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MORAGA ROTARY NEWSLETTER February 20, 2018 Next Meeting: Tuesday Noon 2/27 Meeting at Moraga Country Club

February 20, 2018

Next Meeting: Tuesday Noon 2/27 Meeting at Moraga Country Club

(Speaker Larry Sly, Contra Costa/Solano Food Bank)

Greeter Kevin Reneau

(Note There is construction going on in the MCC parking lot so please park either on the street or in the outer lots if possible.)

March 6 Dave Trotter Moraga Mayor

*March 13 Gary & Carol Irwin All Access Playground Celebration March 20 Interact Presentation

March 27 Dave Winnacker, Fire Chief April 3 Dick Burkholter & Guests from England *April 10 Open April 17 Open April 24 Open May 1 Open *May 8 Ted Kluber Superbowl Ads May 15 Open May 22 Open May 29 Open *June 12 Dan Devone, Retired Sportscaster

* Evening Meeting

Past President Kevin Reneau filled in for Current President Dianne Wilson and did a fine job of it. We had some great guests with us today Mayor Dave Trotter, who is also a Director of MCE, Keith Katzman renowned real estate agent and Moragan since 1960, Tom Sepe, retired State Farm Insurance agent and Moragan since 1976, Justin Marquez, MCE Community Affairs Representative (today’s speaker) and Alexandra Magee, MCE (Justin’s boss).

Kevin Reneau opened the meeting and called upon Herb Wehmeyer to provide the invocation and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Herb gave us some interesting background on the origins and development of “Presidents’ Day.” It was initiated in 1832 well after the death of George Washington in 1800 and about the time the Washington Monument was built. Presidents’ Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February. (Washington was born on February 22, 1732.) The holiday can occur between February 15 and February 21. Later the birthday of Abraham Lincoln (February 12 th ) was added to the celebration. (Check out the 1975 “Uniform Monday Holiday Act” for some interesting reading.)

-Happy Bucks & Announcements-


celebrate the sale of their Moraga house.

It was listed for 5 days and they had 10 offers.

Lad Lynch had 50 Happy Bucks

Vickie Devlin offered 2 Happy Bucks for the upcoming “A Nite at the Races” and told of how she was interviewed on radio by a Jackson station. She told them all about Rotary.

This month’s newsletter editor, Roger Gregory had 2 Happy Bucks because he, Jan Gregory and sister-in-law, Judy Brennan attended a production called “All Hands on Deck” at the Lesher Theatre in Walnut Creek. The show was a celebration of World War II radio shows.

Ron Mucovich had 2 Happy Bucks and a petition which he invited anyone interested to sign which aims to protect the Prop 13 benefits of folks selling a home and

moving to another county. The petition is supported by the Board of Realtors.

Debbie Roessler gave 2 Happy Bucks for the Oakland Museum, “White Elephant Sale” March 3 rd and 4 th . Come one, come all!

Frank May is pleased as punch that this year’s “A Nite at the Races” is just two weeks away. He was so excited he tossed out 2 Happy Bucks in celebration. Frank reminds members to get their dinner reservation forms and checks in to Lad Lynch and Lad noted that fewer than 50% of the club members have their reservation in so far. Frank added that there are only about 75 dinner reservations so far and we usually shoot for about 140.

- Announcements


members that each is responsible for donating items with a total value of “a couple of hundred bucks” for the auction/silent auction - or giving a check for that amount as a donation to the club.

Kevin Reneau



Frank May passed around the “Volunteer List” of jobs for “A Nite at the Races.” He also noted that there are still a few horses available for sale at $25 each. Stablemaster, Al Simonsen confirmed there are 10 more horses “for sale.” Frank says there will be a quick NAR meeting immediately after the noon meeting next week. March 5 th will be the last Pre-Nite at the Races meeting at 5:30 pm at Moraga Royale.


Races,” Frank May and Vickie Devlin

Continuing the topic



Nite at

spoke about soliciting gifts from the community and it was mentioned that if a member goes out and gets a gift donation from the community then the value of that gift counts toward that members expected auction contribution. Frank will provide a list of donations and donors so members know what items have been collected so far.

Debbie Roessler has a call in to our “Clunkers4Charity”/”Cars Second Chance” friend Dave Kemnitz of Concord/Clayton Valley Sunrise Rotary Club to see if that club might provide a table of folks and/or a few donation items for our “A Nite at the Races” event. Concord/Clayton Valley club has partnered with us on the Sierra Leone Orphanage project.

