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Mahmoud Kraiem curriculum vitae

Software developer
Mahmoud Kraiem
27, Tunisian, currently in Brussels, Keywords: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Typescript, Angular, Java, Spring, PL/SQL, SVN, Git,
Belgium Plastic SCM, Maven

Work History
Software Engineer January 2018 – Now
Atlas Copco, (Altran Overview: Developing calculation and modeling tools for the Airtec
Consultant) R&D team and technologically migrating existing ones.
(Matlab, Delphi, RAD Missions:
Studio, SourceTree, Git, reverse engineer a specific set of existing tools written in Delphi.
Brussels, Belgium Plastic SCM) - [in progress] develop apps in Object Oriented Matlab to replace
+32477444636 Wilrijk, Belgium these. - [in progress] completing two existing tool suits with 3D
capabilities using Teechart and OpenGL. The tools are to be developed in Delphi. Full Stack Developer November 2017 – January 2018
Septentrio, (Altran Overview: developing a GPS monitoring web application.
Consultant) It displays data from GPS servers in real time with filters and stats.
About me It also allows the admin to easily manage users.
(Angular 5 (TypeScript),
Passionate about technology, I
Spring Boot (Java8), Missions:
wish to contribute to human
Maven, Git, Jira) - implementing user stories, mainly related to user management.
kind's welfare.
I majored in embedded systems Brussels, Belgium Technologies used are Angular5 and Spring (Java8).
engineering and have been
working on web technologies November 2017 – Now
since February 2016. In the last
Junior Consultant
year I worked as a full stack Altran Belgium Overview: work on projects for my company’s customers and on
developer with technologies such Internal projects.
(HTML, Bootstrap,
as AngularJS and Angular, Spring JavaScript, AngularJS,
MVC and Spring Boot and Oracle Spring MVC, PL/SQL)
PL/SQL. Belgium
I prefer working in an Agile
Full stack developer February 2016 – March 2017
environment, by far.
Short term position Overview: technology migration of Apex Car Rental business
Tata Consultancy management solution from Paradox and Delphi to Oracle, Redis,
English: Fluent
Services Spring MVC and AngularJS.
French: Fluent Missions :
(HTML, Bootstrap,
Arabic: Native JavaScript, AngularJS, - develop financial reports generation tools for the client side
German: Beginner Spring MVC, PL/SQL) application (charts, pdf/xls exports, grids,..)

Japanese: Beginner Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - help develop a custom security protocol using RSA encryption on
Spring MVC and on AngularJS
- build a RSA keys generation and testing library on Spring MVC for
Java and .NET platforms.
- enable magnetic card reading and manual user input on the same
HTML form field using JavaScript.
- Write and test Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.
Overview: technology migration of Avis Budget business
management solution's client side application to AngularJS.
Missions :
- write AngularJS controllers and services and remake user screens
using Bootstrap with responsiveness and screen size in mind in

This document covers relevant experience and training. Please checkout out my LinkedIn for a full profile and recommendations.
Mahmoud Kraiem curriculum vitae

Mobile solution February - June 2015

development Overview: design and implementation of an automated parking
Internship lots solution.
Dot It The solution I advised is comprised of two client applications, a
web API and a relational database:
- a mobile application to be used by car drivers looking for a
Sousse, Tunisia
parking lot,
- a web application to be used by parking lots owners allowing
them to monitor activity and sell parking time,
- a RESTful web JSON API to answer both applications calls for
The end result was a working prototype.

2012 – 2015 ENISo – National Engineering School of Sousse, Sousse – Tunisia
Electronics Engineering Diploma
2009 – 2012 Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of Monastir, Tunisia
Advanced course in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Activities and Hobbies

Fixing computers - Playing with Open-source software - Reading about physics and biology.
Watching Sci-fi. Reading non-fiction.
Coordinator for financial prospection at JEENISo, a student-run junior enterprise
Coordinator of the events JCertif Tunisia 2014 and TedxENISo 2013

This document covers relevant experience and training. Please checkout out my LinkedIn for a full profile and recommendations.