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Text 1 for number 1 - 3

Whether a tree is coniferous or deciduous, whether it bears fruit or not, whether it grows
in the tropics or in the temperate zone, every tree has three parts: the roots, the trunk, and the
crown. The roots, the part of the tree underground, hold the tree firmly against windstorms
and provide the tree with food gathered from the soil. The trunk, which is the most important
woody part of the tree, is the body of the tree it carries the food from the roots to the
branches. The crown of the tree consists of the branches, the leaves, and the fruit of the tree.
The leaves use the food sent from the trunk for many purposes, one of which is a process that
is particularly useful to humans. In this process, called photosynthesis, the leaves absorb
carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give oxygen to the atmosphere. The single process is
essential to human life because humans breathe oxygen in order to exist.

1. The main information of the text is about …..

A. the differences between coniferous and deciduous trees
B. the climates in which different types of trees grow
C. the common function of the parts of any kind of trees
D. the description of the process of photosynthesis
E. the usefulness of tree leaves to a human being’s life

2. Trees are very important for the life of human beings because …..
A. their leaves produce carbon dioxide
B. photosynthesis absorbs carbon dioxide
C. their trunks distribute food to the roots
D. they contribute oxygen to the atmosphere
E. they protect human beings against wind storms

3. The most important woody part of the tree is …..

A. roots D. crown
B. trunk E. branches
C. leaves

4. Kevin : “ I think computer makes people lazy.”

Raera : “ ………... computer is very useful for people.

A. sure D. I deny that

B. really E. I think so
C. probably

5. Fiera : “Can you turn on this electric store, Yuni?”

Panji : “ I‘m sorry I don’t know …..

A. the way operating it D. it is operate

B. how to operate it E. operating it
C. what is operated
6. Farah : You look very busy with your work.
Reidy : Sure. If you don’t mind.
How kind you are.

A. are you tired ? D. can you do me a favour ?

B. can I help you ? E. would you like to help me ?
C. do you like to help me ?

7. A :You seem to busy.

May I give you a hand?
B : Oh, no thank you. I can do it myself.

The underlined sentence expresses …..

A. offering help D. anticipating help
B. asking for help E. waiting for help
C. expecting help

8. Clief : John lost his money on his way to school this morning.
Frisda : oh, poor John.

The underlined sentence expresses …..

A. regret D. obligation
B. opinion E. expectation
C. sympathy

9. Our English teacher always …. our homework every week.

A. Check
B. Checked
C. Checking
D. Checks
E. Had Checked

10. One of my friends always … to Bali every year.

A. Go
B. Goes
C. To go
D. Going
E. Went

11. …. your Uncle come here every year?

A. Do
B. Does
C. Did
D. Will
E. Would
12. The train always …. on time.

A. Arrive
B. To arrive
C. Arrives
D. Arrived
E. have arrived

13. I don’t … time to swim on Monday.

A. Having
B. Had
C. Has
D. Have
E. Hadn’t

14. …. you have enough time to attend the party?

A. Does
B. Did
C. Didn’t
D. Do
E. Have

15. Marzuki …. a very thick book about Indonesian History.

A. Has
B. Have
C. Had
D. Hid
E. hadn’t

16. Does the coach of Soccer club ... the team regularly?

A. Train
B. Trains
C. Trained
D. Training
E. Have Trained

17. And Mrs. Bambang often … late.

A. Comes
B. Coming
C. Came
D. Come
E. Had came
Text 3 for number 18-21

Elephants are the largest land animals alive today. These animals have special body
characteristics, among them are tusks and trunk.
Elephant’s tusks are made of a hard, white substance like bone. When an elephant is
angry, its tusk can be very dangerous. The tusks of an elephant are actually its from teeth.
People pay a lot of money for the ivory of an elephant’s tusk. The ivory from the tusks is
made into many beautiful things.
The trunk of an elephant is a fusion of the nose and upper lip. An elephant uses its
trunk in many ways. It pulls up the trees with it trunk when it wants to make a path through
the jungle. It also uses its trunk to get water. The trunk can hold a lot of water, as an elephant
needs to drink thee hundreds pints of water every day.

18. The main topic of the text above is …

A. an elephant’s habits
B. training an elephant
C. hunting an elephant
D. how an elephant uses its trunk
E. elephant’s tusks and trunks

19. According to the text, elephants …

A. are very weak animals
B. are the only animals
C. are the largest land animals in the world
D. drink less water than any other animals
E. all are correct

20. Which of the following sentences is not active sentence?

A. It uses its tusk in many ways
B. It pulls up trees with its trunk
C. The ivory from the tusks is made into many beautiful things.
D. An elephant needs to drink three hundred pints of water every day.
E. People pay lot of money for the ivory of an elephant’s tusks.

21. “It pulls up trees with its trunk when it wants to make a path through the jungle.
”The underlined word means …
A. street
B. road
C. way
D. tunnel
E. canal

22. Ara : These days the team has been working hard to find Adam Air plane. What do you
think of the ruins of the plane?
Dila : I think it was sunk under the sea bed.
From the dialogue we know that Dila expresses her …
A. possibility
B. certainly
C. doubt
D. willing
E. opinion

23. Rearrange these jumbled sentences to make a good paragraph

1) It was an old village built by Dutch colonist
2) This was in the old days when the country was still province of Great Britain
3) Rip Van Winkle lived in a little village at the foot of the Catskill Mountain
4) Some of the houses were still built from the yellow brick

The best arrangement is …

A. 4-3-2-1
B. 1-3-2-4
C. 3-2-4-1
D. 3-1-4-2
E. 3-1-2-4

24. Ryan : The government plans to raise the electricity bill next month.
Hani : _____ It will increase the amount of poor people.
A. I agree with you
B. I totally disagree
C. I don't disagree
D. I agree
E. I agree but it is not the point

25. Fira : Don, I think Chandra is responsible for this case

Dona : Well, I don't know.
From the dialogue, we may assume that ...
A. Dona agrees with Fira
B. Dona disagrees with Fira
C. Dona has no idea about the case
D. Dona cannot accept the fact
E. Dona totally agree

26. 11. This is a very popular TV program. Every week it … by millions of people.
a. Watches
b. Is being watched
c. Is watched
d. Has watched
e. Watching

27. The house … by me before my father came.

a. Had been painted
b. To be painting
c. Has been painted
d. Be painted
e. Being painted

Text 4 for question number 28-30

An ugly black crow perched on the branch of a tree. She had stolen a tasty piece of
cheese and was about to enjoy her meal. Just then a hungry fox passed by and saw the food
in the crow’s beak. His mouth watered at a sight, so he thought of a clever plan to get the
cheese for himself.
Looking up at the crow, he said, “I have always admired your beauty, with your soft,
shiny feathers and well-curved beak. If your voice is as fine as your looks, you could be the
queen of the birds!” Now the crow wanted to be the queen. So, to prove that she could sing,
she opened her beak and made a loud, “Caw!” The piece of cheese fell from her beak to the
ground before she realized her mistake.
As the fox snatched up the cheese, he laughed, “My dear crow, your voice is fine, but
your judgment is not! You shouldn’t believe everything you hear!”

28. What did the crow have on her beak?

a. A piece of cheese.
b. Some tasty meat.
c. A branch of tree.
d. To snatch the food.
e. A piece of bread

29. What does the text mainly talk about?

a. The rabbit and the Crocodile
b. The Fox and the Crow
c. The stingy and the Greedy Man
d. The friendly Fox and her friends
e. The two greedy Beak

30. “. . . snatched up the cheese,” (last paragraph)

The underlined word means . . .
a. put
b. cut
c. left
d. grabbed
e. take

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