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Rogue Trader Dynasties

Dynasty Leader/Captain PF Description Flagship Notable Base

(60) +Auxiliaries NPCs
[total 95]

Winterscale Calligos 101 Proud, Direct GC-Emperor’s Vow Ex, AT, Scintilla, Port
AM, + Winterscale
Eva Winterscale CA-Wrath of the Ages

Rim Winterscale CL-Eye of Vengeance

Rogol Marloux CL-Spear of Alacrity


Roan Palanthus CL-Incident at Oxbow

Cort Saldanus CL-Axabraxus

Jan Olivour FG-Black Courser

Ephranin Toba FG-Death of Enemies

Martius Horvath Tr-Round Peg

Alexei Magn Tr-Carondolet

Jean Hawkwind

Chorda Aspyce 81 Proud, Paranoid CA-Implacable Flame Ex, Na, Malfi,

AM, + Lucien’s
Chavez the CL-Sleek Mire Breath

Jermyn Lafitte CL-Pirate Bane

Holvas Marcous FG-Ellen Allen

Tallen Alberse FG-Aureus


Cornelius van
Hoorn FG-Square Deal

Jordan Irden
Rd-Foot Up Your Ass
Raol Straud
Rd-Blinding Flare
Abedus Tighson
Rd-Arrow of Seeking

Saul Jonquin 93 Merchant, Pious Tr-Necessary Expenditure Ms, Ex, Sn, Footfall
Tr-Toten Columns
Krein Vizincy-
Tr-Crystal Palace
Helmut Kranzelle

Emmanuel Larne Tr-Merchant Prince

Tr-Dominus Kalimadae

Zygir Gith

Cortin Blaine Tr-Helois Wanderer

Aleana Howsian Tr-Astra Veritas

Marius Lorrt Tr-Samarkand

Tr-Victus Gloriana

Trask Sarvus 52 Rash, Heretical Rd-Cerberus Ex, Na, AT, Footfall


Ma’Kao Lady Sun Lee 55 Honorable, Distant CL-Nihontu Na, AT, Footfall
AM, Regt.
Cornelius Argyl Rd-Sacred Testament

Shaddel Jenk Rd-Interminable Questor

Rd-Light of Koronus
Tomas Leigh (Rd are Wolfpacks)

Armengarde Aoife 50 Indirect, Deceitful CA-Bansidhe Ex, AM, Sn Damaris


Umboldt Wrath 51 Wise, Cautious CA-Righteous Crusader Sn, Ms, AT Port Wander

Fel Gorlos 45 Grand Patriarch Galleon-Steady Hand Na, Sn Footfall

Hadarak Veteran, Exploiter FG-Fel Hand Lady Ash,

Ex, VM
Traitor, Privateer
Maranor CA -Crooked Hand UP, Na,
Secretive, VM

Ursa FG-Broken Promise

Armelan Charlabelle 28 Hard, Cautious Tr-Grace of Sopha AM, Na, Damaris (later)
Arcadius Abel Gerrit (42) Honorable, Duelist Rd-Maxim’s Gambit Sn, VM Footfall

Lucien Gerrit Rd-Wotan

Ghilym Gerrit Rd-Emily’s Dowry

Blitz Jeremiah 38 Scoundrel, CA-Ordained Destiny SP, AM, Damaris

Gambler Na, VM
Abel Bremen Tr-Savage Trade

Zyan Rabidan Tr-End Run

Reynaldo Tr-Ardent Lover


Bastille Lord Admiral VII 50 Renegade, Lord CA-Colossus Ex, Mi, AM Footfall
Jacop Van Dyke
Darian Jones

Scourge Djanko 42 Egoist, Brutal CL-Hammer of Truth Na, Mi, Footfall


Feckward Krawkin 48 Unapologetic Rd-Chains of Dusk, CL- Ex, Na, CS Footfall

Criminal Freedom’s Price

Whitehold Morthus 47 Secretive, GC-Emperor’s March AT, AM, Never leaves

Paranoid Na Port Wander

Orleans Elizabeth 42 Independent, FG-Starweaver Na, VM, SP Damaris


Valcetti Tanak 57 Diplomatic, FG-Idle Curiosity Na, AT, Ex Port Wander


Rendak Dutiful, Honorable FG-Seeking Fortune

Rash, Rebellious

Ambrose FG-Interrupted Coitus

Bolger Helgred 42 Corsair, Fake FG-Toothkicker Ex, Sn, VM Breaking

Warrant Yards

Machenko Adelbrechta 90 Valkyrie, Flirt FG-High Risk Venture Na, AT, Footfall
Tomas Scott Sneaky, Disloyal Rd-Valerie’s Bosom

