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Shayna Johnson

Interactive Learning Activities

Website’s Name Website’s URL Description of the Interactive

Learning Activity
IXL This website has different questions
for all grades. The 8th grade section
in particular had multiple choice
questions with instant feedback.
PBS Kids Cyberchase This website uses colorful and fun
games in order for students to gain
math skill in a fun and exciting way.
NCTM Illuminations On this website, students are given
real world situations that they can
go out and test. For example,
bouncing a tennis ball.
National Library of Virtual This site is all about the virtual
Manipulatives (NLVM) manipulatives. It allows students to
move and change different things in
order to fully understand different
AdaptedMind This website has students create
their own character to get past
different levels. The farther the
students get, the more challenging
the questions become.
Math-Play This website allows for games that
Games.html can be played in the classroom.
Classroom Jeopardy is something
that I will definitely use with my
future classes.
Buzz Math This website allows teachers to stay
updated on their student’s progress.
Students are given direct feedback
from this site. There is a small
downfall, because this site does cost
to use.
QUIA Here is another site that can be used
to play classroom Jeopardy.
Students could also be split into
groups to play as teams.
Howe-Two This website is great for learning
different geometric methods. The
interactive lessons are a great way
for students to better understand the
Kids’ Zone This website is a great tool for
teaching students how to create a
graph and the functions of different