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B2 Unit 4 Test A

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Use of English: Grammar

  • 1 Complete the sentences with a word or phrase using the correct form of the words given.

  • 3 Complete the second sentence so it means the same as the first, using the word given. Do not change the word given. Use between two and five words.

    • 1 If I sleep for a long time, I feel more tired. LONGER

  • 1 (clear) I do.

My sister writes

  • 2 (little) amount

Our area received

more tired I feel.

  • 2 couldn’t eat all the meal because it was very big.


  • 3 (early) I can get to

I’m sorry but


  • 4 Penny is quite shy and speaks English in class

The meal was to eat.

for me


(little) than everybody else.

  • 3 Susie was a beautiful baby, and everyone

  • 5 (extraordinary)

Harry Barnes is

wanted to cuddle her.




Susie was



everyone wanted to cuddle her.

  • 2 Find and correct the mistakes in the sentences. There are two mistakes in each sentence.

  • 4 Sandy’s test results were better than mine. AS My test results ____________________ Sandy’s.

  • 1 First time I met Sam he was eating the cheese sandwich.

  • 5 rushed my homework. SPEND



on my homework.

  • 2 I enjoy documentaries about USA more that documentaries about environment.

  • 3 The exam was such difficult that I could only answer first two questions.

  • 4 In general, the biscuits are more difficult to cook as cakes.

  • 5 His performance wasn’t enough good to win the award for a best actor.

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  • 4 Complete the text with one word in each gap.

The (1)

extraordinary person I’ve

any (2)

than my grandmother really!

legs but, as she says, ‘life’s too short to grumble’, so she never complains. She’s also always joking and telling me about what she’s seen on TV. She answers all the questions on quiz shows. She’s

much (3)

at them than me. She was a

__________ fashion designer when she was younger and she still wears the most unusual clothes. She loves hats and whenever she goes out in her wheelchair she

wears a purple and red one. It is fantastic and suits her very well. She’s given me lots of her old clothes, some dating back 50 years, and they are in perfect condition. I think they must be worth a lot

of money. It was Ellie (4)



me to follow my dream and become an artist. I

shall always be grateful to her for that. She’s such



dear old lady that I’ll miss her a

lot when she’s gone.


Use of English: Vocabulary

  • 5 Replace the adjectives in italics with an appropriate synonym. You are given the first letters.

    • 1 At sports days, sometimes you see ambitious parents who get angry when their children aren’t chosen for a team. p __________

    • 2 I know you have to be assertive when you’re in charge of a group of people but I don’t like telling people what to do. b __________

    • 3 My cousin Madge was very determined and refused to change her decision about what to study at university although her parents wanted her to. s __________

    • 4 The teacher told us quite brusquely that none of us were going to pass the exam. f __________

    • 5 In my opinion, Norrie is a very talented

violinist, and I think she’ll be


famous one day.

g __________

  • /5

  • 6 Complete the sentences with the correct adjectives.

    • 1 Although my dad is pretty broad-minded about political views, my mum is very __________.

    • 2 I don’t like people who are tight-fisted. Most of my real friends are very __________.

    • 3 When I started university, I was quite immature but when I left, I was much more __________.

    • 4 If you do well at something, it’s nicer to be modest about it rather than __________.

    • 5 My best friend, Marie, is quite reserved, and I wish I could help her become more __________.

      • /5

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  • 7 Complete the sentences with words formed from the words given.

    • 1 My friend, Brian, first wanted to be a professional few years he became an


(music) but after a




  • 2 The police are carrying out an __________ (investigate) into the death of the __________ (electric) in our street.

  • 3 (profess) said that there had (improve) in my

The been a great


__________ work, which made me very happy.

  • 4 (invent) of the biro pen was a (science) who lived in Hungary.