Allesaunder Vier Conniving, Rd-Flogged Dog

Menken Cautious
De Varenne Anna 32 Pristine, Smuggler FG-Indefatigable Na, Ex, Damaris

Amardi Naj 58 Genocidal Fanatic CA-Annihilator Na, AM, Footfall

FG-House Odds VM
Rd-Demon Toddler

Beleroph Aaroj 62 Bonetrader, Rd-Unforeseen Sn, UP Footfall

Hidden Circumstance

Lo Pan Marius 42 Militant, allied FG-Tested Resolve Na, VM, Port Wander
with Sult AM

Amadeus FG-Wings of Destiny

Esmeralda Rd-Rightful Spoils


Grellin Know
Tr-The Golden Star

Sult Hiram 44 Feud with Marner FG-Blood Price VM, AM, Port Wander

Erwin FG-Teapot Rotunda

Amir Chin FG-Light of Macharius

Meical Rede Tr-The Ready Brace

Helfire Arda 48 Zealous, Militant Tr-Brimstone Ms, AT, Port Wander

Timmir Tr-Labors Won

Gal Maximoff Tr-Al Amartha

Abram Valmaux Tr-Entibbe

Lockhart Saffiya 46 Hates the Eldar Tr-Necklace of Pearls AT, AM, Port Wander
Sven Larpenteur Tr-Atun Tundra

Varnael Larnik Tr-Jimmy Hat

Rafielli Kanto Rd-Wrath of Koronus

Marner Cara 44 Feud with Sult FG-Chain Hammer Na, AM, Footfall
Serren Travius Rd-Detritus of War

Jan van Yastobaal Tr-Next Bargain

Godric Jol
Tr-Basement Sale

Cassilus Odowunfe 36 Tr-Finger of Sybil Footfall

Urussalin Dunbar 34 DD-Battle of Wits Port Wander

Aquairre Iphicrates 55 DD-Plains of Ilium Port Wander

Calzus Relza 31 Tr-Kerak Algeciras Footfall

Black Venris 30 FG-Black Acantha Na, AM, Port Wander


Xarn Ignateous 48 allied with Ordo Rd-Sentimental Foray VM, AM, Port Wander
Hereticus AT

Arkaidos Leonardo 36 Rd-Terran Masterpiece VM, AM, Footfall


Redwynn Augustine 47 serves the Rd-Lazarus Ex, Na, VM Footfall


Aciris Castigar 35 heretic, secretive Rd-Long Serpent Ex, Na, UP Footfall

Fin Thran 39 smuggler, traitor Tr-Deep Space Smelter Na, UP, Footfall

Vex Soldon 31 traitor, heretic Tr-Obsidian Armada Na, VM, Footfall


Memnon Rhodius 22 Heroic, Astute CA-Caveat Emptor Na, Ex, AT, Footfall
Raymundo Tr-Prospero

Ace Higgins Tr-Bountiful

du Kane Zacharius 33 Pious, Dutiful Tr-Holy Word

Cattalus Harak the VII 35 Tr-Annie’s Song

Blackheel Havelock 41 Smuggler, Rd-Void Ranger


Kelvin Hamza 43 Acquisitionists Rd-Silver Sliver

Kadth Naaxine, 41 Astute, bargainer, FG-Luxor Koronus

Barterlady Primus ruthless
of the Hecaton

Haarlock Solomon 32 Cursed Rd-Legacy Unbound

Drakeholm Mordread 28 feud with House Rd-Red Talon (Havoc)

Trell Sephia 30 augmenticist Rd-Promise Fulfilled

Borealis Festio 35 Rd-Falcon’s Grasp

Quall Domingus 29 Drusian militant, FG-Sanctus Vesica


Vax Honorus 28 servitor crew Tr-Ashes of Love

Yefremova Lidiah 27 FG-Price of Fame

Yefremova Katya (27) Rd-Easy Thrones Sn

Myriad High Captain 36 FG-Ergonomic Economics

Feldran Carn

Alembic Orloss the Unkind 35 Tr-Pauper’s Legacy

Rosse Wilhelm 34 Rd-Serendipity

Pengalia Ezekiel 33 Rd-Honest John

Shen Anja 32 Rd-The Hostile

Transaction - Havoc class

Vyr Samus 31 FG-Tears of Terra

Keller Alton 26 vassal of Aoife Rd-Lux Extremis


Portellan Adlaius 33 CG-Fiat Justicia -

Conquest Galleon

Na = Navigator, AT = Astropath Transcendant, AM = Arch-Militant, Ex = Explorator, Mi = Missionary, VM = Void Master, Sn = Seneschal,

