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Chakra Designs by Octavia Cheetham

Tapping Man by Marcus Oakey

Cover Designs by Phineas Kibbey and Andy Moore
I would like to sincerely thank my
coaches Carol Anne Cooper and Claire
Boyles for their help bringing out the
Chakra Affirmations and putting them
together in this book
Quick Start
Here's what you need to know:
• There are basic beliefs that we all have to some degree, that are
defined by the connections and pathways in our energy system.
• Tapping the right points clears the pathways and leaves us holding
the beliefs that best support a pleasant life.

Here's what you need to do:

− Read the lists of beliefs in each section, notice what you think of them
and how you feel about them.
− Tap the listed points alternately, while reading the beliefs or focusing on

Here's what you can expect to notice:

1. An initial emotional and argumentative reaction to many of the
2. Your feelings about each belief changing as you tap, and your
thought processes changing in relation to the beliefs and relevant
areas of your life.

More detailed instructions follow on the next few pages, including

precisely how to tap and notice changes.
This is an experience of healing and learning... Enjoy it!
In early 2007 I uploaded a set of 17 EFT videos to YouTube, on topics
from Procrastination to Waking Up in the morning. On a whim, I included
a video demonstrating a Chakra clearing technique that was inspired by
and adapted from one by Nicola Quinn.
I didn't really believe in Chakras, other than that they may be another way
of describing where bundles of nerves in the spine connect to the body. I
did believe in the clearing technique, which made me feel great and
worked nicely to calm down the emotional women in my life.
The Chakra clearing video turned out to be the most popular video,
probably because more people search for 'Chakras' on YouTube than
'Procrastination', or at least, because people who search for Chakras are
looking for a video to work with them. Probably people who search for
the other are looking for ways to Procrastinate rather than ways to deal
with it.
So despite my own relative disinterest, 'Chakra Tapping' has been on my
list of products to create for a while. Despite that I never really did
anything about it, because I didn't know enough about the Chakras to
create anything that wasn't a re-hash of other things that were already out
Over the last year however, I have developed a technique to determine
what beliefs a person is holding. Using muscle-testing and ideomotor
reflex, you can tell if a person's energy system agrees with a particular
belief or not.
When you tap those beliefs, they change, until you reach the 'default' set of
beliefs for that particular part of the energy system, after which tapping
makes no difference and they stop changing.
As I transcribed those core beliefs, I found there was a structure to them
that describes the essence of each particular meridian or section of the
meridian system. As I transcribe whole chunks of the meridian system I
find that the beliefs stored within describe different aspects of what it
means to be human.
This set of Chakra Tapping affirmations is one such chunk. One day I
decided to work on transcribing the affirmations for any Meridians related
to the Chakras, and recognised what came out as an inspiring analysis of
the major lessons we all have to learn in life.
You'll find it's a very unique perspective on the chakras - this is because it's
not so much about the Chakras themselves as about the part of the
Meridian system that reflects them. These can be thought of the Meridian
connections to the Chakras.
I prefer to keep the descriptive commentary to a minimum, as I would
rather not distract you from your own experience. I even invite you to skip
my introductions to each chakra and get on with the tapping.
Introduction to the Etheric Chakras
The Chakras are the bridge between the physical body and the soul. The
physical body, nervous system, and the body's meridian system lie on one
side of the chakra system. On the other side lie the mind, awareness, and
the soul.
The Etheric Realm
The chakras exist in a realm composed of 5 Dimensions. We are used to
the 4-Dimensional realm in which we directly experience the physical
world – this has 3 Dimensions of space and one of time. The Etheric
Realm is a realm where each Dimension relates to different choices.
When you come to a 'crossroads in life' that crossroads consists of paths
that lead to different places within the Etheric Realm. Sometimes you hear
people say "don't even go there". They are not talking about 'there' as a
physical place in space, but a location in the etheric realm of choices.
Essentially the possible choices are 2-Dimensional: The choice to Create
or Destroy, and the choice to Give or Receive. The combinations between
these, and the number of ways in which those choices may play out in our
lives are infinite.
The chakras exist outside of time as we perceive it. In a sense they have
their own timezone - but time does not pass in the chakras the way it does
in the physical world.
Within Chakra space all our possible life choices are mapped out. The
different densities of energies in different parts of the chakras define the
choices that are available to us. Those energies are determined by choices
we have made, knowingly or unknowingly, throughout our lives.
Functions of the Chakras
In a way the chakras provide us with a puzzle, by storing our choices and
making it our reality they create much of the mystery in life and the sense
that life is a journey and process of learning.
The chakras act as a filter on the data passing through the mind,
awareness, and soul. In this way they limit what the mind can think and
what we are aware of, as well as limiting the choices that the soul can
Once we have drawn a conclusion about something, the chakras literally
deny us the opposite experience, until we recognise that our original
conclusion was false. At the same time, in order to help us learn, they
focus our attention on those false conclusions. The same issue will show
up in different areas of our lives in different ways, to help us understand it.
When we are born our Chakras are empty. They are recording data from
the moment of conception, even while we are in the womb. This data
depends on both the experiences in the physical world and the intentions
coming from the soul. It's the conflicts between those that are recorded in
the chakras.
In a way, throughout our lives, data is 'downloaded' from the soul into the
chakras. The soul manifests experiences in the real world depending on
what it needs to learn, and the chakras record the impact of those
experiences on the complete human being. From that point on the chakras
create reality according to the data recorded. That data then plays out in
the person's life until it is fully understood and 'uploaded'. Then the soul
can move out of whatever energy created the experience in the first place.
The Chakra Tapping Affirmations
Each Chakra as we traditionally think of them relates to a particular set of
experiences within the 'human condition'. The affirmations clear
resonance in your Energy Body with the different conclusions way may
draw relating to those experiences. This is our attachment to those
conclusions - that makes us feel they are true. Once that resonance is
gone, it is easier to see what lessons we need to learn, and we learn them
In Tapping there are 10 Chakras. Seven relate to locations within the body,
and these are related to different aspects of our lives. The other three are
exterior to the body, and these describe our relationship with Love, Light,
and Truth. There is also the 'Unified' Chakra that includes all the other
chakras, and describes the chakra system as a whole.
Finding the Tapping Points
This diagram shows the tapping
points required for the Chakra
Tapping. You will not need any
other tapping points to follow
the scripts in this book.
For most points it is best to use
two fingers to make sure you
cover the whole area. If you are
wearing glasses you may prefer
to remove them, although most
people can reach the points with
their glasses on.
Eyebrow - EB
Tap the inner end of either eyebrow. Tap slightly on the underside of the
eyebrow on the brink of the eye socket.

