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1978 DMD, St. Joseph University, Beirut chloß Sch

Your lecturer: Fouad Khoury kS e

32670096-DE-1309 © 2013 DENTSPLY IH. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.


1978- Department of Oral and


e in
1979 Maxillofacial Surgery of the With passion for perfection

University of Freiburg, Germany


om e
1979- Assistent Professor at the Department
p etiti

1988 of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, IInnovative

nnovative Konzepte
Konzepte verbinden
verbinden micro-screw kit Ø 1,0 mm & 1,2 mm
o n - ex p

University of Münster, Germany

acc. to Prof. Dr. F. Khoury
Erleben Sie den

1984 Diploma in Oral Surgery 3360°
6 0 ° rrund
u n d uum
m SSie
ie available in English, French, German, Spanish, Privatzahnklinik Schloss Schellenstein GmbH
1988 Habilitation (german PhD) Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Greek International Centre for Implantology and
1988- Associated Professor at the Department
1994 of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Surgery
University of Münster, Germany
since full Professor at the Department of Oral Am Schellenstein 1
Prof. Dr. med. dent. 1994 & Maxillofacial Surgery, University of
Fouad Khoury Münster, Germany and Chairman of Präzise und atraumatische Entnahme 59939 Olsberg · Germany
Privatklinik Schloss Schellenstein, Telefon +49 (0) 2962 9719-14
Born in Lebanon Implantology center, Olsberg, Germany von autogenem Knochen Telefax +49 (0) 2962 9719-22
Several registered patents and more then
100 Publications, 600 lectures/courses on Oral Fouad Khoury
Surgery, Bone Transplantation, Implantology...
El Aumento de Hueso
German en Implantología
Con la colaboración de

patent! Th. Hanser, Ch. Khoury, J. Neugebauer, T. Terpelle, J. Tunkel, J.E. Zöller

t if i e d

bone chip transplants Sicherheit in
der Osteotomie

Registration: WJBUVOOFMUFDIOJRVF FRIOS MicroSaw nach Prof. Dr. F. Khoury


Privatzahnklinik Schloss Schellenstein GmbH Für schonende und knochenerhaltende Aufbereitung von
International Centre for Implantology and
Oral Surgery
Knochenblöcken und Knochendeckeln