UPs = Unsanctioned Psyker, SP = Sanctioned Psyker, CS = Chaos Sorcerer

Winterscale Supremacy - the status quo

House Krin Dominance - Chorda, Machenko, and Krin making a play for dominance
Trade Admiral’s Cartel - Koronus Expanse rendition of a Free Trade League
Quintet Sovereignty - new kids on the block; struggling against the monopoly held by the established dynasties
Old School Consortium - allied with Amaranthine Syndicate, contenders with Quintet Sovereignty, unaware of the Principles
Trask Hegemony - forms after the Lure of the Expanse events
Portellan-Memnon Alliance- expected to form over the course of the campaign

Dynasties in the Jericho Reach (will only be encountered in Port Wander and the Koronus Passage)
1. Kalos Norne
Navis Nobilite Houses - Navis Houses don’t like pitting their navigators against each other in battle and severely frown upon dynasties that put
them in such situations. Ships usually fly the flags of their Navis House as well as those of the Rogue Trader Dynasty and ships carrying the
Navigators of the same House often refuse to fire upon each other, even in the midst of a trade war. Rogue Traders make note of which
Dynasties their Navigators are working for and forgo their enmities against such ships (though who knows where those macrocannon shells came
from in a massive battle?).

House (21) Status Allies Chancellary

Yeshar Magistrate Winterscale, Arkaidos, Lo Pan Sinophia

(Shrouded) Port Wander

Rey’a’Nor Magistrate Saul, Xarn, Cassilus Sinophia

(Shrouded) Scintilla

Xan’Tai Magistrate BF Calixis Scintilla


Aleene Magistrate Fel, Armengarde, Sult Footfall


Vor’cle Magistrate Arcadius, Marner, Lockhart Malfi

Benetek Magistrate Orleans, Aremelan Lathes

Visscher Magistrate Ma’Kao, Helfire, Beleroph Port Wander

Ortellius Magistrate Chorda, Calzus, Urussalin Scintilla

Belesarius Magistrate Space Wolves, Amardi Malfi

Granicus Magistrate Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Aquairre Scintilla

Cassini Nomad Portellan, Memnon

Brabazon Nomad Trask, Devarenne (Port Wander)

Term’L Nomad Machenko, Black (Port Wander)

Modar Shrouded Umboldt, Scourge Sinophia

(Port Wander)

Mercator Shrouded Blitz, Redwynn (Footfall)

Malaspina Shrouded Cordelax Confederacy, Bastille, Aciris (Footfall)

Cedd Shrouded

Nostromo Renegade Saynay Clan (Iniquity)


Typhon Renegade Mist Fleet, Feckward, Vex

Dakkar Renegade Bolger, Fin

Navis Houses often, if not always, have their own vessels. In fact, the largest privately-owned fleet in the Imperium is a Navis House Fleet. It
has 40-some-odd vessels. Navis Houses in the Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse can be considered engaged in cartography or House business.
Either way, they’d have small but fast ship with warp-navigation enhancements (Warpsbane hulls, Bellecane Geller Fields, Warp Antenna, Warp
Sextants, etc.). Popular ship hulls include Orion Clippers, Vipers, and various Raiders.

Splendour Unknowing, highliner of House Aleene

de Balafrer
House Machariel
Other Imperial Organizations/Institutions

Merchants of Port Wander (to be added to as the party needs)

S/194-R-IX Ship Repair Yard (civilian flyers)
B/017-C-III Shipyard (military flyers)
Hab 21 - (medicine, drugs, cybernetics)
Ventan Iron Hounds - contract mercenaries (short-term, experienced)
Lindesfarne Conscripts - mercenaries (long-term, trained), munitions
Clovis Munitions of Gunmetal City (cheap plentiful Imperial Guard weaponry)
Abraxis Arms Depot (walkers, military ground vehicles)
Merovich Combine (standard and quality las-weapons of all sizes)
Gram’s Cracker Emporium (MREs)
Navis Hospice (cybernetics)
House Praxis Warehousing (miscellaneous gear, quality armor)
Skaelen-Har Hegemony - agent Horris MacIntyre
Viscount Travix Malgor (hive-spire complex, agent-carrier of xenos-artifacts to Calixis Sector)

Merchants of Footfall (to be added to but generally subordinate to the main players)
Tutors of the Red Schola - slavers
Black Brotherhood - gangers
Kaballica Mission - xenotech, drugs, psyker gear
Downunder Combat Suppliers (boarding weapons suppliers, quality power weapons)