Side of Eye - SE
Tap the very outside corner of the eye, avoiding the eyeball itself. Some
people tap the temple which will probably work fine but is not technically
correct. You may notice your vision jump slightly as tapping the skin
slightly moves your eyeball.

Under Eye - UE
Tap on the highest edge of the cheekbone under the eye. You will feel a
solid connection with the cheekbone as you tap.

Under Nose - UN
Tap centrally just under the nose and above the top lip.

Chin - CH
The very best place to tap is on the very outermost point of the chin. It’s
also fine to tap the indent between the lip and chin.

Below Nipple - BN
Some people miss this point out when they teach EFT, but it’s an important
point for the Chakras as it connects to the Brow and Truth Chakras.
For men this point is about an inch below the nipple, for ladies this is
where the underskin of the breast meets the chest wall.

Underarm - UA
Use four fingers to tap where the bottom of your armpit meets your
ribcage. Tap quite firmly but not so hard that you feel pain.
General Notes about the Tapping Points
Don't worry about finding the exact point, as long as you get it close it will
work fine. The meridian system is interconnected so tapping the general
area will send impulses down the right pathways.
The more you tap the more you will get to know the right points, and you
will develop an instinct for precisely where each point is. You may start to
feel a ‘connection’ when you touch each point, and notice that particular
points ‘flare up’, getting sore or sensitive as you read the affirmation and
focus on it, and often feeling clear again when your resistance to that
affirmation is gone.
After a lot of tapping some people can even sense which point or points
need tapping for a particular issue. When I tap things on my own I find I
can usually do this reliably, after about five years of practice.
In the scripts it is indicated which points are required for each statement or
for each page of statements. This list of points is determined by muscle
testing and is accurate – you should not need other points to tap the
statements. If you feel that you need to tap points other than those listed, it
is likely that a related issue is coming up so trust your intuition and tap
Tapping Instructions
Following the tapping scripts is simple:
• Say each statement aloud once for each tapping point listed.
• Repeat this 3 to 5 times before moving on to the next statement.
• Work through the entire script, and repeat the script 1 to 2
weeks later.

For example, if the instructions look like this:

This is a Tapping Statement.
This is the Second Statement.

You would:

• Tap the Side of Eye point while saying “This is a Tapping

• Tap the Under Eye point while saying “This is a Tapping Statement.”
• Tap the Side of Eye point while saying “This is a Tapping
• Tap the Under Eye point while saying “This is a Tapping Statement.”
• Tap the Side of Eye point while saying “This is a Tapping
• Tap the Under Eye point while saying “This is a Tapping Statement.”

• Tap the Side of Eye point while saying “This is the Second
• Tap the Under Eye point….
…and so on. The energy system holds these statements up to 5 layers
deep, so 5 repetitions of each phrase should be all you need. Most of the
time you will only need 3 repetitions. Sometimes layers can emerge later,
which is why you should return to the script a week or two after the first
time you tap it.
You don’t need to tap hard at all – just hard enough that your nervous
system has received a signal that something is touching that point. This
serves to draw your attention to that point and send energy through your
meridian system.
It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you tap, follow whatever pace feels
natural to you. You should end up tapping a single point about 7 times
while saying most statements.
There is no rush – you should allow time for energy to move as you tap.

It is important to notice your breathing. Sometimes you will hold your

breath when you get to a particular statement, and this is just a sign your
energy system is reacting to it. Don’t force your breath, but relax and
allow yourself to breathe naturally. You don’t need to take particularly
deep breaths but you may find yourself yawning.

For most scripts it is best to work through the entire script once before
repeating it. You shouldn’t need to repeat a script more than 3 times, each
time a week or two apart.
If you’ve repeated the Chakra Tapping script 3 times, saying each phrase
3-5 times on each point, you can be confident that you’ve gotten the
maximum benefit from the script.
If you use muscle testing, a pendulum, or other biofeedback technique, you
should find that when you are done tapping a particular phrase the
‘negative’ phrases will test weak and the ‘positive’ phrases will test strong.
Noticing Changes
Tapping works primarily in the non-physical world. That is to say, if you
tap that someone is annoying you, you shouldn’t expect them to vanish! It
is your thoughts and feelings relating to them that will change first.
Similarly, if you are tapping on issues around money, you shouldn’t expect
that money will magically start arriving in the post… but you should
expect that you will make different choices and take different actions that
are more likely to result in that money showing up.
Sometimes it can be hard to notice these changes, as we get so caught up
in life we don’t notice our thoughts shifting and evolving. Even if you do
notice changes, you may not immediately link them to the tapping.
For this reason you may like to take notes as you work through the script.
The simplest thing to do is write a number from 0-10 next to all or some of
the statements. Write a 0 if you don’t agree with the statement at all, and a
10 if you fully agree with it.
You can add other notes if you have particularly emotional reactions to
some of the statements.
When you come back to tap each statement later, see if the number has
changed and if how you react to a particular phrase is any different.
The Chakra Tapping works on your connection with your chakras, which
are non-physical. This means they have no mass, you can’t see them,
touch them, hear them, or feel them. If you can see energy or know a
healer who can then maybe they will be able to detect a difference, but in
practice subtle energy is so subtle everyone perceives it in a different way.
The Chakras determine your available options in life, and how well you
are willing to learn the life lessons that we all face, so you should look for
the changes in your outlook on life, your relationships with others, and the
choices that you make.
Chakra Calibration
Chakra Calibration
While working with people on the Chakra Tapping I found that sometimes
a small amount of preparatory tapping was necessary to allow them to get
the full benefit of it.
These simple scripts calibrate your system to acknowledge the Chakras
and work properly with them, which multiplies the effect of the Chakra
Tapping scripts.
Some people won’t notice any difference with these short scripts, others
will find that the main Chakra Tapping scripts simply don’t do anything
until they tap these calibrations. Everyone should tap these scripts as there
may be benefits outside your awareness. The Zero Chakra script is
particularly interesting.
Having Chakras
This quick script helps your system understand that it actually has
Chakras. This improves communication between your Chakras and the
rest of the body.
If your belief system is one that denies the existence of Chakras resonance
with these statements will be created which will literally impede their
function. The statements below clear your belief system to support proper
function of the Chakras in relation to your Mind and Body.
You only need 4 points to tap these statements.

