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CLOSING THE GAP (2018-2019)

Goal: To increase the average ACT ASPIRE writing score from 427 to 428
Target Group: 3rd grade students who scored 427 or lower on the ACT ASPIRE writing portion
Data to Identify Students 25% of 3rd grade students (4 students total) did not meet the 427 benchmark on the ASPIRE writing test

ASCA Process Data

Domain and (Projected Outcome Data
Mindsets & number of Perception Data (Achievement, attendance
Behaviors Curriculum and Projected students (Type of surveys/ and/or behavior data to be Contact
Activities Standard(s) Materials Start/End affected) assessments to be used) collected) Person
Small group – Mindsets: Student Study Group Four 3rd 75% of students will be 100% of students Nicole
Student Study Skills M 5. Skills – small group meets grade able to list 3 effective ASPIRE test scores who Pinelli
Behaviors: Materials: once a students will study techniques participated in the group
B-LS 3. markers, paper, week for participate in will increase to 428,
B-SMS 3. handouts with study 8 weeks a weekly meeting the ASPIRE
B-SS 1. skills starting small group benchmark
in session on
Septmeb Tuesdays
ending in