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Year 5/6 As Theologists, we will be answering

the key question, ‘What is it like to be a

Celebration of Learning
Term 1 Muslim in Britain today?’

Invite parents in to view books at the end of the term, which includes:
-Timelines, Writing, propaganda posters , annotated maps, PowerPoint 101 Opportunity
presentations and Textease Movie audios the children recorded.
Find out about Bristol during the WW2 Blitz.
This will be provided by ‘Sirteachlot’ during a
As Athletes, we will be taught our PE les- day session with the children.
sons by Bristol Rugby. We will be focus-
ing on gymnastics.
WW2 As Artists, we will be
focusing on our draw-
As Technologists, we will be focusing on key computing ing skills and linking
skills such as: hyperlinks, recording sound, using re- As Musicians, we will learning and performing the Jack- this t o our WW2
search skills, searching for and recording information
son 5 song I’ll be There. theme.
and publishing documents.

As Historians, we will be understanding why WW2 started and the effect it had on the world.
We will be:
Understanding the reasons for the outbreak of the war
Explaining the different reasons for why the war broke out
Understanding how the past can be represented in different ways
Understanding how propaganda can misinform people
Explaining what the Blitz was
Using different sources of evidence to compare changes since the 1940
As Mathematicians, this term we will be focusing
As Writers, this term we will be focusing on: on :
 Poetry (Y5) focusing on animals in zoos  Number and place value
 Text based unit on ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyja-  Calculation
 Fractions, decimals and percentages
 Non-fiction unit creating a non-fiction text based
 Shape and angle
on an aspect of WW2
 Area and perimeter

As readers, we are focusing on maintaining

frequent and consistent reading at home to meet
our reading challenge.