✔ I Have Chakras.

✔ I Accept That I Have Chakras.

✔ I Understand That I Have

The Zero Chakra
Your Chakras are created at the moment of conception. From that point on
they are recording experience. The nature of this experience depends on
the development of the rest of the body – physical sensation is recorded
from around 3 months, sound from 5 months.
Energetic experience is recorded immediately, and this is why the
emotional state of both your parents at your conception leaves an imprint
that affects your future life.
In this script we’re working on the functioning of the chakra system, in
order to tap it we need to get oriented to the root of the Chakras.
Simply read statements 1, 2, 3 out loud and then tap the “I Create …”
statements, just on SE.
Tap SE

• I Am Now At the Core of My Chakra


• I Am At the Connection Between My

Chakras and My Soul.

• I Am Now At the Time of My Conception.

✔ I Create Recordings.

✔ I Create Learnings.

✔ I Create Energy.

✔ I Create Water.

✔ I Create Fire.

✔ I Create Dust.

✔ I Create Sky.

✔ I Create Life.
Elemental Calibration
This is a similar calibration to the ‘Having Chakras’ one. Your system
needs to know that there are Elements, and that they move, combine, work,
and spin.
There is a particular sort of headache caused when your body resists the
Elements – you may recognise it as a very ‘dry’ feeling at the top/front of
your head, and slightly to either side. This script should clear that
particular kind of headache completely.

✔ The Elements Move.

✔ The Elements Combine.

✔ The Elements Work.

✔ The Elements Spin.

The Seven Major Chakras
Heart Chakra
The Heart Chakra tapping affirmations are
about the roles of men and women, and
Love itself, in changing things and
accepting them the way they are.

There is an apparent paradox here - the

positive statements equally advocate 'Changing
Things' and 'Accepting Things the Way They Are'. In fact there is no
contradiction, and I have long argued that before you can change things
you must first accept them.

At first it seems like Changing Things is the opposite of Accepting them.

Energetically this is not the case. The opposite of Changing Things is
being unable to change them, and the opposite of Accepting them is being
unable to accept them. Certainly, if you can't change something, you may
as well accept it, and if you can't accept something, you may as well do
your best to change it. The message here is that you can also do both.

There is an interesting bias in the genders. The first two sets of negative
affirmations are the same for both men and women, but the third set is
inherently sexist. I double and triple-checked this to be sure. It should be
noted that the positive statements are the same for both sexes. This shows
that there is an inclination towards different negative beliefs about men
and women in this area.

The seed for this subtle gender bias is right there in our energy circuitry.
Whether it was designed or evolved, the circuitry is built to hold different
limiting beliefs about men and women.
Tap EB and UN

✘ Men Don’t Change Things.

✘ Men Can't Change Things.

✘ Men Can Only Accept Things The

Way They Are.

✘ Men Don't Accept Things The Way They Are.

✘ Men Can't Accept Things The Way They Are.

✘ Men Can Only Change Things.

✘ Women Don't Change Things.

✘ Women Can't Change Things.

✘ Women Can Only Accept Things The Way They Are.

✘ Women Don't Accept Things The Way They Are.

✘ Women Can't Accept Things The Way They Are.

✘ Women Can Only Change Things.

Tap EB and UN

✘ Changing Things is Not Something

Men Do.

✘ Accepting Things The Way They Are

is Not Something Men Do.

✘ Changing Things is Something Women Do.

✘ Accepting Things The Way They Are is Something

Women Do.

✔ Men Can Accept Things The Way They Are.

✔ Women Can Accept Things The Way They Are.

✔ Men Can Change Things.

✔ Women Can Change Things.

✔ Love Accepts The World the Way it Is.

✔ Love Can Change the World.

Crown Chakra
The next Chakra to work on is the Crown.
After the Heart we clear the Chakras in
pairs to avoid uneven energy flow
through the Chakra system.
The Crown Chakra affirmations deal
with Harmony and Chaos, and things
being Different or Alike.
The message is that it's possible for
Harmony to exist even when there are
differences in the world, and that actually Chaos
is ok too.
I read the first couple of sets of negative affirmations, and they make me
think of wars, and school playgrounds. As you read the affirmations and
tap you will probably think of other places where these energies are
reflected, and realise - things don't necessarily have to be that way, and at
the same time, it's ok that they are.
Again the third set of negatives is the most interesting - the (false) ideas
that Chaos is Harmonious, and that Harmony is Chaotic.
Tap UN

✘ Chaos is Not OK.

✘ Things Must Not Be Alike.

✘ Things Must Be Different to Others.

✘ Chaos is Bad.

✘ There Cannot Be Harmony Between Things That Are


✘ There is Chaos Between Things that Are Different.

✘ Harmony is Bad.

✘ There Cannot Be Harmony Between Things That Are


✘ There is Chaos Between Things That Are Alike.

✘ Harmony is Not OK.

✘ Things Must Not Be Different.

✘ Things Must Be Alike.

Tap UN

✘ Harmony is Chaotic.

✘ Chaos is Harmonious.

✘ There is No Chaos.

✘ There is No Harmony.

✔ Some Things Are Different to Others.

✔ There Can Be Harmony Between Things That Are


✔ Some Things Are Alike.

✔ There Can Be Harmony Between Things That Are Alike.

✔ Chaos is OK.

✔ Harmony is OK.
Root Chakra
The pair to the Crown is the Root Chakra, as
they are at different ends of the system. The
Root Chakra concerns the physical world
as we are loving and creating it.
What do you see in the world? Do
you see more and more hate and
destruction, or do you see more and more
love and creation?
What you witness as you look at the world
depends on your resonance with these affirmations.
The world won't change - not right away - but your
experience of it will. If you are holding the negative beliefs, or variations
of them, that is what you will believe, experience, and create.
Tap CH

✘ The World Becomes Less Loved.

✘ People Become Less Loving.

✘ People Become More Hating.

✘ The World Becomes More Hated.

✘ I Become Less Loving.

✘ I Become More Hating.

✘ The World Becomes More Destroyed.

✘ I Become Less Creative.

✘ I Become More Destructive.

✘ The World Becomes Less Created.

✘ People Become Less Creative.

✘ People Become More Destructive.

