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DAY 1: NOVEMBER 6, 2017

Susan Blum, MD, MPH Anthony Suau Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

Patient-Centered Approach Organic Rising: When Food Take Your Healing Further
to Healing Is Not Medicine with the Autoimmune

How to feel seen, heard Truth about organic Sarah’s AIP research and
and cared for farming certifications what it entails
Amazing patient success Why eating organically Why the Autoimmune
stories! may not be enough Protocol is not forever!
Connection between Protecting yourself from New discoveries about
patients and their health chronic diseases autoimmune healing

Mario Martinez, PsyD Meghan O’Rourke Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, FACN, CNS

The Mind-Body Self Partnership With Yourself! Managing Attitude,

Expectations and Family

3 archetypal wounds (and Using inner wisdom to Why gluten-free matters!

how to heal them!) guide you toward health Impact of stress and
How culture impacts Shifting your mindset to unsupportive family
health and illness prioritize self-care members
Connection between How grief impacts The positive influence of
psychology, neurology and autoimmunity support from loved ones
DAY 2: NOVEMBER 7, 2017

Leah Carver Jenn Pike, RHN, MES, MPTS Titus Chiu, MS, DC, DACNB
Undoing Hashimoto’s with Simplifying Thyroid Health 7 Do-It-Yourself Tips to
Self-Care Stop Your Anxiety

Simple techniques to Simplifying daily actions The neurological root

create change and choices cause of anxiety
Listen (and respond) How to become your own Foods to eat (and avoid) to
compassionately to your practitioner calm your nerves
body Heal gut lining by clearing Stop anxiety by leveraging
New approach to living facial tension! your 5 senses
well with Hashimoto's

Lara Adler Jolene Brighten, ND

Establishing a Partnership Hormones and Hashi's:
with Your Environment Finding Balance in

How environmental toxins What is postpartum

affect Hashimoto’s Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis?
patients How hormones impact
Why thyroid health is Hashimoto’s
disrupted by these toxins Maintaining remission
Tips for avoiding when you’re a busy mom!
environmental exposure
DAY 3: NOVEMBER 8, 2017

Alana Nur, MHS Sara DeFrancesco, ND, LAc Angie Alt, CHC, NTC
Transformations: Patient Finding Your True Nature Conquering Your Emotions
Success Story About (in Nature!) About Food

How healing stories can be Spending time in nature to Stumbling blocks when
similar to each other retrain your immune changing your diet
Reclaiming your health system What to do about
and vitality Immune healing practices unsupportive family and
Improving your outlook that can be done outdoors friends
and overcoming fear Turning your passions into The emotional connection
a healing asset in dietary transition

Natasha Fallahi, DC Izabella Wentz, PharmD,

KANARI in a Coalmine: A Hashimoto’s 101 and
Yin Approach to Healing Beyond: Root Causes and

Learn about your hidden The 411 on understanding

gifts! Hashimoto’s
Discover an intuitive path When thyroid replacement
to self-healing doesn’t cut it
How bodywork can Protocols to help find your
transform autoimmune way to remission
DAY 4: NOVEMBER 9, 2017

Caroline Stahlschmidt, MSN, CHHC Keira L. Barr, MD Mickey Trescott, NTP

Core Basics for Managing The Power of Movement Autoimmune Protocol
Hashimoto’s and Exercise Recipe Demonstrations

Finding the right dietary Evidence-based benefits of Spatchcocked adobo

protocol for your needs movement and exercise chicken
Why prioritizing sleep is Connection between your Rainbow-roasted root
extremely critical skin, thyroid, gut and brain vegetables
How stress impacts Tapping into your overall Cilantro-basil pesto
Hashi's (and how to state of wellness
manage it!)

Kim D’Eramo, DO Eileen Laird Magdalena Wszelaki

The ABCs of MindBody Being in a Healthy Using Hashimoto's to Gain
Partnership with Your Diet Support from Friends and

Why MindBody medicine is What is the Autoimmune Dealing with skepticism

the missing piece Paleo Protocol? about your condition
What love (and fear) do to Gaining an awareness of Where to find people who
your body what works for you support you!
3 steps to shift into your The fear of re-introducing Inspiring others to make
authentic self foods (or trying new ones!) diet changes alongside
DAY 5: NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Ryan Monahan, FDN-P Sachin Patel, DC Alaena Haber, MS, OTR

A Man’s Journey with Living Proof: Creating Setting Up Your Healing
Hashimoto’s Health at Home Kitchen

Restoring balance with Essential self-care tools Simple kitchen tools for
diet, lifestyle and testing and technology the Autoimmune Protocol
Live a fulfilling life while Simple way to lower EMF Finding healthy foods at
pursuing your passion exposure local stores (and online!)
Staying healthy with the 5 Sneak peek into an FM Batch cooking and easy
pillars of health practitioner’s home routines

Harry Massey Donna Jackson Nakazawa Marc and Ava Ryan

Bioenergetics and Body- Your Partnership with The Family That Deals
Field Healing Friends and Family Together, Heals Together

The human body-field (and The difference between Supporting others in your
how to measure it!) coping and resilience family when they’re
Understanding macro- and Discussing the diagnosed
micro-energy sources uncertainties of your Making healthy choices
Using bioenergetics to outcome and changes as a family
heal How to create a healing Lifestyle choices that
tribe! benefit you and your
DAY 6: NOVEMBER 11, 2017

Selena Moon, BSc, MA Jennifer Fugo, MSc, CHC Shiroko Sokitch, MD

Healing Hashimoto's Dietary Transition Without An East-West View of
Energetically Overwhelming Yourself Hashimoto’s

Uncover what might be Assessing next “moves” Blending traditional

sabotaging your best life without feeling Chinese and Western
Learn about a healing, overwhelmed medicine
non-pill intervention Avoiding gluten in 3 body systems that
How to overcome household and personal balance autoimmunity
seemingly impossible odds care products Connection between
Cooking simple meals emotions and organ
without getting frustrated function

Holly Bertone, CNHP, PMP Stacey and Rock Robbins

Creating a Safe Workplace How Our Family Lives,

Loves and Thrives

How to talk with Husband’s perspective:

management about What I wish I knew
Hashimoto’s Wife’s perspective: From
Protecting your work defeated to healthy again
status Kid’s perspective: How we
Why stress in the help and have fun!
workplace impacts your
DAY 7: NOVEMBER 12, 2017

Mitch Hankins Gillian Joy Whyatt, MNLP, MTLT, Kate Jay, NTP, CGP
Transformative Healing Hypnosis for Hashimoto's Implementing the
from the Inside Out Autoimmune Protocol with

How healing involves Hypnosis to unlock Concerns and benefits

going beyond food emotional/physical health surrounding
Holistic approach to Approach to reshape your implementation
managing your illness mindset and outcomes Allergen-free lunches,
Breaking free of self- Strategy to dramatically snacks and party food
limiting beliefs improve your quality of life Should you try an
elimination diet for your

Aumatma Shah, ND Sachin Patel, DC Andrea Nakayama, CNC, CNE, CHHC

Fertility and Autoimmunity The Partnership Between a Loving Yourself First

from an Ayurvedic Patient and Physician

3 mind-body types of What is your role as a How loss can trigger

Ayurvedic medicine patient? Hashimoto’s
Creating a diet based on What metric is more Navigating and owning
your Ayurvedic type important than antibodies? lifestyle changes when
Mind-body techniques for Tools that support single
fertility speaking up for yourself Having healthy, playful
relationships when dating