Disciples of Thule – Explorator Fleet KX-557 (7 cruisers and numerous escorts) Magos-Commodore Gnothis Trannarch
Several orbital sensoriums, 4 already deployed
Eternity Bell, Lathe-class Monitor Cruiser, Magos Admiral Gnothis Trannarch
Cogitus Rex, Synford-class Light Cruiser
Light of Rhea, Deimos-class Monitor Cruiser
Corpus Ferrum, Secutor-class Light Cruiser

Adeptus Arbites
Lord Marshal Goreman - Port Wander
Intervention - Castigator-class Patrol Cruiser; Judge Ciro Envedine
Precedent - Sanction-class Frigate; Arbitrator Primus Naxander Durantis

House Krin - single largest financiers in the Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse; allied with Aspyce Chorda and the Dominance

Adeptus Astartes
1. Storm Wardens – Nova-class Frigate (Typhoon of Destruction) and squad; recon & patrol for the Jericho Crusade warp gate
2. Dark Angels – Hunter-class Destroyer (Hound of Vengeance) and squad; looking for The Fallen; high-ranking and obnoxious. They
have a Hunter-class Destroyer and are led by a Ravenwing Sergeant. There are also 8 Battle Brothers and 4 Initiate-Scouts.
3. Deathwatch - Dark Hunter-class destroyer

1. Ordo Xenos
a. Linetta Res
b. Lady Odessa Morelle
c. Staven Arcturos
d. Marr
e. Enoch
f. Autemnides Fyder
g. Ordos Xenos/Deathwatch - Dark Hunter-class Destroyer (Shadow of Night - Captain Ulysses of the Shadow Knights, a.k.a.
The Mysterious Stranger) - since this is a deus ex machina that only the players can activate (via Dramatic Moments) it
behooves me to provide for the “rescue” to happen in space or on the ground, and how more dramatic can you get than a
Deathwatch rescue team drop-podding in, or a totally stealthed-out ship suddenly appearing?
2. Ordo Hereticus
a. Calan Rykehuss
b. Tellemain
c. Schuld
d. Saffena Sengir
e. Frankl
f. Czevak
3. Ordo Malleus
a. Bahamet Xerxes
b. Isamira Tiraske
c. Hastur Whitlock
d. Silas Hand
e. Damarn

Secret Orders
Witnesses of Dusk - heretical sect of Astropaths, legacy of the Haarlock Dynasty, currently harbored by certain Dynasties, particularly the

Elutrian Devotee (ACR, Navis Primer, pp. 76-77) - secretive trans-House Navigator order that is anti-psyker

Brotherhood of Psylakis (ACR, Navis Primer, pp. 78-79) - trains bodyguards for Astropaths and Navigators, based out of Footfall

Hexicars (Elite Advance Package, Navis Primer, p. 83) - Astropaths rescued from the Witch-Cursed World by Calligos Winterscale and
Inquisitor Herrod

Cold Trade Brokers

1. Quintet
a. Kasballica Mission (main centers on Footfall and in the Drusus Marches)
b. Hecaton Cartel (extreme rimward of the Expanse)
c. Serrated Query (known for the extreme loyalty and ruthlessness of its agents; rumored to be a cult)
d. Archeo-Exhumators (operated by Sibellus and other Hive worlds, probably the largest and wealthiest of The Five, but
disorganized, often operating against itself)
e. Mist Fleet
2. Ordinati Xenologis - Mechanicus cult
3. Acolytes of Abraxus - Mechanicus heretics looking for xeno-psyker devices
4. Armaranthine Syndicate - smugglers/xenos (Slaugth) infiltrators
5. Lady Bellefonte, Marquessate of Albia Novis (information broker) - Port Wander
6. Consorvana Ring - dealing with the Dark Eldar in the Nexus of Shadows - xenotech and archeotech
7. League of Black Crystal - Inquisition plants in the Cold Trade
8. Stryxis - Rust Palace near the trailing edge of the God-Emperor’s Scourge

Corsair Fleet of Jalthus Mettiere – Grand Cruiser Lux Invictum and numerous human and xenos vessels

Cortelax Confederacy
Four Contessas, (Meritech Heretek Remnants)
At least 2-score ships, at least 10 capital ships