Tap CH

✘ There is More Hate in the World.

✘ There is More Destruction in the


✘ There is Less Love in the World.

✘ There is Less Creation in the World.

✔ People Become More Creative.

✔ I Become More Loving.

✔ People Become More Loving.

✔ I Become More Creative.

✔ The World Becomes More Loved.

✔ The World Becomes More Created.

Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra is about who you are
and what you put out in the world.
Most people don't accept themselves,
and at the same time they don't change
- leaving them stuck between a rock
and a hard place. They have the same
beliefs about others - meaning that
when they witness those around them
changing they find it hard to accept or
These beliefs are especially relevant to Tapping, as in a
way Tapping is about changing who you are. The way I look at it is that
the more you tap the more you really become yourself, you never lose
anything that was really you, although we often become so attached to our
issues that we identify them as being a part of us.
The Throat mirrors the paradox in the Heart Chakra, on a personal level -
we can both accept ourselves for who we are, and change it.
Tap SE and CH

✘ The World is Not Accepted.

✘ People Don't Accept Who They Are.

✘ People Reject Who They Are.

✘ The World is Rejected.

✘ I Don't Accept Who I Am.

✘ I Reject Who I Am.

✘ The World Stays the Same.

✘ I Don't Change Who I Am.

✘ I Stay the Same.

✘ The World is Not Changed.

✘ People Don't Change Who They Are.

✘ People Stay the Same.

Tap SE and CH

✘ Everything is Rejected.

✘ Everything Stays the Same.

✘ Nothing is Acceptable.

✘ Nothing Changes.

✔ People Can Change Who They Are.

✔ I Accept Who I Am.

✔ People Accept Who They Are.

✔ I Can Change Who I Am.

✔ The World is Accepted.

✔ The World Changes.

Brow Chakra
The Brow Chakra is known to
some as the Third Eye chakra.
The affirmations relate to your
awareness of other people
through sight and hearing.
If you've ever felt like you aren't being heard in a social gathering you will
like these affirmations! It often suits us to avoid hearing or seeing other
people, and we all do it probably more than we realise, noticing it more
when it happens to us that when we do it ourselves.
Once your beliefs that resonate with both sides of this are gone, you will
be more likely to get people's attention when you want it.
One of the questions we ask ourselves as children is whether or not other
people really exist. This could be related to the formation and
development of this circuit. Conversely we also ask whether or not we
exist. The answer to both questions according to this circuit is a
resounding Yes!
Tap SE and BN

✘ There Are No Other People.

✘ I Don't Hear Other People.

✘ I Don't Listen to Other People.

✘ Other People Are Ignored.

✘ I Don't See Other People.

✘ I Ignore Other People.

✘ Other People Are Ignorant of Me.

✘ Other People Don't See Me.

✘ Other People Ignore Me.

✘ Other People Are Not Aware of Me.

✘ Other People Don't Hear Me.

✘ Other People Don't Listen To Me.

Tap SE and BN

✘ There Are Only Other People.

✘ I Do Not Exist.

✘ There is Only Me.

✘ There Are Only Other People.

✔ Other People Hear Me.

✔ I See Other People.

✔ I Hear Other People.

✔ Other People See Me.

✔ There Are Other People.

✔ Other People Are Aware of Me.

Solar Plexus Chakra
The Solar Plexus is an important Chakra for
your personal power. The Tapping
affirmations for this chakra are about
Being Yourself, and how this relates to
Happiness and Power.
If there's one affirmation in the whole
chakra tapping that made me laugh out
loud it was "Other People Should Be Like
Me". I was reluctant to tap it away, if I'm
absolutely honest.
The story in these affirmations is clear and empowering, we are at our best
when we are being ourselves. I hope that any doubt you have about this
will vanish as you tap these phrases - they really do cover all the angles -
other related aspects may remain, but they will begin to process after these
are tapped.
There's a lot of pity in this circuit - all the ideas about how others are
weak, at their worst, or sad when they are being their true selves. It's hard
to say if these beliefs are objectively true or false. Whether or not they can
be true for some people doesn't matter - we have the choice as to how we
see others.
"I Don't Know Who I Am" was an important belief for me to tap, on 13
June 2006. I remember the day because I felt like I had been reborn, and
spent 5 days feeling like I was floating on air. There had been a lot of
emotional charge for me around that statement, originating in the depths of
my depression at university, and it had left me disconnected from who I
was. It was during that week that I had such a clear vision of what I
wanted to do that I resolved to buy and build the site into
what it is now.
Tap UN and UA

✘ I Am Not Being Myself.

✘ I Am Not Happy Being Myself.

✘ I Am Sad Being Myself.

✘ I Am Being Someone Else.

✘ I Am Not Powerful Being Myself.

✘ I Am Weak Being Myself.

✘ Other People Should Be Like Me.

✘ Other People Are Not Powerful Being Themselves.

✘ Other People Are Weak Being Themselves.

✘ Other People Are Worst Being Themselves.

✘ Other People Are Not Happy Being Themselves.

✘ Other People Are Sad Being Themselves.

Tap UN and UA

✘ I Don't Know Who I Am.

✘ There Are No Other People.

✘ Someone Else is Me.

✘ I Am Other People.

✔ Other People Are Happy Being Themselves.

✔ I Am Powerful Being Myself.

✔ I Am Happy Being Myself.

✔ Other People Are Powerful Being Themselves.

✔ I Am Being Myself.

✔ Other People Are Best Being Themselves.

Sacral Chakra
The last of the bodily chakras to work on is
the Sacral Chakra, sometimes called the
Sexual Chakra, and it is all about Love.
Interestingly, while the opposite of Love
in the Root Chakra is Hate, as in the
Etheric Realm, in the Sacral Chakra
the opposite is Fear, as in the Physical
The first two sets of affirmations cover
fear and the absence of love in relation to
ourselves and other people. We hold on to these
because we perceive that they give us power - for
example the idea that other people fear us can be a very appealing one,
even if it is upsetting at the same time.
The third set of negatives is stark: "No-One Loves", "No-One is Loved",
"There is Only Fear" and "There is No Love". It's easy to see evidence of
all of these in the world around us, and there are many people who clearly
carry these energies around with them.
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return",
according to Eden Ahbez in his song 'Nature Boy', which you probably
will recognise from Baz Luhrmann's movie, Moulin Rouge. Tapping the
Sacral Chakra affirmations opens the way for this learning.
Tap SE and UN

✘ I Do Not Love and I Am Not Loved.

