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Zero and First Conditional Sentences

1. Complete the zero conditional sentences with the verbs in brackets.

1. If you ______________ (ride) a bike for work, you save money.

2. My parents told me I can stay up late during the holidays if I _________________ (get) good

grades by the end of term.

3. If you ________________ (have) long showers, you spend too much water.

4. If my sister ________________ (call), tell her I’ll be meeting her at school.

5. My teachers get upset if we ________________ (not/do) our homework.

6. If you _________________ (mix) yellow and blue, you get green.

2. Write sentences in the first conditional. Make the necessary changes.

1. You learn a lot about science / you visit the Science Museum.
2. You recycle garbage / you help the environment.
3. Buy two books / you get one for free.
4. You come over to my place / I help you.
5. They stay at this hotel / they not be disappointed.
6. Alice not come to work / she has fever.
7. You late / me drive to airport.

Will / Be Going To
3. Fill in the blanks with the correct future form (will / be going to).

1. I ____________________ (buy) organic beauty products from now on.

2. I ____________________ (get) you some food on my way back.

3. They ____________________ (face) a lot of trouble in that town.

4. I hope she _________________ (get) into university.

5. It’s raining. It ____________________ (be) an unpleasant day.

6. I ____________________ (visit) my grandmother next week.

7. She ____________________ (stay) at home if it rains.

8. I’m not feeling very well! I _________________ (take) some of

that medication the doctor prescribed.
9. Tomorrow, they ____________________ (fly) to the Bahamas.

10. You look better! You ____________________ (feel) perfectly fit tomorrow.

11. John ____________________ (pay) us a visit if he has time.

11. I ____________________ (be) a good girl from now on. I promise!

4. Joan and his best friend Marcus are at the restaurante. Build a dialogue with the tips.

a) Big, please.

b) Good afternoon! What would you like to eat and drink?

c) Could you bring the bill, please?

d) What size do you want the orange juice?

e) Good afternoon! I would like a ham sandwich and na Orange juice.

f) I would like a vegetable sandwich and a coke, please.






After having their snack.