A Directory of Demons
Name Might Order Family Role
Adramelech, King of Fire 50 False Gods — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Aethnici (Family) 15 Aerial Powers — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Andrew 10 Accusers Infernal Ghost Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Aqrab the Conjurer 10 Deluders — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Architechus, Demon Builder 25 Furies — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Ataf the Separator 20 Spirits of Deceit — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Baal—Peor, Lord of Filth 30 False Gods — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Bael, Destroyer of Nations 30 Furies — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Berith the Ennobler 25 Spirits of Deceit — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Bomburkhan 5 Tempters Ruchin Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Bordelon, Personal Tormentor 15 Accusers — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Decani (Family) 30 Avengers of Evil — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Demons of the Fifth Trump (Family) 20 Furies — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Dibbukim (Family) 15 Furies — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Druia, a seducer 5 Tempters Incubi & Succubae Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Enervators (Family) 20 Deluders — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Famuli (Family) 10 False Gods — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Fictiles (Family) 10 Aerial Powers — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Fimus, Warrior Demon 10 Aerial Powers — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Forcas 40 Deluders Watchers Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Gaap, a Prince of Hell 10 False Gods — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Gavi, a dibbuk 15 Furies Dibbukim Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Golab, Foe of the Seraphim 30 Vessels of Iniquity — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Gourmand the Sweet-Toothed 15 Vessels of Iniquity — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Guazzo, a Personal Punisher 10 Avengers of Evil — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Hulikang, a Rabble Rouser 20 Vessels of Iniquity Merry Devils Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Hutriel, the Rod of God 25 Avengers of Evil — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Incubi & Succubae (Family) 5 Tempters — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Infernal Dragons (Family) 35 Spirits of Deceit — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Infernal Ghosts varies Furies, Accusers, or Tempters — —
Lickspitten, a famulus 10 False Gods Famuli Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Lilin (Family) 15 Tempters — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Lucifuges (Family) 20 Aerial Powers — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Maggots (Family) 5 Tempters — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Mahonin 5 Tempters Maggots Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Mazzikim (Family) 15 Tempters — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Men of Good Intent (Family) 5 Spirits of Deceit — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Merry Devils (Family) 20 Vessels of Iniquity — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Metathiax, Decanus of Kidney Diseases 30 Avengers of Evil Decani Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Miser’s Pot, Bane of the Hoarder 5 Accusers — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Morrighu the Screech-Hag 10 Aerial Powers — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Naonhaithya 40 Vessels of Iniquity — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Nithael, the Great Leveler 25 Accusers — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Nitibus, Personal Corrupter 20 Tempters Shedim Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Premnemosyne, False Prophetess 5 Spirits of Deceit Men of Good Intent Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Rahab, Prince of the Primordial Sea 35 Aerial Powers — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Reveners (Family) 20 Vessels of Iniquity — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Ruchin (Family) 5 Tempters — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Sabaoth 20 Furies — Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Shedim (Family) 20 Tempters — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Spirits of Solomon (Family) 20 Deluders — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Thaphaboath 15 Tempters Mazzikim Destroyer (Chapter 7)
Valefar, the Thief’s Demon 15 Tempters — Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Watchers (Family) 40 Deluders — Deceiver (Chapter 6)
Xaphan, Forge-man of Hell 15 Aerial Powers — Destroyer (Chapter 7)

Chapter Five

Demons as Corrupters
Adramelech, King of Fire Regal Countenance, 5 points, Init 0, Mentem: as a god called Moloch. His devout wor-
When Adramelech issues an order, shipers sacrificed babies to him, for he
Order: Prince of the False Gods those succumbing to this Power are has a special hatred of children. The
Infernal Might: 50 (Ignem) forced to obey it. The order must be infants were killed by placing them on
Characteristics: Int +3, Per 0, Pre +3, terse, unambiguous, and involve a sin- the outstretched hands of Adramelech’s
Com +1, Str +5, Sta +5, Dex +4, gle, immediate action. For every addi- immense bronze idols, so that they fell
Qik +4 tional point of Might expended on into the fire which was lit below the
Size: 0 (human), +2 (peacock) this Power, the demon can affect two statues. In modern times, he is seen on
Confidence Score: 3 (9 points) more targets with the same order. earth only upon the instigation of some
Virtues and Flaws: Greater Immunity to Coagulation, 5 points, Init –1, Corpus: See diabolist. If anyone has the temerity to
Flame and Heat, Puissant Leadership, Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic attack him physically, he can produce fire
Piercing Gaze Powers. hot enough to melt steel and scorch flesh.
Personality Traits: Proud +6, Regal +6, Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: He is not a particularly subtle demon, but
Condescending +3 Pride, Envy, Cruelty. See Chapter 4: he is not to be taken lightly.
Reputations: King of Hell 8 (Infernal), Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers.
Kindler of the Hell Fires 5 (Infernal) Shroud the Stench of the Pit, variable points,
Hierarchy: 9 Init +3, Vim: See Chapter 4: Infernal Baal-Peor, Lord of Filth
Combat: Legions, False Gods.
Great sword: Init +6, Attack +18, Defense The Wealth of Nations, 3 points, Init 0, Order: False Gods
+15, Damage +14 Terram: See Chapter 4: Infernal Infernal Might: 30 (Corpus)
Soak: +9 Legions, False Gods. Characteristics: Int +1, Per +2, Pre –5,
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, His Master’s Voice, variable points, Init +1, Com +1, Str +4, Sta +5, Dex +1,
Unconscious Vim: See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Qik +1
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5 False Gods. Size: +2
(11–15), Incapacitated (16–20) Weakness: Protected Group (Infants) Confidence Score: 3 (9 points)
Abilities: Artes Liberales 7 (geometry), Vis: 10 pawns of Ignem, in feathers of the Virtues and Flaws: Oversensitive (coitus),
Awareness 4 (sinners), Bargain 8 peacock Obese
(pacts), Brawl 4 (kick), Charm 5 (inno- Appearance: As a king, crowned in gold Personality Traits: Proud +6, Hungry +3
cent), Folk Ken 7 (diabolists), Great and robed in scarlet. His hair is made , Shame –3
Weapon 8 (great sword), Guile 10 (the of living flames, his beard is made of Reputations: Treasurer of Hell 6 (Infernal),
proud), Infernal Lore 8 (fire demons), smoke, and his eyes are glowing coals. Demon of Filth 5 (Infernal)
Intrigue 8 (the Pit), Leadership 12+2 He carries an immense sword. His Hierarchy: 6
(humans), Philosophiae 7 (metaphys- constant companion and mount is a Combat:
ics), Teaching 6 (academic abilities), huge peacock, whose tail eyespots are Noxious Vomit: Init +9, Attack +12,
Theology 8 (nature of evil) glowing eyes of fire. Defense n/a, Damage +12*
Powers: Claws: Init +4, Attack +5, Defense +6,
King of Fire, variable points, Init +3, Ignem: Adramelech is a mighty demon, one Damage +6**
Adramelech can create any Ignem- of the most powerful in Hell. He is of *See Power description
based effect, at a cost of 1 Might per ancient origin; he was among those who **Claws are coated in excrement. Unless
two magnitudes. Ritual effects cost fell with Satan, and first lit the fires of Hell injuries are cleaned carefully, they
him twice as much, and an hour to in an attempt to mimic the glorious light fester and never heal. A roll on
summon up. of Heaven. In olden times he was wor- the Recovery Table that results in
shiped by the men of Tyre and Carthage an Improvement indicates stability,

The Infernal
while a Stable result indicates that the The Wealth of Nations, 3 points, Init 0, grims used the space before his statue as
wound worsens. Once the infection Terram: See Chapter 4: Infernal a latrine, as a form of worship. Baal-Peor,
has set in, only Divine aid in healing Legions, False Gods. it is said, was sent by his masters to seek
cleanses the wounds. His Master’s Voice, variable points, Init +1, the truth of rumors that humans lived in
Soak: +8 Vim: See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, marital bliss. He tried to live as a woman,
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, –1/–1, –3, –5, False Gods. but was so disgusted by marital relations
Unconscious Weakness: Running water that he fled back to Hell.
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5 Vis: 6 pawns of Perdo, in tongue
(15–21), Incapacitated (22–28) Appearance: Baal-Peor appears as an
Abilities: Artes Liberales 4 (arithmetic), immensely fat naked man, with rolls Bomburkhan
Brawl 4 (claws), Civil and Canon Law of flab cascading down his body. He
4 (trade), Folk Ken 6 (fornication), is completely hairless, and has a repul- Order: Tempters (Ruchin)
Infernal Lore 5 (wealth), Intrigue sive, snake-like tongue. He wears a Infernal Might: 5 (Vim)
7 (envy), Medicine 4 (poisons), serpent wrapped around his girth like Characteristics: Int –2, Per 0, Pre 0, Com
Profession: Merchant 7 (unfair deals) a belt, and its head is usually draped 0, Str –9, Sta +1, Dex +6, Qik +7
Powers: over his shoulder. Size: –9
Form of Woman, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: Virtues and Flaws: Weak-Willed, Short
Baal-Peor can take the form of a Attention Span
woman, although he cannot use this Personality Traits: Resentment of Being
Power to mimic a specific woman. Controlled +5, Selfish +5, Brave –6
He always chooses a form that will Reputations: None
be considered beautiful by the target Hierarchy: 0
audience of his schemes. Combat:
Noxious Vomit, 1 point, Init +9, Corpus: Dodge: Init +7, Attack n/a, Defense +14,
This Power allows Baal-Peor to spray Damage n/a
vast amounts of vomit (or, facing the Soak: +1
other way, even less pleasant sub- Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5,
stances) through an area. His vomit is Unconscious
an expression of his spiritual vileness, Wound Penalties: –1 (1), –3 (2), –5 (3),
and does the damage indicated in his Incapacitated (4)
combat statistic through corrosion, Abilities: Athletics 5 (flying), Brawl 6
except to characters with True Faith, (dodge), Guile 6 (boasts)
whom it cannot touch. The target Powers:
must make a Strength + Size stress roll Make a Liar of the Boastful, 5 points, Init
against an Ease Factor of 9 or be sent 0, Vim: If this imp hears a boast
flying backwards. Anyone successfully and expends all of his Might Points,
struck by this vileness continues to he can immediately grant someone
suffer +3 damage in each round until nearby an Ability or Power that con-
it is washed off. This damage does not tradicts that boast, and cause them to
stack for multiple successful attacks. Baal-Peor (or Belphegor) is a demon use it immediately. Thus, if someone
Swallow Assault, 5 points, Init +3, Terram: of wealth. He creates discord by moving proclaims that she is the most beauti-
Baal-Peor may avoid injury from mun- mortal riches in disruptive ways (using ful woman in France, Bomburkhan
dane objects by opening his maw so the Wealth of Nations Power). He gives can immediately make someone more
wide that the attack slides harmlessly money to the vulnerable, so that the beautiful than the boaster. This Power
down his throat. strong are tempted to take it. He gives must penetrate Magic Resistance to
Coagulation, 3 points, Init –1, Corpus: See the possessions of the powerful to others. grant the Ability or Power to the
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic This tempts the recipients to keep their person, and that talent lasts for 1–10
Powers. stolen treasures, and rouses the powerful rounds only (roll a simple die). A
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: to recover them by force. physical change, such as the example
Shamelessness, Gluttony. See Chapter Baal-Peor was worshipped, in ancient given above, lasts until the boaster
4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers. times, less as a wealth-god than as an and the target can no longer see each
Shroud the Stench of the Pit, variable points, embodiment of the desire to consume other.
Init +3, Vim: See Chapter 4: Infernal everything and transform it into vile- Insignificance, 0 points, Init 0, Vim: No
Legions, False Gods. ness. His title, “Lord of the Openings” Magic, Infernal or Faerie Power can
describes him: an unfillable mouth leading force Bomburkhan to use any of his
to a ceaseless defecation. Priests and pil- Powers.

Realms of Power
Soak: 0
Decani Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, –2, –4,
Order: Masters of the Avengers Infernal Might: 30 (Corpus) Wound Penalties: –1 (1–4), –3 (5–8), –5
of Evil Weakness: Abhorrent Material (amulet (9–12), Incapacitated (13–16)
The decani are a type of Angel of inscribed with the name and sigil of Abilities: Charm 6 (men), Folk Ken 6
Punishment, all of whom hold the rank its opposing angel) (rumors), Intrigue 3 (merchants),
of Master. They are powerful demons Powers: Profession: Prostitute 3 (male clients)
of disease, 36 in number, three for each Ride the Diseased Body, 0 points, Init 0, Powers:
sign of the zodiac. The diseases they Corpus: This operates in the same Mutable Gender, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus:
cause each affect a different organ of the way as the Possession Power, except See Incubi and Succubae.
body, and these ailments are inflicted that when a decanus possesses a body, Harness the Wind, 1 point, Init 0, Corpus:
as a punishment for sin. Atonement is the target becomes riddled with dis- See Incubi and Succubae.
usually not sufficient for a surcease from ease. Each decanus inflicts a particular Hag Ride, 1 point, Init 0, Corpus: See
the pain; suffering often continues until disease, and no amount of medical Incubi and Succubae.
exorcism is sought out. Each decanus or magical care effects a cure. The Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See
is balanced by a specific angel who is only way to free the victim is to end Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
capable of providing relief from the the possession. The diseases inflicted Powers.
disease it inflicts, if this angel can be by decanus possession tend to be Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim:
persuaded to intercede on behalf of the long-term and debilitating, requiring Rape. See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions,
victim. The names of the 36 decani, a Stamina roll against an Ease Factor Demonic Powers.
and the angels specifically designated of 9 every week to avoid suffering a Weakness: Abhorrent Material (light)
to counter their diseases, are listed in Light Wound, and the recovery roll Vis: 1 pawn of Corpus, in hair
the Testament of Solomon. The decani is based on Stamina only. Typically, Appearance: Druia appears to be a young,
appear as typical Avengers of Evil, but a decanus possesses many victims fit woman with particularly beautiful,
appear to be afflicted with the diseases simultaneously with only one Might long hair.
that they inflict. Point each, and it is capable of divid-
An example of a decanus is ing its attention equally between all Between missions for senior demons,
Metathiax. energumen without loss of ability. Druia often works in the sex trade. She
haunts her clients, who rarely seek help
Misfortune, 0 points, Init 0, Vim: See nearby grog might suddenly hurl a Pilum to dispel her. Many do not realize she
Ruchin. of Fire which slices straight through it! is more than an exhausting dream, while
Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See Fortunately for all concerned, this Power those who do are unwilling to discuss the
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic uses all of Bomburkhan’s Might Pool, and circumstances of their meeting.
Powers. he grows bored very easily, wandering off
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: once his mischief is done.
Boastful. See Chapter 4: Infernal Gaap, a Prince of Hell
Legions, Demonic Powers.
Weakness: Vulnerability (salt) Druia the Seducer Order: False Gods
Vis: 1 pawn of Vim, in wings Infernal Might: 10 (Corpus)
Appearance: Bomburkhan appears as a Order: Tempters (Incubus/Succubus) Characteristics: Int 0, Per 0, Pre +1, Com
jet–black bat, no bigger than a per- Infernal Might: 5 (Corpus) +3, Str +2, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +2
son’s hand, but with a pinched and Characteristics: Int 0, Per 0, Pre +3, Com Size: +1
twisted human face protruding from 0, Str +1, Sta +3, Dex +1, Qik 0 Confidence Score: 1 (3 points)
the black fur. Size: –1 Virtues and Flaws: Overconfident
Virtues and Flaws: Improved Personality Traits: Proud +6, Self-
Bomburkhan was released from Hell Characteristics, Enduring Important +6, Brave –2
after the false bravado of a crusader led to Constitution, Small Frame; Reputations: Mighty Prince of Hell 7
the capture of Jerusalem. Since then he Weak-willed (Infernal)
has taken great delight in puncturing the Personality Traits: Selfish +6, Lustful +5, Hierarchy: 7
over-inflated egos of the prideful. This Deceitful +4 Combat:
ruach has an ability that could be exceed- Reputations: None Claws: Init +4, Attack +4, Defense +4,
ingly powerful, depending upon the mag- Hierarchy: 0 Damage +4
nitude of a speaker’s self-importance. For Combat: Soak: +5
example, should a magus declaim “no Dodge: Init: 0 Attack: n/a Defense: 0 Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5,
one can breach my Parma Magica!”, a Damage: n/a Unconscious

The Infernal
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–6), –3 (7–12), –5 Appearance: Gaap appears as a hand-
(13–18), Incapacitated (19–24) some, regal man, with black eyes and Famuli
Abilities: Brawl 1 (claws), Charm 5 (per- hair. He is clothed only in a loose
suasion), Guile 5 (own self-impor- toga. An immense bat perches on his Order: False Gods
tance), Infernal Lore 6 (superiors), back, its claws on his shoulders, so The famuli are amongst the least
Intrigue 5 (demonic plots) that its wings appear at first to belong of the False Gods; they are the demon-
Powers: to the demon. ic familiars given to some diabolists
Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See in return for service (see Chapter 9:
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Gaap claims to be a great president Infernal Characters, New Virtues).
Powers. and a mighty prince of Hell, in command They prove invaluable to such wizards
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: of 66 legions of infernal spirits. What he due to their ability to hide the taint of
Overconfidence. See Chapter 4: claims and what is true are hard to dis- Infernal Powers. At first glance, a famu-
Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers. tinguish, but his supposed rank has been lus appears to be only a small animal
Shroud the Stench of the Pit, variable points, recorded in infernal grimoires copied and (such as a cat, toad, small dog, or the
Init +3, Vim: See Chapter 4: Infernal disseminated across Europe, so he is a like), but within the animal form is a
Legions, False Gods. popular choice for summoning. In actual homunculus of half the size (one point
The Wealth of Nations, 3 points, Init 0, fact, Gaap is ineffectual, with only weak of Size smaller), which can detach
Terram: See Chapter 4: Infernal capabilities, yet he is a great speaker and itself from the animal and roam inde-
Legions, False Gods. highly persuasive. He is of use to those pendently. By using the Lend Senses
His Master’s Voice, variable points, Init infernalists who wish to learn about Power, a famulus can allow its owner
+1, Vim: See Chapter 4: Infernal Hell’s plots, as Gaap is usually to see or hear whatever is being sensed
Legions, False Gods. well-aware of the various intrigues by the homunculus, as long as the
Weakness: Abhorrent Material of his superiors. animal half is in physical contact. The
(borax, burnt as incense) homunculus bears more than a passing
Vis: 2 pawn, in bat-wings resemblance to the diabolist to whom
Guazzo, a Personal the famulus is bonded.
Punisher An example of a famulus is
Order: Avengers of Evil Infernal Might: 10 (Animal)
Infernal Might: 10 (Corpus) Weakness: Running Water
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +2, Pre Powers:
+1, Com +1, Str +2, Sta +2, Dex +2, Lend Senses, 1 point, Init 0, Mentem:
Qik +1 While in physical contact with
Size: 0 another being (the owner, for
Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) example), the famulus can lend that
Personality Traits: Relentless +5, being either its hearing or sight.
Passionless +4, Merciful –3 This effect lasts indefinitely, but if
Reputations: None the eavesdroppers witness a display
Hierarchy: 0 of religious sentiment, it is immedi-
Combat: ately terminated. For example, if a
Great sword*: Init +3, Attack +10, Defense witch borrows the sense of sight,
+7, Damage +18 and sees someone cross himself, or
*wreathed perpetually in flames. views a crucifix, the power of the
Soak: +5 demon fails. Likewise, if the power
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, of hearing has been borrowed then
Unconscious hearing church bells, the name of
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 God, or a mosque’s call to prayer
(6–10), –5 (11–15), Incapacitated terminates the Power.
Abilities: Charm 3 (persua-
sion), Divine Lore 3 (guardian Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See
angels), Folk Ken 4 (his “charge”), Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
Great Weapon 4 (great sword), Powers.
Infernal Lore 2 (plots), Intrigue 4 (his Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Pride.
“charge”) See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions,
Powers: Demonic Powers.

Realms of Power
Punish the Sinner, 5 points, Init +3, Corpus: Philosophiae 5 (ethics), Single
See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Weapon 5 (rod), Theology 6 (sin) Story Seed:
Avengers of Evil.
Weakness: Ordering
Coagulation, 3 points, Init –1, Corpus: See
Vis: 2 pawns of Vim, in wings Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
Appearance: Clothed in a white robe Powers. The player magi slay an infernal-
and shining with white fire, Guazzo’s Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: ist, and discover amongst his belong-
white-feathered wings are usually Frugality, Wastefulness. See Chapter ings a “magical” talking cat, trapped
wrapped around his comely frame. He 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers. in a cage for some nefarious purpose.
carries a sword of fire. Punish the Sinner, 5 points, Init +3, Corpus: Lickspitten actually climbed into the
See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, cage when it became obvious that his
Guazzo is an angel of punishment Avengers of Evil. former master would meet his end. He
who targets an individual for his particular Weakness: Compulsiveness would love to become the familiar of a
attention (that is, an unfortunate with the Vis: 5 pawns of Perdo, in rod magus of the Order....
Plagued by a Demon Flaw). However, his Appearance: Hutriel, like other Malakhe
victim is unaware of the Infernal status of Habbalah, is forged from chains of Size: –3
his “guardian angel,” and has instead been fire, gold and black in his case. He Confidence Score: 1 (3 points)
told that he is destined for great things, carries a rod of iron, bound in chains, Virtues and Flaws: Perfect Balance,
so God has sent an angel to watch over with which he strikes wrongdoers. Puissant Awareness, Sharp Ears;
him. Guazzo encourages his charge to do Nocturnal
things that work towards his destiny (but Hutriel (the “Rod of God”) punishes Personality Traits: Proud +6, Complacent
which actually work towards a more dubi- the profligate, particularly those who +5, Lazy +3, Courageous –4
ous goal), while punishing him at every are extravagant with their wealth. He Reputations: None
opportunity for any character flaws he despises those who use their wealth as Hierarchy: 0
might display. Guazzo is only appropriate a display of status, and those who use Combat:
for a character whose player is comfort- it as a means to other sins, such as glut- Claws: Init +2, Attack +9, Defense +9,
able with the difference between player tony and lust. Unfortunately, Hutriel’s Damage –1
and character knowledge. zeal in pursuing squanderers often spills Bite: Init +3, Attack +9, Defense +6,
over onto those who are merely gener- Damage –2
ous, and the “angel” seems unaware of Soak: +1
Hutriel, the Rod of God the difference. While understanding the Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5,
virtue of charity, Hutriel believes that Unconscious
Order: Avengers of Evil only “professionals” such as the clergy Wound Penalties: –1 (1–2), –3 (3–4), –5
Infernal Might: 25 (Corpus) are qualified to identity the needy and (5–6), Incapacitated (7–8)
Characteristics: Int –1, Per +5, Pre –1, distribute alms with impartiality; oth- Abilities: Athletics 3 (jumping), Awareness
Com –3, Str +3, Sta +3, Dex +3, ers exercising charity are (in his view) 4 (at night), Brawl 2 (claws), Hunt 4
Qik +3 doing it for reasons of self-importance. (mice), Stealth 4 (stalking), Survival
Size: +2 He uses his Obsession of Wastefulness 3 (villages)
Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) to tempt mortals into profligacy; those Powers:
Personality Traits: Relentless +5, who fail his test are doomed to suffer Lend Senses, 1 point, Init 0, Mentem: See
Passionless +4, Good Judge of his punishments, for they clearly need Famuli.
Character –3, Merciful –3 to learn the error of their ways and Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See
Reputations: Scourge of the Indulgent reform. Those undergoing re-education Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
1 (Infernal), Angel of Punishment 1 by Hutriel often become misers (thanks Powers.
(Infernal) to his second Obsession of Frugality). Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim:
Hierarchy: 1 This modus operandi is typical of the Complaisance. See Chapter 4: Infernal
Combat: Avengers of Evil. Legions, Demonic Powers.
Rod: Init +4, Attack +13, Defense +10, Shroud the Stench of the Pit, variable points,
Damage +10 Init +3, Vim: See Chapter 4: Infernal
Soak: +5 Lickspitten, a Famulus Legions, False Gods.
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, The Wealth of Nations, 3 points, Init 0,
Unconscious Order: False Gods (Famuli) Terram: See Chapter 4: Infernal
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5 Infernal Might: 10 (Animal) Legions, False Gods.
(15–21), Incapacitated (22–28) Characteristics: Int +1, Per +3, Pre 0, His Master’s Voice, variable points, Init +1,
Abilities: Awareness 4 (sinners), Civil Com 0, Str –3, Sta 0, Dex +4, Qik Vim: See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions,
& Canon Law 4 (wrongdoing), +3 False Gods.

The Infernal
Weakness: Running Water
Vis: 2 pawn of Vim, in his tail Incubi & Succubae
Appearance: Lickspitten is a cat, com-
pletely back except for ten white Order: Tempters Mutable Gender, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus:
hairs on his belly, which form a five These two manifestations of the These demons can switch gender
pointed star. same creature are described by their at will.
role in sexual intercourse. The incubus, Harness the Wind, 1 point, Init 0, Corpus:
Lickspitten is a typical famulus in literally the one that lies above, is a This Power allows the demon to fly
service to a witch. He demands to be fed masculine form, while the succubus, that swiftly from one place to any other.
blood from the witch’s own body, and in which lies below, is a feminine form. The Power lasts until the journey’s
return performs minor chores such as hid- They are, however, the same creature, end, or dawn. Most demons do
ing the taint of her unclean Powers, and one that uses its capacity to switch gen- not bother to do this: they instead
allowing her to eavesdrop on the plans of der to harvest the seed of evil men, and discorporate and then generate a
her rivals. convey it to evil women. These demons fresh body at the new location.
rarely target those outside the age of Sexual demons can do this, instead
virility. An incubus or succubus appears of using this Power, but lose their
Metathiax, Decanus as a handsome or beautiful human being, cargo when they do.
of Kidney Diseases but can be distinguished from a human Hag Ride, 1 point, Init 0, Corpus: The
because its right hand is on the end of its demon may “ride” a victim for an
Order: Master of the Avengers of Evil left arm, and vice versa; the same is true evening. This Power causes the vic-
(Decani) for its feet. These demons take pains to tim to lie, fully conscious but unable
Infernal Might: 30 (Corpus) conceal this fact. to struggle, while assaulted by the
Characteristics: Int +3, Per +1, Pre 0, Sex is a powerful corrupting force demon. If the demon is in spiritual
Com –3, Str +4, Sta +4, Dex +4, in the service of Hell (just take a look form, the victim can see ghost-like
Qik +4 at the Book of Leviticus), and there are glimpses of his assailant. Being ridden
Size: +2 more demons devoted to it than just the by these demons causes the loss of a
Confidence Score: 2 (6 points) Incubi/Succubae; while these are the long-term Fatigue level, and prevents
Virtues and Flaws: Greater Immunity most common, they are also the least the recovery of any other Fatigue
(disease), Lesser Purifying Touch (kid- powerful. More powerful sexual demons levels during the night. Sometimes
ney diseases), Puissant Medicine can often cause wounds to their targets a victim is ridden on consecutive
Personality Traits: Relentless +5, or kill them instantly. evenings, and loses additional Fatigue
Passionless +4, Merciful –3 An example succubus is Druia. level each evening. Some powerful
Reputations: Master of the Choir of Infernal Might: 5 (Corpus) sexual demons can cause wounds, or
Archangels 3 (Infernal) Virtues and Flaws: Enduring can kill with a single ride, but these
Hierarchy: 3 Constitution lowly spirits cannot. Others can ride
Combat: Weakness: Abhorrent Material (light) victims in their dreams. The target
Bludgeon: Init +4, Attack +9, Defense +7, Powers: regains the power to move at dawn.
Damage +6
Soak: +5 Punish the Sinner, 5 points, Init +3, Corpus: Metathiax is the decanus who inflicts
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, diseases of the kidneys. When he uses his
Unconscious Avengers of Evil. Punish the Sinner Power, stabbing abdom-
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5 Weakness: Abhorrent Material (amulet inal pains are inflicted on the victim. The
(15–21), Incapacitated (22–28) inscribed with the sigil of Adonael) diseases he inflicts rot the kidneys and
Abilities: Awareness 4 (sinners), Brawl 2 Vis: 8 pawns of Corpus, in water jug the bladder, causing extreme pain when
(bludgeon), Chirurgy 6 (infection), Appearance: Metathiax appears as an urinating and the passing of blood. He
Medicine 10+2 (kidney diseases) emaciated angelic figure composed rules the first third of Cancer’s reign,
Powers: of black fire and clothed in a robe of and always commences his attacks during
Ride the Diseased Body, 0 points, Init 0, red with a blue hood. He carries a jug the full moon. A knowledgeable exorcist
Corpus: See Decani. of water. Like all Avengers of Evil, knows that the attacks of Metathiax may
Coagulation, 3 points, Init –1, Corpus: See his face is expressionless. He rarely be calmed by the reading of poetry, and
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic assumes a gross physical form, instead those who attempt such therapy may gain
Powers. attacking his chosen victim using his a bonus to recovery rolls equal to one=half
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Powers. of the poet’s Ability score. Metathiax is
Repentance. See Chapter 4: Infernal thwarted by the angel Adonael.
Legions, Demonic Powers.

