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alexithymia is the inability to describe your emotions in a verbal manner

the zoomies; when your dog runs for no reason

travel and tell no one. live a true love story and tell no one. live happily and tell no
one. people ruin beautiful things.

religion is dying and good people need to stand up to fill the void

the psyche as interaction: electromagnetic patterns of conscious energy;;;quote

in addition, we can also refer to those linguistic distinctions (in other words, make a
distinction of distinctions) by using the word 'table' and thus bringing forth an
object. continuing, capra concludes that 'objects, then, in maturana's view, are
linguistic distinctions, and once we have objects, we can create abstract concepts -
the height of our table, for example - by making distinctions of distinctions of
distinctions and so forth.
so in language we coordinate our behavior and together in language we bring forth
one world. 'the world everyone sees,' write maturana and varela, 'is not the world
but a world, which we bring forth with others.' our concepts, thoughts, ideas,
emotions and movements, which are reflected in conversation, are caught on film
and show that 'every conversation involves a subtle and largely unconscious dance
another aspect of maturana's concept of cognition was added by varela's work in
THE EMBODIED MIND. varela hypothesized 'that there is a form of primary
consciousness in all higher vertebrates that is not yet self-reflective but involves the
experience of a 'unitary mental space,' or mental state.'

reserve your right to think;;;hypatia;;;life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel

the more truth we can comprehend. to understand the things that are at our door is
the best preparation for understanding those that lie beyond.

the gympie gympie stinging plant produces a toxin so painful it's driven people and
animals to suicide. described as being sprayed with hot acid and electrocuted at the
same time. a man shot himself after using the leaves as toilet paper.

the known unknown

and the,,,archetypal horror,,,unknown unknown

romantic mystery
lobster wife

gold is a noble metal, it does not become corrupted

beyond perfection into the realm of chaos and establish order

we are so thrilled we can't help but clap

clapping is a form of worship
the cross represents the lock, the barred left right over and under which are the
ways an earthbound human goes
like barred cave, loen's barred cave
knot as good as gordion knot in center
mortals are barred banned
to transcend one must put away earthly bias which is selfishness

act in such a way that works for you and the people around you now and forever
Equilibrated State, Universal Maxim, god on earth, society of heaven
must be iterable

revelatory consciousness

fear of azothoth is the beginning of wisdom

king was avatar of god marduk, emperors

has to behave as if was marduk, is incarnation of marduk
requirement for everyone to give rights over to the hierarchy

Mysterious Tremendum,