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A study conducted by the

Health Promotion Board
(HPB) has found that eight in
10 Singaporeans consume an
average of 8.3 grams of salt. That
is 60 per cent more than the
recommended level of s grams.
High sodium intake leads to high
blood pressure, a contributor of
heart disease.
Mytht Myth2 You might think adding in less
salt or soy sauce to your cooking
would reduce your sodium
intake, but that might not be
the case. Hidden sodium is
Perpetuated over again is the present in a lot of food, including
misconception that cholesterol is canned food, processed meat
harmful to your body. This is not true, and seemingly innocent ones like
at least not in its entirety. Cholesterols bread and cheese. The sodium in
comprise two types of lipoprotein: Just because your family
has a history of heart these foods potentially elevates
low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and blood pressure, increasing
high-density lipoproteins (HDL). LDL is diseases does not mean that
you are sure to get it down your risk of heart disease. To
the evil twin, contributing to fatty build- overcome this challenge, identify
up in arteries and creating narrower the road. Indeed, you suffer
a higher risk of inheriting hidden sodium sources to reduce
passageways that raise the risk of heart consumption, while increasing
attacks, strokes and peripheral the disease but besides
genetics, environmental intake of potassium-rich food
artery disease. like bananas. Potassium balances
On the other hand, HDL plays the factors also contribute to
the condition. out the negative effects of
good role, protecting you against heart sod.ium, helping to lower blood
An unhealthy lifestyle,
attacks and strokes. Medical experts pressure.
hold the belief that HDL carries LDL such as heavy smoking may
from the arteries back to the liver where be a more potent cause
it is broken down and passed out from than genetics when it comes
the body. Cholesterols are more than to heart disease risk. To
just HDL and LDL, and the truth is, reduce this risk, be aware of
they are vital components of our bodies. your lifestyle choices.
With too low a level, your bodies cannot
function properly.

Heart diseases are for

men, and breast cancers
are for women. This is a
common misconception that
still lingers on among the
public. A study conducted
by Harvard Medical School
shows that since 1984 there
has been a rise in deaths from
heart diseases in women.
Heart diseases are the leading
cause of death in both men
and women.
High estrogen levels in You saw them in films.
women may decrease the You read about them in
risks of certain heart diseases publications. When heart
but as they age, the estrogen trouble is about to strike,
levels fall, reducing the common signs and symptoms
protective effect. By age 60 to
Myth4 65, the risk of heart diseases
like chest pains, shortness of
breath and cold sweat set in.
among men and women are But sometimes heart diseases
about the same, and in fact by are silent killers. Heart
age 75, women carry higher attacks, for example, do not
risks than men. Ultimately, it always happen in the same
While medical is lifestyle choices and diets way, and in some cases, no
recommendations for annual that are better protectors of symptoms manifest to alert
heart check-ups are generally heart health. the person.
for people who are 40 years At the same time, high
old and above, those with a blood pressure, which is often
family history should start a precursor and contributor
earlier as they have a higher to heart diseases, does not
risk of contracting the disease reveal any symptoms till it is
as adults. These check-ups, too late, or when it is severe
which include assessment enough. Affected people
of cardiovascular risk often do not recognize that
factors, will help you they require immediate care.
pre-empt heart diseases. Early treatment of high blood
These risk factors pressure can significantly
include hypertension, reduce the risk of a heart
hyperlipidaemia and attack, stroke and other
diabetes mellitus. serious health issues. m
Adopting heart-healthy
diets and lifestyle will
keep heart diseases at bay
but they are not substitutes
for a regular visit to the
clinic, especially since it is
always good to catch them
in the early treatable stages
where symptoms are minor.

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