1. Craftworld Kraelor (crimson and orange livery), focus on Warp Spiders
a. Ela’ Ashbel (main Farseer)
b. Bhaine Dhun (Farseer, The Frozen Reaches and Fallen Suns)
c. Serrenon (Farseer, Lure of the Expanse)
d. The craftworld fleet numbers from 50-100 warships
2. Twilight Swords - renegades from Craftworld Kraelor
a. Farseer Caeluthin Baharrudor the Stormchaser (Edge of the Abyss, p. 61)
b. Jahanna Bhalroth (Ranger, The Frozen Reaches)
c. probably number 20-30 vessels, mostly raiders
3. Crow Spirits – descendants of the craftworld Lu’ Nasad (white and grey livery), Haven-class Spire space station in the Serpent’s
a. Autarch Ilistaneth Anturien, warmaster (Sword of Ellisar, flagship, BFK, p. 94)
b. Badb Ra (Edge of the Abyss, p. 143)
c. Farseer Caille
d. Istaurmen Garadhun
e. probably number 30-50 vessels
4. Sydra Voidwalker, Dark Lament - cruiser, independent (Heathen Worlds)

Dark Eldar
1. Kabal of the Splintered Talon (40 vessels)
2. Kabal of the Shadowed Thorns, Children of Thorns, raiders and mercenaries, Thorn-Broker (dealer) on Footfall
a. currently at war with the Stryxis Pact Houri
b. Pact Master Mobri Gethri has offered a tremendous award to any Rogue Trader alliance that aids his Pact
c. maybe 20 vessels, mostly raiders
3. Kabal of the Crimson Woe - operates more in the Calixis Sector than Koronus Expanse (20 vessels)
4. Kabal of the Bloody Libation (10 vessels)
5. Cult of the Withered Blade (Wytch Cult)
6. Sutured Helix (Haemonculi Coven)
7. Cult of the False Dawn (Chaos cult of Slaanesh - led by a human noble from the Calixis Sector)
8. Sons of Commorragh - not so much a faction as the representatives of a hundred Dark Eldar factions outside the Nexus of Shadows
9. Consorvana Ring - Cold Trade network run by Sirissa Consorvana, an ex-Imperial Navy Master of Ordnance and veteran pirate; she
deals in xenos artifacts
10. Several other small groups of independent raiders

Kroot – at least 6 Warspheres and their Kindred Clans, plus 2 derelict warspheres

Stryxis – The Rust Palace, a trading post established near the trailing edge of the God-Emperor’s Scourge

Hosts of Iniquity (30 capital, 15 escorts, 45 raiders, 120 soulcages)

Common ship classes: Infidel, Iconoclast, Idolator, Wolfpack Raider, Soulcage

Wolfpack of Karrad Vall

Optimus Nemesis, Hades-class Heavy Cruiser, Karrad Vall, the Faceless Lord
Mortis Ex Astra, Carnage-class Cruiser
Excrucian, Devastation-class Cruiser
Debaser, Cruiser (unknown class), Captain Slade Mortia
The Promise of Sedition, Murder-class Cruiser, Captain Sendak Voltrasse (Chaos Sorceror)
Gift of Despair, unidentified capital ship

The Children of the Pattern

Mechanus Ex, Lathe-class Monitor Cruiser, Master Balthus - controls much of Iniquity’s manufactoria

Crimson Skulls
Captain Nadine Pox
slavers that operate mostly in Winterscale’s Realm and The Cauldron

The Covenant Outriders

Captain Havelock Sorrel

***Stygian Reavers (yes, those guys near the beginning of Into the Maw)
The base established here centers around a long-abandoned promethium refinery in orbit around a gas giant. There is an orbital dock with basic
repair facilities. The nearby asteroid belt has seen mining in the past, and the pirates employ slaves for that task, although they are operating
nowhere near capacity. Some mined out asteroids have hydrocarbon farms in the cave systems. The whole set-up would be self-sufficient but for
the life expectancy of the slaves.
Eternal Lament, Slaughter-class Light Cruiser, Captain Radnik Khan (calculating & decisive) & his Witch (UP)
3 Iconoclast destroyers as escort
Fears in Your Dreams, Infidel-class Raider, Captain-Sorceror Faxxon Khan (cowardly & disloyal); this ship never leaves orbit
2 Wolfpack raiders as escort
Your Mother’s Lover, Infidel-class Raider, Captain-Champion Orad Khan (brutal & sadistic)
2 Wolfpack raiders as escort
Soulcage slaver vessels (30+) use this base of operations; they raid hundreds of worlds in the Expanse; they only infrequently stop here as the
voyage through the warp storms to transverse the last few parsecs takes weeks
The system as originally generated also contained a Hades-class heavy cruiser and Devastation-class cruiser, which happen to be Karrad Vall’s 2
main capital ships. Perhaps after the Battle of Footfall the surviving officers are influenced into joining Radnik, or perhaps Faxxon displaces
Radnik and becomes the newest Chaos power in the Expanse. Much depends on the actions of our heroes, so let’s leave this up in the air for