Realms of Power
Vis: 2 pawns of Vim, in each of his two
Ruchin tongues
Appearance: His true appearance is as a
Order: Tempters An example of a ruach is Bomburkhan. pointy-nosed man with a face on both
The ruchin (singular ruach) are the Infernal Might: 5 (Vim) sides of his head. One face flatters his
evil spirits who cause misfortune and ill- Weakness: Vulnerability (salt) victim, the other criticizes others. He
luck, in the vernacular often referred to Powers: wears the same clothes as his victim,
as imps. It is said that a ruach is released Misfortune, 0 points, Init 0, Vim: As agents but does not look quite as good in
from Hell every time a sin is freely com- of misfortune, the presence of ruach them. When clothed in his Apparition
mitted, and that one is destroyed every causes the worst luck. In games of Power, only one of his faces can be
time a selfless act is performed. It is a sheer chance, the odds always favor seen at a time, but his neck spins to
sad comment on the state of the world the opponent of the imp’s target. In interchange between the two.
that the number of ruchin seems to be other matters where luck is more of
increasing day by day. a factor than judgment or skill, the Nitibus attaches himself to those who
Ruchin appear as vermin: rats, bats, target receives a penalty of –2 to any have a natural inclination towards criti-
and insects, each with a twisted human rolls. This misfortune lasts until the cism. He then encourages this vice at every
face. They are never larger than Size –5. ruach grows bored or is driven off. opportunity, whispering into the ear of his
victim to indicate any opportunities that he
Nitibus, a Personal Personality Traits: Selfish +5, Obsequious might have otherwise missed to put others
Corrupter +4, Scathing +2 down and belittle their efforts. Nitibus
Hierarchy: 0 panders to the vanity of his chosen victim
Order: Tempter (Shedim) Combat: (who suffers from the Story Flaw Plagued
Infernal Might: 20 (Vim) Claws: Init +3, Attack +7, Defense +6, by a Demon), always pointing out how
Characteristics: Int +1, Per –1, Pre +1, Damage +5 much better he is than his peers.
Com +3, Str +3, Sta +3, Dex +2, Soak: +4
Qik +2 Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Unc.
Size: 0 Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5 Valefar, the Thief’s Demon
Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) (11–15), Incapacitated (16–20)
Virtues and Flaws: Weak–Willed Abilities: Brawl 3 (claws), Charm 4 (cho- Order: Tempters
sen victim), Folk Ken 6 (character Infernal Might: 15 (Animal)
faults), Guile 6 (imaginary faults) Characteristics: Int +1, Per +2, Pre +1,
Powers: Com +1, Str +4, Sta +3, Dex +2,
Apparition, 1 point, Init 0, Qik +1
Imaginem: See Shedim. Size: +3
Protection of the Close Friend, Confidence Score: 1 (3 points)
0 points, Init +3, Virtues and Flaws: Improved character-
Mentem: See Shedim. istics (x2), Piercing Gaze, Puissant
Coagulation, 2 points, Brawl, Tough, Weak-willed
Init –1, Corpus: See Personality Traits: Gloating +3
Chapter 4: Infernal Reputations: Master Thief 3 (Infernal)
Legions, Demonic Hierarchy: 3
Powers. Combat:
Obsession, 1 to 3 Claws: Init +1, Attack +15, Defense +13,
points, Init –5, Vim: Damage +8
Overconfident. Soak: +11
See Chapter 4: Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, –1/–1, –3/–3,
Infernal Legions, –5, Unconscious
Demonic Powers. Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5
We a k n e s s : (15–21), Incapacitated (22–28)
Protected Group Abilities: Awareness 3 (legal authori-
(victims who willingly ties), Brawl 5+2 (claws), Folk Ken 5
and totally reject him, (thieves), Infernal Lore 3 (necromantic
fueling such rejection with objects), Intrigue 3 (Hell’s politics),
a Confidence or Faith Point) Legerdemain 5 (filching), Stealth 5

The Infernal
Honor Among Thieves, 3 point, Init 0, Corpus: Shedim
Each use of this Power prevents a
single thief from revealing a specified Order: Tempters or a point of Faith (perhaps a point
secret. If the thief tries to speak the The shedim (singular shedeh) are of Faith acquired by repenting of the
secret, his tongue does not move, and the true tempters of mankind; one of sins committed while influenced by the
he attracts Valefar’s attention. Valefar them is assigned to every human being demon).
then typically ensures that he dies, in direct opposition to that person’s An example of a shedeh is Nitibus.
preferably by being hanged for a theft guardian angel. However, most people Infernal Might: 20 (Vim)
he did not commit. are not aware of their shedeh; those who Weakness: Protected Group (victims
Itching Thumbs, 1 point, Init +5, Corpus: have the Major Story Flaw Plagued by a who willingly and totally rejects the
Each use of this Power grants a thief Demon may have shedim that they are demon, fueling the rejection with a
a +3 bonus on a single roll that allows consciously aware of, that they can see, Confidence or Faith Point)
him to steal. It only aids actual theft, and that actively try to cause them to Powers:
so it aids a pickpocket or window stray from the path of good. Apparition, 1 point, Init 0, Imaginem:
fisherman, but not a housebreaker The shedeh feeds from the yezer Shedim may assume an illusory form
climbing a wall or a lock picker open- ha-ra (evil inclination), which is part of that only their chosen victims can
ing a chest. every person, and it is very difficult to perceive. To victims, the form appears
The Sleep of the Hand of the Thief, 5 points, shake off the influence of a shedeh, as it to be a real person in all respects.
Init 0, Mentem: This Power makes seems like an old friend. It may whisper Protection of the Close Friend, 0 points, Init
all people within a building who are to its target using its Envisioning Power, +3, Mentem: The chosen victim of
asleep unwakable until dawn. and such comments appear to come a shedeh cannot act directly against
Coagulation, 2 points, Init –1, Corpus: See from the victim’s own head (and should it without extreme provocation; it
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic be provided as advice from the story- would be akin to attacking one’s
Powers. guide with nary a mention of a demon). own mother. The victim may be as
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: A shedeh is left powerless if its angry as they like with the demon,
Larceny. See Chapter 4: Infernal victim realizes he is being manipulated but actually physically opposing it
Legions, Demonic Powers. and makes a positive effort to throw off requires a huge effort of will, which
Weakness: Protected Group (those who the demon’s influence. This requires the must be repeated every time the vic-
venerate thieves) spending of either a point of Confidence tim wants to renew his attacks.
Vis: 3 pawns of Corpus, in his left thumb
Appearance: Valefar appears as a large
hairless lion with the head of a man. The Hand of Glory
Diabolists have many uses for Valefar. Valefar can teach any individual, Infernal Sleep of the Damned
His Powers assist conspiracy, and he is one whether Gifted or not, to make a hand Re(In)Me 25
of the demons that teaches how to manu- of glory by taking the hand of a hanged Pen +0
facture magical items out of the remains murderer and dipping it in specially pre- R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Structure
of hanged criminals. Valefar can also find pared wax. Those Valefar has aided in A hand of glory renders most people
mandrakes for his masters. His impos- thievery are particularly suitable donors. within a building, other than its holder,
ing physical presence and knowledge of The hand is fitted with candles made unconscious until sunrise or the hand is
thievery make him a skilled guard. Because from a noxious wax, with wicks made extinguished, whichever comes first. The
he is of relatively low intelligence, he is from the hair of a dead man, so that each hand does not affect brave or pious peo-
easily dominated by a quick-witted master. finger can be lit like a candle. A hand of ple (with appropriate Personality Traits
However, Valefar is not as dim-witted as glory has five charges, once per finger. at +3 or more), or those possessing relics.
one might think. He always leads his mas- Each has the effect described below, Those rendered unconscious cannot be
ters to the gallows before they can repent. which can also be created by Hermetic awakened by natural means, which allows
He is aware that he is not a skilled schemer, magic, as the spell Infernal Sleep of the them to be bound or murdered while
but he knows many demons that are, and Damned. (Since this Power is identical they sleep. The hand may not be doused
he is willing to work under their direction, to a possible Hermetic spell, some magi with water, but can be extinguished with
so long as it always appears that he works make Hermetic hands of glory, which milk or the breath of whoever lit it. The
alone. His limitation includes members need not even be hands; Valefar loathes hand will not light if there is anyone
of the Order of Hermes, who venerate magi who do this.) The Infernal item has awake in the building. Failure to light the
Hermes. He therefore hates Hermetic Penetration 0, but does not suffer from hand does not use a charge.
magi and sets his people against them. Valefar’s weakness unless the demon (Effect: Base 4, +1 Touch, +3
made it personally. Structure, +1 In requisite)

Chapter Six

Demons as Deceivers
Andrew, an Infernal Ghost whom he targets with his Envisioning Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5,
Power). He appears as he did in life, Unconscious
Order: Accusers a husky peasant with a misshapen Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5
Infernal Might: 10 (Mentem) nose, except that he has a pair of (11–15), Incapacitated (16–20)
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +2, Pre –2, horns, and bat wings protrude from Abilities: Charm 5 (seduction), Diablerie
Com 0, Str n/a, Sta n/a, Dex n/a, Qik his shoulders. He carries a mallet and 8 (mazzikim), Faerie Lore 6 (djinni),
n/a a handful of rusty nails, each eight Guile 6+2 (about magic), Incantation
Size: 0 inches long. 5 (when invoking names), Infernal
Virtues and Flaws: Ability Block (Social Lore 6 (mazzikim), Magic Lore 6
Abilities) Andrew was hanged eight years ago (spirits), Single Weapon 4 (short
Personality Traits: Cruel +6, Hatred for for murdering his wife and her lover. This sword), Teaching 6+2 (Summoning)
Women +4, Lustful +2 crime, while motivated by passion, was Powers:
Reputations: None not a crime of the moment: Andrew care- Duplicate the Magi’s Creation, variable points,
Hierarchy: 0 fully staged the situation which would Init +1, variable Form: See Chapter 4:
Abilities: Area Lore 4 (adulterers), cause the most torment to the adulterers, Infernal Legions, Deluders. Aqrab can
Awareness 3 (searching), Carouse poisoning them with a slow-acting toxin only duplicate Creo spells.
3 (ale), Profession: Carpenter 5 and then driving nails into their writh- Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See
(coffins) ing bodies as they died. Andrew now Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
Powers: walks the earth uncovering the crimes of Powers.
Nails of the Cuckold’s Vengeance, 1 point, Init unfaithful lovers. Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim:
+1, Corpus: Each use of this Power Thirst for Knowledge. See Chapter 4:
causes a stabbing pain in a part of the Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers.
body, as if a nail had been driven into Aqrab the Conjurer Delusion, 1 or 5 points, Init +3, Imaginem:
it. This disrupts concentration, and, if See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions,
a Stamina roll against an Ease Factor Order: Deluders Deluders.
of 6 is failed, the loss of a Fatigue Infernal Might: 10 (Vim) Duplicate the Magi’s (Technique) Spell, variable
level. The puncture wounds caused by Characteristics: Int +1, Per –1, Pre +1, points, Init +1, variable Form.
this attack are clearly visible. Com +3, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +2, Goetic Arts: Summoning 10, Commanding
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Qik +2 10
Misogyny. See Chapter 4: Infernal Size: 0 Weakness: Vulnerability (gold)
Legions, Demonic Powers. Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) Vis: 2 pawns of Imaginem, in eyes (all one
Betrayal of the Heart, 2 points, Init 0, Virtues and Flaws: Commanding, hundred of them!)
Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Diablerie, Incantation, Summoning; Appearance: In her natural form, Aqrab is
Legions, Accusers. Puissant Guile, Puissant Teaching a cloud of midnight-blue smoke filled
Whispers Behind the Back, 2 points, Init Personality Traits: Curious +4, Credible with eyes and gaping maws. She usu-
0, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal +3, Charming +3, Sly +2 ally cloaks herself in illusion so that
Legions, Accusers. Reputations: Powerful Sorceress 3 she appears as an Arabic woman with
Weakness: Protected Group (children) (Infernal) blue skin and dark blue hair, wearing
Vis: None — Andrew has no ability to Hierarchy: 3 only a loincloth. She may also appear
form a body, and thus cannot leave Combat: as the same woman, but without the
behind a corpse. Short sword: Init +3, Attack +10, Defense blue coloring; in this form she dresses
Appearance: Andrew can only be seen by +8, Damage +6 in blue.
those with Second Sight (and those Soak: +2

The Infernal
Aqrab is a Deluder who is most active Trust of the Innocent, 1 point, Init –1, Virtues and Flaws: Landed Noble*,
in Islamic lands. She masquerades as either Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Long–Winded
a sorceress or a djinnja who is willing to Legions, Spirits of Deceit. *Not a true title, but he is treated as
teach others her magic, which, along Forked Tongue of the Serpent, 3 points, Init such.
with other Powers, includes knowledge –1, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Personality Traits: Arrogant +6, Deceitful
of how to summon magical creatures. Legions, Spirits of Deceit. +6, Trustworthy –5
What she actually does is places them The Serpent’s Oracle, 2 points, Init –3, Vim: Reputations: Ennobler of Riches 3
on the road towards becoming diabolists. See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, (Infernal), Teacher of Alchemists 1
She is capable of teaching the Infernal Spirits of Deceit. (Infernal)
Abilities of Incantation and Diablerie (see Weakness: Protected Group (True Hierarchy: 3
Chapter 10: Maleficia), and the Goetic Lovers) Combat:
Arts of Summoning and Commanding Vis: 4 pawns of Mentem, in tongue Great sword: Init +2, Attack +11*, Defense
(see Chapter 11: Ars Goetia) to Gifted stu- Appearance: Ataf’s natural form is of a +11*, Damage +14
dents. Anyone learning from her subtracts human male with the head of a ser- Hooves: Init +2, Attack +5, Defense +8,
her Might from the penalty applied to pent. However, as a shapechanging Damage +6
Study Totals when learning Supernatural demon he can adopt the form of any *Includes a +3 bonus for being mounted.
Abilities (ArM5, page 166). man or woman he meets. When he Soak: +15
changes shape, he adopts the clothing Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0/0, –1/–1, –3/–3,
of his new form. –5, Unconscious
Ataf the Separator Wound Penalties: –1 (1–8), –3 (9–16), –5
Ataf’s special province is in separating (17–24), Incapacitated (25–32)
Order: Spirits of Deceit a husband from his wife. He does not tar- Abilities: Athletics 6 (galloping), Brawl
Infernal Might: 15 (Corpus) get those whose marriages are already on 6 (hooves), Folk Ken 6 (noble land
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +1, Pre 0, Com shaky ground; instead he victimizes those claims), Great Weapon 6 (great
+3, Str +2, Sta +3, Dex +3, Qik +2 couples who have an apparently happy sword), Guile 6 (ennobling things),
Size: 0 marriage. His usual modus operandi is to Intrigue 8 (mortal nobles)
Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) impersonate one half of the couple and Powers:
Virtues and Flaws: Hatred (True Lovers) be seen conspicuously by neighbors and Ennoble the Base, 1 point, Init 0, Mentem:
Personality Traits: Deceitful +6, Vengeful friends acting in an inappropriate manner. Makes any one target see a situation,
+4, Trustworthy –5 Ataf prefers to allow suspicion, jealousy, argument, idea, or object as more
Reputations: Sower of Discord 1 and recrimination to drive husband and noble than it is.
(Infernal) wife apart, feelings that he reinforces with Face of the Count, 5 points, Init 0, Corpus:
Hierarchy: 1 his Obsessions. To his eternal frustration, Transforms a volunteer into a fac-
Combat: his Powers do not work on those with simile of a particular nobleman. This
Dodge: Init +2, Attack n/a, Defense +6, True Love; they never mistake his shape- transformation does not change the
Damage n/a changed form for their beloved (but mere- memories or personality of the target,
Fist: Init +2, Attack +6, Defense +5, ly see someone who looks vaguely similar and is dispelled by participation in
Damage +2 to them), and his other Powers are simi- any sacrament.
Soak: +3 larly affected. However, he is unable to Seven Leagues in One Night, 1 point, Init
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Unc. recognize True Love until his Powers fail; –3, Animal: This Power allows Berith
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5 more than one of his “projects” has been to travel at tremendous speed, three
(11–15), Incapacitated (16–20) brought low by True Lovers, and when he times faster than any normal horse.
Abilities: Brawl 3 (dodge), Charm 4 (sex encounters them, he often abandons his He can cross water as if it were dry
opposite to current form), Folk Ken 6 usual subtlety and lashes out against them land. He can carry anyone who vol-
(married couples), Intrigue 5 (marital with uncharacteristic violence. untarily sits upon his back.
disharmony) Coagulation, 3 points, Init –1, Corpus: See
Powers: Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
Coagulation, 2 points, Init –1, Corpus: See Berith the Ennobler Powers.
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim:
Powers. Order: Spirits of Deceit Pretensions to Greatness. See Chapter
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Infernal Might: 25 (Corpus) 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers.
Jealousy, Suspicion. See Chapter 4: Characteristics: Int +3, Per +1, Pre 0, Change Form, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus
Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers. Com 0, Str +5, Sta +5, Dex –3, Qik or Animal: See Chapter 4: Infernal
Change Form, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus 0 Legions, Spirits of Deceit.
or Animal: See Chapter 4: Infernal Size: +3
Legions, Spirits of Deceit. Confidence Score: 2 (6 points)

Realms of Power
Trust of the Innocent, 1 point, Init –1, a red horse. He always wears a crown. is always apparent, and he never chooses
Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Berith may look like a mounted man, to manifest in any other shape.
Legions, Spirits of Deceit. but his humanoid portion does not Berith’s favorite ploy is the produc-
Forked Tongue of the Serpent, 3 points, Init detach from his equine portion. tion of unworthy noblemen. Sometimes,
–1, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal he arranges for a landowner to be slain,
Legions, Spirits of Deceit. Berith can transform the way that and then substitutes a magically altered
The Serpent’s Oracle, 2 points, Init –3, Vim: things seem, so that they appear nobler servant. Such imposters do not have the
See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, than they are. Berith is a consummate liar memories or personalities of the people
Spirits of Deceit. because he can make ideas seem noble. they replace and must work diligently to
Weakness: Protected Group (noblemen He is popular with alchemists, because forestall discovery. Berith’s illusion cannot
who meet all of their obligations) he can make base metals seem valuable, survive the sacraments, so his servants
Vis: 5 pawns of Imaginem, in tin crown. and offers valueless instruction that seems usually pretend to take communion pri-
Appearance: Berith appears as a soldier, wise. Berith’s arrogance prevents him from vately. Berith also often helps usurpers to
dressed completely in red, and riding transforming himself: his demonic nature claim honors. His greatest success, help-
ing Abimelech to rule over Israel of three
years as if he were its king, is recorded in
the Book of Judges.

Bordelon, a Personal
Order: Accusers
Infernal Might: 15 (Corpus)
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Pre 0,
Com +2, Str –1, Sta 0, Dex +3, Qik
Size: 0
Confidence Score: 1 (3 points)
Virtues and Flaws: Piercing Gaze, Puissant
Personality Traits: Cruel +6, Stern +5,
Implacable +3
Reputations: None
Hierarchy: 0
Switch: Init +6, Attack +11, Defense +10,
Damage +4
Soak: +2
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5,
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5
(11–15), Incapacitated (16–20)
Abilities: Leadership 6+2 (children),
Single Weapon 5 (switch)
Crushing the Will, 2 points, Init 0, Mentem:
This Power saps the will and vital-
ity of its target, leaving him list-
less, less energetic, and withdrawn.
All Personality Trait rolls suffer a
–3 modifier, and the target may not
spend Confidence Points to increase
other rolls. Each use of this Power
lasts until the victim has slept for at
least six hours.

The Infernal
Chastise the Disobedient, 0 points, Init +3,
Corpus: Every strike of Bordelon’s Enervators
switch inflicts a fearsome sting.
Double the Wound Penalties inflict- Order: Deluders but can choose to spend more. The
ed by the weapon, although these These demons lurk around magi- demon must also penetrate the
extra penalties vanish after an hour. cians and make their magic appear to be Magic Resistance of the spellcaster,
Wound Penalties caused by any actu- stronger than it really is. They promote if any. For every point of Might
al wounds she inflicts are healed as overconfidence. This surge of power is spent by the demon, the magus gets
normal. often used to negate the usual draining +2 to his Casting Total. However,
Coagulation, 2 points, Init –1, Corpus: See effect on magic-affiliated Powers in an spells enhanced by this Power may
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Infernal aura, and sometimes to even be manipulated in minor ways by the
Powers. mimic the effects of a Magical aura. demon, such as changing the target
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Enervators appear as typical Deluders of the spell, ending concentration
Shame. See Chapter 4: Infernal — slashes of darkness filled with eyes at the whim of the demon, and the
Legions, Demonic Powers. and teeth — but also have disembodied, like. The spell must remain within
Betrayal of the Heart, 2 points, Init 0, clawed hands floating around in the the rules for Similar Spells (ArM5,
Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal darkness. page 101), and can’t be more pow-
Legions, Accusers. Infernal Might: 20 (Vim) erful than the spell level + Might
Whispers Behind the Back, 2 points, Init Weakness: Salt Points spent, but the demon is free
0, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Powers: to manipulate any one aspect of
Legions, Accusers. Deceiver’s Boost, 1 or more points, Init the spell otherwise. If a spellcaster’s
Weakness: Protected Group (red-haired +5, Vim: When a demon uses this player rolls a zero while being influ-
women) Power, its target is a spell cast by a enced by this Power, he must roll an
Vis: 3 pawns of Mentem, in hair mortal. The demon must spend at extra botch die.
Appearance: Bordelon appears as a stern- least one Might Point on the effect,
faced old woman, with hair tied back
in such a tight bun that it distorts Forcas Magic Lore 4 (herbalism), Phantasm 8
her face. Her small horns are hid- (changing appearance), Philosophiae
den within this hair. Her skin is Order: Duke of the Deluders (Watchers) 6 (natural sciences), Profession: Actor
mottled with liver-spots, and she Infernal Might: 40 (Corpus) 4 (lip movements), Teaching 6 (Artes
wears an austere gown which covers Characteristics: Int +4, Per 0, Pre 0, Com Liberales), Theology 4 (heresy dis-
her cloven hooves and forked tail. +2, Str +1, Sta +4, Dex +2, Qik +6 guised as doctrine)
She affects the demeanor of a stern Size: +3 Powers:
governess. She carries a switch of Confidence Score: 2 (6 points) Hide from Mortal Sight, 4 points, Init +6,
willow bound with leather, which she Virtues and Flaws: Debauchery, Effusion, Imaginem: Forcas can render anyone
wields with expert ability to inflict Phantasm; Good Teacher, Puissant he can see invisible, although they
the most pain. Artes Liberales, Puissant Guile; are never hidden from his sight. This
Noncombatant is true invisibility, as it cannot be
Bordelon believes that meekness is a Personality Traits: Arrogant +4, Credible revealed with Hermetic magic, due
virtue, and that those who strive to bet- +3, Sly +2, Wise Demeanor +2 to its Infernal nature. The invisibility
ter themselves are victims of pride. Her Reputations: Duke of Rhetoric 7 lasts until the next Sunday, or until
goal is to crush all ambition and prevent (Infernal) Forcas decides to cancel it.
those whom she watches from committing Hierarchy: 7 Retrieve That Which is Lost, 4 points, Init
the very sin of Satan himself. Bordelon Combat: +6, Terram: Forcas can locate any
chooses a child early on in his life and Dodge: Init +6, Attack n/a, Defense +10, object to which he has an Arcane
becomes his personal tormentor (granting Damage n/a Connection, or a sympathetic con-
the Story Flaw Plagued by a Demon). The Soak: +4 nection such as its true owner. Once
child soon learns that the demon’s periodic Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, located, he can cause the item to dis-
appearances are more frequent whenever Unconscious appear from its current location and
he tries to distinguish himself from his Wound Penalties: –1 (1–8), –3 (9–16), –5 appear in close proximity to himself.
peers, so her victims tend to become with- (17–24), Incapacitated (25–32) This Power must penetrate the Magic
drawn, unambitious, and meek. Whenever Abilities: Artes Liberales 8+2 (mathemat- Resistance of anyone holding or wear-
her victim acts in a way that would grant ics), Brawl 3 (dodge), Debauchery ing the summoned object.
a Confidence Point due to increased self- 10 (Phantasm), Effusion 12, Guile The Wordless Conversation, 0 points, Init 0,
worth, he can expect a visit from Bordelon 7+2 (hedge wizards), Infernal Lore 6 Mentem: See Watchers.
to punish the presumption. (hierarchies), Intrigue 4 (academic),

Realms of Power
See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions,
Infernal Dragons Deluders.
Weakness: Ordering
Order: Masters of the Spirits of Weakness: Protected Group (the pure Vis: 7 pawns of Mentem
Deceit of heart) Appearance: His natural form is that of
These hideous demons can be found Powers: a Watcher, although by using his
haunting isolated patches of wilderness, Venom, 0 points, Init +3, Aquam: The Unholy Power of Phantasm (see
often mountains and swamps. They take spittle of an Infernal Dragon is a Chapter 10: The Maleficia: Phantasm)
the form of dragons of at least Size hideous venom that rots flesh and he usually takes the form of an aged
+5, with corroded scales of a disgusting other organic material. Anyone bit- man who leans on a gnarled staff
green-black hue and immense, tooth- ten by one of these creatures, even carved with many watching eyes. Like
filled maws. Infernal dragons rarely have if the bite damage was fully Soaked, all Watchers he is mute, but commu-
wings. Each dragon has at least one must make a Stamina roll against an nicates directly with the minds of his
human form that it regularly adopts, and Ease Factor of 9 or suffer a Medium targets while pretending to speak by
may take an interest in the local human Wound. If the saliva comes into con- moving his mouth in the appropriate
population, often exploiting them and tact with wood or any softer organic manner.
causing misery. Many use their pow- material (such as leather armor, or
ers of deceit to provoke wars between the leather straps of metal armor), it Forcas is well known among natu-
neighboring lands, to slake their hunger dissolves it in one round. ral magicians and other educated hedge
for corpses. They may only be safely con- Poison the Air, 8 points, Init +0, Auram: wizards; he devotes his time to teaching
fronted by the pure of heart, whom they The demon can exhale a cloud of them rhetoric, logic, and mathematics,
cannot harm; to claim this protection a poisonous smoke which pollutes the as well as the Unholy Powers he knows.
character must have either True Faith or air for up to a league (depending Like many Deluders, he claims to be an
at least two noble Personality Traits at +3 upon the prevailing wind). Plants airy spirit (aligned to the Magic realm,
or higher, and no sins on her conscience coming into contact with this smoke rather than the Infernal realm), and seem-
which have not been absolved. wither and die, and creatures take ingly teaches his lore out of goodwill. He
Infernal Might: 35 (Animal) +15 corrosion damage. usually acquires a famulus (see Chapter 5:
Demons as Corrupters, Famuli) for any of
his students who have magical abilities,
Men of Good Intent so that the famulus can hide his Infernal
nature. He can render people invisible,
Order: Spirits of Deceit take a single form, that of a generic and can restore lost property. However, he
Men of Good Intent are minor human being of a particular type (mer- claims to his students that he teaches them
demons that encourage spiritual laxity, chant, soldier, nobleman, priest, etc.) to become invisible, whereas in reality it
usually through excesses of virtue. They However, every viewer sees them differ- is Forcas who enacts the illusion, hidden
encourage the idea that the Church ently, according to the viewer’s precon- from sight in his discorporate form.
is too strict in its interpretation of the ceptions of that group of individuals. If a
Bible, or too lax. They suggest that victim describes a specific Man of Good
minor vices are harmless, and so are not Intent to a group, the rest of that group Miser’s Pot, Bane
really vices. Men of Good Intent usually see the demon as they expect to, that is, of the Hoarder
appear otherwise upright in their views, suiting the description given.
peddling only a single vice. An example Man (or rather, Woman) Order: Accusers
In their natural material form, they of Good Intent is Premnemosyne Infernal Might: 5 (Terram)
are human-sized snakes with a man’s Infernal Might: 5 (Mentem) Characteristics: Int +1, Per +1, Pre n/a,
head. When using the Form of Man Weakness: Protected Group (those Com 0, Str +1, Sta 0, Dex +1, Qik
Power from their order, they can only already given to their vice) +2
Size: –2
Corrupted Knowledge, 2 points, Init –3, Delusion, 1 or 5 points, Init +3, Imaginem: Personality Traits: Loquacious +3
Mentem: See Watchers. See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Reputations: None
Coagulation, 4 points, Init –1, Corpus: See Deluders. Hierarchy: 0
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Duplicate the Magi’s Perception, variable points, Combat:
Powers. Init +1, variable Form: See Chapter 4: Dodge: Init +2, Attack n/a, Defense +5,
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Infernal Legions, Deluders. Damage n/a
Arrogance. See Chapter 4: Infernal Duplicate the Magi’s Transformation, vari- Soak: +18 (made of solid brass, no vital
Legions, Demonic Powers. able points, Init +1, variable Form: organs)

