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GROUP: English 1 6931

DATE: February 16th, 2018
LESSON: Twelve
TOPIC/TASK Beautiful places to live
 To describe cities and / or towns Ss are from by stating good
things and bad things and using appropriate vocabulary
 To be aware of different types of listening: main idea, details and
inference among others
 To get quite good pronunciation and intonation by following a
model conversation

MATERIALS  Electronic devices, website
 Warm up: pronunciation competition. In two big groups Ss play “Tingo 20’
tango” to have the representative who takes turns in each group. Ss
must pronounce words from units 2 and 3. 8.35
 Listening: Conversation p. 29. Books closed. Ss listen to the conversation 5’
and answer the question “Where did Mimi live when she was a child?”
 In two’s, Ss by themselves and using their electronic devices, practice 15’
the conversation for five minutes. Then volunteer couples present the
conversation in front of the class.
 Exercise C p. 29. 9.05 10’
 The inner circle Martin’s version. Exercise D goal check. Ss take turns to 20’
talk about their cities having in mind the ideas in the previous exercise.
 Listening activities A, B and C and pronunciation p. 30 from 20’

 Grammar: exercises with did / was / were affirmative, negative and interrogative
 Reading: Nelson Mandela biography. Read the text and do the exercises proposed