✘ I Don't Love Other People.

✘ I Fear Other People.

✘ I Fear and I Am Feared.

✘ I Am Not Loved By Other People.

✘ I Fear Other People.

✘ Other People Fear and Are Feared.

✘ Other People Are Not Loved By Me.

✘ Other People Are Feared By Me.

✘ Other People Do Not Love and Are Not Loved.

✘ Other People Don't Love Me.

✘ Other People Fear Me.

Tap SE and UN

✘ No-One Loves.

✘ No-One is Loved.

✘ There is Only Fear.

✘ There is No Love.

✔ Other People Love Me.

✔ I Am Loved By Other People.

✔ I Love Other People.

✔ Other People Are Loved By Me.

✔ I Love and I Am Loved.

✔ Other People Love and Are Loved.

The Three External Chakras
Soul Chakra
The Soul Chakra has two sets of
affirmations - in a sense it is dual
purpose. The Soul Chakra is not
your soul, it is the reflection of it in
the Chakra system. It is also your
connection to Light, which on the soul plane
is transmitted from the stars and manifests
on Earth via the Human Being.
Light in the spiritual sense should not be
confused with light in the physical world, but
rather the sort of light we talk about in terms of
'enlightenment' and 'illuminated' beings. It is one of the components of
information and knowledge, but it is not the same as those. It's not
something that can be clearly put into words, but something you develope
a sense of as your awareness increases.
Many people don't believe they have a soul, and these beliefs are held on
the Soul Chakra circuits that you are about to tap. If you are in any doubt
it will disappear as you tap, or soon after.
The Soul Chakra affirmations describe succinctly the central spiritual
theme that most religions struggle to communicate; Surrender of the Body
to the Soul, and Surrender of the Soul to the Will of the Stars, or God.
Some of the negative affirmations also reflect feelings that some spiritually
aware people have - they know they have a soul but they feel like their
body is not the vehicle for the soul but rather the prison. From this stems
the pseudo-spiritual justification for many religious practices that harm or
deny the body at the expense of the soul.
Tapping has no religious agenda - tapping meridian points can only clear
stuck energy that is associated with false or limiting beliefs. The positive
affirmations are just the beliefs that are left when everything else is tapped
Tap SE and CH

✘ I Share and Receive Darkness.

✘ I Do Not Share Light With the Earth.

✘ I Share Darkness With the Earth.

✘ I Do Not Share or Receive Light.

✘ I Do Not Receive Light From the Stars.

✘ I Receive Darkness From the Stars.

✘ I Am Not A Channel for Love and Light.

✘ I Do Not Receive Love From the Earth.

✘ I Receive Fear From the Earth.

✘ I Am A Channel for Fear and Darkness.

✘ I Do Not Transmit Light to the Earth.

✘ I Transmit Darkness to the Earth.

Tap SE and CH

✘ There is No Light.

✘ There is No Love or Light.

✘ I Reject Light.

✘ I Reject Love and Light.

✔ I Transmit Light to the Earth.

✔ I Receive Light From the Stars.

✔ I Share Light With the Earth.

✔ I Receive Love From the Earth.

✔ I Share and Receive Light.

✔ I Am A Channel for Love and Light.

Tap UN

✘ My Body Belongs Only to Me.

✘ I Do Not Manifest My Soul's Desire.

✘ I Manifest My Soul's Fear.

✘ My Body Does Not Belong to My Soul.

✘ I Do Not Submit to My Soul's Will.

✘ I Submit Only to My Will.

✘ My Body is Not the Vehicle for My Soul.

✘ My Soul Does Not Belong to the Stars.

✘ My Soul Belongs to No-One.

✘ My Body is the Prison for My Soul.

✘ I Do Not Submit to the Will of the Stars.

✘ I Submit to My Own Will.

Tap UN

✘ I Have No Soul.

✘ My Soul Cannot Have A Vehicle.

✘ My Body Belongs to No-One.

✘ My Soul Has No Vehicle.

✔ I Submit to the Will of the Stars.

✔ I Submit to My Soul's Will.

✔ I Manifest My Soul's Desire.

✔ My Soul Belongs to the Stars.

✔ My Body Belongs to My Soul.

✔ My Body is the Vehicle for My Soul.

Earth Chakra
As the Soul Chakra receives light from the
stars, the Earth Chakra receives love from the
Earth. You should understand that this
refers again to the soul plane - the
source of the love is not the
physical Earth, but the Earth's Soul
- Gaia, essentially 'Mother Nature'.
The Earth Chakra affirmations include
"My Soul Belongs to My Body" - this is the
reciprocal idea to the Soul Chakra's "My Body
Belongs to My Soul". A related affirmation is "My
Body Belongs to the Earth", which gave me a sense
of connectedness to the planet, and of being a part of it.
We also get a glimpse of why a God may have bothered to create humanity
in the first place - "I Learn from My Creation". This works two ways - we
are told that we create our own reality, and this affirmation gives us both
motive and meaning for that.
You must not be afraid to create what you want in the world - after this
tapping it will be in alignment with what the world asks for. When both
affirmations are true to your energy system, only energies that resonate
with them will manifest through you.
Tap UE

✘ I Share and Receive Fear.

✘ I Do Not Share Love With the Stars.

✘ I Share Fear With the Stars.

✘ I Do Not Share or Receive Love.

✘ I Do Not Receive Love From the Earth.

✘ I Receive Fear From the Earth.

✘ I Am Not A Channel for Love and Light.

✘ I Do Not Receive Light From the Stars.

✘ I Receive Darkness From the Stars.

✘ I Am A Channel for Fear and Darkness.

✘ I Do Not Transmit Love to the Stars.

✘ I Transmit Fear to the Stars.

Tap UE

✘ There is No Love.

✘ There is No Love or Light.

✘ I Reject Love.

✘ I Reject Love and Light.

✔ I Transmit Love to the Stars.

✔ I Receive Love From the Earth.

✔ I Share Love With the Stars.

✔ I Receive Light From the Stars.

✔ I Share and Receive Love.

✔ I Am A Channel for Love and Light.

Tap CH

✘ My Soul Belongs Only to God.

✘ I Do Not Learn From My


✘ I Am Traumatised By My Experiences.

✘ My Soul Does Not Belong to My Body.

✘ I Do Not Create What I Want in the World.