The Infernal
Fatigue Levels: Tireless
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–3), –3 (4–6), –5 Spirits of Solomon
(7–9), Incapacitated (10–12)
Abilities: Athletics 5 (when pursued), Order: Deluders Infernal Might: 20 (Corpus)
Brawl 2 (dodge), Charm 4 (misers), The mighty Wizard-king Solomon Weakness: Abhorrent Material (gem-
Folk Ken 4 (rich people) commanded many demons in the ser- stone inscribed with the Seal of
Powers: vice of God. Among those whom he Solomon)
Body of Brass, 0 points, Init +6, Terram: summoned were seven female spirits, Powers:
The Pot does not have a living body, who appeared together and spoke with The Worst You Can Be, 2 points, Init +0,
and thus it is immune to fatigue, dis- one voice. They called themselves Mentem: The Spirits of Solomon
ease, deprivation, and some spells. Deception, Strife, Battle, Envy, Power, can inflict upon a victim one of
The Pot moves on jointless, boneless Error, and Corruption. Each threatened the seven curses for which they are
legs, and can sprint at the pace of a King Solomon with her powers, but his named. The Curse of Deception pre-
running horse. It usually does this holiness was too great and he put them vents the victim from speaking the
just after a rich person places treasure to work in building his temple. truth. The Curse of Strife makes the
inside it. Although Solomon bound the victim quarrelsome over the slight-
Seize the Miser’s Hoard, 3 points, Init +5, demons to the power of his seal, they est issue. The Curse of Battle causes
Terram: This Power allows the demon have since escaped his control and roam others to fight over the victim. The
to reshape its inner surface, so that it the earth once more. These demons Curse of Envy causes others to envy
flows around any object inside the lip never appear singly, and they may the victim, and work evil against
of the cauldron, creating an unbreak- indeed be seven reflections of the same, him. The Curse of Power causes
able grip. This includes the hand of a more powerful demon. the victim to be filled with an over-
rich person whom the pot wishes to The Seven Spirits of Solomon take whelming ambition and obsession
drag away to Hell. the form of beautiful women with long, for raw power. The Curse of Error
Idea, 1 point, Init +3, Mentem: The Pot fair hair, clothed in fine silk apparel. causes the victim to misinterpret
can silently suggest, to its victim, However, their hands are bound with anything he is told in earnest. The
that it would be a good place to store wire, behind their backs and to each Curse of Corruption amplifies the
valuables. The victim can resist this other, and their eyes are blank holes. worst trait of the victim to tragic
suggestion with a Personality Trait roll This appearance is actually the inside proportions. Each curse should be
against an Ease Factor of 9, modified of their bodies; if they turn themselves treated as a Lesser Malediction, and
by circumstances. For example, if the inside out they reveal their true forms, is permanent unless the spirits are
rich person already owns a strongbox, which is seven columns of darkness filled forced to retract it, or it is removed
he is unlikely to want to store his with eyes and weapons. by some Divine agency.
valuables in a cauldron, and so might
gain a 3-point bonus on the roll. If this Weakness: Protected group (poor punishment for greed and mistreatment
Power fails, the Pot usually tries again, people) of the poor.
but with a different target commodity. Vis: 1 pawn of Terram, in body
For example, a rich person refusing to Appearance: The Miser’s Pot looks like a
fill it with gold might be encouraged small, three–legged cooking cauldron Nithael, the Great Leveller
to fill it with coal, or flour, or cook a made of brass. Its outer surface is usu-
meal in it. This Power is often used in ally shiny and smooth, but it is able to Order: Master of the Accusers
conjunction with the pot’s Obsession tarnish itself or scribe designs on its Infernal Might: 25 (Corpus)
Power. face at will. When it speaks, its voice Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Pre +1,
Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See is hollow and tinny. Com +1, Str +6, Sta +1, Dex +1,
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Qik +1
Powers. The Miser’s Pot claims its mission Size: 0
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: is to punish the greedy rich. It does this Confidence Score: 1 (3 points)
Hoarding. See Chapter 4: Infernal by removing some of their wealth and Personality Traits: Cruel +6
Legions, Demonic Powers. then, if they do not demonstrate a suit- Reputations: Captain of a Legion of
Betrayal of the Heart, 2 points, Init 0, able change of attitude, inflicts them Corrupt Priests 3 (Infernal)
Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal with its Obsession Power to ensure that Hierarchy: 3
Legions, Accusers. they arrive in Hell. The Pot is able to Combat:
Whispers Behind the Back, 2 points, Init speak, and it tells both the rich person Punch: Init +1, Attack +7, Defense +7,
0, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal from whom it steals, and the poor person Damage +6
Legions, Accusers. whom it patronizes, that its acts are a Soak: +5

Realms of Power
He tests those whom he accuses,
Watchers going to them with a legitimate com-
plaint, and woe betide those to whom he
Order: Dukes of the Deluders Infernal Might: 40 (Corpus) takes a dislike. His main weapons are his
The legend of the Watchers states Weakness: Ordering obsessions: he spends weeks or months
that there were once angels (collectively Powers: working on increasing the self-importance
called the Grigori) sent to earth by God The Wordless Conversation, 0 points, Init of his victim, inflating her own opinion
to instruct mankind. However, some of 0, Mentem: Watchers may speak of herself and causing her to abuse her
these Grigori started to cohabit with the directly into the mind of any crea- power even more. He then switches to
daughters of men. They became cor- ture whom they can see (assuming self-loathing, and crushes her ego. She
rupted and fell from God’s grace, joining Magic Resistance is penetrated), and is tormented in her sleep though the use
the ranks of the Deluders and teach- may choose to hear any mental or of his Envisioning until she is a different
ing mankind the secrets of Supernatural verbal response that the target may woman altogether, stripped of confidence
Powers. The Watchers are among the make. and weakly trembling. Once he is done
most powerful members of the order, Corrupted Knowledge, 2 points, Init –3, with her, suicide seems the only way out.
and are highly sought after by those who Mentem: When a Watcher spends
would practice magic. Because there are a season teaching an Ability (of
some holy Watchers (see Realms of Power: any kind, including Supernatural), Premnenosyne, False
The Divine, page 26), many do not real- he uses this Power to corrupt the Prophetess
ize that these creatures teach “magic” knowledge that he teaches, grant-
from an unholy source. Unlike the other ing the Flaw Corrupted (Ability) Order: Spirits of Deceit (Men of Good
Deluders, the unholy Grigori are human- (see Chapter 9: Infernal Characters, Intent)
shaped, although solid black and taller New Flaws). The Power only inflicts Infernal Might: 5 (Mentem)
than giants; no details of their shape can the Flaw if the character being Characteristics: Int +2, Per –1, Pre +1,
be made out other than the hundreds of schooled acquires an increase in the Com +2, Str +1, Sta +2, Dex 0, Qik
eyes which cover their featureless skin. Ability score because of the teach- +1
They are eternally silent, communicating ing supplied by the demon. Those Size: 0
their teaching directly into the minds affected by this Power soon learn Confidence Score: 1 (3 points)
of their pupils. All of these high-status that they get greater rewards if they Virtues and Flaws: Premonitions, Puissant
demons have the rank of Duke. use their Ability for selfish or sinful Guile, Social Contacts
An example of a Watcher is purposes. Personality Traits: Deceitful +6, Acedia
Forcas. +1, Trustworthy –5
Reputations: Prophetess 1 (Infernal)
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Whispers Behind the Back, 2 points, Init Hierarchy: 1
Unconscious 0, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Combat:
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5 Legions, Accusers. Dodge: Init +1, Attack n/a, Defense +1,
(11–15), Incapacitated (16–20) Weakness: Abhorrent Material (topaz) Damage n/a
Abilities: Brawl 5 (punch), Charm 6 Vis: 5 pawns of Rego, in fingers Soak: +2
(pandering), Folk Ken 8 (worthless- Appearance: Nithael takes the appearance Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5,
ness), Guile 6 (removing self-worth), of an emaciated man, with blue-green Unconscious
Leadership 5 (weak willed), Profession: skin and a face that looks like it has Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5
Actor 6 (petitioner) been drawn outwards from the head (11–15), Incapacitated (16–20)
Powers: with a pair of pliers. His legs end with Abilities: Charm 4 (the gullible), Europe
Form of Man, 2 points, Init 0, Corpus: The the claws of a bird. He is hairless and Lore 3 (superstitions), Folk Ken 6 (for-
demon can assume the shape of any eschews clothing. tune-telling), Guile 5+2 (about future
human being. events), Premonitions 4 (non-urgent
Coagulation, 3 points, Init –1, Corpus: See Nithael’s interests are in those who events), Survival 2 (on the road)
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic abuse their positions of power. He takes Powers:
Powers. great delight in visiting both secular and The Abandoned Corpse, 1 point, Init +5,
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: ecclesiastical princes who govern for the Corpus: Premnemosyne can create
Self-loathing. See Chapter 4: Infernal love of power, but he does not restrict a corpse as she converts to spiri-
Legions, Demonic Powers. himself to such luminaries. All who use tual form, appearing to leave a body
Betrayal of the Heart, 2 points, Init 0, the power of their offices — whether behind. This body rots quicker than
Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal granted by birth, by man, or by God a real human cadaver, disappearing
Legions, Accusers. — are his prey. entirely within a month.

The Infernal
Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See One, but as is common to her demon Premnemosyne is a demon of acedia,
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic family, her actual appearance varies to the spiritual version of the sin of sloth.
Powers. suit the preconceptions of the viewer. She harms by spreading false prophe-
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, cies. The events she predicts are
Vim: Acedia (spiritual sloth). always precipitous: they encourage
See Chapter 4: Infernal characters to avoid involvement in
Legions, Demonic Powers. situations that they might correct,
Change Form, 0 points, Init 0, since, she assures them, everything
Corpus or Animal: See will turn out alright in the end.
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Premnemosyne encourages people
Spirits of Deceit. to trust in Providence, beyond all
Trust of the Innocent, 1 point, Init limits of caution. She often serves
–1, Mentem: See Chapter other demons. Her skill at predict-
4: Infernal Legions, Spirits ing the pattern of future events is
of Deceit. highly developed, and she advises
Forked Tongue of the Serpent, 3 diabolists concerning the future.
points, Init –1, Mentem: See She is not a warrior and never
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, fights, but she occasionally maneu-
Spirits of Deceit. vers people into appearing to kill
The Serpent’s Oracle, 2 points, Init her, so that she can have them
–3, Vim: See Chapter 4: charged with murder.
Infernal Legions, Spirits of Premnemosyne is current-
Deceit. ly active in a small town in the
Weakness: Protected Group Rhineland, ruled by a nobleman
(those who can actually under diabolic influence. She
see the future, for example, spreads folktales about a hero who
those with the Premonitions will come to cast him down, so that
Virtue, or those trained in people are tempted to wait for a
Astrological Mysteries) savior who will never come.
Vis: 1 pawns of Intellego, in
Appearance: This demoness
always looks like a Wise

Chapter Seven

Demons as Destroyers
Architectus, Demon Builder able to create complicated structures human shape looks like a powerfully
within a single evening. Architectus built man. He uses this form when
Order: Master of the Furies cracks his whip to the four directions making initial contact with his vic-
Infernal Might: 25 (Corpus) to summon his swarms, but this is an tims. In this form, he has sometimes
Characteristics: Int +3, Per +1, Pre 0, affectation rather than a requirement claimed that his family comes from
Com 0, Str +2, Sta +1, Dex +3, Qik — the whip is merely a prop. Sicily, and one entrance to the regio
+5 Form of Man, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: in which he makes is home is found
Size: +1 Architectus can assume the shape of there.
Confidence Score: 2 (6 points) any human being.
Virtues and Flaws: Berserk, Lesser Eyes of Stone Demons, 0 points, Init 0, Architectus commands a host of
Malediction (discomfort from Auram: Architectus’s minor demons lesser creatures, and uses them to build
sunlight) act as spies and messengers. Flocks roads and bridges overnight. Architectus
Personality Traits: Wrathful +4, Self-con- of tiny demons, visible as decorative often builds a structure after making a
trolled +2 gargoyles to Second Sight, nest in deal with a mortal. As an example, he
Reputations: Easily Tricked 3 (local) his constructions and monitor the often agrees that in exchange for his
Hierarchy: 3 surrounding area, informing him of labor, he will take the first being to
Combat: opportunities for mischief. cross a bridge. He is usually cheated of
Whip: Init +7, Attack +10, Defense +12, Coagulation, 3 points, Init –1, Corpus: See his fee by mortal cunning. Architectus
Damage +14 Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic welcomes this process, for over time,
Claws: Init +9, Attack +7, Defense +9, Powers. each bridge or road harms those who
Damage +4 Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: live near it. Villages previously separated
Soak: +6 Vainglory. See Chapter 4: Infernal by ravines are able to raid each other’s
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Legions, Demonic Powers. flocks. Traders develop routes through
Unconscious Waxing Tide of Humors, 3 points, Init +2, the area, and bring wealth and vice.
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–6), –3 (7–12), –5 Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Generals use them to move their armies,
(13–18), Incapacitated (19–24) Legions, Furies. and their foraging soldiers ravage the
Abilities: Brawl 1 (claws), Charm 6 (those Berserker Rage, 1 point, Init 0, Mentem: See countryside. This harm usually consumes
he intends to trick into deals), Craft Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Furies. the person who made the initial agree-
2 (masonry), Guile 3 (daughters), Endurance of the Enraged, 0 points, Init 0, ment with Architectus. Myths about how
Infernal Lore 6 (great physical works Corpus: See Chapter 4: Infernal Architectus was tricked into building a
of demons), Intrigue 5 (geopolitics), Legions, Furies. road or bridge never include this detail.
Leadership 3 (laborers), Profession Weakness: Architectus must always fulfill Architectus seems, to his victims, to
9 (architecture), Single Weapon 7 any agreement he makes. be a Fury. He has the ability to halt his
(mace and chain — weighted whip) Vis: 5 pawns of Rego, in whip hand Berserker Rage at will, and his preference
Powers: Appearance: Architectus’s natural form is for schemes requiring decades to develop
Command the Four Hosts of Builders, 10 points, a large, bat-winged man, with goat’s makes him difficult to classify. He often
Init 0, Vim: This demon can command horns, hooves, and beard. In this form pretends that daylight, or the cock’s crow,
a swarm of lesser creatures. These are he carries an enormous, oily whip, repels him, but they do not. He finds
usually ordered to seek out materials which he cracks thunderously toward sunlight unpleasant, but can tolerate it if
and then construct buildings under each of the four directions before necessary. His servants find sunlight pain-
his direction, but they may be given commanding his host of servants. The ful, but are more frightened of his whip
many other tasks. These tiny demons whip’s four thongs end in flaming than the sun, and so can be forced to work
work with extraordinary speed, and are weights. His most commonly used during the day in exceptional cases.

The Infernal
Bael, Destroyer of Nations
Order: Lord of the Furies
Infernal Might: 30 (Animal) Order: Aerial Powers Virtues and Flaws: Greater Immunity to
Characteristics: Int +3, Per +3, Pre –6, In ancient times, the aethnici Flame and Heat
Com +2, Str +6, Sta +1, Dex +4, dwelt within the flames of the sacrificial Weakness: Vulnerability (water)
Qik –2 fires; now any fire in profane regions, Powers:
Size: +2 especially Infernal auras, may contain Form of the Serpent, 1 point, Init 0, Animal:
Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) them. They naturally appear as vaguely The aethnicus can adopt the form
Virtues and Flaws: Berserk human-shaped figures made purely out of any snake, lizard, or salamander.
Personality Traits: Rebellious +6, of flames, but often take the form of This Power lasts until the demon
Wrathful +4, Self–Controlled –6 serpents or lizards. They cause mis- decides to turn back.
Reputations: Destroyer of Nations 5 chief such as causing sparks to fly from Elemental Control of Fire, variable points,
(Infernal) a hearth and ignite nearby materials, Init +1, Ignem: As the Power com-
Hierarchy: 5 although some have greater ambitions mon to all Aerial Powers. The aeth-
Combat: and promote the kinds of fires that can nici prefer effects such as Hornet
Claws: Init –2, Attack +15, Defense +4, engulf entire towns. Fire and Tremulous Vault of the
Damage +10 Infernal Might: 15 (Ignem) Torch’s Flame.
Long sword*: Init 0, Attack +14, Defense
+5, Damage +12
*when using his Form of Man Power Story Seed: The Demon’s Daughter
Soak: +9
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Architectus raises children, par- Architectus’s “daughters” always
Unconscious tially as a hobby, but also as an exten- seem to attract heroes from small
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5 sion of his grand schemes. He finds an domains assailed by a slightly more
(15–21), Incapacitated (22–28) orphaned girl with a strong Supernatural powerful neighbor. The addition of a
Abilities: Brawl 5 (claws), Folk Ken 6 Talent and raises her as his own daugh- new fortress, and a pile of gold, always
(nobility), Leadership 9 (slaves), ter in an Infernal regio. The girl always extends the war, by giving the advan-
Profession: Battle Tactician 5 (assault), meets a heroic boy from the mundane tage to the girl’s adopted nation, but
Single Weapon 5 (long sword) world, always steals the whip that she only to a slight degree. The castles and
Powers: thinks commands Architectus’s horde palaces built by Architectus’s daughters
Form of Man, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: Bael of demons, and always arranges for her are focuses of tragedy, and he main-
can assume the shape of any human swain to escape with her. She uses the tains an interest in his grandchildren,
being. He often takes the form of a horde, controlled by the whip, to build a since his daughters often pass on a few
military adviser to the Crown. great castle and fill its treasury with gold of their tricks to their descendants.
Seething Resentment, 2 points, Init 0, stolen as a dowry, and then tricks her This makes them vulnerable to further
Mentem: Bael can magnify any feel- wrathful father into acquiescence. corruption.
ings of annoyance, or resentment
towards a particular person, into an burrows into his mind and destroys Berserker Rage, 1 point, Init 0, Mentem: See
all-consuming hatred which threat- all volition. The victim becomes a Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Furies.
ens to boil over in a fit of rage. mindless automaton, obedient to Endurance of the Enraged, 0 points, Init 0,
The victim must make appropriate Bael’s mental commands, but unable Corpus: See Chapter 4: Infernal
Personality Trait rolls against an Ease to otherwise think for himself. Bael Legions, Furies.
Factor of 9 to avoid lashing out at can control a number of these slaves at Weakness: Vulnerability (stale bread)
the object of his hatred, whether this any one time equal to his Leadership Vis: 2 pawns of Animal, in the cat’s head;
is a physical attack, a vicious verbal Ability, but can create many more 2 pawns of Vim, in the human head; 2
assault, or even a declaration of war. than this if he wishes. pawns of Perdo, in the toad’s head.
The effect lasts until the victim suc- Coagulation, 3 points, Init –1, Corpus: See Appearance: Bael appears as a creature
cumbs to the passions, although the Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic who has three heads, those of a toad,
hatred takes an hour to dissipate. If Powers. a cat, and a man. His body is like that
the victim manages to control his Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: of a lion, but hairless and tailless.
hatred until Sunday morning, the Resentment. See Chapter 4: Infernal
hatred vanishes. Legions, Demonic Powers. Bael is one of the most terrible of
Worm of the Mind, 5 points, Init 0, Mentem: Waxing Tide of Humors, 3 points, Init +2, his demonic order. He claims the title of
Bael’s toad head can spit a venom into Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal King, which is clearly ironic, for he seeks
the mouth of a sleeping victim, which Legions, Furies. to provoke wars between nations and

Realms of Power

Demons of the Fifth Trump Story Seed: Demons

Order: Furies a trail of footprints, or an Arcane
of the Fifth Trump
These horrible demons are the elite Connection to some target, these
force of the Furies, under the direct demons can unfailingly track down A group of Luciferans (see
command of its chief, Abaddon. These any prey. The tracker cannot be Chapter 13: Infernal Traditions) have
demons will burst forth from Hell when fooled by typical ruses, such as summoned some of these demons to
the Fifth Trump is sounded at the End crossing water or doubling back, but confirm their own interpretations of
of Days, and consume all who remain should the pursued enter a Church, the Last Days. However, they had not
on the earth (as detailed in the Book come into the presence of a relic counted on the demons being so pow-
of Revelation). Until that day, these with at least 2 Faith Points, or enter erful, were unable to bind them, and
demons make occasional forays onto a magical ward which exceeds its were eaten. The demons still prowl the
earth at the behest of their lord or at the Might (such as the Aegis of the Hearth region, spreading fear and confusion.
request of an Infernal wizard who wishes or Circular Ward against Demons), then A priest has recognized their descrip-
to wreak destruction on his enemies. the demon loses track of its prey tion from the Book of Revelations, and
These demons appear like horses, until he emerges. has convinced his flock that the Fifth
but with the faces of men. They are Scorpion’s Tail, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: Trump has already been sounded.
crowned with gold, have long hair, and Their tails can strike at any opponent
the teeth of a lion. They sport a pair of once per combat round, in addition Death’s Vengeance, 0 points, Init +10,
bat-wings, and the tail of a scorpion. to any other attack. The tail has the Terram: Upon death, this demon’s
They are often mistaken for manticores weapon statistics of a long spear, body explodes, sending shards of
by those who have studied bestiaries, and if it hits it injects venom, even debris up to 20 paces in all directions.
however, manticores are not demons. if all weapon damage is soaked. The Treat this as a physical attack against
Infernal Might: 20 (Animal) venom has an Ease Factor of 9 to all within range, which can be dodged
Weakness: Abhorrent Material (the resist, and inflicts a Medium Wound. but not otherwise defended against.
sound of a brass horn) This venom also dissolves metal, The Attack Bonus is +12, and the
Powers: stone, or weaker material as if the Damage is +15.
Inescapable, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: If item had been struck by Obliteration Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See
provided with the beginning of of the Metallic Barrier. Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
destroy kingdoms. Under his direction, Hierarchy: 1 Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim:
lesser demons cause petty troubles to flare Combat: Cowardice. See Chapter 4: Infernal
up between adjoining territories, while Cudgel: Init –3, Attack +13, Defense +6, Legions, Demonic Powers.
Bael lurks in the court of one or other of Damage +11 Recalcitrance, 0 points, Init constant, Vim:.
the rulers and uses his power to prompt Fist: Init –4, Attack +6, Defense +2, See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Aerial
his victim into rash actions. He prefers Damage +4 Powers.
not to turn his royal targets into slaves Soak: +15 Weakness: Abhorrent Material
(see his Worm of the Mind Power), for Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, (cinnamon)
by bypassing free will, it wins no souls Unconscious Vis: 2 pawns of Terram, in eye
for Hell. Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5 Appearance: Fimus appears as an immense
(15–21), Incapacitated (22–28) man apparently put together out of
Abilities: Athletics 3 (pursuit), Awareness boulders. He has but one eye, in the
Fimus, Warrior Demon 4 (foes), Brawl 5 (fist), Great Weapon center of his forehead. He carries
6+2 (cudgel) an immense cudgel made out of a
Order: Aerial Powers Powers: stalagmite.
Infernal Might: 10 (Terram) Elemental Control of Earth, variable points, Init
Characteristics: Int –2, Per +2, Pre –2, Com +1, Terram: See Chapter 4: Infernal Fimus is but one of many brother-
+2, Str +4, Sta +4, Dex 0, Qik –4 Legions, Aerial Powers. He prefers demons (all with the same name); their
Size: +2 effects such as Wielding the Invisible Sling mother produces more every time she
Virtues and Flaws: Puissant Great Weapon; and Rusted Decay of Ten-Score Years. evacuates her bowels. He and his brothers
Poor Eyesight, Simple-Minded Born of Rock, 0 points, Init 0, Terram: The are popular footsoldiers and shock troops
Personality Traits: Untamable +5, body of this demon is made from solid used by other demons, because they are
Intimidating +3 rock. This makes it exceedingly heavy effective warriors, and too stupid to effec-
Reputations: Champion of Hell 1 and almost impossible to harm by tively entertain rebellious thoughts. Each
(Infernal) mundane means. of the brothers has a different Abhorrent

The Infernal
Material, depending upon what their
mother had been eating prior to their Dibbukim
Order: Furies the voice that they had in life, and
A dibbuk is a disembodied human always act in an erratic manner. To those
Gavi, a Dibbuk spirit from Jewish lore, that, because of who can see a dibbuk’s discorporate
former sins, wanders restlessly until it form, dibbukim appear as they did in
Order: Furies (Dibbukim) finds a haven in the body of a living per- life, except that their features are infused
Infernal Might: 15 (Mentem) son made vulnerable through sin. It can with those of predatory animals such as
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +2, Pre 0, be driven out through exorcism, which wolves, lions, bears, and vultures.
Com +1, Str n/a, Sta n/a, Dex n/a, causes it to leave the body by the little An example of a Dibbuk is Gavi.
Qik n/a toe. Like other Infernal ghosts, a dibbuk Infernal Might: 15 (Mentem)
Size: 0 has no ability to coagulate a material Weakness: Compulsiveness
Virtues and Flaws: Berserk body, but instead must lurk about invis- Powers:
Personality Traits: Profigate with Money ibly until it sees one of the living com- Possession, variable points, Init +2,
+8, Wrathful +4, Frantic +3, Self- mit a sin. Dibbukim can be distinguished Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal
Controlled –6 from the living in that they speak with Legions, Demonic Powers.
Reputations: None
Hierarchy: 0
Abilities: Awareness 3 (sinners), Bargain
3 (possessions), Profession: Merchant
5 (wool) Order: Aerial Powers Blight the Household, 1 point, Init 0,
Powers: In their natural form, the fictiles Herbam: Fictiles can cause misfor-
Possession, variable points, Init +2, Mentem: (singular fictilis) seem to be composed tune to a family by spoiling food,
See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, of wet clay. They are larger than a man rotting foundations, and even blight-
Demonic Powers. in size, and have crudely formed limbs ing crops. Each use of this Power can
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: that are often mismatched as those of destroy three portions of food or an
Generosity. See Chapter 4: Infernal different animals. However, the fictiles Individual amount of plant material.
Legions, Demonic Powers. are shapechangers who usually take Alternatively, if used daily through-
Waxing Tide of Humors, 3 points, Init +2, the form of animals — particularly of out the spring growing season, it can
Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal domestic animals and pets — and dwell halve the productivity of a field of
Legions, Furies. alongside man. They often remain with crops or fodder.
Berserker Rage, 1 point, Init 0, Mentem: See a family for a long period of time, subtly
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Furies. corrupting them in many minor ways,
Endurance of the Enraged, 0 points, Init 0, usually through the imposition
Corpus: See Chapter 4: Infernal of minor calamities.
Legions, Furies. Infernal Might: 10 (Terram)
Weakness: Compulsiveness Virtues and Flaws:
Vis: None — Gavi has no ability to form Shapeshifter
a body, thus cannot leave behind a Weakness: Running
corpse. water
Appearance: None; if seen with Second Powers:
Sight, Gavi appears as he did in life, a Elemental Control of
wealthy Jew, but with feral eyes con- Earth, variable
taining a glint of madness. His hands points, Init +1,
are hooked into claws and his mouth Terram: As the
contains sharp, dagger-like teeth. Power common
to all Aerial
Gavi was a greedy merchant in life Powers. They
who went to Hell for his sins. Desperate prefer effects
to rid himself of the sin of greed, thinking such as Earth
this will allow him to enter Heaven, Gavi That Breaks No
forces his victims to carry out mad acts of More and Fist
charity. He gives all their money away, of Shattering.
forces others to take their greatest posses-
sions, and even force-feeds beggars.

