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University of Gujrat

Narowal Sub-campus

Enterprise Application Development # 4

Assignment deadline Thursday, 22nd Feb 2018, 5:00 PM
Read Guidelines carefully

Develop new C# project and implement the following functions in a class Program. Cs
 void GeneratePrimeNumbers (int, int)
This function should ask the user for a range and generate prime numbers within that
specified range.
 Check if the given string is palindrome
Google the concept if you don’t know what a palindrome is?, before asking your instructor.
 Reverse the given string using ‘StringBuilder’
 bool IsSymmetric (int[] array);
 long CountWords(string file);
Count words in the given text file
 string GenerateRandomPassword (int length);
We are assuming here that password length is always greater than or equal to 6
Random password should specify the following properties:
1. At least have 1 Capital letter and 1 small letter, 2 digits 2 symbols.
2. Shuffle the characters completely.

 A single violation of the guideline will lead to Zero mark in your assignment.
 You are encouraged to take help from the Internet and books.If you find any concept new or not
discussed in class read it yourself first and only ask from instructors if you are not getting the
 Onlysingle ".doc" file should be submitted in google classroom
 Paste all the tasks from your .cs file to the single .doc file.
 Use C# comments to specify your logic.
 Do not zip your assignment, it should be uploaded as individual file in following format.
 "RollNo_Assignment_2.doc"
 Deadlines should be kept in mind, there would be no extension in assignment dates.
 Follow the instructions as it is otherwise your assignment would not be accepted at all.