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Diversification – Your Daily Fashion Trend

Product and Platform, (the core bisnis is clothes).

Value to support business core , to customer and Product Matahari and Platform Matahari
1. To get the market share with other platform.
2. Utilies the inventory with other platform, then profit sharing.
3. To maximize customer desires and customer needs.
4. Customer Experience
Example: lazada,, shoopee.

Diversification Product , Matahari Beauty Matahari Bag and shoes and Accesories, Matahari Retail and
platform Matahari Mall. To support the business core.
1. Make up as a support of fashion clothing used by customers
2. Costumer awareness of the importance of appearance look
3. Your personal advisory about fashion and make up
Example : Product Beauty matahari sell, Maybelline, SK II etc

Strategy to Implementation :
1. Matahari collaboration or hire fashion designer and Makeup expert to share
knowledge and makeover to customer, customer statisfaction
2. Sharing Profit with other Platform
3. Diversification Product used in matahari to maximize (supporting) to business core

Impact to matahari :
1. Get new Brand Image for matahari dept. store
2. Inventory turnover well with collaboration other platform

1. Impact more budget to to starting the strategy collaboration with other


Key success Factor :

1. Hire the Employee have integrity (in)
2. Stock Control routine (in)
3. A strong Balance sheet (in)
4. Market Position (ex)
5. Kredibel Other platform (ex)
6. Kredibel fashion design and expert make up (ex)