Realms of Power
Golab, Foe of the Seraphim Golab is the self-declared adversary victim. Gourmand uses this Power to
of the seraphim. He specializes in sedition inconvenience foes, either to make
Order: Vessels of Iniquity against God, which he achieves through combat easier or to allow him to flee.
Infernal Might: 30 (Vim) the emotion of hatred. He delights in Conjure Spices, 1 point, Init –3, Herbam:
Characteristics: Int +1, Per 0, Pre +2, causing riots on holy days, causing pil- Gourmand may summon a measure
Com +2, Str +4, Sta +4, Dex +4, grims to stampede innocents, and inciting of spices, of any type, from another
Qik 0 his victims to murder the clergy. place so swiftly it appears he has
Size: +1 created it. Most spices are extremely
Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) valuable, and are given to his servants
Personality Traits: Depraved +6, Hateful Gourmand the as rewards. Gourmand can also sum-
+6, Pious –6 Sweet-Toothed mon herbs and plant-based poisons
Reputations: Foe of the Seraphim 3 using this Power.
(Infernal) Order: Vessel of Iniquity Hide Flavor, 5 points, Init –3, Imaginem: The
Hierarchy: 3 Infernal Might: 15 (Imaginem) demon may alter the flavor and texture
Combat: Characteristics: Int +1, Per +3, Pre 0, Com of one handful of any substance. These
Club: Init +1, Attack +13, Defense +7, +0, Str +3, Sta 0, Dex +3, Qik +2 substances are usually used in poison-
Damage +7 Size: +1 ing, since Gourmand can make ground
Soak: +6 Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) glass taste sweet and iron filings seem
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Virtues and Flaws: Appears to have the soft. This Power does not affect the
Unconscious Obese Flaw, but does not suffer any appearance or smell of its target, which
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–6), –3 (7–12), –5 penalties. may give alter characters an opportu-
(13–18), Incapacitated (19–24) Personality Traits: Depraved +6, Hateful nity to detect the adulteration.
Abilities: Church Lore 5 (sects), Divine +6, Gluttony +3 Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim:
Lore 5 (heresy), Islamic Lore 5 (sects), Reputations: Spice Trader 1 (Infernal) Craving Sweet things. See Chapter 4:
Jewish Lore 5 (sects), Leadership Hierarchy: 1 Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers.
6 (mobs), Single Weapon 6 (club), Combat: Form of Wickedness, 2 points, Init 0, Mentem:
Theology 6 (errors in reasoning) Pestle (Cudgel): Init +3, Attack +10, See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions,
Powers: Defense +6, Damage +10 Vessels of Iniquity.
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Soak: +2 Form of Man, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: See
Religious Intolerance. See Chapter 4: Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Vessels
Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers. Unconscious of Iniquity.
Form of Wickedness, 3 points, Init 0, Mentem: Wound Penalties: –1 (1–6), –3 (7–12), –5 Contagious Obsession, 1 point per victim, Init
See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, (13–18), Incapacitated (19–24) 0, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal
Vessels of Iniquity. Abilities: Bargain 6 (spices), Craft: Legions, Vessels of Iniquity.
Form of Man, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: See Confectionery 5 (sugar), Great weap- Weakness: Vulnerability (salt) — He finds
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Vessels on 3 (cudgel), Guile 3 (merchants) this extremely embarrassing.
of Iniquity. Powers: Vis: 3 pawns of Imaginem, in the stains on
Contagious Obsession, 1 point per victim, Init Cloud of Pepper, 1 point, Init +3, Herbam: his clothing
0, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal This Power fills a room — or in Appearance: Gourmand manifests the
Legions, Vessels of Iniquity. unwalled areas, a circle 100 yards human form of a fleshy man of middle
Weakness: Abhorrent Material (blessed across — with a choking cloud of age. Food of vivid colors stains his
objects) pepper dust, for one round. This irri- sumptuous clothes, chubby fingers,
Vis: 6 pawns of Vim, in genitalia tates the lungs and eyes of humans, and the corners of his mouth. His
Appearance: In common with all Vessels but does not cause any lasting dam- smell, of rotting fruit, is transmitted
of Iniquity, his natural form is inde- age. Characters within the cloud must to anything he touches, and does not
scribable; it is hatred given solid form. make a Stamina roll against an Ease fade until sunrise. Gourmand looks
Any who see it are driven to indulge Factor of 9. Successful characters are unfit and flabby, but is surprisingly
in the desecration of those things unaffected by the dust. Those with swift and strong if forced to engage
they hold most sacred and spiritual. lower totals are blinded for a round, in combat. He uses a double-handed,
When appearing as a human, Golab and suffer a Fatigue level of chok- basalt pestle as his preferred weapon.
takes the form of an obese member of ing damage. They may make a fresh
the clergy, usually one from a group Stamina roll each round, with the Ease Gourmand seeks additional power
known in the region for hypocrisy or Factor being reduced by one for each over men through their sense of taste, and
other moral failings. round since they were affected by the their greed for valuable spices. Gourmand
pepper. The pepper does not remove favors many schemes, but those most
more than one Fatigue level form any dear to him are the propagation of trade

The Infernal
along the Silk Road, and the introduction
of sugar into the cuisines of Europe. He Lilin
is not a particularly powerful demon, so
he often works with others who are more Order: Tempters Infernal Might: 15 (Vim)
suited to physical conflict. The lilin (singular lil) are the night Weakness: Vulnerability (light)
spirits who give nightmares and smoth- Powers:
er children in their sleep. They are Steal Life, 1 point, Init +2, Corpus: The
Hulikang, a Rabble Rouser always female, and lilin are among the touch of a lilim’s lips causes a wither-
demons who can produce more demons ing blight. If a Stamina roll against
Order: Vessels of Iniquity (Merry Devil) through intercourse with a human man. an Ease Factor of 3 succeeds, the vic-
Infernal Might: 20 (Mentem) Their male children are shedim, and tim loses a Fatigue level, otherwise
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +1, Pre –1, their female children are lilin. The fully he takes a Light Wound.
Com +3, Str +1, Sta +4, Dex +3, demonic lilin have the upper bodies of Mass Hallucination, 3 points, Init 0,
Qik +3 beautiful women and the lower bod- Imaginem: Lilin using their Envisioning
Size: +1 ies of serpents. Those lilin who have a Power to influence someone’s dreams
Confidence Score: 2 (6 points) human father have wholly human bod- can activate this Power so that other
Virtues and Flaws: Improved ies, although their legs are hairy like sleepers join the same dream. They
Characteristics, Puissant Athletics those of a goat. When lilin use their can combine many dreams to make
Personality Traits: Depraved +6, Hateful Envisioning Power to inflict nightmares, up to ten people experience the same
+6, Jolly +6 they can, if the lilin wishes, be so hor- nightmare, or they may involve other
Reputations: Captain of the Red Devils rific that the victim fails to recover any beings (usually other demons) as con-
2 (Infernal) Fatigue levels for that night’s sleep. scious agents in the victims’ dreams.
Hierarchy: 2
Punch: Init +3, Attack +4, Defense +4, Lucifuges
Damage n/a*
Dodge: Init +3, Attack n/a, Defense +5, Order: Aerial Powers at all. They prefer effects such as
Damage n/a The lucifuges are a breed of demon Gloom of Evening and Vision of Heat’s
*Hulikang never causes damage to people himself, that naturally dwell deep in the earth Light.
he only appears to, to goad others on to sin. and prefer to have no dealings with Steal Blood, 1 point, Init +2, Corpus: The
Soak: +9 mankind. However, some sorcerers draw touch of a lucifuge causes blood to
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, them forth for their ability to reveal be drawn from the victim’s body
Unconscious secret thoughts. Lucifuges require abso- through the skin. If a Stamina roll
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–6), –3 (7–12), –5 lute darkness (they are also known as against an Ease Factor of 3 succeeds,
(13–18), Incapacitated (19–24) “fly-the-lights”), and it is unknown what the target loses a Fatigue level, oth-
Abilities: Athletics 6+2 (sport), Brawl 1 their true form is, if indeed they have erwise she takes a Light Wound. The
(dodge), Carouse 6 (quantity), Folk one. Most assume they take the form of wound appears as a bruise covered
Ken 6 (rivalries), Intrigue 4 (encourag- shadows or patches of darkness. in blood.
ing fights) Infernal Might: 20 (Ignem) Steal Thoughts, 4 points, Init 0, Mentem:
Powers: Weakness: Vulnerability (Light) This demon may choose to take a
Shout, 1 point, Init 0, Imaginem: Allows Powers: single fact, memory, or desire from a
the demon to say a short sentence that Elemental Control of Fire, variable points, person’s mind. This Power will only
is perfectly audible to every person in Init +1, Ignem: As the Power com- ever work once for the lucifuge on a
a crowd, although they cannot deter- mon to all Aerial Powers. However, given target. The stolen thought is
mine its source. Lucifuges can only affect light, not gone forever, although a desire may
Pleasant Clouds in the Mind, 1 points, Init 0, fire or heat, with this Power, and naturally return, and facts may be
Mentem: See Merry Devils. even then they cannot create light re-learned.
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Tribal
Violence. See Chapter 4: Infernal Contagious Obsession, 1 point per victim, Init Appearance: In human form, Hulikang
Legions, Demonic Powers. 0, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal takes the appearance of a hulking
Form of Wickedness, 2 points, Init 0, Mentem: Legions, Vessels of Iniquity. man with a bruised face and broken
See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Weakness: Protected Group (solemn nose. He always wears a knitted cap
Vessels of Iniquity. people) and scarf, as a tribute to his greatest
Form of Man, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: See Vis: 2 pawns of Corpus, in each hand (4 mischief ever.
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Vessels pawns total)
of Iniquity.

Realms of Power
Characteristics: Int +2, Per 0, Pre 0, Com
Maggots +2, Str –10, Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik +10
Size: –15
Order: Tempters rarely have sufficient Might Pool to Virtues and Flaws: Weak Willed
The larvae of blowflies were named control their energumens effectively, Reputations: None
after these demons, rather than the but possession by a maggot is akin to Hierarchy: 0
other way around; the term “maggoty” acquiring the Delusion Flaw, as they Personality Traits: Selfish +5
is used to indicate someone who is may use their Envisioning Power Combat:
deluded by the fantasies of one of these to induce waking dreams without Dodge: Init +10, Attack n/a, Defense +21,
demons. Maggots are tiny demons, no expending Might. Each maggot pos- Damage n/a
bigger than a grain of wheat, and appear sessing a person inflicts a different Soak: +1
like grotesque apes with the wings of Delusion. Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5,
flies. They eat into the brains of their Unconscious
victims and bring about fantasy, mad- Wound Penalties: –1 (1), –3 (2), –5 (3),
ness, and dementia. Often, several of Incapacitated (4)
these demons simultaneously possess Abilities: Athletics 10 (flying), Brawl 10
the same victim, each inducing a dif- (dodge)
ferent Delusion (see Powers), and each Powers:
must be exorcised separately. Maggots Endurance of the Gluttonous, 0 points, Init +1,
are also called by the Greek name asta- Mentem: Any creature possessed by
sian (meaning “unfixed”), as they swarm Mahonin is oblivious to pain caused
in the air like mosquitoes and are under while eating, or discomfort or damage
the command of Beelzebub. They are caused by what they consume. They
particularly useful to diabolists in mat- still suffer any Wound or Fatigue penal-
ters involving secret communication. ties caused by these injuries or malaises,
An example of a maggot is but they are not aware of them.
Mahonin. Possession, variable points, Init +2, Mentem:
Infernal Might: 5 (Animal) See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions,
Weakness: Abhorrent Material (fennel) Demonic Powers.
Powers: Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See
Possession, variable points, Init +2, Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Powers.
Legions, Demonic Powers. Maggots Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim:
Gluttony. See Chapter 4: Infernal
ebration, he encourages intoxication and Legions, Demonic Powers.
Story Seed: Hulikang rivalries in the crowd. Once the crowd
has been prepared, he frightens them,
Weakness: Abhorrent Material (fennel)
Vis: 1 pawn of Vim vis, in wings
in the hope that they will become a Appearance: Indistinguishable from other
A vis source takes the form of a violent mob. He is particularly skilled at Maggots, Mahonin appears as a twist-
yearly sporting contest between the disrupting sporting events between rival ed mockery of a tailless monkey, with
covenant and a team of faeries. The villages. Hulikang often works with a the iridescent wings of a greenbottle.
winner of the contest receives the partner, a female demon who names her-
prize of vis. However, Hulikang has self Nike after the ancient Greek goddess Mahonin is a demon who deludes
discovered the vis source, and if he is of victory. When operating as a pair, each his victims into believing that all kinds of
successful in influencing the winning claims the portion of the crowd support- inedible objects are luxurious food items.
team to violence, the prize becomes ing one team in a competition, and tries His hosts may be seen consuming filth
vis infesta (see Chapter 1: The Infernal to outdo the violence the other provokes. from the night soil like it is the most deli-
Realm, Infernal Vis) instead. This situ- He is also the captain of a sports team cious soup, or eating broken glass with
ation can last for years before the consisting entirely of demons, called the relish while blood pours down their faces.
characters realize that a demon is Red Devils. Forcing his energumen to consume fennel
involved. seeds usually drives this demon away.

Hulikang is a Merry Devil who spe- Mahonin

cializes in destroying public celebrations, Morrighu, the Screech-Hag
particularly those involving athletic con- Order: Tempters (Maggots)
tests. During the early part of the cel- Infernal Might: 5 (Animal) Order: Aerial Powers

The Infernal
Infernal Might: 10 (Auram)
Characteristics: Int +3, Per +3, Pre –3, Com Mazzikim
+1, Str –2, Sta –2, Dex +4, Qik +3
Size: –1 Order: Tempters upon two legs, with a naked human
Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) The Mazzikim (singular mazzik) chest and arms.
Virtues and Flaws: Enchanting Music are the harmers of man, demons of the An example of a mazzik is
Personality Traits: Untameable +5, wilderness who lie in wait to waylay Thaphaboath.
Boastful +4, Vindictive +4, Peaceful the innocent. Some of the spirits that Infernal Might: 15 (Animal)
–6 the Islamic people call “jinn” — spe- Weakness: Protected Group (members
Reputations: Bringer of Victory 2 cifically the group known as shaitans of the clergy)
(Infernal) — are undoubtedly of this family of Powers:
Hierarchy: 2 demons, as they share many qualities in Fear of the Wilderness, 2 points, Init +1,
Combat: common with the mazzikim. However, Mentem: The victim of this Power
Claws: Init +3, Attack +10, Defense +8, most jinn are more similar to faeries suffers an overwhelming dread, and
Damage +2 than to demons, and one should take if he fails a Brave stress die roll
Dodge: Init +3, Attack n/a, Defense +8, care before considering them all to be against an Ease Factor of 7, he runs
Damage n/a evil. Many travelers or merchants take in fear until exhausted, or (if unable
Soak: +0 a member of the clergy with them just to run) collapses in a quivering heap
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, to be on the safe side. Mazzikim are until the sun rises. If the mazzik uses
Unconscious far from limited to the lands of the this Power when it may be seen,
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–4), –3 (5–8), –5 Arabs, however, and may be found lurk- then anyone who sees it (up to ten
(9–12), Incapacitated (13–16) ing anywhere forsaken by man. Their people) is affected; otherwise it can
Abilities: Athletics 5 (flying), Brawl 4 shape is that of a wild animal standing affect only one target.
(dodge), Enchanting Music 4 (lull-
ing to sleep), Stealth 5 (sleeping
Merry Devils
Elemental Control of Air, variable points, Init Order: Vessels of Iniquity Weakness: Protected Group (the
+1, Auram: See Chapter 4: Infernal Merry devils are a family of demons solemn)
Legions, Aerial Powers. She often that encourage humans, particularly Powers:
employs effects similar to Stench of young men, to seek pleasure without Pleasant Clouds in the Mind, 1 points, Init 0,
Twenty Corpses and Charge of the Angry regard for the consequences. Some pre- Mentem: The Merry Devil uses this
Winds. fer to afflict a single victim at a time, Power to create an illusion within the
Grant Victory, 2 points, Init +5, Corpus: using a mixture of intoxicants and illu- mind of his victim. Each use allows
Morrighu can grant a character a +3 sions to encourage the young man to the demon to cloud one real object
bonus to all Attack and Damage totals perform increasingly depraved acts. or person in illusion. For example,
for the duration of a single battle. She Others goad bands of revelers into bac- the demon may use this Power twice
rarely does this without demanding chanalian mobs. on two victims so that they do not
some payment. When they unveil their true form, recognize each other. The victims
Coagulation, 1 point, Init –1, Corpus: See those who witness it are driven into acts may be goaded into inappropriate
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic of debauchery and excess. activities, like violence or coitus.
Powers. An example is Merry Devil is This Power is also used to make men
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Hulikang think that urine is beer, or that a pig
Mercilessness. See Chapter 4: Infernal Infernal Might: 20 (Mentem) is a willing, young woman.
Legions, Demonic Powers.
Recalcitrance, 0 points, Init constant, Vim:. Morrighu is a demon of warfare. In Naonhaithya
See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Aerial former times she was more powerful, and
Powers. she claims she was a mighty goddess of Order: Lord of the Vessels of Iniquity
Weakness: Protected Group (virgins) Faerie who received worship in return for Infernal Might: 40 (Vim)
Vis: 2 pawns of Perdo, in wings victory. Now she is forced to perform her Characteristics: Int +3, Per +1, Pre +1, Com
Appearance: Morrighu appears with the services for those infernalists who know +3, Str +4, Sta +6, Dex +2, Qik +3
body of a carrion crow, but the upper about her, for she is a useful spirit to have Size: +2
parts of an ancient woman. Huge black on one’s side, even though she is no great Confidence Score: 2 (6 points)
wings extend from her shoulders. She warrior herself. Note that Morrighu may Personality Traits: Depraved +6, Hateful
has long, pointed ears and is always not actually be the remnant of a pagan +6, Rebellious +6
accompanied by a strong wind. goddess, as she claims.

Realms of Power
Reputations: Foe of Mankind 4 (Infernal), react violently against civic restraint sea and head inland. It takes him two
Lord of the Seraphim 5 (Infernal) and perform acts of rebellion and hours to summon up this Power.
Hierarchy: 5 anarchy. Naonhaithya can also take Waxing Size of the Swelling Ocean, 4 points,
Combat: the form of an immense man, with Init 0, Corpus: While immersed in
Claws: Init +4, Attack +14, Defense +11, the head of an eagle and two pairs water, Rahab can swell his size to
Damage +10 of wings. monstrous proportions. Every use of
Soak: +11 this Power increases his Size by 1
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Naonhaithya represents rebellion point, increasing his wound range by
Unconscious and irreverence in Zoroastrian belief; he one as well as increasing his Strength
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5 is one of the seven daevas who oppose the (and therefore Damage) by two points
(15–21), Incapacitated (22–28) seven spentas (Zoroastrian spirits of good- and reducing his Quickness (and
Abilities: Brawl 7 (claws), Europe Lore 6 ness). Wherever he goes, this filthy spirit therefore Initiative and Defense) by
(rulers), Holy Land Lore 8 (rulers), spreads anarchy and the corruption of one point for every point of increase
Persian Lore 8 (rulers), Russian Lore 4 good rulership. in Size. This increase in Size lasts until
(rulers), Theology 6 (dualism) the next low tide.
Powers: Coagulation, 4 points, Init –1, Corpus: See
The Tempest’s Fury, 8 points, Init 0, Auram: Rahab, Prince of the Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
This Power summons a huge storm out Primordial Sea Powers.
of pre-existing clouds. The storm cov- Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim:
ers the entire visible sky. The storm Order: Lord of the Aerial Powers Insolence. See Chapter 4: Infernal
consists of rain, hail, powerful winds, Infernal Might: 35 (Aquam) Legions, Demonic Powers.
thunder, and lightning, all under the Characteristics: Int +1, Per +2, Pre +2, Com Recalcitrance, 0 points, Init constant, Vim:.
direction of Naonhaithya. 0, Str +4, Sta +4, Dex +3, Qik +2 See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Aerial
Calling the Khrafstar, 5 points, Init +1, Animal: Size: +3 Powers.
By invoking this Power, Naonhaithya Confidence Score: 2 (6 points) Weakness: Running water
rips apart his body cavity and swarms Virtues and Flaws: Lesser Immunity to Vis: 6 pawns of Aquam, in beard
of biting, poisonous, repulsive, and Drowning, Ways of the Ocean Appearance: Rahab appears as a mighty
noxious creatures (called khrafstar in Personality Traits: Hatred for Jews +6, king, bare-chested and with skin of
Persian) burst forth from within him. Proud +6, Untameable +5 a blue-green hue. His hair and beard
Up to ten targets are attacked by the Reputations: Prince of the Primordial are curled with seaweed. His lower
swarms of scorpions, spiders, lizards, Sea 9 (Infernal), Foe of the Jews 5 quarters — which rarely protrude
and snakes, who engulf them. Every (Infernal) above the surface of the sea — are
round, a Stamina roll against an Ease Hierarchy: 9 similar to that of a fish or whale,
Factor of 9 is required to avoid taking Combat: but with stubby legs like those of a
a Medium Wound. It is impossible to Punch: Init 0, Attack +14, Defense +13, walrus.
concentrate while being bitten and Damage +10
stung by the khrafstar. Soak: +13 Rahab is known as sar shel yam (“prince
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, 0, –1, –3, –5, of the primordial sea”) to the Hebrews.
Rebellion, Anarchy. See Chapter 4: Unconscious As an angel he was the authority of the
Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers. Wound Penalties: –1 (1–8), –3 (9–16), –5 world’s oceans, but had a nature that was
Form of Wickedness, 4 points, Init 0, Mentem: (17–24), Incapacitated (25–32) as wild and rebellious as the element he
See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Abilities: Brawl 10 (punch), Ocean Lore represented. He refused to separate the
Vessels of Iniquity. 8 (the Red Sea), Survival 8 (in water), upper and lower waters at the time of
Form of Man, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: See Swim 10 (oceans), Wilderness Sense Creation, and was thus cast down by God
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Vessels 9 (oceans) and became a demon. When Moses was
of Iniquity. Powers: leading the Hebrew people from the tyr-
Contagious Obsession, 1 point per victim, Init Mastery of the Oceans, variable points, Init anny of the Pharaoh of Egypt, it was Rahab
0, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal +3, Aquam: Rahab can create any whom Moses commanded to part the Red
Legions, Vessels of Iniquity. Aquam-based effect, at a cost of 1 Sea. However, the power of Moses was
Weakness: Light Might per two magnitudes. Ritual insufficient for the mighty demon, so God
Vis: 8 pawns of Perdo, in the vermin that effects cost him twice as much, and an struck down Rahab again and parted the
fill its body cavity hour to summon up. sea himself. Rahab’s Infernal Might has
Appearance: Naonhaithya’s true form Wrath of the Oceans, 10 points, Init 0, Auram: never recovered from this miracle, which
is the indescribable visual embodi- Rahab can duplicate the effects of the effectively demoted him from a Prince
ment of rebellion, which provokes ritual spell Wrath of Whirling Winds and to a Lord, although he retains his former
those who witness its unveiling to Water, but the storm must begin at reputation.

The Infernal
Order: Furies
Infernal Might: 20 (Animal) Order: Vessels of Iniquity Powers:
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +4, Pre –3, Com Literally “those who come again,” The Dead That Walk Again, 3 points, Init
+2, Str –4, Sta 0, Dex +5, Qik +5 these demons have the capacity to reani- –4, Corpus: A Revener may ani-
Size: –2 naturally, –4 in raven form mate a corpse, and use this Power to mate any corpse or intact skeleton
Virtues and Flaws: Gossip spread fear. Reveners often work togeth- that has not been given a proper
Personality Traits: Wrathful +4, Self- er, in groups of three or more. Reveners Divine burial (or buried with garlic,
Controlled –6 lack the Form of Man Power, and very as some are wont to do). There
Reputations: None rarely use their Form of Wickedness is no limit to the freshness or age
Hierarchy: 0 Power, preferring instead to spread of a cadaver beyond this require-
Combat: horror through having the dead walk ment. These corpses have physi-
Claws: Init +5, Attack +13, Defense +5, again. However, if they do use Form of cal Characteristics and Weapon
Damage 0 Wickedness — as a last defense — it Abilities equal to those of the
Claws*: Init +6, Attack +10, Defense +5, causes an overpowering urge to des- demon, and a single Revener can
Damage –2 ecrate the dead. All Reveners share the animate and control as many corps-
*in splintered form same Obsession Power of Fear, which es as he has the Might to do so.
Soak: +1 they can spread using their Order’s However, as this is a Supernatural
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Contagious Obsession Power. Power, the physical attacks of the
Unconscious Infernal Might: 20 (Corpus) cadavers are blocked by Magic
Wound Penalties: Weakness: Abhorrent Material (garlic) Resistance.
Natural form: –1 (1–3), –3 (4–6), –5
(7–9), Incapacitated (10–12) Coagulation, 2 points, Init –1, Corpus: See they ensure that key members of the feud
Splintered form: –1 (1), –3 (2), –5 (3), Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic are aware of the actions of the other side.
Incapacitated (4) Powers. Sabaoth uses their Envisioning Power
Abilities: Awareness 6 (feuders), Brawl 2 Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: to impart information to their intended
(claws), Folk Ken 4 (gossip) Revenge. See Chapter 4: Infernal victims.
Powers: Legions, Demonic Powers.
A Murder of Crows, 0 points, Init +5, Waxing Tide of Humors, 3 points, Init +2,
Animal: When in their gross physi- Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Thaphaboath
cal form, Sabaoth is able to shatter Legions, Furies.
this form into up to twenty ravens. Berserker Rage, 1 point, Init 0, Mentem: See Order: Tempters (Mazzikim)
Each bird carries a portion of the Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Furies. Infernal Might: 15 (Animal)
demon’s Might and every bird must Endurance of the Enraged, 0 points, Init 0, Characteristics: Int –2, Per +2, Pre +2, Com
have at least 1 Might Point. Each Corpus: See Chapter 4: Infernal 0, Str +4, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +1
bird can act independently of each Legions, Furies. Size: +2
other and be an unlimited distance Weakness: Compulsiveness Confidence Score: 1 (3 points)
apart, and yet each is aware instantly Vis: 2 pawns of Perdo, in the red eye (or Virtues and Flaws: Puissant Great
of the actions of the others. Each eyes); 2 pawns of Mentem, in the blue Weapon, Tough; Weak Willed
raven has its own Might Pool equal eye (or eyes) Personality Traits: Angry +3, Sadistic +3;
to its Might; it cannot use any of its Appearance: In their natural form, Peaceful –5
Powers that it has insufficient Might Sabaoth appear as a single raven, the Reputations: None
Pool to pay for. Individual ravens, size of an eagle. Their eyes are always Hierarchy: 0
if they meet, can combine together of different colors, the left one red, Combat:
into a single bird with a Might equal the right one blue. This feature is Cudgel: Init +2, Attack +13, Defense
to the sum of their Mights, and preserved when the demon exercises +10. Damage +11
Sabaoth must recombine all living their Murder of Crows Power. Teeth: Init +1, Attack +13, Defense +11,
bodies before they can assume their Damage +7
natural discorporate form again. If a Sabaoth is always referred to in the Grapple: Init +1, Attack +10, Defense +8,
raven is killed, Sabaoth loses what- plural, even when there is only one of Damage n/a
ever Infernal Might was invested into them. They have the ability to break Soak: +10
that body. into a score of smaller birds, in which Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, 0, –1, –1, –3, –5,
Piercing Eye, 0 points, Init +5, Imaginem: forms they cause all sorts of mischief. Unconscious
Sabaoth’s vision is not impeded by Their main purpose is to ensure that Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5
stone, wood, or metal. long-standing feuds are continued, and (15–21), Incapacitated (21–28)

Realms of Power
Abilities: Athletics 3 (sprinting), Thaphaboath is typical of the sort of becomes tinder dry, and all flames
Awareness 3 (prey), Brawl 5 (teeth), demon drafted to act as “muscle” in the struck by his breath triple in size.
Great Weapon 5+2 (cudgel), Hunt 4 plans of more powerful demons. He has This makes fires more severe, and sets
(men), Survival 5 (foraging), Swim 3 few motives or ambitions other than a secondary fires. The smoke obscures
(against the current) love of violence, and spends much of his sight and smells terrible.
Powers: time in his gross physical form enjoying Breath of the Bellows, 3 points, Init +3, Ignem.
Fear of the Wilderness, 2 points, Init +1, the pleasures of the hunt and the kill. He Xaphan’s breath can make a single metal
Mentem: See Mazzikim. attempts to use his Obsession Power on item glow white-hot. These items do
Coagulation, 2 points, Init –1, Corpus: See stronger-looking opponents before a fight; +9 damage per round to any exposed
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic if they survive (and succumb to its power) flesh they touch, and usually melt.
Powers. then they are driven to oppress others Burning Curse, 5 points, Init 0, Ignem. By
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: with their clear superiority of strength. placing his bellows in the mouth of
Brutality. See Chapter 4: Infernal a servant and pumping them once,
Legions, Demonic Powers. Xaphan can grant the diabolist the
Weakness: Protected Group (members of Xaphan, Forge-man of Hell ability to ignite a building with sulfu-
the clergy) rous flames. The diabolist sets fire to
Vis: 3 pawns of Animal, in heart Order: Aerial Powers whichever building he is facing when
Appearance: Thaphaboath appears as a Infernal Might: 15 (Ignem) he opens his mouth. The diabolist has
huge man, with the head and hindquar- Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Pre 0, Com the Tainted with Evil Flaw while he
ters of a bear. The skin of his arms and +2, Str +2, Sta 0, Dex +3, Qik +3 carries the curse on his tongue.
torso, devoid of hair, is blotched and Size: –1 Coagulation, 2 points, Init –1, Corpus: See
sun-burnt, while the coarse brown hair Confidence Score: 1 (3 points) Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic
which clothes his body from the neck Virtues and Flaws: Greater Immunity to Powers.
up and the waist down is matted with Fire and Heat, Obsession (lighting Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim:
filth. He carries an immense cudgel. fires) Arson. See Chapter 4: Infernal
Personality Traits: Untameable +5 Legions, Demonic Powers.
Reputations: Chief Stoker of Hell’s Fires Recalcitrance, 0 points, Init constant, Vim:.
5 (Infernal) See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Aerial
Hierarchy: 5 Powers.
Combat: Weakness: Abhorrent Material
Claws: Init +5, Attack +5, Defense +6, (horseshoes)
Damage +3 Vis: 3 pawns of Ignem, in bellows
Soak: 0 Appearance: Unusually for the Aerial
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –3, –5, Powers, Xaphan is of small stature. He
Unconscious appears as a sprightly man apparently
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–4), –3 made of polished brass, with swollen
(5–8), –5 (9–12), Inc. (13–16) cheeks. A huge pair of horns, each
Abilities: Athletics 3 (jumping), almost a complete circle, spring from
Brawl 1 (Claws), Craft: Blacksmithing his temples. He carries an enormous
8 (copper), Craft: Weaponsmithing set of brass bellows. When he speaks,
8 (swords), Craft: Whitesmithing sparks escape from his mouth.
6 (silver)
Powers: Xaphan claims he suggested to Satan
Elemental Control of Fire, variable that, given the rebellion had failed, he
points, Init +1, Ignem: See should burn Heaven to cover his escape.
Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Although Xaphan was unable to inciner-
Aerial Powers. He prefers ate Heaven, he is now chief stoker of
to employ effects similar to the fires of Hell. Xaphan cannot burn
Show of Flames and Light and churches himself, but it is the sin he most
Blade of the Virulent Flame. prizes in humans.
Breath of the Desert, 1 point, Xaphan avoids combat where pos-
Init –3, Auram: Xaphan sible, evading his enemies, and incinerate
can blow hot, dry smoke their homes while they sleep. Xaphan
over an area a pace wide hates and fears smiths, who have stolen
and 500 paces long. his invention, the bellows, and turned it to
Everything on this line human use.

Chapter Eight

Corrupted Beasts
Corrupted beasts can become so in a Corrupted Beast
number of different ways. Some are mun- Virtues & Flaws for Minor Supernatural Flaw, animals only
dane beasts corrupted directly by the power
of a demon, while others are born corrupt-
Corrupted Beasts The creature has been corrupted by
Infernal power, and acquires an Infernal
ed after a coupling between a demon and Might of 5. The negative side of its
a beast. Creatures that dwell in an Infernal Compulsory Flaw: Corrupted Beast character is brought to the fore and
aura become corrupted by the very nature Virtues: Greater Immunity, Greater it receives one sinful Personality Trait
of the area; this may only become appar- Infernal Power, Ferocity, Lesser at +6, such as Violent, Gluttonous, or
ent in the offspring of animals moving Immunity, Lesser Infernal Power Lustful. As part of the corruption, the
into a weak Infernal aura, but is a result of O ptional F laws : Horrifying beast takes on some sort of disgusting
Infernal Warping in stronger auras. Certain Appearance, Demonic Weakness, or repellent appearance, decreasing its
Infernal auras (see Chapter 1: The Infernal Lesser Malediction Presence to –6. However, should the
Realm, Infernal Auras) may animal make any attempt to
corrupt a creature overnight. scare or intimidate an oppo-
Finally, some diabolists and nent, this should be treated
Infernalists have the power as a Presence of +6. Despite
to create corrupted beasts, the creature’s deformity, it
either intentionally or as an is possible (although diffi-
unintended side effect of their cult) to pass the animal off
Powers. as a natural member of its
To create the game species. Finally, the creature
statistics of a corrupted is afflicted with the Tainted
beast, start with the statis- with Evil Flaw, which
tics of a mundane beast (for affects the reactions of both
example, using the rules in humans and other animals
Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, towards it. Corrupted beasts
pages 38–43), and apply do not react negatively to
the Corrupted Beast Flaw, The Gift.
described below. Balance
this Flaw with a Virtue, or, Demonic Weakness
if the beast has been cor- Minor Supernatural Flaw,
rupted for a long time, or corrupted beasts only
was born in such a state, The beast has a weak-
apply more Flaws to acquire ness similar to those of
further Virtues. Virtues and demons. Choose an appro-
Flaws for corrupted beasts priate limitation from the
may only be chosen from the list given in Chapter 4: The
list below, and are described Infernal Legions, Demonic
on the following pages. The Weaknesses. Corrupted
corpse of a corrupted beast beasts cannot, however, have
typically contains one pawn the Ordering or Compulsion
of vis for each 5 Might Points weaknesses.
it possessed.