✘ I Create What I Don't Want in the World.

✘ My Soul is Not the Pilot of My Body.

✘ My Body Does Not Belong to the Earth.

✘ My Body Belongs to Me.

✘ My Soul is the Prisoner of My Body.

✘ I Do Not Create What the World Asks For.

✘ I Destroy What the World Wants.

Tap CH

✘ My Soul Has No Body.

✘ My Body Cannot Have A Pilot.

✘ My Soul Belongs to No-One.

✘ My Body Has No Pilot.

✔ I Create What the World Asks For.

✔ I Create What I Want in the World.

✔ I Learn From My Creation.

✔ My Body Belongs to the Earth.

✔ My Soul Belongs to My Body.

✔ My Soul is the Pilot of My Body.

Truth Chakra
For those of us who feel that our truth is not
acknowledged by the world - this is where you
need to work. It's not important to worry about
how you discern a 'Universal' Truth from
Falsehood - the Truth Chakra is about Your
Truth, and how it is put out in the world.
The Truth Chakra also concerns your
perception of the world, as being a
world filled with truth or a world filled
with lies. This affects your
reception of truth from the world,
which is received through the Truth Chakra and processed by the rest of
the Chakra system.
The Chakra system concerns our personal learning - the Truth chakra is
our connection to the world and to others, it's the interface that allows
learning to take place at the community and planetary level.
Tap BN and UA

✘ I Hide My Truth From the World.

✘ I Do Not Share Truth With the


✘ I Share Falsehood With the World.

✘ I Do Not Share My Truth With the World.

✘ The World Does Not Accept Truth From Me.

✘ The World Accepts Falsehood From Me

✘ The World Does Not Share It's Truth With me.

✘ I Do Not Receive Truth From the World.

✘ I Receive Falsehood From the World.

✘ The World Keeps It's Truth From Me.

✘ Truth is Not Shared in the World.

✘ Falsehood is Shared in the World.

Tap BN and UA

✘ I Have No Truth to Share With the


✘ The World Has No Truth To Share

With Me.

✘ I Share Nothing With the World.

✘ The World Shares Nothing With Me.

✔ Truth is Shared in the World.

✔ The World Accepts Truth From Me.

✔ I Share Truth With the World.

✔ I Receive Truth From the World.

✔ I Share My Truth With the World.

✔ The World Shares It's Truth With Me.

The Unified Chakra
The Unified Chakra
As well as their individual functions, the
complete chakra system has an overall
function when considered as a whole.
This can be considered a higher
vibration to the Chakra system, which
in itself is a Chakra.
As I researched the human energy system,
at the deepest level I found connections to
Universal Love, Universal Light, Universe
Truth, and Universal Power. In the core of our being,
these connect in ten combinations: Love+Truth, Love+Power,
Light+Truth, Light+Power, Power+Truth - each connection is made twice,
both ways round.
There is a missing combination; the connection between Love and Light.
That's because we are it. It's our job to live out every possible combination
between Love and Fear, and Light and Darkness, in every beautiful and
messed up way we can. You may have noticed this occuring on our planet.
This is the Human Legacy.
There were no words to the deep-level connections, so nothing to tap, but
they are reflected here in the Unified Chakra.
Tap UN

✘ I Hide Myself From the World.

✘ I Do Not Share Love in the World.

✘ I Share Fear in the World.

✘ I Do Not Share Myself With the World.

✘ I Do Not Share Light in the World.

✘ I Share Darkness in the World.

✘ Love Does Not Share It's Truth With Me.

✘ I Do Not Give Love to the Stars.

✘ I Give Fear to the Stars.

✘ Love Keeps It's Truth From Me

✘ Love is Not Shared in the World.

✘ Fear is Shared in the World.

Tap UN

✘ There is No World to Share With.

✘ I Have No Love to Share.

✘ I Have No Love or Light to Share.

✘ There is No Love to Be Shared.

✔ Love is Shared in the World.

✔ I Share Light in the World.

✔ I Share Love in the World.

✔ I Give Love to the Stars.

✔ I Share Myself With the World.

✔ Love Shares It's Truth With Me.

Tap UN

✘ The World Hides From Me.

✘ The World Does Not Share Love

With Me.

✘ The World Shares Fear With Me.

✘ The World Does Not Share Itself With Me.

✘ The World Does Not Share Light With me.

✘ The World Shares Darkness With Me

✘ Light Does Not Share It's Truth With Me.

✘ I Do Not Give Light to the Earth.

✘ I Give Darkness to the Earth.

✘ Light Keeps It's Truth From Me.

✘ Light is Not Shared in the World.

✘ Darkness is Shared in the World.

Tap UN

✘ I Hide From the World.

✘ I Have No Light to Share.

✘ The World Has No Love or Light to


✘ There is No Light to Be Shared.

✔ Light is Shared in the World.

✔ The World Shares Light With Me.

✔ The World Shares Love With Me.

✔ I Give Light to the Earth.

✔ The World Shares Itself With Me.

✔ Light Shares It's Truth With Me.

The Five Elements
Introduction to the Five Elements
Before proceeding with tapping on the Five Elements, you should have worked
through the entire Chakra Tapping at least once. You can approach the Five
Elements in exactly the same way – please refer to the Chakra Tapping
instructions if you get stuck.
The Five Elements tapping is another angle on the Chakras. The Chakras are
composed of the Five Elements, so by working with the elements the Chakras
work better.
You’ll find the phrases for the Five Elements are much simpler than in the
Chakra Tapping. They are much more abstract and probably won’t make
logical sense at all. The phrases describe the way in which the Chakras move,
and while they relate to physical world concepts that you will recognise, it is
their inner meaning that is being tapped.
You don’t need to worry about understanding the phrases - saying the words is
For added understanding, take each section one at a time, and notice how it
relates to aspects of your life. You’ll be surprised how illuminating it can be to
consider each phrase as a metaphor for everyday experience.
Each element has a primary function, or way of moving, and two secondary
functions. You’ll notice that the Tapping elements are different to the
traditional five elements taught in Chinese and Japanese teachings. These are
the closest descriptions I could find, using real-world words to describe etheric
Allow your logical mind to become the observer of the process, and let it get on
with working out what each phrase means while you focus on reading the
words and tapping the points.


