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actress /ˈæktrɪs/ noun

a woman who performs in plays or films


a good/fine/great actress Judy Garland was a truly great actress.

achieve verb
a talented/accomplished actress (=very good) Hurley is a highly talented actress.
achievement noun
a well-known/famous actress Lenya became a famous actress in the 1930s.
acquaintance noun
a professional actress She has been a professional actress for over thirty years.
acquire verb
act1 noun
the leading/principal actress (=the woman playing the most important part) Zhou Xun won the
act2 verb Best Leading Actress Award for her role in the film.
action noun a supporting actress (=a woman playing the second most important part) Huston won an
active adjective Oscar as best supporting actress in 1985.
activity noun an aspiring actress (=someone who wants to be an actress) Marilyn was an aspiring young
actor noun actress.
actress noun a comic actress (=one who acts in funny plays or films) She is best known as a comic actress.
acute adjective
adapt verb NOUNS + actress
addict noun
a film/stage/television actress Gish was the finest film actress of her generation.
address noun
adequate adjective a Hollywood actress She looked like a glamorous Hollywood actress.
adjourn verb a child actress Susan was a former child actress, making her first film at the age of four.
adjust verb a comedy actress (=one who acts in funny plays and films) The film stars comedy actress Goldie
administration noun Hawn.
admiration noun
Other words and phrases an actress plays a part/role/character Lynd is played by French actress Eva Green.

actress noun

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