t Höchste Präzision – Die 0,29 mm dünne Mikrosägescheibe

Special Augmentative
Am Schellenstein 1 Application instrument with pusher
59939 Olsberg · Germany
Telefon +49 (0) 2962 9719-14
acc. to Prof. Dr. F. Khoury ermöglicht eine äußerst exakte Osteotomielinie. Procedures
Telefax +49 (0) 2962 9719-22 t Atraumatisch – Der drehbare Weichgewebeschutz lässt
or through German
Bone Augmentation in Oral Implantology is a must-read
for every implantologist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon,
sich leicht montieren und wieder entfernen. Die direkte
Scheibenkühlung verhindert Überhitzung während des
Part I - Part VI 2 01 4
Dentsply Implants Manufacturing GmbH and anyone with an interest in dental surgery.
t Bewährt – Seit 1986 im klinischen Einsatz.
68221 Mannheim · Germany BOEBQQMJDBUJPOPGCPOF
material with just one
Phone +49 (0) 621 4302-022 2013.1037
2 0 1 3 .1 0 3 7 instrument!
Telefax +49 (0) 621 4302-023 Quintessenz Verlag, Ifenpfad 2-4, 12107 Berlin
DENTSPLY IH GmbH · Steinzeugstraße 50
68229 Mannheim · Telefon 0621 4302-006 We are always at your disposal and inform you about our distributors worldwide.
Fax: (030) 761 80 692, Phone: (030) 761 80 662
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Augmentation procedures part I: Augmentation procedures part II: Augmentation procedures part III: Augmentation procedures part IV: Augmentation Procedures part V: Augmentation Procedures part VI:
bone harvesting techniques, bone grafting procedures and soft sinus floor elevation Implantation, Bone Augmentation, Advanced training program on bone grafting and Clinical Masters Program in Bone Grafting and Soft
augmentation and soft tissue surgery tissue management with live-operations Soft Tissue Management and Prosthodontic soft tissue management with hands-on training on Tissue Management
with live-operations and hands-on-training on animal mandibles Follow course of part I Restauration in the daily office human cadavers. 5 Days intensive course including theoretical Background, Live
with live-operations Team: 3-days intensive training course Surgeries and Hand´s on training on human cadavers
Team: Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury
Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury
Team: and team Team: Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury Team:
Dr. Pierre Keller Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury
and team Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury Dr. Charles Khoury
exceptional Dr. Thomas Hanser
and team Date: OA Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Pape and team course Dr. Charles Khoury
Dates: 20./21.11.2014 German Dr. Charles Khoury
and team
16./17.01.2014 English Dates: Dr. Pierre Keller Date:
05./06.03.2014 Spanish/English 11./12.09.2014 Russian/English On request in english and french. and team 18.-20.09.2014 English
13./14.03.2014 French 30./31.10.2014 French Date:
1st day: 09.00 am to 07.00 pm
08./09.05.2014 German 06./07.11.2014 German 1st day: 09.00 am to 07.00 pm Date: 22-26.09.2014 English
2nd day: 08.30 am to 03.00 pm
21./22.05.2014 Russian/English 13./14.11.2014 English 2nd day: 08.30 am to 03.00 pm 11.-13.06.2014 English Place: Privatzahnklinik Schloss Schellenstein, Olsberg
25./26.06.2014 English Day 1-4: 09.00 am to 07.00 pm
1st day: 09.00 am to 07.00 pm 3rd day: 09.00 am to 02.30 pm
15./16.01.2015 English
2nd day: 08.30 am to 03.00 pm Program: 1st day: 09.00 am to 07.00 pm Place: Institute of Anatomy at the University of Münster 5th day: 09.00 am to 02.30 pm (Hand’s on Cadavers)
2nd day: 09.00 am to 07.00 pm
1st day: 09.00 am to 07.00 pm 1. > 10 hours live surgeries 3rd day: 08.30 am to 03.00 pm
It is an exceptional course for a very limited number of participants.
2nd day: 08.30 am to 03.00 pm Program: 2. Implant planing and indication The course begins on Thursday 18th September in Olsberg with sev- During this 5 days training different topics of the courses I-IV will
3. Anatomy of the sinus and surrounding structures eral live surgeries on patients and will finish on Friday afternoon at be presented and discussed, from simple minimal invasive bone
1. > 10 hours live surgeries 4. Surgical techniques of the sinus floor elevation:
During this 3 days training, different stages of simple and advanced 03.00 PM. The Hand’s on training on cadaver ist starting on Satur- grafting to 3D vertical bone augmentation. Theoretical background
Program: 2. Planning of complex cases
a) internal sinus lift
surgical and prosthetic treatment are demonstrated Live on various day morning at 09.00 AM at the Istitute oft Anatomy of the Univer- supported with live surgeries and hand´s on training on animal ca-
3. Soft tissue management part II: roll flap, rotation flap, patients. The participants can assist directly at all surgeries starting sity of Münster. The Cadavers are prepared with an exceptional davers is presented for every topic. On the last day the participants