Realms of Power
triggered, such as when hunting children Might + 10). Such a Power typically
Example Horrifying or attacking a priest. Describe a situa- costs its magnitude in Might Points to
Appearances tion which activates the Confidence of
the creature; in such circumstances the
activate, and has an Initiative bonus equal
to Quickness + magnitude. A given Power
creature has 3 Confidence Points. Some is appropriate for this Virtue only if it
• The creature has a pair of huge but creatures have this Virtue without it being requires a Penetration Total to work.
useless wings, which hang limply at derived from an Infernal source. (Otherwise, it is a Lesser Infernal Power.)
the sides of its body. To calculate a Penetration Total, see
• The creature’s skin is transparent, Horrifying Appearance ArM5, page 191. Corrupted beasts may
so that its organs can be seen pul- Major Supernatural Flaw, corrupted beasts have this Virtue more than once, each
sating within its flesh. only for a different Power, and Infernal Might
• The creature has a snake’s body The creature is hideously deformed increases for each Power acquired.
instead of hindquarters, forcing it in some waythat is a major hindrance in
to move with a combined crawl its life. Such a deformity may have some Lesser Infernal Power
and slither. minor side benefit (a creature without Minor Supernatural Virtue, corrupted beasts
• The creature lacks an internal skel- a skeleton can seep through cracks, for only
eton. It can force itself into its example), but prevents the animal from Choosing this Virtue adds 2 to the
original form for short periods, but ever being passed off as a member of its Infernal Might of the corrupted beast
soon collapses into a puddle of hair, original species. and gives the creature an Infernal Power,
teeth, and claws, oozing slowly which either affects it constantly or
along the ground. Greater Infernal Power may be activated by spending points
• There is a head at each end of the Major Supernatural Virtue, corrupted beasts from its Might Pool. Design the effect
creature’s body, or in the center of only as an Infernal Power (see Chapter 10:
its back. Choosing this Virtue adds 5 to the Maleficia, making sure to adjust the level
Infernal Might of the corrupted beast for constant effect or maintaining con-
Ferocity and gives the creature an Infernal Power, centration if appropriate (and ignoring
Minor General Virtue, animals only which it may activate by spending points other effect modifications). The level
Like companion and magus charac- from its Might Pool. Design the effect of effect cannot exceed the corrupted
ters, the animal has a Confidence score of as an Infernal Power (see Chapter 10: beast’s Infernal Might. A Power granted
1. However, it can only use Confidence Maleficia), with a level of effect that can- by this Virtue typically costs 0–2 Might
in situations where its corrupt nature is not exceed the corrupted beast’s (Infernal Points to activate and has an Initiative

The Infernal
bonus equal to magnitude. A given Abilities: Athletics 4 (pursuit), Awareness Infernal Power*, Long Winded; Proud;
Power is only appropriate for this Virtue 4 (keeping watch), Brawl 6 (bite), Corrupted Beast*
if it does not require a Penetration Total; Hunt 4 (track by scent) *These Virtues and Flaws are a result of its
if the Power would have to exceed the Powers: corruption.
Magic Resistance of a target to operate Spit Fire, 4 points, Init +6, Ignem: The Personality Traits: Vain +6, Brave +1
(even if a given target might lack such), hound may spit a bolt of fire at its Combat:
then it must be a Greater Infernal Power opponents; it does +15 damage to Kick: Init +1, Attack +13, Defense +5,
instead. Corrupted beasts may have this the individual it hits. The creature Damage +12
Virtue more than once, each for a differ- may bite one opponent and spit fire at Soak: +4
ent Power, and Infernal Might increases another in the same round. Fatigue levels: OK, 0, 0, 0, 0, –2, –4,
for each Power acquired. Vis: 2 pawns of Vim, 1 in each head Unconscious
Appearance: This huge dog has two sla- Wound Penalties: –1 (1–8), –3 (9–16), –5
vering heads protruding from its mas- (17–24), Incapacitated (25–32)
Two-Headed Hound sive shoulders. The two heads are Abilities: Athletics 5 (long-distance run-
cursed with independent minds that ning), Brawl 3 (hooves)
Infernal Might: 10 (Animal) hate each other, and each would like Powers:
Characteristics: Cun 0, Per +2, Pre –6, nothing more than to bite the other; The Unimpeded Traveler, 0 points, Init +1,
Com 0, Str 0, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik it is only because the hound’s necks Animal: This steed is not impeded by
+2 are too short that it cannot. The dog poor terrain and may move at maxi-
Size: 0 is covered in gray fur in the few areas mum speed along even the poorest of
Ferocity Score: 1 (3 points) that are not affected by mange, which roads, achieving 30 miles a day. It may
Virtues and Flaws: Greater Infernal has left patches of puffy, purulent red even cross open water and chasms,
Power*; Ferocity* (against intrud- flesh. unsupported by ground, but can do
ers), Improved Characteristics, Long this only at a trotting pace.
Winded, Sharp Ears; Horrifying This corrupted beast was created by a Vis: 2 pawns of Animal, in hooves
Appearance*, Reckless; Corrupted diabolist to be a guard for his sanctum. He Appearance: A fearsome black stallion
Beast* controls it with an Infernal charm, but is with bloodshot eyes, fangs in its
*These Virtues and Flaws are a result of its fearful of the day that this charm fails, for mouth, and hooves of iron.
corruption. he knows that the dog hates him.
Personality Traits: Hatred of Owner +6, This horse is one of three created
Hatred of Humans +5, Hatred of Self by an Infernalist magus in a tribunal at
+3, Reckless +3, Vigilant +1 Demonic Steed the fringes of the Order by repeated
Combat: applications of a tainted version of Steed
Bite: Init +2, Attack +11, Defense +10, Infernal Might: 7 (Animal) of Vengeance (MuAn 35). There were many
Damage +5 Characteristics: Cun –2, Per 0, Pre –6, failures before he successfully created
Soak: +2 Com –4, Str +4, Sta +4, Dex +1, these three corrupted beasts. Because the
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Qik +1 untainted version of the spell is well-
Unconscious Size: +3 known, he is able to use the steeds in front
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5 Virtues and Flaws: Enduring Constitution, of other magi with impunity.
(11–15), Incapacitated (16–20) Improved Characteristics, Lesser

Chapter Nine

Infernal Characters
Almost as frightening as the creatures and over time they may even themselves need to be aligned with the Infernal realm
aligned with the Infernal realm are those become creatures of the Infernal realm. — though some of them require him to
mortals who follow the Devil, by choice The Virtues and Flaws described have special infernal background Flaws,
or by chance, for they gain many new below may be taken during character and others are part of a set of Powers
Supernatural Powers that they may use in creation if the character has some asso- that require multiple Virtues to have an
Hell’s service, though they may also inherit ciation with the Infernal. He need not effect (see Chapter 10: The Maleficia and
supernatural hindrances associated with be an infernalist — that is, he does not Chapter 11: Ars Goetia). These are sum-
their Infernal allegiance. They also learn marized here, and are also explained in
new skills that aid them in practicing evil, more detail in later chapters.

The Infernal

False Powers True or False?

Most Supernatural Virtues, Flaws, and The Divine realm is utterly opposed are faeries or magical beings that have
Abilities are associated with only one par- to the Infernal realm; it sees anyone and also been transformed. Hell continually
ticular realm. That is, while Premonitions anything associated with the Infernal swells its ranks with creatures taken from
could come from any realm of power, as its enemy, to be either turned or anywhere it can get them.
a particular character’s Premonitions are destroyed. Divine beings generally treat False Powers represent one of Hell’s
due to one realm in particular. However, the Powers of the Magic and Faerie most insidious ploys. Since the Divine
the Infernal realm is divisive and insidious, realms as neutral; they either have the must oppose the Infernal wherever it
and so characters can have special Powers same choice between good and evil can, tainting magical or faerie beings
that are aligned with the Magical or Faerie as human beings do, or they are like forces their hands. They can no lon-
realms, but which are also subtly tainted animals that have no existence in the ger pretend to be outsiders in the war
by the Infernal. These are called False hereafter and thus are not involved in between good and evil, because in the
Powers. From a practical standpoint, False the spiritual conflict between God and eyes of the Divine they are supporting
Powers are no different from any other the Devil. The Infernal realm, however, the enemy by benefiting from its power.
Supernatural Virtues or Flaws, save that does not consider anyone to be neutral. This is why False Powers seem unholy
Divine Powers (and some Infernal ones) It embodies destruction and chaos, and to Divine investigation: the Divine can
perceive them as unholy. For example, is opposed to everything and everyone, identify the presence of the Infernal,
a False Shapeshifting Power might be even its own agents. Magical and faerie however slight, and rejects it. Luckily
Faerie for the purposes of realm interac- creatures are often the targets of its evil for most characters, tainting Powers isn’t
tion bonuses and penalties, and appear to designs. But Hell does not only harm something that demons or infernalists
be associated with the Faerie realm when those it hates, for it also corrupts them can do very easily, as it requires dedi-
subjected to magical or faerie investiga- and draws them into its service. Many cated Infernal attention or long-term
tion. However, the Power would read as demons are fallen angels, but others exposure to the Infernal realm.
unholy when investigated by a character
with the Divine Power to Sense Holiness war, passion, and death have many quali-
and Unholiness. ties in common with demons, but that Tainting the Divine
Magical and Faerie creatures can also does not necessarily make them agents
have False Powers. A magical spirit associ- of the Devil. Likewise, a bandit who only Some whisper that the forces of
ated with disease and a wicked faerie gob- steals from the greedy or a prostitute with Hell can even taint Powers granted by
lin might be creatures with non-Infernal a good heart may use their Powers virtu- the Divine, so that a holy saint might
Might, but have tainted Powers that cause ously, though the origins of these Powers seem Infernal, or an angel inspire the
them to seem evil. These Powers corrupt may seem dubious. same stench of unholiness as a demon.
the nature of the being, and a holy char- Fortunately for magi with these Most people are reluctant to believe
acter with the ability to sense that being’s sorts of abilities, the argument that False this, but fear that it might be true.
unholiness would probably determine that Powers are not necessarily Infernal carries
it is Infernal. some weight within the Order of Hermes, Powers can also become False because of
Because of this false aspect, many and charges of suspected dealings with supernatural botches, or the interference
people in Mythic Europe believe that all demons may not be damning enough of infernal agents. See the False Powers
who possess such capabilities are evil, and without corroborating evidence that the Flaw, below, for an option for starting
persecute them when they are discovered. beings are indeed demons. There are characters with False Powers.
This reaction may explain why many many magi who traffic with creatures of
people in the Middle Ages consider all the underworld, including ghosts, nature
magical and faerie creatures to be demon- spirits of death and decay, fierce beasts,
ic, for their focus on the Divine realm can
blind them to the subtleties of the others,
and blur the distinctions between realms
shapeshifters with evil reputations, faer-
ies associated with darkness and fear, and
pagan gods and monsters; despite the
to the point where they can only perceive
whether a given Power is Divine or not.
fact that these beings may seem unholy,
interaction with them is a well-established
Others believe that False Powers are tradition among Hermetic magi.
simply Powers that share a mystical sym- Repeated use of Supernatural Powers In Ars Magica, magi and other Gifted
pathy with the Infernal realm, but that in Infernal auras can eventually change characters are inherently more powerful
are not actually evil, evidenced by the them into False Powers via Warping, than mundane people, and so for reasons
fact that they do not interact with auras representing a corruption of the Power of game balance they are usually consid-
as Infernal Powers. Creatures of darkness, through long association with the Infernal. ered superior to companion characters.

Realms of Power

New Virtues
Major, Hermetic Major, Supernatural Minor, Tainted
Chthonic Magic Amorphous Amorphous
Hermetic Sorcery Ceremony Aptitude for (Sin)
Chthonic Magic Convoluted Mind
Command Animals Enticer of Multitudes
Major, Goetic Arts Demonic Blood Gender Shift
Hex Infernal Blessing
Ablating Immune to Disease Infernal Heirloom
Binding Infernal Blessing Mentored by Demons
Commanding Sense Passions Tainted Treasure

Major, Tainted Minor, General

Major, Unholy Methods
Amorphous Aptitude for (Sin)
Debauchery Command Animals Convoluted Mind
Incantation Demonic Blood Enticer of Multitudes
Hermetic Sorcery Mentored by Demons
Immune to Disease Tainted Treasure
Major, Unholy Powers Infernal Blessing

Consumption Special
Diablerie Minor, Supernatural
Effusion Devil Child
Malediction Amorphous Diabolist
Phantasm Demonic Might Summoner
Psychomachia Demonic Powers
Gender Shift
Infernal Blessing
Infernal Heirloom

However, sometimes a player wants to includes other limitations such as forbid- are not tainted may take them during
design a character without The Gift who den Virtues and Flaws, and required scores character creation or receive them in
can still rival a magus, and may well play in particular Abilities taken during charac- response to Infernal Warping. However,
this special companion as her primary ter creation. Mythic Companions may not a character should not begin with more
character instead. These characters are take The Gift. than half of his starting Virtues or Flaws
called Mythic Companions, and follow Tainted. This means no more than five
slightly different rules during character points of Tainted Flaws and five points of
creation. Tainted Virtues (or ten points of Virtues
Mythic Companions have a special
Free Virtue that describes what makes
them unique, and like magi they receive
Tainted Virtues for Mythic Companions).

a bonus Virtue point that describes their

special focus. The player may then take
and Flaws New Virtues
up to ten points of Flaws as normal,
but for them each of these Flaws is Some of the Virtues and Flaws listed
worth twice as many Virtues, so that a below are categorized as Tainted. These Ablating
Mythic Companion with ten points of are for characters who have been tainted Major, Goetic Art
Flaws can have as many as 21 points of by demons, as described under Tainted When combined with Summoning,
Virtues. The Free Virtue that describes Characters, below. Tainted Virtues and Ablating allows a sorcerer to leech away
the character often specifies how some of Flaws also belong to another category, the power of a demon or other spirit for
these points may be spent, and sometimes such as Supernatural, and characters who his own. This Virtue opens the Ablating

The Infernal
Art for him at 0, the mechanics of which
are found in Chapter 11: Ars Goetia.

Major or Minor, Supernatural, Tainted
The character is able to take on
any human form, so long as it does not
identifiably belong to a particular human
being. The character develops this ability
because his body has adopted the almost-
gaseous property of demonic flesh, so any
apparent changes in size or fitness are
cosmetic, and do not affect the character’s
statistics. Some amorphous people can
select a single shape at midnight, which
is the Major form of the Virtue. Its Minor
form allows the character to change shape
only after having performed a significant
act linked to the Obsession of his creator.
The character may only change to his
birth form by selecting it once the condi-
tions of transformation have been met, or
involuntarily changing shape when dying
or entering holy ground.

Aptitude for (Sin)

Minor, General, Tainted
This catch-all Virtue is for those
minor effects which demons grant to their
victims to allow them to sin more effec- Supernatural Ability Chthonic Magic at 1, Consumption
tively, and so more often. Each Aptitude and has other benefits as well, described Major, Unholy Power
for a particular sin adds +3 to all rolls in below under New Abilities and in Chapter This Virtue gives the character the
a very limited circumstance linked to a 12: Black Magic. Supernatural Ability of Consumption at 1.
demon’s Obsession. As examples, charac- See Chapter 10: The Maleficia, for more
ters may have aptitudes for picking pock- Command Animals information on this Unholy Power.
ets, for committing adultery skillfully, or Major, Supernatural, Tainted
for poisoning people. The character has the ability to men- Convoluted Mind
tally command mundane examples of a Minor, General, Tainted
Binding species of animal usually associated with The character has been exposed to
Major, Goetic Art the demon who tainted him or her. At any the machinations of demons so often
Binding is the Art of forcing a demon time, the character may command up to that he has developed a sense of how
or a similarly incorporeal spirit into a 12 human-sized animals, and may instruct their minds work. The character gains
physical object or person, for one of them to do suicidal things. Smaller ani- a +3 bonus on all Infernal Lore rolls to
many different purposes. It is combined mals can be commanded in far greater determine what a demon will do, and has
with Summoning to produce an effect, numbers, so some characters can com- a feeling, similar to the Common Sense
as described in Chapter 11: Ars Goetia. mand swarms of insects, or hundreds of Virtue, that prevents him from doing stu-
Taking this Virtue opens the character’s rats. pid things when dealing with demons.
score in the Binding Art at 0.
Commanding Corruption
Chthonic Magic Major, Goetic Art Major, Supernatural
Major, Hermetic, Supernatural A sorcerer with the Commanding Some infernalists can teach corrupted
Something about the character’s Art can summon demons that perform as knowledge, made possible by this Virtue.
magic is very sinister or dark, and because he instructs them, when combined with This gives the character the Supernatural
of this he can benefit from many aspects Summoning as described in Chapter 11: Ability of Corruption at 1. See New
of the Infernal realm even if he is not Ars Goetia. This Virtue opens the charac- Abilities, below, for details.
actually evil. This gives the character the ter’s score in Commanding at 0.

Realms of Power
Divine spirit. However, this attendant
Characters with Might Scores demon means that her demonic parent
can always find her, and is kept appraised
Characters with a Might score are the same realm (Infernal Might and an of what she is up to.
not human, strictly speaking. No being Infernal Power, for example); you simply A Demonic Blooded character’s life
with a Might score can have Virtues use the higher total. Characters with a span is short — roughly half that of a
which affiliate them to another realm, for Might score are immune to all Warping pure-blooded human. Her effective age
they are full members of the supernatural (see Warping and Non-Humans, ArM5, (which applies as if it were her real age
realm which gives them their Might. page 168). They may, however, spend when creating a Longevity Ritual and
This includes The Gift, True Faith, Faerie a point of their Might Pool to use any when making rolls on the Aging Table)
Blood, Blood of the Nephilim (see Realms Ability or Power that normally incurs increases two years for every year that
of Power: The Divine), and any Supernatural Warping (such as Incantation or gain- passes, and you must make two aging rolls
Virtues that draw on sources from a differ- ing Confidence though sinning). Those each year once her effective age reaches
ent realm than that of their Might. They with a Might score are immune to super- 35. There is no way to halt or slow this
may not even take corrupted versions natural backlashes of their realm, such other than Longevity Rituals, if she can
of these Virtues, such as The False Gift. as Twilight, Hubris, Vituperation, and convince someone to make one for her.
If a character receives Magic Resistance so forth, but still suffer any other conse- However, she does not show the effects
from more than one source, these totals quences of a failed or botched roll when of aging; any Aging Points acquired do
do not stack, even if they derive from using their Powers. not get applied to her Characteristics,
although they do still count as experience
Ceremony Might Points. Design the effects using points towards Decrepitude.
Major, Supernatural the maleficia guidelines (see Chapter 10: You cannot take the Infernal Blessings
The character can lead or join dark The Maleficia), taking into account the Virtue; the Demonic Powers Virtue replac-
rituals of the maleficia that allow a group Powers of the demon parent. The Might es that Virtue for the demon-blooded. You
of infernalists to work together to produce cost for each Power is equal to its mag- may not take any Virtue that affiliates
a more powerful effect. This Virtue gives nitude divided by two (but always at her with a realm other than the Infernal
the character the Supernatural Ability least one point). These may be con- (see sidebar). Also, you cannot take the
Ceremony at 1, which is described in stant effects designed in the usual fashion Unaging Virtue or the Age Quickly Flaw.
more detail under New Abilities, below. (Sun duration, two uses per day, and an She may not have children, and so can-
Environmental Trigger; see ArM5, page not have Dependents of this sort. Grogs
Debauchery 99); her Might Pool is always reduced should not take this Virtue.
Major, Unholy Method by the cost of this Power, and she cannot
This Virtue gives the character the turn this Power off. The Initiative total of Demonic Might
Supernatural Ability of Debauchery at each Power is the character’s Quickness. Minor, Supernatural
1. This Unholy Method is described in She may be unaware of her true You may only take this Virtue if your
more detail under New Abilities, and in heritage, in which case she probably character has the Demonic Blood Virtue.
Chapter 10: The Maleficia. has either the Delusion or Manufactured Her Infernal Might increases by 2 points.
Ignorance Flaw to explain her remarkable Upon her death, her body contains a
Demonic Blood capabilities. The close attention of Hell number of pawns of Corpus vis equal to
Major, Supernatural, Tainted means that she must offset this Virtue her (Infernal Might / 5), rounding up.
The character has a demon as a par- with the Tragic Life Major Flaw (see You may take this Virtue more than once,
ent, and was conceived for a specific task Tainted Characters, below). The charac- though it can account for no more than
by her Infernal mother or father. Because ter many learn Infernal Lore during char- half of the character’s total Virtues.
of this, she is an Infernal being and pos- acter creation without needing to take the
sesses an Infernal Might (Corpus) score of Arcane Lore Minor Virtue. Demonic Powers
5. This grants her Magic Resistance. Her She is attended at nearly all times by Minor, Supernatural
body also contains one pawn of Corpus a minor demon, which tends to remain Only a character with the Demonic
vis, which can only be extracted once in spiritual form, watching over her; if Blood Virtue may have Demonic Powers.
she is dead. She is immune to Warping of necessary, it protects her on behalf of She gains an extra 20 levels of Infernal
any kind, need not eat or drink, and can- her creator/parent. This demon is a ruach Powers in addition to the levels granted
not produce a child; however, she suffers (Chapter 5: Demons as Corrupters), who by Demonic Blood. Note that this Virtue
the natural urges associated with these can use its Misfortune Power to blight differs substantially from the Infernal
activities, and may be required to make her enemies. If she is unaware of her Blessing Virtue (see below), in that the
Personality rolls to overcome her desires. demonic heritage, she either considers Powers can be overtly mystical rather
She has up to 30 levels of Infernal herself exceedingly lucky, or believes the than mimicking other Virtues. You may
Powers that may be invoked by spending attending demon to be a Magical or also take this Virtue more than once,

The Infernal
though it can account for no more than between forms. Pregnant characters may true. This gives her the Supernatural
half of the character’s total Virtues. not use this Power. Ability Hex at 1, described in more detail
under New Abilities, below.
Devil Child Hermetic Sorcery
Special Major, Hermetic, Tainted Immune to Disease
This Virtue has no cost, and can only Through instruction or intuition, Major, Supernatural, Tainted
be taken for a Mythic Companion born the character is able to easily translate The character is marked as the prop-
of demonic parents. See Devil Children, his knowledge of sorcery into Hermetic erty of a very powerful demon, and the
below, for details. magic. Whenever he studies one of the lesser demons that cause most diseases
four Goetic Arts (Ablating, Binding, refuse to harm him. Even characters who
Diablerie turn against their masters retain
Major, Unholy Power this protection, because the mark
This Virtue gives the char- is indelible, and disease demons
acter the Supernatural Ability of are not usually very bright. A few
Diablerie at 1. See Chapter 10: The diseases, for example, those sent as
Maleficia for more information on scourges by God, affect the charac-
this Unholy Power. ter normally.

Diabolist Infernal Blessing

Special Major or Minor, Supernatural,
This Virtue has no cost, and Tainted
can only be taken for a Mythic Because of the character’s asso-
Companion who has given over ciation with demons or an Infernal
his soul to the Infernal realm. tradition (see Chapter 13: Infernal
For details, see Chapter 10: The Traditions), she has been affected
Maleficia, Diabolists. by a demon’s Infernal Powers or
targeted by one or more unholy
Effusion maleficia (see Chapter 10). These
Major, Unholy Power effects are beneficial to her for the
This Virtue gives the char- most part, and are perhaps a reward
acter the Supernatural Ability of or an enticement for her service to
Effusion at 1. See Chapter 10: The Hell.
Maleficia for more information on If this is a Minor Virtue, you
this Unholy Power. receive 60 levels of unholy effects,
designed as if they were cast on
Enticer of Multitudes the character with Touch Range,
Minor, General, Tainted probably with Forsaken Duration
The character has a version (Chapter 10: The Maleficia; New
of the Inspirational Virtue that can Ranges, Durations, and Targets),
only be used to manipulate people toward Commanding, or Summoning), he also with the limit that no single effect can
evil acts. The character appears demagog- gains half as many experience points exceed level 40. If this is a Major Virtue,
ic rather than heroic, and cannot control in Rego. Similarly, whenever he studies you receive 120 levels of effects, and the
a group once he has whipped it into a a form of supernatural Lore (Dominion maximum level of an effect is level 60.
frenzy. The enticer forces individuals in a Lore, Faerie Lore, Infernal Lore, or Magic These effects should correspond to the
group to make Personality Trait rolls for Lore) he receives half as many experience Methods and Powers available to the
the particular sin they are attempting to points in Vim. character’s Infernal tradition (see Chapter
evoke, with a bonus of +5 or more. The character does not have to have 13), or seem appropriate to a demon with
any of the Goetic Arts opened to take this which the character is familiar. If these
Gender Shift Virtue, though obviously it is twice as use- blessings do come directly from a demon,
Minor, Supernatural, Tainted ful if he does. you should still determine the level of
Each midnight, the character may the effect in the same way as if they were
choose to change genders. The character’s Hex maleficia.
male and female forms are consistent Major, Supernatural You may take this Virtue more than
across transformations, and usually appear The character has the ability to curse once, and the total number of levels may
to be blood kin of each other. The char- her enemies, making dire predictions be added together, so that two Minor
acter’s Personality Traits may vary slightly about their future, which tend to come Virtues gives you 120 levels, though you

Realms of Power
are still limited to level 40 effects. Because Initiative, Attack, or Defense by 3, See Chapter 10: The Maleficia for more
this is a Tainted Virtue, you cannot take it but penalizing her Fatigue rolls by information on this Unholy Power.
more than five times (or ten times, if the the same amount.
character is a Mythic Companion). Mentored by Demons
Here are some common blessings. All, Taking this Virtue also gives the char- Minor, General, Tainted
of course, are subject to storyguide approv- acter 3 Warping Points and an experience A character mentored by demons
al, and should be examined to determine if point in a relevant Infernal Reputation. learns faster than is possible for those
they would imbalance your saga. It is marginally possible for the char- studying with human teachers, but demons
acter to have blessings that she is not only teach those Abilities that suit their
• Infernal Ability (Debauchery, aware are Infernal, since people in Mythic plans for the character. Characters trained
Phantasm, Level 20): The charac- Europe do not know how many points by demons may exceed the maximum
ter’s body is changed to give her of Virtues and Flaws they have, and thus skill level for a given age provided by
an unnatural ability (such as wings, she may think that she has been rewarded the character creation rules. Students
an additional limb, retracting fangs, by a benevolent power. However, this of demons may also have Abilities that
or eyes that can see in the dark), requires that she has not accepted abso- are usually restricted to opportune back-
though this does not function in the lution from the Divine since she gained grounds. People mentored by demons
Dominion or when she is subjected these Powers, and she must have some do not recognize the supernatural nature
to an uncommon circumstance such sort of Infernal background that explains of their teachers — many consider their
as salt, running water, or iron. why she has been kept in the dark about exceptional skills an expression of their
• Infernal Confidence (Debauchery, this. When she realizes the truth, she innate superiority to others. This atti-
Psychomachia, Level 20): The char- must decide whether she wishes to con- tude is particularly common in children
acter gains an additional Confidence tinue as an infernalist, or repent and lose afflicted with Pride. Mentored characters
Point. her Powers forever. have an additional 50 experience points
• Infernal Device (Incantation, to spend on any Ability. Characters may
Effusion, Level 40): The character Infernal Heirloom purchase this Virtue multiple times, and
has a device enchanted to produce an Minor, Supernatural, Tainted gain 50 further experience points each
unholy effect of up to level 15. Infernal heirlooms are magical items time. Characters trained to this extreme
• Infernal Greatness (Incantation, that the character inherits from a diabo- know that their teachers are supernatural
Diablerie, Level 60): The character list, or, more rarely, finds. The character figures, but often have the Manufactured
receives the effects of an appropri- has the use of the item, without having Ignorance Flaw.
ate Major Virtue, such as Greater to deal with the demon that created it.
Immunity, Ways of the (Land), or The item is extremely useful in some way, Phantasm
Wealthy. but each use draws its owner closer to Major, Unholy Power
• Infernal Health (Incantation, the character, as the demon attempts to This Virtue gives the character the
Consumption, Level 40): The char- reclaim its treasure. Supernatural Ability of Phantasm at 1.
acter gains a +3 bonus to all Aging Most Infernal heirlooms have only a See Chapter 10: The Maleficia for more
rolls at the expense of another, who single effect, and they are usually triggered information on this Unholy Power.
receives a –3 penalty. If this vic- by a minor act of, or intention to, sin. As
tim dies, her blessing ceases to be a guideline, each heirloom may create an Psychomachia
effective. effect once per day that is equivalent to Major, Unholy Power
• Infernal Powers (Incantation, a Hermetic spell of level 25. Items that This Virtue gives the character the
Diablerie, Level 40): The char- produce less powerful effects may be used Supernatural Ability of Psychomachia at
acter receives the effects of an more frequently at the troupe’s discretion. 1. See Chapter 10: The Maleficia for more
appropriate Minor Virtue, such as information on this Unholy Power.
Affinity with (Ability), Increased Incantation
Characteristics, Puissant (Ability), Major, Unholy Method Sense Passions
or Self-Confident. This Virtue gives the character the Major, Supernatural
• Infernal Protection (Incantation, Supernatural Ability of Incantation at 1. The character can see into the hearts
Diablerie, Level 40): The character This Unholy Method is described in more and minds of others, learning their weak-
has a Magic Resistance score of 15. detail under New Abilities and Chapter nesses, fears, and evil thoughts. This
• Infernal Prowess (Debauchery, 10: The Maleficia. gives her the Supernatural Ability Sense
Consumption, Level 40): The char- Passions at 1, described in more detail
acter has enhanced the effectiveness Malediction under New Abilities, below.
of her body, giving her a +3 bonus Major, Unholy Power
to either Soak or Damage, but add- This Virtue gives the character the Summoner
ing 3 to her Load; or increasing her Supernatural Ability of Malediction at 1. Special

