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English Proficiency Test – Elementary level

1. Jack is ______ a model airplane.

(A) build (B) builder (C) built (D) building

2. We bought a ____ books.

(A) few (B) little (C) some (D) lot

3. The lady _______ in this city since 1997.

(A) lives (B) is living (C) lived (D) has lived

4. _____ will you finish your work?

(A) What (B) When (C) Any time (D) Why

5. I am interested _____ receiving free samples of your product.

(A) in (B) to (C) on (D) for

6. This lake is much ______ than the one near my house.

(A) deep (B) deeper (C) deeply (D) more deeply

7. After you collect the money, you need to count ______ .

(A) it (B) them (C) itself (D) they

8. The _______ office is on Main Street.

(A) doctor (B) doctor’s (C) doctor whose (D) of the doctor

9. The meeting was ________ because no one has time to come.

(A) cancelled (B) cancellation (C) cancel (D) canceling

10. The party is on the _____ of January.

(A) two eight (B) twenty-eight (C) twenty-eighth (D) twentieth and eighth

11. Jane became an English teacher and I did _____ .

(A) become (B) too (C) well (D) neither

12. You can’t have dessert ______ you eat your dinner.
(A) but (B) unless (C) therefore (D) whether

13. Buy a loaf of _____ when you’re at the supermarket.

(A) books (B) boxes (C) butter (D) bread

14. The manager ______ to send this fax before noon today.


(A) liked (B) is liking (C) would like (D) is being liked

15. You can either rent _____ buy this house.

(A) or (B) and (C) nor (D) whether

16. _______ these dishes will take at least an hour.

(A) I wash (B) The wash (C) Washing (D) Wash

17. You had _______ study for the exam.

(A) go (B) supposed to (C) better (D) ought

18. We felt that the recent reports were not particularly

_________ .
(A) informs (B) information (C) informative (D) inform

19. Please call the travel agent this afternoon to ______ your
travel plans.
(A) confirmation (B) confirm (C) confirmed (D) confirming

20. Our team worked ______ hard that we finished the project
two days before the deadline.
(A) too (B) not (C) so (D) such