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suspect Go suspect2 /ˈsʌspekt/ noun

someone who is thought to be guilty of a crime
suspect1 verb
suspect2 noun
suspend verb the main/chief/prime suspect She was the prime suspect in a murder case.
suspicion noun the number one suspect (=the main suspect) The person who finds the body is often the number
suspicious adjective one suspect.
sustainable adjective
a possible/potential suspect The police have drawn up a list of possible suspects.
sweat1 noun
a likely suspect For a shooting like this, the Mafia were always the likely suspects.
sweat2 verb
sweater noun
NOUNS + suspect
sweet adjective
swift adjective a murder/burglary/terror etc suspect The murder suspect is a man in his early 20s.
swim verb
swing1 verb VERBS

swing2 noun arrest a suspect Detectives arrested the suspect after a five-day operation.
switch1 noun detain a suspect (=keep them under arrest at a police station etc) Two suspects were detained
switch2 verb
for further questioning.
sword noun
name sb as a suspect A British man was yesterday named as a suspect in the bombings.
syllabus noun
question/interrogate/interview a suspect Police confirmed that six suspects are being
symbol noun

Other words and phrases PREPOSITIONS

a suspect in sth The 24-year-old man is the chief suspect in a recent bomb attack.
suspect1 verb
suspect2 noun

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