Talon Squadron
Subjugator Lux, Hellbringer-class Planetary Assault Light Cruiser

Noise in the Void

Pestilential Pustulence, Pestilaan-class Light Cruiser

Saynay Clan
Monarch of Whispers, Retaliator-class Grand Cruiser, Captain-Navigator Ember Nostromo

Minor or Undefined Xenos

Byavoor - client race of the Yu’Vath, docile
Port Wander

Many (?) macrocannon batteries

Dorsal and Keel long-range lance batteries
12 Orbital Defense stations
5 monitors
Vanguard Wing (Fury and Starhawk squadrons)

Bounty Ring - mined out asteroids cum low-g farms; protected by 2 orbital defense stations and 1 monitor
Imperial Navy

Port Wander
Copernicus Depot
Fleet Base Metis

Name Type Class Commander Notes

Gryphon BC Mars Admiral Abril Horne Port Wander

+2 Sword FG, +1 Cobra DD

Stormwind BC Overlord Captain Deirdre Port Wander

Datzmann +2 Sword FG, + 1 Cobra DD

Sirius CA Lunar Commodore Esteban Fleet Base Metis

Dante +2 Sword FG, +1 Cobra DD

Gethsemane CA Gothic Captain Kangaxx Fleet Base Metis

Ayubidi +2 Sword FG, +1 Cobra DD

Hand of Redemption CA Lunar Captain Orion Keel Copernicus Depot

+1 Sword FG, +1 Cobra DD

Drake CA Tyrant Captain Cornelius Bao Copernicus Depot

+1 Sword FG, +1 Cobra DD

Warspite CA Dictator Captain Saddiq Smith Convoy patrol

+2 Cobra DD

Swiftsure CL Dauntless Captain Sasha Rivers patrolling Winterscale’s Realm

Aegis CL Dauntless Captain Sylvia Locke patrolling Cauldron

Indefatigable CL Dauntless Captain Reginald Foote Convoy patrol

Renown CL Dauntless Captain Arnholdt Convoy patrol


Vengeful Martyr CL Dauntless Commodore Teodor Convoy patrol - Drusus Marches to Port
Naremmus, Captain Wander
Bernardo LaFeet Escorts(Firestorm Frigates) Nameless Saint,
Just Persecution, Reaver’s Dismay

Warptide CL Dauntless Captain Enrique Las Convoy patrol


Hawk CL Defiance Commander Victoria Patrolling the Maw and Deep patrols into the
Horne Expanse

Lord Marius Hax FG Sword Commander Larren ‘Undred ‘Undred Teef, Stompgit System, Oort
Volos Cloud

Scintilla Majoris FG Sword Commander Helgrom Foundling Worlds


Nameless Saint FG Firestorm Commander Aiysha patrolling Heathen Stars


Just Persecution FG Firestorm Commander Ishtar patrolling Ragged Worlds


Reaver’s Dismay FG Firestorm Commander Ingrid patrolling Cinerus Maleficum


Swift Judgment FG Falchion Commander Halik Kail Alenic Depths

Antagonists & Activation

Orks – The Waaagh! against Damaris threatens the Dynasty’s base of operations. Defeating the Waaagh! will result in Lady Orleans completing
the Warpstorm Trilogy events, with the Dynasty hopefully participating in the Battle of Footfall in a mass ship combat against the Faceless Lord.
This provides our heroes with an opportunity to become Saviors of the Expanse.

Rak’Gol – Raids from the Accursed Demesne to Dynasty colony worlds are an ongoing concern and a reason for building defenses, learning the
combat system, personal combat, starship combat, and boarding actions. These foes are present in both the Dark Tower and Dark Fortress
systems, and they will continue to attack these systems sporadically if the Dynasty establishes a presence in either or both. This situation cannot
be resolved unless the Dynasty’s navigator’s can track the Rak’Gol back to their base. Even so, it would take an intensive invasion to destroy
that base to the extent that Rak’Gol forays would cease for the remainder of the campaign. The best option for the Dynasty is probably to
establish a forward base, fortify it, and make sure it is well-defended in their absence.

Yu’Vath – Not really present, but their ruins draw the Rak’Gol and the sale of their artifacts draw the Slaugth; this presents the party with an
easy gains v. xenos corruption moral dilemma; it also draws them into plots with the Cold Trade in general and the Amaranthine Syndicate in
particular. It can also bring in the Inquisition, though this would be a last case scenario, either to help or to thwart the party.