The Five Elements
Traditional Chinese and Japanese teachings describe everything as being
composed of Five Elements in different forms and combinations.
Science has shown this not to be true in the physical world. My experience is
that this is, however, true of the Etheric World of the Chakras. The chakras are
somehow composed of these five elements.
The five elements I have found are slightly different to the Chinese and
Japanese elements (which are themselves different to each other).
Each Element has three ways of being or moving – a primary way and two
secondary ways. For example, Water 'Transfers', 'Cleanses', and 'Flows'.
We tap each of these in four different tenses that each correspond to a different
vibration of the Elemental Circuitry: I Transfer, Transfer, Transferring,
In Martial Arts, Bruce Lee said “Be Like Water”, and the Five Elements tapping
script helps you do exactly that, and helps you 'be like' all the elements.
As the Five Elements tapping works within the Etheric realm, it's difficult to
know what to expect in the real world. As you tap, notice what particular
situations and actions you find yourself thinking of, and see how they change in
real life next time you experience them.
Tap SE and UE

✘ I Do Not Transfer.

✘ I Will Not Transfer.

✔ I Transfer.

✘ I Do Not Cleanse.

✘ I Will Not Cleanse.

✔ I Cleanse.

✘ I Do Not Flow.

✘ I Will Not Flow.

✘ There's Nothing That Can Flow.

✘ I Am Not Something That Can Flow.

✔ I Flow.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Does Not Transfer.

✘ Won't Transfer.

✔ Transfer.

✘ Does Not Cleanse.

✘ Won't Cleanse.

✔ Cleanse.

✘ Nothing Can Flow.

✘ Nothing Will Flow.

✘ Does Not Flow.

✘ Won't Flow.

✔ Flow.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not Transferring.

✘ Won't Be Transferring.

✔ Transferring.

✘ Not Cleansing.

✘ Won't Be Cleansing.

✔ Cleansing.

✘ Nothing Needs Flowing.

✘ There is No Flowing.

✘ Not Flowing.

✘ Won't Be Flowing.

✔ Flowing.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not the Transferrer.

✘ Won't Be the Transferrer.

✔ Transferrer.

✘ Not the Cleanser.

✘ Won't Be the Cleanser.

✔ Cleanser.

✘ Nothing Needs That Which Flows.

✘ Nothing Can Be That Which Flows.

✘ Not That Which Flows.

✘ Won't Be That Which Flows.

✔ That Which Flows.

Tap SE and UE

✘ I Do Not Resist.

✘ I Will Not Resist.

✔ I Resist.

✘ I Do Not Complete.

✘ I Will Not Complete.

✔ I Complete.

✘ There's Nothing That Can Stop.

✘ I Am Not Something That Can Stop.

✘ I Do Not Stop.

✘ I Will Not Stop.

✔ I Stop.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Does Not Resist.

✘ Won't Resist.

✔ Resist.

✘ Does Not Complete.

✘ Won't Complete.

✔ Complete.

✘ Nothing Needs to Stop.

✘ Nothing Will Stop.

✘ Does Not Stop.

✘ Won't Stop.

✔ Stop.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not Resisting.

✘ Won't Be Resisting.

✔ Resisting.

✘ Not Completing.

✘ Won't Be Completing.

✔ Completing.

✘ Nothing Needs Stopping.

✘ There is No Stopping.

✘ Not Stopping.

✘ Won't Be Stopping.

✔ Stopping.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not the Resister.

✘ Can't Be the Resister.

✔ Resister.

✘ Not the Completer.

✘ Can't Be the Completer.

✔ Completer.

✘ Nothing Needs a Stopper.

✘ Won't Be the Stopper.

✘ Not the Stopper.

✘ Can't Be the Stopper.

✔ Stopper.
Tap SE and UE

✘ I Do Not Open.

✘ I Will Not Open.

✔ I Open.

✘ I Do Not Expand.

✘ I Will Not Expand.

✔ I Expand.

✘ I Do Not Clear.

✘ I Will Not Clear.

✘ There's Nothing That Can Clear.

✘ I Am Not Something That Can Clear.

✔ I Clear.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Does Not Open.

✘ Won't Open.

✔ Open.

✘ Does Not Expand.

✘ Won't Expand.

✔ Expand.

✘ Does Not Clear.

✘ Won't Clear.

✘ Nothing Needs to Clear.

✘ Nothing Will Clear.

✔ Clear.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not Opening.

✘ Won't Be Opening.

✔ Opening.

✘ Not Expanding.

✘ Won't Be Expanding.

✔ Expanding.

✘ Not Clearing.

✘ Won't Be Clearing.

✘ Nothing Needs Clearing.

✘ There is No Clearing.

✔ Clearing.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not the Opener.

✘ Can't Be the Opener.

✔ Opener.

✘ Not the Expander.

✘ Can't Be the Expander.

✔ Expander.

✘ Not the Clearer.

✘ Can't Be the Clearer.

✘ Nothing Needs a Clearer.

✘ Won't Be the Clearer.

✔ Clearer.
Tap SE and UE

✘ I Do Not Ignite.

✘ I Will Not Ignite.

✔ I Ignite.

✘ I Do Not Energise.

✘ I Will Not Energise.

✔ I Energise.

✘ There's Nothing That Can Spread Out.

✘ I Am Not Something That Can Spread Out.

✘ I Do Not Spread Out.

✘ I Will Not Spread Out.

✔ I Spread Out.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Does Not Ignite.

✘ Won't Ignite.

✔ Ignite.

✘ Does Not Energise.

✘ Won't Energise.

✔ Energise.

✘ Nothing Can Spread Out.

✘ Nothing Will Spread Out.

✘ Does Not Spread Out.

✘ Won't Spread Out.

✔ Spread Out.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not Igniting.

✘ Won't Be Igniting.

✔ Igniting.

✘ Not Energising.

✘ Won't Be Energising.

✔ Energising.

✘ Not Spreading Out.

✘ Won't Be Spreading Out.

✘ Nothing Needs Spreading Out.

✘ There is No Spreading Out.

✔ Spreading Out.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not the Igniter.

✘ Can't Be the Igniter.

✔ Igniter.

✘ Not the Energiser.

✘ Can't Be the Energiser.

✔ Energiser.

✘ Not that which Spreads Out.

✘ Can't Be that which Spreads Out.

✘ Nothing Needs that which Spreads Out.

✘ Won't Be that which Spreads Out.

✔ That Which Spreads Out.

Tap SE and UE

✘ I Do Not Burn.

