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20 English 30 electronics, 30 computer networks, 20 general knowledge

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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1- i shall not act _____ compulsion (under)
2- we __________ friends since we were children (have been)
3- we shall abide _ rules of country (there was no "by")
4- caterpillars _______their legs to produce chirping sound (their legs)
5- chop:mince
6- assistant:filer (farmer: tractor)
7- rare: scarce (usually:often)
8- umpire : Field (judge: courtroom)
9- validity : fallacy
Antonym of
10- cheerful
11- Morose
12- amplifiers used in analog or digital
13- resistance of parallel circuit is 12 if r1 is 18 what is r2
14- if one pin is removed in a parallel circuit,what happens to current
15- product of irms and vrms is
16-repeaters used in analog or digital or both
17- HTTP is used in which layer of osi
18- device that enables pc to work in network
19- default name of a network device
20- POST in computer
21- maximum length of STP cable
22- MS exchange used in
23- SMTP used where
24- DHCP used for
25- PDU is packet in which layer of osi
26- Network management is done by
27- Which one is used for synchronization TDMA SDMA or FDMA
28- optical fiber is made up of
29- protocol of Ethernet
30- in wireless communication a node is
31- Thinnet is (10base2)
32- 1000 base T is (giga bit Ethernet)
General knowledge
33-Which one is different Red blue green chair
34- migration from one place and then coming back to that place is
35- insert the missing number
12+9=1084: 14+7=984
11+8=884 : 15+6=?
36- kalabagh dam is famous for what deposits (salt, marble or iron)
37: highest peak in hindukash is
38- Flag having maple leaf (Canada)
39- Line of control was called
40- juniper forest is in _____ area of Baluchistan
41- 2nd largest river (amazon)
42- if in a dictionary you have to arrange names how will you arrange them
43- son is to father as nephew is to ______
44- how many Q's are preceded and succeeded by R's (forgot the series)
45- 8th term of series 9 6 3 0 is
46- A baptist is (group in christian religion)

1.maple leaf flag

Longest river 2nd raking
Pak longest border
Juniper forest balochistan
LOC second name
Networking section
To connect internet which card needed
Segmentation function of which layer
Transmit n recieve function of whch layer
IIEEE802 OF cable standard?
Monitor networking protocol
Network design within city it would be LAN MAN or WAN?
Modem full form?
HTTP fall in which layer
UTP length?
Peer to peer netwrk topology?
MS exchange function?
BAsic electronics section
Short capacitor show the value?
Two resistor in parall one is 4 ohm nd 8ohm first one wire break than resistance will be?
Signal without dc voltage? not exact remember
Short ckt ?
FPGA segmentation
Amplifier is used for analog or digital type question