  • 5 (violin) in the tour (able) to

Two of the

__________ group don’t have the

__________ progress to the next level.

  • 8 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the text. Do you believe that people can tell what sort of personality you have by the music that you listen to? I am sure that most people instinctively get

a(n) (1)

of someone on the basis of their

any solid (2)

that what you feel may indeed be

survey about people’s musical tastes and how they

are linked to their personalities, and, (3)



of the results are what we would probably have expected, some are quite surprising. We would think that music lovers would generally be creative people, and this has been proved correct. It is also no surprise that jazz and blues fans are relaxed and easy-going. It may be more of a surprise to find

that those of us who like country and western and

pop music are (4)


hard-working. The most

surprising discovery in the survey for me was that

there are a large number of similarities between fans of heavy metal music and fans of classical music. I would have thought the people who enjoyed those types of music would be very

different indeed. However, (5)

to the survey,

___ both sets of fans are creative and relaxed but not outgoing. One difference that the survey indicates is that classical music lovers are self-confident while the heavy metal fans are not. The results of the survey are very interesting and worth checking out. But it seems to me that it doesn’t cater for those of us with eclectic tastes in music. Perhaps it means that if I love both soul and indie, I’m a very confused person? They could be right!

  • 1 A feeling B impression C understanding D reaction

  • 2 A results B findings C evidence D reasons

  • 3 A however B therefore C but D whereas

  • 4 A considered B decided C felt D said

  • 5 A resulting B according C relating D commenting


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9 Read the article from which some sentences have been taken out. Choose the correct sentences A–F to fill the gaps 1–5. There is one sentence you do not need.

An Amazing Brain

The brain is an amazing organ, and the complexities of the way it works will never be fully understood, but scientists have made a lot of progress in explaining how and why different parts

of our brains are used. (1)

These people are

It is believed that savants may have these exceptional abilities because of some form of damage to the brain which allows an unusual form of communication between the different sides of

the brain. (2)

The problem in understanding a

explain how they do these extraordinary things either because their language skills are less advanced or because they themselves do not know how; the abilities simply ‘come’ to them.

However, scientists have found one savant who has excellent linguistic ability and is able to describe his thought processes clearly. This man’s name is Daniel Tammet. Scientists believe that what Daniel can tell them may help unlock some important secrets of the brain.

Daniel is capable of doing extremely

complicated mathematical calculations in his head in a matter of seconds. He is obsessed with

numbers and counting. (3)

While they were

happy and content. (4)

He gets uncomfortable

the tins and calculating anything and everything that he sees there. Likewise, working nine to five in a typical office environment would be difficult.


He can also speak seven languages and is

in the process of writing his own language called Manti!

According to Daniel, he sees numbers as different colours, textures and images, and when he calculates complex numbers, the images change and form new images which give him the answers. If Daniel’s explanations can help scientists discover more about the way the brain works, then perhaps we can all learn to develop our own potential to a greater level.

A He therefore works from home helping clients with literacy and numeracy skills.

B However, Daniel needs to be in control of what is happening around him.


Some scientists believe that we all have the potential to use this ability, but we do not know how.


Apparently, there are very few people who can match this in the world.


He says he has been like this for as long as he can remember and it set him apart from other children at school.


There are, however, a certain number of people whose brains seem to work in a completely different way to most of us.


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Name ............................................ Class ............................................... Listening 10 You are going to hear four people talking about extraordinary
  • 10 You are going to hear four people talking about extraordinary people. Listen and match the speakers 1–4 with the questions A–E. There is one extra question you do not need.

A Which speaker talks about a person we may know from the television? Speaker ___


Which speaker talks about a person who has had a successful career at a young age? Speaker ___


Which speaker talks about a person whose work inspired those who came after him/her? Speaker ___


Which speaker talks about a person who has overcome a big problem? Speaker ___


Which speaker talks about a person who has expertise on one particular topic? Speaker ___


  • /5

11Write a description of a person who has influenced you at some point in your life. It can be a friend, relative or famous person. Explain why they have influenced you.

Write 120–160 words.













  • /10


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