1. > 10 hours live surgeries palatal flap, free soft tissue graft, vestibuloplasty, apical
b) window technique
from simple implantation to more complicated grafting procedures and unique method called “Thiel fixation”. This method leaves have the chance to do different surgeries on human cadavers (Thiel
2. Aesthetic and function in implantology c) bone condensing
reposition flap with 3D reconstructions, tunnel technique and advanced soft tissue to the soft tissue enough elasticity to perform in a realistic way fixated) with the support of the clinic staff.
3. Principles of soft tissue management: various types of incision, d) with or without simultaneous implantation
4. Lateralisation of the nerves management. The different stages of prosthodontics in simple and the various techniques of soft tissue management and bone
blood-support design of the different flaps, suture techniques 5. Augmentation materials:
4. Soft tissue management: vestibuloplasty, second stage technique,
5. Special augmentative procedures
a) autogenous bone: particulated
complicated cases are also demonstrated on patients and in the lab. grafting. Program:
a) lateral bone block graft 1. > 15 hours live surgeries
roll flap, apical reposition flap
b) onlay bone block graft
b) autogenous bone: block graft Program: 2. Planning from simple to complex treatment
5. Pathophysiology of bone transplantation
c) 3-D bone block graft
c) alloplastic materials Program: 1. > 12 hours live surgeries 3. Principles of soft tissue biology and soft tissue healing: surgi-
6. Basics of augmentative procedures d) membranes 1. > 15 hours live surgeries 2. Advanced soft tissue surgery, pediculated palatal flap,… cal design, blood supply, incisions, vestibuloplasty, pedicle
d) tunnel technique 3. New techniques of bone grafting to improve the prognosis
7. Bony-lid approach in implant surgery 6. Complications intra- and postoperative 2. Planning of complex treatment flaps, connective tissue grafts, roll flap, apically repositioned
e) sinus floor elevation 4. 3D bone reconstraction and tunnel technique
8. Intraoral bone harvesting techniques: instruments, 7. Long term results and prognosis 3. Implantation in combination with Vestibuloplasty flap.
6. Temporary implants and immediaet loading 5. Sinus floor elevation and nerve lateralisation
method retromolar, chin 4. Intra oral bone harvesting: Instrumentation and method 4. Biologic bone grafting procedures: safe bone harvesting, bone
7. Long term results and complications 6. Complications
9. Augmentative procedures: bone spreading, bone splitting, bone ex- Course dinner on Thursday at about 8 pm. 5. Bone augmentation techniques: Bone Splitting/ Spreding/ block grafting, core technique, lateral and vertical bone aug-
panding, extensionplasty, core technic, lateral Bone Block Graft, mentation, 3D reconstruction, tunnel approach, sinus floor ele-
10. Bone substitute materials ! The participant needs previous knowledge in implantology
and should attended Augmentation procedures part I!
Course fee:
2 1.780,- (Tax incl.)
Expanding, Bony Lid Method, Block Graft (lateral & vertical)
6. Soft tissue management during Bone Augmentation,
Implantation and second stage surgery
! The participant needs previous knowledge in implantology
and should attended Augmentation procedures part I!
The program of the Hand’s on training on Cadavers also
5. Restorative concept and procedure.
6. Complications and possibility of prevention and Treatment
11. Hands-on-training on animal mandibles: vestibuloplasty, suture (Vestibuloplasty, Apical reposition flap, Roll Flap…)
techniques, bone harvesting with the micro-saw, implantation Course dinner on Thursday at about 8 pm. includes the following interventions: Course dinner on Tuesday and Thursday.
7. Advanced augmentative procedures: Sinus floor elevation,
with Dentsply implant systems vertical 3D reconstruction, Tunnel Technique…. 1. Tooth extraction and immediate implantation Course fee: 2 5.950 (Tax incl.)
The number of participants is limited 2. Covering the alveoli with free or pediculated connective tissue
The participant needs previous knowledge in implantology! 8. Prosthetic restoration
graft. Kazanjian vestibulumplastic
9. Complications 3. Retromolar and chin bone harvesting with the MicroSaw
Course dinner on Thursday at about 8 pm. Course fee:
Course dinner on Wednesday and Thursday 4. Sinus floor elevation, nerve lateralisation
2 1.780,- (Tax incl.) at about 8 pm. 5. Bone splitting and bone spreading
The number of participants is limited The number of participants is limited 6. Lateral and vertical 3D bone grafting procedures and tunnel
Course fee: 2 3.350,- (Tax incl.)
Course fee: Course dinner on Thursday and Friday at about 8 pm.
2 1.780,- (Tax incl.)
Course fee: 2 3.565,- (Tax incl.)

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