✘ I Will Not Burn.

✔ I Burn.

✘ I Do Not Consume.

✘ I Will Not Consume.

✔ I Consume.

✘ I Do Not Renew.

✘ I Will Not Renew.

✘ There's Nothing That Can Renew.

✘ I Am Not Something That Can Renew.

✔ I Renew.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Does Not Burn.

✘ Won't Burn.

✔ Burn.

✘ Does Not Consume.

✘ Won't Consume.

✔ Consume.

✘ Does Not Renew.

✘ Won't Renew.

✘ Nothing Needs to Renew.

✘ Nothing Will Renew.

✔ Renew.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not Burning.

✘ Won't Be Burning.

✔ Burning.

✘ Not Consuming.

✘ Won't Be Consuming.

✔ Consuming.

✘ Not Renewing.

✘ Won't Be Renewing.

✘ Nothing Needs Renewing.

✘ There is No Renewing.

✔ Renewing.
Tap SE and UE

✘ Not the Burner.

✘ Can't Be the Burner.

✔ Burner.

✘ Not the Consumer.

✘ Can't Be the Consumer.

✔ Consumer.

✘ Not the Renewer.

✘ Can't Be the Renewer.

✘ Nothing Needs a Renewer.

✘ Won't Be the Renewer.

✔ Renewer.
The Transcendent Chakras
Introduction to the Transcendent Chakras
As I was finishing the Chakra Tapping, with the familiar 7 Chakras, and the
Soul, Earth, Truth and Unified Chakras, I became aware that there were further
circuits relating to the Etheric plane.
I have learned to be patient in waiting for circuitry to come through – in order
to determine the affirmations for a circuit, I have to clear all energies that
confuse or obscure that circuit for me. At this point I had two and a half
meridians relating to the further circuits, but for some reason I couldn’t get any
more than that. The Mind, Body, Spirit festival was approaching and I needed
to prepare, so I put my notes to the side and released the Chakras I already had,
trusting that the extra circuitry would come through when the time was right.
At the festival I was talking with a visitor who was interested in the Chakra
Tapping. We were discussing the different numbers of Chakras that different
teachings counted, and I joked that when I wanted to sell another book I’d
miraculously come up with another set of Chakras.
Then I met a lady selling ‘ethereally-active’ duvet sets and pillow cases, who
told me that actually she had 14 chakras, and that her existing 7 had all shuffled
down to make room for 7 more.
That sort of thing tends to happen a lot at the festival, and I wouldn’t normally
take a claim like that seriously, but when she said it something clicked, and
when the remaining circuitry came through after the festival it made sense to
me and matched what she had described.
This is of course heresy to anyone who is attached to their current
understanding of the Chakras, but interestingly my friend Carol Anne instantly
recognised the arrangement of the 14 Chakras as the Plexuses from Edu-K.
The way I look at it is that there are two connections to each of the 7 major
chakras in the nervous system, so they can be considered to relate to two
locations in the physical body. When you tap the circuitry for the original 7
chakras, the second set of locations emerge, along with a further 7 chakras
among the alternate locations.
The main thing for me is the meaning relevant to each of the Transcendent
Chakras, the location is not as important as how the words relate to you as you
tap the scripts.
Tap SE

✘ I Can't Know Myself.

✘ I Don't Know Myself.

✔ I Know Myself.

✘ I Can't Love Myself.

✘ I Don't Love Myself.

✔ I Love Myself.

✘ There is No Knowledge or Love.

✘ I Cannot Be Known or Loved.

✘ The World Can't Know or Love Me.

✘ The World Does Not Know or Love Me.

✔ The World Knows and Loves Me.

Tap SE

✘ I Can't Believe in Myself.

✘ I Don't Believe in Myself.

✔ I Believe in Myself.

✘ I Don't Accept Myself.

✘ I Can't Accept Myself.

✔ I Accept Myself.

✘ There is No Acceptance or Acknowledgement.

✘ I Cannot Be Accepted or Acknowledged.

✘ The World Can't Accept or Acknowledge Me.

✘ The World Doesn't Accept or Acknowledge Me.

✔ The World Accepts and Acknowledges Me.

Tap SE

✘ I Don't Want Myself.

✘ I Can't Want Myself.

✔ I Want Myself.

✘ I Don't Like Myself.

✘ I Can't Like Myself.

✔ I Like Myself.

✘ There is No Wanting or Liking.

✘ I Cannot Be Wanted or Liked.

✘ The World Can't Want or Like Me.

✘ The World Does Not Want or Like Me.

✔ The World Wants and Likes Me.

Tap SE

✘ I Don't Seek Myself.

✘ I Can't Seek Myself.

✔ I Seek Myself.

✘ I Don't Understand Myself.

✘ I Can't Understand Myself.

✔ I Understand Myself.

✘ There is No Seeking or Understanding.

✘ I Cannot Be Sought or Understood.

✘ The World Can't Seek or Understand Me.

✘ The World Does Not Seek or Understand Me.

✔ The World Seeks and Understands Me.

Tap SE

✘ I Don’t Show Myself.

✘ I Can’t Show Myself.

✔ I Show Myself.

✘ I Don't Project Myself.

✘ I Can't Project Myself.

✔ I Project Myself.

✘ There is No Showing or Projecting.

✘ I Cannot Be Shown or Projected.

✘ The World Can’t Show or Project Herself to Me.

✘ The World Doesn’t Show or Project Herself to Me.

✔ The World Shows and Projects Herself to Me.

Tap SE

✘ I Don't Trust Myself.

✘ I Can't Trust Myself.

✔ I Trust Myself.

✘ I Don't Give Myself.

✘ I Can't Give Myself.

✔ I Give Myself.

✘ There is No Trusting or Giving.

✘ I Cannot Be Trusted or Giving.

✘ The World Can't Trust or Give Herself to Me.

✘ The World Does Not Trust or Give Herself to Me.

✔ The World Trusts Me and Gives Herself to Me.

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✘ I Am Not Myself.

✘ I Can't Be Myself.

✔ I Am Myself.

✘ I Don't Protect Myself.

✘ I Can't Protect Myself.

✔ I Protect Myself.

✘ There is No Respecting or Protecting.

✘ I Cannot Be Respected or Protected.

✘ The World Can't Respect or Protect Me.

✘ The World Does Not Respect or Protect Me.

✔ The World Respects and Protects Me.

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