The Infernal
This Virtue has no cost, and can only
be taken for a Mythic Companion who New Flaws
has been trained as a sorcerer’s apprentice.
See Chapter 11: Ars Goetia for details. Major, Personality Minor, Personality
Summoning Depraved Depraved
Major, Goetic Art
This Virtue gives the character the pri-
mary Art of the Ars Goetia, Summoning. Major, Story Minor, Story
She begins with this Art at 0, and may
increase it through study and practice. Evil Destiny Demonic Familiar
When combined with the other Goetic Tainted Offspring Impious Friend
Arts, she can bind, destroy, and control Tragic Life Manufactured Ignorance
demons and other spirits, as described in Vengeful Powers
Chapter 11: Ars Goetia.
Minor, Supernatural
Tainted Treasure Major, Supernatural
Minor, General, Tainted Corrupted Abilities
The character has inherited or False Power
acquired a vast amount of treasure, but
it is cursed to cause harm. This treasure Minor, Tainted
might come from an ancestor who made Major, Tainted
a deal with demons, or tricked them out Corrupted Abilities
of money. It might have been stolen from False Power Corrupted Arts
one of the secret caches that demons Repellent Corrupted Spells
maintain, so that they have wealth nearby Tainted Offspring Impious Friend
to tempt humans. A tainted person who Vengeful Powers Manufactured Ignorance
rebels, and swaps the Tragic Life Flaw Witch Marks
for the Plagued by Supernatural Entity
Flaw, might be tempted to retain some Major, General
of the valuable props provided for their Minor, General
role. The treasure is sufficient that the Repellent
character could transform it into a source No Tradition
of the Wealthy Virtue. As examples, the Witch Marks
character could buy a ship and become a Minor, Hermetic
trader, or buy land in a city and become
a landlord. Corrupted Arts
The difficulty is that the wealth is Corrupted Spells
cursed, so it lacks the natural increase in
bounty that is a gift from God. If traded receive a –3 penalty, and if you fail the roll
for other items of value, the curse moves New Flaws because of this penalty, the character loses
to these items. Any venture into which it 5 experience points in the Ability.
is invested will, eventually, fail. Any build- Corrupted Abilities Any use of a corrupted Ability is an
ing it is used to purchase will, eventually, Minor, Supernatural, Tainted unholy act, which can be sensed by Divine
burn down. If it is used for a non-sinful One or more of the character’s Powers. You may only take this Flaw once,
purpose, the treasure destroys itself: gold Abilities was taught to her by a Watcher though you can choose to have it affect
given to charity turns to sand, ships used (see Chapter 6: Demons as Deceivers), or multiple Abilities if you wish.
to ferry supplies to the starving steer came through some other corrupted source
themselves onto rocks. of study. Use of a corrupted Ability for a Corrupted Arts
The wealth may be used to purchase selfish or sinful action receives a +3 bonus Minor, Hermetic, Tainted
the services of people, who, because they to the roll. Succeeding in a roll because The character has studied one of the
have souls, choose their own fates. The of this bonus (that is, when without it Hermetic Arts from a corrupted source.
limitation that the wealth only allows the roll would have failed) means that the Use of a corrupted Art for a selfish or
itself to be spent sinfully remains, how- character immediately acquires 5 experi- sinful action receives a +3 bonus to the
ever, so it is likely to be given to amoral, ence points in that Ability. However, uses character’s Casting Total and Penetration
covetous, envious, dangerous people. of the Ability that are neutral or selfless Total. Succeeding in a roll because of this

Realms of Power
bonus (that is, when without it the roll gain with it or even threaten it to receive the ceremony with his discomfort and
would have failed) means he immediately its aid. ignorance.
acquires 5 experience points in that Art. At the storyguide’s discretion, this
However, uses of the Art that are neutral Flaw may be taken to represent other Evil Destiny
or selfless receive a –3 penalty, and if you sorts of demons with which the character Major, Story
fail the roll because of this penalty, he has a close relationship, such as a warder, The Infernal realm has taken an inter-
immediately loses 5 experience points in teacher, or paramour. The more powerful est in the character, but he does not know
the Art. the demon, the more the character will be how or why. Perhaps one of his Powers
Any use of a corrupted Art taints the expected to do to earn its assistance, and is actually Infernal, or demons are plot-
character’s magic, causing it to appear the less involved it will be with her on a ting against him, or he is convinced that
unholy. You may only take this Flaw once, daily basis. he is being stalked by something evil.
though it can affect multiple Arts. He cannot discuss this openly for
fear that he will be accused of
Corrupted Spells infernalism, but must be always on
Minor, Hermetic, Tainted his guard against the dark forces
The character has learned at that he knows will come for him
least 30 levels of formulaic spells one day.
from a source that has been cor- The storyguide will use this
rupted in some way. Use of a Flaw to subtly work the Infernal
corrupted spell for a selfish or sin- realm into your character, leav-
ful action receives a +3 bonus to ing you unaware of the specif-
the character’s Casting Total and ics. You might have one of the
Penetration Total. Succeeding in other Flaws in this chapter, or
a roll because of this bonus (that a combination of several Minor
is, when without it the spell would Flaws, or even a Flaw that changes
have failed or cost Fatigue) means periodically. The character could
he immediately acquires 5 experi- simply be Plagued by Demons
ence points towards mastery of or Susceptible to the Infernal.
that spell. However, uses of the Through the course of the story
spell that are neutral or selfless you may eventually discover what
receive a –3 penalty, and if you his Flaw is, but until then you are
fail the roll or he fatigues himself only haunted with the knowledge
because of this penalty, he imme- that something about him is not
diately loses 5 experience points. right.
If this would result in negative
experience, he forgets the spell False Power
completely. Major, Supernatural, Tainted
Any use of a corrupted spell One of the character’s
is tainted and appears unholy. You Supernatural Virtues is associated
may only take this Flaw once, with the Infernal realm, in addi-
though it can affect as many of the tion to the realm with which it
character’s spells as you wish. would normally be associated,
Depraved which causes it to appear unholy when
Demonic Familiar Major or Minor, Personality subjected to Divine or Infernal investi-
Minor, Story The character seeks to undermine gation (see False Powers, above). This
The character is bound to a famulus, religion whenever possible, and generally quality could be because of something
a familiar demon that possesses an animal tries to avoid the Dominion. He might inherent to the Power, or perhaps because
and can lend the character its senses, or sin in public, teach misinformation about of the interference of Infernal agents.
mask the evil taint of her Powers. (See the tenets of the faith, or show obvious This Flaw can apply to Supernatural
Chapter 5: Demons as Corrupters, Famuli, disdain for holy things. He is not neces- Virtues that define the character’s back-
for the description of these creatures and sarily an infernalist; it could be that he ground, like Faerie Blood, Diedne Magic,
an example, Lickspitten.) This demonic simply despises organized religion, dis- or even The Gift (see Chapter 12: Black
familiar is not loyal to the character likes the Divine realm, or does not believe Magic, The False Gift). In these cases,
or concerned about her well-being, and in God. He might even be persuaded to falsehood permeates the whole of the
often has its own goals and needs. The attend services, though he does not take character’s being, causing everything she
character may occasionally need to bar- any of it seriously and is likely to disrupt

The Infernal
does to seem unholy to those with the giving him a bonus in Infernal auras. This book, but his mistaken belief is sustained
ability to sense it. may also grant him other benefits: like by a group of minor demons that provide
The False Power is often subtly other infernalists he can boost his casting a stream of supporting evidence. Different
changed by its Infernal aspect, making it total with sacrifices, and use an Infernal groups of demons create varying delusions
more sinister or negative. Here are some Ceremony to include others in the activa- for tainted people. Many such people
examples: tion. However, doing this removes any believe they have a glorious destiny, and
illusions about the Power’s realm — even the world smiles at their efforts, because
• (False) Premonitions: The taint magical and faerie Powers can recognize the demons make it appear so. Hermetic
of the character’s Premonitions that it is Infernal. demon hunters have found more than one
Power leaves it vulnerable to Infernal If the character realizes his Power child who believed he was the final scion
manipulation, even if the character is corrupted, he may decide to seek help of a noble house.
has Magic Resistance. Many of the from the Divine. Sincere repentance and In each story, the character receives
character’s premonitions are accurate, participation in a form of ceremonial one minor, fortunate occurrence that con-
and pursuit of the stories they evoke absolution allow the character to lose this firms his rosy view of life. Minor fortu-
is usually worthwhile. These valuable Flaw, though this also takes away the nate occurrences are situations demons
insights often lead characters to trust Virtue it modifies. This is a heavy pen- can arrange surreptitiously ahead of time.
lies that a demon offers through the ance, but it is the only way to exorcise They may include a character arriving at
Power in order to manipulate their the evil influence of the Infernal realm, an inn where the last room is available,
response to pivotal events. and of course there are far greater rewards finding an important door unlocked, or a
• (False) Second Sight: The char- in Heaven. coal from the fireplace mysteriously extin-
acter is particularly likely to see This Flaw may be taken mul- guishing itself on the floor rushes.
through an illusion or deception tiple times, once for each appropriate
when what he sees would lead him to Supernatural Virtue that the character No Tradition
sin. Sometimes he may see through possesses, but in each subsequent instance Minor, General
mundane obstacles, if the informa- as a Minor Flaw rather than a Major one. The character is an infernalist who
tion gained would tempt him to Also note that this Flaw cannot apply to does not belong to an Infernal tradition
sinful acts. Supernatural Virtues that are affiliated to (see Chapter 13: Infernal Traditions), as
• (False) Shapeshifter: The character the Infernal realm in the first place, and her beliefs are too unusual to be classified
can change his shape, but only into the troupe may not allow it to apply to by an overarching philosophy. She may
animals typically associated with the Virtues derived from the Divine. still learn Infernal Supernatural Abilities
Infernal, such as a cat, a wolf, a raven, from other characters who are willing
or a rat. When in these shapes, he Impious Friend to teach them to her, though always
seems unholy to those can recognize Minor, Story, Tainted with a penalty to her Advancement Total
that quality. A minor demon poses as a friend of — essentially, she does not have any
the character. The demon takes a pleasant favored Abilities.
It is quite possible that the character form but is usually invisible to anyone,
does not know that his Power is false. other than its charge, lacking appropri- Repellent
Once he does, he may find himself in a ate Virtues. Many of these demons are Major, General, Tainted
moral dilemma. Most people consider it introduced to the tainted people they will The character has developed one of
a sin to use Powers associated with the defend and control during infancy. They the physical characteristics of his demonic
Infernal realm for any reason, and would become childhood playmates. creator, which causes fear and revulsion
label him an infernalist if they discovered The tainted person has not bargained among normal humans. The character
the nature of his Power. Yet his Power is for the services of the demon. Instead, the makes all rolls requiring trust with a –6
also associated with another realm, mak- character receives the services of his friend penalty. The character also gains a minor
ing it more difficult to recognize it as as part of its master’s plan to guide the char- advantage from the repellent feature. As
Infernal, and leaving it unclear whether acter toward a tragic destiny. If the demon examples, a character with horns, claws,
the Power is inherently evil or simply feels the character’s life is threatened, it or fangs could learn to use them in
tainted by association. Perhaps the char- may seek additional assistance from its melee, a scaled character might have a
acter believes it is not wrong for him to master. The tainted person believes the Soak bonus of +3, and a character with
use his Powers, so long as he does not demon wishes only the best for him. Many demonic eyes might see in the dark.
pursue evil ends with them. are ignorant of the demon’s true shape.
Once the character recognizes that Tainted Offspring
the Power has an unholy aspect, he may Manufactured Ignorance Major, Story, Tainted
choose to treat it as an Infernal Power at Minor, Story, Tainted The character has a child who has
any time, using the Infernal Power column The tainted person has a Delusion, been marked for great, but unpleasant,
of the realm interaction chart and thus just like the Flaw given in the core rule- things by a powerful demon. The char-

Realms of Power
acter must struggle not only with the unpredictable elements. Most signifi- • Illness and disease among local peo-
servants the demon sends to subvert cantly, virtuous humans may notice ple or animals.
the child, but the child’s own tendency the tainted person’s tendency toward • Open sores and other painful
toward evil. a certain type of sin, and teach them wounds.
to resist it. • Distrust and a bad reputation among
Tragic Life • Humans have free will. All decep- strangers.
Major, Story tion aside, the tainted person still • Infernal auras in the surrounding
The character’s life has been manipu- has the power to choose not to per- area.
lated by demons to ensure that she will form sins. The tainted person may • Negative or sinful Personality Traits.
act in a certain way in response to impor- not understand this, or may feel that • Additional botch dice on a particular
tant events, usually to her own detriment the sin she performed is minor and type of roll.
and in such a way as to further a particular justified given the situation in which • Demons suddenly causing havoc in
demon’s aims. This means that she is a she is presented her choice, but the the region.
tainted character (see Tainted Characters, choice is still entirely and absolutely
below). hers. The forces that wreak vengeance
Tainted characters are produced as • Finally, the agents of the Divine cannot cross Magic Resistance or effects
tools, to influence pivotal events. This meddle in the plans of Infernal lords. like Aegis of the Hearth that keep demons
Flaw represents two factors: the events away, yet they can still sense when these
that the demons have designed the per- Tainted characters are designed Powers are put to good use, and they
son to influence are likely to happen, for specific situations. Characters who retaliate however they can.
and the person has been designed and struggle successfully against their destiny The character may not know about
conditioned to behave predictably when find that their creator cannot usually these circumstances, but once she realizes
her moment of destiny arrives. Tainted fashion an alternative situation to which the relationship between her Power and
people are likely, at their point of desti- the tainted person is perfectly suited. these side effects, they usually seem much
ny, to choose to sin, and so cause terrible The tainted character loses the Tragic worse, as paranoia and guilt may cause
events. The repercussions of the tragedy Life Flaw, but usually gains the Plagued her to worry about the potential harm her
they create often harm the tainted per- by Supernatural Entity Flaw instead, as Powers may cause. Hell hopes that this
son. The predisposition toward sin at the demonic lord vents his spite on the makes using the Power for good seem too
the character’s pivotal moment should character. great a sacrifice.
be represented with a sinful Personality Vengeful Powers may be taken as a
Trait. Vengeful Powers Hermetic Flaw, as applicable to Hermetic
Tainted people have difficult lives, Major, Story, Tainted magic. In that case, the effect triggers
but are not doomed from the moment of The character has one or more non- whenever the character performs magic
their conception. They have five sources Infernal Powers in which the Infernal that is without sin. It is more commonly
of hope. realm has taken a personal interest. associated with Supernatural Abilities,
Whenever she uses one of these however.
• Demons do not foresee the Powers in a way that is not sinful, it
future, they simply pre- has an unpleasant side effect. This is Witch Marks
dict it through extreme- always harmful, and often recogniz- Minor, General, Tainted
ly skilled judgments. ably Infernal, and the severity var- The character has minor disfigure-
Arbitrary occurrences ies depending upon the Power’s ments that those skilled in folk lore rec-
can ruin their schemes. application, so that extremely ognize as belonging to diabolists. These
• The process of creat- good works cause even more marks can be hidden with clothing.
ing and training tainted terrible evil. The effect is not Characters who are thought of as witches
people contains ran- obviously linked to the use of are blamed for misfortunes and may be
dom factors. These the Power, and in fact it may hounded from towns or killed.
include inherited Flaws, seem completely unrelated. It
like Tainted with Evil always manifests at about the
or Disfigured, which same time as the use of the
are personally pain- Power, however, though the
ful, but might distance character may not be aware
the character from her of this.
designed destiny. Some potential side
• The character’s rela- effects might include:
tionships with other
humans also provide

The Infernal

New Abilities has been applied, the focus character

resolves the effect as normal.
Note that if every character in a coven
New Abilities
Ceremony* has a score of at least 1 in Ceremony, it is Supernatural
This Ability is used in conjunction always better for them to gather without Ceremony*
with another Infernal Supernatural Ability a leader, but that since Ceremony is a Chthonic Magic*
or an Infernal Method and Power to Supernatural Ability, a group of thirteen Consumption*
produce a greater effect. The character who all possess it is very rare. More com- Corruption*
must gather a group together and deter- monly, two or three infernalists with the Debauchery*
mine what effect they are going to enact. Ability trick others into joining them in Diablerie*
Since Ceremony increases the potency the unholy ritual. Effusion*
of Infernal power, at least one of the Specialties: with a certain Power or Hex*
participants must possess the required Ability, in particular circumstances, with a Incantation*
Supernatural Ability (this character is specific group or leader (Supernatural) Malediction*
called the focus character), and if it is a Phantasm*
Power, whatever Method the character Chthonic Magic* Psychomachia*
would normally use to activate it must be This Supernatural Ability may only Sense Passions*
performed by each member of the group. be learned by magi. True Name of (Demon)*
Because of this, all of the participants are The character has the ability to draw
considered to be the caster when evaluat- upon the power of the Infernal with in anyone who listens to her speak or
ing the effect. his magic, giving him many benefits, watches her perform some sort of original
The group may appoint a character described in Chapter 12: Black Magic. work.
to be their leader. The leader’s Ceremony You can substitute this Ability for Magic Secondly, she can exert personal
score determines how many others may Theory when he is performing dark or influence through the written word. Her
contribute to the effect. Additional char- sinister magic in the lab, and you can also influence is so insidious that those who
acters may still participate, but their scores add his score in this Ability to his Magic spend a season studying what she writes
are not counted in the total and they are Theory or Arts when determining how may acquire an appropriate Personality
not treated as the caster. Characters with much vis he may use, so long as all of that Trait, just as if she had spent a season cor-
a Hierarchy Score greater than that of all vis comes from an Infernal source. rupting them in person.
the others in the group must always lead; Specialties: a particular sort of lab Thirdly, she can teach corrupted ver-
they cannot participate unless led by a activity, using infernal vis (Supernatural) sions of Abilities or Arts, which gives
character with still higher rank. her students the Corrupted Abilities or
Alternatively, a group may gather Consumption* Corrupted Arts Flaws if they do not resist
without a leader. In this case, the group Through dark rites the charac- her instruction. You can apply this to any
generates a group modifier by determin- ter can manipulate the energy of liv- books she writes, or to Arts and Abilities
ing the sum of all their Ceremony scores ing things, channeling it through him- in which she teaches or trains others in
and subtracting the total number of par- self or another (see Chapter 10: The person.
ticipants, which for Infernal ceremonies Maleficia). Specialties: a specific target, a When she uses Corruption, roll a die
must always number 13 (12 participants particular effect, in certain circumstances (stress or simple, depending on the situ-
and the focus character). This group mod- (Supernatural) ation) and add her Communication and
ifier is applied to the focus character’s Corruption scores. You should note this
total, and might be positive or negative Corruption* total somewhere in the description of a
depending upon how skilled the members The character is skilled at leading corrupted text. If another character sus-
of this group are at working together. others to evil, without their being aware pects that he is being corrupted or tries to
of it. This allows her to communicate in resist the effect, he may make a Perception
Group Modifier: ways that subvert her audience, teach- + Infernal Lore roll against this total to
Total Ceremony scores – 13 ing corrupted knowledge and influenc- avoid gaining the Flaw or Personality Trait
ing those who heed her message. These while still gaining the experience. If he
Whether or not there is a leader, practices rely on ceremonial and per- fails, the season is wasted. If he botches,
all participants then add their scores in sonal influence (see Chapter 2: Sin and he might gain the Flaw anyway.
the appropriate (Characteristic + Ability) Temptation), and have three effects. Specialties: ceremonial influence,
or (Characteristic + Method) to the Firstly, she can exert ceremonial personal influence, teaching
focus character’s total. If a participat- influence on anyone who listens to her,
ing character does not have the relevant including strangers and player characters. Debauchery*
Ability or Method, only his score in the By spending a Confidence Point, she The character focuses her will
Characteristic is added. After this bonus can invoke a particular Personality Trait through a physical act, usually ceremonial

Realms of Power
in some way. This activity is strenuous
enough to cause her to lose a long-term Hex Effects
Fatigue level or suffer a Light Wound,
and calls upon her Stamina for the malefi- Ease Factor Severity Example
cium roll (see Chapter 10: The Maleficia). 6+ Minor (1 botch) Automatic failure at an important task
Specialties: affecting a certain person, a
12+ Serious (2 botches) Struck blind
particular form of debauchery, over long
periods of time (Supernatural) 18+ Major (3 botches) Debilitating illness
24+ Critical (4 botches) All Characteristics reduced by 3
30+ Terminal (5 botches) Sudden death
The character can exert control over
spirits, demons, and the Infernal realm
(see Chapter 10: The Maleficia). will affect the third generation of the A potential victim can avoid the
Specialties: type of beings affected, a victim’s descendants. Generally speaking, effects of a hex by seeking out supernatu-
specific effect, in particular circumstances the sooner the effect manifests, the less ral protection of some sort, usually from
(Supernatural) potent it will be, and the longer the hex the Divine. If a character receives abso-
delays, the more powerful it will eventu- lution in a religious ceremony, all hexes
Effusion* ally become. For this reason you must that have targeted him are permanently
The character wields power over always apply the delay modifier to the undone. Characters can also remove hexes
the physical world through strife and Hex total. with other supernatural effects, such as a
malice, changing the properties of inor- Perdo Vim spell, a faerie blessing, or a
ganic materials and controlling powerful Delay Modifier holy miracle. Treat the hex as having a
forces of nature (see Chapter 10: The spell level equal to the number of botch
Maleficia). moment –12 dice it approximates multiplied by 10, so
Specialties: causing a specific effect, hour –9 that a serious hex is a level 20 effect, and
a particular kind of material or phe- day –6 a critical hex is level 40.
nomenon, in specific circumstances Hex is often a False Power (see
(Supernatural) week –3 False Powers, above) associated with the
month 0 Magical or Faerie realms. That is, it often
Hex* season +3 uses the Magical or Faerie column of
The character can bring injury or the realm interaction chart, but appears
ruin upon her enemies. There are three year +6 as an Unholy Power when subjected to
ways for her to activate this Power: by generation +9 Divine or Infernal methods of investi-
making eye contact with her victim and gation. Purely Infernal versions of the
lifetime +12
proclaiming her purpose loud enough Power also exist, as do Magical or Faerie
for him to hear, by tracing temporary versions that are not touched by the
occult signs and symbols on her target When you have framed the hex Infernal. Such “pure” versions of Hex are
that indicate the dark fate she intends, appropriately, roll Intelligence + Hex + rare, however, as demons love to taint
or by acquiring an Arcane Connection to aura bonus + delay modifier and compare this Power.
her target and fashioning a recognizable this to the Ease Factor on the Hex Effects Specialties: a specific duration, one
representation that can channel the effect chart. The severity of these effects is method of hexing, a particular effect
through sympathetic magic. comparable to the effects of botching a (Supernatural)
To hex a target, the character must roll with a specific number of 0s on the
make clear her will for it: she must declare botch dice, as noted in the chart. If you Incantation*
her wishes to the victim aloud, or indicate should botch the Hex roll, the hex may Through blasphemous words, phras-
the specifics of the hex in writing on or still happen, but with unpredictable and es, and prayers, the character invokes
very near the target, or do something to unintended results, possibly affecting the the power of the Infernal. He must chant
the representation that is similar to what hexing character or someone close to his ritual in a loud voice, or detail the
she intends to happen to the target. There her instead. Or, she may suffer Warping terms of the maleficium in writing (see
is always a physical component to the hex Points, fatigue loss, or other unfortunate Chapter 10: The Maleficia). This adds his
(common practices include tying knots in effects. Communication to your roll, and requires
a line, spitting, or giving the target the that he spend a point of Confidence to
“evil eye”). Hex: stress die + Intelligence + Hex + call the effect into being.
You must also state a time frame aura bonus + modifiers Specialties: when invoking names,
for the hex, anywhere from an effect in writing, affecting a particular kind of
that occurs immediately to a hex that target (Supernatural)

Realm Affiliations
Here are all of the Supernatural may be gained through Infernal Warping however, affiliated to the Infernal realm.
Virtues and Flaws that are referenced (see Chapter 1: The Infernal Realm), Some of the new abilities described in
by this book, each with its associated and many of them may be learned from this book could also be affiliated to other
supernatural realm for the purposes of a teacher of an Infernal tradition (see realms; Command Animals could be a
evaluating realm interaction. For those Chapter 13). Faerie or Magical Power, for example. In
that appear in the main book, these are Some abilities (Command Animals this case, the flavor text for the Power
the Infernal versions of those Virtues. or Amorphous, for example) involve no should be changed to be less dark and
All of them read as unholy if subjected die rolls or totals, and thus aura penalties corrupt, but the mechanics can be used
to Divine investigation, any of them are generally irrelevant. They are still, as they stand.

Ability Realm Affiliation(s) Reference

Ablating Infernal Chapter 11
Amorphous Infernal See above
Binding Infernal Chapter 11
Ceremony Infernal See above
Chthonic Magic Infernal and Magic Chapter 12
Command Animals Infernal See above
Commanding Infernal Chapter 11
Consumption Infernal Chapter 10
Corrupted Abilities Infernal See above
Corrupted Arts Magic See above
Corruption Infernal See above
Debauchery Infernal Chapter 10
Demonic Blood Infernal See above
Demonic Might Infernal See above
Demonic Powers Infernal See above
Diablerie Infernal Chapter 10
Entrancement Infernal ArM5 p. 65, Chapter 13
Effusion Infernal Chapter 10
False Faerie Blood Faerie See False Powers, above
False Magic Magic Chapter 12
False Power Faerie or Magic See above
False Premonitions Faerie or Magic See False Powers, above
False Second Sight Faerie or Magic See False Powers, above
False Shapeshifter Faerie or Magic See False Powers, above
Gender Shift Infernal See above
Goetic Magic Magic Chapter 12
Hermetic Sorcery Infernal See above
Hex Faerie, Infernal, or Magic See above
Immune to Disease Infernal See above
Incantation Infernal Chapter 10
Infernal Blessing Infernal See above
Infernal Heirloom Infernal See above
Malediction Infernal Chapter 10
Phantasm Infernal Chapter 10
Psychomachia Infernal Chapter 10
Sense Passions Faerie, Infernal, or Magic See above
Shapeshifter Infernal ArM5 p. 67, Chapter 13
Summoning Faerie, Infernal, or Magic Ch. 11

Realms of Power
The character knows how to punish
his enemies with diabolical curses that
of Power: The Divine, page 38) and its type
or types by overcoming an Ease Factor
of 6.
hinder and even destroy them using the By sensing passions, the character The Infernal realm welcomes anyone
power of the Infernal. can often recognize incorporeal spirits. and everyone into its sphere, and it is
Specialties: a particular effect, pun- You may treat Sense Passions as Second ridiculously easy to gain its Powers.
ishing a specific kind of sinner, a particular Sight when attempting to recognize the It is even possible for a character to
kind of target (Supernatural) presence of invisible or bodiless beings. start with an association with one realm
However, this does not allow her to see and become Infernal, his supernatural
Phantasm* through illusions, even illusions of strong nature transforming in subtle ways in
The character can create and control emotions, and she cannot actually see the response to evil’s corrupting influence.
demonic illusions that appear to be quite spirits, merely sense their proximity. For example, if a faerie phouka delights
substantial. In addition, this Ability allows in tempting mortals to sin and in sinning
Specialties: causing a specific effect, the character to Sense Holiness and itself, over time it begins to lose its con-
a particular image, in specific circum- Unholiness in a limited fashion, much nection to Arcadia and instead take up
stances (Supernatural) like the Sense Holiness and Unholiness a position among the forces of Hell. A
Virtue (ArM5, page 67). She can tell that ghost who continues to sin and corrupt
Psychomachia* something is either holy or unholy, but others to sin becomes an Infernal spirit.
The character can possess and distort she cannot distinguish between the two. These beings’ Powers essentially remain
the mind, causing people to see things She feels the emotional presence associ- the same, but they might change in subtle
that are not there, act on their base ated with the Divine or the Infernal, but ways appropriate to their new identities
desires, and obey his commands. cannot pinpoint its supernatural origin. as demons. This means that when a char-
Specialties: affecting a particular type Thus, she might mistake a demon with acter with Divine, Faerie, or Magic Might
of person, in particular circumstances, a a fair shape for an angel, or a fearsome- becomes an infernalist, her Might Score
specific emotion (Supernatural) looking angel for a demon. By identifying becomes Infernal Might instead.
the target’s primary emotions or desires, It stands to reason that it would be
Sense Passions* however, you can usually get a good idea similarly possible to convert the other
The character can sense the person- of which realm the target is associated direction. This might be true, but if so it
ality and desires of an intelligent being with, assuming the character can pen- is very rare. Part of joining the Infernal
by recognizing and identifying the dif- etrate its Magic Resistance. realm is renouncing all ties to others. It is
ferent shades of tarnish on its soul. A Sense Passions is either a False Power probably impossible for an Infernal being
Perception + Sense Passions roll against (see False Powers, above), or is associ- to return to Magic or Faerie after becom-
an Ease Factor of 9 lets her sense the ated with the Infernal. The presence of ing a demon, because once a character
most powerful emotion currently being Infernal taint allows the Sense Holiness becomes a player in the cosmic game
experienced by the person, and a roll and Unholiness aspect to work. If the of good versus evil, he cannot retire.
against an Ease Factor of 15 allows her troupe allows Divine Powers to be false, However, he can switch sides; the Divine
to identify the character’s most dominant this may be the false version of Sense always welcomes defectors to its cause,
Personality Trait. The effect must pen- Holiness and Unholiness. and God’s mercy is absolute if the sin-
etrate the target’s Magic Resistance if it Specialties: auras, emotions, ner repents and strives to do better. True
has any kind of supernatural protection, Personality Traits, in a general area demons are said to be incapable of virtue,
and since this is a Supernatural Ability, it (Supernatural) however, and so all of them have been
is affected by auras. exiled from Heaven for eternity. Many
True Name of (Being)* other supernatural beings are thought to
Sense Passions: stress die + Perception This is not an actual Ability, but have no immortal soul, being already dead
+ Sense Passions + aura rather a placeholder for knowledge gained or not of this world, and so God’s mercy
from studying Infernal Lore. By learning may have little value to them if, when
Through careful examination, the a being’s True Name, the character can they die, they cease to exist.
character can also recognize passions in affect it as if she had a permanent Arcane
people within the general area, allow- Connection to it. She learns this by study-
ing her to hone in on the most powerful
source of emotion within sight, usually
ing the appropriate (Realm) Lore, which
teaches her the True Name once she
the character with the highest (or lowest) has gained 5 experience points, and also
Personality Trait. This requires a 12 or gives her a free experience point in that Rank is very important to demons, as
better on the Sense Passions roll. Arcane Ability. See Chapter 4: Infernal it influences how they treat each other; a
The character can also tell when an Legions, True Names for more informa- duke of Hell must defer to a prince, even
aura has a tarnish (or temper, see Realms tion. (Special) as he plots against him, because the prince