Slaugth – They are taking control of the Cold Trade coming out of the Expanse one organization at a time; they highlight the precarious Imperial
situation in the Koronus Expanse brought about by infiltration, and the ease of that infiltration caused by the internal corruption of those at the
top; this can be resolved through destruction of the Slaugth in charge, corruption of the party, or any other combination between these two
extremes. The Slaugth operate through the Amaranthine Syndicate, a conglomeration of smaller merchant cartels, minor noble houses, and
chartist captains. Whenever the subject of leadership comes up, underlings refer to “The Principals” as the origin of the Syndicate’s direction.
An underground war will break out between the Syndicate and the Quintet. Between the two, the Quintet are the undisputed masters of the space
lanes. The Syndicate attempts to control operations from the ground. When the Quintet attempts to close down the Syndicate’s carriers, the
Syndicate counters with the assassination of key figures in the Quintet. If the party gets involved in the Cold Trade, draw them into this Shadow

Chaos – Ongoing raids from nearby systems indicate that Iniquity is expanding its base of operations. Captain Radnik Khan is an independent.
The previous captain of the Eternal Lament suffered a long slow decline into Chaos mutations and was eventually murdered by Radnik and his
cronies. Radnik’s base of operations is an attempt to establish himself as an independent power in the Expanse. He may hate the Imperium, but
has no love for Chaos. His ambitions are personal. He has no desire to suffer the fate of the previous captain. A Chaos Sorcerer, Fraxxon, allied
with The Faceless Lord keeps tabs on Radnik. Vall has other fish to fry and will not move against Radnik, who is popular and influential with the
unaligned of Iniquity. Meanwhile, the Sorcerer is being manipulated by a powerful Daemon that wants an ancient artifact unearthed without
drawing undue attention to itself from other Daemonic powers. While all these elements are present in the Next System, and will react against
any incursion there, they will not become an active antagonist until after Vall is temporarily disposed of at the Battle of Footfall (it will take some
time for the Unholy Powers that are his sponsors to affect the release of his soul). After that event, Fraxxon will locate the artifact in question
and drive off Captain Radnik Khan. This will begin a series of events, starting with increased traffic to the Dynasty’s colonies (and increased
trade, PF, etc.), bringing in more colonists (including heretics), and culminating in an invasion of the Dynasty’s colonies concurrently with a
Chaos uprising. Radnik is Captain of the Expanse’s only Slaughter-class light cruiser. Of course, possibilities abound for the party to intervene
in this process and prevent much of it from happening.

Eldar – The Eldar can show up as both antagonists and protagonists in this campaign.
1. Corsairs of the Spirit Crows might aid the party against the Rak’Gol, especially if the Exodite World is threatened, but stand against
the party if they want to exploit that Exodite World. They know the Exodites are descendants of Craftworld Lu Nasad.
2. The Exodites themselves have no love for the Eldar Corsairs. They get along with their human neighbors and could become allies or
enemies depending on the Dynasty’s actions.
3. Craftworld Kraelor sends aid to the Dynasty during the war on Damaris. They do not like the Dynasty, but knowing their roles in
the future will always try to find a way to work with them (manipulate them into doing the dirty work). The Craftworld only sends
Warlocks of the Seer’s Council to deal with the Dynasty, simply because pride will not permit a Farseer to deign to speak with them.
They believe the Dynasty, along with other Dynasties, will prove instrumental in defeating Lu Nasad. Those other dynasties will be
those allied to, or rivals of, the party.
4. Harlequins are dogging the fortunes of the Dynasty. They are the wild card of any dealings the Dynasty has in dealing with other
Eldar factions. If the Dynasty falls to corruption, the Harlequins will advise other Eldar to not deal with the Dynasty, or even act
against them. If the Dynasty holds to the path of purity and deals fairly with the Exodites, the Harlequins will advise the other Eldar
factions to treat the Dynasty as allies.
Count of “Human” Ships in the Koronus Expanse - These are rough numbers and only provided to give GMs an idea of shipping traffic and what
constitutes “influence” and “power.”
1. Imperial Fleet
a. 14 capital ships
b. 24 escorts
2. Rogue Traders
a. 20 capital ships
b. 63 escorts
c. 37 transports
3. Free Traders (chartist captains, minor nobles, navis house ships, etc.)
a. 9 capital ships
b. 21 escorts
c. 160 transports
4. Mist Fleet
a. 3 capital ships
b. 31 escorts (mostly raiders)
c. 42 transports
5. Mechanicus
a. 12 capital ships
b. 16 escorts
c. 10 transports
6. Chaos
a. 30 capital ships
b. 60 escorts (mostly raiders)
c. 120 transports (mostly soulcages)
7. Independents (most fly dual flags and trade with the Imperium, Chaos, and xenos alike; many are allies of the Mist Fleet)
a. 280 transports
8. Cortelax Confederacy (permits the is Fleet access to their facilities)
a. 10 capital ships
b. 20 escorts
c. 50 transports
9. Malthiere’s Corsair Fleet (has allies in the Mist Fleet)
a. 5 capital ships
b. 10 escorts
c. 30 transports
Catalogue of Ships (Space in parentheses, including built-in components)
Transports 725
1. Vagabond (44) 300
2. Loki (49) 150
3. Jericho (49) 100
4. Carrack (42) 100
5. Orion (44) 50
6. Goliath (48 + refinery) 10
7. Conquest (64) 5
8. Universe (110 + secondary generatorium) 10