Kevin Reneau announced there was to be a Board meeting that night (February 20 th ) at 5:30 pm at Moraga Royale.

Kevin also drew attention to a single page flier produced by Evie Michon which describes our Sierra Leone Project. This will be available for “A Nite at the Races.”

- Program

Debbie Roessler introduced our speaker, Justin Marquez from MCE and noted that Justin is a graduate of Northwestern University in economics. Also attending and representing MCE was Alexandra Magee. Justin led the discussion and Alexandra helped field questions. MCE is a public not-for-profit agency which provides renewable energy (electricity) to consumers in Marin, Napa and some communities in Contra Costa County. Mayor Dave Trotter of Moraga was also

attending to answer questions and help guide the discussion. Dave is a Director for MCE and a strong supporter of this renewable energy effort.

MCE secures renewable energy (electricity) at competitive rates, provides it to households who sign on with MCE and the electricity is delivered to the contracting households via the PG&E power system.

The mission of MCE is to “address climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions.” What are renewables:

1. They are pollution free electricity 2. From solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy and hydroelectricity. Whereas, “fossil fuels” are the largest sources of U.S. air pollution. Fossil fuels generate electricity from coal, oil and natural gas.

MCE customers eliminated 185,751 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions between 2010 and 2015. His is equivalent to taking 39,237 cars off our roads for an entire year. And remember, MCE is active in only a portion of the San Francisco Bay Area (Marin, Napa and 11 communities in Contra Costa). (The editor thinks this is a huge impact for such a tiny area. Incidentally, the moniker MCE is short for Marin Community Energy because Marin is where the concept started in 2008.)

Energy because Marin is where the concept started in 2008.) PG&E sourced electricity is about 33%
Energy because Marin is where the concept started in 2008.) PG&E sourced electricity is about 33%

PG&E sourced electricity is about 33% “renewable.” MCE offers a 50% renewable source called “MCE Light Green” and a 100% renewable called “MCE Deep Green.”

Check their website for more info.


Rates for the MCE Light Green (50% renewable) level of service are about equivalent to PG&E’s current rates or perhaps a little better. Rates for the MCE Deep Green (100% renewable) are just a little bit more expensive than PG&E. Justin’s slides showed a sample monthly cost comparison of:

PG&E (33% renewable) of $98.03 MCE Light Green (50% renewable) of $97.76 MCE Deep Green (100% renewable) of $102.21

Any discount programs you have in place with PG&E remain the same with MCE service.

If you have solar panels you get paid by PG&E in a “True Up” payment once a year. With MCE you get a monthly True Up.

MCE is working on a “MCE Solar One” program which is expected online sometime later this year. This would be the third tier of MCE offerings - so you would have MCE Light Green, Deep Green and Solar One. The power for Solar One will come from a 10.5 megawatt ground mounted solar panel array in Richmond which utilizes a Chevron remediated “brownfield” site and will

provide 341 jobs (with a 50% local hire requirement. Partners in this project are the City of Richmond, sPower, Cenergy Power, Chevron and RichmondBuild.

Looking at the presentation numbers closely, MCE utilizes significantly more solar and wind generated electricity than PG&E.

Kevin Reneau told our guests about our Sierra Leone orphanage project and presented them with a certificate acknowledging that a backpack loaded with school supplies was donated in the name of MCE to a young boy at the orphanage community. These supplies enable him to go to a good local academy for education.

enable him to go to a good local academy for education. Kevin Reneau closed the meeting

Kevin Reneau closed the meeting and reminded us that the Rajah will fill in for

Dianne Wilson next week as the meeting lead.

See you all next week for the regular noon meeting on Tuesday, February 27 th here at the Moraga Country Club home of the Moraga Rotary Club.



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Calendar of Future Events March 5 - Moraga Royale 5:30pm for “A Nite at the Races” preparation meeting March 10 – “A Nite at the Races” dinner event Field Day TBA

Community Faire --TBA. June 26 --Demotion Dinner

Greeter/Invocator Schedule 2/27/18 = Kevin Reneau 3/06/18 = Roger Gregory 3/13/18 = John Erickson 3/20/18 = Tony Schoemehl 3/27/18 = Gary Irwin 4/03/18 = Vickie Devlin

February Newsletter editor -- The Rajah (Roger Gregory)