The Infernal
has authority over the duke, his subordi- damage and leave terrible scars. The char-
nate. These ranks have little meaning to acter must apply the following formula to The Devil’s Penance
humans, though, apart from their similar- determine if he suffers negative effects.
ity to feudal rank. However, as infernalists A devil once went to a confessor
begin to deal with demons and the Infernal Stamina + Concentration + Confidence and confessed his sins. When he had
realm, they also begin to gain notoriety in Score + stress dievs. finished, the confessor declared that
Hell. Many of them believe that this trans- it was impossible, he could not have
lates into a place in the infernal hierarchy, Warping Score + Number of Warping committed all those acts in a thousand
as demons of lesser status more quickly fall Points gained + Hierarchy Score + local years. The devil answered that indeed,
into line and obey their commands. aura + stress die (no botch) he was much older than a thousand
Thus, the Infernal has its own catego- years, for he was one of the demons
ry of Reputation, which represents what If he is successful, after two minutes who fell with Lucifer. The confessor
the other forces of Hell generally think of the infernalist manages to control the asked him whether he wanted to do
the character. One does not have to be an malign supernatural forces attacking him penance, and he said yes, so long as the
infernalist to gain such a reputation, since and does not suffer any long-term ills. penance was not too heavy for him.
a character who defeats many demons If not, these forces take control of him, “Well,” replied the confessor, “bow
might be regarded as a threat, gaining a wrenching him away from consciousness down thrice a day, saying: ‘God, my
reputation like Dangerous 3 (Infernal). and temporarily tearing his mind and Lord and Creator, I have sinned against
Every infernalist quickly gains an Infernal body into pieces. For the duration, it is as thee; forgive me.’”
reputation, however, since it is a natu- if he is in Hell, wracked by intense pain “No,” said the devil, “that would
ral result of dealing with demons, and and terrifying emotion. Perhaps he sees be too humiliating for me.”
these Reputations increase and decrease horrific images, relives guilty memories, — A medieval German folk tale
as described in ArM5, page 167. or is simply mercilessly abused.
Any character that starts with Infernal This physical and spiritual torture self-reliance. The character also gains
or Infernally tainted Abilities, Virtues, can last for only a few minutes, or for the same number of Confidence Points
or Flaws may begin with an appropriate many years, depending upon the charac- as he did Warping Points, though not if
Infernal Reputation of level 1. Infernal ter’s Warping Score (use the table for the he botched the avoidance roll. For these
Reputations are always considered ben- duration of Wizard’s Twilight, ArM5, page reasons, an infernalist might choose to
eficial to the character, even if they make 88). During this time he may become a accept Vituperation without rolling to
interacting with demons more difficult, and spirit, or even vanish completely. His body avoid it, in order to strengthen his will.
so they cannot be taken with Flaws that might remain where it is, be entirely silent
grant a bad Reputation, like Infamous. or continually scream out in agony, or be
Infernalists and demons also have a
Hierarchy Score, which is used in many
possessed by a demon for the duration.
When the Vituperation is over, the
of the formulas that determine the results character returns and must make an Aging
of their Powers. This is simply the same as roll, but adds his modified Warping Score All infernalists can perform ritual
the score of the highest Reputation pos- to his total. Longevity rituals and other sacrifices to increase the potency of
sessed by the character. This represents effects that extend the character’s life do their Powers. Through an evil ceremony
how the character has greater authority not figure into this formula, since they do wherein a victim is restrained and killed,
over demons and Infernal powers, but also not function during this period of super- often slowly and through gruesome means
represents a general ill-will and spiteful natural abuse. However, if the vituperation such as cutting out its heart, the character
desire on behalf of the Infernal to see him lasts a season or less, the character may dedicates the offering to the Infernal
fall, and greater suffering should Hell ever apply the modifier for his living conditions realm, which adds a bonus to his effect
gain a hold of him. in the previous year (ArM5, page 170), total. This bonus varies depending upon
since this factors into his overall health. the type of sacrifice, as shown in the fol-
lowing chart, and typically adds about an
Vituperation Aging Roll: stress die (no botch) + (age
/ 10, rounded up) – living conditions
hour to the length of the ritual.

modifier + Warping Score Sacrifice Bonus

When an infernalist gains 2 or more
effigy of target +2
Warping Points at once, or any time he Once this ordeal is over, the charac-
tries to channel the power of the Infernal ter’s Confidence Score may be increased animal +4
and fails to control it, his mind and body by one, if it is less than either his Warping animal, black +6
may be overcome with Infernal power, Score or his Decrepitude. This represents
human +8
causing him great pain and suffering. how the terrifying experience hardens
Sometimes this is enough to cause lasting the character’s resolve and increases his human, innocent +10

Realms of Power

Profaning the Holy object into a pawn of vis. For example,

an infernalist might collect a cup of holy
the Eastern Church, for example, or the
special bread that medieval Jews bake to
water from a church font and pollute it, celebrate Passover. It is even possible to
There is great power in the trappings spending a point of Confidence to trans- do this unintentionally: Crusaders might
of the Infernal realm, especially when it form it into a pawn of unholy Aquam vis. profane Muslim holy places in their zeal
corrupts the mechanisms of the Divine, If the object to be profaned is a holy to conquer and dishearten the infidel,
and many infernalists have learned that relic, its Faith is substituted for the required leaving behind desecrated ruins rich with
this Power can be harvested as a sig- Confidence Point; the character does not Infernal power.
nificant source of Infernal vis, repugnant have to spend it to enable the transforma- In the Christian-oriented world of
though the process might be to outsiders. tion. However, the character profaning Mythic Europe, it is not hard to imag-
Anyone may profane, just as anyone may it must have a Confidence Score greater ine that common people would some-
collect vis from a vis source, but it is most than the relic’s Faith Score to succeed. For times ascribe these profaning practices
commonly done by infernalists and magi example, a holy relic with a Faith Score of to all members of an opposing religion,
who have been seduced by power and 3 requires a character with a Confidence or to members of other marginalized
seek more vis to use for their magic. Score of 4 to make it into vis. Otherwise, groups such as heretics and even wizards.
Profaning is the process whereby a the relic resists. Profaning a relic is very Infernalists and demons usually encour-
person mystically abuses a holy thing, likely to gain the enmity of the associated age these assumptions, since they some-
tainting it with evil and bringing about saint — see Realms of Power: The Divine for times prompt the persecuted to attempt
Infernal power. This must be an item details of what the saint can do by way of the very profanities in question — what
that is clearly associated with the Divine retribution. have they got to lose, if their persecutors
— something that has been blessed by a The most common application of pro- assume they are infernalists anyway?
holy character, or is a symbol of faith. The faning in Mythic Europe is profaning the Profaning rituals specifically
profaned object becomes a vessel for this Host, the body of Christ from the sacra- designed to produce vis would surely
Infernal power, producing vis that all magi ment of the Eucharist. When the priest see the characters burned or hanged as
can detect and use, though with evil side gives the infernalist character the transub- witches if discovered by the general pub-
effects since it retains its Infernal nature, stantiated bread, he hides it in his cheek lic, and almost certainly damn their souls
usually as vis infesta (see Chapter 1: The instead of eating it as instructed. Then, this to Hell. Still, the siren song of unlimited
Infernal Realm, Infernal Vis), though a blessed object is later burned, buried, or vis, free for the taking, is a tempting call
particularly holy object might become vis somehow spoiled, which destroys its holi- to sin. In desperate times, as a covenant
sordida, or even vis prava. ness and changes it into a pawn of Corpus grows to require more vis than is readily
To profane a holy object costs the vis. This sort of infernalism is occasion- available, it is understandable that magi
character a point of Confidence. There ally practiced even by common people, might allow themselves to heed its vil-
are many kinds of sacred objects that can ignorant of the evil they do, as they often lainous voice.
be profaned in this way, but generally an believe that the Host will bless their fields
individual thing produces one pawn of vis or act as a sort of protective charm.
associated with a Form appropriate to its Similarly horrible
nature. Thus, profaning can be seen as
effectively transforming a point
of Confidence and a holy
acts could be per-
formed upon the
holy symbols
of any faith
— infernal-
ists might
profane the Demons may meddle with the cre-
religious ation of children to draw them under
icons of the demons’ influence. The attention of
the demon taints the child, which may
make it appear to have inherited some
of the demon’s properties. The ill-edu-
cated, including the tainted person, might
ascribe these properties to demonic blood.
Demons often tell tainted people that
they share a blood kinship, as a form of
emotional manipulation. Tainted children
grow into tools, which demons employ in
their schemes.

The Infernal

Sources of Tainted them away from such actions as could

allow them to be tainted. Key Flaws for
Children Children born of evil parents some- the Tainted
times attract the attention of demons
Demons choose which children to by being in the vicinity of those whom
taint, drawing them from four sourc- demons consider interesting. These chil- Tainted player characters have
es. Demons sometimes arrange for evil dren inherit faults from their parents. The either the Tragic Life Flaw (see New
women to be impregnated by evil men, demon is interested in the parents because Flaws, above) or the Plagued by
carrying semen from one to another. of these faults, and so it may appear that Supernatural Entity Flaw. The first is
Some demons possess human bodies and the child has the demon’s taint, particu- suited for characters still living within
create children using the natural capa- larly if parents’ sins are hidden vices. the control of their demonic creator.
bilities of those bodies. Some children are The second Flaw is for those who have
marked through acts of great evil. Others rebelled against the demon’s design,
have the misfortune to be near evil adults
who have attracted the attention of the
Demonic Uses for and incurred its enmity. Some non-
player characters achieve freedom
demons. These children are all tainted in Tainted Characters from their demonic creator. They lack
a similar way. both of these Flaws, but no tainted
Demons who harvest the semen of Demons do not taint children ran- character begins play independent and
the wicked and manipulate it so that it domly; their progeny are tools. The time unthreatened.
produces tainted children usually do so taken to create a tainted person detracts All tainted characters should have
by taking an alluring female form, then from the other schemes of the demons at least one Tainted Virtue or Flaw.
seducing a wicked man. The demon then involved, so they are designed only for Player characters may take up to five
switches genders, and uses this semen schemes of great importance. Tainted points of each (see Tainted Virtues and
to impregnate a woman. The seed, car- people are sometimes used for trivial mis- Flaws, above).
ried and sustained within the body of chief, provided it does not prevent them
the demon, is polluted by its influence. from fulfilling their designed destiny. of a cluster of Infernally tainted, but inno-
Fuller details of this process are found in The schemes that lead powerful cent, children.
Chapter 5: Demons as Corrupters, Incubi demons to taint children are extraordi- Theorists suggest that some tainted
and Succubae. Incubi are servile demons, narily convoluted. Demons cannot pre- people result from simple mischief. These
and are often ordered to ensure a child’s dict the future with perfect accuracy, but are created as incidental harm by incubi or
conception by a more powerful demon often appear as if they can. Their ability by possessing spirits as opportunities arise.
that acts as the child’s parent. to observe mortals at widely distant plac- Although there is no plan for them prior
Possessed people are under the domi- es, and their enormous store of experience to their conception, the masters of these
nation of a demon. Their bodies are often concerning human foibles, allows them to minor demons often find a tragic life to
distorted to express the spiritual nature make deductions concerning the broad suit these tainted children. They might be
of the creature. If a possessed person course of history. Occasionally, demons a sort of gift, between subservient demons
commits rape, or finds a willing partner, decide that they can do the greatest harm and their masters, or a trade commodity
he may parent a child that inherits some not by tempting an available human to exchanged between senior demons.
of his physical attributes at the time of fulfill a certain role at a certain time, but
conception. These attributes, drawn from by creating an agent to precisely suit that
a distorted body, contain reflections of the
nature of the demon.
role. These agents are often unaware they
are the progeny of demons, and serve
Inevitably Flawed
Acts of great evil, performed against their cause blindly.
a child or its mother during pregnancy, Some Hermetic magi worry that Demons designing tainted people
can allow a demon to exert its influ- there is a second class of tainted people: have poor control over the process, since
ence on that child. Some children are those raised as a race of willing servants. much of it occurs through a perversion
dedicated to demons at birth, by par- These servants provide their own children of natural means. Some processes, like
ents who are diabolators who withhold as servants, and may become numerous inheritance, are haphazard, so an element
the sacrament of baptism. Child abuse, enough that those surplus to the demon’s of randomness is inevitable. Most demons
particularly, makes victims vulnerable to immediate needs can be expended on are able to accommodate their plans to
influence, but other forms of suffering, comparatively unimportant schemes. the imperfections of their tools.
like famine or disease, may excite demons These tainted families can be difficult to Demons choose the mother and
related to those misfortunes. Children are, destroy because killing all of the tribe’s father of their tainted person with care.
in their earliest years, almost incapable of adult members is arduous, and having They arrange for a surrogate father or
the great sins that attract these demons, done so, the magus is left with the choice mother who has desirable properties that
but their godparents are meant to guide of murdering or arranging the upbringing the child might absorb and express. The

Example Tainted Characters
Most demonic attempts to create religion); Disfigured (feet and legs show persecution, she found sanctuary in a nun-
tainted people suitable for the Tragic Life many healed burns in a pattern of obvious nery, where the demon she was resisting
Flaw fail. In the example characters given abuse) could not harm her. She has taken vows
below, only one is following the path and refuses to leave her refuge, but aids
designed for him since before his birth. Jochim, a Noble’s Son characters that request her counsel.
Demons find alternative uses for the prod- Design: A demon lord knows that Virtue and Flaw package: Convoluted
ucts of their unsuccessful attempts. the Mongol people are likely to invade Mind, Clerk, Strong-willed; Monastic
the West in a few decades. He feels Vows
Albert, a Merchant this will cause great harm, and wants to
Design: Albert was conceived while weaken the states that will first oppose Tiberius, Victim of Ancestral Sin
his father was delirious with a fever caused the invasion. To aid this he wishes to raise Design: Tiberius is a younger son in
by a demon of moderate power. This has two powerful noblemen who will fight a a noble family who was led, by a dream,
marked him, but his accidental creator pointless war, just before their weakened to open the grave of his great-grandfa-
does not have a great role for Albert to kingdom faces the first Mongol probes. ther. The grave contained the powdery
fulfill. He instead has prepared him for Jochim is one of these noblemen. bones of his ancestor, but also contained
many minor roles in the plans of other, Method: The demon’s plan is a long- a magical sword and an apparently end-
superior demons. term one. Jochim’s father, the oldest child less bag of money. Led by the ghost of
Method: Albert’s master has made of a major landholder, suffered mumps as his grandfather, Tiberius seeks to develop
him an agreeable fellow, easily led into a child, and is sterile. An incubus took his sufficient fame to allow him to follow
error by his friends, and placed him in the shape and impregnated Jochim’s mother his grandfather into the service of the
wardship of a minor demon. It protects with the seed of a crusader. The incubus obscure order of wizards, who can slow
Albert from physical harm, inhibits his has tainted the seed to make Jochim a aging to a crawl.
periodic attempts at spiritual reform, and heroic figure. Jochim’s father must die Tiberius is not, himself, a tainted
controls him when required. Albert’s con- before Jochim’s moment of destiny, so person, although his grandfather was.
troller masquerades as a merchant named that he inherits his father’s role. All tainted The demon that sent the dream, and now
Aldo. They are friends and — when Aldo people have personality flaws that allow guides Tiberius’s quests, wishes to manipu-
is “in town” — they celebrate together. their lives to be steered, and predispose late him as little as possible at this time.
Aldo passes profitable rumors and oppor- them to sin. Jochim’s is pride in his status, Tiberius does not have either the Tragic
tunities for fun on to his friend. The privileges, and abilities. Jochim’s creator Life Flaw or the Plagued by Supernatural
demon that pretends to be Aldo observes hopes he can convince the young man to Entity Flaw.
Albert invisibly much of the time, and murder his father himself, but that is not Method: The demon Valefar has
places spiritual obstacles in his path. vital to the demon’s plans. designed Tiberius as a snare for magi.
Virtue and Flaw Package: Wealthy; Virtue and Flaw Package: Landed Tiberius has been provided with a guide, a
Impious Friend; Weakness (flattery of Noble; Famous (as a commander of men), magical weapon, and far too much money.
friends); Corrupted Abilities Inspirational, Mentored by Demons With these tools, the demon hopes he will
(taught by a demon who pretends to be gain sufficient fame to enter the service
Elspeth, a Midwife a war veteran); Proud (Major), Tragic of a group of magi as their turb captain.
Design: Elspeth is a child who was Life (destined to lead one side in a point- Once he is a trusted member of the cov-
dedicated to a demon at birth. She was less war, against an enemy as perfectly enant, his “grandfather” will bring him
raised by diabolators, to prevent her bap- matched as the demons can provide, just more tightly into the service of Hell.
tism. She was selected to be the mistress before the Mongol invasion) Virtue and Flaw package: Infernal
of a powerful cardinal, but became too Heirloom (Tiberius’s sword is magically
tainted for that plan to succeed during her Sister Andrea, a Rebel sharp, but his demon plans for him to
teenage years. Design: Sister Andrea’s uncle was a lose it once he has found a better weap-
Method: Elspeth was heavily tainted sorcerer, and she came to the attention of on), Tainted Treasure (Tiberius’s wealth
during her childhood, so the demons can- one of his spirits. She was being groomed appears to act normally, because its func-
not use her for their cataclysmic schemes. as the spoiled daughter of a minor noble, tion is to set him up as a snare for magi;
She works, instead, as a midwife in a small destined to bring poverty to her people his demon will ensure he loses this item,
city, devoting newborns to her demon. through taxes to support her taste for too, before Hermetic magi examine it);
Virtue and Flaw Package: Wise One; finery. She was inculcated with greed as a Delusion (that his adventures help peo-
Lesser Purifying Touch (postnatal infec- child, and more than a little vanity. ple in significant ways), Impious Friend
tions); Social Contacts; Manufactured Method: Andrea was able to recog- (Tiberius met his “friend,” who pretends
Ignorance (believes she is favored by a nize, and rebel against, her Manufactured to be his grandfather’s ghost, far later in
pagan god); Pious (her demon’s mock Ignorance. After a difficult decade of life than usual)

The Infernal
child, they ensure, is born into a situation, child suffers depends on the nature of the duce. Demons in physical form revel in
and faces life-challenges, which temper it demon that acts as parent. Some demons fornication, and when demons indulge
toward its ultimate use. Demons cannot pretend to be guardian spirits, personal in such acts with each other, they can
ensure that this process will work: they guides, or imaginary childhood friends. produce more demons at an alarming
merely create the situation in which the Tainted children usually have a pas- rate. One of the reasons that the world
forces of inheritance and choice are most sion inculcated into them, so that they is populated by demons is because of the
likely to favor them. become complicit in their own destruc- unnatural lusts of the physical form. There
The randomness of inheritance, and tion. These vices make it more difficult are even some female demons who can
inevitable expressions of free will, may for the tainted person to understand the couple with human males and produce
prevent the person expressing those traits course his life is taking, and avoid it. If further demons. Such children always
that the demon desires. Remedial action is the person makes choices that steer his belong to the Order of Tempters, who are
attempted, either by tempting the person life away from the demon’s plan, his vice is among the weakest of demons, but such
toward the desired traits, or by arranging manipulated to re-enforce compliance. demons often have a unique insight into
for the person to be pivotal to an entirely A few demons control their pawns the human psyche and are among the best
different scheme than that for which by distorting their idea of how the world corrupters of mankind.
the character was created. At worst, the works. The demon’s servants, taking vari- However, it can also come to pass
demon’s scheme continues with the char- ous guises, interact with the tainted per- that a demon mates with a human and
acter replaced by a less apt, but still ser- son at pivotal points in her life, con- produces a child of mixed ancestry, still
viceable, pawn. firming a delusional worldview. These basically human, but imbued with Powers
Most tainted people have traits that characters are less useful as agents within from Hell. These half-breed children are
their designers did not wish to include. the Dominion than others. Some lack rare, because sexual intercourse for the
The chief of these is the Tainted with the common sense that medieval people sake of reproduction is an act of creation
Evil flaw. This Flaw often occurs when the develop during infancy, which allows (except when its purpose is to make more
demon, or its servants, distort the human them to avoid simple dangers and nav- demons!), and therefore antithetical to
too far. The child may inherit other igate complex situations. Others have a demon’s nature. Furthermore, not all
Flaws from their demonic foster parent. become aware that their life is following a demons are capable of producing a child
These include Disfigurements reflecting narrative pattern. They are dismayed and with a human partner, and creating a
the parent’s preferred shape, or any of its disorientated when — in places where demon-blooded human in any case is a
vulnerabilities. the demon has little power — the world willful act for a demon; it cannot happen
seems less accommodating. by accident. The demon must take great
A few tainted people have physical pains to ensure that all profane forces
Pawns and Puppets controllers. These minor demons reside in
or near them and ensure their compliance
align at precisely the right moment, usu-
ally done in a ritual setting. The demon-
to orders through illness and pain. These blooded child is therefore created for a
Demons usually control their tainted creatures flee from the body at the sacra- specific reason, and with careful planning
people through miseducation and charac- ments, so they are ineffective in healthy on behalf of the parent. There are many
ter flaws. Their pawns are raised to see the communities of believers. Magi might tasks that demons cannot perform, and
world in a distorted way. Their mistaken find them, however, in covenants that do might be unwilling to entrust to a normal
beliefs control their behavior, by influenc- not encourage their servants to attend the human minion. Finally, there is no Infernal
ing what they see as moral deeds, and sacraments regularly. race equivalent to the Nephilim (who are
skewing their estimation of the likelihood humans with angelic ancestry, see Realms
of success for various courses of action. As of Power: The Divine pages 16–17, 34–35,
a second safeguard, most tainted people and 66), because all humans with demon
have personality flaws which the demons
use both as a mechanism to control the
pawn’s behavior in critical situations, and
The Children blood are sterile.

as an internal mechanism to influence the

pawn toward sinful courses.
of Demons Characters with
Demons, consummate liars, find Demonic Blood
many ways to control the way their cre- When the fallen angels were pun-
ations think. The claim to be the tainted ished for their rebellion and became Demonic children are not in the best
person’s parent, for example, attempts demons, they were cursed with a fallen interests of Hell, for they have no greater
to cultivate a relationship that is used to nature. No longer partaking in a pure propensity to sin than any other human.
exert emotional influence. Some demonic spiritual form, they shared characteristics Because they have free will, they can also
lords select a servant to perform the with humans; namely, a desire to eat, a seek salvation, and such an event would
parental role, since the precise taint the mortal life span, and the ability to repro- place a creature imbued with the power of

Realms of Power
to evil actions than any other human, and lated by their demonic parent. However,
despite having power deriving from an their souls do not belong to Hell despite
Infernal source, is not necessarily bound their ancestry, and they have the free will
for Hell. to choose for good or evil. Created as
Demon-blooded humans make weapons in the conflict between Heaven
excellent storyguide characters, enemies and Hell for the souls of mankind, Devil
with whom to challenge a group of player Children can be powerful tools of evil,
characters. They have many of the Powers and their demonic creators keep firms
of demons but fewer of their limitations hands on them. However, Devil Children
and restrictions. With the agreement of also have the potential to be great tools of
the storyguide, a player may also cre- good if they seek redemption, and should
ate a demon-blooded character, they come to the attention of Heaven’s
but with the strongly focused forces, they may well be targeted for
attention of the pow- either salvation or destruction. This often
ers of dark- results in the Plagued by an Angel or
ness, these Supernatural Nuisance Story Flaws.
characters Devil Children are very powerful
usually have and are recommended for high-powered
short, tragic lives. sagas or sagas with elder magi. The Devil
Once they have ful- Child Virtue is taken in place of The Gift,
filled the purpose for so these characters cannot be magi, but,
which they were created, like other Mythic Companion characters,
they are usually destroyed. they take the place of a player’s magus
This is also their fate if they in the saga. The Devil Child Virtue is a
prove to be resistant to manipulation by Free Virtue (like The Gift) which, like
the forces of Hell, or show any interest the Mythic Companion Virtues found
in redemption. The section on control in other Ars Magica sources, grants the
of tainted children (Pawns and Puppets, player two points to spend on Virtues for
above) should be used for inspiration every point that she spends on Flaws. It
on how demons control the lives of also grants a free Minor Virtue, allowing
the demon-blooded. However, with hard a maximum of 21 points of Virtues for 10
work, a resolute heart, and a fair amount points of Flaws. However, the Devil Child
Hell in of luck, a character with demonic blood Mythic Companion has a few compulsory
the service of can attain freedom from the forces of choices for Virtues and Flaws.
Heaven, a situ- Hell by defeating her parent and foiling Required Virtues: All Devil Children
ation that the its plots. This can be excellent motiva- must take the following Virtues:
Powers of Hell tion for a player who likes the “flawed
would want hero” type of character. A demon-blooded • Devil Child (Free — Mythic
to avoid at character cannot have The Gift because Companion Virtue)
all costs. he is a member of the Infernal realm, and • Demonic Blood (Major, Supernatural)
However, therefore cannot be affiliated with the • Puissant Guile (Minor, General)
a demon- Magic realm; to play an apprentice or
blooded magus marked by Hell, use the rules for Required Flaws: All Devil Children
human has more Tainted Children (above) and The False must take the following Flaw:
temptation placed in his Gift (Chapter 12: Black Magic).
way than many humans • Tragic Life (Major, Supernatural)
due to its basic nature. A character with
demon blood cannot reproduce, although
he feels the urge to do so. Similarly, he
Mythic Companion: Devil Children may take three more
points of Virtues at no cost (to bal-
need not eat or drink, but still suffers Devil Child ance the compulsory Major Flaw with six
hunger and thirst. It is therefore easier Virtue points), and may take an additional
for such characters to fall prey to these Devil Children are the creations of seven points of Flaws, each point granting
impulses and indulge in sins of lust and particularly powerful demons, who create two Virtue points. Any of the Demonic
gluttony, which serve no legitimate func- them for a specific task. They are tragic fig- Weaknesses (see Chapter 4: The Infernal
tion, and thus are sinful. However, a ures; potent with Hellish capabilities but Legions, Weaknesses) may be taken as a
demon-blooded human is no more prone doomed to live a short life being manipu- Lesser Malediction Flaw.

The Infernal

Malachi, Devil Child

Infernal Might: 11 or person which contains a trapped sistible to women. Unknown to Malachi,
Characteristics: Int –1, Per –1, Pre +5, demon, Malachi frees that demon his objects of power are worthless trin-
Com 0, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex 0, Qik +1 from its prison. This Power only kets; their supposed effects derive from
Size: 0 works after sunset, and the demon his heritage. Each of his quests actually
Age: 9 (18) is freed until dawn. Malachi uses results in the release of a demon from its
Decrepitude: 0 this Power without knowing it. imprisonment. Should the demon man-
Warping Score: n/a (Debauchery / Diablerie; base 15, +1 age to secure permanent release from
Confidence Score: 2 (5) Touch, +2 Sun) bondage during its night of freedom (by
Hierarchy Score: 0 The Obedient Slave, 3 points, Init +1, destroying whatever or whoever bound
Virtues and Flaws: Devil Child; Demonic Mentem: While he concentrates, it), it becomes bound to the service of
Blood; Demonic Might (x3), Demonic Malachi can force any person to Abrigor.
Powers (x3), Enticer of Multitudes, perform any task he commands. Malachi is immature in his attitude
Great Presence (x2), Greater Immunity (Incantation / Psychomachia; base to life; despite his appearance, he is only
(iron), Premonitions, Privileged 15, +2 Voice, +1 Conc) nine years old. He suffers the urges of
Upbringing, Puissant Guile, Puissant Unbridled Emotion of the Masses, 3 points, his teenaged body without having the
Leadership, Self-Confident, Venus’s Init +1, Mentem: Up to a hundred emotional maturity to cope with them,
Blessing, Well-Traveled; False Power targets are seized by whatever emo- thus, the women that fall for his startling
(Premonitions), Tragic Life; Lesser tion Malachi is currently experienc- beauty often find themselves victim to
Malediction (demonic weakness, ing, and tend to act in a way that his Obedient Slave Power. He has dis-
vulnerability for obsidian), Delusion satisfies that emotion as if they had covered that he has the ability to control
(destined for greatness), Proud a Personality Trait of +2. The more people — he can inspire them with his
(minor), Tainted with Evil Malachi uses this Power, the more words as well as influence their emotions
Personality Traits: Ambitious+3, Vain control he has over what emotion — but currently uses these Powers to
+3, Mature –2 his targets express. (Debauchery / petty and frivolous ends.
Reputations: None Pyschomachia; base 4; +2 Voice, +1 Malachi is no great threat now, but
Combat: Conc, +2 Group, +1 Size) he has the potential to be powerful once
Fist: Init +1, Attack +4, Defense +5, Appearance: Malachi is a slim youth he has sufficient psychological maturity
Damage +1 with strikingly good looks. He is tall to turn his Powers to a specific purpose.
Soak: 2 (fur) with healthy, clean skin; blue eyes; He can quickly build an army of loyal
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Unc. and a mane of raven-black hair. He followers, all devoted to increasing his
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), prefers to dress in black clothes with power, all the while releasing demons for
–5 (11–15), Incapacitated (16–20) silver jewelry. his father. His vulnerability to volcanic
Abilities: Area Lore: Regional 2 (roads), glass, shared with Abrigor, could prove
Area Lore: Local 1 (ambush sites), Malachi was created by the demon to be his downfall. Alternatively, with the
Bargain 1 (jewelry), Brawl 3 (punch), Abrigor (a False God) to raise an army right influence, Malachi might equally
Charm 3 (first impressions), English of darkness. He was raised by a wealthy mature into a force for good, if he can
5 (inspiring speeches), Etiquette 1 English merchant, one of Abrigor’s loyal overcome his vanity and his desire to
(gentle society), Folk Ken 3 (men), servants, as his own son. Driven by the control others.
Guile 3+2 (promises), Hunt 1 false visions inflicted upon him by his Malachi can be introduced to a
(hare), Leadership 3+2 (loyal men), ruach (of whose presence he is unaware), saga through the release of a demon
Premonitions 1 (objects of power), Malachi now travels across Europe on close to the characters’ covenant. He
Ride 1 (long distances), Stealth 2 quests for objects of power to assist him first appears as an ambitious young man
(woodland) in achieving his destiny to be a great with a remarkable instinct for the emo-
Powers: leader of men; examples include an amu- tions of others, and the characters may
Free the Devil’s Servant, 3 points, Init +1, let that stops his skin from being pierced initially believe that he truly is destined
Vim: By touching any object, place, by steel and a ring that makes him irre- to become a leader of men.