Raiders 165
1. Hazeroth (35) 25
2. Havoc (40) 20
3. Cobra (35) 15
4. Wolfpack (35) 30
5. Shrike (35) 15
6. Iconoclast (32) 30
7. Viper (29) 5
8. Infidel 15
9. Idolator 5
10. Apostate 5

Frigate 80
1. Sword (40) 20
2. Tempest (42) 10
3. Firestorm (40) 10
4. Turbulent (42) 20
5. Claymore (38) 10
6. Falchion (39) 10

Light Cruiser 60
1. Dauntless (60)
2. Secutor (58)
3. Lathe (60)
4. Endeavor (63)
5. Defiant (63)

Cruiser 45
1. Lunar (75)
2. Tyrant (77)
3. Dictator (77)
4. Ambition (75)

Battlecruiser 2
1. Armageddon (73)
2. Chalice (75)
3. Mars (77)
4. Overlord (78)

Grand Cruiser 4
1. Exorcist (92)
2. Repulsive (90)
3. Avenger (90)
I don’t expect to actually use much of this material, but knowing how many ships exist is especially important to understanding traffic flows.
Often, when the party pulls into port, they want to know how many ships are already there, their names, ship type, class and size, their affiliations
and allied Navigator House(es). The following is a list of the number of stellar types I use for the Koronus Expanse:
B = 40
A = 200
F = 1,000
G = 2,400
K = 4,000
M = 24,000 (300 giants or larger)
Brown/Black Dwarfs = 32,000
White Dwarfs = 64,000
Neutron Stars = 1
Black Holes = 1
Dark Star = 1
I also place 1 Neutron Star, 1 Binary in the process of going Nova during the campaign (160 potential novas in the next several billion years), 1
x-ray burster, and several Cepheid variables in a campaign, even if they won’t get used. Obviously these are not mapped out, but I have general
ideas of what exists out there when those off-the-wall questions come my way (and they will come my way).

I figure there are about 60k-70k star systems. The majority of those are single white dwarfs, followed by single red dwarfs, while half of those
remaining are binaries with at least 1 bright star. I also figure that Imperial technology can’t detect most white dwarfs, or at least Humanity’s
ability to collate and interpret the data that their sensors collect isn’t sufficient to extrapolate or interpolate these variables.

This helps to provide ideas for how many ships should be in a port. I figure that there are between 100-200 actual human colonies in the
Expanse. There are more left over from the Dark Ages that are waiting to be discovered, and even more that used to exist but are now the ruins
of ancient civilizations, but certainly fewer than 1% of the stars in this region ever saw human habitation. The brown/black/white dwarfs are
generally stellar remnants but they might still contain interesting ruins, or observation stations that now pass as technological marvels. White
dwarfs in binary systems also present the majority of nova-possible systems. There are about 800 “working” human ships, so each colony might
expect to “host” 1d10 per “ship journey.” These are deliberately vague terms. “Working” includes merchants and pirates, so “hosting” might
mean anchorage, or becoming a victim of said ship. Ships probably visit a few colonies per year but since time in the Warp runs differently it
might average out to once per year in “void time.” Of course, some colonies see more traffic than others.

It also explains why Goliaths are such a rare ship type. I have taken liberties to define what the authors mean by a “blue star.” I figured that only
a single Type O exists in the Expanse. How many there are would certainly be known, given their rarity and luminosity. Then again, given the
classifications of stars in Stars of Inequity, perhaps the same stellar classifications aren’t used in 40K. I interpreted “blue star” as meaning any
Type O, or any Type B Sub-Giant or larger, or any Type A Giant or larger; in other words those approaching 12+ stellar masses. It helps to know
a smidgeon of astronomy in this situation, since even a Type A Giant would probably have a biozone that extends out past twice the distance of
our Sun to Pluto. This gives a very different picture of the Damaris Waaagh!