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AMPC Annual Report 2014

14 March 2015

Message of the AMPC Chairman


In March 2014 General Assembly, we finally approved the 7-year Cooperative Development
Plan, the AMPC 2020 which is a set of action plans and programs to strengthen AMPC’s
strategic goals of capability building, membership development, business expansion, social
involvement and networking. This is first in AMPC history. Through the Tertulya which is
also first in AMPC history, and a series of follow-up planning meetings of the Board, we have
updated the AMPC 2020 which I will present to this GA.

A year from now, AMPC will be celebrating its 40th anniversary as a full-fledged cooperative.
How close is it in fulfilling its mandate as a socio-economic vehicle for improving the quality
of life of its members? I hope you still remember our success indicators: a) that each and
all of AMPC businesses must be viable, b) that our systems and procedures are efficient, c)
that as a business enterprise, AMPC must enjoy competitive advantage, d) that our
members both regular and associate are satisfied, e) that our employees are fulfilled
working with us.

I have personally invited our University President Fr. Jett Villarin, SJ to this GA to let him
know that we are with him in his strategic goal of transforming the University community to
actively contribute to nation building and defeat poverty. Our own share of attaining social
justice is to continue caring for and sharing with one another by ensuring that AMPC
remains a progressive and viable social enterprise.

As we prepare for AMPC@40, I wish everyone to step-up. When each MIGS recruits one or
two new members, when non-MIGS upgrade themselves to MIGS within the year, when
AMPC’s helpful presence is felt all over the University campuses, when AMPC’s new
products and services respond to the real needs of the members and the community, I
believe we truly have to celebrate. 40% discount for 40 days?
AMPC 2020
The 7-Year Coop Development Plan (Updated)
(Approved: AMPC GA 22 March 2014)

Year Capability Membership Products Social Networking Linkages

Building Development &Services Involvement
Immediate Manualize &/or • New Certificate • Petty Cash Loan
Codify Policies: of Shares • MIF to Deposit:
Year 1 • Code of Ethics • Fixed (ext of SC)
• Feedback • Time (90-day
2014 • CSR term)
• CBU • Savings
• Election (deposit-
• Mediation & wthdraw)
Conciliation • Rice Store
• Credit
• Scholarships
• Membership
• Revenues
• Capitalization
Continuing Coop
Education for All
Short-Term • AMPC Plantilla • AMPC@40 • Multiple Loans • Affiliation • Formation of
review • AMPC Sickness • Botica sa AMPC with the ANCCU
Year 2-3 • Regular Tertulia Aid Plan • Savings Deposit Ateneo • (Ateneo Network
• AMPC@40 • Group Life Term • Solar-Powered DREAM of Cooperatives
2015-16 • Loyalty Program Insurance Aircon Canteen Team and Credit Unions)
• Membership in
tertiary coop
Medium- • AMPC Prestige • Subsidiary coop • AMPC Housing • AMPC Food
Term Card for Associate Loan Scholarship
• (cashless payment Members • Catering off Program
Year 4-5 system) • Laboratory Coops campus
• Expanded Bughaw • Expanded
2017-18 Fund Grocery Store:
water station,
Long-Term • Coop as FE in Mgt • Health & • Funecare • Educational • Formation of AFC
or DS course Wellness: Beauty • Transport Assistance (Ateneo Federation
Year 6-7 • BS Management, Salon Service to MIGS, of Cooperatives)
minor in • Tailoring • AMPC dependents
2019-20 Cooperative • Inter-Coop Manpower
Management Sportsfest Services

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