Chapter Ten

The Maleficia
The evil powers that most infer- the severity of the negative effects var- Selfless acts committed using malefi-
nalists practice are called the maleficia ies depending upon the severity of the cia come with an inherent punishment for
(plural, roughly “evil crafts”). This term botch. The character also receives one abusing Hell’s power. Treat the infernalist
refers to Infernal effects that resem- Warping Point for each botch or ten lev- as if he possessed the Vengeful Powers
ble Hermetic spells, which require two els short, and if a character gains two or Flaw (see Chapter 9: Infernal Characters);
Supernatural Abilities to cast: a Method, more Warping Points from this, he must this ensures that whenever the character
which describes what the infernalist must check for Vituperation (see Chapter 9: does something virtuous with his unholy
do to bring about the effect and also Infernal Characters: Vituperation). Methods and Powers, there are evil con-
determines which Characteristic applies Characters can mitigate these sequences. This is not necessarily the case
to his total, and a Power, which describes circumstances somewhat with their when the character does something that
the sorts of effects that this activity Hierarchy Score. The infernalist may is not obviously sinful, but acts such as
produces. These combine together in a substitute his (Hierarchy Score x 10) helping holy characters or selflessly serv-
formula very similar to that of Hermetic for his Maleficium Total, but only for ing the greater good always come with a
magic. the purposes of determining the conse- price.
quences of failing the roll. For example, Maleficia are evaluated like other
Maleficium: stress die + Characteristic suppose an infernalist attempts an effect Supernatural Powers when they encoun-
+ Method + Power + aura bonus of level 30, but only rolls a total of 18. ter Magic Resistance, and are considered
Normally, he would gain 2 Warping Vim effects for the purposes of Form
When a character wishes to cast Points and would have to check for bonuses. They are affected by auras as the
a maleficium, he must first describe his Vituperation, but if he had a Hierarchy Infernal column on the realm interaction
intended effect. This includes choos- Score of 3, he would be safe, suffering no chart, and use the same rules as Hermetic
ing a Method and a Power, and decid- ill effects. If he had a Hierarchy Score of magic for maintaining concentration, tar-
ing the effect’s Range, Duration, and 2, he would gain only 1 Warping Point, geting, timing, Penetration, and so on.
Target. Maleficia use the same param- and would suffer the penalties of only A maleficium does not necessarily take
eters as Hermetic magic, defaulting to one botch. any longer than a Hermetic spell to cast,
Range Personal, Duration Momentary, After enduring any of these other though some Methods require additional
and Target Individual, and these are modi- penalties for failure, an infernalist who preparation time and are thus impossible
fied in the same way. A given effect is actually botched the maleficium roll has to do quickly.
compared to the guidelines that follow to one season to secure a soul for Hell. That
determine the target level, and the player is, he must see to the death of a person
adds up his character’s scores and rolls a who is in a state of mortal sin, ensuring
stress die. If this total is greater than or
equal to the target level, the effect spon-
taneously manifests as intended.
that she does not repent at the last min-
ute. If he does not manage to achieve this
within a season, the Devil takes his due
If the total is short of the male-
ficium’s Target Level — or worse, if
— the infernalist character dies instead,
his heart stopping as soon as his time
the character should botch — very bad expires. Some infernalists, when faced
things happen. Hell maliciously wreaks with this situation, use the time to seek The two Methods associated with
its havoc upon the would-be infernal- redemption, hoping to escape eternal tor- the maleficia are known as Debauchery
ist. Treat a failed roll as one botch for ment by God’s grace, but very few of them and Incantation. These are essentially
each ten levels or fraction thereof that succeed at this, and most of them prefer to the “Techniques” of Infernal effects; they
the infernalist is lacking. This is very continue living and so seek out another to describe what the infernalist must do to
similar to botching a Hermetic spell, and take their place. summon the power of the Infernal realm.

The Infernal

Infernal Ranges, Durations, and Targets

Because of the unusual properties of Cursed (condition) (Duration): Sun, but also requires a second Duration
effects powered by the Infernal realm, Instead of causing an effect to take place to describe the triggered effect.
there are a few additional spell param- immediately, the infernalist can cast it as Forsaken (Duration): The effect
eters for maleficia, in addition to those a conditional effect using this Duration. comes into being instantly and is essen-
included in the rules for Hermetic magic. This ensures that the effect only mani- tially permanent, lasting for as long as
These parameters are described below. fests in response to an uncommon cir- the target remains tainted with the power
Any infernalist can incorporate these cumstance that is clearly outlined for the of the Infernal. Repentance on the part
into a maleficium when designing the victim as part of the spell. For example, a of the target cancels the effect immedi-
effect. set of curses might specify that a curious ately, and may sometimes make it as if
Crossroads (Range): The Devil is maid will suffer horrible pain if she ever the effect had never happened. Duration
known to favor places where one road tells anyone about a particular ceremony Forsaken is the same level as Duration
crosses another, perhaps because they she witnessed, or says the caster’s name, Year, though like a Momentary ritual it
represent a choice between two paths. or sets foot in a church. The effect of the cannot be dispelled.
This Range allows the character to affect curse can also target something other Passion (Target): An effect with
a target that is on a road, from another than the person affected by the condi- this Target acts on a group of people
road that intersects it, and is other- tion, as long as both targets are within through their passions, affecting only
wise like the Faerie Magic Range: Road range of the effect when it is cast. For those inclined towards a particular virtue
(ArM5, page 92) save that any number example, a nobleman might be cursed or vice, which is integrated into the spell.
of roads can cross each other with this that his daughter will die if he ever con- Each character within the targeted area
Range. Note that the Infernal caster fesses his sins. If either the target or the must roll a simple die and add or sub-
cannot affect targets on the same road victim has Magic Resistance, the effect tract any appropriate Personality Traits.
as him. It is most effective when cast at must penetrate at the time of casting to Anyone with a total of 6 or higher is
an intersection, since there it can affect have any effect, and it may be dispelled affected. Target Passion is the same level
targets on either road. Range Crossroads through Powers that undo other Powers as Target Group, and is similarly modi-
is considered the same level as Range before the effect comes to pass. Duration fied by the size of the affected area.
Voice. (condition) is the same level as Duration

Debauchery Example: Richard of Glastonbury

Debauchery means that the char- Richard of Glastonbury (see below) a +6 bonus. This gives him a casting total
acter must perform an evil ritual to cast intends to grant himself an Infernal bless- of 22 before rolling, and he needs a 7 or
the maleficium, requiring her to corrupt ing, the power to tell good from evil. better to succeed.
her own body, indulging in sinful activ- This will be represented by his gain- Alas, his player rolls a 0, a poten-
ity with such passion that she suffers a ing the Supernatural Ability of Sense tial botch. He must roll six dice, one
long-term Fatigue level or Light Wound. Holiness and Unholiness. This is a base plus five for the aura, and luckily for
This ceremony allows her to summon 15 Incantation/Diablerie effect, and he him none of these dice are botches.
the necessary power for the effect from will cast it with Personal Range, Forsaken However, his casting total is still only
within herself, from her passion and Duration, and an Individual Target, mak- 22, which is less than the Target Level
desires boosted by the rush of excite- ing it a Level 35 maleficium. Incantation – 10. This would cause him to suffer
ment that accompanies committing evil is associated with Communication, and the effects of two botches anyway, giv-
acts. This uses the character’s Stamina Richard’s score is 5. He will recite cor- ing him 2 Warping Points and forcing
with the maleficium roll. rupted passages of scripture (Incantation him to check for Vituperation. He thus
This Method is slow when used with 5 + 1 for his specialty) to invoke his spends a Confidence Point to bring his
fatigue, as it generally takes about two Infernal blessing (Diablerie 5 + 1 for his total up to 25, which is just enough to
minutes for the infernalist to put herself in specialty), from within a Level 5 Infernal ensure he suffers only one botch. He
the proper frame of mind. The necessary aura. He must spend a point of Confidence gains a Warping Point, and finds he is
expenditure of energy sometimes comes to activate the effect, and may also spend temporarily Tainted with Evil, as if he
from performing the activity associated up to two additional points if needed, for had the Minor Flaw.
with the sin, but more often it comes from
the infernalist’s vehemence and passion; tires herself. The infernalist may instead sharp pain, and this is a much quicker
for example, she might concentrate so choose to suffer a wound, perhaps cut- technique, comparable to the speed of
powerfully on reliving her sins that she ting herself to summon emotion with Hermetic magic.

Realms of Power
maleficium over the course of an entire
Powerful Maleficia season. This allows the character to add
her Infernal Lore to the total, just as magi
Since the formula for maleficia uses spend them all to boost one powerful add their Magic Theory to their Lab
Abilities rather than Arts to generate effect. Totals. Like a laboratory activity, this lim-
a casting total, and Ability scores of Hierarchy: Infernalists with great its what else the character can do during
greater than 5 are rare, infernalists are repute or infamy in Hell can aim for that season, since she must spend most of
usually limited to fairly low-level effects. relatively high-level effects, relying on the time committing the sinful acts neces-
However, there are several things they their Hierarchy scores to protect them sary for the effect; but when the ceremony
can do to boost their totals in special cir- from the consequences should chance is completed you do not roll a die — there
cumstances, to give them an edge when fail them. is no chance you will botch the roll. If you
it really matters. These include: Sacrifice: A ritual sacrifice comes pay the costs of the ritual multiple times,
Ceremony: A group of infernalists with a bonus that ranges from a minor she may still spend additional Confidence
with a strong leader is a force to be increase to a significant boost, and any Points during the season.
reckoned with, as they can pool their infernalist can do this.
power. All participants contribute their Vis: Vis is just as valuable to infer-
scores in the associated Method to the
total, and if they are especially skilled at
nalists as it is to magi, perhaps even
more so, as they can use it to boost their
working as a group, they can also gener- casting totals. This is strong incentive
ate additional bonuses. for them to profane holy relics, meddle The infernalist chants words of power
Confidence: The ability to extend in the affairs of magi, and even kill or names of spirits, drawing upon the
the length of the ritual and spend demons. power of the Infernal realm directly, and
more Confidence gives the infernalist Multiple: Any or all of these tech- uses his Communication for the roll. This
the opportunity to accumulate a lot of niques can be combined to allow for costs him a Confidence Point; he must
Confidence Points through sin and then truly impressive effects. focus his will upon his maleficium to chan-
nel the forces of Hell. Alternatively, he
may gain a Warping Point, if he commits
New Methods and Powers a sin appropriate to one of his Personality
Traits while performing the rite (using the
These Methods and Powers are Instead of creating a whole new rules for gaining Confidence in Chapter 2:
not intended to be the final word on Method, you might prefer to simply base Sin and Redemption, Gaining Confidence
Infernal abilities in Mythic Europe, and a new Ability on an existing Method, through Sin). Note that this cost does not
storyguides should feel free to design associating it with a different activity. count against the number of Confidence
additional Methods and Powers if they For example, there might be a form of Points he may spend on a particular action
wish. For mechanical reasons, each new Incantation that involves chanting dis- — he may spend as many Confidence
Method must be associated with at least sonant songs in praise of Hell. Instead Points as his Confidence Score on the roll,
two Powers, and each new Power must of costing the infernalists Confidence, if he so desires.
use at least one Method. Methods usu- it might be that they must perform to Incantation also allows him to rec-
ally have a minor side benefit, in addi- a certain level of skill, first succeeding ognize vis, and make use of vis in his ritu-
tion to enabling maleficia, and of course at a Presence + Music roll against an als, in much the same way as Hermetic
must specify a Characteristic to be used Ease Factor of 9. This Method would magi use vis to boost their spells. Each
in the total. otherwise pair with the different Powers pawn of vis he expends while casting the
as Incantation normally does. maleficium gives him a +2 bonus to his
casting total, so long as the type of vis is
As part of this Method, the character a single action as her Confidence Score. somehow appropriate to the effect. The
may also perform unholy rituals that last Each time she extends the ritual, treat it number of pawns he can use in a single
longer than usual, potentially increasing as a new action, allowing her to spend maleficium is limited to his (Incantation
the effect total over time, usually several additional Confidence Points to boost the + Power). Also note that this vis should
hours, days, or even weeks. When the effect (though extending the ritual also be infernal in nature; magical or faerie
character has finished the activation ritu- adds one extra die to the potential botch vis is unpredictable when used for these
al, she does not have to roll the die, but pool). You only roll the die once for the purposes and at the very least contributes
may instead begin the ritual again, paying whole ritual, when you declare that it is twice as many botch dice. Vis associated
the same costs as before. This allows her finished. with the Divine cannot be used at all,
to spend additional Confidence Points on In addition, this Method allows her unless it has been profaned (as described
the effect — normally, a character can to extend the length of the casting ritual in Chapter 9: Infernal Characters,
only spend as many Confidence Points on even longer, so that she is performing the Profaning the Holy).

The Infernal

Unholy Powers Consumption Failure tends to negatively affect the

infernalist, as Hell deforms the body and
mind. He might find himself trapped in an
There are six unholy Powers, each Infernal powers cannot create any- inferior shape, deformed or mutilated, or
of which is combined with an unho- thing real, they can only twist, corrupt, he might even suffer Vituperation.
ly Method to describe an effect. They and destroy. Consumption is thus the
broadly describe the sort of things an capability to draw upon the life and These shall give their power
infernalist can do with the supernatural health of living beings and turn it to and strength unto the beast
force he generates. Included below are evil purposes. Through Debauchery, an Debauchery, Consumption, Level 20
guidelines for each Method and Power infernalist can transform flesh and blood, R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
combination, and sample effects that give changing the shape of his body and spirit; The infernalist performs a ritual of
ideas of the maleficia that infernalists Incantation makes it possible for him to corrupting the body, involving at least one
might cast. steal life from others, healing and restor- other person, that permanently increases
ing himself at their expense. the target’s Strength score by 1, though

Consumption Guidelines
When these guidelines refer to a victim, Level 2: Give a target a +1 bonus to Recovery • Permanently restore a target’s Fatigue level
they usually mean a second living target within rolls, and a victim a –1 penalty. by causing a victim to lose a Fatigue level.
range of the effect. This is usually a person, Level 3: Give a target a +3 bonus to Recovery Level 10: Permanently transfer an illness or
though it can affect an animal by adding an rolls, and a victim a –3 penalty. disease from a target to a victim.
additional magnitude to the effect, or a plant by Level 4: Give a target a +6 bonus to Recovery • Permanently restore a long-term Fatigue
adding two magnitudes — plants usually simply rolls, and a victim a –6 penalty. level of a target by causing a victim to lose a
wither and die when affected by these powers. Level 5: Permanently increase one of a target’s long-term Fatigue level.
The victim can even be the caster, as he is always Characteristics by 1, to a maximum of Level 15: Permanently heal a target’s Light
within range. If the victim has Magic Resistance, 0, reducing a victim’s score in that same Wound, and cause a Light Wound to a
the effect must penetrate it to have any effect Characteristic by 1, to no less than –1. victim.
on the target. Additional magnitudes may add 1 to the • Permanently transfer a minor aging crisis
Effects that give the target a numerical amount by which you increase and decrease from a target to a victim.
bonus usually manifest as physical changes to the these Characteristics, or increase and Level 20: Permanently heal a target’s Medium
target’s body, making him look stronger, stouter, decrease the maximum scores by 1 (though Wound, and cause a Medium Wound to a
or healthier. In some cases, these changes may this can never exceed +6/–6). victim.
look exceedingly unnatural and cause the target Level 10: Transfer pain to a victim, temporarily • Permanently transfer the debilitating after-
to appear deformed or inhuman. giving it the target’s Fatigue and Wound effects of a disease, poison, or an injury from
penalties. a target to a victim.
• Exchange a target’s Fatigue levels with a • Permanently transfer a serious aging crisis
Debauchery/Consumption victim. from a target to a victim.
Level 15: Cause a target and a victim to tempo- Level 25: Permanently heal a target’s Heavy
General: Add the magnitude of the effect to the rarily exchange bodies. Wound, and cause a Heavy Wound to a
target’s Damage and Soak, and also add it • Cause a woman to become pregnant by a victim.
to his Load. man. • Permanently replace a target’s lost limb or
• Subtract the magnitude of the effect from • Bring a plant to maturity overnight, causing sense with one from a victim’s body.
Load, and also from his Damage and Soak. another plant to wither. • Permanently transfer a major aging crisis
• Add the magnitude of the effect to the Level 20: Bring an animal to maturity overnight, from a target to a victim.
target’s Initiative, Attack, and Defense, but aging another animal by the same amount. Level 30: Permanently heal a target’s
subtract it from all of his Fatigue rolls. • Bring a person to maturity overnight, aging Incapacitating Wound, and cause an
• Add the magnitude of the effect to all another person by the same number of Incapacitating Wound to a victim.
Fatigue rolls, but subtract it from Initiative, years. • Permanently transfer a critical aging crisis
Attack, and Defense. from a target to a victim.
• Give a target a bonus to Recovery rolls, and Level 35: Permanently heal all of a target’s
a victim a penalty, equal to ([the magnitude Incantation/Consumption wounds, killing a victim.
of the effect + 2] x 3). • Permanently transfer a terminal aging crisis
Level 1: Temporarily increase one of a target’s General: Give a target a bonus to rolls for a par- from a target to a victim.
Characteristics by 1, to a maximum of ticular Ability equal to the magnitude of the Level 40: Permanently transfer a Decrepitude
0, reducing a victim’s score in that same effect. This also penalizes a victim’s rolls by Point from a target to a victim.
Characteristic by 1, to no less than –1. the same amount. • Permanently transfer the caster’s soul into
Additional magnitudes may add 1 to the • Give a target a bonus and a victim a penalty a specially prepared object within range,
amount by which you increase and decrease to Aging rolls equal to (the magnitude of the protecting him from death.
these Characteristics, or increase and effect – 5); this must be cast with either Year
decrease the maximum scores by 1 (though or Forsaken duration.
this can never exceed +6/–6). Level 5: Animate a corpse.

Realms of Power
to no more than 0, and also permanently
decreases the victim’s Strength score by 1,
Cast away your mortal soul /
And keep it safe in mortal bowl
to no less than –1. Incantation, Consumption, Level 50
(Base 5: +1 Touch, +2 victim) R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind Since the earliest days, human-
To cast this maleficium, the character ity has sought great power from the
A golden cup, full of abominations must perform an Infernal ritual that cor- supernatural world, and drawn upon
Debauchery, Consumption, Level 25 rupts a vessel — an object that contains the nature of the four realms to fulfill
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind infernal vis, which must be within range his wishes. Diablerie represents Infernal
Through this insidious effect, often of his voice — and permanently transfers influence over the supernatural realms,
involving a lewd song or dance, the infer- his soul into the object. This causes it and through it Infernalists may learn
nalist impregnates a woman with material to become a fixed Arcane Connection to affect demons and other supernatu-
taken from a man, both of whom must be to him, and for as long as it remains ral creatures, summoning and resisting
within range. Whether this seed bears fruit whole and undamaged, he cannot die. them with Debauchery, and commanding
depends on the normal circumstances. Any time he would suffer a fatal wound them through Incantation. Unlike the Ars
(Base 15: +2 Voice) or fail to survive an aging crisis, he gains a Goetia described in Chapter 11, these
Warping Point and automatically experi- effects are limited to beings within range
Break the body, bend the will / ences Vituperation instead. Afterward, of the maleficium; the infernalist must
One can injure, one can kill his spirit returns to his body, unless the have an Arcane Connection to affect a
Incantation, Consumption, Level 30 body has been completely destroyed, in creature that he cannot perceive, though
R: Sight, D: Mom, T: Ind which case he probably becomes a ghost. some demons answer summonses of their
This maleficium instantly heals a Light If the object own volition.
Wound of any living thing within range, that hides his Diablerie maleficia that grant Powers
cursing a person within sight with the soul is ever to the target are usually Forsaken Duration
same sort of injury. It essentially steals the broken or used (see the Infernal Range, Duration, and
health of the victim to restore the target. If for vis, he dies Target sidebar, above), essentially becom-
the victim or target has any sort of Magic immediately. ing constant effects. In some sense, a
Resistance, the infernalist must penetrate (Base 40: little bit of Hell takes residence in the
its defenses for this to have any effect. +2 Voice) character’s soul, tainting him with evil but
(Base 15: +3 Sight) giving him a blessing of Infernal power

Diablerie Guidelines
When these guidelines refer to a super- Level 10: Open a spiritual portal between the Level 4: Bind a supernatural creature to the terms
natural creature, it means a specific entity with character and a supernatural being within of a contract.
a Magical, Faerie, or Infernal Might score. range, allowing them to see and hear each Level 5: Compel a supernatural creature with-
Diablerie cannot affect the Divine. other for the duration of the effect. in range to manifest in the character’s
Level 15: Release an Infernal being from impris- presence.
onment: a demon that has been banished or Level 10: Compel a supernatural creature to
Debauchery/Diablerie bound in some way is temporarily freed for answer a question.
the duration. Level 15: Gain a False Power that duplicates the
General: Dispel magic, infernal, or faerie effects Level 20: Create an Infernal aura at level 1. Each effects of a Minor Virtue.
of level less than (this effect level – 10). additional magnitude increases it by one, to • Compel a supernatural creature to do the
• Prevent a supernatural creature with Might a maximum of 5. caster’s bidding; he may give it one com-
less than (the level of the effect – 10) from Level 25: Create an Infernal regio at level 1. mand, which it must follow exactly for the
crossing a clearly defined circle or affecting Each additional magnitude increases it by duration of the effect.
those on the other side of the boundary with one, to a maximum of 5. • Move raw vis from one object to another.
its Powers, unless the caster explicitly allows Level 20: Dominate a supernatural creature; it
the effect to pass. must obey the caster’s every command for
• Protect a target against all supernatural crea- Incantation/Diablerie the duration of the effect.
tures with Might of (the level of the effect • Permanently taint vis with the power of the
– 10) and their Powers. General: Give a person, object, or area Magic Infernal, producing vis infesta.
Level 3: See through a supernatural creature’s Resistance equal to the level of the effect Level 25: Permanently taint vis with the power
eyes, so long as that creature is within range + 5, which does not add to other forms of of the Infernal, producing vis sordida.
of the effect. resistance. Level 30: Permanently taint vis with the power
Level 4: Make an object a temporary Arcane • Restore a demon’s Might Pool by the level of the Infernal, producing vis prava.
Connection to a person or thing within of the effect + 10, as long as it penetrates its Level 35: Gain a False Power that duplicates
range of this effect, including a demon. Magic Resistance. the effects of a Major Virtue.
Level 5: Perceive all creatures with Might within Level 3: Force an invisible supernatural creature • Gain a False Power that duplicates The
range of the effect. to become visible. Gift.

The Infernal
in exchange. These Infernal blessings are
lost forever if the infernalist should some-
how redeem himself or seek forgiveness
from God, and are treated as if the char-
acter had the Vengeful Powers Flaw (see
above) — using them for anything that is
not sinful always carries with it negative
Failure with Diablerie effects might
summon the wrong demon, remove the
caster’s protection against it, or free a
demon from an enchantment to act as it
wishes. They might also give the caster
appropriate Flaws or take away some of
his experience points.

And he causeth all to receive a mark

Debauchery/Diablerie, Level 25
R: Sight, D: Sun, T: Ind
The character causes an object to
become a temporary Arcane Connection
to any supernatural creature she can see
for the duration of this effect. This also
taints the object slightly, making it feel
unholy to people who can sense the
Infernal realm.
(Base 4: +3 Sight, +2 Sun)

The image of the beast should speak

Debauchery/Diablerie, Level 35
R: Arc, D: Conc, T: Ind
During the maleficium casting, the
ing can potentially last forever, so long as
the target does not seek absolution, but
character must draw a circle upon the only appropriate General or Supernatural The Infernal realm is believed to
ground and stand outside of it. When it Virtues may be given in this way, and have a strong connection to the physical
is finished, she can summon the image then only if they do not somehow depend world, so much so that many in Mythic
of a demon to which she has an Arcane upon the character’s background. Virtues Europe teach that earth is the Devil’s
Connection, which can also see, hear, and like Educated or Privileged Upbringing realm, with God presiding over the spirit
speak to her if it chooses. This creates a are not acceptable. Furthermore, if the and the afterlife. Perhaps the Infernal
mystic conduit between the two of them Virtue is supernatural, it is an Infernal Power of Effusion has evolved from these
that lasts for as long as she concentrates, Power. dark associations. Or, perhaps Effusion
so that the demon can affect her with its (Base 15, +1 Touch, +4 Forsaken) is simply an extension of the powers of
Powers as if it were touching her. If the Hell, the tormenting heat and cold ice
demon does not wish to be disturbed, the The cage of every unclean that tortures the damned. Regardless of
character might anger it with this effect, and hateful bird its origins, this Power allows infernalists
and possibly suffer its wrath. Incantation/Diablerie, Level 50 to affect the elements in an unnatural
(Base 10: +4 Arc, +1 Conc) R: Voice, D: Forsaken, T: Ind fashion. Debauchery gives control over
The character commands a super- unseen forces, the warmer elements of fire
And the dragon gave him his power natural creature within the sound of her and air, while Incantation affects the cold
Incantation/Diablerie, Level 40 voice to serve her completely and obey forms of base matter, water, and earth.
R: Touch, D: Forsaken, T: Ind her every command, which it must do Effusion cannot produce anything
This maleficium allows the character for as long as the effect lasts, assuming living; it targets base materials or insub-
to draw upon the powers of the Infernal to she overcomes its Magic Resistance. If it stantial forces, but nothing else — though
allow someone she is touching to receive ever receives absolution, it is free from these forces and materials can themselves
the effects of a Minor Virtue, one with her control. affect living things. In fact, Effusion can-
which she is familiar enough that she can (Base 20, +2 Voice, +4 Forsaken) not actually create anything; it can fan a
describe what it does. This Infernal bless- fire or cause a target to become so hot that

Realms of Power
it spontaneously combusts, but it doesn’t R: Touch, D: Year, T: Ind Darkness has power over all
create flames from nothing. It can sum- The character casts this spell upon an things general / Weather and
mon an object to the infernalist’s hand, object or substance, essentially opening it wind and all courses variable
but this object must already exist in the for a form of Infernal enchantment. During Debauchery/Effusion, Level 20
world. Infernalists might use these Powers this process, he casts a second maleficium, R: Sight, D: Conc, T: Ind
to create winds or gather clouds, but this of less than or equal level to this effect, This effect gathers severe winds,
is done simply by controlling the air that which is absorbed by the object and held powerful enough to lift a person through
is all around them, and they cannot actu- for the duration of the effect. If the object the air and carry him through the sky at
ally create air. is broken or consumed during that year, high speed. The character must concen-
Failures involving Effusion usually any maleficia that have been imbued into trate upon these winds in order to control
involve losing control over the elements, it are released as if they had been cast by them, and she cannot do this if they fly
causing them to behave chaotically, with the person who activated it. out of her sight. Most infernalists cast this
unwanted effects that are detrimental to This maleficium can be performed effect on themselves, winging through
the caster or maliciously destructive to the multiple times, allowing the character the night to reach their evil gatherings,
infernalist’s belongings. to enchant a target with several differ- though it is said that they must not speak
ent “charges,” and each time he does the name of Christ while aloft, or they
The stone prepared, his gift to grant this it refreshes the duration of the will lose their support and immediately
With foulest craft he does enchant enchantment. fall to the ground.
Incantation/Effusion, General (Base effect: +1 Touch, +4 Year) (Base 4: +3 Sight, +1 Conc)

Effusion Guidelines
Unnatural effects, such as phenomena sum- • Ignite something slightly flammable, like • Move an object slowly in one direction, as
moned in a form outside their natural context, leather. long as the surface can support its weight.
usually add two additional magnitudes to the level. • Heat an object enough to melt steel. Level 4: Chill an object enough to extinguish
• Ward a target against a single type of natural flames.